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Chapter Two: Fallen from Grace

Max had never experienced a hangover before as his Immortal blood burned the alcohol off before it could get to that point, but what he was feeling now could only be described as that. His head was pounding savagely, sunlight hurt his eyes, and even the sound of a fly buzzing somewhere near his head sounded like a chainsaw. To top it all off everything felt different. He knew he was lying down on a very comfortable and fluffy bed, but it felt dull compared to what he was used to. He could hear cars honking outside his window but they seemed muffled and distant. Even his body felt different, like he could feel his own weight.

Images came flooding back into his mind as he lay there with his eyes closed, images he could barely believe. He could see himself fighting Eric in the police station, and then saving Alexander just before his head was crushed. Then he was standing in the middle of the woods with his entire family gathered, being yelled at by his father for the horrible things that had happened because of him. The last image he saw flicker through his mind’s eye was of his mother openly weeping out of the corner of his eyes while Gabriella took his immortality from his body and left him lying there on the cold grass.

Everything after that was a blur of noise and colours and it hurt his brain trying to bring them into sharper focus. He could remember hearing his mother talking to his father while he was placed on his bed back home, but the words were garbled and he could make no sense of them. After that he could remember feeling someone pick him up gently and then the whole world shifted around him, he was then placed on another larger bed a moment later. Someone ran a soft hand through his hair and then everything was lost in blackness.

‘Are you awake, sleepy head?’ he heard a familiar voice ask gently from his side. He knew instantly it was Erin who was speaking but her voice sounded a lot different than before; almost too sweet like eating a full bowl of honey. He couldn’t hear any of the subtle flaws in her voice anymore, like the way she held onto her s’s for a bit longer than she should.

‘Wh… where am I?’ he asked and his throat felt like it was on fire. It was cracked and dry and he immediately started coughing as soon as the words were out of his mouth. He felt Erin gently lift his head and then tasted water on his lips as a glass was pressed into them. He greedily drank until his throat felt better and he was surprised when he suddenly felt a pull in his stomach and he realized his bladder was about to burst.

‘You’re okay now,’ Erin said gently and removed the now empty glass of water from his lips and he heard it clank against a nearby table. ‘You’re in a hotel in Los Angeles.’

His head feeling a little better, Max opened his eyes and found Erin kneeling beside the large bed, her eyes filled with worry and her lips trembling as she watched him. Being this close to her face Max got to see her up close and personal and he was shocked by just how beautiful she was. He couldn’t even make out the tiny imperfections anymore, it was a mask of pure beauty and he could feel his heart beat faster in his chest.

‘You brought me here?’ he asked and with her help he was able to sit up and swing his legs over the edge of the bed.

‘I figured you wouldn’t want to wake up at home after what happened,’ she said sadly.

‘Why?’ was the only thing Max could think to ask. It was a valid question though; why was she being so nice to him?

‘You stood up for me,’ she answered and looked away from his face like it hurt her to see him, ‘it was the least I could do. How do you feel?’

‘Like I have to piss,’ he groaned and stood up. The moment gravity hit him fully his bladder threatened to expel its contents right on the spot so he rushed to the bathroom as fast as he could, barely making it in time.

With his bladder finally empty he flushed the toilet and walked back out into the room to find his cousin standing by the window, gazing out over the street far below them. Max took a moment to look around at his new surroundings and was mildly surprised to see that Erin had brought him to a very expensive looking hotel. There was a very large flat screen television on the wall, a larger than normal minibar with no lock on it, a gorgeous four-poster bed, a couch and a loveseat, and a full sized dining table large enough to seat four people.

‘This place is pretty impressive,’ he stated and Erin turned to face him, a curious smile on her face.

‘I thought it might be up to your usual standards.’

‘How are you paying for all of this?’ he asked and moved over to stand beside her at the wall, looking down to find they were easily fifty stories up, if not more.

‘I took some cash out of one of my dads more obscure accounts, I doubt he will even notice it is gone when he comes back home.’

‘I don’t know what to say, Erin. I’ll only stay until I am feeling well enough to go it on my own.’

‘No,’ she said quickly and surprised him by pulling him into a devastating hug that nearly pulverized his ribs, ‘Stay as long as you like. I’ll pay for it all! I owe you so much more than that so it’s alright!’

Thankfully Erin realized she was hurting him and promptly let him go, taking a few steps back as she eyed him mournfully. Neither of them were used to this new dynamic and it was plain to see that they were both a little freaked out. Erin had always been stronger than him but now she was on a totally different level than he was. If she wasn’t careful she could end up killing him by accident.

‘Are you sure about that?’ Max asked regarding her statement about staying there. Erin quickly nodded and forced a smile on her face. ‘Okay, then I will. That way you will always know where I am. You will visit won’t you?’

It was odd to be in the position he was in now, being so vulnerable. Normally he didn’t care if anyone in his family knew where he was, but now he realized Erin was his only link to his old world and he desperately wanted to keep seeing her. She had shown him so much care when they both know he didn’t really deserve it. There was no way he would ever be able to repay her for that.

‘If you want me too,’ Erin said slowly and once again looked away from his face.

‘I do. Just don’t get in trouble over me okay?’

‘Don’t worry. I won’t let anyone know where you are unless you want me too.’

This time it was Max who pulled his cousin into a hug and this time he didn’t care how long it lasted. It was such a strange feeling holding her hard yet supple body in his arms and he could feel how insanely hot her body temperature was. He had been told by many of his lovers that he burned hotter than normal humans did but he never truly understood it until that moment. As far as he was concerned in that moment, he never wanted that hug to end.

It had to end though, that much was certain. Erin would be missed if she was gone too long and after the fight in Chicago, the Immortals had gone on high alert; that meant twenty four hour watches on all the major cities and constant training sessions. So with a heavy heart Max watched as his only friend left in the world teleported away with a loud pop.

