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It all began innocently enough I suppose. Being a healthy red blooded man , I was on the web chatting up some cyber sex . On this evening I was particularly lucky I found one of my favs for cyber sex, hotdoll666, is her log in name. She and I have been chatting it up for some time and have cammed together several times. She's a hot , hot redhead with small lightly freckled tight boobs that looked to be about 34 c or so. Tho she admitted to being 35 years old with that tight little ass of hers and peach half little pussy crack she doesn't look a day over 22. I am a mid forty year old widower with one daughter left at home-.Darlene- the light of my life and a handful.

Over the months we had been chatting , we learned that we live only about twenty miles from one another in neighboring mid size southern towns. While cyber sex is a lot of fun in a jack off sort of way , I was intent on meeting "hotdoll666" or Sue as she told me was her name. It took some time to convince her that I'm not a predator but just a good ole horny guy. I think to this day it was my 8" rod that finally turned the trick.

After going thru the ritual of meeting in a "safe" place - a Holiday Inn Bar. We hit it off even better in person than on the computer. It was no time till we were on the dance floor rubbing it up like teenagers at the homecoming dance. I am glad I had a room rented in case I needed it. after a couple of b52s and about three pussy rub downs to the tune of Barry white on the juke , this girl was my little peach. There is nothing better than good sex with a new and exciting partner and I was more than ready after being on a diet of cyber pussy.

Upon entering the room , I reached for her and she for me . Being a small woman-5'2" and about 110 lb I was able to lift her up and suckle her neck while having a double hand full of that tight little ass. i rested her pussy directly on my already hard cock while nuzzling her neck and chest. Well sooner than you can say lets do it that little spitfire came hot and started rapidly peeling her blouse over head while grinding her pubic bone onto my boner. Soon my fantasy was fulfilled when I lay her on the bed and started at her knees kissing and licking slowly up her lightly freckled thighs to that little peach of a pussy. I have got to say I wasn't disappointed . She was wet as hell by the time I began to stroke her thru her panties( an item she quickly got out of) and there it was in all it's wet ,tight glory . So tight that it was contracting on my finger and tongue as I played in it. A tight fit indeed for my index finger as I slowly worked it in and out in tune to her moans and spasms.

Not being one to go shy, I quickly shed my clothing and freed my feel so good stick. Sue started sucking the head of my cock and tonguing the underside and after a little of that she began licking down the side and tried wrapping her hand around it by way of measuring my girth. She then told me that my cock was by far the largest she had ever touched. Her ex was on the small side she told me and he had taken her cherry in high school. I asked her if she thought my size was a problem . She told me to take it easy on her to start and it would be fine. So I bent her knees back and out until she was spread like a pussy angel before me. As I slowly rubbed the glans back and forth from her clit to her asshole she began to gush pussy juice like a teenager. A spot was already growing on the sheet she lay on. I planted the head of my cock at her opening and pushed, as i pushed her eyes widened but she remained silent. I slowly made head way till I was buried about 2/3 in. I hit bottom at that point and stopped to enjoy the clenching spasms of Sue's beautiful cunt on my cock . After a moment I pulled out as slowly and back in a little deeper and deeper til I had my cock completely embedded in her clasping cunt. Before long we were at like mad me pounding at top speed and her moaning with her eyes closed matching me stroke for stroke. When she began to cum I thought I was in my cock pump , the spasms were so strong that little drops of pussy juice were squirting around my cock as I drove for home. Having saved a load all week for this night when I came semen was forced past my cock and down the crack of her ass.

Well needless to say , we were both quickly addicted to this action and got together when we could. It also turned out she has a daughter about the same age as mine 14 going on 15. As time went by and we got more comfortable with each other we visited one another's homes and started bringing the kids so they could get to know each other. Her girl was built in her mothers image. A redheaded sweetheart named Anne. A bit more freckled and thiner but every bit as lovely as her momma. Innocent would be the word I would use to describe Anne as she seemed as sweet and open as only young girls can be. Little did I know ..

Sue's job would sometimes take her out of town overnight and I went with her a few times , leaving Darlene with Anne at Sue's mothers .On one occasion Sue's mother had gone to the beach and was unavailable to watch Anne . Anne came up with the idea to stay with Darlene and me. I thought no problem as the girls would no doubt keep each other occupied.
I decided to make a evening they would enjoy so I took 'em to blockbuster to pick some dvds out. And ordered pizzas and cokes and set the girls up in the den to have a good time . I retired to my little computer room to surf and stay out of their way. Well me being the horndog I am , You can guess where I surfed to. Porn sites that have girls fucking any thing you can think of.

