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Laura's story continues and finds her getting a little wild during a week-end outing to a favorite swimming hole of Keith and his crew...
Laura, a.k.a. (The Little Nympho)

… Barbusie …

Chapter 7

(The week-end at Indian Creek)

We were out of school for the summer and Keith and I were fucking like rabbits in heat. Fucking ourselves in every position we knew about and in a lot of new and exciting locations. We were doing that, 'Gee, we ain't never tried that before', type of deal.

Then one week about mid June, Keith and Larry decided that we were going to score a half barrel of beer some how and spend the week-end camped out at a private and secluded spot they all went swimming at called Indian Creek.

Larry was living with his divorced dad, a truck driver who was hardly ever home and Larry had the place pretty much to himself most of the time. One Friday morning Keith, Larry, Sherry and a couple of their other friends met at Garry's place and began planning the week-end.

They each chipped some money into the hat till the pile was enough for the half barrel and all the food and sodas we were going to need. By noon we had everything we needed and about a dozen cars and pick-up trucks convoyed out of town heading to Indian Creek.

The van was loaded down with most of the tents and sleeping bags and most of the coolers of food. Joe and another guy named Jim had the beer icing down in the back of Joe's 1970 dodge pick-up then there was Larry and Sherry in Larry's 1970 Barracuda. Then there was some guy Keith introduced as Mark running a 1972 Dodge Challenger. He was dating Larry's sister Irene. It took about an hour to get out to the creek and we had to go through the small town of St. Clair to get there.

Indian Creek was a year round spring fed stream the emptied into the Merrimac river about 20 miles south of St. Clair. The water was always good and clear and good and cold. And when the summer heat gets to be in the high 90s like it was on that week-end it sure did feel nice.

We all pulled off a windy two lane county road onto a dusty gravel semi private county road for about 2 to 3 miles till we came to the creek. There was a lot of huge shade trees lining the banks of the creek. There was a farm tractor dirt road that led down to a huge gravel bar with the creek running around one side of it for a few hundred yards.

When we got there, Keith and Joe thought that since they had wide tires on there rides, they could drive down the tractor trail and out onto the gravel bar with out getting stuck. The rest of the gang parked in a clearing on top of the bank.

It was about 4pm when we got there and the afternoon sun was beaming good and warm across the gravel bar. The water was good and clear and looked so inviting that me and Sherry didn't waist anytime pulling off our cut offs. When we did the half dozen guy's who were getting the gear unpacked stopped and applauded.

Sherry had on a florescent blue French cut bikini and I had on my black French cut micro bikini. We both kept our tennis shoes on and after bowing to the cheers and whistles of the guys we ran down to the creek and waded in.

Sherry and I splashed around while Keith Larry and Joe went looking for wood for the fire we were going to have for the night. The other guys, mark and Jim got the beer chilling and tapped.

When the boys had the wood gathered up they all came down to the creek and joined Sherry and I. Keith and Larry came down with a cup of beer in each hand. Keith handed me one and Larry handed Sherry one. We all sat down in the water close to the shore and started this party.

Sherry spoke up, 'My brother Mike will be out when he gets off work. He's bringing Lori." She softly spoke to Larry. She was sitting on my right and Larry was sitting on her right. Keith was sitting on my left.

'He'll be out before dark he thinks." She added. Jim came down with a beer in one hand and a nice fat hooter and a Bic lighter in the other. He sat down next to Gary and fired it up.

He took a big hit and passed it down the line. Joe and mark were getting the fire going so we could roast some wienies for supper. They were also planning to bar-b-que some pork steaks too.

When the joint got to me it was about half gone already. But I took a real good hit and handed it back to Jim who had move down in front of the group to retrieve the joint again and keep it going around.

Jim mentioned. 'My old lady will off work at 7 tonight. I gotta go get her from work." 'I wouldn't be gittin real fucked up till later then if I was you." Gary coughed as he handed the hooter to Keith. Especially having to drive though St. Clair, twice on a Friday night, man."

As Jim was standing in front of us I noticed that he kept glancing at me and Sherry as he talked with the boys. We were both sitting cross legged in about a foot of clear water and I knew he was getting a good view of our barely covered pussys.

I didn't mind Jim was kinda cute and he had a few really good jokes. When the hooter was done Keith asked me to go fill his cup. I grabbed the cup and began walking up to the trucks. My bottoms were trying to climb up my ass as I staggered through the loose gravel.

