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Laura, a.k.a. The little Nympho.. Chapter 11.. Part 3..(Babysitting Katie)
Laura, a.k.a. The little Nympho

Chapter 11

( babysitting Katie)
Part 3

I went down stairs to find Keith on the couch in the living room and plopped down beside him. He rapped an arm around me and said. 'Nice dump, who's is it?" 'My home room teacher, Mr. B." 'I take it that it was his daughter watching the live porn show in the kitchen?"

'Ya, don't worry though, she's cool. And she has got the hottie hots for your lucky ass, Pal." 'She liked what she saw Hugh?" 'Oooohh, Ya. She just asked me if I would let you teach her about how to please guys."

'And how do you feel about that idea?" Keith asked. 'I'm gonna be the one doing the teaching Preppy, we just need you as a kind of teaching tool, that’s got a tool to teach with." I giggled poking him in the ribs.

'So, I'm gonna like be a live model for you two to practice on?" Keith asked. 'Yep, something like that." I kissed him and reached for the phone. I called and ordered a large one with lots of meat like Keith likes it and sat on the couch cuddling and talking about our last two day's.

'You ain't gonna believe what I'm gonna show when Katie goes to sleep after while." 'Ya? Keith grunted as he sipped on a cold one.'Mr. B's got this whole house wired for video and has his master studio down stairs." 'Really?" Keith perked up. 'Yep. And, from what I can tell, all the cameras are in the bedrooms and bathrooms." Keith coughed nearly choking on his beer.

'Sounds like your Mr. B might just have himself a hobby." Keith surmised. 'Gee, you think." I whispered. 'I've been thinking about it and I think that Mr. B is into making homemade porn and selling it." Keith looked and me and rolled his eye's.

'Really. I mean looked at this place. And the 50g worth of Mercedes their driving. They couldn't possibly make that kind of coin teaching even if both of them were full time at it." 'So their into porn, somebody's got to do it, or it wouldn't be such a profitable industry." Keith commented.

I got up and switched on the big ass stereo that was sitting next to the big screen T.V. as I was dialing in a good rock and blues station, the door bell rang.

I answered the door and nearly choked. There was the nerdy looking kid I saw with Lana on that video I watched last night. I never paid much attention to him before but as I was paying for the pizza I was checking the boy out really close.

And I noticed that he was looking me over real good too. Then I remembered that I was still wearing Lana's thong bikini. No wonder he was looking me all over. When he saw that I had noticed him, he stammered and apologized. I stroked his arm while telling him that I liked that he was giving me the once over.

I took the pizza and leaned against the guy and whispered in his ear. 'It makes me hotter then hell to let guys see me nearly naked. Then I brushed my hip against his thigh where the growing bulge in his pants was with a teasing amount of pressure. I smiled at him and giggled as I closed the door.

I walked into the kitchen and put the pizza on the counter and hollered out loud that the pizza was hear so that Katie would know and come on down. Keith and I sat and ate a couple of slices a piece. I started wondering about Katie and went up to see if she was alright.

I knocked on her door and she weakly said. 'Come in." I opened the door and she was sitting in front of her dresser crying a little and holding her hands over her face. I walked over and asked. 'You O.K. sweetie?"

Katie slowly lowered her hands and turned her head toward me my eyes went wide. 'Oh, lord Katie what happened?" 'I tried to make my self look just a little more mature then I am, and I messed it all up."

'You sure did kiddo, you kinda look like a clown." I smiled. 'It's not funny damn it." She huffed. 'Well, it's kinda funny, sweetie. But, we can fix it. It's not permanent. All we gotta do is wash all this off and start again."

You got any Vaseline around here somewhere?" I asked. 'Ma's got a jug in her bathroom. She seems to use a lot of it for some reason." I went the master bath to get the Vaseline and saw a large bottle of baby oil along side it and thought that it might come in handy later.

I got Katie cleaned up and we re-did her make up so that no she looked really cute and not like some kind of child prostitute. When I said that, Katie wanted to know what a prostitute was and I told her to asked her mom when she was a few years older. 'It's when girls get paid to do it, isn't it." She said grinning.

