Double Dose of Bad Seed

Part 5.1
Senior Year Continued

We woke several hours later and walked Alice home, Julia and her shared a kiss before we
parted and headed back to Julia’s house. As we walked inside the house Julia’s mother
called out to us.

“Dinner will be ready in 30 minutes”
“Ok mom” Julia replied.

We headed up to our room to change.

“You better go brush your teeth you got some nasty dog cum breathe you little skank” I tell Julia
when she tries to kiss me.

Dinner was quiet for the most part just idle conversation. After dinner we we’re exhausted from our
all night fuck fest and today’s activities so we went to bed. After our shower we climbed into bed
naked. Julia’s little pussy was raw from all the fucking and she grunted at the slightest touch.

“I love you JJ, I’m really really sore but its yours if you want it” she says in a whisper.
“No, I’m pretty wore out myself” I say and we both laugh.

I wake in the morning to the smell of bacon and head down to breakfast. Julia is walking a little
funny from her obviously sore pussy as she comes into the dinning room. Joe and Linda watch
her as she sits down very carefully then look at me. I just smile and start eating my breakfast.

“We’re going to church this morning are you two coming” Joe asks reluctantly.

“No I think we’ll stay here, maybe go to the mall” I replied

Joe and Linda let out a sigh like they were relieved by my answer. After breakfast we headed
upstairs, Julia went take a hot bath to soak her sore body while I checked my email. The mom
and daughter had emailed me back and sent a photo. Nothing sexual really just them together
at the beach.

I sent a picture of me and Julia back and said we would be at the mall food court at noon if they
were interested in meeting. I heard a knock on the door as I hit the send button.

“Come in” I say

Linda opens the door slowly peaking in before she walks in.
“We’re leaving for church, your welcome to use my car to go to the mall” she says.

She turns to leave but closes the door instead.
“JJ, I would like to ask you a favor” she says her voice shaky

I stand up and walk over to her, her back is to the door.
“Sure ask away” I say smiling only inches from her now.

She presses her back against the door harder.
“I have some friends coming over this afternoon, please don’t” she stops unable to say the rest.

I knew what she was getting at and moved closer. Linda was 40 but she keep herself very well.
She was slim a little extra padding on the butt and hips but very nice. Nice firm c-cup
breasts and nice full lips.

“Well I was thinking of fucking your daughters brains out, but I could change my mind”
I say as I slip a hand under her dress between her legs.

She jumps when my hand touches her inner thigh.

“So did you have anything in mind that might distract me from your daughters tight
little pussy” I say sliding my hand up her shaking thigh until I feel her panties.

“JJ, I can’t” she says, her face turning pale and her breathe raspy.

I slide my hand over and rub her wet hot panty covered pussy. She has a bush I can feel thru
her panties.

“Well next Saturday while Joe plays golf, this is mine” I say squeezing her pussy.

She jumps and lets out a little moan and turns red.
“Please JJ don’t do this” she says looking like she’s ready to cry.

“It’s your choice, say stop and I will” I say and slip two fingers inside the leg of her panties
and rub her wet clit.

“JJ, don’t make me do this please” she begs as a tear rolls down her check.

I slide the two fingers down and back up inside her wet pussy. They slide in easily, her body tenses
and shakes as I enter her and slide them all the way inside her.

“Saturday” I say as I finger fuck her pussy.

She nods her head yes and I remove my fingers and take a step back allowing her room to get out
the door. I smell my wet fingers covered in her juice and take a little taste. Nice I think and head
into the bathroom.

Julia is laid back soaking in the tub as I walk in and sit on the edge.

“Open up slut and suck” I say putting my wet fingers to her mouth.

She opens her mouth and sticks her tongue out without hesitation. I place the two wet fingers on her
tongue and she sucks them into her mouth. The look on her face tells me she instant recognized the
Flavor of pussy juice. She moans softly and sucks her moms pussy juice from my fingers. She looks at

“Is Stacy here” she asks.