As I walked over the ridge approaching the fire, Mark and Joe were watching me grinning from ear to ear. I didn't bother adjusting my bottoms allowing the cheeks of my round ass to bounce as I strutted toward the two.

Can I get a refill please?" 'Little darling today, you can have anything thing your little heart desires." Joe grinned. I walked over and got between the pair as they were standing by the barrel.

As I bent over at the waist to pick up the hose I knew both guys were looking right at my naked ass cheeks. As I poured the beer I was looking down. I noticed Joe getting a bulge in his cut offs. Then I looked to my right and saw Mark getting hard too. His was as big as Joe's, and real noticeable.

I looked toward the creek and noticed that I couldn't see the group from that vantage point. If I couldn't see them, then they couldn't see us. 'You two like what your looking at?" I said, as I put a full cup of beer on the tailgate of Joe's Pick-up.

'Sure as hell do sweetheart." Mark hissed. I smiled at him and turned to Joe. 'You been telling tails out of school, Joe?" 'Maybe." He softly replied reaching over and gave the left cheek of my ass a playful squeeze.

At about that time, mark moved close and lightly rubbed my right bare ass cheek and softly said. 'Joe says you can suck chrome off a trailer hitch."

I leaned into his muscular chest and said, 'Be nice and you just might find out later." 'Baby, I intent to be real nice to you." He said squeezing my bare cheek good and hard.

My little pussy was dripping and throbbing real hard with all the new attention I was getting. When I had both cups full I made sure nobody could see and gave both guys a peck on the cheek and walked slowly back to the creek swaying my ass a little more as I walked away.

Just before I went over the ridge I looked back to see both guys watching my ass as I walked away. When I got to the creek, I sat down next to Keith again and said lets to out into deeper water for awhile. I waded out till the water was just under my tits and Keith followed.

As soon as he got close I balanced myself on his shoulder with my left hand while holding my beer with the other and wrapped my legs around his waist. I reached up and kissed him good and full on the lips. I whispered, 'I am getting sooo horny with all these guys looking at me in my bikini."

Keith giggled a little. Well what do you want to do about that. 'I wanna get naked and fuck the shit out of everybody." Keith giggled out loud and began squeezing my ass cheeks I reached down between us and unbuttoned his cut offs.

Keith just looked me in the eye. He had his back to the shore of the creek. I unzipped his fly and reached in for his cock which was rock hard at this point.

Mark and Joe had joined the group and were sitting in the water about 20 to 30 feet away. When I looked over Keith's shoulder, I could looked both guys in the eye. I pulled Keith's cock out and pulled my bikini bottoms to one side.

I was looking at Mark as I impaled myself on Keith's rock hard 8 inch dick. I rolled my eyes and crossed them as I slid down his shaft. As I began to slide up and down on my mans dick I looked both Mark and Joe in the eyes sticking my tongue out at them a couple of times.

They knew damned well I was getting fucked by my man just a few feet away even if they couldn't see the good parts.

They knew, And they were having fun watching as I dug my nails into Keith's back as I came hard holding on tight and it everything I could do to keep from screaming as I quivered hard again and again and again.

After Keith had cumm and pumped a huge wad of cumm deep inside me we moved apart and went back to the group. By that time, Joe and Mark had gone back to the fire and began to do the bar-b-que and
Mike had left to get Lori.

Larry and Sherry were getting a little wrinkled and I had had enough water for awhile so we all got up and headed to the fire and the van.

The sun was getting low in the sky and the wind had picked up a little making my skin to goose bump a little. So me and Sherry decided to get out of the wet bikinis and dry off before it got dark.

The guys stayed buy the fire drinking real heavy when Sherry and I got into the van to change. After we changed we all sat around the fire and ate hot-dogs and drank beer. A few hooters were passed around and I was feeling high, and horny.

Just as the sun was about to give it up for the day, we heard cars pulling in and here came Jim with his girlfriend Ronda and mike with his girlfriend Lori.

Ronda was a looker she was about my size but her boobs were full and firm 36bs and straining the bikini top she was wearing. Lori was a little more demur and reserved she was also stacked well, not nearly as big as Ronda.