He saw very little of Erin over the course of the next few days and he spent most of his time sitting in his room, either watching television or figuring out just how much of an asshole he was. The first two days he ate his meals in his room, ordering room service so he didn’t have to be around people. Eventually that got boring so he ventured down to the restaurant in the lobby and ate alone. Everything he did there that cost money was automatically added to his room bill and that apparently was being paid for automatically out of the account Erin had set up. He tried to keep the bill low though, just in case someone did find out about her hiding him. It was hard though because he found he needed to eat at an almost constant rate, but he had no idea where all that food was really going.

Max kept a constant gaze on the papers and news networks looking for any sign of Eric going on another killing spree, but everything seemed quiet out there in the world. He had vanished and no one seemed to know where he was. Max desperately wanted to be out there with Erin searching for him but that chance had been taken away from him for good. He had only himself to blame, which made it even worse.

The days were long and the nights even longer as sleep seemed to elude him most of the time. Instead he would just lie in bed thinking about what he had really lost and it made a ball of shame swell in the pit of his stomach that he just couldn’t swallow. The times he did manage to sleep it was fitful, full of strange dreams that were too bright and too loud and he couldn’t understand any of it. It took him a few days to realize these were actually memories of when he had been an immortal and that his new duller senses weren’t equipped to view them anymore.

On his third day in the hotel Max decided to go out on the town and see if he could find something entertaining enough to hold his attention and make him forget about his problems for a few hours. Even though it was a very hot day he decided to put on a thick hoodie with the hood up, just in case any paparazzi saw him for who he really was and plastered his picture all over the tabloids. He didn’t need his father or mother showing up and threatening to take him back when he never really wanted to go back. He couldn’t face them anymore after what he had done.

He managed to find a wax museum and killed an hour wandering around in there looking at all the statues of famous people over the years. His mood was instantly squashed though when he came to a section dedicated to his family. The wax statues were so well done he almost thought they were real for a moment and had a bit of a panic attack. Even though the depictions of the Immortals fighting off a horde of demons were interesting he couldn’t force himself to stand there any longer and he left.

Down the road a few blocks was a cinema playing a marathon of his favourite movie series so he decided to check that out and managed to kill the rest of the day in there. But like all things it had to come to an end and as the sun set over the horizon he found himself making the long walk back to his hotel. He grabbed a quick bite to eat in the restaurant and then headed back to his room.

His legs were killing him, his back hurt, and his eyes felt heavy so he was ready to climb into bed and sleep the rest of the night away, but once he walked into his room he saw that Erin had finally returned and was sitting on the couch in front of a muted television. When she heard him enter she jumped out of her seat and rushed over to him, locking him in a big bear hug that lifted him off his feet and crushed the wind right out of his lungs.

‘I thought you had left!’ she exclaimed and let Max back down to catch his breath, doubled over in the effort. ‘Where were you?’

‘I went to the movies,’ he replied and walked over to the bedside table and picked up a bottle of half consumed over the counter pain pills. He twisted the lid and popped four into his mouth before swallowing hard and hoping they kicked in quickly.

‘I was afraid something might have happened to you,’ she admitted sheepishly and walked past him to pick up the bottle of pills. She examined the label and then looked back at him, her eyes screwed up in worry. ‘Nothing happened to you right?’

‘Nothing happened,’ he said gently and placed a gentle hand on her shoulder, ‘besides my mortal body being a piece of crap. That’s the third bottle of those damn pills I’ve bought and I swear they don’t work!’

Relieved, Erin giggled at his discomfort and placed the bottle back down on the table. She pulled the covers down the bed and motioned for him to get in. ‘If you’re tired and sore then sleep.’

‘Why on earth would I want to sleep now? You just got here…’

Erin regarded him thoughtfully for a moment and then nodded with a smile. A moment later she climbed into the large bed on the opposite side and stretched out, fluffing her pillow up under her head so she could see the television. She looked back at Max for a minute and then teleported quickly back to the couch, picked up the remote and then teleported to the bed in a lying down position.

‘At least lay down,’ she said cheerily and patted the free side of the bed, ‘Promise I won’t let you fall asleep.’

Laughing softly, Max climbed into the bed, kicking his shoes off and stretching out into a comfortable position before looking towards the TV. Erin began to flip through the channels but couldn’t find anything interesting so she ordered a movie on Pay-Per-View and turned the volume up. It was a pretty good movie and Max was totally absorbed in it as the hours ticked by. Even though they weren’t talking Max was having a great time and he even forgot about how sad he was at not having his powers anymore. As long as he had Erin there he didn’t care what he could or couldn’t do.

He didn’t know quite when he fell asleep, but he only became aware it had happened when he was waking up to a gentle shifting on the bed. The television was off and the room bathed in shadow showing it was still pretty late at night. Erin was trying to get out of the bed without waking him but sometime during his sleep, Max had rolled over and thrown his arm over her stomach making it hard for her to leave without moving him too much. She obviously hadn’t been able to find a way to do it properly because he was awake now.

‘Did you sleep?’ he asked gently through the darkness and Erin stopped moving around as she became aware of him awake. ‘Where are you going?’

‘I couldn’t sleep, I had to be awake for my patrol,’ she answered and for a moment slid back into the bed as Max unconsciously snuggled up to her. ‘I can’t stay the whole night Max.’

‘Will you come back tomorrow?’ he asked hoping desperately for a favourable answer.

Erin didn’t answer right away and Max could almost see the gears turning in her head as she thought about his question. After a few minutes of silence with her over heated body pressed against his she finally spoke again; ‘If I can get away without being seen then yes, I will visit you tomorrow.’

Max smiled sleepily and could feel himself start to fall asleep again. He gently squeezed her in response and sighed happily. They laid there together for a few more minutes but eventually Erin had to pry herself from his grip and get out of the bed. While not fully conscious he was still aware enough to feel her lean back over the bed and place a gentle and sweet kiss on his forehead and then with a soft pop she was gone.

