Chapter Four: Give and Take

It had taken one week for Erin Catherine Morrison’s life to take a nosedive into chaos. This hadn’t been how she had pictured life being when she had been growing up as the second biological daughter of the most powerful man in the world. Actually now that she thought about it, all her problems boiled down to one moment and one moment only; the decision she made to let Max accompany her on a mission Anna had given her. If only she could have stood up and told him no, they might not be in this mess right now.

She had been weak though, and it had been Max who was begging her; she very well couldn’t say no to him when he looked so cute clutching onto her leg. For as long as Erin could remember she had been nursing a massive crush on that airhead of a boy, but somewhere along the line it had turned into something more. She didn’t remember the exact moment she realized she loved him, just that one day she couldn’t stop thinking about him. Max began to dominate her mind and she felt compelled to be near him no matter what. The thing was though, he always seemed to see her as this minor annoyance he was forced to deal with because they were family.

It hurt Erin to see Max with other woman on a daily basis but she never had the courage to tell him how she felt. She was too afraid that he would laugh at her or say it was just a silly crush because they had grown up seeing each other every single day. The simple fact of it was that the Immortals no longer had to fall in love with one of their own anymore, so why in the world would Max choose his annoying cousin over every other woman in the world?

Or so she thought at least.

After the fiasco in Chicago where they had gotten into a fight with Eric, Max had stood up to his father and claimed all the responsibility for the incident, getting Erin off the hook. When it happened she could barely believe what he was doing. He was not the type of person to own up to his mistakes and yet there he was making sure Erin didn’t get into any trouble. Only it didn’t have a happy ending and Max had been stripped of his Immortality for his actions that led to the deaths of many police officers.

That’s when Erin came and stole him away. She knew when he woke up as a mortal he wouldn’t want to be around his family so she snuck into his room late at night and teleported him to somewhere he would feel safer. She had actually been expecting him to kick her out of the hotel room and say that he never wanted to see her again either for what had happened. She was sure he would hold her responsible; and who knows, maybe if she had stood up there with him and shared the blame he wouldn’t have lost his powers. But instead he was grateful for what she had done for him and almost begged her to come and visit him as often as possible.

Things were finally starting to look up and she began to notice subtle differences in the man she loved. He was more subdued than he usually was and he seemed to depend on Erin a lot more than he ever had on anyone else his entire life. He was no longer this free spirit who felt he could do whatever he wanted and get away with it. No, losing his powers had almost crushed his will entirely and she felt bad for him.

That night when she was lying in his bed while he slept and he put his arm over her stomach had almost been too much for her. She was well aware of how powerful an Immortals passion could be and thought she could handle it when the time came, but having him draped over her body in the middle of the night was agonizing. It took every little bit of mental strength she had to not just shred his clothes off and take him where he lay. That was the real reason she left then. She didn’t have patrol that night, she just had to get away from him before things got out of control and she would do something he didn’t want.

She tried to stay away from him for the rest of the day and instead focus on finding any signs of Eric, but the longer she was gone the more distracted she became. Max’s father, Francis, actually had to pull her off the search and tell her to go home and get some rest because she was becoming more of a liability than anything else. And that’s what she intended to do, but as she imagined home in her mind when she was teleporting, the hotel where Max was living popped up and she ended up going there instead.

Max was so sweet when she arrived and tried to make her as comfortable as possible, and damn did he know how to give a killer foot rub. But she knew she couldn’t remain in that hotel with him. She had to find a way to get him out of there before her emotions took control again. They spent most of the night at the Santa Monica Pier but once again when they got back to the hotel Max asked her to stay the night with him. She desperately wanted to say no but that’s not what came out of her mouth and before she realized it she was lying in that bed with him again as he drifted off to sleep.

Erin tried her hardest to get some sleep as well, but found that being this close to him was too distracting and she was quickly losing her grip on her body. All she could think about was kissing him, just once to see what it would be like. Her sisters had told her that kissing the one and only person you would ever love was the most amazing sensation an Immortal would ever feel, and Erin was desperate to find out for herself. In her nervousness she became clumsy and ended up bumping into his nose instead, waking the peaceful Max up from his not deep enough slumber.

Strangely enough though, that’s when her dream came true and she kissed him while he was conscious. It was the most wonderful sensation she had ever had before and her body suddenly wanted more. She needed him more than she ever needed anything else and it took over her entire being. That night would always be burned into the walls of her brain and no matter what happened she would always treasure it. Even though she had hurt him in her lust, she just couldn’t stop herself. Feeling his hands gripping her hips and breasts tightly, his fingers dancing over her taut nipples was simply sublime.

Erin was a total virgin up until that night and had never even touched herself in any sexual way before; she had been saving it for Max the whole time. When he finally entered her tight tunnel for the first time she almost died in delight. She could tell by the pained expression on his face that he was in some discomfort but he kept pushing on for her and her heart swelled even bigger knowing that he wanted to make her happy. Even when he passed out she still used his body and didn’t start to feel bad about that until after the fact. She couldn’t stop though, she was just too far gone and having his body connected to hers through his rigid cock was the most amazing feeling ever. She may not have been able to achieve the orgasm her body screamed out for but her mind and heart were at peace knowing that this had really happened. It was the best night of her entire life.

On the worst night of her life though, that memory felt like a distant dream that she would never hold again.

Max’s blood was everywhere, the gold of his now replaced Immortality mixing with the deep crimson of his mortality. It stained everything it touched with the scent of death and Erin couldn’t stand it as she held his body tightly to her chest. His powers were supposed to have healed him, saved his life but instead it had only slowed the inevitable. Because of her Max was destined to die a long and agonizing death and there was nothing that could save him.

She could feel the presence of her family behind her, her mother and father standing just over her shoulder as they watched what happened. Gabriella had moved back to Anna and Erin could hear their soft sobs echoing through the hall. She didn’t want them there though. She wished they would just leave and let her spend the last few hours she had with Max in peace. Why were they just standing there?

‘Go away!’ Erin growled but instead felt a soft hand grip her shoulder gently, the heat of an Immortal body threatening to spill into her soul.

‘Erin, darling, he should be with his family right now. Let us take him to his mother so she can say goodbye.’ Her mother said gently into her ear but Erin quickly shrugged her off.

‘I am his family,’ she sobbed and only tightened her grip on his unmoving body further.

‘I know this is hard for you sweetie,’ her father was suddenly beside her now, ‘but he should really be with Lucy right now. A mother should have the chance to say goodbye to their child.’