As soon as they got there Jim and mike began to set out their tents and bags so that they were all set out in a semi circle around one side of the fire and back about twenty feet or so.

When everything was were they wanted it they came over and sat around the fire with the rest of us. As the sun went down, we were all drinking and smoking and listening to Kshe on the van stereo.

We were all getting comfortable, and drunk, and high, and having a real good time joking and kidding around and getting to know each other. After about two hours Lori and Ronda were getting loose and tired and probably wanting to get laid, so they both grabbed their boyfriends and went to their respective tents for the night. That left me alone with Keith, Joe, Mark, Larry and Sherry.

When I took off my bikini I didn't have any underwear to put on so I put on my loose fitting cut offs on commando. As I sat cross legged in front of the fire I knew that any one sitting across from me could probably see my pussy peaking out of one of the leg openings.

Keith was getting good and drunk. And good and high. He wasn't paying attention and I began to move my legs round a lot to open and close the opening of my short-shorts. Keith had gotten up to take a walk behind to van to take a piss. When he did both Joe and Mark sat down right in front of me and Sherry.

Larry got up to get their tent and sleeping bags ready. As we sat there Joe fired up another hooter and handed it to me. I really didn't need any more. I took a little hit and handed it to Mark.

I had to kinda crawl over to him to hand it to him. When he took the joint, he spread his legs just as I was getting to him and his massive cock slid out of his baggy cut offs and fell half-way to his knee.

I saw it, he saw that I saw it, and he grinned at me as I handed hit the joint. I then sat back on my heels and then onto my ass about a foot to his right.

I looked around. 'What the hell is Keith doing taking a dump?" I asked as Mark coughed as he tried to stifle a laugh and hold the smoke in his lungs at the same time. Sherry had got up when Garry yelled that the tent was ready.

When she got up, I got up too the see what had happened to Keith. I turned toward Mark and raised my right leg in his direction knowing he got a real good look at my bare beaver peaking out of the cut-offs.

I walked over to the van and looked in. there was Keith, passed out and sleeping like a log, out cold.

I got another cup of beer and walked back to the fire. I sat down between Mark and Joe looking a little depressed. 'What's up?" Mark asked seeing me thinking hard about something. 'The prick passed out on me."

He grinned and handed me the hooter. Putting his hand on my bare right knee, he whispered. 'Well, me and Joe here can keep you entertained if you want." With that Joe moved closer and put a hand on my left knee and looked at me and whispered, 'We sure can, baby."

Joe took the joint and asked if I ever had a shot-gun before. I being young and dumb, had not. He got a lung full of smoke and turned the joint around so the burning end was in his mouth so he could blow out smoke. He told me to lean in as close as I could and inhale the smoke though my nose.

I leaned in and got within an inch of Joe, face to face. He looked me in the eye as he blew out smoke. I looked him in the eye as I inhaled. He took the joint out and gave me a quick peck on the lips just before I sat back on my heels.

It was still hotter then hell even though the sun had been down for a couple of hours. I sat back down between the boys as we passed the hooter around. Marks hand was back on my bare thigh and a lot higher then it was earlier. He was stroking me lightly with his finger tips and I was starting to like it.

I leaned back on my hands and he leaned over and kissed me on the lips, sliding his hand up my thigh till it was lightly rubbing the pubic hair just under the leg band of the cut-offs. Joe was on the other side rubbing his hand up and down my left thigh from the knee right up to the edge of my shorts.

The joint was gone and the beer in my cup was gone. I looked at both guys and asked. 'You two wanna go skinny dipping?" Joe said 'Hell yes." He and Mark both got up at the same time each grabbing a hand and pulled me up. We took off and ran down to the creek.

When we got to the edge both guys were naked in about three seconds. I gasped when I saw Marks big ol cock already half hard. It looked to be every bit of ten inches and about as big around as a coke can. He was a big ol boy.

They stood there naked in the full moon light and Mark whispered, 'Your turn darling." I reached back and pulled both strings of my top at the same time and it fell to the ground. I held my hands above my head giving the guys a good look at my 32bs.

I then unbuttoned my shorts and slid them down over my ass and stepped out of them. I walked over to Mark. I had to get on my tip toes to reach up and kiss him. I wrapped my hand around his hardening boner as I sank my tongue in between his lips as far as I could get it.