Max woke up the next morning to a cold bed and he quickly got out and went to the bathroom to relieve his bladder. A little sad that Erin was no longer there with him he plopped himself in front of the television and watched some morning talk shows, ordering a platter of pancakes to his room so he didn’t have to go downstairs. He didn’t want to leave the room because he wasn’t sure when, or even if Erin was going to show up.

There was no new news on Eric or his whereabouts, just that every national government in the world was currently looking for him and any new information would be given when they got it. None of it sounded very promising but Max realized the only time they would get even a whiff of where he was would be after he killed more people, and that was a very grisly thought indeed.

It no longer bothered him that he couldn’t be out there helping with the search, but now he did fear for Erin’s safety. Both of them knew how powerful he was and if she came across him alone she would be in serious danger. He doubted she would take him alone though, not after the shellacking they had been given the last time, but Max still worried about her none the less. If he still had his powers he would make sure that Erin was kept out of harm’s way, even if that meant staying behind with her. Actually that thought was becoming more and more appealing every day and it sort of surprised him.

Erin didn’t show up again until that evening and Max could instantly tell she was tired. Immortals never got physically tired, but an emotional drain was the same kind of thing and required some rest and relaxation to get over. Erin’s eyes were a little puffy and black and the grim expression she wore on her face said she had not had a good day.

‘What’s wrong?’ Max asked her as he ushered her towards the couch and helped her stretch out on it.

‘Michelle got called into the Emergency Room at the last minute and I got stuck with her watch as well as my own. I haven’t been able to rest all day.’

Max sighed in sympathy and lifted up Erin’s feet, plopping down on the seat next to her. He laid her legs across his lap and pushed her shoes off then proceeded to massage her feet. He knew they weren’t sore but he also knew from personal experience that after a long hard day, getting a foot massage at the end of the day felt amazing even for an Immortal. Erin seemed to agree as she sighed in content and smiled sweetly at him.

‘Well then just hang out here tonight. We can order another movie and just lie in bed and watch it. For every hour you stay I will give you another foot massage.’

Erin giggled happily but then her expression changed to an almost wistful one as she looked away from him and said slowly, ‘What if I don’t want to sit in the hotel all night?’

‘What did you want to do then?’ he asked and moved to her arches, kneading them with both thumbs as she cooed in approval.

‘We could go to the Santa Monica Pier and check out the fair there,’ she suggested and Max nodded with a smile. That wasn’t a half bad idea, and he had always wanted to check it out but had never found time for it when he had the power to go wherever he wanted.

‘Sounds like fun,’ he said.

With the location ironed out Erin put her shoes back on and got up off the couch, offering her hand to Max. They teleported away and ended up near the carousel a second later, the whole pier alive with lights and laughter. They had a great time at the amusement park and tried everything on sight, the carousel, Ferris Wheel, the arcade, the aquarium, and even chowed down on authentic corn dogs that were surprising pretty damn good. By the time Max was no longer able to remain standing his cheeks hard started hurting from smiling too much.

He was sad that he was dragging Erin down with his weariness but she seemed happy with the amount of time they had spent there and didn’t mind when he mentioned something about going back to the hotel. For the rest of the night the sat in the bed and ordered chilli cheese fries from room service, watching a pretty horrible movie on the TV. It had been a pretty damn good night and Max couldn’t remember the last time he had had so much fun in his life.

‘I suppose you have to be going soon,’ he sighed sadly when he noticed how late it was getting. Erin rolled over in the bed and faced him, a soft smile playing at her lips.

‘Nope I get the night off because I pulled a double shift today,’ she answered happily, ‘So I can stay here with you all night.’

Overwhelmed with joy, Max leapt at his cousin and pulled her into a tight hug that didn’t seem to end. He was enveloped in her body heat and quickly found his eyelids closing on him as sleep started to claim him. He didn’t fight it off, in fact he welcomed it. He was holding his best and only friend in the world in his arms and she was able to spend the entire night with him, so he didn’t fear falling asleep.

Once again he found himself waking up in the early hours of the morning, his arms still clasped around Erin as she breathed softly against his face. It must have been the proximity of her face to his that had woken up, her hot breath splashing against him in soft gentle waves.

Erin must have seen he was awake through the gloom because she quickly moved her face away from his and sighed sadly. ‘I’m sorry I woke you,’ she whispered.

‘Are you okay? Why aren’t you sleeping too?’

‘I don’t need to sleep,’ she said and Max could almost see her smiling through the darkness covering her smooth face.

‘But you can,’ he countered.

Erin was silent for a few minutes, the only sound in the room was Max’s slow steady breathing. ‘I… I like watching you sleep. You’re so peaceful.’ She admitted and Max could suddenly feel her temperature rise a few degrees out of nowhere.

Both of them were silent for a few moments, lost in their own thoughts about that moment. Max was suddenly feeling different, a little giddy almost. He had felt this way before, but now it was so watered down that he didn’t recognize it fully. He just knew that holding Erin in his arms felt amazing and he never wanted to let her go. Even though he didn’t have her strength he still wanted to hold onto her and not let her leave when it came time. He knew he would break his own arms holding on if it came down to it.

‘Erin… I want to thank you again, for everything you have done for me. I know how much of an asshole I was before, when I had my powers, and I am truly sorry for being like that. I don’t deserve all the kindness you have shown me but I am truly grateful for you sticking by me in my time of need. I really don’t deserve a person like you in my life right now.’ Max confessed and he suddenly felt lighter getting all that off his chest. It had been like he had been carrying that with him all these years and now that it was finally out in the open he felt free, like a bird that just learned to soar on the mighty winds.