Never in her life had Erin fell prey so easily to her tumultuous emotions as she was in that moment. She could feel a million different things welling up deep inside the pit of her stomach and fresh tears stung her eyes. No one understood what she was going through. No one could ever understand how much pain she was in right now and she just wanted everyone to leave her the fuck alone. He had spoken those words she had been so desperate to hear and that made him hers! He loved her and that’s all that mattered at the time.

‘GO AWAY!’ she yelled as loud as she could and before anyone could stop her she jumped through her vortex, Max still in her arms.

Why was Alexander always being left behind by the others? He hated being the only Half Immortal in existence and it also didn’t help that he was the youngest of the group at only sixteen. Growing up, his mother would always tell him that he was special, even among the Immortals, but when it came to the big stuff she was always sending him home like he was some child. Take now for example, he had fought Eric for the second time in that hospital and actually been able to hold his own, but once it was over and everyone went off in search of him his mother told him to go back to his father and wait for her to return.

Going back home was the last thing he wanted to do. His best friend was dying while his father was fighting for his life in an operating room and Alexander wanted to be there with them! So what if he wasn’t as powerful as the others, he could still fight and protect people! His whole life he had been looking forward to joining his extended family on their quest to protect the world and humanity but it looked like that dream was never going to come true. At this rate he would end up having to get a job and lead a normal human life, which frankly scared him. He didn’t exactly know how to be a normal person.

Alexander was sure he had the solution they were all looking for, but no one was listening to him. It had just hit him in those last few seconds before Max had been impaled and Eric ran away, yet again. That guy was such a pussy, but that was beside the point right now. Alexander had bigger things to worry about, like figuring out what he should do. In that moment though there was only one thing he could do and that was to obey his mother’s orders and go home for the time being.

His father had just gotten a big time writing job for a new television show in Los Angeles but after the attack on the city by Eric, his mother had convinced him to leave the city for the time being. Their old home was in New York so that’s where he went now, hoping that his father was at least up. Knowing his mother though, he realized she had probably either called him or gone there herself to tell him what was going on. Even though he was a mortal man she told him absolutely everything, which was kind of a bummer for Alex because he was sure his father knew more about what was going on than he did at times.

When he arrived at the old house he found a light on in the den where is father used to spend most of his time writing. Alex entered the room to find his father sitting behind his desk with his laptop open in front of him, his fingers dashing over the keyboard so fast they were almost a blur even to his eyes. The minute Alexander appeared his father looked up from the computer and flashed him a small, sad smile that showed that he did indeed know what was going on.

‘I’m so glad you’re safe, Alex!’ he exclaimed and rushed out from behind his desk, pulling Alexander into a strong hug that lifted the young man off his feet. ‘Your mother told me what happened! How are you holding up buddy?’

‘Not so great,’ he answered and was put back down on his feet. His father motioned for him to take a seat on the leather couch by the desk so he did, tossing his golden sword onto the ground as it was doing him no good in his hands. ‘I don’t understand why I can’t be out there!’

His father shook his head and looked at him in a way only a real father could, with a sense of understanding and compassion that came directly from his heart. He placed a hand on Alex’s shoulder and spoke gently, choosing his words carefully, knowing that his son was in a position that he would ever know.

‘You’re mother is just worried about you Alexander. You mean more to her than the world and she just doesn’t want to see you get hurt. You know how she is. She wants you to grow up away from the pain she dealt with when she was your age.’

‘But I can help! What was the point of me training with them every month if it was all for nothing? And it’s not like I don’t have any real experience anymore, not after Chicago!’ he sighed in frustration. The flinch his father couldn’t control didn’t escape Alexander’s notice and he sighed inwardly, knowing that his father had also been furious after he learned what happened and how his only child had almost been killed, he just hid it better than his wife.

‘Alex, I’m sure no one is questioning your skill and strength. Honestly I don’t know what is really going on because it is all so above me in the big scheme, but I know your mother has her reasons and I would wager everything I had that they were good.’

Suddenly Alexander was up and pacing around the room, his fists in tight balls as his anger and frustration seeped into every muscle. His emotions weren’t quite as powerful as the others, but they were still a force to be reckoned with, especially for a teenage boy who was also dealing with a massive case of raging hormones. He felt like hitting something right now, like the wall. But he knew he would both frighten his father and cause a couple thousand dollars’ worth of damage at the same time. Just ask the construction crew that had to come and repair the hole in his room and remove the punching bag from the neighbour’s attic.

‘I should be out there!’ he breathed, ‘Max is dying and I know I can help him! I know how we can beat this gangster wannabe! But not even mom will listen to me!’

‘Uh Alex,’ his father said and there was a hint of discomfort in his voice so Alexander stopped his pacing, ‘I understand that you are having a really bad day, but did the armrest really need to die?’

Alex looked down and saw he was clutching a torn off left armrest from the leather couch in his hand, stuffing falling to his feet as he stood there in a daze. He didn’t even remember grabbing it as he got up or hearing it tear away. He quickly put it back from where he had taken it, using his strength to somehow make it stick together again to no avail.

‘Sorry,’ he said sheepishly and just let it go and watched as it slid off and onto the floor as his father let out a soft chuckle.

‘You don’t have to be sorry, that was your mothers couch anyways and I never really liked it,’ his father answered and Alexander couldn’t help but laugh. ‘I love you with all my heart but you really are your mother’s child. You have the same strong will and sense of right that I fell in love with when I first met her. It wasn’t her beauty or her power or anything else like that; I was attracted to Samantha because of who she was as an individual, deep down inside her.’

‘You’ve told me that before dad,’ Alexander sighed. None of this was helping him at all. Usually his father was so good at calming him down and helping him see the big picture, but his game seemed to be off tonight. He realized this was probably because he was worried for his wife right now, being out there looking for some coked out guy who could easily pulverize her.

‘All I’m trying to say son, is that you need to be who you are no matter the consequences. Otherwise you’re not being fair to yourself. Respect isn’t given; it’s earned through hard work and dedication. Sometimes you have to do something crazy because it needs to be done, but you should always remember to follow your gut. It will never lead you astray. You are an amazing young man, who has control of powers I could never fathom, so I can’t begin to question what is the right or wrong thing for you to do. I just know your destiny is greater than sitting at home while everyone you love fights and bleeds for the same ideals you hold onto.’

Could he have heard that right? No that was impossible! It almost sounded like his father was making an argument for him to disobey his mother’s orders and go out there to do what he needed to do. His father was a great and understanding man but Alexander could barely believe he had just said that.

