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I get myself a best friend
Sometimes, it takes time to realize what we have really been through, and acknowledge how it could forever be a part of our lives. This story is a continuation of Part 10, and as always, I recommend you read my previous stories to fully grasp what is going on at this point of my life.

I laid in bed that night, listening to my mom moaning and screaming in her room, getting fucked by Bill, and some other guy I didn't know. I was too tired to try watching what was going on. My pussy, ass, and even throat were sore, I didn't want to be walking around, I felt like I had no energy. I loved the sound of my mom's screams and moans, they turned me on, and I could just imagine what they would do for men. I could clearly make up the words, "Fuck me daddy", I loved the way that sounded. I imagined myself being in that room watching my mom, watching her get fucked. Then I imagined being mom, having those two men use me as they pleased. I was masturbating by this time. Thoughts filled my head of Juan and his dad as they raped me. It was my fault, I put myself in that situation, I gave myself willingly, and I didn't even fight back, I let them do what they pleased. I didn't even know how to fight back, mom had never done it, and I laid there and let them have whatever they wanted from me, just like mom. It felt horrible at the time, but it got me hot immediately as I masturbated. I felt like my mom, like I was a toy that had been used. I felt beneath men, like they could have me when they pleased and as they pleased. I knew my place in this world, I knew I was a whore like my mom. I masturbated furiously, listening to mom's screaming, imagining myself getting violated. I orgasmed to thoughts of being violated, feeling bad and good about it, at the same time.

I woke up the next morning completely naked, with my own hand on my vagina. I fell asleep masturbating, and my first thought waking up were of masturbating. My throat was sore and dry, my pussy was wet and sore inside and out, my anus was also really sore, and I felt like a big space had been opened inside of me. I got up to walk to the restroom, and found out it was a painful experience. I had to walk with my legs open. It hurt to swallow my own saliva. All these pains increased when I used the restroom, it was like fire coming out, it made me cry. I got ready for school, I put on a loose skirt to prevent any further irritation, and didn't even wear underwear. Mom was waiting for me to drop me off, she had a loose skirt on herself, which made me wonder if it was for the same reason. I quickly found out my voice was gone, and it hurt to speak. Mom took it as a sign I might be getting sick, and stuffed me with cold medicine that I painfully swallowed down. School went by mostly normal, I hanged out with Tyler, saw my friends, including Amanda who mentioned nothing of what happened to the other girls. As Amanda and I were walking to one of our classes by ourselves:
Amanda,"How are you, feeling any better?"
Me,"Yeah, I am sore all over, but I am fine. Did Juan say anything about me, does he still like me?"
I did not love Juan by any means, but I loved the attention he gave me sexually, and I was a little afraid he didn't want me anymore. I needed someone to practice my man pleasing skills on.
Amanda,"of course he likes you, he kept talking of what a good whore you are, but dad told him to leave you alone a few days."
Me,"what, why."
Amanda,"I don't know, he says they pushed you enough already, and you need a small break, or something like that."
It hurt to walk, so I had to open my legs a bit as I walked, enough to where it was a tolerable pain, but closed enough to not let anyone notice. We were walking upstairs at this point, and some wind blew my skirt up. I reached down and pulled it back down. I looked up and Amanda had not noticed.
Amanda,"Dad told me to tell you that you are welcome at our house anytime you want."
I looked down and saw two kids staring straight up from under the stairs, between the gaps on them. I didn't realize what they were looking at, but there eyes were fixed on me. I paid attention, and one made eye contact, his eyes came up to meet mine, they had been looking up my skirt, and it hit me I wasn't even wearing underwear. I quickly reached down to try to cover myself, and noticed a few boys walking behind us staring at my ass. They all smiled when they saw I noticed. I hurried Amanda up the stairs and sighed with relief as we made it to the covered ground.
Amanda,"are you ok."
Me,"yeah, I am ok, tell your dad I will visit as soon as I can, gotta go to class, see you later."
