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I have a problem that I'm not sure how to deal with..... One of my good mates wives and I have become very close and she is now using me as a vent for her sexual problems and it's causing a lot of sexual tension which has already resulted in things happening that shouldn't. 

It first begun one night when chatting on Facebook with Anna about her hubby's new week on week off rosters at work, normally the chat was pretty tame but for some reason this night she went right into her needs and how its hard on ya sex life , she went on to say she just about has to pin him down and fuck him at the airport after the week was up and how she had been needing more and more attention the older she got and I told her that it's common for women to want more as they get older and want to try new things, and as for the week without hubby i said she would just have to improvise, as a way of saying I'm available without saying it. 

Now from that night on I knew I had crossed a line already but fuck it .... Anna is 26 bout 5"5 with a nice curvy figure, nice round little bum, big bouncy tits and a cute face... She looked innocent but I knew she was a dirty girl inside and I had a feeling I was going to see it. Now almost every night her hubby Dave was away I spoke to her online and sometimes when he was home I would get a chat in. So she pops up about 10 o'clock one Wednesday night like usual and we get the general chit chat out of the way before she tells me she's bought some new outfits and toys to keep her amused, she goes on to describe the outfits and different toys in detail and tells me she's been gettin right off on dressing up and smashing herself in front of the porn on the computer, she says it feels like she's doin it in front of a crowd which is one of her biggest fantasies. I am struggling to type sitting here picturing her dressed all slutty smashing a dildo into her puss with some filthy porn playing and I have to find out more.

"What porn are u watching while doing this "I ask, "the ones where the husband watches a stranger fuck his wife, I love that dirty shit" she replies. "I'm so naughty but I can't help it" she says "Do you want to see the outfit I have on right now?" she asks already knowing the answer of course "yeah show me babe" I reply " ok I'll take a pic and send it to your phone" and a few minutes later my phone beeps, I open it to see Anna leaning back into the chair legs pointed out in front on the desk , black stockings , garter belt with black panties and black bra covered by a lacy see through top. She's looking like a horny slut and I'm now dying to fuck her. "Don't you dare tell anyone I sent you that or your dead" she wrote as I ogled the picture "Don't worry it's our secret I promise" I replied " fuck you look good" I told her "fuck I feel good" she responded. I couldn't believe my mates wife was sending pictures of her in sexy lingerie before she fucks herself silly over porn.. I should have stopped but I couldn't .

After this went on over the following week or so she got more and more explicit and started sending me pics of her fingering her puss and pushing a little dildo inside her, my chat got dirtier and dirtier as well until I think we both had enough and needed to release it. You should stop in for a visit tomorrow night , late..... She text me , ok how late ? I replied after 11 at the earliest, ok see you then... And it was organized , I was going to fuck my mates wife tomorrow night and nothing was stopping me, I was so excited when I should have felt bad but she was gonna go crazy so I couldn't think of anything else. The day went pretty quickly and soon it was getting late into the night, I lived about half an hour away so I left about 10:30 and just drove slow to there place. When I arrived the lights down the side were on and she met me at the back door " we gotta be careful we don't wake the kids" she told me " yeah no worries" I replied we headed down the back of the house to the master bedroom where she told me to sit on the bed, we chit chat for a minute before she sat next to me, without hesitating I leaned in and kissed her and she kissed me back, it erupted furiously , all the tension all the build up, then she pulled away and said she had to get changed, I watched her slip out of her clothes and into an outfit similiar to the one I described earlier, my cock was raging hard by now and she looked like a dirty slut ready to be fucked. She crawled across the bed to me and we met in a fury of passion.

