Hey this is a ficttionalized story is pulled from my work experience.
I’m Amy and this is the story of the most amazing summer job a seventeen year old girl could ever have. I landed a job with a large corporation, copying files that were transferred as the result of a merger with an even larger corporation.

I was in a big room with another girl Cindy who was only sixteen. Under brain-cramping florescent lights we worked with two large, high-speed photocopiers. Cindy was really hot, with long straight blonde hair and long sexy legs she loved showing off in short skirts. Once in the washroom she grabbed her tities in front of the mirror and said, “I hate my preteen tities.”

“You are crazy girl,” I said smiling at her in the mirror. “You are one of the hottest girls in the whole building.”

Cindy smiled back and wiggled her tight little ass at me. Cindy was great to work with, very smart and had a great sense of humor. Chatting with her made the day go by quickly. It was difficult to do the job we were hired to do with people running in and out all day, pulling things out of boxes and making a mess that we had to clean up.

I took it upon myself to create a number system for organizing the boxes, and then put the system on a spreadsheet. My good work was noticed by the supervisor. My supervisor, Pam, took more than a passing interest in me and would call me to her office to help her with specific tasks. Cindy, always asked me about the work when I returned to the copy room. She smiled at me with her blue eyes sparking as if she perhaps knew something I didn’t.

The truth was I had a huge crush on Jill. She was confident, intelligent and very attractive, with long natural blonde hair, and amazing body, and the kind of ass that made guys in the office walk into walls. Jill was thirty, and was already respected within the company.

By day, I got her coffee, to her exact specifications and I worked my ass off to try and impress her. I craved her approval and her attention. By night, my feelings for her had me tossing and unable to sleep. I imagined how it would feel to have her hold me in my arms. Finally I would throw off the covers and rip off my thong and t-shirt and touch my pussy, splitting my already damp lips with my trembling fingers imagining how she would feel if I touched her in the same way.

I hoped my mom in the next room was asleep as I slipped one then two fingers deep into my hot wet pussy, imagining it was Jill entering me, sucking and pulling on my nipples. I imagined her eyes looking up at me as she kissed my tight tummy before taking my pussy lips fully into her mouth sucking and nibbling with her teeth. Then as her tongue finds my clit I can take it no more and cum flooding her mouth with my teen cunt juice.

Then one day Jill called me into her office and told me she would like me to assist her on a business trip. I had work a short black skirt that day and a dark blue top that revealed the outline of my firm little tities and the lacy bra that contained them. I could feel Jill’s eyes on my body as she talked about the trip, and asked me to take down a list of boxes from the inventory that we would need to take with us.

I don’t know what came over me, as Jill talked I shifted in my chair, uncrossing my legs and spreading them as wide as I could. I knew from her vantage point behind the desk Jill would have a perfect view of my legs, thighs and the satiny blue thong that was getting wetter by the moment, with the thought of flying to another city with Jill.

“There will be some long, and late meetings on this trip Amy and I will need you to be available at all times, is that understood?”

All I could do is nod, as I leaned forward in the chair so the fabric of the thong pulled tight against my pussy lips. I glanced up to notice that Jill’s eyes were fixed on my pussy and her tongue quickly darted over her soft red lips.

“Be sure to pack business attire and a bikini. If we get our work done there is a pool at the hotel,” Jill said with a soft sensual voice. “That’s all for now Amy.”

I got up and straightened my skirt, then I porously dropped my pen and I turned, bending at the waist offering Jill a close up of my tight teen ass.

By the time I got back to the copy room I was so turned on I could hardly stand it. I started to pull together the file boxes but I was finding it hard to concentrate, with the thought of Jill’s eyes scanning my body, tracing the outline of my cunt slit in my wet thong.

“What’s up with you, Amy?” Cindy was standing right behind me in one of her tight leather skirts and a white transparent blouse that showed off those delightful little tities.

“Uh, I—I’m not feeling well.” I stammered and ran for the bathroom.

My head was pounding with every click my heals made on the concrete hallway, by the time I got to the ladies I was breathing heavily and pushed the door shut behind me , kicking off my heals and leaning on the counter looking at myself in the mirror.

