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In this episode, Laura explores the depths of her newly discovered sapphic itch when Sherry invite her to have a threesome with her and her boyfriend Larry for his birthday...
Laura, a.k.a. The Little Nympho..

Chapter 9

( Sherry and Larry )

The next day I was sitting at home at about 10am when Sherry called. She said she'd be over to pick me up at about noon. Then we talked about what we were going to wear. She was gonna wear a light sundress and I thought I might wear one of my mini-skirts and a tank top since it was gonna be hot out, again.

At right around noon Sherry pulled up in a green Plymouth duster two door hard top that Larry had just bought her for her 16th birthday. Unbeknownst to me, she was so excited about getting her vary own car and a real good one to boot, that she said she would agree to a threesome with her Larry and another girl sometime.

I jumped in and we took off. 'Man, your looking so hot in that get up." Sherry spoke up. 'Looking good enough to eat." She giggled a little. Patting me on my bare left knee. We were riding around more then going anywhere.

'What do you think of Larry." Sherry asked. 'He's a good lookin teddy bear." I responded. Sherry giggled. 'Teddy bear? Can't wait to tell him that." I smiled back at her. 'He's hung like a fuckin donkey." Now I cracked up and giggled. 'Really?" I asked. 'Ya, but he's kind dumb about sex." Sherry added.

In what kinda way?" I asked. 'Well, for one thing he's not real good at lickin pussy." She confessed. I just looked at her and widened my eyes. 'Ya, he needs someone the show him how and I don't even know how to do that." 'Baby, all you gotta do is to tell him what makes you feel real good and where to put his tongue."

'And, He's kinda weird about how I give blow-jobs too. I mean I don't think I'm doin it right and he just gets frustrated and don't know how to tell me what to do." She went on. 'Sounds like what you need is an experienced friend to give you guys an education." I said.

Good thing we were at a stop sign any way, cause she slammed on the breaks nearly bumping my head on the dash board. 'That's it." she shrieked. 'We need a tutor." She giggled.

We were rolling through the park when she pulled next to one of the pissers. 'I gotta pee, would you do it?" She asked, and jumped out real quick and ran into the restroom. I just sat there and thought to my self 'Do what?'.

I got out and walked into the restroom slowly. Sherry was sitting there pissing like a cow. She smiled up at me when I swung the door open and I asked. 'Do what, Sherry?" 'Show us how to do it right. or better, or. Her sweet whispery voice trailed off.

She wiped her wet little twat and slowly pulled her panties up looking me in the eye as she did. The sight of her dark hair covered beaver. Made my own twat tingle a little as I looked up into her smiling eyes.

She continued. 'You liked doin it with me didn't you?' 'Sure I did." I answered. 'Well, you think Larry's a hunk don't Ya?" 'Well Ya, I did, but." I stammered. 'But what?" she stepped up to me and took my hand and looked me in the eye.

'How are you going to feel about me doing your boyfriend right in front of you and how is he gonna feel about me doing you in front of him?"

'She reached up and gave me a real sweet kiss right on the lips and whispered. 'I'm gonna love it. But he doesn't know that I like pussy too. And I think this might be the safest way to clue him in."

His birthday is in a couple of day's and I can't think of a better present then a three-way with another girl." She kissed me again only harder and slipped in a little tongue. 'Are you sure baby girl? This could back fire on you." She kissed me again and this time she ran her hand up my leg and up under my skirt. And right up into my sopping wet panty covered pussy.

When she felt how wet I was she grinned. 'Your pussy seems to be real interested in this idea." 'Ya, but that thing's got a mind of it's own." We both giggled. She kissed me on the lips and put one hand behind my head and her right hand sunk two fingers under my panties and up into my smoldering sopping pussy.

She began to run her fingers back and forth finger fucking me with a rapid staccato, slapping my swollen clit a little with the palm of her hand. I leaned back against the sink and let her finger fuck my poor wanton pussy through a breathless, trembling, body quaking, toe curling, juice gushing orgasm.

Squealing in an orgasmic shudder, I grabbed her hand and held it still. 'Uncle, you little perv. I'll do it." I panted real heavy. But just remember." Still panting. 'Remember what.?" She kissed my trembling cheek. 'Payback is a bitch."

Sherry grinned and said. 'I promise I will see to it the you have a really, really, good time." 'That's not quite what I had in mind sweetie." I whispered. 'What did you have in mind Laura?" Sherry asked.

'Well, if I do this for you, then you gotta do a little three-way with me and Keith. Fair is fair." Her eyes went wide and her smile went bigger and she giggled. 'Shit is that all, I'd love a chance to fuck that cutie at leased one good time. You gotta deal."