‘Are you actually telling me to go fight this freak?’ Alexander asked but his father quickly shook his head and chuckled once more.

‘Oh god no! Do you think I’m crazy? Your mother would make me sleep on the couch for twenty years if I gave you permission to leave the house after she sent you back!’ he explained and Alex felt his heart sink a little. He had been so sure that’s what he heard but he seemed to have gotten ahead of himself. ‘What I am saying though, is if you were to go to your room and I got wrapped up in my work, well I wouldn’t know if you were really up there or not now would I? Just a little food for thought.’

Without saying another word his father moved back to his laptop and began to click away at the keys, becoming totally engrossed in his project that he didn’t even seem to notice his son was still standing there, a look of shock spreading all over his face. Alexander quickly came back to his senses though, and with a numb hand he bent down and picked up his sword. The cold metal against his warm hand felt comfortable and he instantly felt whole again, like the sword was merely an extension of his natural body.

He wanted to tell his father that he loved him and thank him for being so understanding, but he didn’t want to risk him changing his mind at the last second. So with a gentle nod that his father didn’t see, he gathered a substantial amount of his power up in his body and pictured in his mind where he wanted to go, feeling the tug from above as his portal or whatever the hell you called it opened up around him, sucking him in like a vacuum cleaner.

The sun had risen over South America and the tropical birds chirped joyously in the heavy canopy of the jungle, their little songs instantly grating on Erin’s nerves as she held onto Max tightly. As powerful as Erin’s emotions were the world wouldn’t mirror them and the day dawned hot and bright, the perfect tropical weather if you wanted to take a vacation. Gods it annoyed her so much!

She had lain in the sand with Max the whole night and did her best to keep his body warm, even giving him some water from a coconut shell and a stream not far from where they were at right now. She wished desperately that he would wake up, even if for only a few seconds. She wanted to see his eyes and hear his voice one last time before it was too late, but no matter what she did he didn’t stir. For all she knew he might have been in a coma from the shock of what happened, if that was even possible.

When this was all over there was only thing Erin wanted to do and she didn’t care if it cost her life in the end; and that was find Eric and make him pay for the pain he had caused her. She didn’t want to just kill him, no; she wanted to make him suffer in indescribable ways that would eventually be ruled cruel and inhumane. She wanted to hear him cry out in pain as she laughed in his face and kept raking him over the hot coals. She wanted to make him regret ever being born and she didn’t care how long it took until she accomplished her goal. She had an eternity to wait.

‘Your anger will do nothing good for Max,’ a voice said from behind her so suddenly that Erin gasped. She was on her feet and in her golden armour, her sword and shield already in her hands before her yelp had even disappeared into the distance, but it was for not. It was just Gabriella and she wasn’t even dressed in her silver armour.

‘What do you want?’ Erin spat. She still held her responsible for what had happened to her lover and no amount of time would ever fix that. If she had refused to take away his powers in the first place he would still be okay, smiling at her in his crooked way that said he was up to no good.

‘I came to ask for Max’s last moments on behalf of Lucy. She wants to see her son Erin, you can’t deny her that. It’s her right as a parent.’

Gabriella’s words felt a little jagged around the edges but it surprised her to see the regret bubbling behind her silvery eyes, the sad frown plastered onto her gorgeous face like it was never going to leave. Sometimes Erin forgot just what her sister had been through and the pain she had known once. She had been in a situation very similar to the one Erin was going through right now, and had watched the love of her life Anna die right in her arms. There was one major difference though, Anna came back from the dead but Max wouldn’t.

‘It’s my right too Gabby! I won’t give him up! So unless you are prepared to take him by force then go away!’

‘Listen to yourself Erin! You’re losing your mind! You need to untangle yourself from this and get a grip before you go off the deep end! I know what you’re feeling because I have been there myself. I know how much it hurts and how you just want to do something reckless, but you have to consider that he has a mother and father who want to say goodbye to him!’

Erin’s protective instinct was starting to take control of her brain and she suddenly crouched down into a fighting stance, holding her shield in front of her while drawing back her sword, ready to make an attack if her sister came anywhere near Max. He was hers! They had both given themselves to the other and Erin knew he had given her his heart! No one, not even her powerful sister was going to take him away from her!

‘I don’t want to fight you Erin!’ Gabriella cautioned but she took a few defensive steps back, holding her hands ready at her sides just in case. ‘Do you really think Max would want you to act like this? Do you think he would be proud of you if he were able to see you now? I know you are hurting but trust me; it will heal in time if you allow it! Let’s take him back to his family so he can be with them. Please Erin, I’m begging you.’

There was something in her sisters statement that suddenly struck a chord with her and her heart began to swell in hope. She had heard stories of when Gabriella had fought Ares The Betrayer and her strange silver bubble that destroyed him instantly. It had also had another affect the others often talked about. They said it healed their cuts and wounds from the battle instantly and they felt refreshed like they had just woken up from a peaceful sleep. How could Erin have forgotten about this? Better yet, how the fuck could Gabby have forgotten about it? It was her damn power!

‘You can heal him!’ she shouted and couldn’t keep the happiness from her voice; not that she wanted to. ‘Use your powers to bring him back to me!’

Erin was so excited but her sister just shook her head sadly. ‘I thought about that already Erin, but it won’t work. I’m sorry, it’s just too much and I don’t have the strength to heal him all the way.’


‘When Anna and I gave our powers over to Gaia I ended up giving her almost everything that I had accumulated. The best I can do is small cuts and bruises now.’

‘Then go get more power!’ Erin demanded and her face twisted in grief as she felt tears start to pour down her cheeks unchecked.

‘I can’t. It would mean killing people and absorbing their powers Erin, and you know that’s not what we do. I really wish there was something I can do but it’s just not in the cards. You have no idea how sorry I am.’

For the briefest of moments white hot rage surged through Erin’s body and she wanted to strike out at her sister, but it quickly passed and she instead fell to her knees and sobbed uncontrollably. Why did it have to end this way? Why was she going to be the unlucky one and lose everything she loved the most? Gabby had gotten Anna back so why couldn’t she have Max again? For the first time in her life Erin actually wanted to be mortal, so she could live without a care in the world.

Max had been right; they had inherited their parents fight when none of them asked for it. They weren’t created for the sole purpose of saving earth like the others. They were born from loving parents because they wanted children, not warriors! Why had this happened? Where the fuck were the gods? Weren’t they supposed to be there to watch over them? Why did the run away? Maybe they knew what was to come; maybe they knew what no one else could. Maybe they were just chicken shits who left whenever the fuck they felt like it because that’s all they knew!