He wasn’t sure what Erin’s reaction was going to be, but when she suddenly leaned in and placed her sweet soft lips against his he felt everything else start to melt away. She was so soft and strong that he was instantly pulled into the kiss. Her soft flowery scent danced along his nose and filled up his lungs as their lips remained pressed together. Even without his increased senses the kiss was still intoxicating and he felt his mind start to slip as it consumed him. But there was something nagging at the back of his mind that he couldn’t quite push away and soon he was forced to break the sudden kiss, albeit reluctantly.

‘What’s wrong?’ Erin asked quickly, her words almost melting into one long word. Max could hear the hurt in her voice and he felt even worse about breaking the kiss now, but he knew it was the best thing he could do for both of them.

‘I’m sorry Erin,’ he apologised softly and his voice was full of regret, ‘but I don’t think this is a good idea. You know how I am with women and I don’t want to do to you what I did to them. I couldn’t hurt you like that; I care for you too much.’

Erin went silent after Max explained why he had stopped the kiss but she didn’t pull away from his arms as they remained locked close together. Seconds turned into minutes and Max started to get antsy as he wondered what she was thinking about. He expected at any minute for her to teleport away from him and never show up again, but to his surprise she snuggled her face into his and whispered gently in his ear.

‘First of all,’ she began and the sound of her smooth lyrical voice in his ear drove him wild, ‘I’m so much stronger than you are now so I won’t let you get away in the morning. Secondly, you said yourself that you realized how much of an ass you were before, and that’s the first step on becoming a better person. So why not test that theory with me? And lastly, well I’ve been in love with you for as long as I can remember and I am willing to take the risk of getting hurt if it means I can be with you for just one night! You know how powerful our love is!’

Max was stunned at the sudden confession, but it made sense now. All those times she had forgiven him when most people wouldn’t, or following him around no matter where in the world he went or who he slept with. It also explained why she had helped him run away from his parents when he didn’t have his powers and why she was paying the bill for this ridiculously expensive hotel. He knew very well how powerful love was for the Immortals, he had seen it in his own parents many, many times. Gabby had once told him that it was all consuming and that no matter what happened you would never not love that person. If this is what Erin felt for him then he believed every word she just told him.

The real question was could he be with Erin if he would eventually end up hurting her? Was it right to have this one night if he woke up the next morning and wanted to move on? How would that be fair to her? He would admit that over the last few days he had grown closer and closer to her and he had always known how beautiful she was, it just took losing his powers for him to realize that she wasn’t just a friend. He desperately wanted to be a better man, but what if he couldn’t do it? What if he was doomed to be a player his entire life? Could he really put Erin through all of that?

‘Well?’ Erin prodded and dragged Max out of his thoughts as he still hadn’t come up with an answer.

‘I… I don’t know sweetie,’ he admitted. ‘I really don’t want to hurt you and I’m afraid if we are together tonight that’s what will happen. You mean too much to me for that.’

‘Look Max,’ Erin said softly and moved her face so it was right in front of his now, their lips mere inches away, ‘I know who you are and how you were, so isn’t this really my decision to make? I’m willing to take that risk if it means I get a shot at being with you, so the only question is do you find me sexually attractive?’

‘Of course I do! How could I not?’ he answered quickly and didn’t see the partial trap he had just walked into face first.

Erin pounced on him in that moment, her lips latching onto his as she rolled him gently onto his back and climbed on top of him, her body pressed firmly into his. At first Max wanted to protest that he still didn’t think this was a great idea, but honestly Erin had made a very compelling argument. It was her risk, but also, Max never wanted to hurt her and he knew he wouldn’t as long as he kept that in mind. He was falling in love with this remarkable girl and if she would have him, then he would do his best to be with her for as long as possible.

Max wrapped his weak mortal arms around her slender form, the feeling of her underlying power washing over him as her emotions turned from a spark into a raging flame. Erin’s lips crushed into his now and easily pushed his aside as their teeth clattered together painfully. Erin didn’t seem to notice though and the kiss grew even more hectic as she wrapped her own arms around him now and squeezed him tightly, her powerful muscles coiling around him.

That was an extreme contrast to what Max was used to and he found his mind racing as the air was literally both squeezed and sucked out of his lungs. He had flash backs to the first time he had ever had sex with a mortal woman and how awkward the whole ordeal had been. It was not his finest moment and because he hadn’t been used to dealing with mortals, the poor girl ended up with bruises all over her body from where he had tightly gripped her. Erin was having the same problem now and Max was unable to pull himself away from her or let her know that she was hurting him, but there was some small thought in the back of his mind that said maybe dying this way wouldn’t be so bad. Sure he was in a small amount of pain but the pleasure was also great.

Erin suddenly pulled back from the kiss and stared deep into his eyes, a dented smile on her face as her eyes danced over his. No words were spoken between them and none were needed as the passion of the moment enveloped not only her but Max as well. Maybe it was because Gabriella hadn’t taken all of his immortality or maybe because he was becoming so close to her both physically and emotionally, but Max could swear he could read her mind through her deep eyes in that moment. It was more of a feeling than an actual reading but he just knew that she was in heaven right now, but that also wasn’t enough for her.

He was proven right a moment later when she sat up, her legs straddled over his waist and her clothes melted away into nothingness leaving her sitting on him completely naked. Max had seen many naked women in his life, women from all walks of life and in all shapes and sizes but nothing compared to the beauty before him. Even in the darkness her skin hummed with a golden glow and Max could make out every little detail about her. Her breasts were smaller than the other Immortals but they were very perky, with little pink nipples that reached out and begged to be sucked on. Her small breasts gave way to a flat, taut stomach crowned with a small inward bellybutton adorned with naval piercing made from the medal of the gods so it wouldn’t heal over. Hiding just slightly below that, covered by both the blankets of his body and the way she was poised on top of him was what Max could only assume was a very tight and cute looking pussy, matching her small body perfectly.

‘You’re gorgeous,’ Max whispered in reverence and Erin giggled softly.