I looked at Katie she smiled real big and said, 'I looked it up." 'Find something to wear and come on down, Keith's gonna have to leave before too long." I said and headed back down stairs to find Keith sucking on another beer looking real bored. I sat down beside him and grabbed his half full beer and drank it down.

'Play your cards right Preppy, and you could be licking on some real nice virgin pussy in a few minutes." I whispered in Keith's ear. Keith turned his head toward me and asked, 'What will you be doing while I'm slurping on some kiddy pussy?" 'Probably sucking on someone's dick."

Just then, Katie called down the stairs. 'Laura could you help me again, please?" I pecked Keith on the cheek and ran back up stairs.

Katie had on this over sized pastel blue t-shirt and was trying to fix her hair just right. 'I really hate being such a pain in the ass but I just can't get these pig tails even. Could you help me a little?" Katie implored. 'Sure kiddo." I smiled reaching for the brush.

In five minutes we had her looking too cute and hotter then hell. I looked at her in the mirror and whispered, 'Show time sweetie, you ready?" She grabbed my hand and led it to her vary wet panties and asked. 'What do you think." 'Looks like somebody's horny." I teased. 'I've changed panties twice since he's been here, he's is soo fudging hot." She smiled.

'So, let's go take care of that little problem, what do you say." I followed her out and we went down stairs and into the living room. When Keith looked up his eye's got big and his mouth dropped open a little. 'Sweetie, Katie here wants to learn about boy's and what to do with them when they want some nookie." Katie rolled her eyes at Laura and said, 'Do you have to be so blunt?"

'Well, ain't you a little cutie." Keith smiled and held out his hand. I pushed her toward my boyfriend and said. 'You two get acquainted and I'll go get some sodas. I turned and started to walk out of the room and looked back to see Katie sitting down on the couch nearly on top of Keith.

Keith whispered. 'So, you ready to learn a few things about guys?" Katie giggled a little and said. 'Sure am." 'Did it make you all hot and horny watching me and Laura fucking awhile ago?" 'Well, that was an honest mistake. And, yes it did." Katie confessed.

'Well, first thing you need to know is, all teenage guy's are dog's and when presented with right opportunity will stick a dick into any girl who'll bend over or lay down and spread their legs." Keith explained. He leaned over and kissed her lightly on the lips.

'And most of the girls are just as bad as the guy's." Keith went on. I walked back into the living room to see Katie looking at Keith like a birthday cake, with her hand on his thigh moving it back and forth in short strokes.

'Well Katie, let's start you education." I said sitting on the coffee table in front of them. 'The first thing you need to do is get over any fear you have about touching his dick. Pretend you and Keith are parking on an old dirt road out in the woods somewhere and he makes 'The move' on you."

I lowered the lights till they were nice and dim, and Keith put his arm around Katie leaned over and kissed her right on the lips good and sweet. 'While he's kissing you, put your hand on his thigh." I whispered.

Katie put her hand on Keith's thigh and began to side it up and down while Keith was exploring Katie's mouth with his tongue. Katie was in heaven, moaning and cooing like a dove.

'Now being a typical Horne-dog, your date's gonna want feel you up and you have to decide how far you want him to go." I explained. With that Keith slid his hand up under Katie's night shirt to feel her swollen little titties.

Katie just kept kissing him and moved her hand up his thigh and squeezed his rock hard dick through his jeans. Keith gave one of her tender little nipples a tug and she whimpered and ground her ass into the cushion of the couch. Her cooing was getting a little louder too.

'From here on out just do what feels good and if you have any questions I'll be right here playing, with myself." I said. They both broke their embrace long enough to giggled at me.

Katie's hand went back to Keith's hard dick and rubbed on it as Keith went back to tongue kissing Katie. Katie broke her kiss and looked at me and said, I wanna suck on it. Is that O.K.?"

'Sweetie, it's your pretend date and I'm not here, remember. Do what ever you would do if you were on a date with him." Katie grinned real big and asked. You sure you won't get mad at me for messing with your boyfriend?" 'Go for it kiddo. I said looking her right in the eye.

