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Laura's saga continues with her and Keith getting deeper into their romance and passion for each other. And Laura disscovering she has a hidden desire for girls as well. After spending a sick day home 'alone', she attends a party and meets a few of Keith's fiends...
(Laura, a.k.a. The Little Nympho)
… Barbusie …

Chapter 6

(Torrid Romance begins)

During the next two weeks Keith and I couldn't get enough of each other. He had saved up enough money to buy an old 69 dodge van that he and his friends spent a week to two customizing.

He had insulated it and put in some carpeting with some thick padding under that. He also built a raised bunk thing in the vary back over the wheel wells and added a couple of swivel seats to the back. Then he put some wheels on it and he and his friend Larry spent all day spraying grey primer over a fleshly sanded body.

When it was almost done he dubbed it the 'Love mobile.' We spent a lot of time in that thing. While he was working on the van I got an opportunity to meet a few of Keith's friends. First was a guy named Larry. He was a big ol moose and kind of a farm-boy type. And then there was a black guy named Gilbert. And then there was Terry, Keith's best friend.

All the guys were fairly cute and from what I could notice through their jeans were fairly well hung.

We spent most of rest of that winter riding around getting high and drinking and just having a good time. I got to know the guys pretty good. Larry had started dating a girl named Sherry, and she was with us some of the time. When the next summer rolled around we were getting to be real good friends.

Keith was still working and I was still working, and I was even promoted to line girl and given a raise. Keith and I fucked our brains out in that van every chance we got. And though we were fucking on a regular basis I was still constantly and ragingly Horny, all the fucking time.

I'd wake up early around 4am just so I could rub my pussy though three or four good toe curlers before everyone woke up to start the day. It seemed to be worse about a week before my periods. It would get so bad sometimes that I'd tell Ma that I was cramping real bad and couldn't go to school.

On one of these occasions, I told Ma I was cramping and was staying home. The rest of the kids went to school and Ma went to work and I was left alone to masturbate myself into oblivion.

I had the whole day so as soon as they left I ran a bath and tried to calm my raging hormones and my pulsating little pussy. But the bath only made me hornier, if that was even possible.

I rubbed my poor pussy though another couple of teeth grinding orgasms and got out of the tub and dried off. I went to my room and put on a sexy little outfit, I called the sizzler. It was short baby doll nighty with matching nearly shear panties. I then went to the living room and tried to watch T.V. for awhile and ignore my throbbing pussy.

Well, that lasted about ten minutes. I stretched out on the couch with my pussy and wide spread legs pointed toward the front door and began to lightly stoke my raging pussy through my soaked thin panties.

I moved the panties to one side and was finger fucking myself with two fingers when I heard foot steps on the front porch. I had my eyes closed till I heard someone out on the front porch. I squinted my eyes open just enough to see a man looking in the window on the front door and staring right at my pussy and wide open legs.

I pretended to have my eyes closed and kept shoving two fingers in and out of my sopping wet little pussy and let the man watch.

Then I heard a knock on the door. I sat up and looked to the door. I got up and straitened my panties as I walked to the door and opened it.

I opened the door wide and there stood a man about thirty years old with a large brief case in his hand. 'High, can I help you?" I asked. 'High there, I'm Jack. I'm a skirting salesman and I was wondering if I could talk to you for a few minutes."

As he was talking his eyes were looking me up and down. 'Sure Jack, you can talk to me for awhile if you want." I smiled at him and looked right at the growing bulge in his slacks.

I let him in and asked. 'Would you like a glass of tea Jack? Your looking like your thirsty and really hot." I smiled as I stroked his arm.

'That would be nice." He answered. 'I'm Laura, by the way." I cooed as I opened the fridge and grabbed the jug of tea. I set the tea on the table and went to the cupboard to get a couple of glasses.

I chose to get the ones on the top shelf. Knowing that jack would get a good look at my panty covered ass as I reached up for them.

Jack had sat down on the couch and was facing the kitchen where I was pouring the tea into ice filled glasses. I brought the tea to my guest and sat down on the couch beside him. Jack took a nice long drink of tea and then proceeded to do his sale pitch.

