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Thia tell a storry of her past
Chapter 4: A Thia’s storry

A NOTE FROM AUTHOR: Following story, although it changed to different girl in different country is true. It is slightly changed to fit the storyline. A word of caution: THOSE WHO DON’T LIKE ROUGH AND EXTREME SEX, DON’T EVEN START.

- Master, why don’t you slap me sometimes? – asked Thia once in the middle of cleaning my room while I was working on some project drawings.
- Excuse me?
- Well…. I know that you love rough sex……and I know that you have some rough games with some girls….Sora told me…… Why don’t you slap me?
I smiled, and looked at her.
- You really love pain, do you?
She shrugged:
- I do Master……and humiliation……It all started when I was little girl…… At first I wasn’t surre, but now I am.
I was very interested in what she was talking about:
- Thia, come here and tell me how it all started.

* * * * *

When I was a little girl, well, you know, sometimes I did something stupid, so I got a slap or ass-bashing from my parents. What surprised me was a little tingling I felt between my legs every time I was beaten. As I was small, I wasn’t aware of pussy, clitoris, not to mention anal sex.
I think I was seven, when I accidentally rubbed my clit during bath and felt……different. I don’t really know what I did, but I am pretty sure I got my first orgasm. Once, I came early from school, and I saw my father fucking my mother….well, to be honest I wasn’t sure what I am seeing, but I saw his cock entering her from behind, her tits dangling while she was on all four…..and as he was entering at her, every now and then he slapped her behind, and she gave a little scream of joy, so I gathered that she also love some pain.
I had my first menstruation at age of eleven, and my tits were already started to show. I masturbated regularly and discovered that my orgasm is harder if I pinch my nipples or slap my ass.
I was twelve years old, when my father left my mother, so she had to work two jobs to get us food. So, she made an agreement with one neighbor that he will look after me when I come from school, and I would do some chores for him, well, you know, cleaning, going to market and so.
He was fifty six, fifty seven at a time, and I was thinking that he was older then time. And, I thought that he was sex dead. What a mistake.
Well, to cut it short, he was a perverted, twisted man, and I could feel his eyes following me wherever I went. Sometimes, I caught a glance when he rubbed his pants where I knew cock is. In a way, half of me was excited, but another half was scared.
It all started once I served him his dinner. I leaned close to him, and I felt his hand going up my leg. I started to move, but he grabbed me:
- Stay. Let me feel how smooth you are….. – he told me with coarse voice, and, well, part of me screamed to run, but that other part kept me close to him, curious what will happen. To be honest, feeling his hand touching up my naked leg, and closer and closer to my thighs was kind of exciting, and, yes, I felt a shame but I could feel my panties get wet. I tried to move that moment, afraid what will happen if he notice that, but he grabbed me with his other hand too, and in next moment my fears came true. I could see his smile twisted a little:
- Oh, young whore is wet…how convenient……mmmm….such soft skin…..such tight little ass….
I wanted to scream that I am not a whore…..and in the same time, there was a part of my mind which got excited by that word…..I knew that whores sold their bodies for money, but I also knew that people used that term to describe someone as dirty, low…..and that part of my brain loved that and my traitorous pussy got even more wet, and he laughed. He passed with his finger under my panties and caressed my pussy lips, and then put his finger in my mouth:
- Taste yourself, young bitch.
I licked his finger and my juice from him. Well, I tasted it before from my own fingers, so I knew the taste, but this time it was something different, especially after I noticed the bulge in his pants.
He laughed, deep, wicked laugh, and while still holding me, he unbuttoned his pants, and got his cock out. I saw my father’s cock in glance once…well, twice…..but this was a first time I saw men cock for real. He grabbed my neck, not so gently and pressed me down, on my knees. And there it was, pulsating hard cock just a few inches from my face. I involuntary licked my lips and he misunderstood that:
-Oh? Young bitch want to lick my cock? Good. So, lick it! – he said and pressed my head so cock came onto my lips, and I had to open my mouth. It was normal cock, not so huge, but for me, as it entered my mouth it was biggest thing ever, and I gagged. He pressed harder, and cock head slammed on my throat, and I got an urge to puke. He just laughed, but he stopped the pressure, so I could get his cock out of my mouth, and get some air.
He giggled:
- Oh, I see we will need to work on your skill’s a little……But, you will learn, never the less. Now, undress.
- Sir, I….
He slapped me, hard, and I fell on the floor:
- When I say something, you do that, little whore! Do we understand each other? – and he underlined last question with another slap.
Yes, part of me knew that this was pure rape, mental and physical….part of me screamed in protest, but there was this part of me which rejoiced at that prospect. I was just twelve, but there was this part of me who wanted that. So, I undressed, and stood bare naked in front of him. He walked all around me, touching different parts of me; my tits, my stomach, my ass buttocks. I felt his finger probing my asshole not so gently, and I moaned. He chuckled:
- Oh, don’t worry my little whore….I won’t forget your ass…..
I felt panic at that. I never even heard of anal sex, so I haven’t a slightest idea what he was talking about. Finally, he let me dressed and jerked his cock in front of my face, nothing more. He came into his hand and forced me to lick that.
- This time you will just taste it….. In time…..
Inside, I shuddered what that could mean.