Katie turned back to Keith and pushed him back on the couch threw her right leg across his leg and began to tongue kiss him like he was doing to her earlier. Then she took his hand and led it too her leg and ran it up and down till Keith got the idea.

He took over and put his hand on her ass as she ground her crotch against his leg. She then reached down and unzipped his fly and reached in for his ragging dick. When she pulled it out and saw how big it was, she gasped wide eyed and looked at me grinning.

I started giving her instructions in a quiet voice. 'Now that you've discovered that your not afraid of a dick, you might wanna start by kissing and licking your way down starting at his lips neck and ear loabs. 'Then down his shoulders to his nipples. Guy's nipples are kinda like girls and are just as sensitive as we are."

Katie began kissing Keith at the neck and ears and slowly trailed her tongue down his neck and chest till she got to his nipples. She lingered there for a while, sucking licking and nibbling lightly on his nipples till Keith gently pushed her head on down.

He looked at me and panted, 'This kid's real fast learner. And pretty good at it too, so far." He said. Katie got real encouraged by that response. She looked up and kissed Keith right on the lips again and Keith pulled his shorts down his legs and kicked them off.

Katie took his trembling hard cock in her right hand and began to slowly jack him off as she kissed him. She then surprised me by sliding off the couch and getting on her knees between Keith's out stretched legs.

She began to lick her way up and down both thighs stopping just short of his ragging dick and then would trace her tongue back down to his knee, and repeated this a few times. She looked up at Keith and grinned as she began to lick and suck on his ball sack and scrotum. If I didn't know better, it sure looked like she might have done this a time or two already.

I just sat down on the opposite end of the couch and watched as my boyfriend was being seduced by this little hottie. Once in a while she would look at me lick her lips and give me a wicked little grin while running her tongue slowly up Keith rigid 8 inch cock. While she was licking and sucking on Keith's dick, her hands were pinching and kneading his nipples.

Keith just laid back on the cushion with his eyes closed and a real big smile on his face. Although it kinda made me jealous watching him being ravaged by this little hottie, it was also hotter then hell watching my guy getting so turned with another girl. And it was making me hot than hell just watching.

Katie was getting bolder now and a lot more confident. She was slurping and sucking hard and using her tongue a lot like I showed her. Then I showed her how to get him to the brink of cumming and stop to let him cool off. I told she should do this a few times or till the boy can't stand it anymore.

She did as instructed and Keith was going nuts. She'd suck and lick till he was almost there then she'd stop and let him idle for awhile. Katie just kept sucking for nearly 5 minutes, till Keith pulled her sucking mouth off his dick and kissed her real deep with a lot of passion.

She stopped sucking and stood up and pulled her panties down and then pulled her sleep shirt up over her head. Then she laid down on the couch with her head on the arm of the couch and her little inviting nearly hairless pussy pointing right at Keith.

As she lay there legs wide open playing with her pussy, Keith began to lick and suck on her toes as she began to giggle while his tongue tickled the soles of her feet. He looked at this sultry looking little hottie and she pointed to her pussy and said, 'Your turn lover." Keith looked at me for a second and I gave him the thumb's up sign.

Keith slowly began licking on her legs. He started at her tiny feet licking and sucking on her toes. He was trying to come up with a nasty nursery rhyme about little piggy's as he sucked on each toe. This made Katie giggle and when he began to lick the bottoms of her feet she began to squirm and giggle louder.

Watching all this especially my man teasing and sexually tormenting a little girl, was making my little pussy throb and convulse just sitting there.

Keith slowly began licking his way down Katie's legs till he was just short of her little pussy. Then, he'd lick back down the other one till she was crying out and begging him to put his tongue in her pussy.

Keith reached up and kissed her lightly on the lips and she grabbed him and sank as much tongue down his throat as she could get. While he was kissing her, Keith's fingers were busy lightly stoking her little pussy and sliding his middle in all the way a few dozen times making her squirm and writhe and buck her little hips up against his intruding digits.

He kissed her and fingered her till she was just about to cumm all over his hand and then he'd stop and let her simmer for a while. I began to finger my own pussy kinda wishing I was her right about then. But, I promised her she could have him this time.