I watched amused as he set his case on the coffee table and pulled out a catalog of trailer skirting styles. I sat back against the arm of the couch and propped my right leg up against the back of the couch and my left leg over the edge of the cushion. If he looked at me, he had an unobstructed view of my hot wet throbbing panty covered little beaver.

I could tell I was getting to him. He was stammering and sweating a little. When he did look up and at me, I lightly grazed my right hand up and down my thigh and looked him right in the eye and smiled licking my lips a little. 'Your sweating Jack. Why don't you take your jacket off and get comfortable for awhile?" I asked in a whispery husky voice.

He slowly took his jacket off and went back to trying to explain about his product. I knew damned well he could see my dark nipples though the nearly shear baby-doll top I had on and the wetness of my pussy was making my panties nearly see through.

He turned to show me one of the pictures and when he did his boner was nice and hard and clearly throbbing under the fabric of his slacks. I reached my bare foot over and grazed his thigh along side the 8 inch bulge in his pant leg and asked softly. 'Jack, do you really want to talk about skirting right now?"

As soon as I said that I put my bare toes right on his raging hardon and squeezed. He shuddered and looked me right in the eye. 'I'm married, I can't be doing this."

I leaned up and replaced my foot with my hand and squeezed his cock gently and whispered. 'I don't want to marry you Jack. I just want to fuck you, right here and right now." And kissed him full on the lips.

'What about your folks?" he asked weakly. 'They won't be home till after three Jack." I whispered in his mouth as I was tongue kissing him and taking his shirt off at the same time.

As soon as I had his shirt off, I straddled the man and sat right down on that rock hard dick of his. I held his face and kept kissing him and he asked. 'Your horny as hell ain't you?" 'You have no idea Jack." I huffed as I started undoing his belt and unzipping his pants.

He kissed me back and started to take control. He shoved a lot of tongue between my lips and pushed me back onto the couch. Then he began to kiss and lick my neck and earlobes. While he was doing that I was pushing his pants down over his nice tight ass and had grabbed that nice hard cock of his.

Jack found the bow that held my baby-doll top together and pulled. In a second he was sucking and licking my nipples and titties. He was naked now and was pulling my panties down and over my knees and then off.

Spreading my teen-age legs wide he went muff diving and began to lap and slurp on my smoldering quivering and throbbing pussy. While he was feasting on my honey pot, I was jacking him off with my bare feet. Jack was a master pussy eater. Pinching and kneading my titties and nipples while he sucked and lapped on my wet pulsating pussy.

He licked me through two over whelming toe curling orgasms. I nearly passed out on the last one. He sat back an took another long drink of tea. I slowly got up and pushed him back onto the couch and said 'Your turn baby." And began slurping and sucking on that rock hard cock of his.

I took his dick in my hand and wrapped my lips around him and sucked him down till my nose was against his pubic hair. I deep throated him again and again till I started to get a little gaggy. So I began to lick and suck at a rapid pace bringing him to the brink and then letting him cool down for awhile.

I did this four or five times till he grabbed my head and kissed me deep and long and whispered. 'Damned girl" as he pushed me back onto the couch again. He raised up and aimed that cock at my swollen, sopping wet, throbbing pussy, and slid it all the way in one smooth stroke.

I gasped and moaned out loud as he slid all 8 inches in me in one stroke. 'OOOoooohhhh Gggooooddddd Daaaammmmmnnn. that's what I was needing Jack. 'Pleeessse fuck the shhhhhhiiiitttt out oofff meeee." I moaned wrapping my legs around his thighs and grabbing both ass cheeks as he began to slow stroke my hot smoldering little pussy.

When I said that, he picked up the pace and began to fuck my poor wanting little pussy real good and hard. I wrapped my legs around the mans ass and held tight as he fucked and fucked and slammed my pussy thought a half dozen real good teeth gritting, leg quivering, toe curling orgasms.

He was sweating like hell so I pushed him over and climbed on top for awhile and rode the pony cowgirl through another two or three real good toe curlers screaming and shuddering hard with each one. Jack said he couldn't hold it much longer and I got on my hands and knees and jutted my ass up in the air as Jack entered me dog style.