Within a minute I was naked and her hand wrapped firm around my cock, kissing and rolling around on the bed I slowly ripped her outfit off her. She slid down to find my cock with her lips and slowly swallowed the knob and the shaft, pushing in as much as she could without gagging and then trying again, she spat all over it then sucked some more her eyes watering from trying to force it down her throat, I couldn't believe this sexy married bitch was sucking my cock on there bed , it was so hot although so wrong, I grabbed hold of her head and forced more and more cock not her mouth, she tried pulling away but couldn't and started gagging until I pulled it out of her mouth and let her breath. "can u fuck me now " she begged to which I grabbed her and dragged her up to me rolling her on her back, heels and stockings still on but knickers and bra torn off her she looked like a filthy slut laying under me, I gentle positioned my cock at her wet cunt lips and eased it inside her, she moaned and groaned like a whore as I pushed into her over and over again " You filthy slut " I called her as I pinned her to the bed " yes more baby more " she whispered wrapping her legs around me and taking all I have from under me. After a few minutes of pounding her under me I could feel it was about to make me cum so I lifted up and pulled out in front of her cock in hand I said " put it in your mouth " "I'm gonna cum" she grabbed my cock and positioned her head under neath me she jerked me off furiously towards her face " cum all over me ! I want it !" she begged I grabbed a fist full of her hair as I unloaded my wad of thick cum all over her pretty face and into her mouth. She licked it clean like a professional before letting me drop to the bed in satisfaction, she quickly rolled over next to cuddling up in an exhausted state as we caught our breathes. 

"fuck that was good " she moaned " fuckin oath " I replied " you naughty girl" she smiled as I called her that and looking at the state of her she had been very naughty. I sat up to try and find my clothes and clean myself up before she handed me my pants and shirt so I could dress. She just lay next to me still stripped half raped looking on the bed, looking fucking sexy I might say and once I dressed I sat back down on the side of the bed next to her " you have a great cock" she told me " thanks babe" I replied  as she squirmed over closer . We sat there talking for a bit before I suggested I better leave and stood up, she stopped me and crawled off the bed and around in front of me, her nipples still hard and her cunt still wet she said " put it in my mouth again before you leave " she begged as she reach up and unzipped me again grabbing my cock free from my pants , with her looking how she did and my cock in her hand it was hard again straight away and she looked up at me as she put it in her mouth " suck that cock you slut" I told her and she pulled it from her mouth " fuck yeah baby, talk dirty , treat me like a slut please " she said before jamming it back in her mouth, with that order I got a bit rougher and grabbed a firm fist of her hair and started jamming her face onto my cock until she was gagging and tears were streaming down her face " take it all you filthy slut " I yelled at her as she looked up at me helpless " fuck u slut u better take that cock " I told her and she gagged harder and harder her hand disappeared between her legs and she was rubbing her clit furiously as I treated her like a filthy whore, she was loving it and I wanted to shoot another load all over her face, she started twitching and shaking and her hand was getting more furious as she approached orgasm... My cock solid in her mouth she ripped back in a jolt pulling me free from her mouth and groaned hard as she cum all over her hand her cunt juices flowing with the the thought of being a dirty slut, I jerked another load all over her as she lay on the ground in front of me shaking with satisfaction. "thank you baby" she said under her voice as I tucked my cock away " I better go now " I leaned down and said "ok, talk soon " she said as I walked out of the room and towards the door feeling completely satisfied of leaving her in a mess on the floor, I knew she would be trouble but fuck it was worth it ..... 

When we spoke next she told me she had never cum like that before and never felt like such a dirty slut, she was hooked and already planning our next meeting and it wasn't long until I was sneaking in again but you"ll have to stay tuned for the next installment 

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2012-10-02 18:50:45
Oh my dear MM, my heart goes out to you! A devasting sitiutaon to see one who has given so much and be left with nothing and no one to care about them in the end. It's sad how we treat our elders especially the ones we refer to as our loved ones. Asides from the language barrier, would there be any other cons for her if you brought her to London to be closer to you? I am sure it wouldn't be that pleasant at this stage for her to be around people that she couldn't understand but would it be better to be someplace where you could understand and just not have anyone who cared to share more than a few words with you? Not being in that sitiutaon, I am not sure what I would do in the end but I think if I could make it work, I would seriously think about bringing her closer to you. You know where to reach me if you need to talk', I am only an email away. I hope your heart finds a little peace this weekend.xoxo

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2012-09-24 01:53:00
Loved it......Facebook only gets people caught

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