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As this seemingly never ending saga continues, Laura is starting her Sophomore year. She has a lesbian tryst in the school shower after one of her gym classes, and develops an intense sexual interest in her young hot looking home room teacher, Mr. Bell...
Laura, a.k.a. The Little Nympho..


Chapter 10

( School starts, Again )

In September 1973 school started again it was my Sophomore year and I was excited that I was nearly half-way though high school and with fairly good grades in spite of my 'Delicate Condition'.

I got up that morning horny as hell like always. I took a shower and fingered myself through a real good morning toe curler and then got dressed for my first day as a Sophomore. I found a nice skirt that wasn't too short and I found a pair of matching panties. I put on a full length muscle shirt on top of that. And a pair of white sandals, it was still warm out.

At about 7:30, Keith pulled up to take me to school. He had decided to drop-out this year and work at Burger Chef full time. As we pulled into the school drive-way, he kissed me real sweet on the lips and told me to have a nice day.

I walked into my home room class and sat down. Stacy, Keith's friend came in and sat down next to me. She had on a nice sun dress and had curled her honey blond long hair that looked real good on her.

When everyone was there and the bell rang and in walked the home room teacher. He was gorgeous. About his late twenties and looked like he worked out on a regular basis. He introduced himself as Mr. Bell. Besides being our home room monitor, he was also an assistant coach for the foot-ball team.

I listened intently and looked him over real good. The more I watched this guy the more my poor little pussy twitched and throbbed. I was sitting in the second row and I just couldn't resist giving the hot older man something to look at. So I waited till he had sat down at the desk and I went to put my books under my desk.

When I did, I spread my legs good and wide and the skirt road up my thighs as I bent over to put the books under the desk. When I straitened back up I glanced up at Mr. Bell and caught him looking dead at my white cotton panties.

Our eyes met and he knew he'd been caught. He looked away real quick. My last period was gym and I couldn't wait to get a chance to see this guy again while working out.

I let the whole thing slide for a few weeks and then one Friday we were running around the track while the foot-ball team was practicing. Keith and I were still fucking like rabbits every chance we got but I really had the hots for this Mr. Bell, and I couldn't shake it.

Me and a girl named Mindy were the last ones in the shower that after noon. As we were undressing I noticed that she kept glancing over at me. Or rather my bouncing titties.

I turned my back to her and bent over at the waist as I slowly pulled my moist panties over my ass and down my thighs in the quiet of the locker room I her gasp silently and looked and saw she was staring right at my naked ass.

I thought to myself, 'This might be fun.' I grabbed a towel and walked past her just as she was pulling her panties down. Mindy was about 2 inches shorter then me but just a little heavier. Still she had a nice set of full 32s and a nice round bubble butt that bounced a little when she walked.

I entered the shower area and turned on the water. I adjusted the heat till it started getting steamy in there. Mindy came in and turned on the shower next to mine. I was soaping up my body and doing it real slow and seductively and caught Mindy watching a few times.

Figuring she was probably gay I asked. 'Would you like me to wash your back Mindy?" She smiled and said, 'That would be great, and I'll do you when your done." I had to giggle a little when she said that.

I soaped up the wash-rag and began to do her back rubbing slow with a little pressure. She braced with her hands against the wall as I ran the rag up and down her back. When I got to the small of her back she jutted her ass out and spread her legs a little. 'You like that Mindy?' I asked softly. 'Yaaa, it feeeelllss reaaaallly gooood." She moaned.

She began to shiver a little every time I ran the rag down her back and every time I did, I went a little lower till I was washing her cute little ass cheeks. When I first touched her ass cheek she sucked in a lung full of air and rose up on the balls of her feet.

'You like me touching you, Mindy?" 'Yesssss." She whispered. I ran the rag up her right side and slightly around to her front and grazed the right side of her right tit. Her breathing was starting to get raspy and quicker.

I ran the rag down her right side and on down her right thigh to just above her knee. Then I switched hands and ran the rag up her left side and again, I made sure to grazed her left tit as I got to the top. She was bracing with her left hand now and pinching her nipples with her right. She had her head rolled back and her eyes closed.

'Do you like what I'm doing to you Mindy?" I whispered in her ear. She reached behind her and put her hand on the out side of my right thigh. I began to use both hands and squeezed her neck muscles and rubbing her back. I ran the rag back down and this time I went back up her inner thigh stopping just short of her ass cheeks.

Then I rubbed the rag across her ass again and ran it down her left leg. And then back up the inside of her left thigh. This time I pushed the rag up between her ass cheeks and into her quivering little pussy. When I did, she let out a long low moan and put her fore head against the wall.

She spread her legs a little wider and jutted her ass out a little further. I dropped the rag and began to squeeze and rub her ass cheeks. She turned around and kissed me full on the lips and leaned back against the wall.

I looked into her eyes and saw that this little girl was so fucking horny. Her eyes were half closed and she was breathing real heavy. I leaned in and kissed her back and grabbed a hand full of tit, pinching and rubbing her swollen nipples.