Keith slid down and lay across Katie. He began to lick and nibble on her budding little titties then he moved slowly down till he got to her belly button and licked on that for a minute. Katie giggled a little when he did that.

Then he spread her legs and slowly lowered his head till he was hovering just above her steaming little pussy. He could see the juices dripping out her little pussy and running down the crack of her quivering ass. Vary lightly, he licked the nookie nectar off the little girl's ass and drug his tongue up and right into her smoldering squirming hottie pussy.

As soon as Keith's tongue hit her distended clitoris, she was in heaven and grinding her pelvis into Keith's oral assault on her tender wanton little pussy. 'Oooohhhh Jeeaasssuuusss." Katie cried out as Keith flicked her swollen clit back and forth like a boxer's tiny speed bag.

She locked her legs behind his head and bucked and squirmed, holding his head in both hands as she trembled and quivered though a thunderously ferocious, toe curling, teeth gritting orgasm. The more she came the harder Keith licked and sucked on her poor little juice gushing pussy.

Her legs quivered hard and her toes curled tight as the second wave hit her a lot harder then the first one. Her eyes opened wide and she squealed as her body convulsed and shivered over, and over, and over. And Keith was holding on tighter and licking harder.

Then Keith began to slow his assault on her pussy and let her quiver and shiver as the waves just kept cumming and cumming till they slowly began to diminish. He sat back on his heels and reached over and grabbed his beer and took a long drink out of it. Then he tuned to see me with my eyes closed cumming hard on my own hand.

Katie lay there breathless and still quivering a little. Keith leaned over and kissed her lightly on the lips and asked. 'Did you like that, baby girl?" She just sat up and kissed him deep on the lips and straddled his hips in a kind of lotus position. She held him so tight and kissed him so deep that I knew she was falling in love with my boyfriend.

She then weakly slid off of him and pushed him back till he was laying on the couch and said. 'Your turn big guy." With that she began to lick him all over. Like he did to her and she deliberately teased him till his dick was standing good and rigid and oozing a lot of pre-cumm fluid down the side of it.

Katie would lightly lick that off of his dick then tease him some more, till he was actually begging her to suck on it. She just grinned and asked in a whispery voice. 'Are you sure you want me to suck your dick, Keith?" 'Ooohh yes, please baby, suck on it." Was his weak reply.

Katie turned and grinned that wicked grin at me again and lowered her head. She sucked down as much as she could take and slowly and with a heavy suction, pulled back up till she got to the head. At which time she'd twirl her tongue around it a few times and then repeat the process. Keith was squirming now, and quivering a little.

It was really interesting to watch this virgin little girl sucking a cock like a seasoned pro and damn curious. But like a pro she sucked, and sucked, and licked, and sucked some more till Keith was about to bust a nut. Then she'd stop and let him idle for a while.

As she was busy sucking my boyfriends ragging cock, I snuck up behind her and slid up under her gyrating little ass and began to lick on her sopping wet and smoldering little pussy. Katie had brought Keith to the brink of cumming hard about three times when he grabbed her head and said. 'You've done enough teasing, little girl and began to face fuck Katie. Moving her head back and forth at a quicker pace.

At the same time she was cumming hard on my oral assault quivering and grinding her ass into my mouth nearly drowning me with the juice gushing from her little pussy.

No sooner than she came all over my face, Keith pulled his dick out of her mouth and held her head with his left hand and his dick in his right hand and began to squirt wad, after wad, after wad, again, and again, and again. He hosed her face down with about a half dozen wads of hot sticky man nectar most of which she tried to catch in her cute opened mouth.

When he was done squirting cumm all over her, she proceeded to lick all the cumm off his dick and swallowed as much as she could. I slid out from under her and held her tight from behind.

She kissed me and sank her cumm drenched tongue into my mouth. We began to tongue kissed each other as Keith got off the couch and walked naked into the kitchen to 'Get another beer.'

Katie whispered, 'I think I'm in love with you and your boyfriend Laura, please I hope your not mad at me for feeling this way." 'I'm not sweetie, it's normal to feel like that after having the kind of hot sex we been having. I love you too, sweetie."

