Double Dose Of Bad Seed

Part 5.2
Senior Year Continued

Rachel smiles and says “See you next weekend”

Me and Julia walk home and head straight up to her room and shower and change for dinner.
Her moms group was still there so it wasn’t long before I heard a knock on the door.

“Come in Linda” I say confident its her.

She opens the door but only sticks her head inside.

“Dinner will be ready in 20 minutes” she says and quickly slips back out.

We head downstairs and eat, Linda eyes me nervously every time someone talks to me. I behave
myself of course not wanting to burn this bridge just yet. I wanted some of the Milf pussy next
Saturday first.

After dinner Joe brings me back to the Academy and drops me off. As I get out the car I notice the
Academy’s deputy commander getting out of a car in the back by a loading dock. I walk across the
street and hang out for a minute. The car has to pass me as it leaves so I’m curious and wait.

As the VW beetle drives by I recognize the drive she’s one of the college hookers I played with
before. She’s pretty but not real and a little over weight but makes up for by being open to the
kinky stuff most the other girls won‘t do. This put the wheels in motion though should Joe decide
I’m not son-in-law material.

I wave her down and she pulls over and stops.

“Hey Jasmin” I say as I take a seat in the passengers side.
“Hey, JJ right” she says
“Yes, Now what I want to know is everything about Major Broussard” I say laying $1000 bucks
on her thigh.

Jasmin maybe got 250 a date so her mouth couldn’t speak fast enough to keep up with her brain.
The basic jist was she has been fucking him twice a month for 2 years. He’s a little control freak
and likes to spank.

She blushes then blurts out “He likes to be pissed on and pissing on me”

I lay another 3000 on her lap.
“Here lose his number that’s more then you would make off him in several years” I tell her.

She smiles and hands me a jump drive from her purse as she puts the money away.
“This may help if your up to what I think you are” she says.

I look at her puzzled for a second.
“Blackmail” she says and we both laugh. I exit the car and head back across the street.

Major Broussard is standing in his office watching me as I exit her car. I was going to wait
until I needed to but the look on his face tells me he’s not going to wait. I head back to my
dorm room and put my things away. Opening my laptop and popping in the jump drive.

It was several video clips of Jasmin and Major Broussard engaged in water sports. There’s
a knock at my door.

“Enter” I say
A young second year cadet comes in.
“Sir, Major Broussard would like you to report to his office” he says standing at attention.
“Ok, your dismissed” I tell the cadet and shut down my laptop.

I head over to the admin office and knock on his door.

“Enter” I hear from the other side of the door.
“Sir Cadet Johnson reporting as ordered” I say playing the game.
“Close the door and take a seat cadet” he says trying to maintain control but obviously nervous.

I close the door and take my seat. He looks at me and starts to talk several times but never
says a word for several minutes. I liked watching him sweat but it was beginning to bore me.

“Look Tom I know your cheating of your wife with Jasmin and all about your little piss games.
I don’t really care in fact I’m going to help you out” I say

“Help me, how” he says looking at me shocked.
I stand up and walk behind his desk and pop a jump drive in his computer.

“Play that then we’ll talk” I say.

He looks at me nervously as he clicks the file. It’s a sample of Stacy’s greatest hits from straight sex,
anal, water sports, dp with the bums, scat, and the dogs. He watches the 15 minute clip sweat running
down the side of his face as it ends.

“How’s this going to help me” he says puzzled.
“It’s simple she’s my whore for the next 2 years in exchange for her scholarship. As you can see she
will meet all you fetishes at no cost to you and as often as you require. Just keep it in reason she has
to study. Plus she’s way hotter the Jasmin”

“Ok and what will this cost me if not money” he says scared to hear the answer.
“Well nothing really just bend one rule” I say.

“What rule” he ask hesitantly
“Well I don’t want anything but freedom. No special treatment or grade or eval fixing. no special
Curfew times or anything. All I ask in return is you overlook the Guardian having to sign me out
for normal liberty periods on weekends”

“That’s it” he says suspiciously
“Yes, You know as well as I my family is never coming get me so I need some free time this
year and I’m sure you can use Stacy. So do we have a deal” I ask

He looks at me for a minute “Yes, if she is what you say” he says.

