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The sequel to Spring Break Broke My Heart
A Dish Best Served Cold or Bryan’s Revenge
(The sequel to Spring Break Broke My Heart)
By rutger5 (An Original Story - Copyright 2012)

My bleary eyes stared at the computer screen as I watched some Asian girl expertly sucking some guy’s cock. The moans sounded tinny to my ears though that was due more to the video’s poor production values than my sound system.

For the past sixty hours since arriving from my family’s vacation cabin I’d alternated wracking my brain trying to think of how to get revenge with watching a lot of porn. Now before criticizing me for watching porn let me explain why I was doing it. Like most nineteen year olds sex was always on my mind whether I wanted to think about it or not. But ever since witnessing my scumbag father and his no good friends gangbanging my friend Courtney when I now thought of sex the images from that night came back to me. Since before that I’d had major feelings for her every time I remembered it was like a dagger to my heart.

So in order to drive those images from my mind I was watching porn instead while making sure none of the women looked anything like Courtney. It was far from a perfect solution especially since in order for me to think about revenge the reason why I was seeking it would pop up and I’d think of Courtney. So I’d watch more porn to drive the memory away. A real catch 22.

It didn’t help that I was surviving the last couple of days on beer and delivery fast food either with a little bit of Mary Jane to take the edge off if I got too drunk. I also had to turn my cell phone off as both Courtney and my mother had tried to contact me repeatedly and I didn’t want to speak with either of them but for completely different reasons.

In regards to Courtney there was just nothing left to say. She’d broken my heart and killed our friendship and like Humpty Dumpty there was no putting it back together again. If I kept ignoring her she’d finally have to accept it I hoped.

As far as my mother went I just couldn’t speak to her until I could figure out what to say and how to let her know the truth. How do you tell someone ‘Mom, by the way that night we stayed at the lake house Dad and his friends had a good old time with Courtney if you catch my meaning. So not only did she hurt me but she betrayed you as well after you welcomed her into your home. Not as bad as Dad did, of course’.

So instead like a coward I stayed hidden in my dorm room with my phone shut off. But no matter how much I thought about it inspiration still eluded me. The only idea I could think of was to show the pictures I’d taken of my dad’s friends having sex with Courtney to their wives. Not particularly original and in spite of wanting nothing further to do with Courtney I didn’t wish to expose her in such a way.

However it seemed I had no choice but to do so. Since I was unable to come up with a better plan or even another plan at all. So I downloaded the video I’d made that night from my smart phone to my computer. Once there I was able to take screen shots from the video and edit them so either Courtney’s face wasn’t showing or blur it in the case of Harry Peyser. Since he had only received oral sex from her there wasn’t any way for me to show him having sex without her face being there. Then I uploaded the edited pics to my phone and I was set.

First I showered as I was really starting to reek and after shaving and dressing I was ready to go. It was now early Wednesday morning and it was time to act. As soon as I’d left the building and began heading toward where my car was parked I saw her. She must have had the place staked out or been remarkably lucky as I had barely been outside since getting back. Putting my head down I hurried forward but she was able to intercept me before I could reach my vehicle.

“Bryan please, can’t I talk with you for a minute?” I heard her ask as she struggled to catch up with me.

Without slowing my pace or actually looking at her I replied “There really isn’t anything for us to talk about anymore. I said my piece the other day and nothing’s changed since then.”

“I know I hurt you Bryan and I hate myself for that…”

“Whatever but we both know I had no claim on you. You’re free to do what you want, when you want, with who you want. Only thing maybe is if you’re going to fuck a married man its probably best not to do when his wife is in the same house. Kinda fucking rude, you know?”

“I know I deserve that and more” she answered with a sob as I fumbled in my pocket now that I’d reached the car “but if I can explain just a little…”

“No you can’t, at least not to me” I told her as I unlocked the door and got into the car.

“So that’s it Bryan, its over, even us being friends?”

