Mike hasn't had sex for a year and a half. A storm, a scared sister and an unforseen accident changes his luck...
This is my first story. Please leave me comments and suggestions! I hope you like the way I meander to the climax. No pun intended. :)
It was late at night when my bedroom door opened. The rain was pelting the windows with an undulating rhythm. I looked over from my pillow at the door and saw my younger sister step inside, wide-eyed and visibly upset. Then a piercing bolt of lightning lit up the room with a window-pane shaking, thunderous roar. In that moment, I saw her jump and clutch her arms around her heaving 34B chest. She was only in a white, ratty t-shirt that clung to her petite, 5’3” frame, contrasted by the dark blue panties which outlined a gorgeous ass and made a beautiful V-shaped mound below her waist. Her long brunette hair framed a milky white face, helping emphasize her piercing blue eyes. Eyes that were scared. Scared of a storm? She’s seventeen! This is becoming a little much. I am only two years older than her, but when we were younger she would use the storm or any other excuse to sleep in my bed. She would snuggle up against me and quickly fall asleep. She began to let up on this when she started dating guys at fifteen, but now that she was single…I find her at my door more often than not.
“Jess, what is it?” I sleepily ask. “Mike, can I snuggle with you…EEP!” Jess squeaks as a lightning bolt actually hits a fence post outside, resulting in a loud CRACK. She runs towards the bed, ready to jump in. “Whoa!” I hold up my hand. Now fully awake, I bolt into an upright position while she bypasses my outstretched palm and collides into my masculine torso. Now I’m not a small guy. 6’1” with a well-defined upper body, nice tanned skin (from my dad) and short-cut sandy hair. But as soon as her perky, firm breasts hit my face, I lean back and let her topple into me. I yelp as her knee lands on my crotch. Jess ends up on top of me, haphazardly spread over the covers. Her breasts heaving, pressed against my chest; her shocked, apologetic expression looking directly into my hazel eyes. At that moment, all I could say was, “GEEEET OFFFFF!!!!”
I roll over onto my side, in pain, as soon as she scoots off me. I can hear her crying, sitting at the foot of my bed. Jess puts a hand on my upper thigh and rubs it with a circular motion, “I’m sooo sorry….I don’t mean to be a bitch, but why didn’t you just open your covers and let me snuggle up against you like we used to? This wouldn’t happen if…” “Jess, you can’t just assume. Seriously, this is ridiculous! I kicked you out last time you heard the wind blowing a little too hard. What gives?” “But Mike…what do you want me t…” “Go and sleep in your bed…I need to recuperate…” Rolled over, I can feel her get off the edge of my bed and reluctantly remove her hand from my thigh. She walks slowly out, sniffling, as if waiting for me to change my mind. “OUT!” And with that, the door quickly shuts behind her. I can hear her stomping all the way to her room.
I can hear a scuttling of feet moving down the hall and my door opening again to who I expected. “Mom, what?” “What happened?” “Sis got scared, wanted to talk. I wanted to sleep. So I told her to get out. It’s just a storm.” “Ok. I’ll talk to her…” “Mom, she’ll be fine. She’s seventeen. She’s probably already going to sleep. The storm is subsiding as we speak.” “Ok. Well, good night.” “Night.”
And that was it. No more disturbances or anything. The rain finally stopped and the last distant rolls of thunder diminished. I woke up a little sore in my groin, nice and late on a Saturday to the noise of the shop vac. I throw on some slacks and a t-shirt and walk out the door. I see my sister, mom and dad moving stuff out of Jess’ room. “What happened?” was all I could get out. “The roof sprung a leak over Jess’ bed and her closet. Furthermore, the wind blew a branch I should have cut a while ago into her window. So we have walls, ceiling, roof and floors. That’s not even including everything else that’s swelling up as we speak from water damage,” explained very matter-of-factly from my father. “When did this happen?” “Last night, jerk,” was all Jess had to say. The look on her face spoke volumes of hurt and betrayal. “Wait, so you bother me and what? End up sleeping on the couch when I kicked you out?” “Well…yeah.” “Damn it Jess, you’re such a big baby!” “Fuck yo…” “ENOUGH!!!” stormed my father, “I have had ENOUGH! Jess, you’re sleeping in Mike’s bed until this is taken care of. Mike, you can sleep on the floor of your room or sleep on the couch. Your choice. For now, get yourself together and help us clear out the room and make some space for your sister in yours. We’ll go to Wal-mart and get you an air mattress until this is all settled.” Mom just kept busy and Jess appeared satisfied, as if I got what I deserved. “And Jess, your brother is right. Instead of acting like a scared kid, you could have done something constructive like wake us all up instead of laying this at your brother’s feet.” Ha! That dropped her down a few notches!