As the evening Drew on I went to check the girls out , It was about 11.30 and sure enough Darlene had dropped off on the couch. while Anne was spread out on the love seat .Upon seeing her my cock came to instant attention, She was dressed in a long Tee shirt that had worked its way up to her belly button exposing a very cute little pair of pink lo curt panties. Her knees were open so as to expose her crotch. Tho IO didn't want to I could not help but look . A small wet spot darkened the material of her panties and as I watched I could see her pussy lips clasping and releasing while that wet spot spread. Talk about hot, my cock was thumping my belly it was so hard. However I did what was right and awoke Darlene to send them off to bed. They were both so sleepy that they didn't realize what I had seen. After they went to bed Popped the DVD out of the machine and saw it was a burnt DVD rather than one of the rentals . Being curious i loaded it and pushed play. What a shocker , the girls had been watching a porn flick featuring a young girl getting deep fucked by a older fella. As I sat intently watching the action on the screen Anne sat beside me on the couch and asked me if I was mad because of her DVD and if I would tell her Mom. Well anger was not on mind at all. but neither was fucking my girlfriends daughter .She on the other hand another idea. She told me she had seen Sue and I screwing and had not been able to get over it. "The thought of a man like you , Ron, putting his" thing" in me is driving me crazy, I can't see how it would fit see". And with that she opened her legs wide while lying back and turning her cunt toward me. She had lost the panties upstairs and there was her pussy looking so good. She proceeded to try to put a finger in her tiny little hole and was having a hard time. She used one hand to open her lips as wide as she could and pressed her index finger in more , finally getting it in to the knuckle before starting to pump it in and out and leaking juice.
How does a man's thing fit in there Ron? " she asked.
Well I knew right then I was a goner, my cock had direct control of my brain so I said if we go real slow and work it enough it will go in but will hurt the first time pretty bad.
I told her she would not be able to tell anyone about what happens or I would be prison bound and out of her mothers and her life for ever. She promised to keep it a secret no matter what happened if I would show her how to do it.

Upon that I reached over and began to stroke her pussy from top to bottom making no attempt to enter with my hand just petting. It caused her to begin to spasm her pussy like her mommas. and I loved it. I bent down to taste this rare treat and was rewarded with a spurt of juice that wetted my chin and neck. Slowly I introduced my index finger into her slit and circling her hole as it would open I would enter a little which caused her clamp her hole tight and then open a little so in a little further and clamp in and clamp until i got the finger in to my knuckle and held there while rubbing her little clit lightly. She orgasmed very hard and pushed herself onto the rest of my finger until it was buried then I started sawing it in and out with her cumming and squirting continuously.
As she got used to that I introduced another finger which she took with a lot of grunting and low moans . After about twenty minutes of tonguing and fingering this treasure I thought my dick would burst. I asked if she was ready to try it for real she eagerly nodded until I exposed my cock. Then she again had doubts about it fitting .I soothed her by telling her I would stop any time she wanted . Half hour later I finally got about 3/4 of the head of my dick in her and she was loving it but scared of it too. I told her that now it will hurt but if it gets to bad I will stop. I then began pressing into her forcefully but slowly. I could feel her tiny little pussy begin to yield as the head popped in she bit me on my arm but I kept pushing my cock deeper into her. She like her mother has a unlimited amount of pussy juice and the tone to clasp her cunt. I again took advantage of this pussy pulse , as each spasm letup I would get a little deeper , she would clamp down tight and relax until finally I reached her cherry. I said this will sting , she said it stings already . , II asked if she wanted to stop in answer she tryed to impale herself by humping her cunt onto my cock so I went for broke and hit bottom . She had tears in her eyes but lust in heart and began thrusting her hips to me again . I drew out about half way and pumped in again and again . Soon her pussy loosened some and I got more cock in her. She was cumming again and again until shortly I could take no more and pulled out of her and shot come all over her nightgown which she still had on .

More soon if ya like it .


2007-05-10 05:29:32


2007-03-13 11:08:18
A pleasant story but could have been great with a different ending. The actual fucking should have taken longer. If the cock is that big and the girl is a virgin, it's going to take a while for her cunt to take it all. That half hour should have been spent with your increasing the number of fingers being shoved into her cunt. She probably would have made you stop pumping every so often to give her cunt a chance to spread making it more comfortable for her. Still gave it a 7/10.


2007-01-24 08:55:21
Who cares if she is a redhead or not. If she wants to fuck, then fuck her. The story is too short, but I would rather it be too short than too long. Never had interest in my daughters friends as long as my wife gave me anything I wanted.

Gave it a 7/10.


2006-11-12 01:45:26
Much better than a bro/sis thing At least you just fucked up your whole sex life when mommy finds out. And I'm going to tell her right after I get done fucking and eating her


2006-09-20 22:47:47
fucking loved your story. I have a neice and she has some hot girlfriends too. I would love to fuck all of them, but for now I'll just masturbate fantasizing about it. Hope you cuntinue the tale.

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