“Well” I said starting the car “you have a funny way of acting toward your friends I must say. No doubt we’ll see each other in class.”

With where she was standing right next to my car I was unable to drive off so reluctantly I looked up at her and instantly regretted it. Despite her green eyes being red as tears rolled from them I was as always struck by how beautiful she was and somehow her misery made her even more so in a vulnerable sort of way.

“Please Bryan I see you’re not ready to talk now and maybe you never will be and it’s all my fault and I have to live with that. But just do one thing for me please if you can. When you’re able to, just read this letter I wrote to you, that’s all I ask.”

She produced an envelope in her dainty hand and held it by the window and I could see my name written on it in her flowery . Taking it from her I tossed it onto the passenger seat.

“I’m not making any promises but maybe. Now please step away from the car because I have things I have to do.”

“Okay Bryan” she said in a sad and resigned voice before turning and walking away slowly.

Fuck! Here I was doing my best to not think about her and she goes and gets me all worked up I thought as I began to drive. It took a few hours to reach the city and it was now almost afternoon. I really didn’t have a rational plan on how I was going to approach anyone or what to say when I did but I had to start somewhere. Because of this I first headed for Queens where David Weinstein lived.

My family had been to many parties over the years at his house though it had been a couple of years since I’d attended one. In a way this was going to be the toughest part, excluding how I handled my own family. David had always been a nice guy and had also treated me well. He was more down to earth than the rest of them which was why even after becoming quite successful he had stayed in his old house instead of trading up both his house and neighborhood. But he had made his choice and it was time to pay the piper.

A little while later found me on his front steps ringing the doorbell of his colonial style house. I rang again when no one answered and I was about to turn and leave when the door opened a crack though I couldn’t see anyone.

“Who is it?” I heard a female voice ask.

“Yes hello. My name’s Bryan Ohrffs and I was hoping to speak with Mr. or Mrs. Weinstein if they’re available” I replied.

In response I heard a squeal after which the door opened wider and a face peered around it. The face belonged to a stunning dark haired girl wearing glasses who looked awfully familiar.

“Bryan!” she practically screamed as she launched herself into my arms and hugged me tightly.

For a few seconds I didn’t even attempt to think but instead I wrapped my arms around her lithe body and returned her hug while also noticing how nice she smelled. It wasn’t until I felt stirrings in my loins that I reluctantly broke our embrace as I studied her face.

“Hey Rachel, it’s been a while” I said to the smiling face of David Weinstein’s teenaged daughter.

“It’s been years” she replied as she took me by my hand and practically dragged me into the house behind her.

Once we were inside she closed the door though she kept a tight hold of my hand. She then led me to the living room and I couldn’t help checking out her cute little butt as she did so. Rachel sat on the couch and pulled me down so I was next to her and only after I was sitting did she release me. She was sitting sideways facing me with her long legs folded under her body as she stared into my eyes with her spectacle covered brown ones.

“How are you Bryan? You look good” she told me and her face reddened a little but she didn’t look away.

“I’m good Rachel, how about you?”

“Fine” she answered softly “but you didn’t say how I looked.”

“You look great Rachel, you’ve umm, really grown up, umm since I last saw you” I told her.

“Do you really think so?” she asked as she pushed her chest in my direction making me swallow hard.

“Oh definitely” I answered and it was the truth.

I’d known her most of my life and since we were kids we’d gotten along well. But though she had always been cute her facial features especially her nose had been somewhat prominent and she also had been tall and skinny as a twig. Now as she’d matured her features had softened and she looked gorgeous with her long, black, wavy hair. On top of that, though she was still on the slim side Rachel had definitely developed some curves and the perfect word to describe her now was willowy.

Her bosom though not large was shapely and the black tank top she was wearing showed it off to great effect. I’d already been entranced by her tight round ass which was encased in a pair of multi-colored lounge pants and her legs were as long as a summer day.