“No” I say smiling and kiss her.

“Who” she says looking confused for a second before her eyes get big “Never mind” she says.

I smile and head back into the room and go to that web site again just too look. It had my curiosity
up so I called the number. It was a recorded message very strange and vague just like the site.

“If your interested in our services, leave your name and phone number and meet location”

I leave mine figuring it can’t hurt then get ready for the mall. Julia is out the tub and getting
ready as well.

“Wear a short skirt and no panties” I say “Oh, and lose the bra as well” I add as she starts
to put one on.

She turns a little red but doesn’t complain or hesitate putting the bra back in the drawer. It’s
10 am when we arrive at the mall so we start shopping. Julia heads straight for Victoria’s
Secrets. The sales lady gives me a look so I head out and wait on a bench. No use causing
any trouble I figure.

My phone rings.
“Hello” I answer
“Is this JJ” the woman’s voice says

“Yes, who’s this” I reply
“My names Carol, I’m from ecstasy international” she says.

“Oh, so are we going to meet then” I ask
“Not quiet yet, I’m in the mall are you” she asks.

“Yes” I reply boring of the cryptic game
“Good, where are you now” she asks.

“Sitting in front of Victoria Secrets waiting on my girl friend” I say
“Good stay there I’ll call you again shortly” she tells me.

I did as told figuring she would walk by to check me out. I started looking around to see if I
could spot her looking. Everyone seemed to be looking my way, I started ruling out groups
of teenagers and families and the men of course.

The few single females that I noticed didn’t even look my way for more then the normal glance.
The only person who even stopped for any time was an older man sitting across the mall on a
bench outside the book store. His wife had went in the store so I’m sure like me he was waiting.

Julia walked up behind me and wrapped her arms around me and kisses me whispering in my
“I need money baby”

I laugh and hand her a roll of cash. I get another quick kiss and she runs off. The mans gone
When I look back but I see a young women sitting on the bench reading a magazine. She
glances my way several times. I figure this must be her until my phone rings.

“Was that your girlfriend with you” the women asks.

I look across and the women on the bench has no phone.
“Yes” I reply

“She’s very pretty, How old are you two” she asks
“I’m 16 and she’s 13. How old are you” I reply

She laughs “Well I arrange things for a fee, I can arrange any age you wish or fetish you have it
just depends on how much your willing to pay”

“How young and how much” I ask curiously
“Well those things are better discussed face to face for legal reasons, An uninhibited girl to
escort you for an evening starts at 2k for example. Are you still interested” she asks.

“Yes, money isn’t an object” I reply.
“Good, when your ready for a date call me” she says giving me a different number and hangs up.

I put the number in my phone, thinking well for now I got plenty but I may call her later. Julia
comes out with an arm load of bags and plops down next to me smiling. It’s 11 am so we head
towards the food court shopping along the way.

It’s 10 minutes to 12 when we sit down. I bring up the photo on my phone and start looking
for them. Julia looks at the picture and gets a strange look on her face.

“What’s up” I ask.
“I know her I think, she’s in a grade ahead of me. Her names Melissa I think” she says.
“Good then it won’t be so weird for you then” I reply

She just blushes a little and goes back to eating her snack. I spot the them at the pretzel counter
ordering. Their both red heads so easy to spot. I check them out as they sit at a separate table
talking for a minute.

“Ya that’s the girl from my school” Julia says looking at them.
“You interested in eating her little pussy” I ask
“If that’s what you want JJ, I love you” she replies and kisses me

I wait and after about 15 minutes they get up and walk nervously towards our table. They hold hands
as they slowly approach our table and sit down.

“I’m JJ and this is Julia” I say as they sit.
“I’m Rachel and this is Melissa” she replies nervously.

Melissa and Julia start whispering and giggling almost immediately which puts Rachel at ease.
Rachel has a nice body for 33 and 2 kids I find out. She’s divorced 5 years and he never see’s
the girls. Her other daughter(Molly) is 11 but very shy.