I push speaker phone and dial Stacy’s number and explain to her she’s now his whore. At his
request I have her meet us that night so he knows she’s for real.

When I leave his office he smiles and says “DEAL” as he buries his cock in Stacy’s ass.

The next day after the days activities I head back to Major Broussard’s to see about my
laptop and things I came here with a few years ago. He informs me that my uncle had
taken all those things with him.

The week went by like normal besides Major Broussard being nervous around me. I’m sure
he was waiting for the other foot to drop. I called Julia on Thursday to make sure her dad
was picking me up on Friday.

“Yes, baby he’ll be there Friday and we have a new bed room. Daddy hasn’t slept all week
he built us our own little apartment in the basement” she says excitedly.

On Friday Joe picked me up and we headed to the house. Joe really did look like shit from
lack of sleep.
“Dam Bro you need to take it easy. I could have fucked her in that old room awhile longer”
I say making conversation.

He doesn’t look tired anymore but he’s definitely not smiling as he runs thru a stop sign
without stopping. I figure I better keep my mouth shut if I want to live until we get home.
I don’t have a death wish or any thing.

We arrive and Julia and Melissa greet me at the door. Apparently they have become BFF’s
during the last week. I get a hug and kiss from both girls and the oddest look from Julia’s
parents. We head down to the basement and Joe really out did himself. The place is awesome
Our own little living room and kitchenette. A full bath and shower and a king size bed.

I laugh thinking how upset he’ll be when he finds out his little slut isn’t really pregnant. I was
apparently missed during my week away because both girls are kneeling naked with their mouth
open and tongue out waiting on some cock to fill it.

I’m not one to disappoint so I drop my shorts and place my cock into Julia’s mouth. She sucks
it in quickly but just as it gets hard releases it to Melissa. I’m actually getting the best of the
competition that follows as each girl tries taking me deeper into her throat and hold me longer
then the other.

As I pump my cum down Julia’s throat she pulls off and allows Melissa to milk the last few squirts.
One squirt shot across Melissa’s chest as the swapped and Julia wasted no time licking and sucking
the cum from her breast as Melissa milked the last drops from my cock.

As far as the competition went I’d have to say Melissa won, she held my cock till she was light
headed from lack of oxygen and nearly fell over when she finally released my cock. I undressed
and went over to the bed and laid down. The girls looked at each other and actually did rock,
Paper, scissors. Melissa lost I guess because she squatted on my face. Facing Julia who straddle
me and sat on my cock taking it in one stroke with a little scream as it hit bottom.

Julia was much looser then normal so I suspect Melissa has been using her 12” strap-on on her.
Melissa and Julia are kissing as Julia rides my cock wildly and Melissa grinds her pussy hard into
my mouth. Julia cums first her moaning and shaking sets Melissa off on her own orgasm. I’m
surprised at how well they share because they swap places as soon as their little pussies stop

Melissa is much tighter as she slides down my cock and sits for a minute allowing her little pussy
to adjust before she starts riding me. Julia wasted no time grinding her wet pussy into my mouth,
as I eagerly lick up her fresh cum. It’s not long before I feel the tingle in my balls and my cock
tenses and begins pumping hot cum into Melissa’s womb.

Melissa moans and rides me harder to her own orgasm before slumping over and laying beside me.
Julia continues grinding her pussy in my face as she leans over and takes my semi-hard cock into
her mouth.

Once she’s satisfied my cock is clean she stands and straddles Melissa’s face and begins suck
my cum from her pussy. There’s a knock at the door, Linda I’m sure. Remembering her little
escape last time I quick go stand by the door.

“Come in” I yell.

The door opens slowly but she never steps inside, all I see is her arm.
“Dinner in 1 hr” I hear Linda yell.

Then she tries to quickly close the door. Not quick enough though I grab her arm and pull her inside.
Pulling her into the bed room where Julia is loudly slurping cum from Melissa’s pussy. I push her
onto the bed next to the two teens.

“Please JJ no, not now Joe is upstairs” she pleads.
“Don’t worry I just want to check if my new whore shaved that jungle off” I say prying her legs

I flip her dress up and pull her panties down roughly and rub her baby smooth shaven pussy mound.
Julia just watches then leans back between Melissa’s legs and sucks up some cum that leaked out.
She looks at me and smiles opening her mouth to show me the cum on her tongue. Then kisses her
Mom, Linda tries breaking the kiss to spit it out but Julia has her held by the hair.