I shuffle to the bathroom and grabbed a quick shower. As irritating as this whole situation was, I couldn’t help but remember how my sister’s left tit felt against my face. It felt kind of wrong, but in an erotic and forbidden way. As the warm water was trickling from my sandy hair and over my body, I couldn’t help but touch my chest where her breasts had ended up, heaving up and down. Firm, perky and desirable. I could trace where her nipples poked into my developed upper body. Wait, was she not wearing a bra? As I was standing in the shower, I could feel something stir in my groin. For my sister. Wait? What?! Then it happened. KNOCK KNOCK.
“Son, we need you out here.” “Yes, Dad! Almost done.” Nothing like Dad to come crashing into my taboo fantasy! I wrapped a towel around my waist and crossed into my room, forgetting that I was in full view of everyone working in the hallway. I could see my sister stop and assess me, as if she were considering something…stop it. It’s Jess. There’s NO WAY she’d feel like that. But then why is she always trying to get into my bed at night…STOP. I get dressed and walk out of my room to get to work. Mom goes to the kitchen to make lunch while I help dad get the big stuff out. Jess is pulling out her clothes from the closet and is visibly crying as she’s throwing her ruined belongings into those large 35 gallon garbage bags. She was able to save a few things and they were in a separate pile. Then I saw her try to be very coy with a few things she was pulling out. One was a wooden box and it looked rather dry. She opened it and smiled. Inside I could see three long, cylindrical tubes…wait. They’re glass dildos. Really? She noticed me looking with an amused smile on my face. Jess quickly closes the lid with a distinct THUMP and gives me a ‘DON’T YOU SAY A THING’ look.
Dad and I move her dresser, but had to take out the drawers as it was too heavy to move in one go. Jess was still busy with her closet as I pulled out what must have been her very sexy underwear drawer. I have never seen so many thongs in my life. All different colors and with matching bras. Stripes, solids, translucent, silky…you name it, she had it. I must have stood there staring too long because Jess just walks up to me all huffy, “Mike, do you mind?!” “What is that, sweetie?” Dad asks over his shoulder. “Nothing, Dad. Just telling Mike where to put this drawer,” responds Jess with a smirk at me. There’s that look again! It was hungry. A primitive urge that said “Fuck Me” was all over her face. And then it was gone.
Lunch was a delicious tomato soup with grilled cheese and bacon. Between Dad and I, we got the rest of the stuff out of her room and into garbage bags or on the curb for pickup. When we finally got the warped headboard to the curb, Dad nonchalantly asks me, “So Mike, are you dating anyone?” “No, not since Melissa.” “That’s too bad. You’re a sharp looking man and I know you’ll make a great guy for any lucky lady.” “Thanks for the vote of confidence, but...what’s up? You’ve never asked me this before.” “I just worry about you. It’s been almost two years…” “Dad, just haven’t found the right girl.” “Ok ok…I’ll drop it. Ready to go to Wal-mart and get that air mattress?”
We get home from the store and unload the car with the necessities acquired in our little trip. I ended up getting this nice queen sized air mattress. It will have to do. Dad estimates at least a month before the repairs are done. Then life will be back to normal. He did ask, “So where are you going to setup? The mattress is obviously a better choice over the couch.” “Probably in MY ROOM.” “Even though Jess is in there?” “I trust her. I’m sure we can stay out of each other’s way. And, Dad, not for nothing, the street lights would keep me up in the living room.” “Very true, Mike. Alright, which mattress looks good to you?”