‘Erin, let me take him back to his family,’ Gabriella said softly and when Erin looked over she saw that her sister had moved towards Max while she was distraught and had her hand on his chest. That white hot rage that had disappeared a minute ago suddenly flared up again and with a blood curdling cry Erin launched herself at her sister, slashing wildly with her sword as Gabby jumped backwards gracefully.


‘Whoa! What’s going on here girls?’ another voice said and Erin flashed around to face the newcomer, finding Alexander standing there in his ridiculous looking armour and his hands up in the air, a sign that he surrendered.

‘Stay back Alex,’ Gabby warned but he did the exact opposite. With his arms still raised he took two steps closer to Max and knelt down, brushing a few grains of sand from his hair and wiping the sweat from his forehead.

‘I’m not here to take him away Erin,’ he said gently as he stood back up, ‘in fact I’m here to help you. I think I might know of a way to save him.’

‘Is this some kind of trick?’ Erin asked cautiously but she could feel her chest swell the tiniest bit.

‘No trick, promise. Now if you would take that very pointy sword out of my face I will tell you. Kind of scaring the crap out of me right now Erin.’

‘Spill it!’ she commanded and kept her sword level with his face. Erin was beyond playing games anymore. If he had some plan then he would tell her right now or she would send him back to his mother with a new scar, and this time it wouldn’t be a small one.

‘Alright, alright! Sheesh! I’m actually glad you’re here Gabby, because you’re part of the plan,’ he said and looked over at the other woman standing on the beach. ‘If my plan works we can save Max and stop Eric at the same time, but it will be risky and, judging by the looks of him we don’t have much time left.’

‘Alex, if I were you I would give some details before she skewers you,’ Gabriella said softly as Erin was starting to creep closer and closer to the kid.

‘Calm down Erin, I’m not a piece of meat you can just Shish Kabob! The only thing we have to do is take Eric’s powers and give them to Max and he should be strong enough to get better. Right?’

‘Oh is that all we have to do?’ Gabriella snorted and rolled her eyes at her nephew, ‘Yeah that should be simple, just sneak up behind him and hope he doesn’t hear me? You’ve lost your mind Alex!’

‘I thought about that too!’ the scrawny kid defended and fixed Gabby with a furious glare. ‘Don’t treat me like a kid who doesn’t know what he’s doing! I am so sick of being looked down all the time so back off! All we have to do is tell him that we know who is father is, and when he’s preoccupied with that we catch him off guard!’

‘We don’t know who is father is though!’ Erin growled and her anger was starting to rise higher, turning her blood to fire as her vision started to go a little red around the edges.

‘He doesn’t have to know that! Look, no matter which way you look at it this is probably our only good chance! Max doesn’t have much time so what’s the damn hold up?’

He had Erin there. This was the craziest thing she had ever heard but if they could pull it off it might just be the miracle of the century. Plus it was a win-win situation. If they managed to do it then Max would be saved and she would be able to kill Eric easily. If they failed then they would probably die and she might be able to see them if Immortals did cross over to another plane of existence. They had to act now though.

‘Do you really think our parents will let us do this?’ Gabriella asked.

‘Who cares?’ Alexander yelled and caught both girls by surprise with his passion. ‘I am so sick of being coddled all the time! How are we ever going to be the heroes they want us to be if they keep putting us on the sidelines to watch? Now are you coming or not Gabby? Because, we kinda need you!’

Gabriella sighed and kicked up some sand with her feet, looking from Erin and then to Alexander like she was dealing with a couple of idiots. ‘I was actually like you guys once,’ she admitted, ‘always told I would be this great champion of peace but never given the chance. Mom and dad always made sure I stayed out of the way and I wasn’t even allowed to train with the rest of the Immortals. So I know exactly how frustrated you guys feel and while I may not agree with this little plan I do believe it is the only chance we have to both stop Eric and save Max. So I’m with you two, but at the first sign of trouble or if it looks like it won’t work I want you both to leave! Is that understood?’

‘Yes,’ Erin and Alex said in unison, the idea of a plan easing both of their minds.

‘Now I don’t suppose either one of you knows how to find this punk, do you?’ Gabby asked.

‘Oh I am way ahead of you on that already,’ Alexander beamed, ‘I figured that out a long time ago, but no one would listen to me.’

‘We’re listening now,’ Erin said and she knelt down beside Max and gingerly picked him up, his body cold and wet. She held him snuggly and promised that it would all be over soon, one way or another.

‘Las Vegas? You really think he will be here, just hiding in some casino passing the time before his next murder?’ Erin asked angrily as they suddenly appeared on the Strip. For being really early in the morning the place was fairly packed and the lights flashed brilliantly in the dim light as the sun had just started to rise over the desert.

‘I’d have to agree with my sister on this one Andrew. I highly doubt he is in one of the most photographed cities in the world. No matter where you go in this city your picture is being taken by one of a million different things.’

Alexander groaned in frustration and stood in front of the girls, trying to control his annoyance. ‘I know he is here! Would you just trust me for once in your lives?’

A couple of fat tourists wearing flowery coloured shirts and hauling cups full of golden tokens walked by them and glanced at the disarray. There three Immortals were standing there, arguing with one another while one of the young girls clutched tightly onto the bloody body of a young unconscious man. Alexander wondered what freaked the people out more, the sight or the fact that if the Immortals were there then something was surely about to go down.

‘Well then why don’t you tell us how exactly it is your came across this information when no one else could find him?’ Erin questioned and it was obvious she was on the brink of another break down, and Alex didn’t want to be near her when she finally blew.

‘I heard him thinking about this place,’ he began to explain but Gabriella suddenly groaned and slammed her fists against her head.

‘No wonder no one listened to you! Are you trying to tell us that you could read his mind? Even we don’t have those powers Alex!’

‘QUIT IT!’ he roared and the tourists who had gathered around to take their pictures suddenly scurried away. ‘First of all I did not read his mind! Secondly it is common knowledge that I can’t hear your guys little brain conversations unless someone lets me, because I am only half of what you guys are! So how is that hard to believe that I might be able to hear certain thoughts from someone like me? He is supposed to be a Half Immortal isn’t he? Now all I know is that when we were in the police station questioning him I suddenly heard him thinking about this place. He was thinking pretty hard about some girl here!’

Both girls looked at him as if feigning patience but he could taste their emotions and they weren’t sold on it, not one bit. He didn’t know how else to explain it to them anymore, he just knew what he knew and that was that Eric had some attachment to this place.