Throughout the rest of the day, I noticed a few boys and even girls tryind to look up my skirt. I guess word got around that I was not wearing any underwear, or maybe they did notice I walked funny, and I felt embarrased. To top it off, Mr. Anderson rearranged our seating chart, and it just so happened I had to sit in the desk right in front of him. He called me up to the board multiple times, staring at my legs as I got up, and my ass as I walked away. After he was done with his lesson, he gave us a quick quiz, which I did while he held up a newspaper pretending to read it, but I could see his eyes looking past it into my legs. I wondered if he was just being his perverted self, or if he had seen what happened on the stairs. When the bell rang for the end of class, I walked straight out the door, Mr. Anderson called me back. I walked towards him, as his eyes moved up and down on my body.
Mr. Anderson,"You did ok, on the test, but you are a bright girl, and I know you can do better, take these books and study them, and you will score high on every test, I hope you know you are my favorite student."
He handed me 2 heavy books which I had to carry in my arms, since my backpack was already full.
Me,"thank you."
Mr. Anderson,"you are bright, and will do great things someday, I want to bring out the best in you. Let me know if you need after school classes or anything I can do to help."
Me,"I will, thank you."
I walked away feeling his eyes glued on my ass. I walked out and noticed there was a bit of a boys crowd waiting underneath the stairs. On top of that, there was a bit of wind, and I would not be able to pull my skirt down if it climbed up. I didn't know what to do. I had to make it downstairs and get ready for Mr. Lopez' class, my favorite class. I decided I would be late, when he came up behind me.
Mr. Lopez,"ready for class."
Me,"umm yeah."
Mr. Lopez,"something wrong."
Me,"umm no."
Mr. Lopez,"oh I see, here, I'll help you with those books, let's hurry up, it's almost time."
He took my books and we walked downstairs together, the boys stared straight up at me, but I would not waste this chance to hang with Mr. Lopez. So I just walked casually, letting them stare all they wanted, I didn't care.
His class brought a unique problem also, I could not change without other girls seeing I didn't have underwear on, and my pantyline would always show, eveyone would notice it wasn't there. I told Mr. Lopez I was sick, which worked well with my sore throat and raspy voice as evidence. During lunch, everyone made fun of how Mr. Anderson liked me. I was more embarrased that eveyone noticed. Both Amanda and Shawna would not drop the subject, and later on, neither would Tyler. Seemed like eveyone in school knew about it. By the end of the day, I was more than ready to make it home. Juan was not waiting for me that day. I waited at my pickup spot, and a car approached and rolled down it's window screaming my name in a girl's voice.
Tanya,"your mom is working, she sent me to pick you up."
I loved Tanya, the beautiful skinny and big assed hispanic from porn. She made my day a whole lot better. I jumped in the car with her and we hugged each other.
Tanya,"your mom is gonna be busy until nightime, so lets go do some girl stuff."
We went to the Mall, Tanya had a black tank top and tight grey sweatpants on, they were tight on her big ass, and I could clearly see her thong. She was so hot. Everywhere we walked, she had men staring at her. She was the only woman I had ever seen get the same attention from men that mom got.
Tanya,"let me know if you like anything, try things on and I will buy them for you."
I loved this girl. She was a serious shopper, she would try on about every item on every store. She tried on shirts, skirts, pants, shoes, shorts, hats, you name it. Everything look good on her. On top of that, she kept having me try on different things also, and buying me anything she tought looked good on me. We went into a sports store, and she got a few tight shorts for me to try on. I walked in to the dressing room, and she walked in right behind me and sat down. I didn't want her to see I wasn't wearing any underwear, so I started sliding into the shorts on leaving my skirt on.
Tanya,"don't be shy girl, your gonna be trying lots of stuff on, here, I'll help you take it off."
She pulled off my skirt and stared at my ass a bit, I felt embarrassed to not be wearing any underwear. I tried to hurry and put the shorts on.
Tanya,"I see you have discovered how good it feels to not wearing panties, but you need to wear thongs, you can easily get and infection walking around like that. Has your mom gotten you thongs yet?"
Tanya,"ok, we can go shopping for thongs today, forget this."