“Ok you can go now slut” I say stepping from between her legs.

Linda quickly pulls her panties up and hurries out the room. I head into the shower the girls follow
and bathe me. We head up and It’s fried chicken one of my other favorite food. Well actually any
thing deep fried. I sit down and look there’s a good bit of chicken but Stacy is her so that makes
6 people. It’s not looking good for seconds.

I load me a modest plate and begin eating. I motion to Julia she has a red hair in her teeth. She just
looks at me finally blurting out.

“What JJ, what’s wrong”
“You got one of Melissa’s pussy hairs in your teeth” I say aggravated.

Joe and Linda both stare at me in disbelief.
“I know how you fell Joe, I told the little slut to shave that peach fuzz off last week” I say.

Every one seems to lose their appetite so I finish loading my plate with chicken. Life would
be so much easier on us all I think if Linda would just learn to cook more. After dinner we
head over to Melissa’s house.

Molly smiles when she see’s me and comes over and kneels in front me.
“Sir I’m ready, Momma stretched my pussy all week” she says proudly.
“Are you now” I say teasing her.
“Yes Sir, check for yourself” she says raising her skirt and spreading her legs to expose
her bare bald pussy for inspection.

I look and she no longer has just a slit with a small mound but I can see puffy pink little pussy
lips. I put my hand between her legs and insert a finger, she’s wet and hot inside and accepts my
finger so I add a second and third before she squirms in discomfort.

Molly smiles as I finger her cunt.
“See I’m ready and I can also take almost all moms dildo in my throat” she says like she just
got a 100 on a test at school.
“Yes you are going to make a good fuck toy for me” I say giving her the praise she wants.

Rachel smiles and kisses me then remove my fingers from her daughters pussy and sucks the
juice off.
“Enough teasing the little slut, time to make her into a fuck toy” she says.

I smile and get up heading into the master bedroom. Molly squeals as she strips her clothes off
and races for the bed. Like a kid races to be first to the Christmas tree on Christmas morning.
I take my time and walk to the bed room. All 4 girls are naked when I walk in, Molly is in
heaven laying spread eagle on the bed.

Rachel is eating her little pussy and Melissa and Julia are either side of her sucking on a nipple.
I say nipple because she has no breast to speak of. I undress slowly as they prepare her to enter
womanhood. Looking at her small body and my hard cock in my hand. I think to myself this
is going to hurt.

I’ve fucked smaller virgins before but my cock was smaller then. I decide to let her be on top
and take it at her own pace, plus I weight 190lb to her 70lb so definitely a good idea. I move
to the bed and smack Rachel on the butt. I wanted one last taste of her virgin pussy cum before
it was gone forever.

Molly moans and rubs my head as I lick suck and finger her to an orgasm. She definitely ready
Her little hips are bucking hard and wild. I crawl up beside her and lay down on my back.
I picked her small body up and placed her sitting on my crouch.

The base of my cock is at her pussy and she pulls my cock up against her belly. Her little hand
shakes and her eyes get big as she looks down. My cock reaches almost up to her to her ribs.
“It’ll fit, but its going to hurt” I tell her pull her down to kiss her.

While we kiss Rachel lubes my cock with her mouth then places it at her daughters virgin
hole. Molly pushes back hard getting the head inside her with a loud grunt. She slowly eases
back until the head pushes against her hymen. Her breathing already more of a pant as her
pussy twitches and squeezes my cock head.

“When your ready just pull up a few inches then push back hard” I tell her.

She waits another minute then pull up until I’m almost out her. Taking a deep breathe she drives
back hard but stops with a scream as she hits her hymen but doesn’t break thru. She rests for a
minute then tries again. This time I thrust my hips up to meet her and my cock drives in stopping
at her tiny womb.

She scream from the pain but quickly controls herself and sits with 6 inches of cock inside her.
A stream of tears rolling down each cheek and a little smile on her face. I looked down and see
her cherry blood running down my shaft like tears. Rachel is crying as well starting at her baby
as she becomes a woman.

She takes a deep breathe and raises up and pushes back hard, again and again even with my help
She still only has 8 inches inside her. She begins to sob.

