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Desperation=hooker hunting
Grew up in a small town. In high school I was on the football team, had friends, was a bigger guy, but not obese. i was naturally shy when it came to women so I was a virgin all through HS.Fall 2005 I move to a mid-size town for college. Still naturally shy when it came to women. All of freshman year I remained a virgin. Lame, I known. What kind of guy can't get laid in college.

One night sophomore yr I decided it was time to lose the V-Card, and I decided it the only guaranteed way was with a hooker. Just riding around with friends nights before I kind of had an idea of where there may be hookers. I ride around town looking for hookers. My idea of what I would find was based off Pretty woman and HBO specials, women walking around half naked. After 2 nights of no luck i do some research and find out that's not how it is. After research I had a good idea of where to look, and I was right. I discovered this website that gives you tips for those who are into and beginning in the world of chasing hookers.Night 1. I drive to the area and Im nervous as hell. I see a woman walking, I stop, roll the window down and she asked "if i could lend her $2". I ask her how bad she wants it. she told me to fuck off. No luck that night.

Night 2. I ride back out to that area and there's at least 5 hookers out walking. My dick gets rock hard. I'm finally going to get to see what pussy feels like. I pick up this dirty blonde. She ask what i want, I say pussy. She tells me that she just had a baby and she can only give head. I pass. At this time I had no clue how fucked up the lives of these girls are. She tells me that she's great at head and is basically begging me. I drop her off and as i'm doing it i see 2 cops ride by. I get scared as hell. All i could think about that is the undercover stings I saw on the tv show cops and I call it a night and take it back to my apartment. I'm disappointed, but I know now where they are.

Night 3. I ride back out to the area and it's a ghost town. I would learn later that this happens. Some nights they are everywhere, some night they are no where to be found. I ride around for about an hour(gas was cheaper back then). At this point, even though I haven't had any luck I'm loving the thrill of the hunt. I finally see one but she's walking with a dude, which is a no-no, so I give up.

Night 4. was pretty much like night 3. No luck. I saw a couple, but I was always too late. Some other guy was picking them up. I ride around figuring that they would be dropped of sometime soon. Didn't happen. Ghost town once again. I didn't think it would be this hard. But i never gave up. I knew sooner or later I would get lucky. I get back and my roommates are starting to get curious where i'm going every night. At this point all I could think about is night time coming and hitting the stroll.

Night 5. IT HAPPENS I ride out to that area and they are everywhere. I had a feeling this would be my night. I circle around a few time just to scout the area. Since there were so many I wanted to make sure is wasn't a police sting. I roll up and stop to one girl and its the one who just had a baby. No go. I realize i hadn't went to the ATM or bought condoms. The police had just rode through the stroll so it was the perfect time to do both. I get back to stroll and I see this blonde in short shorts walking back and forth. I slow down as i pass her so she knows i'm interested and pull into this parking lot. As she's walking up I notice she has like a twitch. I almost pull off,but I'm horny as hell and was not going to let some twitching interfere.

She's not the best looking woman, but her body is decent. I could tell that she was a drug addict(at that time i wasn't aware most were). I asked if she needed a ride, she hopped in.I'm nervous and excited at the same time. She asked if i was a cop. I said no. I asked her the same,she pulled her shirt up said no, told me to grab her tits, and she grabbed my dick. She asked what i want, i said pussy. She said $20. I thought she would have a room but she didn't. We go to this back road,she gets out and hops on my trunk missionary style and spreads eagle. I'm thinking is she serious? Even though it's 12 midnight a car could come at any time. I start fucking her and her pussy is wet as hell.Yes, I had on a condom but that's just how wet it was. She's moaning all loud, and I tell he she doesn't have to fake it. She replies you can't fake a wet pussy. I fuck until I come and drop her back off. Mission accomplished. It's the best pussy I've had in my life. Sounds crazy and lame that the best pussy I've ever had is from a crack addicted hooker, but it's true. i happen to pick her up again a few months later and the pussy was still wet as hell.

And that is how I got introduced to the world of street hookers. i can pretty much spot any area where there is action now. I've been hooked ever since. I've probably picked up 50-70 hookers since then. It's something about the thrill of the hunt and the fact that it's taboo.

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2013-03-11 16:25:15
thats how it really is..we all have been there man..

anonymous readerReport

2012-09-27 12:00:57
Dude, I've never wrote a story before. I could understand if it was fiction, but its not. Just telling my experience, not trying to be some great literary mind.


2012-09-26 21:43:49
Good buildup but the deion of the actual sex was way too brief and rushed. If it really was the best pussy you've had in your life, then you ought to be able to describe it more in depth.

Also, I couldn't see how the interracial theme fits in here.

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2012-09-24 16:33:40
$20 Hooker !..wish I could find one at that price now...they are 100/150 in Australia just for a quickie in the back seat ! ..


2012-09-24 00:06:04
Very nice. I never picked up a hooker (although i am a woman) but i can understand it must be thrilling and exciting. :) Great story.

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