She kissed me on the lips again. I kissed her back. Then I ran my hand up her leg, up under her sundress to the crotch of her juice soaked panties and rubbed her hot little pussy real good. She stepped back and said let's get the fuck back to my place and let this simmer for awhile.

We could have gotten a speeding ticket when we drove back to her and Garry's place. I was sooo wet and sooo throbby when we walked in that I went strait to the couch and Sherry followed me. She looked at the clock it was 2pm and Larry wouldn't be home till after 4 she smiled at me and whispered, 'We can entertain ourselves till he gets home. Couldn't we?" She batted her beautiful big brown eyes at me.

She being about 4 inches shorter then me I took her face gently in my hands and kissed her lightly on the lips as she ran her hands up my torso and across my tube top covered titties. I reached behind her and began to unbutton her sundress.

I pulled her dress down at about the same time she pulled my tube top down exposing my swollen rock hard nipples to the air conditioned air of the tiny apartment there were living in.

Her dress dropped to the floor. And she stepped out of it standing in just her pastel blue French cut panties. She unzipped the zipper on the front of my denim skirt and it dropped to the floor our lips were looked and out tongues were dueling as the cloths hit the floor.

I was left with just my white French cut panties and she in hers as we hugged close and began to lick and nibble an each others neck and ear loabs. She broke the kissing and took me by the hand and led me to the bedroom.

We stopped at the bed and I took her into my arms and kissed her good and deep. Then I pushed her back onto the bed falling on top of her. I kissed her again and began to lightly trace my finger tips up her legs grazing over her pubic mound to her swollen 32bs and her hard protruding nipples.

Keeping our lips locked, I traced my finger tips back down till my hand was hovering over her dark pubic hair and lightly running though her wispy curly pubic patch. I broke the kiss and moved down to her neck and whispered. 'Paybacks a bitch."

I took her hand and raised it up over her head and then I grabbed the other on and put that one over her head and held them with my left hand. I continued to torment her by lightly grazing my finger tips up and down her quivering and flailing thighs.

She began to wiggle and wreath as my fingers tickled and tormented her, building her sexual excitement to a height I don't think she's ever felt before. I decided to let her idle for a while and got up to look for something to tie her down with. I found a couple of terry cloth robe belts and brought them back.

She looked at me and smiled knowing she was in for some real good orgasms. I tied her hands to the head board and her legs to each post on the foot board. She looked real sexy and real vulnerable like that. Then I left the room and got a clean bath towel. I placed that over her head and tucked it under her up stretched arms so she couldn't see what I was doing.

When I had her hog tied, I sat back on my heels and looked at her. She was wiggling, squirming, and protesting. I looked around the room and found a turkey feather in a vase on the dresser.

I began at her neck and tickled the feather across her goose bumped skin, till she was squirming real good and straining hard on her restraints.

As I tickled her, I noticed that her clit was getting bigger and standing tall, nearly a half inch above her swollen pussy lips. She was so wet that she was making a sizeable wet spot under her squirming little ass.

I continued to tickle her thighs with the feather but lowered my head and began to suck and lick on her rock hard nipples. She was gasping and huffing as her little half Mexican body got hornier and hornier.

'You like being tied down don't you, you little perv." 'Yeeesssss she hissed thrusting her ass up and down in a futile attempt at some kind of relief. 'You love being teased and tickled, don't you?"

'Oooohh Yeeesssss." She gasped as I lightly began to lick my way lower down her taught flat belly. I dropped the feather, and traced my tongue lightly across her belly button and on across her pubic hair getting closer and closer to her sopping wet honey pot.

I ran my hand lightly up her quivering thigh and across her extended rock hard clitoris. She let out a squeal and thrust her shuddering ass up off the bed trying to grind her pussy into my hand.

What do you want Sherry?" I whispered. 'Mmmaaakee Meeee Cummmmm, damn it." She cried out. As she squirmed and shivered. Hotter and hornier then she's ever been with a guy. 'Are you sure you want me to make you cumm. Sherry?" I asked softly. 'Yesssss, make meeee cuummm." She panted. 'Are you absolutely sure you want me to make you cumm, sweetie?"

I softly asked again biting gently on her swollen distended left nipple. 'Oh hell yes, make me cumm damn it." She hissed. 'Say please, Sherry." I grinned at how excited I had made this little girl. 'Laura, come on pleeessse make me cumm damn you." 'Be nice." I countered.

I got up between her out stretched legs and leaned over her smoldering teenage pussy. I began licking lightly around her pussy being careful not to touch her straining clit just yet. 'Say pretty please." I giggled teasingly. 'Laura, Pretty Please you little nympho." She gasped straining on the restraints.