“So you haven’t done this before” I ask.
“I only replied to your email because Melissa recognized Julia” she says pausing
“I have picked a few guys up and brought them home for me and the girls” she says.

“So your other daughter plays to” I ask noticing she said girls.
“Not really she just sits and watches, she’s never joined in yet” she tells me

Rachel is more relaxed and places a hand on my leg which lands on my hard cock. With 10 inches
Its hard to miss. She let out a little gasp as she rubs the full length from head to base. A smile
comes across her face.

“So would you like to go somewhere more private and get better acquainted” she asked.
“Sure, where’d you have in mind” I say
“Let’s go to our house, Momma” Melissa chimes in smiling at Julia.

We all agree to meet at 2 and head out. We arrive home and head up to drop the bags in
Julia’s room. Linda has a few friends over already with more to follow I’m sure. They stare
as we head upstairs, Linda follows us to the bedroom closing the door behind her.

“JJ, Please be good” she says her voice trembling.

I look at her and move closer, she is wearing a sun dress now which I raise up past her waist
She leans back against the door and looked away from me. Her cheeks turned bright red
her legs were shaking as I slide her panties down and they hit the floor.

“Please don’t JJ, Julia is in here” She begs.
“Julia come here slut” I say and spread her moms legs as I push her back against the door.
“Kneel and eat your moms pussy” I say

Julia looks up at me from her knees and smiles as her tongue passes between her moms
pussy lips. Linda becomes weak and cries softly as I hold her up against the door. She
doesn’t try and resist and allows her daughter to eat her until she cums with a loud moan.

I step back after her body stops shaking and smile. Julia stands and kisses me as I lick
Linda’s cum from her face. Linda just stands there her head down unable to look either
of us in the eye.

“Ok slut you can go now but don’t forget Saturday you’re my whore” I say causing her
to let out a little sniffle as she nods her head yes.

“Oh and shave that hairy pussy, I like my sluts bald” I say before she makes it out the door.

I head down stairs and sample some of the appetizers laid out for the guests while Julia
packs a bag and changes into her new bikini.

“Hi, I’m Olivia” an older lady says standing next to me.

I turn to look at her she’s late twenties early thirties, long auburn hair and flat chested.
A cup I’m sure. I don’t even hide as I lean back and check her ass out. Looking her up
and down like a piece of meat. She had a nice firm round ass nice muscular legs. I leaned
back forward, her face now flush red from my eye fucking.

“Hi I’m JJ, Julia’s baby daddy” I say with a smirk.
“I know who you are I was here last time” she says in a whisper turning a brighter red.
“So you married, got any daughters” I ask making conversation.

Her breathe is raspy from her obvious shyness as she stutters out.
“Yes, I’m married but no kids”

I write my number on a napkin and fold it then get real close and slide my hand up her skirt
and tuck the napkin inside her wet panties before she even realizes where my hand is and jumps

“Call me, I like older sluts as well” I say smiling as I walk out and meet Julia at the door.

It only a few blocks over so we walk to Rachel’s house. She meets us at the door dressed in a
“Dam for 33 you have a hot body” I say as we head back to the pool.
“Thank you” she says smiling and swaying her ass even more as she walks.

Julia strips down to her bikini and jumps in the pool with Melissa and Molly. Molly has brown hair
with a reddish tent in the sun but no she hasn’t hit puberty yet. No ass, non tits, and no hips. Only
the slightest indication of her little pussy in her bikini bottoms.

I grab my swim trunks out the bag.
“Any place to change” I ask Rachel
“Anywhere you want” she says licking her lips as she stares at my cock bulging in my pants.

There’s a wood privacy fence around the back yard so I pull my shirt off and drop my shorts to
the ground. Rachel lets out a sigh as my cock stands erect for all to she. I hear several giggles
come from the girls in the pool. I stand there for a minute before putting my shorts on and sit
back in the lounger.

“Would you like a drink” Rachel offers after she snaps out her trance.
“Yes, you got Jack and coke or crown and 7” I say.