‘Alex we should just go-’ Gabriella began to say but he quickly cut her off.

‘Do we have any other leads? I thought not! Now I’m doing this with or without your help so if you want to leave then just go! Leave Max though because one way or another I will find a way to save him!’ he bellowed and Gabby flinched at his tone. Her eyes had grown hard and he could tell she was not happy being spoken to in that way, but as far as he was concerned she could deal with it. For too long she had been acting all high and mighty so it was about time that someone reminded her that she wasn’t all knowing!

‘You have a place to start looking? Erin asked gently. She looked at Alex differently, an almost apologetic look in her eyes as she moved closer to him and held onto Max as gently as she could. Just looking at Max told him that they only had minutes, if they were lucky.

‘I saw a picture of the of the MGM Grand casino,’ he explained, ‘I think this girl he was thinking about works there.’

‘Then what are we waiting for?’ Erin asked and in the blink of an eye they teleported off the strip and right into the heart of one of the biggest casinos in Las Vegas.

All around them people were completely oblivious to the sudden appearance of four young Immortals, choosing instead to focus on their slot machines and card games as they tried to beat the odds. The sound of ringing bells, laughing, yelling, cheering, and music blasted them but Alex quickly pushed the distractions away and focused on what they were there for.

At least a couple thousand people were packed into the ground floor of the Casino and it was hard to make out any one person in particular. You had your tourists, your locals, your scumbags, your high profile individuals guarded constantly, and even a smattering of famous professional gamblers meandering around looking for the perfect game just for them, but thankfully the person they were looking for was an employee.

‘Does this person we’re looking for have a name?’ Gabriella asked dryly as they paced around.

‘No, but I do have an idea of what she looks like,’ Alexander answered and ignored his aunt rolling her eyes at him. He used to think she was so cool but lately she’s been nothing but annoying.

While his family rethought their idea to trust him Alexander knew they were in the right place. Everything looked exactly the same when he had glimpsed it in Eric’s mind for less than a second. The sights, the sounds, hell even the smell of bleach and dirty clothes were the very same as he remembered so the only thing left to do was find this girl. When Eric had been thinking about her she seemed to have been working at the poker tables so that’s where Alex headed towards, hoping that she was actually working that day.

The high roller poker tables were off from the main casino, in their own private luxurious room towards the back of the casino. Alexander thought trying to get past the man standing outside the door with the clipboard was going to be hard considering Gabby was the only one legally old enough to gamble, but it turned out he needn’t even worry about it. The man saw them coming and just waved them in, probably figuring that since they were immortal they were really older than they looked. Alex sure as hell wasn’t going to correct him though.

Once inside Alex quickly scanned the tables looking at every dealer, totally ignoring the hundred or so people currently playing with more money than Alex would ever have in his entire life. At the table in the furthest corner he spotted her, a small woman around twenty five years old with shoulder length brown hair and a devilish smile that you couldn’t help but be drawn to. She was currently dealing out a hand to a couple of extremely rich looking men and women who had a pile of colourful chips spread out before them like a mountain on the table.

‘That’s her!’ he shouted, probably louder than he should of because people everywhere were suddenly looking at them. In the blink of an eye Gabriella was suddenly standing behind the woman at the table, putting a solid hand on her shoulder so she couldn’t try to get away. Alex quickly ran over, choosing not to use his meagre supply of power for such a short jump, and Erin was just behind him still carrying Max’s extremely pale looking body.

‘Where is Eric?’ Gabby asked her in a steely voice and the woman looked up at the imposing Immortal with fear written all over her face.

‘Sorry?’ she asked in a quivering voice, ‘What’s going on? What do you want with me?’

‘Tanis,’ Gabby said reading the name off her golden name tag, ‘just tell us where Eric is!’

‘I have no idea who you are talking about!’

‘TELL US!’ Erin suddenly yelled and in a heartbeat she had the woman off the ground by the neck of her shirt while holding on to Max with one arm. Tanis’s eyes were the size of saucers now and a small bead of sweat was dripping down her forehead as she stared right into the eyes of one extremely pissed off immortal clutching onto a half dead man. ‘TELL US WHERE HE IS NOW OR I SWEAR I WILL MAKE YOU HURT!’

‘Erin!’ Gabby warned fiercely and placed her hand on her sister’s arm in case she tried anything stupid. ‘Let her go! I promise we will figure this out but we do not hurt humans! You know that!’

‘I don’t care!’ Erin seethed and Alex was now gripping the hilt of his sword tighter. Something was going to go down in the next few seconds; he could feel it in his bones. Whether that was Erin trying to kill some random human or her getting into a bitch fight with her sister he still didn’t know. He wasn’t going to take any chances though; they were quickly running out of time.

‘I’ll tell you!’ Tanis suddenly cried and tears were swimming in her big brown eyes. ‘Just don’t hurt me! Please!’

‘Talk, now!’ Gabriella was now looking back at the small woman held high in the air, her feet kicking feebly for something to hold onto.

‘I… I don’t know where he is. B… but I… I can call him! I swear to god I can!’

‘THEN DO IT!’ Erin roared and let the woman drop roughly to her feet. In a flash Tanis pulled out a pink cellphone and dialled a number so quickly Alex actually had trouble focusing on it. She held it up to her ear for a second and as the Immortals could hear it ring not once, not twice, but three times she suddenly lost the rest of her resolve and was balling full out now. Thankfully for her, and probably Gabby because she wouldn’t have to step in, someone picked up on the fourth ring.

‘They found me Eric!’ she cried into the phone, ‘They came up to me at work! They’re here right now!’

Before the pop had even thundered in the now suddenly quiet room Eric was there, staring angrily at the three Immortals as they cornered this girl he seemed so protective over. His face looked wild, more animal than human and he was wearing the same clothes he had been when they first met him, but his black hoodie was smoldering and smoking like he had just walked out of a fire. Where the hell had he just attacked now?

‘You’ve got some nerve!’ he growled and in a blink he was standing in front of Tanis, his body protecting her from harm in case one of them tried to attack her. His voice was hollow and it grated on every nerve in Alex’s body, it almost sounded evil. Not just evil sounding, but if he had to give a voice to the notion of Evil that’s the voice he would use. Yeah, it was that creepy!

‘We’re not here for her,’ Gabriella said and somehow managed to make her voice both powerful and gentle at the same time. Alex could feel her start to flex her power as she gathered it in her body and he was instantly envious. He had never seen or felt her go full silver rage mode before and he was stunned at how truly powerful she was. ‘We just came for you.’