“What’s wrong Molly” I ask.
“It won’t fit, I want to be the best fuck toy but it won’t fit in me” she says in tears.

I pull her down to me and kiss her, then holding her to me roll her on her back. As I pull back
She takes a deep breathe and I drive hard into her until my balls slap against her ass. She cries
out and shakes beneath me. I roll back over and she lays on my chest unable to move.

Her pussy squeezing and spasming around my cock has me ready to cum. Molly had all she
could take for her first time so I relaxed and my cock started pumping her virgin body full
of cum. She moaned as she felt the hot cum fill her insides and begin to leak out.

She laid on my chest until my cock finally went limp and slid out her slimy little hole. I kiss
Her softly.
“Ok my little fuck toy time to clean up your mess” I whisper in her ear.

She smiles and slides down and takes my limp cock into her mouth and cleans the cum and
blood from it. Rachel lays her down when she’s done and starts cleaning her pussy with her
tongue. Melissa and Julia satisfied the shows over head to Melissa’s room with the strap-on.

Rachel climbs on top of me and rubs her pussy on my cock getting it hard again. Molly crawls
up and snuggles into my side and goes to sleep as her mom rides my cock to several orgasms.

When I wake in the morning molly is still sound asleep next to me. She wakes when I move.
“Are you going to fuck me again now” she asks with a smile.
“No my little fuck toy you need to wait and heal, I will tomorrow night before I leave” I say
and smack her on the ass.

She puts a little frown on her face.
“I can fuck your little ass though tonight” I say bringing a smile back to her face.

It’s 8 am so I head for the shower and get dressed. Joe leaves for the golf course at 9. I head
upstairs and Melissa and Julia are still in bed naked in each others arms. I walk over and
smack both their little butts.

“Get showered and dressed your moms waiting” I tell Julia with a smile then head to the
kitchen for breakfast.

Rachel smiles and kisses be as I sit down at the kitchen counter.

“Breakfast is almost ready baby” she says flipping a pancake into a plate.
“Any plans for today” she asks.

“We have to head back to Julia’s house, her mom needs a good fucking but I’m free after
that. Why you got something in mind” I tell her.

“I could use one of those myself” she says smiling at me and we both laugh.

Molly comes out naked and stands beside me.
“ I see you finally got your lazy butt out of bed” I say as my hand cups and squeezes her little
swollen pussy mound, She flinches and makes a little face.

“Is my little fuck toy’s pussy a little sore” I say chuckling at her reaction.
“No, a lot sore” she says smiling and we all laugh.

After breakfast me, Julia and Melissa head over to Julia’s house. It’s 9 am and Joe’s car is still
there, he should be gone by now I think walking in the door.

“No golf today Joe” I ask casually
“Yes, but Bob had an errand to run so our Tee time isn’t till 10:30” he tells me.

Well that sucks I think as I head down to the basement. I could have popped Molly’s anal
cherry this morning had I known I had an extra hour. I head down and open my laptop.
I got several emails but all just guys making lewd comments. I delete the pictures of the
girls and open the last email from the husband an wife.

Their names Jason and Jill and they sent several pictures and a phone number. Nothing nude
though which I found odd since they had a few nude photo’s on their profile. They want to meet
at a hotel room tonight which is odd as well most the people so far wanted a public meet to begin
with. I was careful not to post the girls faces or Julia’s age so I safe.

Figuring it a set up I set a meet for 8 pm tonight and send the email. I get an instant reply agreeing
to 8 pm making me even more suspicious.

Julia and Melissa where sitting at her desk surfing the web looking at my watch in had time to
kill. I dropped my shorts and pulled my shirt off and walked over behind them. Both girl turned
Back to look and my cock was hanging there at eye level. Julia just smiled and opened her

Melissa took my cock in her hand and placed it in Julia’s mouth. Melissa stood up and undressed
as Julia got my cock hard. She laid on the bed with her legs spread wide rubbing her little pussy.
My cock now hard I walk over and kneel between her legs and take a long slow lick of her pussy.

“I see you still have that peach fuzz I told you to shave off slut” I say.
Her eyes widen and she stutters out “I’m sorry I forgot”

“That’s ok” I say and roll her over on her belly.
“ Get up on all fours and tuck your knees to your chest, you’ll remember every time you sit down”

She complies with out hesitation. Julia is naked now and sitting next to her.
“Eat her ass and get it ready for some cock” I tell her.