I finally get to my bedroom to see that my sis has already replaced my sheets on my own Queen size bed with hers. And she had moved my bed as well…revealing my porno mags in the process. To make matters worse, who could it POSSIBLY BE laying on top of bed, reading these mags while on her belly? I won’t bullshit you. I took a moment to enjoy her in her yellow sundress. She looked wonderful, with every curve of her body outlined. Her wavy black hair nestled on her back, going down to her ass… “Jess, really?” “You see my intimate belongings and think there aren’t repercussions?” “Give ‘em up!” “Nope!” As I reach to grab the mag she was reading, she spins to face me with her legs spread, giving me a great view of her feminine mound outlined by her green panties. As I look down, I get discombobulated and fall into her as I reach above her head to grab the porno she’s waving tauntingly in the air. I almost catch myself until the unexpected happens. She bends her knee and wraps one leg around me, knocking me over. I land with all my weight on top of her and hear all the breath in her chest get crushed out of her. Grabbing the mag, I get off Jess and assess her condition. I can see she was a little distressed, but quickly composes herself. “I guess I didn’t think that one out very well,” Jess is coughing out. “Hey, that’s what happens when you horse around, Jess.” “Oh Mike, there’s so much more that can happen…” and she floats that idea out there as she gets up and quickly exits the room. Was she sashaying her ass at me? I shake it off. Any other girl, I would have taken it as a genuine plea to get fucked. But after I completely kicked her out last night, I know she’s just trying to push me over the edge to tease me.
Using the air pump, I get the bed completely inflated and start making the bed. I also hide all of the porno mags and put a password on my computer. I don’t need her seeing my digital private stash. Assessing the room, I can see there’s not a lot of space to move around. I thought I had a rather large room before. Now, with two dressers and two Queen sized beds…the space is quickly shrinking. This will be cozy. I hear the call for dinner from Mom and enjoy a pot roast with all the fixings. More comfort food. I love how Mom can read us and feed our soul, literally. I know Jess felt better, as progress is starting to be made almost the day after the storm. “Contractors will be in and out of the house on Monday and then the project will start,” Dad informed us, “Since we took care of all the real work today, tomorrow we’ll be able to take a break. There will be plenty of work to do over the month.”
Dinner wrapped up and Mom and Dad decide to head to bed early. Sis and I hop in the car and go to the Red Box at the store and rent a movie. On the trip over, it’s quiet. She’s just thumping to the song on the radio and I’m just enjoying the beautiful weather after the stormy night we had last night. We pick out an action film and head home. While making the short ride, she asks, “Mike, do you think I’m pretty?” “Especially when you wear that sundress, yes.” “Really?” “Jess, yes.” “Then why do you keep pushing me off?” I slam on the brakes as we come to a halt in the middle of the street. The car is quickly brought to the side and I slam it into park. “Jess, be very clear with me. What is it you want. The sneaking into my room and the looks…this isn’t normal.”
Jess was very thoughtful as her ice-blue eyes pierced mine. Again, that look. Weighing her next words carefully, she finally breaks down and starts to cry. “Jess, I don’t need your tears. I need your honesty! You’re driving me up the wall. And if I’m going to have to spend a month in the same room as you, I need to know.” “Mike, I’m lonely! You have no idea. I just need someone to hold me. I don’t care who it is. But I need to know that the person who’s holding me loves me. And there’s nobody but you! And since Melissa, I know you’re lonely too!” There. She said it. I just look at her. I don’t know what to say. “But, all those looks and glances…” “Mike, you’re a sweet guy. But you’re thick. I’m just fucking around with you.” As relieved as my mind was, corporally I was distraught. Here’s a beautiful woman who just wants to tease me. My eyes must have spoken volumes, because she reaches out, squeezes my knee and says, “Let’s go home and watch this before it gets late.” “Yeah. You make the popcorn?” “Of course!”
