Now this story takes place not long after I first met Maddy and Jay. If ya don't remember I'll bring ya back up to speed.....
Maddy was a sexy little stoner lookin bitch , shes short with straight dark hair and nice round firm titties, her body was smokin and she knew it so she dressed accordingly... Now Maddy was only nineteen so she loved a party, you would often see her at the local pubs or clubs lettin loose without her boyfriend, that's where I ran into her again after the first night. We were havin a few at the local and I seen her cruising through with another smoking hot bitch, I got her attention and after a few seconds she realized who I was and started talking, she introduced her mate I introduced mine and we talked shit over a few drinks. She told me her boyfriend was stayin home tonight so she was gettin crazy so I invited her and her friend back to a mates party after the pub. She got my number and said she would ring when she was comin over and cruised off, I went to the party bit later and about 12:30 my phone rang and she was askin directions to the place, twenty minutes later she and her friend showed up and I showed them around as I got some drinks.

There was probably 12 guys and 7 girls at the party by now and I only knew a couple of them from here and there , the girls pretty much stuck with us until they got to know a few lads, I gave them both a pill and my mate Rick was rackin up lines of coke that we all hit... I was pretty much all over Maddy so Rick grabbed hold of her friend Kelly and started tryin to get into her. We were all pretty smashed by now and the music was pumpin so Maddy and Kelly were dancing with some other random chicks and they all looked smokin hot. Maddy was wearing these short dress pants with a loose flimsy top that kept showing off her sexy little pink lingerie and Kelly was wearing a short white dress with heels and cause she was a little taller her legs looked fuckin mad. 

I took Maddy into the kitchen to pour drinks and started kissing her as I pushed her back into the bench , she kissed me back hard for a bit and we made out in there for a few minutes before she pulled away and grabbed some fresh drinks, we walked back in to find Kelly and Rick kissing in the hallway waiting for us to come out with the drinks. The four of us cruised back into the party and the girls were gettin loose, dirty dancing all over each other for all the boys to watch it was fuckin sexy, Rick and I cruised inside to the lounge room and sat down on a couch the girls followed us inside and were dancing around in front of us before Kelly jumped on Ricks lap throwing her arms around him, I jumped up and grabbed Maddy by the hand leading her into get more drinks, when we come back out to the lounge room Rick and Kelly were into it on the lounge, Rick was on top of her with his hand up her skirt finger inner puss, as they kissed furiously her skirt pulled up to her waist as she moaned slightly while he tickled her cunt. Maddy and I watched on as Kelly spread her legs for Rick to get more fingers inside her, after a few minutes Rick had slipped her panties off and had one nipple popped out of her dress, Kelly had her hand around his cock as he climbed on top of her and spread her legs ready for her to guide his cock into her waiting cunt, his cock was thick but she was nice and wet so it went in easy. Maddy had now backed up to push against me watching her friend getting fucked in front of us us on the couch, an audience had started to gather from all angles to see this young slut getting fucked, Kelly moaned like a whore as he fucked her little puss, biting his neck and gasping for breathe as he got harder and faster every strok. Maddy was now reaching behind her to grab my cock with one hand as she watched on obviously soaking wet already and wanting her turn. 

I reached down and around her waist into her shorts until I felt the top of her puss, she turned and faced me desperately needing cock she grabbed my hand and led me through a doorway and into a tiny bathroom, shutting the door behind us she ripped my clothes off me while I strip her of hers, she was so small I just threw her around where I wanted her , I picked her up and sat her on the sink as I shoved my cock into her soaking wet pussy, moaning and wimpering as I slowly slammed my cock into her " fuck me baby fuck me " she whispered kissing as she braced her feet off the wall i pumped her puss hard for a few minutes before she told me to stop and sat me down on the toilet, she straddled my lap and started riding me hard taking my whole length deep inside her and letting out a little moan every time. Her body was perfect and she took cock like a professional for the next few minutes until I said I was going to cum to which she stopped and jumped off my lap grabbing my cock and jerking it wildly before leaning down and sucking the knob nice and hard, I could feel I was about to cum and just before I did she wrapped her lips perfectly around the knob sucking me dry and swallowing it all like a starving whore. 

She cleaned up and got dressed and we walked back outside to join the party as we walked into the lounge we seen a crowd gathered around and could her a woman yelling, we got closer and seen Kelly on her hands and knees with some big older bloke behind her smashing his cock into her while Rick holds her head and drives his cock down her throat , she was getting doubled on the floor of the party with about ten people watching and she was loving it. The older bloke smashing her doggy would have been late 30's with a massive cock, long and fat and she was getting it, pulling her head off ricks cock just long enough to let her scream of pleasure out before Rick jammed it back into her mouth. Her new friend behind her was fingering her arse while he smashed her and she couldn't help but erupt in orgasm as she jizzed all over this fat shaft.. Rick pulled out and cum all over her face as she tried to lick it clean but her concentration was mainly on her new friends huge cock. Rick sat back and watched as this guy pulled out and flipped her onto her back, grabbed her ankles and held her full spread apart as she rubbed her clit bracing for this huge cock... 

He pushed it into her and she moaned , harder again and she yelped until after a few strokes she was taking his whole cock inside her and loving every bit of it"yeah you fuckin slut take that cock ya filthy bitch" he said toner as she copped it before after a few more strokes he ripped it out and jerked his load all over her stomach and chest leaving her laying on the floor covered in spunk and completely smashed open. "good girl " he said as he got up and pulled his jeans on the crowd all cheering and clapping , Maddy watching on wishing she could have had that huge cock too but as the crowd settled down she just laid down next to Kelly calling her a dirty little slut as they both laughed. Kelly got dressed and sorted herself out and then we decided to cruise out of there while Kelly can still walk, we got the girls back to my place and I fucked Maddy again before she passed out on my bed , I snuck out to the lounge room and Kelly took turns of sucking us off as the sun came up before we all crashed out. I woke the next day to a naked Maddy in my bed, that body of hers is crazy and she knew how to take cock, I fucked her a couple more times before she showered and went home to her boyfriend. Kelly got dropped home a little later after her and Rick woke up. Not sure if she has a boyfriend but wouldn't surprise me. All in all a mad night with mad sluts... Stay tuned for another installment.....
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