She smiles and heads into the house. I see Molly looking shyly my way from the pool
and motion her over. She comes over and quietly sits with her head down. I reach over
And rub her leg and she doesn’t move. I reach up an rub her little nipples thru her top.

“Your not shy, your submissive” I say noticing she didn’t hesitate to come over and she
doesn’t blush or show any resistance when I rub her nipples and pinch them.

“Spread your legs Molly” I say.

“I see you made friends with Molly” Rachel says handing me my drink and sits in the lounger
with me.

Molly starts to get up and leave.
“Sit back down and spread your legs, Molly I’m not done with you yet” I say quickly.

Molly looks at her mom who nods her head yes. She sits back down and spreads her legs.
I look over at Rachel and she just smiles as I rub and tease Molly’s nipples.

“She’s not shy as you said Rachel, Little Molly is going to be a submissive” I tell her.

“You think, she always just sits there when we play. I’ve asked her many times if she
wanted to join but she never answers or joins” Rachel says looking at Jenny.

“She’s submissive you have to tell her, watch” I say.

“Molly show us your little pussy” I say.
Molly’s little hand slides down and pulls her bikini bottom to the side and holds it exposing her
her bald slit. I reach over and run a finger thru her lips exposing her little virgin pussy. Her
breathing increases and the first signs of moisture appear on her lips.

Her little pussy is so tight I have her suck my finger to lube it then ease it inside her about 2 inches
before she grunts when I hit her hymen. She never resists as I finger her virgin pussy being careful
not to break her hymen.

“See she just has to be told and she’ll do anything you want” I say looking at Rachel who is staring
at her daughter like she’s a juicy steak licking her lips.

“I take it you’ve never done anything with her” I say.
“No, nothing” Rachel says in a whisper.

“Well then lets go inside and fix that” I suggest

Rachel just nods her head and takes Molly’s hand and leads her inside to the master bed room.

Rachel quickly drops her clothes on the floor and undresses her daughter. Molly stands there quietly
not nervous or scared she wanted this but wanted to be told to do it. Rachel seemed confused by
Molly’s lack of input.

“Rachel she needs you to tell her what to do remember that’s what turns her on. You can’t expect her
to act unless you give her constant verbal feed back. Lay on the bed and spread your legs I will
show you” I tell Rachel

I sit on the bed and look at Molly, a little smile grows on her face as I rub her clit.
“Your going be a good little slut for me, aren’t you Molly” I tell her.
“Yes, sir” she says quietly
“Now get between your moms legs and eat her pussy, If she stops moaning then
I’m going to spank your ass understand” I tell her

“Yes sir” she says and climbs between her moms legs and begins licking her.

“See now you take over tell her, don’t ask, and call her slut” I tell Rachel.

Rachel looks at me for a minute then grab a hand full of Molly’s hair and begins grinding
her face into her pussy hard.
“Suck on momma’s clit you little slut” she yells.
“That’s it slut now finger my pussy whore” she yells a minute later.

I kneel behind Molly and bend over and begin eating her virgin pussy. Its already wet from her
excitement. I lick and tease her clit sticking my tongue inside her pussy and her ass hole. Both
are very tight and she squirms when I do.

“More finger you slut” I hear Rachel yell.

I slide a finger inside Jenny and finger her as I rub her clit with my thumb and lick her asshole.
Her Little body tenses and shakes wildly and she cries out as she cums. I’m sure it was probably
the first time she ever orgasmed like this. Her little body lay shaking for several minutes and
cum leaked from her pussy.

Rachel was caught up in the moment of see her daughter cum and the submissive.
“Lay on your back bitch Momma is going to lick up your cum” she says coldly to the girl
and smacks her ass hard.

When she rolls over and spreads her legs she has a little smile on her face as Rachel eat her
pussy. I move to her head and hold my cock to her lips.

“Suck it slut” I say with a smile.

