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Part 2 of 3..
Laura, a.k.a. The Little Nympho

Chapter 11

( Babysitting Katie)
Part 2

At about 10, I woke up with Katie jumping on the bed saying something about sleeping till noon just like all teen-agers. I hit her with a pillow and nearly knocked her off the bed. She was still in her sleep shirt and I was still in my nighty with nothing on under it.

She rebounded and smacked the shit out of me with one of the pillows and I growled you little brat, and the pillow fight was on. We pounded the shit out each other for a few minutes giggling and swinging till one of the pillows broke open and scattered feathers all over the place.

I fell back and Katie fell on top of me giggling and kissing me on the cheek and said. 'I love having you as my baby-sitter even though I'm not a baby anymore." I patted her on the head and said, 'Go and hunt down the vacuum cleaner and start sucking up all these feathers before your mom gets home or we'll both have to run like hell.

While your doing that I'll get some breakfast going." 'Why do I gotta clean this up?" Katie protested. 'You started the pillow fight." I smacked on her bare bottom and got up to take a shower.

I took a quick shower and when I came out, Katie had the vacuum turned on and was chasing down feathers. I left the room and headed down stairs to the kitchen. Just as I got there the phone rang. It was Lana.

'Laura, I really hate to do this to you, but could you possibly watch Katie just one more night. 'I don't know Lana I've got a lot of home work to do when I get home and the cloths I got on are getting a little gamey." I said.

'Sweetie, I know it's asking a lot and I will give you a real healthy bonus if you could, please?" 'How big a bonus, Lana?" I asked. Would 2 hundred be big enough?" Lana asked.

My eyes went wide, Are you serious?" 'Sure kiddo, you and Katie are getting along alright aren't you?" 'Ya, we're getting along real good." I answered. 'So, can you do it?" 'Well I haven't seen my boyfriend in two day's and I'm wondering if he might be chasing other girls in my absence."

'You can invite him over to the house, but if you two are gonna make out and stuff just wait till Katie's in bed before it gets too heated, O.K.?" 'Alright Lana, I'll do it." I responded. 'Oh, thank you sweetie, and I promise I will make it up to you. We'll be home sometime Sunday after-noon.

'Oh By the way you can barrow some of my things to wear while you wash your stuff. Feel free to use the laundry in the basement if you want. Will that work?" Lana asked. 'Sure Mrs. B." I responded. 'O.K. good, we'll see Ya tomorrow afternoon. Thank you, Bye." The phone went dead.

I was flipping eggs when Katie bounded into the kitchen in her new two piece swimming suit to see if I liked it and if I thought it looked good on her. It was kind of big on her and the panties were real loose.I cautioned her. 'You might not wanna dive into a pool for awhile. The bottoms might slide right off and you wouldn't know it till you started to get out of the water."

Then I told her that her mom called and said they wouldn't be home till tomorrow afternoon. She did a fake frown and then grinned. And asked, 'You think that maybe we could take another bath together again?"

She wiggled her eye brows. 'You are a little perv ain't you?" 'No, I just like it, a lot." I leaned over and whispered. 'Ya, me too. We'll see how the day goes, O.K.?"

As we were eating, Katie said, 'You should see if one of Ma's bikinis might fit you so we can lay out in the sun for awhile." 'Well, your Ma said I could wear some of her things while I washed my clothes but she never said anything about her bikinis."

'Oh, go on and try one. She's got this one that's so small that she may as well be naked." I had to giggle at that one. Katie looked at me with a weird look on her face and grinned, 'It's kind of embarrassing to be on the same beach she's on. All the guys, young or old just stare and drool."

I giggled louder. 'Your Mom is a hot looking woman, Katie. And real soon you are going to be just as hot looking." 'Ya, but I intend to be just a little more reserved about it. Ma would walk around naked if wasn't against the law." Katie responded. I leaned over and whispered. 'That could be what they're doing right now, Katie." 'Ewwe, really?" She grimaced.

