Twin Japanese Nieces Pt2

The one true joy that comes to mind about my wife is that I know, without a doubt, that she truly does love me. The inspection of the twins had not caused any kind of animosity between us, if anything it drew us closer together. She knew that the girls would be waiting for me like they were, and she approved of the whole ordeal. As I slid my hand up the inside of her right leg and under her skirt I leaned over and kissed my wife on the cheek.

“You knew they would be waiting for me like that didn’t you?” I asked as I nuzzled her ear.

“Yes honey,” she replied while spreading her legs to give me access to her womanhood. When I plunged two fingers into her wet gash she sucked in her breath and turned to look at me. “And I’ll bet you are as hard as steel!” she replied while grabbing my engorged member through my pants.

“That’s only because of you. Why don’t you do something about that,” I responded.

My wife knows exactly how to push all of my buttons. Without saying a word she stood up from the couch and stripped. Of course that didn’t take very much effort because she does not ever wear panties, and she never wears a bra while she is at home. So with just a wiggle of her hips and a tug of her shirt my beautiful wife was completely naked. And even after having 2 kids she is still absolutely gorgeous! Her long black hair flowed down her back with just a small amount coming over her shoulder to tickle her right breast. Her slender curves made my mouth water as she gracefully moved around in front of me. She had worked really hard to lose the few extra pounds she had put on when she had Erin and Mark. And with her daily exercise routine for her pussy she was still just as tight as the first day I met her. But having the kids did allow for a few new tricks. For one, when she relaxes she is a lot bigger on the inside. With the aid of a little bit of lube I can fully insert my hand and fist my wife. It’s an interesting experience to see her pussy lips spread wide open with my wrist stuck inside her, but in all honesty I would rather have my dick in there. And now, instead of just 2 hardboiled eggs she can hold 4. It’s great for breakfast but hell on your cholesterol!

Now, fully nude, Kayko stood directly in front of me and spread her feet apart, giving me a great view of my favorite place, her pussy. To undo my pants she lowered herself in the most unladylike of ways, squatting down with her knees going out to either side of my legs. It’s great because she knows that spreading her pussy wide open like that only makes me harder. And Kayko definitely does like my hard dick stuck inside her. After a little unbuckle job of my belt and a few tugs of my pants, Kayko was guiding herself down on my steel hard man meat, slowly impaling herself on her man. A soft moan escaped her lips as her ass came to rest in my lap before she leaned forward and joined me in a passionate kiss. It’s amazing, after 12 years of marriage I could still feel the same passion and enthusiasm in that single kiss.

“I am so glad you are home,” she whispered to me in between kisses. “I miss you so much when you are away.”

“I know sweetie I miss you too. But I have to go because it’s my job.” After I said it, my statement seemed like the most lame ass excuse for being out of the house that I could have possible dreamed up.

“Maybe you could get some time off,” she responded while grinding her pussy further down on my shaft.

“I’ll see what I can do after this next trip on Monday,” I answered while squeezing her breasts.

Kayko rocked backward and threw her head back, letting out a very pleasurable moan. She clamped her pussy down hard on my cock and shook ever so slightly as a small orgasm rippled through her. Her hard little nipples dug into the palms of my hands as she trembled and rode out a nice and easy orgasm. As she sat back up I noticed her gaze was up high in the house, almost like she was looking at the ceiling. A small smile came across her face and then she shook her head no.

“What are you doing?” I asked as I did my best to turn around and see.

“We have an audience,” she responded in a quiet tone while placing her hands on my chest and grabbing on.

I was able to turn my head just far enough to see the two twins crouched down near the floor at the top of the stairs. Both were butt naked and they were both grinning big.

“Tell them to go to bed sweetie,” I instructed my wife as I pulled her down by her shoulders, forcing myself farther up into her. “This is our time.”

Kayko looked up at the two girls and spoke softly in Japanese. In an instant they were gone.

“What did you say?” I asked as I looked from the top of the stairs back to my wife.

She got this little sideways grin on her face and raised one eyebrow before replying playfully, “You’ll never know.” Then she locked herself to me with her arms and legs and began kissing me passionately while turning her pussy on to full speed. In that brief instant everything else just faded away. It was nookie time!