Few days later, my mother left me at his “care” again. Obviously, I never said a word. Why? I don’t know. Maybe she wouldn’t believe me…and there was this perverse part of me who loved to be abused.
This time, he didn’t waste any time. As soon my mother disappeared around the corner, he undressed and gave me his half raised cock:
-Take it in your mouth, bitch!
And I did. I took it in my hands, and started to lick it, suck it…..feeling how it become harder and harder….and bigger. He moaned, and put his hands in my hair, and started to fuck my mouth. I gagged, and tears filled my eyes, but he fucked my mouth and my throat until I puked. There I was, on my hands and knees, retching hard, and he stood over me, naked, with his puked cock , and he went mad. He hit me hard, and then took my hair and raised me by it. He slapped m face, my tits, even my stomach, and then he threw me on the floor:
-Lick it all bitch!!
I started to lick, but that only made me retch again. Finally he grabbed me and wiped floor with my body, my hair and my clothes, then he threw me in bath and started to shower me; all dressed. I remember I cried and sobbed, and asked him to stop, but he rinsed me, until all puke was out of my hair and clothes’, and then he undressed me. He took a little soap an started to soap my tits, hard, then my pussy, and finally my ass crack. Then he pushed me on bath bottom, and leaned over me. I felt his cock between my legs and begged:
-Sir, please, I am still young….virgin….
He laughed:
-Don’t worry my little whore…..You’ll still be a virgin for some time…
And he grabbed my buttocks and widened them, and simply slammed his cock down my soaped ass hole.
I screamed. It was pain as I never felt before. I tried to escape, but my legs felt like broken, and he took my still small tits and started to squeeze them, while continuing to rip my little hole apart…..luckily, he came fast, and I felt for the first time hot sperm filling my bowels. And I loved that. And hated myself because of that.

Well, to shorten that part a bit, yes, after some time I finally managed to suck him without puking, and learned to eat his sperm. Yes, he repediately fucked my ass, and I learned to secretly rub my clit while he did that. So, yes, I learned to enjoy that all. And, furthermore, I discovered that I really love pain and humiliation.

So, I was in my thirteenth year, when we moved to another part of the city. Strange, I was still virgin regarding my pussy. I don’t know did my mother suspected anything, but this time she found a woman to take care of me, for my working at her place.


2015-02-07 05:24:01
You've left me hanging! This is incomplete.
Does he have a threesome with Thia & Sora?
Does he turn them into his submissives?
What happens after a year?
By the grammar is the author Thai?


2012-10-23 23:41:42
all chapters need more fleshing out to make them far more interesting

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