“Cool” she gushed “I’m glad you think so. So how’s college Bryan? I’m so excited. I don’t know if you heard but I’ve been accepted to Columbia.”

“Wow that’s great Rachel, congratulations. College is okay, I’m doing well in my studies” I told her. As far as the rest, well no sense getting into that with her I figured.

“Oh Bryan I’m sorry I forgot to ask you if you want anything?” she asked as she leaned so close I could feel her soft breath on my skin “I mean to drink or something.”

“Don’t go to any trouble for me Rach” I replied as I felt myself getting warm.

“No trouble. Besides for you - anything. I doubt you remember it but you gave me my first real kiss at my bat mitzvah so I could never say no to you if you want something from me.”

Talk about a loaded statement. I wondered if she’d really thought about the implications of what she’d said but knowing Rachel I believe she had. She had always been a serious and intelligent girl though she always did have a good sense of humor as well. Forget about warm though, now the room was hotter than the equator for me at that moment.

“Of course I remember Rachel and I also remember you were a very good kisser even if you were a beginner” I truthfully told her and I saw from her expression that she loved my answer.

“Really you thought that? You don’t have to lie to make me feel good. You were very nice to make out with a scrawny thirteen year old, all my friends were sooo jealous I was kissing an older boy. Besides I’ve gotten a lot better at it since then.”

Again I swallowed before replying as she sure was doing her best to tempt me, intentionally or not.

“I’m not lying. I actually thought you were a better kisser than I was at the time. Remember how it ended though when your mom found us, I thought she was going to freak out.”

“I know” she laughed as she remembered “but it was better her than my Dad. Who knows how he’d have reacted. But you never answered me, can I get you something? We have juice or water or iced tea I think.”

“Iced tea would be nice if it’s not too much trouble.”

“No trouble at all. Don’t go anywhere and I’ll be right back.”

I watched as she got up and walked toward the kitchen and my eyes feasted on her butt the whole time until I noticed she had turned her head back and was looking at me. She smiled and now she exaggerated the sway of her hips as she continued toward the kitchen.

Damn I thought! If this kept up I was going to say or do something I shouldn’t. I was here for revenge on her father not to flirt with her. Once I drank the tea I was going to get out of there and return when she was gone and her mom was home. Rachel came back into the room and she had a tall glass in each hand. But instead of returning to the couch she passed by me though she did turn her pretty face my way.

“Talking about my bat mitzvah got me thinking Bryan. I still have the pictures from it on my computer. Do you want to see?”

When she asked me this she had such a hopeful look on her face that I was unable to turn her down. It probably wasn’t the best thing to do under the circumstances but I couldn’t refuse her for some reason.

“Sure I’d love to Rachel. It’ll be funny to see our younger versions again.”

“Well come on and follow me” Rachel replied and she waited until I was right behind her before she started walking again.

All the way up the stairs her butt called out to me and I wanted nothing more than to lean forward and kiss it. I followed her into her room where she put the glasses down on her computer desk and indicated a chair in front for me to sit in. While I sat she went over and closed the bedroom door before returning to stand next to me. She leaned over and turned on the computer while also giving me a great view of the top half of her perky little breasts.

“Do you want to sit Rachel?” I offered attempting to stand.

“Don’t be silly Bryan” she replied putting her hand on my shoulder to keep me where I was.

Rachel then turned back to the computer and using the mouse made a few clicks to open her pictures library. A few more clicks and the bat mitzvah file was open but I was unable to take my eyes from the budding beauty next to me. When she turned to look at me she was so close I couldn’t help myself. I reached around her waist and drew her to me as I tilted my head and met her lips with mine.

Rachel responded instantly with her hand touching my face as she returned my kiss and she wasn’t lying about getting better. Her lips were soft and yielding and within a minute they had parted enough that my tongue was able to slip between them and explore her mouth. During our kiss I managed to turn the chair so we were facing one another and once I had I was able to wrap my other arm around her tiny waist as well.