She move behind her friend and begin licking her. Julia’s little ass is in the air so I slip in
behind her and slid my cock in to her wet little pussy. Well at least one good thing about
that strap on Julia’s pussy is always wet and I can fuck her hard with out it getting sore.

I fucked her hard and slow until I felt her pussy tighten around my cock then I fucked her
fast until she began moaning loud crying out “Oh god I’m cumming.”

After her body stopped trembling she moved and I got behind Melissa.
“Raise your ass slut till you feel my cock head on that little ass hole of your” I tell her

She looks back at me nervously as she raises her ass “Please, I’ll remember” she says.

I smile and press the head inside as it touches her anus. I push in several inches then grab
her hips with both hands and push in the rest of the way. She moans loudly, I smile thinking
to myself as I pound her ass hard. This is what she wanted that’s why she didn’t shave the
little slut. She’s moaning and fucking me back hard working on her second orgasm when
she fills my hot cum shooting deep into her bowls. She fucks me hard for a few more strokes
before she cries out in her own orgasm.

I look at my watch 10:15 Joe left at least 20 minutes ago and no Linda. I pull my cock from
Melissa’s ass and she quickly spins around and takes it into her mouth. Once it’s clean I smack
her butt and get dressed. Melissa gets back on all fours and looks over at Julia.

“Suck the cum from my ass slut” she tell her.

I laugh and head up stairs. Linda is cleaning the dishes in the kitchen so I walk over and
get a beer out the fridge and sit at the counter. She looks at me nervously.

“I can’t, and I won’t do what you want JJ” she says after build some courage.
“Ok” I say and take a drink of my beer.

She looks at me scared now.
“If you try anything I’ll talk to Joe and we’ll go to the cops” she blurts out.
“The cops, really why do you and Joe not like your life and want to spend time in jail” I reply

“Us, you’ll be the one in jail JJ” she snaps back.
“For what, I’m 16 and she’s 13 so it legal. However its not legal for you to allow us to freely
fuck under your roof. And the video of Julia eating your hairy pussy the other day well that’s
sex with a minor and incest. So shall I dial the police or would you like to cunt”

Tears begin to trickle down her face as she realizes I’m right.
“Well I’m not sleeping with you either way” she says in almost a whisper.
“I didn’t plan on sleeping, I was going to fuck all you holes raw” I say coldly.

I finish my beer and get up “I guess me, Julia and Melissa will be joining you for church
tomorrow” I say and walk out the door.

I head back down to the room and Julia and Melissa are cuddled up kissing. I take my clothes
off an head over to the bed and slide my hard cock back inside Melissa’s slimy little ass.
she just moans and wiggles her ass back getting the rest of it inside her.

We laid there for 20 minutes slowly fucking before we heard the knock on the door.

“Come in Linda” I yell.

She walks in and over to the bed, Her eyes are red and puffy from crying. She’s still sniffling
when she says “You win JJ just fuck me and get it over with”

“I don’t want you anymore slut. I’m sure I can find better at church tomorrow. I bet lots of your
friends at church have young daughters” I tell her and go back to fingering her daughter as
I fuck Melissa’s tight ass.

“No, please JJ just fuck me and be done with it” she cries.

“Well that option is gone, Now you have to make me want to fuck you” I say smiling.

“Anything, what do I have to do” she says begging

“Well I like my whores to be nasty little sluts so use your imagination. For starters you can strip”
I tell her.

She sniffles more but begins slowly taking her clothes of her hands shaking as she fumbled with
her bra. Her tits looked bigger once they were free and only showed a little sag very nice for a
40 year old woman. She had a nice round ass with wide hips a little extra padding on the hips
and a small pooch belly but still sexy.

She has big puffy pussy lips and a huge clit. Biggest one I’ve seen in my life at the time. She stands
there naked for a minute unable to look at us.
“Ok what now” she says softly.

“That’s up to you to decide, You have to make me want to fuck your old ass” I say adding the
last bit to humiliate her.