‘I am going to enjoy watching all of you die!’ he barked and started to move forward. His eyes quickly took the scene before him in fully and he stopped dead in his tracks, a small smile twisting at the sides of his lips as he finally saw Max being cradled in Erin’s arms. ‘He still isn’t dead? I’ll hand it to pretty boy, he sure can hang on. I think I’ll save him for last this time!’

Alexander knew it was now or never. If he waited any longer a fight would break out and they might never get the chance stop him before he nuked the entire city in rage. He only hoped this worked. They were taking an awful risk with his plan and he sure as hell didn’t want to let them down, mostly because he liked living.

‘If you kill us you will never know who your father is!’ he yelled out and Eric’s evil gaze quickly found him. Instantly Alex felt like a baby again under his intense stare and he was suddenly wishing he had made one of the others be the decoy. If Eric didn’t believe him then he was sure that he would be the first one to be torn apart, probably slowly.

‘What?’ Eric asked and there was almost a longing sound in his voice.

‘Don’t listen to him Eric!’ Tanis suddenly said and she moved so her body was in front of his, her pretty face looking up at his twisted visage. ‘They’re going to lie to you! All they’ve ever done is lie to you!’

Eric looked down at the small woman in front of him and his face softened a bit as he stared at her. Alex could feel his shift in emotions like they were his own and he knew that Eric was suddenly confused. His desire to know the truth was starting to war with his desire to kill the ones he held responsible for everything that had ever happened to him. He just had to know though, there was only that left in his life.

‘Tell me now!’ he said and his voice was even, a complete contradiction to the torrent of feelings swirling through his mind and body.

‘I’m actually surprised you haven’t figured it out yet,’ Alex said trying to keep his voice loud and strong, ‘after all it seems like finding your father is all you ever think about now. It’s pretty easy once you take away all the potential candidates that are still alive. Just think about it! You have incredible power that no Half Immortal ever could have, because your father was equally powerful! You never met him, not because he was some horn dog who hit it and quit it, but because he isn’t alive! Who do you think can be your father huh? I’m sure you can figure it out!’

Out of the corner of his eye Alex could just make out Gabriella starting to move out of his line of sight. She was trying to be both quick and stealthy at the same time so he wouldn’t notice, but thankfully Eric’s full attention was on the weakest of the Immortals in the world. Alex could see his mind trying to work it out, the cogs whirling as he tried to peace it together but he just couldn’t seem to make heads or tails of it. And that’s exactly what Alexander had been hoping for.

‘Don’t listen to him Eric! He’s making it up! They’re trying to hide him from you because he doesn’t want you! He never wanted you!’ Tanis told him and Alex had to struggle with his desire to punch her. What the fuck was her problem, seriously? There was something about her that wasn’t sitting right with Alex but he had bigger fish to worry about in that moment.

‘Stop with the riddles kid! Tell me now or I swear I will bring this hotel down on top of your head just like I did with his father!’ he demanded, pointing at Max who was now swimming in his own sweat in Erin’s arms. Alex did not like how bad he was looking. If he had to guess he only had a moment left before his body gave out.

‘It’s Ares! You’ve heard of him haven’t you? The big guy who almost destroyed the world? Yeah, that guy!’

‘That’s impossible!’

‘Is it? When he came back to earth he was no longer like us! He had been twisted into something monstrous so who’s to say that he couldn’t father a bastard? For all you know he could have raped your mother when he invaded the second time and that’s how you came to be! It’s the only thing that makes sense! He was the most powerful!’

This was it. This was the moment where it would either work or they would fail miserably and their parents would be dragging their corpses out of the rubble. Even if Eric didn’t believe it Alex still hoped that he was shocked enough at the notion that he wouldn’t notice Gabby’s hand reaching towards him. He could feel his heart stop beating in his chest and his hand shook around the hilt of his sword as his knees threatened to give out on him. He hoped to the gods that this worked!

‘That… that can’t be!’ Eric stammered and brought his hands up to his face, ‘No! Not him! Why?’

Everything happened in less than a second and Alexander had trouble keeping up. As Eric was caught in his own despair, being dragged down into his worst nightmares, Gabby flung both her arms around his chest and held onto him tightly. It didn’t take Eric long to realize he had been duped and he struggled against the woman holding onto him, but by that time it was already too late; Gabby was glowing silver as a big silver bubbled erupted from her body and enveloped him.

Alex could feel the power rippling off the bubble and he had to jump back as his own body started to get drawn towards it. It was so amazing and powerful that everything in the room was starting to vibrate violently, sending mountains of poker chips cascading all over the place noisily. Eric was yelling out but being caught in the bubble his voice didn’t carry and it looked like he was frozen in time, his eyes bulging and his muscles straining to free himself.

As quick as it had happened it was over. Eric fell to the ground as Gabby released him and in the blink of an eye Erin was beside her. Alexander was able to do nothing else besides watch as Gabby placed her hand onto Max’s chest and the power Gabby had just siphoned burst into his body. It was like watching those medical dramas on television, when the doctor puts those electrical pads on the patient and their whole body seems to jump under the shock, only this was way worse. Max’s body literally jumped out of Erin’s arms and hung in the air like he was floating, a ripple of black power washing over him.

‘Is it working?’ Erin asked and tears were streaming down her face, her eyes glued to her floating lover.

Before anyone could answer the air was suddenly full of loud pops as every Immortal on the planet descended on them, swords drawn and their armour shining under the bright lights of the casino floor. Alex ripped his eyes off of Max’s floating body and gazed around him to see his entire family standing there, their eyes wide as they beheld what was happening. Gabby must have told them what was going on after it was all over otherwise they still wouldn’t know where they were hiding at.

‘Look!’ Lucy suddenly cried out and she rushed towards her son. Alexander quickly looked away from his enraged mother and back at Max to find that his body was now glowing with pure power, his skin back to its healthy golden tint and the gaping wound in his stomach and back totally healed over.

Before Lucy could make it to her son as his eyes fluttered open, Erin was pulling him out of the air in a big bear hug that most likely would have finished him off if it hadn’t been for the new power flowing through his body. Her sword clattered noisily to the ground as she gushed into his neck and kissed him all over the face, saying words that should probably be kept in private.

That’s when Alexander saw him. Eric. He had come back to the land of the living and was staring angrily at the group of gathered Immortals, his self-proclaimed mortal enemies. Then his eyes found the discarded golden sword lying on the ground a few inches from his outstretched hand. No one else had seemed to notice him moving again as they were all focused on the miracle taking place before them and Alex knew he was the only one who could stop him.