Her tongue wrestled with mine when without warning she straddled the chair as she sat on my lap. Now her arms twined around my neck as we continued kissing and I tried to prevent it but I could feel my lust growing. When I broke the kiss she made a disappointed whimper but after I gently bit her slender neck it turned to a contented purr.

My mouth worked its way down to her shoulder and I could see goose bumps rising on her skin. She tasted like flowers and sweat and innocence to me. My hand grabbed her neck as I kissed her on her mouth hard and insistently. Pulling her body against mine Rachel then pressed her breasts into my chest while she subtly shifted her hips further inflaming my lust beneath her.

“Damn Rachel, you are driving me crazy” I murmured into her well shaped ear.

“I’ve dreamed of doing this Bryan for so long” Rachel whispered in reply as she gyrated faster “but what’s that I feel.”

“You must know what it is. You caused it.”

“I know and I’m sorry Bryan.”

She didn’t seem sorry. In fact she continued teasing me by squirming about on my lap while now delivering little love bites to my neck. This continued for a while as we drove each other crazy. I was hard as a steel rod but somehow I was happy just kissing her. It was Rachel who escalated things when she climbed from my lap eliciting a disappointed groan from my lips. That changed when her hand reached down and rubbed the bulge in my pants.

“Lets get your pants off” Rachel implored me while licking her luscious lips.

Not needing to be told twice I moved quickly. I raised my ass off the chair so I could pull my pants down and once I did Rachel knelt before me. She took my hard dick in her warm hand and tilted it in her direction while smiling wickedly. Then leaning forward she licked the swollen head causing a gasp from me.

For the next five minutes or so Rachel continuously licked my cock. Sometimes she ran her tongue the length of it, starting at the base and working up to the now slippery tip. But she also concentrated on just licking the head at times and she even licked my cum heavy balls until I wanted to scream. She’d yet to do more than use her tongue on me but I was more turned on then I ever remembered being.

“Ooh Rachel you’re driving me so crazy” I told her after she’d just used her tongue to lick up some pre-cum that was oozing steadily from my hole.

“Good, but you just wait” she answered with a wink.

Next while keeping her beautiful eyes locked on mine she opened her mouth wide and engulfed my head and kept going. Her mouth slid down my shaft until my head reached the back of her mouth at which time she pulled back. Her tongue teased the underside of my swollen cock as she began to bob up and down taking me to her mouth’s limit each time.

Rachel then allowed some saliva to escape her mouth and flow down my erection until it reached her hand which was wrapped around the base. Now she began rapidly pumping what didn’t fit in her mouth using the saliva as a lubricant and driving me close to the edge.

My heart was now racing and my breathing becoming rapid in spite of the fact that I was sitting there motionless. She pushed me closer and closer to orgasm and it seemed as if she wasn’t going to stop until I exploded and it wasn’t going to be much longer before I did. My hand stroked her hair appreciatively as I started to moan. Right before I totally lost control I warned her.

“Rachel I can’t take it any more. I’m going to cum!” I gasped out.

Pulling her mouth from me she replied “Yes! I want to see you cum Bryan!”

As she said this her hand was like a blur stroking me and now it was squeezing up to my head and right below it. I doubt a cannon or a volcano had anything on me as the cum erupted from my cock. The first blast shot high in the air before falling down and landing in her hair. The second spurt hit Rachel’s glasses as well as her forehead after which she took my head back into her mouth.

During my orgasm her hand continued stroking me while I shot rope after rope of cum. Rachel sucked on me as if I was a very thick straw and she continued even when no more came. Finally she released me from her mouth although she continued to lick me for another minute making sure she swallowed every drop. Finally she stopped but as I watched Rachel removed her glasses. Holding them by her mouth her tongue licked off the cum that coated the lens.

She then smiled and said “Yummy.”

“Damn Rachel that was…incredible! Is that what you’ve been learning at that fancy school you go to?”