Kayko and I made love nice and slow on the couch for about an hour before I carried her upstairs to our room. It’s nice having a wife who is nice and light. With her legs and arms wrapped around me it was no trouble at all to get her into our bed. As the night waned into the early morning hours I fell asleep on top of, and inside, my wife. Kayko held me close as we both drifted off to dream land locked in an intimate embrace. Life is good.

The next morning I got up early knowing that it was going to be a long day. The first room I went to was Saki and Shiori’s. I figured they would probably need the most time to get ready due to the jet lag they were probably suffering. When I stepped into their room I was surprised to see both girls in the same bed laying pressed up against each other. They had the covers kicked off so both girls were laying there on their backs in all of their naked glory. But the real surprise was that each girl had one hand holding the others’ pussy. ‘At least they’re close,’ I thought to myself as I walked over to Saki’s bed.

“Wake up girls,” I said while nudging the nearest twin.

Slowly Shiori began to rouse awake, stretching her legs out stiff. Her movements caused Saki to also begin to rouse up, resulting in a similar action. When their eyes began to open, both girls smile up at me.

“Good morning uncle,” they both said sleepily.

“It’s time to get up,” I said while stepping back from the bed. “We have a busy day ahead.”

The two girls again stretched their arms and legs, doing their best to wake up. I will admit, they looked good. Both girls are slender for their age but proportioned nicely. Their thin legs open up just like Kaykos’ legs do just below their pussies, resulting in a nice wide gap which leaves their labia fully exposed. Both have long black hair which comes down to the middle of their back and short bangs in the front. Zero boobies. I mean ZERO! These girls’ chests are like the great plains, only miniscule little rolling hills. With their white skin any features they might have had vanished into obscurity.

“Get dressed and be ready for breakfast,” I said while heading for the door. “We will be in the kitchen.”

I pulled the door closed behind me and headed to my daughters’ room next. “Erin,” I said while knocking on the door and opening it at the same time, “it’s time to get up.”

My daughter, for as beautiful as she is, lives in an absolute pig sty. I had not been in her room for quite a while since I had been traveling so I got the shock of my life when I switched her light on. All kidding aside, it looked like a salvation army truck had backed up to the house and puked into her room! I stood with my mouth hanging open as I beheld the disaster. Clothes were all over the floor, the bed, and her desk. Her closet doors were wide open and everything inside was in complete disarray.

“Holy shit!” I said semi out loud. This is NOT how I raised my kids. “Erin!” I said louder while walking over to her bed. “What happened in here?!”

I pulled back her covers to reveal my nude daughter sleeping on her side, hoping that the cool air would help jar her into reality.

With her eyes just barely open she looked up at me. “What is it?” she asked while trying to grasp on to reality.

“This room is a wreck!” I exclaimed while turning around to resurvey the mess. “Clean this mess up before you come down to breakfast. I don’t want Saki or Shiori to see this!”

“But dad…” she started to say before I cut her off.

“But dad nothing!” I was starting to get a little pissed off. “Clean this room up now. I’ll be back in 15 minutes and I had better see a drastic change.”

With that said I headed out of her room and closed the door behind me. I think a little discussion with my wife was in order. A wreck like that is completely inexcusable. As I approached my sons’ room I could see his light on via the crack near the floor. I knocked once.

“You up buddy?” I asked while opening the door.

My son is the complete opposite of his sister. Everything in his room is neat and tidy. And for a 10 year old, that is saying a lot. From the organized office supplies on his desk, to his model cars and planes on his shelves, his room is the picture of perfection. As I looked in he was just finishing the task of fastening his shorts before putting his shirt on.

“We’re going to the city today,” I stated from my position in his doorway. “The twins need some things so I’m taking us to the big mall.”

“Do I have to go?” he asked while pulling his shirt down and tucking it into his pants.

“Why, what do you have planned?” I asked while leaning against the door jam.

Mark sat down in his chair to put his socks on when he replied. “Eric and I were planning on just messing around today down by the creek. His dad has given us some material so we were planning on making a fort.”

“Where down by the creek? On our side?” I asked while contemplating his request.