Once home, I kill the engine and get inside. It was only 9pm. I couldn’t believe Mom and Dad were that tired, but I guess that’s what happens when you get older. As I’m setting up the movie, Jess walks out with the popcorn. She puts the bowl on the coffee table in front of the couch and asks, “So can I snuggle with you now, Mike?” I didn’t have the heart to say no as she leaned up against me and I wrapped my arms around her. The movie was very good. Jess got up and grabbed a bottle of wine. “But Mom said…” was all I said before Jess interrupted, “…that we can have a bottle, all things considered.” I didn’t disagree. She pops the cork on the red and pours it into two juice glasses. As we’re munching on the popcorn, sipping our wine, Jess looks up at me and nestles her nose in my neck. “Mike, you smell. Make sure you take a shower before you come to bed.” I wrinkle my nose, “No hun, I think that’s you.” “What? Beautiful sisters don’t stink. We smell like fresh roses!” “Yes. And you fart cinnamon and sunshine!” At that she playfully hits my chest with her open hand and then just leaves it there. “Jess?” “Yes?” “Can you move your hand?” “Ok.” She then slides it down to my crotch and gives it a squeeze.
The entire time she had her body pressed up into me, I was keenly aware of my left bicep nestled between her breasts. I was aware that she didn’t have a bra on. I was also aware of how great body smelled and her breathing quickened as she touched my chest. Now that she was squeezing my dick, it was too much for me to handle. As she was manhandling my throbbing cock, I take the arm I had wrapped around her and squeeze her ass and hold her close. Jess lets out a gasp and closes her eyes. With my other hand, I hold her chin between my forefinger and thumb and bring face her. Her eyes open and we look deeply into each other. She closes them as I press my lips against hers. I felt her moistened lips part and her tongue separate mine and taste the inside of my mouth. In turn, I lean back and let her lay full into me as I reach under her yellow sundress and grab her ass. Her panties, where did they go? I could feel a little stubble between her legs where her pussy mound is. It was soaked when I separated it with my index finder! She pulls her lips back and breathlessly says, “You found out my little secret.” She giggles and presses her lips back against mine while petting my cock.
I have had experience with a few girls before Melissa, but she was my first. I know my seventeen year-old sister is not a stranger to sex, as I remember helping her fix the wall where her headboard broke the wall. Her idiot boyfriend at the time kept slamming it against the wall while they copulated. But this was most unexpected. It’s been a year-and-a-half. And I’ve had nothing. And now, my sweet sister wanted to mess around and break my drought. I had to stop this. I had to stop this. I had to….I pulled back, released myself from her grip and went into the bathroom, locking the door behind me. I could feel her eyes on my back while I walked down the hall and to the right. I could hear her run up to the door, up until I locked it and turned on the shower. My dick was ready to fuck. And if I was in there for another minute, it was going to happen. I made the water cold and it brought me back into the real world. A world where you didn’t fuck your sister. And then I realized, “What was all that garbage she was spewing into my ear? Am I dope?” I was a little mad. But corporally…I was satisfied. A woman wanted me. Wanted me to fuck the shit out of her. And she would be sleeping next to me. This was a problem.
I decided I was going to sleep on the couch. That is, until I looked down the hall and saw that she had already turned off the TV and setup the couch for herself. Her back was to me and she seemed to be sleeping. Fine. I’ll sleep in my bed. Not the air mattress that I set up next to it. I pulled back the covers, ignoring the flowery bed spread and pink sheets and went to sleep in the nude. I was passed out until I felt someone slide up next to me. The touch was unmistakable. Those gravity-defying breasts were familiar against my bare back. The nuzzle of her nose in my neck sealed the deal. “You smell much nicer now.” “Why thank you, sis.” “Ooo. And I see you’re other head is up as well. Does he smell nice too?” she said as she grabbed my bare cock. “And he’s growing! How big are you?” “Eight inches.” “Really! I’ve never seen one that big,” she cooed.
Exasperated, “Jess, I don’t know what you’re after, but this can’t happen. I know what I did on the couch. I won’t deny it, but this can’t happen.” “Mike. Look at me. Roll on your back so you can see me say this.” She releases her grip on my fully engorged manhood and I roll over. In a split second, she’s on top of me, straddling my dick between her bare pussy lips. She’s naked and on top of me. I can see her gorgeous breasts with her erect eraser nipples. I let out a groan as she buries her face in my chest while she moans. She then starts to rock her hips back and forth as I grab her ass instinctively, helping her along. She’s so wet! Then she stops, lifts her face and looks into my eyes. “Now that I have your attention, you need to know something. I am lonely. I haven’t been with a guy for at least six months. And…”she starts to tear up, “I love you. I have always loved you. I trust you. I know you don’t want me forever, but I just want you for tonight. For when you need a release. When YOU need someone to comfort YOU. Can you do that for me? Can I do this for you?”
