In this episode, Laura finds that her sexual appetite is getting stronger as she's getting older. She hasn't told Keith about it either. And on a double date to the County Fair she finds out just how much she enjoys a risque' encounter with a total stranger...
Laura, a.k.a. The Little Nympho
… Barbusie …

Chapter 8

( The County fair )

We chilled out for the rest of the summer. Keith and I went on a couple of double dates with Larry and Sherry. Went to a couple of parties toward the end of the summer. And then, there was that night we all went to the county fair…

I had just turned 15 and Keith was going to be 17 in December. It was the first week of august of that year when the County fair was going on. It was running a full 7 days that year so Keith and I and Larry and Sherry planned to go on Friday night.

There was a concert going on and three decent bands were scheduled to play that night. And we all thought it would be a pretty good time.

When we got there Keith and Larry parked between two trees next to the fence so that the cars wouldn't get car door slammed by anybody parking next to the Barracuda and the van.

Keith pulled in so that the front of the van was facing toward the woods. So that if anyone walked by they wouldn't be able to see inside unless they walked around the front.

We all walked in together. I had my arm in Keith's, and Sherry had a hold of her man. We strolled through the mid-way and Keith and Larry tried to win us a couple of stuffed animals. At one booth, this scruffy looking carnie in his early twenties was looking me over real good with a lot of lust in his eyes.

As Keith was busy throwing some balls, the guy leaned over the make shift counter and hoarsely said. 'Damn, your are one fine looking little gal." I smiled at him and rolled my eyes pretending disgust. Then he whispered, 'Don't be like that sugar, I could be real good to a looker like you."

Keith didn't win and grabbed my arm. As we walked away I glanced back at the guy and he grabbed his dick though his pants and tugged on it, blowing me a silent kiss as he did.

The concert was about to start so we walked down to the arena and found a place mid-way up the bleachers. It had been a real hot day and now that the sun was going down, it wasn't getting any cooler.

I told Keith that I was really thirsty and asked if he wanted a cold drink. He handed me a twenty and said. 'Get a couple of big ones so they'll last awhile."

I leaned over and gave him a good kiss on the lips and tapped Sherry on the shoulder and asked if she wanted to come along. Larry handed her a five and said. 'I'll have a Pepsi." She looked at him and said. 'Ya, just as soon as you buy me a Cadillac." Larry pouted and said, 'Please." 'That's better." Sherry replied, giving him a peck on the cheek.

Sherry and I both had to pee real bad so we decided to stand in line to the pisser while we were at it. While we were standing there Sherry spoke up. 'Did you get a new mini-skirt?" 'Ya, I replied. It's black suede." 'Looks pretty hot on you." She grinned and leaned against me. I stood back and looked at her real good. 'Your lookin real good and hot yourself. I replied giving her a little friendly squeeze.

She had on really short daisy dukes and a white midriff top that tied behind her neck. When we got back to the concert and the guys, Keith was gone. We sat down and I asked Larry were Keith was. 'He had to take piss real bad." Larry replied. I smiled and huffed. Taking a sip of my soda I looked around a bit and saw 'Scruffy' standing down on the mezzanine in front of the bleachers.

He turned around and looked dead at me and smiled. I started getting real nervous, and a little turned on at the thought of getting fucked by a complete stranger.

The warm up band had stopped and Charlie Daniels was taking the stage. I looked down at 'Scruffy' and he was there right in front and he was eye level with my crossed legs.

I was feeling a little slutty that day so I purposely did not ware under wear that night. I thought that Keith might find it to be a turn on. 'Scruffy' grinned again. And with out thinking about it I uncrossed my legs and spread them a little and crossed them again the other way.

I know 'Scruffy' got a brief look at my bare pussy as I spread my legs cause his eyes went wide as I did. He kept looking and I started getting really turned on. So much so that I could feel my pussy getting wetter and tinglier. And, I was getting hornier and hotter with each passing minute.

Sherry was sitting right next to me but she and Larry were getting into the music and were oblivious to what I was doing. I uncrossed my legs again. This time I kept them side by side with my knees together.

'Scruffy' leaned back against the railing and moved his right hand down to his crotch again and grabbed his dick though his loose fitting pants. From where I was sitting it looked to be fairly big and getting bigger.

I was starting to get a little miffed at Keith for leaving me alone this long. So I spread my legs about two ft wide when the song was over so I could jump up and cheer with the rest of the crowd. Giving 'Scruffy' a real good look at my nearly hairless and wet little pussy.

Then I kicked the nearly full soda over and it hit the ground below. 'Shit, I really wanted that too." Sherry leaned in, 'You want me to go with you to get another one?" 'No sweetie, I think I'll be all right. Just tell Keith what happened and tell him I'll be back as soon as I can."

Charlie just started another rockin tune as I stepped down to the mezzanine. As I walked through the tunnel I saw 'Scruffy' standing there against the side of the bleachers. As I walked past him he stepped along side and I looked at him and said. 'Follow at a distance."

I walked toward the fine arts exhibit shed and as I turned the corner I looked back. 'Scruffy' was about 50 feet behind me. I went around the side and to the back corner.

I stopped again and looked back, he was still there and moving a little quicker. I ducked around the corner to the back side of the shed and moved about half way down.

There were some empty wooden pallets against the back wall of the shed, I stopped and turned toward the corner I just came around. 'Scruffy' was walking toward me slowly. When he stopped right in front of me he started to speak. I put a finger on his lips and whispered. 'I don't have much time." I leaned up and kissed him lightly on the lips.