I began to run a finger tip up and down through the lips of her gushing pussy. The juice was flowing freely down the crack of her ass and puddling on the sheet under her ass. I glanced at the clock on the dresser and it was 3:30 already. I'd been teasing the shit out of this little hottie for a good hour now.

I lowered my head and snaked out my tongue and gave her swollen clitoris a good flick. She jumped, squirmed and thrust her pelvis up off the bed all at the same time, and I mashed my face down onto her sopping wet pussy and began to eat her out like a dehydrated big dog.

Poor Sherry went ape shit, squirming hard and bucking her quivering ass up and down, cumming, and cumming, and cumming. Over and over. And over.

'OOOoooohhhh, Gggooooddddd, Daaammnnn." she cried out as she heaved, and bucked, and quivered. I pulled the towel off her face and she had her eyes shut tight. Her face was in a tight grimace, as wave, after wave, after wave, of teeth gritting, whole body quivering orgasm thundered throughout her slight frame.

She came so hard and so much that my face as well as about two square feet of bed sheet was soaked with all the pussy juice she squirted as she was cumming.

For the next minute and a half the little hottie trembled and quivered over, and over, and over, as she lay there panting hard and smiling real big.

'You bitch." She giggled. I giggled, 'Did you like that sweetie?" I asked lightly massaging her ample titties. She slowly rose up on her elbows and looked down her breathless body at me as I was untying her feet. As soon as I had her untied, she pushed me back and fell on top of me.

'I ought to tie you down but we don't have much time left." With that she spread my legs and dove on my sopping wet pussy licking and sucking me good and proper and in no time she had me bucking my ass off the bed cumming and cumming and cumming.

At about 4pm we got up and took a quick shower together and washed ourselves through another good toe curling orgasm apiece.

When Larry walked in the door and came into the bedroom he found Sherry and me laying back on the bed in just our panties. When Sherry saw him she yelled, 'Surprise baby, happy birthday." She jumped up and into his arms wrapping her legs around his waist.

He looked past her and right into my eyes and smiled. 'What the hell is going on in here Sherry?" 'It's your birthday present baby." She explained. 'Your lucky ass gets to fuck the shit out of both of us till we can't fuck anymore."

Larry just grinned as Sherry began to unbuckle his belt and he started singing to himself. 'Happy birthday, to me. Happy birthday, toooooo meeee." His voice went up an octave as Sherry wrapped her lips around his 9 inch cock.

I got out of bed and kissed him hard on the lips as I pulled his t-shirt up over his head. As I kissed him, he reached up and pinched one of my nipples. I then sank down to where Sherry was and we began taking turns sucking her boyfriends massive now ragging hard-on.

I took a good look at it and gave Sherry a wet tongue kiss and whispered we are gonna have some fun with this thing. 'There's another reason she's here baby." Sherry said looking up at him. 'Ya, like 'Well she's well, here to teach me how to suck on your dick and to show you some real neat pussy licking techniques."

'Something wrong with the way I lick a pussy?" he asked. 'No not really, I just thought you might like learning something new." She stood up and kissed him hard on the lips and said. I love you and I want you to have a real happy birthday. That's all."

I got up and took him by the hand and sat him down on the bed. I pushed him back and laid down beside him I motioned sherry to do the same on the other side.

'Do what I do." I whispered, pushing Larry back till he was laying on his back with his hands behind his head.

I began to lightly stoke his thighs and asked Larry. 'Have you ever been tied to the bed before." 'Hell no." I like being in charge." 'Ooohh." I teased and asked. 'Wanna try it? I promise we will be real good to you." I winked at Sherry. He moved around on the bed till he was laying in the middle.

I took his hands and tied them to the head board and Sherry tied his feet in the same way I did to her earlier. 'Now that’s better." I said, as I covered his face with the towel. His cock was rock hard and twitching as the blood pulsed through it. 'Show me how you been sucking his dick." I said looking at Sherry's grinning face.

I lightly stroked his chest and nipples as I watched Sherry lower her head and begin to lightly lick around on her lovers ragging boner. Larry was wiggling and squirming, pulling hard on the restraints as Sherry wrapped her lips around the boy's cock.

From what I could see she was doing real good at Wang suckin. She sucked and licked till he was about to bust a nut and I made her stop and let him idle for awhile. 'You've got all night sweetie, you don't wanna make him cumm to quick or he'll roll over and go to sleep and leave you horny as hell."

She smiled at me and sat up on her heels and just looked at her panting squirming boyfriend. She looked at me and whispered in my ear. 'Wanna fuck him?" 'Sure do." I whispered back. I moved up and straddled the boy cow-girl and Sherry grabbed Larry's cock and aimed it at my hot wet pussy.