Rachel attended an elite, very expensive private school in Manhattan that was very similar to the one on the TV show Gossip Girl. That was the one extravagance that her father was willing to support as it benefited his little girl.

“No of course not Bryan. That’s silly. But I did learn some tricks from some of the girls I know there.”

“Well thank them from me” I told her half seriously.

She giggled at my answer while picking up a box of tissues and handing them to me.

“To clean up yourself a little Bryan.”

“Wait Rach, I was hoping you’d let me return the favor and maybe help you make a mess” I told her hopefully.

For a second it looked like she was thinking about what I’d said but she then slowly shook her head.

“No I can’t Bryan, not now anyway. I really shouldn’t have done what I did but I couldn’t help myself. Seeing you unexpectedly after all this time I went a little crazy. I’m glad I did it because at the least I’ve opened your eyes about me. Before this if you even thought about me it was as some little girl and now you know better. But if I let you do that now it would be a mistake.”

“I just want to make you feel as good as you just made me feel. I wouldn’t do anything you didn’t want me to.”

“I know that Bryan. I’m just afraid once you started I wouldn’t want you to stop. And I’m not ready for that right now. Sorry. But now you know how I feel and if you’re interested you know how to find me plus I’ll give you my cell number and e-mail address.”

“Okay” I told her as I wiped myself off before pulling my pants up over my unruly and still half hard dick.

She wrote on a piece of paper and handed it to me.

“If you ever want to talk or anything. I know I’m still a high school girl and you’re surrounded by college women and everything…”

“It’s not like that Rachel. I will definitely contact you” I told her.

Things did feel a little awkward now as we walked downstairs together. Both of us seemed lost in our thoughts a little and we weren’t sure what to say. But as we headed to the door Rachel suddenly stopped and looked right at me.

“If you don’t want to, just say so but I have an idea Bryan. My prom is coming up and I was wondering if you might want to go with me. You wouldn’t have to pay for anything. I know it’s probably a silly idea so say no if you want.”

“Rachel, that is definitely not a silly idea. I’d love to take you if you’ll let me.”

It was another fifteen minutes before I left her house as when she heard my answer she squealed loudly and hugged and kissed me. That kiss led to another and then another and by the end we had to tear ourselves apart before we wound up naked on the floor.

Now as I drove I remained hard because of her final words to me. Right on her doorstep after we kissed goodbye she whispered into my ear.

“Bryan, if you want you have plenty of time to back out of this. But if you don’t I can promise you that you won’t regret it. I’m hoping that’s the night I give myself to someone for the first time and if it’s you then it’s almost certain to happen.”

So as I drove into Brooklyn the thought of being Rachel’s first kept me aroused to say the least. But I couldn’t worry about that now as I was on a mission. I was heading to Borough Park where Mitch Katz lived with his family.

End of Part 1

As always a big thanks to those who read, enjoy, comment and/or vote on my stories. PM’s are also cool.
Keep an eye out for the concluding part to this story and if interested in my other stories posted here then click on my name in yellow at top of story or my link in sig on forum.

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2012-12-11 20:47:45
Hoping that he gets better revenge on the other men that had sex with Courtney and I will bet right now he will fuck his Mom (and, no, I have not read the next one). I want revenge that will hurt them financially and in other ways. At least castrate them if nothing else. Write a third one if necessagy, I love good revenge stories. Fuck his dad up good, it was mostly his fault. I don't mind if he gets back with Courtney, she made a bad mistake but first love is strong.

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2012-10-24 04:35:48
Yeah that's what I'm tailkng about baby--nice work!

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2012-09-30 11:54:56
To previous commentor a Jewishboy has a bar mitzvh and a Jewish girl has a bat mitzvah but they are kind of the same, coming of age stuff.

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I thought only Jew men had bat mitzvih's. Good story but light on anything too sexual. It's like Star Trek 1, a neccary step to better things.

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good lead-in, but light on sex as it stands on its own

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