‘Now you notice,’ she quipped and eyed him hungrily. She gently pulled the covers off his chest and ran her hands over his shirt before getting a handful and quickly ripping it off. The cool air of the room rushed in on his stinging skin but Max didn’t mind, he had never been with someone as forceful as this and it kind of turned him on having the tables turned on him. It was then that a strange thought struck him, one he had never actually thought about before because it never really applied to him until that moment.

‘Will you even be able to feel good…? I mean having sex with a mortal man? I… I don’t have the power or speed I used to anymore…’

‘I asked Samantha that same question the other day,’ she answered and fixed him with a coy smile, ‘and she told me that it does feel good, but in a slow and subtle way. I don’t care if it doesn’t feel good at all, as long as you are the one I am with. Now are you just going to keep asking questions with a nude girl on your lap? Or are you going to do something about it?’

Erin’s words of love moved him deeply and he didn’t need any more of an invitation than the one she had just offered him, so he rose up until they were face to face with her still on his lap and pressed his lips to hers again. He wrapped his arms around her back and held her body to his, her soft breasts and hard nipples pressing into his giving flesh. The feel of her naked body under his hands and the sheer amount of heat she was exuding was mesmerizing and he couldn’t get enough of it. For the first time in his life he found that he didn’t care if nothing more came of that moment than this. He didn’t care if they just sat there like that the entire night and sex was not an option, because he was truly happy in that instant. Erin had other ideas though and it became apparent when he suddenly found her starting to float higher into the air, dragging him along as she held tightly to him with one arm.

Erin’s other hand quickly found the waist of the sweat pants he was wearing and she hooked her fingers inside them, pulling gently yet quickly down until both his pants and boxers fell free. He kicked them off and heard them land a second later on the bed as Erin continued to ascend, pulling her mortal lover with her as she went. Erin wrapped both arms and both legs around him now and for the first time their completely naked bodies were touching. Max’s brain was in overdrive with the sudden sensations he was feeling and he could honestly say touching like that had never felt so good.

They continued to spiral in midair, their lips locked together as their tongues started to get in on the action at hand. Erin’s tongue was so forceful and strong that even if he had wanted to he wouldn’t have been able to stop it from entering his mouth. It poked and probed and prodded everything it touched and quickly found a sparring partner in Max’s tongue, a partner that had no chance of winning against it.

It didn’t take Erin long to find the stiff pole between Max’s leg being pressed into her abdomen and she snaked a hand between their bodies and gripped it tightly, far too tightly. Max yelped in extreme pain as Erin’s vice grip of a hand squeezed him and she broke off the kiss, a worried look blanching her face. She quickly realized what she had done and let go of his injured cock, quickly dropping out of the air so they were on the soft bed once more.

‘I’m sorry,’ she sighed in frustration and rolled off him completely. ‘It’s hard to control my strength with these emotions pushing me on!’

Still wincing a bit in pain, Max rolled onto his side and kissed Erin gently on the lips before saying gently, ‘Trust me, I know how hard it can be. Why don’t you let me take over for a bit, until you get better with your control?’

Erin looked at him for a moment as if she was almost unwilling to let go of her power on him, but eventually she realized that to get what she so desperately seemed to want she would need to let him take the lead. She was a very in control sort of person so Max could understand that it would be hard for her to let him have control, but honestly he didn’t really want it all that much. All he wanted was to be with her and he didn’t care how that happened.

‘Okay,’ she nodded with a small sigh and rolled onto her back to give him the access he needed.

Max rolled over top of her and nestled his lower half between her legs, using his arms and what strength he had to push both of her legs aside. Erin was still pouting about relinquishing her dominant role but the instant Max’s hard cock brushed up against her quickly swelling labia she let out a groan of anticipation and a dreamy look cascaded over her. The sudden change in her demeanour enticed Max and he grabbed his cock at the base and began to rub it up and down the small cleft between her legs, the soft moans hissing out of Erin’s mouth like music to his ears.

‘Stop teasing me!’ Erin pleaded and her legs started to coil around him, threatening to take over again if he didn’t give her what she wanted. Max didn’t want to be crushed before he even got to have a little fun so he quickly obeyed her plea and lined his cock up at her now soaking wet entrance.

He was still in his Immortal frame of mind and as such pressed gently into her tender folds, but he quickly found that with the little pressure he was using he couldn’t make any headway with entering her. Her folds were so tight that the bulbous head of his cock couldn’t even budge them aside so he began to apply more and more pressure. It was slow going but after a few agonizing moments her tender flower began to open up around him. Once again though he quickly found an obstruction in his way and this time, no matter how hard he pressed (and he was pressing pretty damn hard) he couldn’t push through it at all.

‘Are… are you a virgin?’ he asked as the thought dawned on him slowly. Erin squirmed under him and blushed so deeply the top of her chest turned a bright red. ‘Wow,’ was all Max could think to say and he quickly regretted it as Erin looked away from him in shame.

‘I… I am in love with you, remember?’ she answered and it became clearer for him. Feeling a little ashamed at himself he gently titled Erin’s head back towards him and kissed her deeply, dragging his tongue across hers for added effect.

‘I’m sorry,’ he apologised, ‘let’s just forget I said anything okay? But if you want to keep going we’re going to need to do something about that down there.’

Erin’s eyes lit up and a broad smile snaked over her lips. She reached between their bodies and with a flash of pain that crossed her eyes she broke her own hymen so they could keep going. Max kissed her once more and with a little help from Erin he managed to delve deep into her and they both groaned at the same time. While Erin’s groan was of bliss, Max’s was more of pain as his cousins pussy clamped down around him harder than her hand had and he could almost feel all the blood being pushed out of his cock.

As the pain washed over him Max struggled to open his eyes and take in the expression on Erin’s face. She was on a whole other planet right now and a satisfied smile dominated her face as she sighed continually in happiness at finally getting what she had wanted for so long. Max couldn’t bear to ruin her mood in that moment so he screwed up his nerves and fought his hardest to keep going. He wanted to make her happy and he didn’t care how much pain that caused him. As long as she was happy, then he was happy too.