I hate it when she cries. Any resistance in me dies. “Jess, I’m not going to pity fuck you. I shouldn’t even be rubbing my dick between your pussy lips.” “But you will.” I nod. Her lips and eyes smile at me with something I remember seeing in her room only eight hours ago appears and remains. This is a tigress, ready to pounce on her prey. She kisses me deeply and passionately. I grab her ass and allow my hands to roam all over this foreign landscape. There was not a hair on her anywhere but her head. My swollen dick is throbbing between her juicy pussy lips. I can feel the pool of precum and her internal juices start to pool all over my groin. I bury my face in her perfect tits and suck on her nipples Then she starts to breath heavily. “I need you inside me.” “But…” “Mike, all I have to do is slide my pussy an inch in one direction and I’ll have you. One way or another.” Believe it or not, I was about to grab her off my hips when she seductively coos, “I warned you.” Then it happened, all at once. I start to grab her to move her, she wiggles free and slides all the way to the top of my dick. I quickly try to pull her ass off me when she leans forward onto me and slams herself down. We are mutually moaning into each other and I kiss her deeply, our tongues intertwined. I can feel her tight pussy squeezing my eight inches of manhood inside her, milking me as she rocks her hips back and forth.
“Don’t resist me. We both need this.” Her grinding on my pelvis increases and I just give up. She’s fucking me. I’m fucking her. This charade is fucking OVER. “Ok little girl.” “That’s what I thought.” Jess intertwines her legs around mine and grinds with abandon as she’s getting us off. I grab her ass and match her motions, impaling her deeply. Each time I touch her cervix, she cries out a little bit, “Not so deep! You’re too big!” “You want it, now you’re gonna get it!” In one motion, I shift her on her side and then I end up on top. She unravels her legs and kicks them up in the air. “Jess, now it’s my turn!” I mercilessly pound away at her pussy as she moans into my chest, trying to stay as quiet as possible. This goes on for about 10 minutes when I finally feel her slick pussy start to grip my dick in waves. As her I stare down at her, with tits bouncing against her and her head pressed back into the pillow, I can’t believe this is happening. I’m fucking my seventeen year-old sister with my manhood and she’s begging me to keep going. Her mouth is now wide open and her eyes rolled up into the back of her head as she’s sucking air in and out of her mouth.
“Mike, you’re so BIG…OH MY GOD….Mike…keep fucking me. Don’t stop fucking me. Don’t…sto…pp…fuuu…cking mee-e-e-e-e…” with that, she bites down onto my shoulder, digs her nails into my back and wraps her legs around my torso pushing me in tight. As soon as she bit, a massive feeling of euphoria washed over me as I released my seed deep into her cunt. She’s squeezing my dick in her tight birth canal, which is going into spasms around my rapidly emptying man-meat. Squirt after squirt, we intensely impale each other with my spear. And as soon as it started, it felt like it was over. I prop myself on my forearms while I wrap my arms around her while deflating inside her. Her legs move from being propped against my ass to rubbing up and down my legs. She turns her head to put her lips on my cheek. I can feel her smiling.
“That was beautiful,” was all she could whisper, “Thank you for snuggling with me.” “Jess, how long have you wanted it for.” “I won’t lie to you, I always admired your body. But ever since my first time, I was curious. I heard you through the walls too!” We kind of laughed at that. I started to feel myself go completely limp inside her. I could feel her pussy squeezing my seed and my dick out of tight womanhood. “Mike.” “Yes, Jess.” “Can we do th is again?” “Well, I guess we’ve opened the door. It’s kind of hard seeing each other any other way.” I could feel her head nod against the side of my face, “We’ll use your porno mags and files on your computer for ideas. I have so many toys to try!” “You’re unbearable.” She just kissed me on the lips.As I pulled myself off of her, a pool of cum and pussy juice emptied out of her. Her vagina was so beautiful. We took a quick shower to clean up and we snuggled together until an hour before my father normally got up.
When Dad opened the door at 6AM to check on us and get Jess out of bed, he saw a brother and sister, facing each other in their own beds. He smiled. Little did he know what they planned on doing for the rest of the month…

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