'Did he make you cumm real good baby?" 'Ooohh Laura it was sooo good and too good. I wanna feel that feeling all the time now." 'Welcome to the wonderful world of being a horny little teen-ager. We can do this with anybody any time we get so horny we can't stand it." I giggled.

'Like now." She reached up and kissed me hard on the lips and shoved her hand into my sopping wet pussy and began to rub it real goooooood. She laid me back and dove on my stiff distended clitoris sucking and licking like she was starving.

Keith came out of the down stairs bathroom and grabbed two cold beers out of the fridge. He started to walk back into the living room and stopped at the door when he saw me and Katie locked in a real passionate 69 on the couch. He quietly sat in a chair on the other side of the room and just watched us for awhile.

I was cumming hard on Katie's hungry mouth and she was cumming real good on mine and Keith was stoking his hard cock slowly and sipping on his beer just watching us like it was live porn. When Katie had made me cumm for the third time I looked up at Keith and motioned for him to join us.

Keith got up and crept up behind me. He began to slide his rock hard again dick up and down between the cheeks of my ass. I spun Katie around till she was on her back facing me. Then I began sucking on her pussy some more. Keith finished his beer and put the can on the coffee table.

Then he guided his dick through my pussy lips to get it good and slick with my juices. Then he skewered me in one long stoke, all the way in. I shrieked and ground back as he began to long stoke his dick in and out like the way I liked it.

Katie was cooing and squirming and bucking her hips into my oral assault and I was grinding and quivering on Keith's dog-style assault. In about three minutes we were all cumming, and cumming, and cumming, at the same time.

Katie started first and bucked her little ass high in the air as she came shuddering hard on my mouth. Then it was my turn. I began to quiver and shiver hard as Keith pounded my poor pussy from behind.

Then it was Keith's turn again. He groaned out loud and pulled out. I laid down along side Katie, and Keith moved over both of us and let the cumm fly.

This load was bigger then the last one, and he hosed both me and Katie down with about a half dozen wads of hot scalding cumm. He just kept groaning and cumming, wad after wad, after wad. Two or three hit me in the face, and the rest hit Katie in the face.

When he was done, Katie and I both licked and sucked his dick clean. It was to this day, one of the hottest threesomes I've ever had in my life. As we lay there in a cluster of panting breathless naked body's, I looked up at the clock it was nearly 2am already.

'Katie, you gotta go to bed sweetie. Your folks might get home early." 'I don't even think I can walk Laura, my legs don't wanna work." She giggled. 'Come on sweet thing, I'll haul you up there." Keith volunteered.

Katie giggled louder as Keith picked her naked ass up and threw her across his shoulder and carried her cave man style up to her room. I stayed down stairs and began to clean up the mess we made in the living room.

Keith threw little naked Katie on the bed and began to tuck her in. She grabbed his head and pulled to her, kissed him deep and long on the lips and whispered. 'You can lick my little pussy anytime you want, big guy." Keith pulled the covers down again and kissed her back as he slid a finger deep into her little pussy.

As he kissed her deep and hard, he finger fucked her till she was humping and shivering through another wave of toe curling orgasms. She pushed his hand away after the second one and sleepily wished him good night.

When Keith came back down stairs, I kissed him real hard and real deep on the lips and said. 'Thank you Preppy." For what baby?" He asked. 'For being such a good sport with Katie, it really meant a lot to her, and I think she now knows just what to do with any boy or man she has the hots for."

'Now come with me, you gotta see this shit, man." I grabbed his hand and led him down stairs to the room under the stairs. Keith's eyes went wide as we entered the make shift studio. 'Nice rig." Keith said. I found the power switch and booted up the computer. 'You haven't seen shit yet, dude." I said as the main screen came up.

I opened the menu and scrolled down to 'Private Videos' and clicked on it. Up popped the camera screen with the rooms on it. Keith was into computers a lot more then me and asked if he could sit in the chair.

