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So there was a demand for a second one, so I hope you enjoy
That first day of school was a great day. I thought about it for the rest of the week. Luke and I kept in contact constantly. We would head to his house after school and I would stay for a couple hours. I secretly hoped that he might ask me to suck his cock, but he never did. Honestly, I was getting sort of bored, because we didn’t do anything sexual. But that all changed when he texted me on Friday.
My phone vibrated and I looked at the message from Luke. It said that his parents had to take an emergency trip out of town because his grandmother had been taken to the hospital. They would be back Sunday afternoon, and he had the whole house to himself. I was excited as hell, and told my parents I was going to my friend’s house.
I hopped on my bike and rode as fast as I could. I knew that I could finally have sexual contact with him. That was the one thing I had been waiting for, for days. About 10 minutes later I dropped my bike in his driveway and ran up to the door. I really didn’t care that my bike would most likely be stolen. I was ready to give anything to touch Luke again.
He must have seen me from his front window because he opened the door as I stepped on the porch. He stood there shirtless with a tight pair of jeans on, and his semi-muscular chest was starting to give me a hard-on.
I didn’t know what else to do so I pulled him to me and pressed my lips against his. He didn’t resist at all and kissed me back fiercely. My tongue pressed at his lips for entry and he opened them immediately. I probed his mouth with my tongue, and he did the same. My hands moved from his back down to his tight, round ass. As soon as I touched his very fine ass, my dick shot straight up. I was wearing thin fabric basketball shorts, and I had decided to go commando. I felt my dick pressing up against his leg and he must have felt it too, because he broke the kiss and pulled me inside.
He shut the door behind us and brought me around the corner, to what must have been the family room. He pushed me onto the couch and sat on top of my lap, facing me. He was not one to waste time in sexual activities and he pulled my shorts down a little. My cock sprung out and he immediately grabbed it and started to jerk it. Just the thought of his soft, smooth hands on my cock could have made me cum right then.
He stooped and said, “Let’s go to my room”
So up the stairs we went and entered into his room. It wasn’t anything special by any means, but you could tell he was gay by all the posters of shirtless guys on his walls.
I went and layed on his bed and he joined me. We started to kiss again, and he started to take off his pants during the kiss. I had forgotten how big his cock was, and I just had to touch it. So I pulled away and immediately started to lick the head of his nice meaty cock. We were probably the fastest people to do things sexually. Usually people would kiss forever, before they even got to giving blowjobs and things like that. But not Luke and I, we were fast moving guys.
So he told me to get in the 69 position, and I couldn’t wait to feel his warm mouth all over my cock. He laid down flat and I put my head in his crotch and I hovered my dick over his mouth, my ass in the air. I started on his cock, and he started on me. After about 3 minutes of this, he stopped sucking my cock. He put his mouth to my ass, and started to lick my tight pink hole. I was in heaven. I had watched gay porn and saw guys doing this, but now I got to feel the amazing feeling of a guy licking my hole. He licked fast, like a dog would drink water. I was moaning very loudly, and the pleasure was almost unbearable. During this I was still sucking his cock, but I wasn’t doing a very good job. All of a sudden I felt his warm finger penetrate my tight hole. I yelled out a little in surprise. I had only once in my life stuck my finger in my ass. I liked the feeling of things brushing against my hole, more than in it. That is why my asshole was always clean, and shaven. I was actually hairless everywhere.
He started to finger fuck my asshole faster and faster, and honestly I was having a hard time enjoying it. By now I had stopped sucking him and just sat there. I pretty much knew what was next, and was waiting for the moment when he would enter that big, thick cock into my tight hole... I was nervous about that though. I watched videos, and read stories about guys getting fucked. And there number one feeling was pain.
Then he took out his finger and slid out from underneath me. My ass was a little irritated from the fingering.
“Are you going to fuck me?” I asked nervously.
“Yeah, if that’s ok with you”, he said.
I nodded my head and I stayed on my hands and knees on his bed. He then sat up and positioned himself behind me.
“Wait, what about lube?” I asked
“Eh I will use spit. Just relax”
So I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. I felt him spit on my hole and rub it a little. He spit on his hand, and rubbed it on his cock. I felt his dick touch my hole, so he was ready to push it in. The head of his cock was large, and I knew this was going to hurt.
Then he started to push and his head started to enter. Pain swept over me and I started to yell.
“Ah oh God, that hurts”
“You’re going to love it eventually”
He pressed a bit harder and his head popped into my hole. Then he pushed in about 3 inches.
“Ahh fuck Luke, Fuck!!!!”
It hurt like a bitch, and I was screaming by now. The pain was intense and I started to cry a little. About 5 minutes later he had all of it in. Now was a time where I wished we weren’t fast moving people. Tears were running down my face and I was still yelling. He just sat there while I got used to the pain, and it took me like 2 minutes to be ready for him to start fucking me.
“Ok start”
He pulled back and thrust back in, very hard. I moaned, and he did it again. He picked up speed, and started to fuck me. About 10 minutes into this, it started to feel right. I liked it, and it felt almost like it was scratching an itch inside of me, that only his cock could reach. My moans of pain turned into grunts, and moans of pleasure.
I had been enjoying it so much, that I had started to push my ass back into his cock. After another 7 minutes of this, I could tell he was on the verge of cumming. He breathed faster and heavier, and fucked me faster. He then yelled out and thrust into me hard, and started to blow his load.
The feeling of that was indescribable, the feeling of his hot sperm flowing inside of me. He was moaning a lot, and very loudly. He must have shot 6 ropes inside of me, and I was guessing this was his best orgasm ever. But me, I wasn’t ready to cum yet. He pulled out of me when he had finished draining his cum inside of me; he fell back on his chest. Cum was leaking out of my ass, and I hovered my ass over his face. I then squirted all of his cum all over his face. Most landed everywhere but his mouth, but he was able to swallow some.
“Oh God Luke that was amazing, but I think I should get to fuck you too”
He seemed tired out and just did everything I said. He put his legs up and held them so his ass was able to be fucked, while I looked at him. I just wanted to fuck him and get this over with so I immediately spit on his ass and my dick.
“Just stick it in me all at once”
So I lined up my cock, and pressed as hard as I could. His asshole let all of my cock in and he yelled out. I didn’t hesitate at all. I started to fuck him as deep, hard, and fast as I could. I noticed he had started to get hard again, and despite the pained look on his face, and his moaning, He was most definitely enjoying it. I had only been fucking him for 5 minutes when I felt my orgasm on its way. I thrust in hard and released my cum into that nice body of his. I moaned loudly and enjoyed the feeling. I pulled out and lay next to him. He put his arm around me, and I fell asleep.

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I never had it but woulf love to feel that sensation in my but

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2012-10-14 05:29:04
where the hell is part 3? :(

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2012-10-10 06:43:01
Please more! every story you write is really short! We want more!

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Great story so far. Now I am looking for Part 3!

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