'Although, I could see her doing something like that. She walks around here half naked most of the time anyway." Katie confessed. 'I'll bet your dad looks pretty good naked." 'Oh Laura please, that's gross." Katie said wrinkling her nose.

'Come on kiddo, your gonna try and tell me you never once wondered what he looked like, and just how big his 'thing' is?" I teased. Katie started a fake heave. 'Your lying, every little girl on this planet has thought about that at least once. And a lot, especially if they're little pervs like you." I said tickling her in the ribs. 'Laura, you being mean." Katie faked a pout.

I whispered in her ear, 'I thought about my daddy, a lot, when I was younger then you are now." I whispered. 'Really?" Katie responded. 'And I even tried to sneak a peak when ever he was in the shower or changing clothes."

'Really?" Katie asked, her eyes getting bigger. 'Sure did, in fact I hid in his closet one time while he was taking a bath, because I knew he'd be in his room getting dressed."

'Well?" Katie asked. 'Well, I got an eye full, and it was a lot bigger then I thought it would be." Katie just stared in disbelief. 'And your calling me a perv?" She giggled and I giggled and we hugged. Then I said, 'It takes one to know one." and jabbed her in the ribs again and ran out of the room and up the stairs with Katie hot on my heals.

I headed to the master bedroom and Katie jumped on my back just as I landed on the bed. She started tickling me and I tickled back till we were both crying uncle.

As I lay there breathing real heavy Katie got up and opened a drawer and pulled out the skimpiest bikini I've ever seen and held it up. 'See, I told you there ain't much to it." I pulled the nighty over my head and stood Buck naked in the middle of the room trying to figure out how to get what little there was of it on.

When I finally got it on, there wasn't much to it. About three inches covered each nipple and about 4 inches barely covered my pussy. But my tits and ass did look smokin in that thing. We went down stairs again and I told Katie to go on out and set up some lounges and I'd be out in a minute.

Katie headed out and I got on the phone and called Keith. It was before noon so I knew he'd still be at home, maybe.

'Hay baby, good your home." I perked up. 'Ya, where the hell are you, kiddo? I've been missing the shit out of you." Keith responded. 'I'm still baby sitting preppy, and have I got some news for you." I said. 'Ya, I'll bet you do." Keith answered. 'What are you doing right now?" I asked. 'Talking to you on this phone, why?" Keith retorted.

'Cause I gotta sit this kid another day and I'm so fucking horny, I can't see strait." I whined. 'Poor baby." Keith retorted. 'Preppy, please come over here and fuck the shit out of me. If you do, I'll turn you on to a little surprise." 'Ya, like what?" he asked. 'Can't say over the phone but I know damned well you gonna like it." I said.

'Alright, let me get a shower and I'll be over in about an hour." 'Thanks Sweetie, you won't be disappointed I promise." I hung up the phone. Then I went out to get some sun with Katie.

About an hour later we heard the door bell. 'That's probably Keith, my boyfriend." I mentioned. Katie jumped up and ran off yelling, 'I'll get it." Katie opened the door and there stood Keith in a pair of loose cut offs and sneakers with his t-shirt in his hand.

Katie saw his muscles shinning in the sun light and her knees went weak. Wide eyed and swallowing hard she choked out, 'Can I help you?" 'Hi there, I'm looking for Laura, is she here?" 'Ooohh Ya." Katie responded grinning from ear to ear.

She took Keith by the arm and walked him through the living room to the kitchen where I was, and she stopped him at the door. Keith's eyes and grin went wide as he saw me. then Katie said, 'Laura, your lovers here." 'Keith, this is Katie. Katie, the guy you don't wanna let go of, is my boyfriend, Keith."

Katie turned loose long enough to shake his hand and grabbed his arm again and said. 'Laura, this guy is such a hunk." I looked at Keith and he was looking at me in that skimpy bikini. 'So, Just what are you ladies up to this afternoon?" he asked.' Just about anything you want, big guy." Katie cooed while rubbing Keith's bicep up and down.