She opens her little mouth and tries taking my cock in but only gets the head inside. I was ready
to cum already anyhow.

“Keep the head in your mouth and swallow every drop slut or you get a spanking” I say.

She complies sucking and licking my head until I explode in her mouth. She tried swallowing it
all but couldn’t. Rachel came to her rescue pulling my cock from her overflowing mouth and
Sucking the last of the cum out. Then licking the overflow from her daughters face and body.

I sat back against the head board to catch my breathe and Rachel did the same. Molly crawled
up and laid across my lap with her ass up.

“I’m sorry sir I’m ready for my spanking now” she says looking away from us.

I could she her face in the mirror on the dresser and it had a little smile on it as I rubbed her butt
in circle with my hand.

“Yes you was a bad slut” smack “How many does a slut like you deserve” Smack I say.
“I missed” smack “five squirts sir” smack “so you decide” she says grunting as I spank her.

I look in the mirror too make sure she is still enjoying it. Smack her face tenses from the pain
Followed by a little smile.

“Well 5 it is for spilling” smack “and 5 more since mom cleaned up your mess”
Smack I say.

Smack “8” smack “9” smack “and 10” I say.

Her little body shakes and I feel a wet spot on my leg below her pussy.

“Thank you sir” she says after she catches her breathe.

“Spread your legs slut” I say and rub her red ass and tease her wet little pussy.

“I never knew she was like this, How , where did she get it from” Rachel says looking
at me.

“Well now you know what she needs, as far as where and how she became to be this way
I‘m guessing she learned it at home” I say with a laugh.

Rachel thinks quietly for a minute and blushes slightly. I smack little Molly’s butt lightly.
She lets out a little moan.

“Are you going to fuck her, you can take her cherry if you want” Rachel says looking at me

Molly squirms in my lap and moans again hearing her mom offer her virgin pussy to me like
she‘s not there.

“Yes, but not now she’s too tight and small I don’t want to damage our new fuck doll to badly,
spend the week stretching her little pussy and ass with a dildo and next weekend we can pop
her cherry” I reply sliding a finger back inside Molly’s wet little pussy hole.

“Does that sound good to you slut” I say smacking Molly’s butt.
“Yes Sir” she says in a moaning voice as her body tightens and jerks in my laps.

“Looks like our little slut has some fresh cum for you to lick up” I say smiling at Rachel.

Rachel smiles and slides down on her back.
“Get up an squat on my face slut so momma can eat you” she tells her daughter.

Molly gets up and straddles her moms head, pushing her cunt down hard on her mothers mouth.
I slide down and get between Rachel’s legs and slide my cock up and down between her wet
pussy lips. Molly smiles at me and moves without being told. Bending over she takes my cock
In her tiny hand and rubs it up and down her moms pussy several more times.

She stops at her pussy entrance and gives my cock a little tug. I push in slowly as Molly lays
Across her mothers body her head close enough that when I full inside her mother
my groin hit’s the top of her head. She watches as my cock slowly disappears into her
mothers wet pussy.

Rachel wasn’t super tight but her pussy was so wet and hot it felt different but good.
After 8 inches she begin to squirm as I pushed in deeper. After several strokes into
Rachel’s wet pussy I pulled my cock out and Molly sucked it into her mouth.

I replaced it inside her mother and Molly lowered her head and began lick her mom’s
hard clit as I pounded her pussy hard. Rachel was moaning and screaming each time I hit
bottom. Cumming twice before I was ready to come.

I buried my cock into her womb and as my cum spewd out blasting into her womb she came
for a third time. As I pulled out Molly eagerly sucked and licked my cock clean.

“Suck my cum from your momma’s pussy slut” I say bending down to kiss her.

She froze as my lips touched hers and my tongue pressed against her lips forcing its way
between them. I ran my tongue across her teeth and she opened her mouth enough for my
tongue to slip inside and explore her mouth.

Her breathing became rapid and she was moaning into my mouth as we kissed. I smacked
her on the butt hard as I broke our kiss finally.
“Little slut” I say smiling at her.