Eric’s hand gripped the hilt of the heavy sword and in one swift movement he slung it through the air towards both Erin and Max as they embraced. As if his body was acting on its own, Alexander pushed his power out from his heart and mind and crossed the distance between him and Eric so fast that he barely knew what was happening. One minute he was standing there watching in horror as his friends were about to be skewered and the next thing he knew he was standing over Eric, his long golden sword thrust through his chest and heart as red blood spurted out onto the floor.

Staring down at Eric’s shocked face as the colour drained from it; the sword cut through his chest until it was sticking out his back hit Alexander like a ton of bricks. Everything had happened so fast he hadn’t had time to come to terms with what he was doing; he just knew that he had to save his friends from that maniac. Now however, well he felt almost hollow. He had been training his entire life for a moment like that but all the training in the world hadn’t prepared him for what it felt like to take another person’s life. It was a shock to the system and he was sure Eric’s dying face would stay with him forever.

A second later James and his mother appeared by his side and kicked Eric way, ripping Erin’s sword from his hand as he took his last breath. Alexander suddenly found himself being embraced by his mother as she whispered stuff into his ear that he either couldn’t understand or didn’t want to hear. His heart was beating a mile a minute, his body numb, and his brain suddenly turned off. Then one thought crossed his mind; his friends. Were they alright?

‘Max?’ Lucy whispered as she inched closer to her son, her eyes wide and a sad smile starting to form at the edges of her lips, ‘How is this possible? Wh… what happened?’

‘I… I don’t know,’ he answered and pulled his face from Erin’s to gaze out at everyone. ‘The last thing I remember was being in the hospital when Eric attacked, and the next thing I know is I am here fully healed.’

‘I can explain that,’ Gabriella said and everyone turned to face her. ‘I took Eric’s powers and gave them to Max so he would survive.’

‘That’s pretty smart, Gabby,’ Anna said and crossed over to her other half and kissed her gently.

‘Actually, it was Alexander’s idea. He’s the one that came up with it and he’s the one that knew how to find him.’

Alex’s mother suddenly hugged him tighter and his ribs cried out in pain as she lifted him off his feet. She kissed him all over the face before putting him back down. She wouldn’t be his mother though if she didn’t mention something about flaying his ass if he ever did something like that again. Others came up him and whispered thanks or gave him a big hug; everyone except Max who was still standing with Erin in his arms and a strange look on his face.

‘If I have Eric’s powers then how come I don’t feel any stronger? I just feel like I always did,’ he said and gazed at his hands like they held the answers for some reason.

‘Eric’s powers weren’t natural,’ Gabby said softly.

‘Well no shit,’ Alex couldn’t help but say and he was promptly slapped on the back of his head by his mother, albeit gently. ‘What? He was a psycho!’ he defended.

‘No, I mean they weren’t like our powers. I could tell for the small moment I held onto them that they were warring with my own powers like a virus. It’s weird. I don’t know how else to explain it other than to say it felt alien. I was actually surprised that they healed you. But if you don’t feel any different than that probably means your body rejected it after it was strong enough or healing you took so much energy that Eric’s power just burned out inside you.’

Everyone was silent for a moment, lost in their own thoughts about what this could mean. He had to have had an immortal parent for him to gain those types of powers but for it not to be compatible with theirs was just plain freaky. Maybe Alexander’s shot in the dark about who Eric’s father was wasn’t that far off. Ares had been like them once but his powers had been twisted and he was filled with unnatural strength. Who else was like that? The Dark God was dead so it’s not like he was still messing with them. Right?

‘Well either way I guess I have you to thank for saving my life Alex,’ Max sighed happily and then pulled him into a hug so massive that Alexander actually felt one of his ribs break. The pain was nominal at best and he brushed it off as he embraced his friend. They may not get along all the time but Alex whole heartedly considered Max his best friend in the world.

‘Gabby did most of the work,’ he said lamely and everyone laughed.

All those nights Alexander had stayed up late thinking about what it would be like to be a hero like his mother; this is the sort of thing he had pictured. His friends and family around him laughing and having a good time as everything worked out perfectly. He didn’t care so much if he was the hero or not, as long as the ones he cared about were safe and the enemy was dead. As much as it was a shock to his system to take another man’s life, Alexander refused to lose any sleep over it. Eric got nothing less than he deserved.

One Week Later

‘Everyone please have a seat,’ Chairman Winchester said into his microphone and the entire UN delegation sat down.

It had been one week since the events in Las Vegas that saved Max’s life and killed Eric and the Immortals had been summoned to the United Nations for a hearing on the events. Millions of lives had been saved with Eric’s defeat and the world was once again able to move on in peace, but everything had not gone that way. Max could hardly believe that they were there in that building, being harassed like common criminals for doing nothing but their job.

‘In the previous days we have gone over every shred of evidence and listened to countless eyewitness testimonies on the events of the past week. We’d now like to extend the offer for the Immortal delegation to make their final remarks. The floor is yours Mr. Morrison,’ the fat chairman with a bad comb over and thick glasses coughed into his microphone.

James stood at the end of the long table in front of the main dais that held high ranking military officials, judges appointed by the UN, and the chairman himself. Hundreds of camera’s zoomed in on their leader and a quiet murmur broke through the crowd of international ambassadors. It didn’t seem to faze James at all and he waited a moment for everything to quiet down before speaking.

‘The events in Chicago, Los Angeles and Las Vegas were tragic and from the bottom of my heart I feel sorrow for those who were lost, but we mustn’t let his come between us. Those events were unavoidable and our main goal was to save as many human lives as possible from Eric’s misguided rampage. I don’t know what more I can tell you besides that we have stood by your side for many years now, as your allies and as your friends, dedicated to the common goal of continuing world peace. Yet here we are today, standing trial it seems for something that was beyond even our control. Eric was a mystery to not only us, but to this delegation as well, and yet we are the ones being blamed for what happened. Two of my people were seriously injured and both narrowly survived after engaging him in open combat. I urge you not to forget all that we have accomplished together and how bright our futures are! Chairwoman Chang and I came together for the betterment of humanity!’

A small applause broke out in the crowd and Max couldn’t help but join in with a few whistles and clapping that was loud enough to shatter windows. Chairman Winchester seemed unaffected though and waited patiently for the applause to die out quickly before leaning closer to his microphone, his fat forehead shining under the lights.