She put my skirt back on, and we ran to a Victoria's Secret. She grabbed all sorts of sexy things, bras, tongs, corsets, baby dolls, everything looked awesome. She stripped real sexy for me, saying that is how she did it for her husband. We both laughed, but I was turned on by her perfect body. She looked better than the models. If she had mom's boobs, she would be the perfect woman. I suppose if mom had her ass, she would be perfect also. They could blend together and make the best shaped woman on the planet. Tanya wore a B cup, so she still looked good. I was really turned on watching her model all those sexy things for me. She would do different sexual things for me as she modeled. She put on a sexy thong and push up bra;
"Pablo(tanya's husband) is gonna see me wearing this and he is gonna fuck my ass." She bent over in front of me and opened her ass with her hands, pushing it into my pelvis, and bouncing it up and down. She turned back towards me as her ass bounced,"fuck me daddy." I loved how that sounded. I had never seen an ass like hers. I could see she had a few bruises and bite marks, I wondered if that was from her husband. I was wet immediately. She then tried on a babydoll and thong.
"This is good for riding." She opened her legs and sat on top of me like she was riding me, moving back and forth, putting her tits on my face. We both laughed as she moaned, "yeah fuck me." I was on fire. She tried on a red one piece which looked like a bikini, and said,"this is good for getting titty fucked and sucking dick." She got on her knees in front of me, hel her tits up and close together, and pushed them on my pelvis, and then made gagging sounds ans she bounced her face right above my pussy." We both laughed. She continued trying different things on.
Tanya,"your turn."
I started taking off my clothes.
Tanya," you have to make it sexy."
She grabbed my hips and swerved them from side to side. We both laughed. I tried on different thongs and bras, which the bras were probably as small as they come. I had no boobs at ten, but the thongs fit really well. Tanya would have me model for her, and grope my ass with every new thong. I was used to how touchy she was from last time.
Tanya,"you are a hot little bitch".
I kept getting more and more turned on, i was lucky Tanya was piling up everything to buy it, I was leaving wet marks on all the thongs I was trying on. I took off one of my thongs, as Tanya groped my ass, and I felt her fingers reach into my pussy. I felt her fingers getting soaked wet. I pulled away a bit.
Tanya,"does it turn you on also?"
She licked her fingers and pushed them between my legs again. She looked amazing, on her knees in front of me. I wished I was a guy so I could fuck her. I felt pain as she pushed her fingers deep into my pussy. I pushed her hand away gently. She stared up, looking beautiful. We stood in silence about 2 seconds, then we both laughed.
We walked out of the store with a bunch of bags. We went into the restroom and I changed into one of the bra and thong sets she bought me. We went to eat at the mall's food court, and Tanya had everyone's attention. She swinged her hips from side to side, telling me to do the same. We had a few guys following us. We both laughed. We continued shopping a bit before heading over to her house.
We were sitting by the pool at her house, as I wore a new thong bikini she had just bought me. She wore one of her mini thongs and bra.
Tanya asked,"Have you had sex yet?"
Me,"mmm, what."
Tanya,"oh come on, you can tell me, just girl talk."
Me,"well mmmm, yes."
Tanya,"oh my god, I knew it. I could feel it in you. I want to know all about it. With your boyfriend, there is no way. Probably an older kid right?"
Me,"ummm yeah."
Tanya,"you cheating little whore! Just messing with you. So tell me about this guy."
Me,"ummm, an older kid from school, we ummm, well..."
Tanya,"how long have you been having sex."
Me,"like a week,...maybe, mmm."
Tanya,"and you're sore right, I saw you squirm when I fingered you, did he fuck you hard?"
Me,"well ummm yeah, i guess."
Tanya was smiling and laughing the whole time.
Tanya,"wow, have you sucked his dick."
Me,"uh oh, mmm yeah."
Tanya,"oh my god, he pushed it down your throat, thats why your voice is so raspy. You little slut. Did he fuck your butt yet?"
Me," mmm uhhhh no."
Tanya,"you are lying, he did didn't he."
