Naruto: Kyuubi Secrets
                   Ch.1:Two Foxes
    Naruto walked away from his village, a giant bag of clothing and supplies on his back, and Jiraiya at his side. He looked over his shoulder, and silently whispered "Bye..."
   He was indeed leaving, and for three years at that, to begin training to get stronger, faster, and better. He was leaving behind his beloved ramen shop, and his not-so-secret crush, Sakura.
      "So Ero Sennin, what are we gonna do first?" Naruto asked excitedly.
     "Well first we're going to find a nice village(with lots of women), then we'll begin your chakra control and maintenance," Jiraiya said while lightly yawning.
    "Come on, Ero Sennin! You're not tired already, are you?!?" Naruto exclaimed.
   "Well, geez Naruto, I was up all night," Jiraiya said defensively, while letting loose another yawn.
   "Geez..." Naruto mumbled as he wound up and jumped a couple hundred feet forward, and landing almost silently on a tall tree. From there, he saw a quaint village, and quickly told Jiraiya.
   A few hours later...

    "Come on, Ero Sennin!! Wake up; I want to train," Naruto yelled out, jumping up and down on the opposite side of the small bed Jiraiya was sleeping on.
    "Damn brat," He mumbled, getting up and looking through blurry eyes."You want to train? Fine, I'll give you a little excercise..."
   There, standing in a small, empty field, Jiraiya sat Indian-style in the grass, directly in front of Naruto.
  "So, our first technique," He started sleepily,"will be the beginning of learning how to control and distribute the Kyuubi's chakra."
   "Yeah, I'll be kickass, and Sakura'll definitely date me!!!" Naruto exclaimed, punching the air.
   "Well, it's not that easy Naruto. See, we would have to use a special half-removal seal jutsu," Jiraiya said with concern.
    "Does this look like a face that cares, Ero Sennin? No, it doesn't," Naruto said, while running in circles energetically.
   "Fine, if you don't want to hear the fine-print, let's get on with it," Jiraiya sighed, and pulled out a kunai.
  He then took a paper tag seal, and wrapped it around the kunai's handle.
   "Ok, Naruto, lift up your shirt," Jiraiya said, then taking the tip of the kunai, he cut into Naruto's skin, tracing the Kyuubi seal.
   "Oh!!" Naruto exclaimed."What the hell is this for?!"
   As Jiraiya steadily cut a pattern onto each of his hands, he looked up at Naruto and said,"The way this seal works is the Kyuubi's chakra reacts to the 'negative' chakra that I push into your body, then reacts to the hand seals, and the pattern of my hand. From there, the Kyuubi's chakra will emit from your body, staying sealed inside of you, but giving you full control of the demon's chakra."
   Naruto stood there for a minute, pondering, then came to a conclusion."Seems complicated, but who cares?! Let's just get on with it Ero Sennin!"
   Jiraiya shook his head, then finished the pattern on his hand. He then quickly formed the hand seals and swiftly placed both palms on the Kyuubi seal. A yellow light poured from the gap between Jiraiya's hand and Naruto's stomach as he screamed out in pain. The light could be seen traveling through his body, following all his chakra tunnels, before pouring out of his body from all 64 chakra exits.
     The process lasted one minute, and when it was over, Naruto sat curled on the ground in pain. Jiraiya decided to give him a moment, before he began speaking again.
    "So, now that the process is complete, we can move on to the Kyuubi chakra control exercises," Jiraiya said.
     Naruto climbed to his feet on unsteady legs, then looked at Jiraiya."So, Ero Sennin, what would this exercise be?" He managed with a smile.
   Jiraiya smiled, before saying," Well, this exercise requires you to do the same thing as if you are walking on water, but you will be walking on air."
   "What? Is that possible?" Naruto asked in disbelief.
   "Yes, it is. Now give it a try," Jiraiya said as he laid back into the grass.
    For the next two weeks, Naruto practiced his new ability, mostly without supervision from Jiraiya. On the 6th day, Naruto got up, and expected to have a normal day. After he ate his breakfast, he left and jogged for the field. While running to the field, he got an idea, and tested it out when he arrived at the field. As he stood there in the middle of the field, he drew out some of the Kyuubi's chakra, and preformed a single Kage-Bushin NoJutsu. Unlike normal times, Naruto felt somewhat lightheaded from performing the jutsu, and sat in the grass. When the smoke cleared, Naruto saw two figures lying in front of him, not clearly visible. Being as curious as he was, he got up and walked over to the lumps in the grass, and knelt down. He was amazed to see two tiny fox cubs lying on the grass in front of him, each one sporting four tails. But what surprised him more was when he reached out and stroked the fur of one, and it jumped up, startled and yelled out,"Getcha hands off me ya bastard!"
     As most of you probably noticed, I didn't mention anything about my previous stories. I would like to try to steer clear of that direction, considering the I don't think that those stories were really all that good. So, yeah, and I'm also sorry about the cliffhanger, but I'll pick it up in the next chapter, and explain the whole 'two four-tailed foxes' thing. But until then, good readin'!!!!!!
(P.S. I will inform you guys that there won't really be sex or anything related to it; ch.2 is pro dominantly a fighting scene.)

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