In a minute he was into a sub menu titled Archives' and he clicked on that one. There was a list of hundreds of short videos all 10 to 30 minutes long and another list of movies that were 1 and 2 hours long. All these had catchy titles that you might find on any porn flick like 'Amateur Hour', 'The Hottie Next Door', 'Cheating Wives Caught on Hidden Cams.' And the one I liked, 'Seducing the Boy Next Door.'

'This guy is a producer, and makes his own porn right here on this machine. He's set up to edit and add or move anything anywhere and set it all to music. This rig must have cost the man a small fortune." Keith amazed.

'Did I do good baby?" 'Sweetie, I think you may have found the mother load here." 'And,' He continued. 'If we do this right we could walk away with a lot a bread."

'What do you mean preppy?" I asked. 'Well, the man and his wife are both teachers in good standing with the community. And they do have an underage daughter living in this house. I just think that maybe they'd like to keep their little hobby a secret. Wouldn't you?"

'I don't think Black mail is a good idea, Dude. I really like these people and I really wouldn't mind it if some one wanted to capture me on video while I was innocently playing with my self or giving the pizza guy a blow job." I teased.

'I knew it." Keith spoke up. 'I saw how your eyes and the grin got big when you open the door a while ago. You thought that nerd was hot didn't you?" 'Maybe." I said, sinking to my knees as I spun Keith around.

I took his still naked dick into my mouth and whispered. 'I'd suck that boy just like this." And began to give Keith a real good blow-job. While I was blowing Keith, he was going through the videos and pre-viewing a few. He found the one with Mrs. B and the pizza boy and said. 'That is one popular dude with the older ladies ain't he."

I looked at what he was watching and said 'Ya, Lana seems to like the shit out of him. And others. She seems to be the star in a lot of these flicks. And, she has a damned good time on all of them." I went on. 'Really?" Keith queried. 'Ya, she can cumm three or four times in a 30 minute session." I said.

Would you ever like to do something like that Laura?" 'Well, it would be better then just selling it on the street. This way, I could control who I get to fuck, and make sure he ain't got anything I don't need, like diseases." Keith thought about it and began to quiver as I sucked harder on his hard cock. 'I wonder how much we could charge to let some guy film you fucking his buddy." He giggled.

Keith lost his interest in the computer and grabbed my head and shot three good wads of cumm into my sucking mouth. We shut down the computer and went back up stairs. And I took him up to the master bedroom and showed him the cameras. And then he showed me to that big assed bed.

We slow fucked for another hour till we were both too tired and fell asleep in each others arms. I woke to as barely clad Katie tickling my nose with a peacock feather that her mom had in a vase by the dresser…

Katie leaned in and kissed me on the cheek and whispered that it was 10 am and that her folks would be home soon. I jumped up and smacked Keith on his bare ass and Said, 'Move it Preppy, you gotta go, and we gotta clean this house up A.S.A.P."

In thirty minutes, I hustled Keith out the door. And in another hour the house was back the way it was before the B's Left. Me and Katie were sitting in the kitchen drinking soda and telling jokes when Bob and Lana walked into the house at about 6 pm.

'Well, how did you two get along this week-end?" Lana asked as she set her bag on the counter. 'Well, mother, we had a real good time." Katie answered in a mock grown up voice. 'So, what did you two do to keep from going crazy." 'We made out with the neighbor boy's down the street." Katie said with a giggle. 'Ya, you wish you did, kiddo." Lana admonished.

'Seriously, what all did you guy's do?" Lana asked again. 'Mostly watch movies and pig-out." I spoke up.'Is that all?" 'And what did you and daddy do this week-end, Mother? Did you get your trigger tripped." Katie asked. Lana just looked at her grinning daughter and shook her finger at her and said. 'You behave yourself, or you can spend the rest of the day in your room."

Lana, I really have to go and I was wondering if I could get a ride." 'Yes, I almost forgot, here is what we owe you I hope it's enough, and I hope that Katie wasn't too much trouble to watch. 'Lana, I would love to watch Katie any time you need me here." I said as I took the wad of bills she had in her hand and shoved them into my tube top.