“You know where the big oak is that has all of the short scrub around it?” he asked while doing his best to explain.

“The whole lot is like that back there,” I retorted while trying to envision exactly where he was talking about.

“The one next to the ravine and the big rock,” he stated, “down in the right corner of our lot.”

I knew where he was talking about now. It’s probably the most secluded spot on our property, a good 100 yards from the house and down a little embankment in a moderate grove of thick trees. A small ravine heads from the front of our property parallel to our property line till it reaches the creek in the back. The ravine is maybe 10 feet deep at its deepest point and maybe 25 feet wide at its widest. It’s the drain ditch for the road when it rains. When it gets to the back of the property it opens up at the creek with a nice wide flat area adjacent to the bank and a huge boulder that had been deposited there after the last ice age. That rock must be a good 7 or 8 feet tall where it sticks up out of the ground, and it’s probably 12 feet in diameter. And that’s just the part that is above ground. The big oak sits just slightly up the bank from the rock and is surrounded by a bunch of scrub brush and thorns. It’s actually a good spot for a fort. If I was his age, that is where I would want to be.

“Alright,” I said. “But be sure to bring plenty of water with you. It’s like standing on the sun outside and I don’t want you falling out from the heat.”

“Thanks dad,” he responded with a smile as he stood up and headed in my direction.

“Just be careful with whatever tools you use and put them back where you found them when you are done.” I said in a stern but fatherly voice.

“I will dad.” And he slipped past me and headed down stairs.

My son is a good kid, and he is incredibly mature for his age. I guess having to be the man around the house instilled some confidence in him. Add to that the fact that his IQ is well above ‘normal’ for a kid his age and I have wound up with a very smart young man. Now if only a little of that would rub off on his sister.

As I walked back up the hallway I could hear Erin cleaning her room. I felt good that I only had to ask her once. The actual reason is that she knows I will take her cell phone and play station away from her for a week if she does not comply. In any case her room was getting cleaned. When I reached the twins room the door was wide open and Kayko was inside with the girls. They were both standing like they had been last night when I came up to check on them; straight legged, bent at the waist, and pussies spread wide open and completely nude. Only this time they were side by side. Kayko was standing behind them with her left index finger in her mouth and her right index finger twisting back and forth inside Saki.

“Do they taste good?” I asked while stepping into the room and walking up to the trio. I extended my finger and stuck it inside the now vacant Shiori and twisted my wrist back and forth before pulling it out and sucking the juice off.

Kayko turned her head to look at me with her finger still in her mouth but sporting a smile. “Yes they do,” she replied while pulling her left finger out of her mouth and replacing it with the one she had just pulled out of Saki.

“So who is going to check you out,” I queried with a shit eating grin on my face as I stepped up right behind my wife. “After all, fair is fair.”

“Be my quest,” she replied before bending over at the waist.

I have, and still do, love the fact that my wife does not own a single pair of panties. Taking a knee behind my petite little bride I raised the back of her skirt to expose her sweet gash. It was not at all surprising that I saw the black wire for the remote controlled egg sticking out from between her lips. This was probably the 10th or 11th one that I had purchased for her over the years, and it had become commonplace for her to go out while carrying one inside her. But it still had the same effect on me. My cock began swelling just from the sight of my wife’s beautiful ass, let alone knowing that she had something in there.

“Can we see?” I heard the twins ask in unison.

“Come here girls,” I responded. The two girls scurried around to where I was and stood wide eyed looking at my wife’s beautiful pussy. “This is what a well maintained pussy looks like,” I said as I reached up and grabbed the short black wire.

Kayko spread her feet apart and stuck her ass out proudly. Both girls gasped as I pulled the wire and the pink egg slowly emerged from inside my wife. It was already covered in my wife’s cream and it made a slight squishing sound as it exited her body. When the egg was free from its confines I brought it to my mouth and sucked it clean, much to the amazement of the twins.

“What is that?” Saki asked as the egg popped out of my mouth.

“This is how I find your aunt when we are out,” I replied as I handed the egg to the curious girl. “I have a special button I push and this lets your aunt know that I need her.”