My face was flushed; there was a fine sheen of sweat on my forehead, and that never happened. What was happening to me? I noticed that my nipples were poking straight out of my bra and top, and suddenly I sensed their stiffness, their urgent ache. I cupped them with my hands over the slinky top narrowing my fingertips to the stiff nipples and I pinched them both hard. I threw back my head and groaned and already my hips were swaying finding the rounded corner of the counter and lifting my short skirt I began to scrape my hot young pussy over the pebbly coolness of the stone counter top.

Jill in all her beauty and force flooded into my mind. She wanted me, I knew it and just the thought of her having me sent me into a sexual tale-spin. I looked down an marveled at how amazing it felt to let my pussy find some relief, the cool granite forcing my puffy pussy lips apart under my wet thong so my clit was brushed harshly with each stroke.

I imagined Jill taking me from behind, her firm hands replacing mine on my small breasts, then it happened there were someone else’s hand was on my tities. My body jolted with the sock but a firm arm around waist held me in place.

“Do you know how long I’ve thought of you just like this, beside yourself, and wanting it so bad you could hardly stand it.” Cindy’s sexy voice pierced my ear as her hand on my boob squeezed it hard then finding the long stiff nipple gave it a fierce twist.

“I got the key and locked the washroom, you are all mine Amy!”

Cindy pulled my aching pussy away from the counter and roughly pulled the soaked thong to the side.

“Look you sexy bitch, look how wet your shaved cunt is. You want to rub this beauty off like a mongrel bitch in heat? I don’t think so!”

The hand that was around my waist darted to my pussy and parting my puffy lips Cindy slammed two of her slender fingers deep into my pussy while grinding the soft heal of her palm directly onto my clit. My body jerked back into Cindy’s soft sexy body. She had managed to unbutton my top and release my tities from my bra. Her fingers went wild, nails scratching over my hard nipples and then taking them between her knuckles and pulling on them, as I groaned at the pleasure and the pain.

I looked into the mirror to see Cindy’s fingers plunging in and out of my cunny, faster and harder than I had ever imagined doing to myself. She pulled the glistening fingers out and I moaned as she lifted them to my lips.

“Taste your cunt juice Amy, you must eat it all the time,” I shook my head honestly; I had never thought of tasting my own juices. I opened my mouth and marveled at the tangy, yet subtly sweet nectar from my pussy. I was ravenous for it sucking Cindy’s fingers deep into my mouth.

“I knew you were a cunt slut, the moment I set eyes on you. Now get on the fucking counter and let’s really have some fun.”

I turned and Cindy helped me onto the counter. I drew my feel up and placed them on the cool granite.

In seconds Cindy had her skirt, top and bra off and pressed herself between my legs taking my face in her hands and giving me the most passionate kiss I had ever had in my life. The many boys I had dated really weren’t into necking, they wanted to get to the good stuff, which I was more than willing to oblige them with but I longed for a passionate kiss like the one Cindy gave me.

Her tongue was a snake inside my mouth washing over my teeth, dominating my tongue and then suddenly she sucked my tongue into her mouth and began drawing it in and out in a fucking motion. The sensation was unbelievable.

I reached out and cupped Cindy’s small tities, so soft and firm I loved how they felt in m y hands, and her nipples were longer than I imagined, longer than mine and begged to be pulled and twisted. Cindy groaned at my attentions and her hands attacked my tities with even more fervor, letting her long finger nails bite into the sensitive nipples.

I loved kissing Cindy and playing with her tities, but Cindy had different ideas. She broke off the kiss and devoured my neck letting the flat of her tongue lick up and down its length sending spiky shivers through my whole body. She sucked hard and I worried she would leave a mark. Then in an instant her mouth was on my tities, sucking the bottoms hard then vacuuming a nipple hard into her mouth trapping the sensitive nub on the roof of her tongue then letting her teeth close in on it, nibbling softly then with more intent, which sent my cunt on fire until I could feel its juice dripping down my thighs and into my ass cheeks.

Just when I thought I couldn’t take anymore Cindy’s mouth was on my navel sucking and flicking as if it was the centre of my pleasure. She looked up at me and smiled, “Are you ready Amy, do you really wanna get off?