I was having a real good time cumming hard again and again while his balls slapped my swollen hard clitoris as he slammed my pussy from behind. In about three minutes he was groaning loud and shivering hard. When I felt him start to cumm, I jumped forward and spun around just in time to get about a dozen wads of hot sticky cumm squirted all over my face neck and titties.

Jack collapsed back on the couch and I got up still buck naked and went to the bathroom and brought back a warm wet wash cloth and cleaned him up. As I was gently washing his dick and balls he started getting hard again. I looked at the clock, it was 1pm we still had a little time.

I reached up and kissed him good and deep and guided his dick to my pussy again and sat right down on it. I fucked that man for another hour. He was shaking a little as he put his cloths back on and staggering a little as he walked out the door.

I giggled quietly to my self as I walked back to the bathroom to take my second bath of the day. It was a Friday and I knew that Keith would be around soon to go do something since he had the night off. As I lay back in the tub for once I felt content and satisfied. Jack was one hell of a stud.

It was late spring and school was about over and everybody was partying somewhere. Keith showed up at about 6pm and knocked on the door I was in the bathroom putting on my face and Pammy Sue answered the door.

'High Keith." Pammy cooed as Keith walked in she took his arm and led him to the couch and sat him down and said Laura will be ready in a little while. Would you like a glass of tea or anything. She smiled at him.

Little Pammy was 12 now and boy crazy as hell. She sat down next to Keith and began asking all kinds of silly stuff. 'So, what are you and Laura gonna do in that van, Keith?" 'We're going to a party." Keith replied.

She wiggled and began rubbing her thigh on his and asked. 'And then what? You all gonna go parking and make out in the van?" Keith just grinned at her.

I was still in the bathroom checking my-self out one last time. I was dressed in a nice denim mini-skirt and a black thong. And topped that off with a tight, thin midriff muscle shirt with no bra. And finished that with a pair of sandals. I grabbed a denim jacket in case it got chilly and I was ready.

I walked into the living room and Pammy jumped up and sat in another chair. I sat down next to Keith and just looked at her and asked. What was you doing with my boyfriend Pammy?" 'We were just talking." She mumbled. Keith and I got up and headed out to the van.

When we rolled out of the driveway Keith told me we were going to a party. We drove over to Larry's house and picked him up. Then we went to pick up Sherry, Larry's girlfriend. Then we went and picked up Larry.

Sherry was a little cutie, I had never felt attracted to another girl before but for some strange reason this girl was making my pussy throb. Her boyfriend Larry was a fine looking moose too.

Sherry was wearing a Terrycloth wrap around mini-skirt and a matching tube top. From what I could tell she looked like she was half Mexican because she had long dark brown hair and her skin was a little darker then mine. She also had big brown eyes set in a cute oval flawless face.

When she spoke it was in a husky whispery voice that sounded like she'd just been royally fucked good and proper. As we drove to the party, we all talked and joked and were having a real good time.

Some guy named Joe that Keith and Larry knew was having a party at his house. His folks were gone for the week-end and wouldn't be home till Sunday night.

When we got to Joe's place, I couldn't believe how big the place was. The party was it the basement rathskeller that had a bar, a pool table, and large sitting area and a huge stereo pounding out some classic rock and roll.

When we got into the party Keith introduce me to all of his friends and to Joe, the host. He was a tall guy and silly as hell. Nice looking with a real nice bulge running down the right leg of his jeans.

The music was loud so I had to lean in to talk to the guy. When I did, I made sure Keith wasn't looking and 'accidentally' grazed the back of my hand lightly across the bulge in Joe's jeans looking him in the eye as I did.

'Nice party." I said. 'Hell girl, we're just getting started." He made sure Keith wasn't looking and reached back a gave my ass a little squeeze and handed me beer.

Keith put his name on the board to shoot some pool and then went go get a beer. I stood at a stand up table talking to Sherry. I found out we were in the same grade but not the same school. Keith came back and stood next to me waiting for his turn on the table. While he was talking to Larry and Joe he had his hand on my ass rubbing and squeezing and making me horny as hell doing it.