She smiles and climbs off her mothers face and between her legs and starts sucking my cum
from her pussy. I kiss Rachel.
“I think I’ll go fuck your 14 year old slut now while you two play” I say.
“She’ll like that” Rachel says with a smile.

I head out to the pool but their gone so I head upstairs to the other bedrooms. It wasn’t
hard to figure out which one when I heard Julia moaning and screaming like she was being
fucked hard. As I opened the door I see that’s exactly what was happening.

Melissa has Julia on all fours fucking her with a strap on. It about 12” long and fat so now
I know why mom pussy so well stretched. Melissa just stares and my hard cock licking her

I walk over to the bed.
“You going to look at it or suck it slut” I say.

She looks at me startled by tone for a minute.
“No your going to fuck me first” she says in a commanding voice

She pushes Julia onto her stomach and out her way and removes her strap on before getting on
all fours. “Get over here and fuck me” she demands

I move in behind and rub my cock up her little slit and push the head in. She’s dripping wet so
I slip inside easily but her pussy is tight as I slid in slowly. She looks back and see’s my puzzled
Look. Reaching over she pull a second strap on out with a small 6 inch cock on it.

“I like keeping my pussy tight, this is mine. The other is for my bitches. Now fuck me” she say

I’m only about 2 inches inside her at this point. The light comes on quickly where Molly learned to
be submissive. Melissa is very controlling and demanding with her mom I’m sure. That shit isn’t
Going work on me. I grab her hips and drive my cock into her little womb. Her legs buckle
and wobble from the sudden pain as she screams out. I hold my cock there for several
minutes as her body jerks and her pussy spasms trying to adjust. Then I pull out of her
and grab her hair and spin her around. I slap her across the face.

“Now you little whore I’m not one of your little fuck toys, you’re my fuck toy. When I say
Suck my cock slut you better get on your knees and open your fucking mouth. You
understand bitch” I say and slap her hard again.

A little blood trickles from the corner of her mouth as she says “Yes, Sir”
Her little mouth opens and her tongue is out waiting on my cock.

“Much better slut” I say as I put my cock into her mouth.

I begin face fucking her hard as she gags and gasps for air. Spit drooling down her small breasts
I fuck her mouth relentlessly. As my cock shoots cum down her throat and she squirms for
air my hand holding her head buried on my cock. I know she’s broke but I want to make sure
she’s understands she’s my whore now.

I shove her down on the bed on her belly. Her body still gasping for air, grab the bottle of lube
from the night stand and squirt her ass and my cock. She jumps and squirms knowing what’s
coming as I drive my cock into her tight little ass.

She cries and whimpers into a pillow as I fuck her ass hard. A little too hard maybe as there
Is blood on my cock when I pull it out finally and pull her up by the hair.

“It’s your shit slut now lick it off” I tell her coldly.

Her eyes are puffy and red and her face covered in tears as she sucks my cock clean. She’s
broke now for sure.

“Go Brush your teeth then come back in here” I tell her.

She gets up and goes to the bathroom walking funny. I lay back on the bed and Julia smiles
and kisses me.
“I love you JJ” she says as she slides down and takes my limp cock into her mouth.

She has it hard when Melissa returns.

“Come and get on top” I tell her.

She complies and I put the head inside her tight pussy. I kiss her softly and gently rub her butt.

“Now you can do what you wish with others but never try that again with me” I say looking
her in the eyes.

“Yes, sir” she says with a little smile and pushes back slowly on my cock.

“Oh and shave your little red peach fuzz down there” I says as I suck on her developing breasts.

After I feel her pussy with cum she collapses on my chest. I pick her small body up and walk down
stairs to her mothers room and lay her in bed with Rachel and Molly. Both see the cum dripping
from her pussy and spread her legs wide and take turns licking her.

Rachel notices the traces of blood coming from Melissa’s abused ass and looks at me.
“Attitude adjustment” I say smiling and dress and leave.

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