Cindy spread her legs to reveal the hottest, cutest pussy I have ever seen.

“Oh fuck, yes, yes , yes!” I cried my voice reverberating through the bathroom.

See how wet you have made me , you hot little bitch. I’m going to have to rub my cunt off while I lick your pussy all the way to heaven!”

Cindy kissed one thigh slowly, then the other. I tilted my pelvis in a desperate bid for her to take me to eat my cunt. As her own fingers began to grind and pull on her own clit she pushed three of her slender girl fingers deep into her own cunt.

Amy let out a sinister giggle, and in an instant her tongue was planted deep inside my wet pussy. Flicking and twisting as it had done in my mouth, only this time the sensations were unbelievable. She looked up at me those smoldering blue eyes were fixed on mine as she drew two sharp fingernails over my clit. I groaned and humped at her face involuntarily.

Cindy groaned into my cunt as her tongue began japing in and out of me flicking at my sensitive cunt walls. My slick little clit was now trapped between two of Cindy’s graceful fingers and she began sliding her fingers back and forth my clit feeling the full pressure of her fingers being pushed and pulled in rapid succession. I had never felt anything like it It was as if Cindy was slitting me open with her tongue and fingers and pulling my cunt out of my body, sending me into a fit of ecstasy.

“Oh fuck so good, you hot little bitch you are going to make me cum so fucking good !” I screamed at Amy, as my whole body began to shake. I pulled wildly on my nipples but nothing could match the intensity I felt in my cunt and on my imprisoned clit. I could feel sweat break out on every inch of my skin as I felt a roiling file begin somewhere below my abdomen and as if fueled by gasoline flashed to every region of my young body.

“Oh fuck Cindy, so beautiful!” I screamed as I began to shake uncontrollably and my ass lifted from the counter slapping into Cindy’s face and I came…or should I say erupted, cum squirting form my pussy like a fucking hose under great pr3easure. I felt like I was losing my mind, this was like nothing I had ever felt. shook and trembled then I ejaculated again, and Cindy was there her open mouth poised to take the full force of the cum blast, and then as Cindy continued to rub my quaking clit another ejaculation hit my new lover full on the face and she smiled up at me.

Pushed myself back against the mirror my whole continued to tremble with intense pleasure. Cindy was there; she had climbed onto the counter over my body and her she was slamming three fingers in her pussy while jerking three fingers back and forth over her clit.

Get ready to take it, you fucking cunt, I am going to cum all over your pretty little face!”

Cindy’s whole body began to shiver as I leaned forward amazed by the speed of her hands on her cunt. Then in an instant it was raining cum. Cindy grabbed my hand and slammed m face against her convulsing cunt and I took the second ejaculation of cum right in the mouth until it was too full to swallow. I tried to pull away but Cindy was grinding her cunt against my face as she came again.

Then suddenly Cindy’s her lips on mine, I open my mouth and spit a stream of her warm creamy cum into her mouth. Cindy groaned and felt her cunt jump against my thigh as we both swallowed her teen cum . Cindy licked her cum from my face and lips telling me that I turned her on like no one she had ever met.

I was still shaky and spent as I pulled myself together, admiring Cindy’s body, and feeling slightly cheated guilty because in my heart I knew it was Jill I wanted, and I wanted her more than life itself.

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2013-03-27 02:12:17
It went from first person to third person.. than back again

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2013-03-27 02:11:57
It went from first person to third person.. than back again

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2013-02-27 12:44:01
She's lovely in this set but there are 2 newer MET Art sets that are even bteter. Today's release is another outside one and her previous one, indoors going from a bikini to full nude, is simple but incredibly sexy.Aspen needs to capitalise on the buzz these sets are causing as quickly as possible. She's now No.22 in MET's top models after less than 2 months and only 3 sets.

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2012-10-10 00:43:25
man amy do you want to try it on a guy

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2012-09-24 08:08:43
Names were all over the place and I don't believe that 16-year-old Cindy, even if she is a domme, would use the phrase "mongrel bitch". But still very hot.

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