'Katie here is just starting to get real interested in boy's, baby. That's why she's being a little too friendly." I said, looking her in the eye. Katie pouted a little. 'I thought you said we could have a little fun with him."

'We’ve got all afternoon sweetie." I responded. I pulled her off of him and kissed her on the forehead then I leaned in and kissed Keith deep on the lips. Katie piped up. 'If you two are gonna make out, can I watch?" she grinned.

'You, can go back out side and get some more sun while I talk with Keith for a minute. I haven't seen him in a couple of day's and would like to do a little catching up, if you don't mind."

Katie huffed, 'It was real nice meeting you Keith." She smiled real big. 'I'll be out side all by my self, when you two get all caught up." With that Katie slid the door closed as she left.

Keith just stood there and asked. 'What the hell is going on, Laura?" 'You just met her. Isn't she the cutest thing." I ran my hands up his chest and reached up to kiss him full on the lips. 'Precious." He replied. Kissing me real good and passionately.

Keith reached down and sank his middle finger deep into my sopping pussy as I unzipped his shorts. Out sprang the thing I was needing most. Tall, proud, throbbing, and dripping the pre-cumm juice I loved more then maple syrup. I sank to my knees and sucked down every inch of my mans meat.

I sucked till he was on the verge, and then stood up. I propped one leg up on a stool and jutted my nearly naked ass at my lover. Keith pulled bikini thong to one side and rammed in all 8 inches in one long hard stoke, causing me groan out real loud. 'Ooohh fuck that’s what I neeeeded." I groaned.

About six strokes into it I looked toward the sliding glass door and saw Katie peaking into the kitchen through the partially open door. I was so fucking horny that I didn't give a shit. I just threw my head back as stroke number 24 started a long, continuous, non stop toe curler.

For the next three minutes I quivered and shivered and bucked back hard against Keith's ramming hard dick. Cumming over and over as his balls were slapping my clit with every thrust. Every time his balls slapped my clit it sent a shiver up my spine.

I looked up at Katie who now her right hand under the panties of her bikini and rubbing her pussy really hard and fast, looking me dead in the eye as I was cumming and cumming, again and again, hard on my lovers raging boner.

Keith then spun me around hooked a leg in each elbow and began to pound my sopping wet, smoldering little pussy with long hard strokes. It was all I could do to balance myself on that stool my ass was rocking on. Keith looked up in time to see Little Katie bucking and quivering hard on her own hand and let out a long low groan.

Keith pulled out and showered my titties and belly with wad, after wad, after wad, after wad, of hot steaming cumm. He looked up at the back door again and saw the wide grin on Katie's slack-eyed face as he hosed me down with a little more cock juice.

I was panting and quivering. Keith was huffing and puffing as we held on to each other for a while. Then Keith went to the down stairs bathroom to clean up and I went to the upstairs bathroom to clean up.

When I was finished I opened the door to find Katie standing there leaning against the wall. 'I couldn't help it Laura. I came back to get a soda and, there you were. And it was so hot watching, I hope your not mad at me for watching." 'Oh sweetie, I'm not mad, it kind of turned me on letting you watch." I hugged her tight.

'Then would you be mad if I told you something?" She asked 'Of course not baby girl you can tell me anything." I whispered. 'Keith is so hot and so good looking. Do you think that maybe since you and me are kind of like lovers, that maybe you could let him teach me what to do with a boyfriend, when and if I ever get one?"

'Gee sweetie, you really got the hots for my boyfriend don't you?" 'I'm sorry, but I just can't help it." I hugged her again real tight and whispered. 'I think he would be the right kind of guy to teach you everything you need to know about how to please you boyfriend, if you ever get one."

I kissed her lightly on the lips and wiped away the two tears that were running down her cheeks. 'Now go get changed into your nighty and Keith and I will order a pizza for supper. And then, we can start your 'How to please a boy' lessons." I said softly.

'Laura, I think I love you." Katie whispered. 'Your like the best bigsister I could ever have." She pecked me on the cheek and dashed off to her room…

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