She reached out and began to squeeze and pinch my nipples and then sucking on them. Her right hand had found my pussy and was rubbing on that real good and gentle. I was about to cumm all over Mindy's hand when I looked to my right and saw Mr. Bell standing at the other end of the shower watching us.

I pretended not to notice and spun round and leaned against the wall. Mindy began moving down and down and down till she was in front of my pussy licking and slurping and making me shiver and quiver. As I felt myself cumming, I looked toward the end of the shower and right into Mr. Bell's eyes and came hard on Mindy's talented tongue.

I shuddered so hard that I nearly lost my balance and had to steady myself on Mindy's shoulder. When I looked back at Mr. Bell, he was gone. Mindy rose and kissed me deep and let me taste myself on her lips.

One good favor deserves one, so I spun her around and sank to my knees and proceeded to lick this little girl into a real good mind numbing tongue induced orgasm. I licked her through two real good toe curlers and then we got dressed and went our separate ways.

When I got outside Keith wasn't there so I began to walk home. I got about half mile down the street, when a car pulled up and stopped. It was Mr. Bell. He was driving a Chevy Suburban. The passenger side window went down and he asked if I needed a ride.

I lived on the other side of town and it would take me a good hour to walk it so I said. 'Well my boyfriend was supposed to pick me up but for some reason he didn't. So if you don't mind driving across town, Ya, I could use a ride."

'Hop in." he said with a grin. 'I really appreciate this Mr. Bell." I said. 'Please, we're out of school now. You can call me Bob." 'O.k. Bob." 'To be real honest with you Laura, me and my wife Lana just moved here from L.A. and we really don't know anybody yet. And I was wondering if you could do some baby-sitting every once in a while."

'I usually pay my sitters fairly well." I thought about it and remembered him seeing me cumming all over Mindy's face. And said. 'Sure I could do some baby-sitting. If you need me too." 'We just have the one child, a little girl 11 about to turn 12." My wife and I got married out of high schoo,l and have been working our selves though collage and trying to raise a baby at the same time."

'I bet that wasn't easy." I said. 'Ya, and now were both working and getting to start our lives and sometimes we have to go to meetings and go out once in a while. We really need some one we can trust to watch Katie." Bob replied.

'Well, me and my boyfriend are planning to start our lives together, and were both saving as much as we can so starting out won't be so tuff. Just how well you gonna want to pay you baby-sitters?" 'I'll have to talk it over with Lana, but I'm sure it'll be around10 bucks an hour more or less."

'That could work, Bob." I smiled at him. I got out a piece of notebook paper and wrote down my phone number and told him to give me at least a day's notice, just incase I gotta break a date or something." 'You got it kiddo." I handed him the paper just as he was stopping at my house. 'See ya Bobby." I said, and closed the car door.

About a week later, Keith was dropping me off at school and Mindy just happened to be standing right were Keith stopped the van. Although Mindy is a bit heavy she is still really cute and Keith being an average horn-dog naturally noticed. And asked about her.

'Forget about it horn-dog, she's gay." I said and He replied, 'I'll bet with your help, we could change that." 'You are such a dog." I replied. He grinned and said. 'Have a nice day, 'Nympho'." I flipped him him the bird and he giggled as he drove off.

Mindy saw Keith and asked. 'Please tell me that's your brother." 'No he's my fuck-buddy and Boyfriend. Why, you wanna do a threesome or something?" That shocked the little lesbo into stopping dead in her tracks.

I went into the home room and Stacy was sitting there looking real hot as usual. She asked how Keith was, and I leaned over and whispered. 'Well Stacy, I'll tell you. He's got about 8 and a half inches, and eats pussy like a sailor that's been at sea for a year or two." I grinned at her opened mouthed expression just as the bell rang.

At about that time Mr. B came in and sat down and the room got quiet. I got out some home work and began to do a little homework.

I was wearing short-shorts so I didn't shoot Bobby any beavers that day. But when the bell rang to go to my next class, he called me to the front of the room and waited till everyone had gone.

'You free Saturday afternoon and evening this week-end? Lana and I have go to St. Louis and we'll be gone most of the day. And we were hoping you might be interested in sitting with our daughter Katie."

'Sure, I don't have any plans yet for Saturday, I can baby-sit." Great and Lana and I talked about it, and how does 10 bucks an hour sound." 'Just about right." I smiled and said. 'See Ya later, Mr. B."

The rest of the week pretty much sucked, except when Keith and I went out twice. One night he had me take off my panties and flash strangers at the pizza hut. And then he introduced me to one of his best friends that he hadn't seen in a while. The guy's name was Terry and he was kinda smokin hot, and funny too.

Keith had to be at work at 2:00 pm and Mr. B wanted me at their place by 1:00 so Keith dropped me off, and I told him that I could probably get Mr. B to bring me home since I didn't know when they would be back. I gave him a peck on the cheek and got out of the van and waved as Keith drove off…
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