Joe moved up behind me and put both hands on my naked ass as he lightly kissed my neck and shoulders. Mark had his right hand two fingers deep into my smoldering pussy by now and I had stroked his massive cock till it was standing tall and proud jutting out like a fleshy little spear.

Joe's cock was good and hard too and he was sliding up and down between my quivering ass cheeks. I spun around and grabbed Joe's dick and began stroking on it. Mark was now kissing and licking my neck and ear loabs. My pussy was gushing and throbbing like hell by now and I said. 'Somebody eat me, right now."

Mark spun me around again and moaned, 'As you wish." I leaned against Joe as Mark began sucking and licking on my breathless titties. While he was busy licking and sucking on my tits I was stroking on Joe's 9 inches of rock hard cock.

Mark slowly slid down to my belly button and I thrusted my pelvic forward. I had a mouth full of Joe's tongue when Mark's tongue plunged deep between my pussy lips dragging hard across a hard swollen clitoris.

As Joe was trying to shove his, tongue down my throat, his hands were busy pinching and kneading my aching titties. Marks tongue was doing a real good job on my swollen clit. In about a minute I was grabbing his head and grinding my pubic bone into his mouth coming real good and hard, nearly drowning him as my gushing juices flowed soaking his face.

As soon as I had calmed down a bit, we went out into the water till we were about waist deep. I turned to Joe and put both hands behind his head and kissed him deep. Mark moved up behind me and I could feel his rock hard dick sliding up between the cheeks of my ass. Joe backed up till the water was thigh deep.

When Joe's cock came into view, I bent down and sucked it down as far as I could get it. As I did, I felt Marks cock running up and down between my slick throbbing pussy lips. And then he began to push it in. When he slipped the head in it felt so big and tight that I gasped and giggled a little as it popped in.

He was so big and I was so tight that he had to sink it in slowly, inch by agonizing inch. As he skewered me from behind Joe held me tight and kissed me deep till Mark was inside me all the way.

When Mark did bottom out he held me while I got used to it. Then he began to slow stroke it in and out. I went back to sucking on Joe's dick while Mark was fucking me from behind. He picked up the pace and in no time he was pounding my pussy hard. It was hard for me to suck on Joe's cock while Mark was making me cumm good and hard every two minutes or so.

But in about five minutes he pulled out and spun me around Joe rammed his 9 incher in and I began to suck on Marks massive cock. Joe pounded me through another three good toe curlers and Mark huffed that he was about to bust a nut. At about that time Joe said he was almost there. Then in about thirty seconds Mark grunted out loud and Joe began to moan as his dick began to swell up.

Mark went stiff and held my head still and he cried out as he came pumping wad after wad after wad down my throat. Then Joe stiffened up and grabbed my ass and rammed it in deep and came groaning out loud pumping my poor pussy full of a half dozen wads of his hot cumm.

Joe's cumm pumping into my pussy caused me to begin cumming again really hard. My whole body began to quiver and buck out of control.

They both had to hold me as wave after wave, after wave, thundered though out my body causing me to spasm and contort and hang on tight. All of us came really hard at the same time.

We hugged and cuddled till the breeze began to pick-up making all of us goose bump. We staggered out of the water and put our cloths back on and headed to the fire to warm up.

When I got warmed, I reached over and gave Mark and Joe each a peck on the cheek and said thanks for the ride and walked away. I opened the door on the van and climbed in. I got naked again and crawled into the sleeping bag next to Keith.

He woke a little and wrapped his arm around me and kissed me sweet on the head and asked. 'You havin a good time baby?" I whispered back as I reached for his rock hard dick 'I will be in a minute." Squeezing his dick while I was stroking it. 'I saw you a while ago." I froze. 'Saw what baby?" I asked nervously.

'I woke up about a half hour ago needing to take a piss." I stood up on the bank and watched you while I was pissing." Did they make you cumm real good baby?" I turned to look at him in the dim light and saw that he wasn't mad. I smiled 'It turned you on to watch me fucking those guys, didn't it?" 'It was like watching live porn." He replied. As he sank two fingers deep inside me.

Keith and I spent the next full hour rocking the shit out that van…

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I used to go camping with my boyfriend and some if his buddies. I was usually naked and dancing around the campfire by the fifth beer. I got so muck dick while camping it was great. Now I take my husband and he wonders why I have a smile on my face around the campfire.

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