'Scruffy' pushed me back against the wall and kissed me back hard with tongue. As he was shoving his tongue down my throat his right hand was buried in my pussy rubbing like hell. He pulled my tube top down and began to lick and nibble on my hard and swollen nipples.

He shoved two fingers up deep inside my now sopping wet pussy and broke the kiss to say, 'Damn, you’re a horny little thing, ain't Ya?"

I just grinned and reached for his belt and began to unbuckle it. Still kissing and tonguing each other, I pulled his zipper down and reached in for his now raging rock hard dick and pulled it out.

My eyes went wide and I cooed softly as I saw just how huge it was, every bit of ten inches. 'I grinned and whispered. 'I'm gonna love this thing," as I sank lower bending at the knees. It was long and about 2 inches wide.

I snaked my tongue out and licked the pre-cumm soaked head and 'Scruffy' let out a long low moan. 'Look up at me while you suck that thing. I like it when chicks look into my eyes when they do that." I looked him in the eye as much as I could in the dim light and wrapped my lips around his massive dick and sucked down as much as I could take.

I could only get about half of it in my mouth before I started gagging on it. But he seemed to be content with that. I began to long stoke his massive rager with my lips and right hand while tickling his balls with the other.

I sucked on it for a minute and stood up and kissed him and said. 'Fuck me." 'Yes Mam." He replied, and spun me around and threw me face down across a stack of pallets. They were stacked about four feet high. He grabbed the hem of my skirt and pulled it up over my bare ass.

I spread my legs about two feet apart, but that wasn't wide enough, so he grabbed my left leg and propped it up on another stack of pallets that were only a foot or so tall. When he had me the way he wanted, he bent down on one knee and buried his face into the crack of my juice soaked bare ass.

This scruffy dude was eating me damned good and proper. Shoving his tongue deep into my juice gushing pussy and my tight little ass hole. No man had ever done that before and I shivered and came real hard when his tongue sank inside my poop chute.

I cried out, as I quivered hard on his oral assault on my backside. Then he rose up and aimed his rock hard ten incher at my pussy. He rubbed it though my pussy lips to get it good and slick. Then in one slow smooth long stroke, the boy skewered me dog-style.

I braced on the pallets and he began to long stroke my smoldering pussy, slapping his balls against my swollen clit with each stroke. I started cumming after about a dozen strokes and like the energizer bunny, I just kept cumming, and cumming, and cumming.

I have no idea why, but fucking this strange guy in a place where we could get caught at any second was such a raging turn on. He pumped me from behind till I had cumm about a half dozen times. Then he pulled out and told me to suck on it some more.

After I had sucked and licked all my pussy juice off of him, he sat down on the smaller stack of pallets and guided me to mount his big rager, cow-girl style. I climbed up and grabbed his dick and guided it to my still sopping wet pussy.

I looked him in the eyes as I impaled my self all the way down till my pubic hair was mashing his. Then I slowly pulled up till just the head was still inside me and slammed back down on that big ol dick again.

I did this a few times till my knees started getting sore from kneeling on the rough wood. So I placed a foot on both sides and rose up and leaned forward. I then began to ride that pony at a high gallop.

I rode that pony for another 2 to 3 minutes and came, and came, and came, over and over, and over. Shuddering hard and throwing my head back cumming like hell all over this strange mans dick.

'He said. 'Baby I'm about to bust a nut. Where you want it?" 'I wanna swallow it." I said and jumped up off the guy sinking to my knees in the grass. He stood up and I again wrapped my lips around the head of his massive cock and tickled the under side with my tongue till he groaned out so load I knew damned well somebody might have heard it.

I sucked and pumped his dick with both hands and he shuddered and came hard, pumping wad after wad, after wad, after wad, of sticky scalding cumm down my swallowing throat. In spite of the huge amount, and it was a lot, I managed to drink down the whole load with only a single drop sliding down my chin…

When I got back to the bleachers with a fresh cup of soda, Keith was sitting there looking a little pissed 'Where you been Laura, I've been wondering about you. 'Sorry baby, but there's a lot of people here because of the concert and the lines for everything are out of hand." 'Ya I know, but I missed you, baby." 'Well, I don't think I'll need to be going anywhere for a while." I kissed him deep on the lips and we watched the rest of the concert.

At mid-night the park was closing for the day. So we all headed out to the cars. We said good-by to Sherry and Larry and me and Sherry made plans to go shopping the next day at about noon. They drove off and Keith and I got into the van.

We were sitting there when Keith got up and went to the back. He dropped his jeans and sat on the bunk stroking his half hard cock. 'Something you want, Preppy?" 'Come on over here and get you some." He grinned. 'Get me some? Get me some what?" I teased.

'I know damned well you can't say no, you love it way too much." I knelt down in front of my man and commenced to suck on my second cock of the evening. By the time I had him good and hard he had me completely naked and guiding my pussy to his cock as he lay back on the bunk.

I straddled him Cow-girl reverse and began to slide up and down on my lovers fine 8 inch cock. It wasn't a massive ten incher but it was a real comfortable fit, and I could ride it all night long with out getting sore. As I was bouncing up and down on Keith's cock I looked up and out the windshield. There was 'Scruffy' standing behind a tree in front of the van watching me fucking my boyfriend.

It kinda creeped me out, but at the same time it turned me on to have a stranger watching me fuck. So I didn't say anything to Keith about it and had another dozen teeth grinding tow curlers and rocked the shit out of that van, again…

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