‘While I admire your conviction Mr. Morrison, I ask you to remember that I am not my predecessor. Chairman Chang did many great things for this organization but I stand firm on my belief that she made a mistake when she offered your kind asylum on Earth. While we do appreciate your actions during both invasions it has become increasingly apparent that in times of peace your kind are more of a nuisance than help.’

‘Why you stuck up son of a bitch!’ Richard roared as he jumped to his feet. James and Max’s father, Francis, quickly put their hands on the younger immortals shoulders and forced him to sit down again.

‘You see what I mean?’ the chairman smiled like it had been his plan the whole time to get them riled up. ‘Your people were bred for war and when there is no war you have to go looking for one! All the evidence we have seen points to one undeniable fact: that your people antagonized this Eric person until there was no other option but for a fight to break out! You let that monster loose on the world and claim you had no knowledge that he even existed! Was he not like you? Was he not an Immortal? How are we to know that you didn’t breed him just for this purpose? Fifty thousand people died in his attacks and you have the obstinacy to stand there before us saying you had no idea that he was one of you!’

James started to stand up again, anger written all over his features but he was quickly waved down by the Chairman. It was obvious this was nothing more than a witch hunt and this man wasn’t going to listen to reason. As far as he was concerned he knew best and if you didn’t agree with him then he would burn you at the stake. Never in his life did Max want to kill a human as badly as he did right in that moment.

‘You can spout that he wasn’t one of yours all you want but it is pretty obvious that he was! The bottom line is that your kind was responsible for the attacks on the human race and as such you should be held liable for it! If it were up to me alone, well I would deport you off this planet and be done with your lot for good!’

‘How stupid are you?’ Erin yelled out. Max hadn’t even seen her stand up which was strange because she was sitting so close to him he could feel every time she fidgeted. ‘We’re not some group of aliens you can just kick out! We’ve been on earth just as long as humans have; hell probably even longer in my dad’s case!’

‘THAT IS ENOUGH!’ the chairman roared and jumped up out of his seat now, his massive belly knocking over a stack of papers in front of him. ‘I will not have any more outbursts in my courtroom! Now, as I was saying; the delegation has instead decided to pass a law restricting your breeding! It is by our decree that from henceforth any breeding your people wish to do will go directly through a UN screening. This assembly is dismissed!’

Chairman Winchester smashed a wooden gavel heavily on his desk and got up from his seat, being escorted out by heavily armed guards. Max was too stunned to move or say anything but his ears rang with the sounds of his family yelling in anger and disgust at the verdict. Where did these people get off thinking that they could curb when and why they could have children? They had a lot of nerve.

It was a nightmare walking out of that building. They easily could have just teleported back home but James wanted them to put on a brave face and speak to the media about what happened. Max tried his best not to show his anger but it was extremely hard, especially when they walked out into the failing sunlight to camera’s, yelling, and signs condemning them. Media personalities stuffed microphones in their faces and demanded answers instead of asking for their opinions. It felt like the whole world had suddenly turned on them. The future suddenly didn’t look so bright and Max was actually a little sad he had his powers back now. Being an Immortal would no longer be the laid back life he had once enjoyed.

Tanis quickly entered her six digit code into the state of the art security system that protected an underground facility off the grid. She was prompted for her thumb print and she quickly gave it, the door unlocking a moment later. Steeling her nerves she pushed the door open and walked slowly into the dark room, a sense of dread falling over her like it always did when she had to come here. This place gave her the creeps and she was glad she only had to come here a few times over the course of her career.

As she walked, lights overhead flared to life and lit her path as she went, their soft humming noise sounding faint and almost cold. She had walked maybe thirty feet when she was once again in total darkness and she stopped, clutching her hands together in front of her as a chill ran up her spine. She couldn’t see her employer through the gloom but she could feel his eyes on her, watching her from the shadows like some creep in the night.

‘Well?’ a deep, gravelly voice echoed through the darkness and made the small woman jump. It sounded like it had come from everywhere and she couldn’t pinpoint where her boss was standing, which only lent to the whole freaked out feeling she was being filled with.

‘I… I’m sorry, sir.’ She stammered. ‘The prototype was lost. I tried to convince him to leave but he wouldn’t listen. I am truly sorry!’

Horrible laughter reverberated around her and the chill running down her spine was now a constant. It was times like this that she really regretted leaving the CIA to join this military branch. She had messed up really bad and that usually only meant one thing in her line of work, forceful removal.

‘Please don’t hurt me!’

‘Hurt you? Oh my dear, I am not going to hurt you! While losing the prototype was lamentable I must say that the backlash has been favourable.’

‘What do you mean?’ she dared to ask and her voice was barely higher than a whisper. She was far too curious for her own good.

‘Those freaks are no longer the saviours everyone loves. The world is finally seeing them for what they really are and all this anti-immortal protesting is like music to my ears! Our job has just gotten much easier.’

‘But they killed the prototype,’ she breathed, ‘it was the only one we had.’

‘Don’t be so naive Tanis. You knew what we let you know, nothing more and nothing less. There was never just one prototype, but I will admit Eric was the only one ready to be tested. We knew he would become unruly and attract a little attention. We just wanted to see what he was capable of. Now with this new data we can move forward with phase two of the program.’

‘I’m glad to hear that sir.’

‘Now let’s talk about you, Tanis.’

So there was going to be a punishment it seemed. He said he wouldn’t hurt her but she really didn’t know what the truth was anymore. She had been working with this group long enough to know that nothing was what it seemed, but she hoped she would get off with a posting in the Arctic. She could handle that; most likely.

‘I’ve been going over your records and I am very pleased with how you did in your physical training and combat exercises. I think we might have the perfect new posting for you. You do love working in the field right?’

‘Y… yes,’ she answered, unsure where this was going.

‘Good. I’m glad to hear that. We’ll be putting you to good use.’

Tanis suddenly felt something prick the back of her neck and an instant later something cold rush through her veins. Before she could even turn around and kick the crap out of whoever was back there she dropped to her knees. Her eyes started to feel heavy and she could physically feel her heart start to beat slower. She struggled to get back to her feet but her muscles weren’t obeying her anymore and she slumped down until she was lying on her chest.

‘Wh… what did… you do?’ she stuttered and that horrible laugh filled her failing ears once again. She never got an answer as a moment later she passed out.

Note: This was the fourth and final chapter in this mini series, but that doesn't mean it is the end of this world. This was just a short project to introduce a few new characters and set the tone for what is to come.
I really hope you enjoyed these and are looking forward to what's to come.

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