Without any hesitation or fear Saki spread her feet apart and brought the egg down to her crotch. I knew there was no way she was going to get it inside her, her pussy is so tight I almost need a crowbar just to get my finger into her. But it was interesting to see the young girl push on the egg and try to fit it in. She pushed and pushed but it would not go in more than half an inch. Hell, the damn thing was as big around as a golf ball.

“Let me try,” said Shiori, reaching for the egg.

Again, same kind of effort with almost the same result. Only Shiori was able to get a little more inside than her sister.

“Later girls,” came Kaykos’ voice, “Right now watch your uncle.”

That was my queue to quit messing around and accomplish the task at hand. Extending my index finger I plunged into my wife’s pussy, stopping only when my knuckles came to rest against her crotch. I gave my finger a few twists before pulling it out and then adding my middle finger. When I pushed my fingers back in this time Kayko began squeezing them with her muscles. I twisted my fingers all around inside my wife until I got several small moans from her. She seemed to really be enjoying this.

“Now girls,” I said while pulling my fingers out of my wife, “This is a clean pussy.”

I held my middle finger up to Saki who quickly closed her mouth over it and sucked all of my wife’s cum from it. I then held my index finger out to Shiori who did the same. Both girls swirled their tongues around my fingers like small tornadoes. As I felt my cock straining against my pants from all of the commotion I could not help to think what their cock sucking skills would be like in a few years. With my fingers clean I replaced the egg at my wife’s pussy and pushed it in.

“You’re good,” I said to my wife as I stood up.

“I know,” she replied with a sigh and a chuckle as she straightened out her skirt.

“What about me?” I heard from the doorway. “Don’t I get checked out too?”

I turned around to see Erin standing in the middle of the door with her arms crossed. Apparently she had finished cleaning her room and had come to see how things were going with the twins. My guess is she felt a little left out since the twins were getting some ‘extra’ attention, and possibly she didn’t want the twins to think she was excluded from a daily inspection. I looked at Kayko who just gave a small nod yes.

“Ok sweetie,” I responded while resuming a knee next to the twins, “Come over here.”

My daughter wasted no time at all. In a flash she crossed the room and stopped right in front of me. Lifting her skirt to her hips and spreading her feet apart she bent over at the waist to expose her lightly furred pussy into clear view. This was the first time I had seen my daughters’ pussy this close in a rather long time. The last time had been when she was 7 and had shoved some of my sons’ marbles inside herself. It was quite an ordeal, to say the least. It took me and Kayko almost 20 minutes to dig the 8 or 9 marbles out that she had inserted resulting in her cherry being broken.

Extending my right index finger I slowly pushed it into my daughter. She’s tight. Not quite as tight as Shiori, and definitely not as tight as Saki, but tight none the less. I pushed until my knuckles came to rest against her labia, the full length of my finger now completely inside her. Erin let out a little moan as I twisted my finger back and forth inside her just like I had done to the twins. I was actually a little surprised as to how wet she was when I pulled my finger out. It almost reminded me of when I have Kayko really worked up. She will cream all over my finger and taste like heaven. I stuck my finger in my mouth. Wow! She tasted good. Just like her mother.

“You’re good,” I said as I stood up.

Erin stood up and straightened out her skirt. “Thanks dad.”

“Girls get dressed,” Kayko ordered, and the two twins bolted to their closet. “I’ll see you down stairs,” she added with a kiss and a smile before turning to help the twins get ready.

As I headed out the door I caught up with Erin in the hallway. “Sweetie,” I queried as she stopped in the hall and turned to face me, “What was that all about?”

She looked up at me with a small smile on her face and replied, “You and mom check out the twins, so why should I be any different?”

I was at a loss. Her logic had caught me completely off guard and I was unprepared to give any kind of thought out answer. It did make sense, she is a girl living in the same house as the twins, but we had not made her do anything like this unless she had shown an interest. As for the twins, Hirito had decided that this was something necessary and had been doing this to his girls since they were very small. So to them this was a commonplace thing. As for Erin, this was all new and she had handled it rather well.

Looking down at my beautiful girl I put an arm around her and we started toward the kitchen. “Well you did a good job honey,” I said, rewarding her for her actions. “Let’s go get some breakfast.”

End Pt2

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