I didn't mind though I wanted to be horny. And by the time I'd finished that first beer I was getting good and horny. I walked over to the bar and got two beers for me and Keith. Joe was there now and pouring the beer from the tap. 'Damn you look fine." he complimented. 'Hot too." He added.

'Thank you sir, your looking damned hot yourself." I smiled at him as I walked back to Keith. No sooner then I got there it was Keith's turn on the pool table. He got up to play and left me standing there with Larry and Sherry. About half way through the second beer I had to pee really bad and asked Sherry if she knew where the bathroom was she said it was up stairs.

I walked over to Keith and said I gotta go pee, I'll be right back. I had to say it kind of loud because of the music and Joe was standing close enough to over hear.

I found the stairway leading to the first floor and went to look for a bathroom. I was starting to feel the beer now and was feeling pretty good, and damned horny. I snuck down the hallway to the bathroom and just as I was walking though the door, Joe snuck up behind me and tapped me on the shoulder. I turned around and he grabbed me and kissed me hard on the mouth pushing me into the bathroom and closed and locked the door.

Joe still kissing me and shoving tongue down my throat pushed me against the wall and shoved his right hand up under my skirt and right into my sopping wet and throbbing panty covered pussy.

As soon as his hand touched my pussy I shivered hard and pushed him back and huskily whispered. 'I gotta pee really, really bad."

He stood and watched as I pulled my thong down to my ankles and sat on the throne. I looked at him as he watched me pee and whispered. 'Like what your seeing?" 'Sure do." He smiled as he unbuckled his belt moving closer. I reached up and took over. I unzipped his jeans and pulled them down to his knees.

Joe was not wearing underwear. His 10 inch dick sprang up like a steel spring and bounced off my nose as I pulled his jeans down.

It was looking me right in the eye. I reached up and took hold of it. It throbbed and twitched in my hand. I looked up at Joe's face, he was ginning real big and breathing real heavy. Pre-cum fluid was oozing out of the tip and running down the bottom of the shaft.

I snaked out my tongue and licked the head of Joe's throbbing dick twirling my tongue around and around it till it was good and slick, looking him in the eye as I did. Then I opened my mouth and wrapped my lips around the head and sucked down as much of his cock as I could without gagging.

Joe threw his head back and groaned as I tried to deep throat him. All I could take was about 8 inches but I didn't gag. I kept that up till I was done pissing and then I began to suck and jack on it at the same time. I kept this up till he couldn't stand anymore. He pulled me off the can and picked me up and sat me on the counter of the vanity.

He went to his knees and began to lick on my piss soaked pussy like big ol dog. Lapping and slurping till I couldn't stand it any more. I pulled his head up and kissed him good and deep, tasting my pussy juices on his lips as I did. And I discovered that I liked it, a lot.

Panting hard, I huskily said 'Fuck me good and hard damn it." I grabbed his massive cock and guided it to my wet waiting pussy. Joe grabbed it and ran it through my pussy lips a few times to get it good and slick and then rammed all 10 inched up inside me in three good long strokes. 'OOOoooohhhh. I moaned as his cock bottomed out deep inside me.

He kissed me hard as I wrapped my legs around his back. Hooking a knee in each elbow, Joe began to long stroke all 10 inches in and out, in and out, stroking hard, and kissing me deep, his tongue dueling with my tongue.

Then he picked up the pace and began to pound my smoldering little pussy good and hard just like I like it. I was starting to get a little uncomfortable on the vanity so he backed off. I jumped down and spun around pulling my skirt up over my bare ass.

Joe rammed it in again from behind and fucked me hard dog-style. In about two or three minutes I was cumming, and cumming, and cumming, again, and again, and again, on Joe's massive monster cock. 'When your ready to cumm tell me, I want to swallow it." I panted. Joe slammed my pussy for another few minutes and cried out. 'Here it comes, baby."

I spun around and went to my knees. I took his cock between my lips and sucked till he shot wad, after wad, after wad, of hot sticky cumm down my drinking throat.

When he finished quivering and twitching, he pulled me up and kissed me deep and said with a grin.'Thank you Mam. That was the best fuckin I've had in a while." 'Your welcome sir." I smiled back at him. 'I absolutely love fucking any chance I can get." I added. I gave his half hard boner another good squeeze and he left the room.