When she had the head in, I slowly lowered myself down till he was in decent. Sherry kissed me deep and I saw her eyes get misty, I reached over and whispered. 'You sure your O.K. with this, baby girl."

'Ya, I'm just being a little silly. Please, go on and make him feel great." I put my right hand behind her head and kissed her deep and whispered. 'It's just fuckin sweetie, I have no intention of taking him away from you." 'I know Laura, it's just gonna take me a minute or two to get used to it." She lamented.

'Well it might help if you climb up there and mash your hot little pussy on his face and demand that he eat the shit out of you." I replied. She grinned and moved to straddle Larry's face and began to grind her pussy on his sucking and licking mouth. In no time, Sherry was getting into the whole thing and starting to enjoy it.

I began to ride the pony and rapid fuckin the guy till I felt his dick start to swell up and stopped cold, letting him idle again. Sherry had turned around so we could tongue kiss while Larry was eating her and I was riding him. She played with my titties and I played with her titties.

Larry started to complain about his restraints so Sherry and I let him loose. He rolled Sherry onto her back and started to fuck her and I stopped him and said he couldn't fuck her till he made her cumm real good and hard with his tongue.

Sherry spread her legs wide and put her hands behind her head and smiled real big. Her pussy was wide open and her over sized clit was standing tall and proud between her pussy lips. Hell I wanted to lick on it, she looked so fuckin hot.

Larry got up in between her wide spread legs and lowered his tongue to her distended clitoris. He began to lightly flick it back and forth like a tiny speed bag. Sherry clamped her legs around his head and squealed in delight as she began to shiver and quiver with each and every stroke of his tongue.

In about two minutes Sherry began to heave her ass off the bed and cumm hard on Larry's oral assault. She let out a long loud moan and grabbed his head grinding her pussy up into his slurping mouth as she came, and came, and came. Shivering hard and quaking though each toe curling wave of the tongue induced orgasm that exploded though out her body.

She lay there breathing heavy and shivering over, and over, and over, as the orgasm subsided. 'Now, you can fuck her." I said, pushing him over onto his back again. Sherry got up and mounted the boy cow-girl and I straddled his face and we began again.

Sherry was riding at a leisurely pace and Larry was licking the shit out of my pussy making me cumm, and cumm, and cumm. As he was licking, I was French kissing his girlfriend while she was rocking back and forth on his massive cock.

After I had cum a half dozen times I had to get off and rest awhile. Naked, I walked into the bathroom and sat down on the pisser. When I walked back in, Larry had Sherry on her hands and knees and was pounding her little pussy dog-style.

As soon as Larry saw me he got an idea he wanted to try. He had me lay on my back with my ass on the edge of the bed since Sherry was smaller so she was to straddle me facing him and lay back across my chest so that he had two cunts to fuck at the same time.

We got into position and Sherry laid back Larry rammed his dick in me for a few strokes. Then he pulled out and shoved it into Sherry's pussy for a few strokes, and then back to me again. Then he got a real brain storm. He began to alternate one stroke apiece, first one pussy then the other.

He'd give me a stroke and pull out then he'd give Sherry a deep long stroke and pull out and give it to me again. He did this for a minute or two and announced the he was about to cumm. Sherry and I turned around on the bed and he began to face fuck us alternating form Sherry to me and the back again.

He began the shudder and groan out loud as his cock began to erupt like a cumm volcano. He exploded wad, after wad, after wad, after wad. Again, and again, and again, he just kept squirting cumm all over our faces.

Sherry caught a mouth full and I got nearly a mouth full and the rest went all over the place. When he was done Sherry and I had cumm all over our faces.

And after about 2 hours of solid fucking in every position we could think of, Larry collapsed on the bed on his back and just quivered still twitching from his second and the best orgasm he'd had that night. Sherry grabbed the towel and wiped the cumm off me and I wipe the cumm off her. Then we laid down next to Larry and still buck naked, we all dozed off Sherry cuddling Larry on one side and me cuddling on the other.

When I woke up the sun was coming up and Larry and Sherry were sleeping in each others arms I smiled at them and went to the bathroom to take a quick shower. After about two hours we were all up and hugging and kissing each other as we got dressed.

Sherry thanked me and gave me a real big kiss and Larry gave me a real snug bear hug and thanked me for his birthday present 'I doubt I'll ever forget this one." he smiled as he patted me on my ass. In another hour they were dropping off at my house and I smiled and waved as they drove off. Grinning to myself when I walked into the house to have some breakfast, I was starving…
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