He began to gently thrust in and out of her, her strong muscles making it nearly impossible for every inch. It was excruciatingly slow and he tried his hardest to pick up the pace, wanting to give her the full experience even if it killed him. His cock was already starting to deflate inside her from the pain but he pushed through it. After a few minutes the pain started to mingle with another sensation, one of dull pleasure and his heart began to race. He couldn’t force any more blood into his member and it annoyed him, but he was going to make do with what he had.

Erin was softly moaning in pleasure now as her Immortal feelings washed over her and Max was envious of her for that. Her face was screwed up in a mix of pleasure and desire and he knew she wanted it harder and faster than he was giving it to her, but thankfully she didn’t ask for it. She might have realized this would be hard for him and she was happy with what she was getting, but Max wanted to give her everything in that moment. He wanted to pump into her with amazing speed and strength until she cried out in ecstasy and in their lust they shattered the bed. He wanted to fuck her hard and fast and it killed him that he couldn’t. If he could only have his powers for this one thing he would be happy.

‘I… I love you, Max,’ she gently cooed under him and wrapped her hands around the back of his neck. Max wanted to tell her that he was falling in love with her as well but the oxygen was quickly sucked out of his lungs by a powerful kiss.

Not being able to breathe Max suddenly stopped all his movement, but Erin wouldn’t allow that to stand and she quickly took over as she rocked her hips back and forth on his semi-erect cock. There was a loud sucking sound on each thrust from their combined juices and the small tendrils of golden blood from her ruptured hymen. It was an intoxicating sound but Max couldn’t enjoy it at all as his brain began to scream at him for oxygen and he felt his eyes start to roll towards the back of his head.

With Erin still humping onto his cock and her lips firmly planted over his, Max fell into unconsciousness as his body slumped onto hers. Everything went black and even the sensations he was feeling were suddenly blotted out as he fell into a deep dark hole.

Max’s eyes fluttered open sometime later, the brilliant light of the afternoon sun filtering into the hotel room as a sticky heat covered him like a warm blanket. The soft sound from the television wafted through the air and there was a shuffling sound just off to Max’s left as someone walked around the bed and placed something on the smooth surface of the table.

He sat up and his head instantly betrayed him as it threatened to split open and spill his brains everywhere. Every inch of his body was sore and stiff and even just sitting upright hurt beyond belief. The image of Erin’s face distorted in pleasure popped up in his mind and he knew it was all worth it. The look on her face had been priceless and he would endure dismemberment if it meant seeing it again.

‘I got you some stronger pills and a glass of water,’ Erin’s soft lyrical voice whispered from his left side. Max looked over and saw her fully dressed in a loose fitting shirt and a pair of sweatpants, her hair perfectly done up on top of her head. She wore a look of grief on her face and she avoided looking Max in the eyes as she quickly walked away.

Max reached over and picked up the horse sized pills and popped them into his mouth, washing them down a moment later with the glass of ice cold water that seemed to soothe his sore muscles. Erin had retreated towards the couch and had her back to Max as he sat on the bed, so with great difficulty he stood up and hobbled over to her. His groin felt like it was on fire and he was thankful that Erin had put his sweatpants back on him in the night because he was sure he didn’t want to see the damage that been done to his sore cock.

‘How long was I out?’ he asked and gingerly sat down on the seat next to her.

‘Fifteen hours,’ Erin answered sadly and still refused to meet his gaze.

Max didn’t like seeing his cousin in this mood and he shuffled over until they were sitting right against one another, the soft skin of her arm touching his and sending a wave of heat through his body. Erin tried to move away from his touch but there was nowhere to go as she was against the armrest and he was pressing in on her, so Max put an arm around her shoulder and held her close to him, kissing her gently on the cheek.

‘Aren’t you mad at me?’ she asked in a huff and turned to look at him, tears in her eyes as her powerful emotions were overriding her brain. ‘I almost killed you last night!’

‘But you didn’t,’ Max offered and kept his voice to a whisper, ‘and I know you wouldn’t. Listen I know what it’s like your first time with… well with a mortal. I did the same thing my first time but you have to realize that the more you do it the easier it becomes. Did you at least enjoy yourself last night?’

‘Yes,’ Erin admitted sadly and looked down at her knees, ‘but you didn’t. It took me almost a minute after you passed out to realize what had happened, but I couldn’t stop…’

‘Good, I’m glad you didn’t!’

Suddenly Erin turned on him and her eyes were filled with dread at what he had just said. Tears were freely streaming down gorgeous face and Max quickly brushed them away with the back of his hand, holding her face in his hands. ‘You could have been seriously hurt Max! I can’t believe I couldn’t stop myself! It just felt too damn good and I lost control of my emotions! You were laying there unconscious and I used you as a sex toy! I’m a horrible person!’

‘You are not a horrible person, baby,’ Max reprimanded a little forcefully. ‘I wanted nothing more than for you to have a good time last night and I am happy that you did even when I was unable to help you out! If we are going to have a relationship then you have to learn not to get so worried every time we have sex, Erin.’

Erin met his eyes again a despite her best efforts a small smile crossed her face. ‘A relationship?’ she asked excitedly, ‘You mean we can keep having sex?’

It was either her heightened emotions or her small attention span that made Erin throw herself into Max’s arms and plant a big wet kiss on his lips. Max wanted nothing more than to hold her and make her happy again but his mortal body just wasn’t up to it and all his joints groaned out in pain all at once. He gently pried himself away from the kiss and looked Erin the eyes before gently saying, ‘Maybe we should take a day off. You know, so my body can be ready for it again.’