I cleaned up as quick as I could and went back down stairs to find Keith still playing pool. I went to get another beer and Sherry was standing there.

As I was pouring the beer Sherry leaned in and whispered. 'Larry's playing poker and Keith's playing pool. I don't know about you but I'm feeling a little left out." I answered. 'Ya, me too."

'How about you and me going out to the van and have a little party of our own." Sherry smiled at me. She leaned in and whispered. 'I got a really good joint of sensimillia and I really don't want to share it with everybody."

We both filled our cups and snuck out of the party and headed to the van which was parked down the street a ways.

It was fairly warm out still, and the moon was full and bright. As we got out side Sherry said. 'I like that skirt of yours. I need to get me one like that." 'I like your hair, what do you use on it?" I asked. 'Baby shampoo and herbal cream rinse." She replied.

We got to the van and opened the side door and climbed in. Sherry went first and I watched her skirt ride up exposing a nice set of butt cheeks separated by a thong.

When we got inside, we sat back on the bed part of the van and Sherry pulled out a nice little hooter the size of a normal cigarette and fired it up. She took a good long hit and handed it to me. I took it and tried to take a good hit and coughed hard and giggled at how it made my eyes water up. Sherry took another hit. And handed it back to me. I took another good hit, this time I held it like she said I should.

In about a minute I was getting real light headed and giggly. As we were smoking we were getting to know each other. Can you keep a secret?" She asked. 'Sure, you tell me one and I'll tell you one to show you that you can trust me." Sherry took another real good hit on the joint and whispered. 'I reasently discovered that I like girls as much as I like guys."

When she said that, I was holding a lung full of smoke and it surprised me a little and I coughed again on the pot. 'Really, that’s not a bad thing. My Mom likes girls. And here lately I've been wondering about what that would be like." I said leaning against Sherry a little as I handed her the half smoked joint.

'Have you ever kissed another girl before?" Sherry asked. 'No, not like that I haven't." I confessed. 'So, what's your secret?" she asked. 'Promise you won't tell?" I asked. Sherry put her right hand on my bare knee and leaned in and whispered, 'I promise." 'I just fucked the shit out of Joe in the bathroom." It was Sherry's turn to cough like hell and giggle. 'No shit, how was he, good or bad."

Sherry's hand had moved up my thigh a little. And my pussy was once again getting wet and throbbing like hell. 'Sweetie, he was real good." I giggled and put my hand on Sherry's knee. 'Sherry looked at the joint, it had gone out. 'I'm so fucking horny right now I can't stand it." Sherry whispered. 'Ya, me too." I confessed. 'Wanna see if you like it?" Sherry asked softly grazing her finger nails up and down my quivering thigh.

I looked into her lust filled eyes and moved my hand up her thigh till it was just a half inch from her panty covered pussy. I shivered, nodded and whispered. 'Yes."

Sherry leaned in and lightly touched her quivering lips to mine. She smelled so good and I closed my eyes leaned in against her. Parting my lips a little, I kissed her long and sweet. She tasted like the bubble gum she was chewing earlier.

She rose up and slid her right hand behind my head and kissed me a little harder and longer, sliding her tongue in and out of my panting lips as I slid my tongue past her lips and sucked on her tongue. My middle finger grazed her warm wet panties across her distended clitoris and she sucked in a lung full of air. Her left hand found my wet panties and began to lightly rub my pussy through them.

I reached up with my right hand and lightly caressed one of her hard nipples through her tube top. She broke the kiss and looked me in the eye as she ran her right hand up under my shirt and gently squeezed my left titty. I leaned in and kissed her good and full on the mouth and pulled her tube top down. Then I gently pinched a nipple with each hand.

I kicked off my sandals and pushed Sherry onto her back still kissing her hard and using a lot of tongue. I began to lick and suck on her nipples and rubbing her pussy through her panties. I rose up and pulled my top off. Sherry rolled me over onto my back and began lick and nibbled on my nipples. I reached down and started to pull her thong down over her nice round ass and then down her thighs.