She does exactly what I figured she would next. She reaches across the bed and pulls her daughter
over and on her back and climbs on top of her straddling her face. Then bends over and starts eating
her pussy. I had a prefect view of her shaven pussy and that huge clit as Julia sucked and licked on

Watching them had turned me on but I wasn’t about to let Linda know and I quietly pumped Melissa’s
ass full of cum. Despite her reluctance to do this she begins moaning and grinding her pussy into
Julia’s face as she cums. She covers her daughters face in cum, Julia cums as well and Linda continues
licking up her cum.

After their both done Linda sits up and looks at me. I give her my best disinterested bored look. Which
brings a few tears out as she sits and thinks. Julia was getting into it at this point, I’m not sure if she
wanted to help or torture her mom but she grabbed the 12” strap on off the night stand and put it on.

“Put your ass right by JJ’s head and bend over mom” she says smiling and waving the 12” cock at
her mom. Linda had a horrified look on her face as she complied with her daughter. Julia lend over
and kissed me “I love you baby” she says then drives the cock hard into her moms cunt.

Linda screams out in pain trying to move forward to get the cock out of her but Julia has a death
grip on her hips and keep pounding into her without mercy. Eventually Linda give up the struggle
laying her head on the bed and sobs as her daughter fucks her to two orgasms.

My cock was hard again and I slipped it back inside Melissa’s sloppy ass. She just moaned and
kissed me then turned back to the show. Once Linda recovered Julia went and knelt in front her
and held the dildo to her lips.

“Suck it like the nasty whore you are mom” she say cruelly.

Linda looks up at her daughter and slowly opens her mouth. Julia smiles at her mother and bends
down and kisses her softly on the mouth. The touching moment faded quickly as Julia grabbed
The back of her head and shoved the dildo into her mouth. Linda cried and gagged for several
minutes as her daughter fucked her mouth.

Exhausted Julia removed the Strap-on and laid on the bed. Linda laid on her side in the fetal
position and cried. Melissa kisses me and slides off my cock and gets on all fours. Throw the
strap on at Linda.

“Come fuck my ass slut, But suck it clean first” she tells Linda. Linda slowly pulls herself up
puts it on the crawls over to Melissa. Julia slides over and puts her ass to me reaching back
and guiding it into her wet pussy. Melissa’s ass had 2 loads of cum inside it and it was gaping
from being fucked all morning. Her ass hole was gaping the size of a golf ball.

Linda leaned over and cover the hole with her lips and began sucking. She gagged and spit up
a large puddle of cum onto Melissa’s ass. She didn’t hesitate to suck it into her mouth. She
seen the look in my eye as she did and the light came on.

She leaned over and opened her mouth showing the cum on her tongue the roughly grabbed
Julia’s cheeks and squeezed until her mouth opened. Then she let the cum drool from her
mouth into her daughters as she stared me in the eyes.

She looked at me for another second then went back to sucking on Melissa’s ass.
This time no crying and she was making sure to slurp loudly and show me each
mouth full she sucked out.

Melissa had a surprise coming for Linda. I watched her stomach muscle contract
and relax during the whole thing. She was working it back in her bowl. Linda
was unaware that each load she showed me was darker and nastier.

The inevitable finally happen and as Linda sucked on Melissa’s ass she let out a
runny shit squirt in her mouth. The second squirt hit her face as she pulled away.
Linda was disgusted and gagging but her stomach really turned when her own
daughter licked her face clean.

Linda ran into the bathroom crying. It was about 10 minutes before she returned
and she had a look in her eye I liked. She had the strap-on and she went over and
Slapped Melissa on the ass.

“Up you little slut” she yells at her.

Linda gets behind her and grabs a hand full of her long red hair and pulls back hard
as she drives the 12” dildo into her ass. Linda was a new woman and she fucked
slapped and spanked Melissa until her ass was bleeding.

She rested for a minute then pushed Melissa’s limp broke body off the bed and grabbed
her daughter.
“Get on all fours slut” she says and slaps her across the face.

Julia screams ass her mom fucks her ass, begging her to stop. Linda just fucks her harder.
Julia doesn’t last nearly as long before her ass is bleeding as well. She shoves Julia’s limp
body to the floor and removes the dildo.

Getting on all fours she uses her pussy juice to lube her ass then looks at me. My cock was
rock hard and throbbing and she knew it.

“Well you going to fuck my old ass or what” she says.

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