Erin blushed deeply and a small giggle escaped her lips as she realized he was right. She slid away from him a few inches, but it wasn’t enough that they still weren’t holding onto each other. ‘It’s probably for the best anyways. Gabby’s been trying to get my attention all night and I have a patrol in less than half an hour.’

Max was glad she had brought that subject up because he had been looking for a way to get the ball rolling. ‘Why… why don’t you stay here with me?’ he asked and she looked at him curiously.


‘Don’t go back, please! This guy you are hunting is totally nuts and we both know how strong he is, I don’t know what I would do if I lost the only friend I have left. I don’t… I don’t want to be sitting in this room one night waiting for you, not knowing that you had been hurt or killed out there. So stay with me here and let’s just forget about everything else…’

‘Max…’ Erin said softly, like she was talking to a child who couldn’t seem to grasp a simple concept, ‘I can’t just sit around while he is out there hurting people. It’s our duty as Immortals to protect humans from people like him, our birthright. You can understand that can’t you?’

‘No, I can’t. I’m just a mortal now Erin, remember?’ he said coldly and moved away from Erin as his anger started to rise. She said she was in love with him and he was offering her everything she claimed to want, but she was pushing it aside. ‘I never understood that and maybe that’s why my powers were taken away. Maybe it is best you do go and we don’t pursue anything. I doubt I will ever be ready to get my immortality back in my father’s eyes so what’s the point in starting something with someone who is going to die eventually…’

‘That’s not fair!’ Erin blasted and stormed to her feet, a wave of power washing over the room as her anger bubbled to the surface. She took a deep breath and relaxed her muscles before speaking again, only a small amount of hurt in her soft voice, ‘I want to be with you more than anything else Max but there is something more important I have to do. This is why we exist Max; this is what we were made for! If I neglect why I am here then what am I?’

‘You would be me,’ Max admitted half-heartedly and sighed deeply, ‘you would be no better than me is what you are thinking. It’s okay, we both know that it’s right. But this isn’t the reason we were created, Erin. We weren’t created in the first place. We were born because our parents wanted children! We inherited their fights, their wars because we are related to them! Just because you have powers mortals can’t even fathom why do you have to get involved in things that should never concern us?’

‘Because, it’s the right thing to do!’ Erin yelled and her voice boomed through the large room, random objects shaking under the sound waves. ‘I may have been born instead of created but it makes no difference! I have the power flowing through my blood to not only save people’s lives, but protect the world from destruction and I will not shirk that duty! You want to know why your father took your immortality away? It’s because you are a spoiled brat who only cares about himself!’

In an instant Erin was gone, the loud pop shaking the entire room around him as her anger blasted through it. Max was left sitting there alone on the couch in an empty and suddenly cold room, a sense of regret befalling him. He could feel his eyes start to tear up but he quickly swallowed his feelings and slammed his fist into the soft cushion of the couch in anger, forcing the words that had been on his tongue out of his mind as bile rose in his stomach. He had been about to tell her that he did care about someone other himself, that he had been falling for her hard in the last few days; but now he didn’t care if she heard that. All he did was ask her to stay with him and she threw it back in his face like it was an insult.

As far as Max was concerned he didn’t need her anymore. He didn’t need any of them, and he especially didn’t need his powers. He finally had the chance to live his life the way he wanted and he would not throw that away.

The night was cool and silent as Eric Douglas appeared on a rickety front porch in a bad neighbourhood. There was only one yellowing light still left standing on the long street and it was far down from where Eric stood now, his entire body shrouded in shadows. Ugly cars with large dents, missing windows and broken headlights lined the narrow street and an argument had broken out a few houses down, men yelling at each other over the sound of loud awful music.

Most people would turn and walk the in the opposite direction if they came to this road, but to Eric it felt like home. His entire life he had grown up on streets like this and the noise and smell of cat piss didn’t faze him anymore. He could already feel his body start to relax as a wave of nostalgia pressed in on him from all sides. He shook the thoughts off though and tentatively reached for the handle of the dented metal door, his brain honing in on his real purpose for being there that night with razor sharpness.

He found the door locked but it proved not to be a problem as he used his considerable strength to twist it free, the metal shrieking under the effort. As the broken handle dropped from his hand and landed with a clatter on the wooden porch, the front door swung open into a sparse and dark living room silently.

Eric walked in without making so much as a sound and moved towards the threadbare couch in the center of the room facing a thirty year old television that hummed silently even though it was off. Even though this was a different house it looked remarkably like the one he remembered growing up in; even the smell of stale booze hung low in the air and clogged his nostrils. It was like nothing had changed, but Eric knew that wasn’t true; everything had changed.

Using his heightened hearing he made out the sounds of shallow breathing coming from a room down a dark hall and he quickly made his way towards the sound. His heart began to race and he knew he was very close to the truth; he could almost taste it.

The door to the only bedroom in the house was half open and Eric peered in to spy a man and women lying in a bed with the covers pulled up over their bodies. The man was very large and the bulge of his stomach prevented him from snuggling up to the woman fully. His hair was long and grizzled, the colour a mix between black and silver as either old age or a hard life had taken its toll on him. The woman’s face was gaunt and big yellow bags hung under her eyes, the remnants of bruises that refused to heal all the way. Her hair was the colour of hay and looked brittle, the ends frayed almost beyond repair.

It had been so long since Eric had gaze upon his mother’s face and at first he almost didn’t recognize her lying there in the bed. She had never been the best looking woman in the world and her addiction to hard-core drugs had taken whatever beauty she might have had at one point in her life; but she was still his mother and he couldn’t help but smile when he saw her.

In that moment Eric almost lost his resolve but he gritted his teeth and stepped into the room, making sure to close the door behind him softly. He had come this far and evaded every major government in the world to get to this point, so he sure as hell wasn’t going to waste it. He slowly took two steps closer to the sleeping couple and then bent down, his face only a few feet from his mothers.