Sherry kissed and licked her way down my torso to my belly-button and licked on that awhile. She then unzipped my skirt and slid it down, then off. I pulled my thong off and laid back. Sherry spread my legs apart and began to lick my thighs up and down inching closer and closer to my hot, wet, throbbing pussy.

Sherry looked up at me and gave me an evil little grin and snaked out her tongue. She lightly grazed my swollen clit and sent shivers up my spine. 'Oooooohhh, I cooed as she drug her talented tongue though the middle of my cunt. She reached up with her left hand and began pinching and squeezing my nipples.

Then she put her mouth right down on my pussy and began to suck and lick at the same time. I clamped my legs around her head and squealed in shivering orgasmic delight.

Heaving my quivering ass up off the bunk, I grabbed the back of Sherry's head with both hands and pulled her tighter against my juicy throbbing pussy and came hard, quivering and bucking with each wave of orgasmic delight as they thundered through my quaking thighs.

The harder I bucked and ground my pelvis up into her slurping mouth, the harder she held on and just kept on sucking and licking.

I squealed and quivered though the last wave of orgasm and collapsed back on the bunk like a rag doll completely and totally relaxed. My head was spinning a bit and my ears were ringing a little. All I could do was lay there panting and quivering as the waves of that incredible tongue induced orgasm slowly subsided.

Sherry laid down along side me and began to lick my nipples as I lay there breathing heavy. 'So, did you like that Laura?" Sherry whispered. I rolled her over on her back and whispered huskily, 'Ooohh Ya."

I kissed her sweet and tender on the lips and whispered. 'Your turn sweetie." I began at her neck and ear loabs kissing and licking lightly.

She responded with a low moaning growl and reaching between my legs and began fingering my sopping wet little pussy again. I started to move slowly lower till I was kissing and licking her stiff swollen nipples. They were a lot more pronounced then mine, and a little bigger.

I traced my tongue lightly on down her torso and licked on her belly button a little while tenderly pinching and kneading her 32b's with both hands. Her fingers were stroking through my hair and she was smiling real sweet as I slowly traced my tongue on down and across her dark bushy pubic bone.

I spread her pussy lips gently apart with the fingers of my right hand, and lowered my out stretched tongue to her swollen distended rock hard clitoris. It was about an inch long a quarter inch wide and standing tall and proud jutting out between a pair of vary swollen and puffy pussy lips.

She had a musky sent that I found to be incredibly and sensually erotic. The smell of her wet smoldering little pussy made me so hot and so horny that I just wanted to dive right in and make this little girl cumm hard all over my face.

I looked up into her dark half closed sultry eyes and gave her an evil little grin as I slowly lowered my head and flicked my tongue lightly across her distended clit. Sherry gasped and put her right hand behind my head as I began licking and sucking on her pussy like she did for me.

'Oooooohhh." she quivered and moaned long and low as I sank my tongue in as deep as it would go. She was so wet and actually tasted pretty good. I was eating my vary first pussy, and I was liking the hell out of it. In about a minute it was Sherry's turn to heave and quiver and buck her hot little ass up off the bunk in a succession of multiple tongue induced orgasms.

I made this girl cumm, and cumm, and cumm. My face was wet with her pussy juice and I was loving it. Licking and sucking harder and harder the more she came all over my face.

When I had licked her through about a dozen or so mind numbing toe curlers she pushed my hungry mouth away from her sopping wet pussy. And kissed me good and deep on the mouth and whispered. 'Larry ain't never ate my pussy like that."

I kissed her back and said that we could get together every once in awhile and eat ourselves into oblivion any time she wanted. We got dressed and snuck back into the party we ran into Larry just as we were walking in.

'Where the hell you been Sherry? I've been lookin all over for you." We walked on in Sherry stopped to talk to Larry in the corner of the room I went looking for Keith when I found him he was still playing pool and winning. I kissed him on the cheek and wished him luck and went to the bar to get another beer.

Then I went up stairs to the bathroom to pee again and wash the pussy juice off my face. When I got back to the basement Keith was standing with Larry and Sherry looking kind of antsy. It was about 2 in the morning and I asked him if he was ready to go yet. So we all climbed back into the van and headed home for the night…

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