Lana hollered to Bob, 'Can you take Laura home I've got to get into that bathtub and soak for a while. Katie I think you might have homework to do. Tell Laura good-bye and get your little butt upstairs and get it done. "Bye Laura." Katie said and then added a hug and whispered. 'Thank you for everything." I hugged her back and said, 'I enjoyed it too sweetie".

Bob opened and held the door to the big S.U.V. as I climbed up into it. I was back to wearing my mini-skirt and tube top and I know damned well Bobby got a good look at my panty clad ass cheeks as I climbed up into the thing.

It was starting to get dark as we drove back to town. I sat with my legs apart slightly and pointing in his direction a little. Did you have a good time with my daughter this week-end Laura?" Bob asked.

'Ya, we had a pretty good time. She's a real precocious 11 year old." 'Ya, Lana's gonna have to have 'The talk' with her before long. She'd starting to ask some real embarrassing questions."

'All little girls are like that at that age, I was. And my daddy taught me how to please a man at a real early age." I ran my hand up my leg and added. 'I've been a ragging Nympho ever since." I looked right at him and started rubbing my pussy through my panties.

Bob looked over and damned near ran off the road. I could see the bulge throbbing in his slacks and I knew that in the dim light of the dash lights he could see my white cotton panties glowing like they were under an ultraviolet light. He swallowed hard as I pulled the panties to one side and showed him some real nice teen-age hottie pussy.

Bobby, I'm so fucking horny right now I can't stand it. Can we stop the car for awhile please?" I pouted. That was all it took. In about ten seconds he turned off the road and into a corn field that hadn’t been cut yet.

When he stopped the car I pulled my panties down and then off. He reach over and pulled me to him and kissed me hard and deep on the mouth. His hand was rubbing hard on my poor pussy and I had to slow him down.

I pushed his hand away and began to undo his belt and unzip his slacks. When his cock sprang to attention I took it in my hand and lowered my head and began to give this man my best blow-job.

He sat back and just let me blow till he couldn't take it any more. He pushed me back and spread my legs wide and proceeded to lick and suck my pussy through three real good and hard orgasms.

He pulled a rubber out of nowhere and slid it on his rock hard dick and aimed it at my swollen sopping wet pussy. Bobby wasn't a little boy either, his cock was a good 9 inches long and about 2 inches in diameter.

He slid it up and down through my juice soaked pussy a few times and then slowly eased the head in and then inch by agonizing inch he sank it all the way in till he was grinding my pelvic bone with his. Then he pulled out till just the tip was still in me and sank it back all the way again.

Bobby slow fucked me like that for a few minutes kissing me good and deep while screwing me slow and deep.

He kept saying I had some gooood pussy and that he could slow fuck me all night long. I whispered. 'We both don't have all night." With that he picked up the pace and began to pump it in and out long stroking me faster and faster till he was pounding my pussy into multiple toe curlers. It was all I could do to keep from scratching the shit out his back. He was making come so hard and often.

He finally growled long and loud and I pushed him up as he pulled the rubber off and came shuddering and quivering as he shot hot cumm across my naked belly, again, and again, and again, and again.

When he was through shivering and cumming, he reached under the seat and brought out a roll of blue paper towels and cleaned me up.

We both got dressed and he drove me on home. He stopped a block away and put his arm around me and began to whisper. You can't tell anyone about that Laura, and I want you to behave yourself when your at school. You have to act like we never did that, or ever would."

'Please sweetie, I liked the shit out of fucking you just now and I hope that maybe we could do it again some time. But that'll never happen if you don't keep your mouth shut. Do you understand?" 'I understand and if you keep your mouth shut, I'll keep your little secret, Bobby."

'I think I'm gonna like baby-sitting for the B's, Bobby." I kissed him lightly on the cheek and said, 'Bye-Bye." I open the door and hopped out and walked the rest of the way home. The thoughts of that week-end were being replayed in my head and making me horny as hell, again.

Then I remembered the wad of bills I had stashed in my tube top when Lana paid me. I pulled out the bills and took a closer look. There was five one hundred dollar bills. I shoved the loot back into my tube top and was smiling as I walked in the door, wondering if Dicky was home…

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2012-09-26 21:02:58
I haven't read the whole series, just two parts. And both were super hot.

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