Tanya,"oh my god, you are a little whore like your mom, that's why you are walking all weird. But don't feel bad, us girls have necessities you know, I lost my virginity at 11, to a much older guy. He was really big and gave it to me rough, I was sore for like a week. Just make sure he is wearing protection, you don't want to get pregnant. So, how did it happen?"
I told her about meeting a guy after school for sex, but left out the rest of the story. She began massaging my body as I told her the story. By the time I was done telling her, she had a finger inside of me. She held me by the hand and said,"follow me."
She walked me over to her room, layed me in her bed, and began kissing me as she pushed her fingers inside of me. She pushed her tongue inside my mouth, and and gently moved her finger inside of me.
Tanya,"Now that you know the pleasures of a man, I want to show you the pleasures of a woman. You probably don't know it, but I showed your mom what a woman can do, now I want to show you."
I was soaked wet, my body on fire. She stroked me inside with her finger, and my clit with the palm of her hand, while she continued kissing me. She pulled my thong completely off, and began kissing the outer lips of my pussy. It felt amazing. She pushed her toungue inside, licking up and down, then back up to my clit. She did this many times, it was pure pleasure. I looked down a bit, and saw her face buried in my pussy, with her big ass up in the air, like asking to get fucked. Then she did circles with her toungue around my clit, as she used her hands to rub my body. It was like heaven. I could only imagine how good it would be to won her and be able to fuck her every day. I thought back to the time she told mom her husband fucked her in the as every day, I could see why. She had such a perfect ass, I wanted to spank her, to eat her, to fuck that ass. She continued her attack on my pussy, but I didn't have any pain, she was an expert, she knew exactly what I needed. I was moaning. My body was burning, and I could feel my pussy gushing fluids. I felt my body tensing up, and could not breahe, my hands grabbed a pillow and my body exploded in pleasure. I orgasmed hard. She placed her entire mouth covering my pussy, receiving my orgasm. I could feel her eating me, digging deep with her toungue, I could feel her cleaning my insides. She licked a bit more, and I began feeling sensitive. She licked me inside again and moved up to my face.
Tanya,"did you like that."
Tanya,"I know, I am the best."
We both laughed a bit, then she pushed her lips against mine, and I felt her pushing fluids into my mouth, she was feeding me my own pussy.
Tanya,"taste it, how do you like it."
Me,"its good."
Tanya smiled,"good, now part two."
She layed down and took off her thong. She pulled my head between her legs. I didn't know what to do. I just stuck my thong out and began licking.
Tanya laughing,"hold on, I will show you, stick you toungue out a bit more past you lips."
I did that.
Tanya,"now come here."
She pulled my toungue to her clit, and began moving her hips in a circular motion. I could feel her clit with my toungue. She began moaning. She began moving faster and faster, her thick legs spread on both sides of my head, her wide hips moving up and down. She was beautiful. She groped her own breasts with one hand, as she used the other to hold my head in between her. It must be amazing having this woman as a whore, her husband was a lucky man.I began feeling her liquid on my chin, so I went down a bit more to taste it. She tasted really good. Her body tensed immediately while I ate her. She tasted good, I continued eating as she used her hand to rub her clit. More and more fluid came, and I licked it up as fast as I could. she moaned and thrusted her hips upward. She covered my face in her sweet juice. She orgasmed and gasped for air. She caught her breath, looked at me, then laughed.
Tanya,"not bad for a first time right."
Me smiling,"no."
She got up on her knees and kissed me passionately, like mom. She then began licking my face, cleaning her own fluids. She was so hot. She then kissed me again.
Tanya,"I'm gonna do you again."
She layed me down, as the doorbell rang.
Tanya,"oh shit, must be your mom."
We hurried and got dressed, and greeted mom at the door.
Mom,"hey sweety, how was your day."
Tanya,"we had some real good girl time, we are gonna be best friends."
Mom,"I bet. Thanks for everything, I'll let you know how things went later."
They gave each other a peck on the lips, then Tanya kissed me. Tanya's lips were still a little sticky, and I could taste her. I was sure mom had to have tasted her also.
Tanya,"I will give you a call to spend some girl time."

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i hope you write more loved it!!!!!!

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