‘Mom,’ he whispered gently and the woman began to stir. She didn’t wake though so he repeated himself with a little more force and volume, getting the effect he desired. The woman’s eyes flew open wide and she looked at him through the gloom, a shrill and strangled gasp screeching from her mouth as she suddenly realized someone had broken in.

‘Who… Eric? Eric is that you?’ she gasped and sat up in bed, tossing her lovers arm off her body. ‘What are you doing here?’

‘Hello, mother,’ he said softly and hoped she could see his smile through the shadows. Her confusion as to why he was there in the middle of the night quickly turned to shock and she turned to the large man next to her and started smacking him.

‘What the hell do you want woman? It’s the middle of the fucking night! I swear to god I will smack you again!’ the man bellowed and pushed Eric’s mother roughly so she fell out of the bed. In a heartbeat Eric reached out and caught his mother before she hit the floor, lifting her gently and placing her on her feet next to him.

The man suddenly realized there was someone else in the room and he flicked the light on, dazzling everyone but Eric momentarily. The fat guy peered through half closed eyes at the intruder and slowly his gaze turned from one of anger to one of shock as he realized who it was. It was hard not to recognize Eric when you saw him as his face was plastered over every form of media known to man.

‘What the fuck! You got some nerve showing your face here!’ the man roared and puffed out his chest as he leapt out of bed. In a fit of both rage and panic the man reached out and grabbed a metal baseball bat, holding it in his hands tightly as he advanced slowly towards Eric. ‘Get the fuck out of here before I crack your skull open!’

Eric stood his ground and gazed at the man angrily, noticing the hint of sheer terror hiding just behind his eyes. ‘Did you hit my mother?’ he demanded angrily and his fists clenched into tight balls as he let his power smash into the man.

‘Get… get the fuck out of my house…’ the man whimpered as whatever confidence he had been tapping into fled him. He still held onto the bat but to Eric that was nothing more than a fly landing on an elephant and he ignored it.

‘DID YOU HIT MY MOTHER?’ Eric roared and the whole house shook around him, plaster falling from the roof all over the place.

The fat ugly man made the worst and last mistake of his life as he charged at Eric and swung his bat with all his meagre strength. The metal bat struck Eric in the side of the head and instantly broke, sending chunks of metal splinters all over the place. With his rage beating loudly in his ears, Eric lashed out with his fist and struck the man directly in the face with so much force he could feel his skull shatter into dust as he flew through the far wall and into the next door neighbour’s kitchen.

‘ERIC NO!’ his mother screamed and he turned to face her, a giddy smile on his face as adrenaline pumped through his heart and out to the rest of his body. ‘What did you do?’

‘I taught that bastard a lesson he will never forget,’ Eric grinned and took a step closer to his mother, but she took a step away. ‘You’re afraid of me? It’s me mom, your little boy Eric…’

‘Just stay away from me!’ his mother screeched and tried to make a run for the door. Eric quickly teleported in front of her and barred her way, rage building in his blood once again. ‘Just go away! Please!’

Eric lost control of himself and grabbed his mother by the arms roughly, picking her up off the ground so her feet dangled in the air. He squeezed her tightly and she cried out in pain under his strength, thick tears bursting from her eyes as she sobbed loudly to herself. He knew he was hurting the only person that had ever loved him but he didn’t care anymore. He needed answers and she would give them to him no matter what the cost.

‘Who’s my father?’ Eric seethed loudly and his mother continued to cry,’ WHICH ONE WAS HE?’

‘Please! Let me go!’ she begged but her pleas fell on deaf ears and Eric shook her roughly until she stopped talking.

‘Which one of those bastards is my father? Tell me now or I will kill you!’

The threat seemed to sober his mother up some and she looked him dead in the eyes, a sad whimper escaping her lips. She sobbed a few more times and tried to wiggle her way out of his grip but he was holding onto her too tightly. ‘I don’t know,’ she cried out when she realized he wasn’t going to let her go until she answered him.

‘You’re lying! Now tell me the truth!’

‘I don’t know, I swear! I never met him! Y… y… you’re not my child!’

Confusion engulfed Eric and he dropped the woman in his hands roughly on the ground, watching her land in a heap and the sound of a bone breaking shattering the air. She let out an intense wail of pain and clutched at her ankle that was shattered so badly her foot was pointing up at a sickening angle.

‘What do you mean I’m not your child?’ Eric demanded. The woman he had once known as his mother didn’t answer him as she was lost in the amazing pain coursing through her brain so Eric quickly picked her up again and slammed her hard against the wall. ‘TELL ME NOW!’

‘Y… you were my friends baby. She got pregnant but was so hopped up on cocaine that she didn’t know who the father was. She died giving birth to you in an alley and I took you as my own! I was never your mother!’

Insane, red hot rage shot through Eric and he let out a massive roar of anger that brought the house down around them. The woman he held was pummelled with thick slabs of the building and her screams echoed in his ears, spurring his rage on even further. With a simple flex of his powerful muscles he felt the woman’s body tear apart in his hands and he tossed her aside, blood pooling under her gruesome corpse as he screamed out in rage once more.

Eric could feel his anger boiling over and the power rushing through his veins was immense. It felt like he was being torn apart from the inside and he doubled over in pain, his fist slamming into the foundations of the house so hard a tremor ripped through the earth and car alarms a mile away broke shrilly into the silent night.

His hatred at the woman who had lied to him his entire life consumed Eric completely and he let loose another shout, pushing his rage out of his body. An intense explosion ripped through the sleepy little ghetto like an atom bomb, incinerating everything and everyone in a four block radius. The explosion had been so explosive that office buildings in the heart of the large city had their windows shattered and the space station high above the planet could see it.

Only one thing survived and walked out of there alive, a husk of a man who had nothing left in his life but the burning questions clawing at his angered mind. Eric wouldn’t stop at anything until he got the answers he wanted and nothing would stand against him.

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