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Okay here's part 3. Will write part 4 soon. Any ideas or suggestions will be welcomed and it will help push the next part out quicker,
I sat in my room, and checked the clock. It was 6.00pm, which means dad would be home any second. Time to see if mom would tell him about what had happened earlier.
As the minutes passed my expectation of him kicking down my door grew less and less, finally by 8pm i decided if she was going to tell him, she would of done it by now.
But that sparked a few more questions. Why didnt she tell him? Was she trying to protect me, still? Or did she just enjoy it so much she was willing to look past what had happened?
The more and more i ran over what happened in my head the more couragous i grew, i started running over what would happen tomorrow. I decided i should just go with my gut insticnt.

My alarm went off at 8.30am the next day, i normally dont set my alarm, but i did this time. I needed to know where i stood.
I walked into the kitchen and mom was sat at the table reading the newspaper.
"Good morning" I said, taking the seat opposite her.
"Oh, you're up again? Making this a habit?" Mom replied in her usual slightly cheery tone.
"Yeah, thanks to you i slept great last night. Any chance of some help today?" I asked hopefully.
" not sure im comfortable with that anymore" She said putting down the paper, looking slightly saddened.
"Oh that, im sorry. I just got carried away, promise it wont happen again" I gave her my best puppy dog look
"Well i know how boys are with their more chance, okay?" Epic
"In that case, can i make a request?" I asked, smiling at her
"Depends what it is" She answered
"You said your wrist hurts if you jerk me off, and titfucking you, i get too tired..."
"So? You're not having sex with me, thats too far" She said, firmly
"Oh no, i understand. I was asking would you give me a blowjob? I promise ill just lay there, you control the pace and everything" Hopefully this pitch would work
"I dont know...after last time..." She began
"But! Last time i only did that because nothing else would work, if you just give me a blowjob im sure it'll help so, so much. Didn't Amanda say id have to do that eventually anyway?"
"She did...but i-" She started. Time for the moment of truth, if she truly liked things to get a little rough, we'd see.
I stood up and said "So yes or no? If not just tell me"
"Okay, but no funny business" She said authoritatively
"Promise, you can do it at your own pace" I said, walking over to her.

I held her hand and led her into the living room, she sat down and i sat next to her. I know i need to be careful, i need to make her horny enough to make me cum again, but not so much is scares her and she backs away.
I looked into her eyes, planted my lips on hers, with as much passion as i could muster, i waited for a response. She kissed back, and almost instantly her tounge made its appearence.
We sat there kissing for a moment, i ran my hands through her long, shining hair and pulled her ponytail out to let it flow, down past her neck and onto her breasts.
I held my position for a moment to gauge her reaction, she did nothing so i began to squeeze, as i did my pants tightened. I opened my eyes, her eyes were completely closed, i could tell she was enjoying it.
I ran my hands down to her thighs and rubbed her leg for a moment and then reached up her shirt and rubbed her nipples through her bra, the more i rubbed the more she forced her lips on mine.
Evenually i knew what i had to do. I stopped kissing her, lifted her shirt off, unhooked her bra and sucked on her nipples hard, as she let out a low moan, by this point my erection started to ache.
"Please...can we start now?" i whispered, unzipping my pants and showing her my fully erect penis. She slumped off the couch onto the floor and buried her face between my legs.
It was so incredible, she was either a pro, or she had been doing her homework, because within seconds i was groaning and breathing heavy.

For once it wasnt a chore to cum, she sucked my dick for little over 2 minutes and i felt my balls ready to erupt. I wanted to pin her head down, to take my load, but i knew i shouldnt push my luck.

"Ohhh...Mo-Mom gonna cum" I forced out. No sooner had i said the last word than i felt my penis explode into strings of happiness. Mom didnt move.
Oh shit...that wasnt good, she's going to kick my ass. Then suddenly i heard an almighty gulp, she looked up, red face and smiled at me.
"Well that was easier than i expected. Not going soft on me, are you?" She winked. I sat there, dumbstruck. She had swallowed my cum. I was in shock, i wasnt expecting that. I mean, not willingly.

Mom got to her feet, her breasts dangling freely and said "Phew, well im gonna go shower. Love you, honey"
My mind was blown by what just happened, but i knew i need to see phase 2 of my plan, mom had gotten no further than 3 steps before i rushed after her, forced her against the nearest wall, my chest to her back.
I began kissing her neck and rubbing her ass, as i began to suck her neck she let out a faint squeal "Ohhh where's this coming from?" She asked
I wasnt ready to answer yet, i gave her ass a firm smack and started kissing the back of her neck as i pushed my chest further into her back. I pushed my dick against her asscheek hard, so she knew what it was.
Finally i said "It's coming from me" I leaned in closer and growled in her ear "I fucking love you" i pushed myself off her, as she caught her breath she said
" certainly are full of suprises" She then walked off upstairs.

Now to see the results of my plans, if she truly was turned on my force then that should of made her a bit more than happy. I waited downstairs until i heard the water running from the bathroom, i snuck upstairs and reached into the clothing hamper.
I struck gold, near the top, under her shoes, pants, t-shirt and bra was her panties, they had a giant wet patch on the front of them. Mom got turned on by force? Confirmed id say.
I put her panties back and snuck into my room, Mom liked long showers so i should be safe for an hour while i anticipated my next move.

After 15 minutes i came to realise something, i still dont know what was in that blue bag. Sure it had a sleeve, lube and alcohol in it. But what else? It was still quite full.
I silently entered her room and began opening draws and wardrobes at random, it didnt take me long to find it.
Inside the bag was 2/3 of a liquor bottle, from yesterday which according to the label was 25% ABV. The sleeve, the lube which was still quite full, some pink, furry handcuffs, some condoms and an empty wrapper, i looked around for the receipt.
Apparently she had purchase, lube, handcuffs, the sleeve, condoms from a place called "Lauren's Happywares" That place was about an hours drive away, she must of picked the beer up on the way back. And the last item was "#3 Green vibra dildo"
She had bought a dildo? Why? I wasnt going to use it, then it hit me. I placed all the items back and snuck upto the bathroom door, but heard nothing but running water, i opened the door slightly and could hear heavy breathing and a slight humming sound.

The way the bathroom is positioned you have to look around a bend to see the door, so i pushed the door open all the way and crept up to the edge of the bend. Mom was saying something, but the water and humming made it hard to hear, evenutally i worked out what was being said.
"Mmmm...ooohhh...mmm...yeah, oh fuck me...oh baby, my pussy is so wet, fuck me hard baby...ummmm" I had a quick peak around the corner and saw my mom, naked on the floor of the shower pushing a green stick between her legs with her right hand and with her left she switched between rubbing her clitoris and rubbing her nipples.
I stood watching for a moment and decided i should probably leave.

I went to my room, got changed and checked how much money was in my wallet, i had some fun ideas and i needed to put them into practice. $13, no problem and $201 in my bank account, shouldnt be a problem with that kind of cash.
I knocked on my mom's room and said "Mom, im going out for a while, ill be back in a couple of hours. Gonna go see Lisa" her voice came from the other side of the door "Okay honey, be careful"
I left the house, got on a bus, went into the family planning clinic, and got my hands on some condoms and morning after pills. Which i was told arent so effective with alcohol. Okay, ill work around it.
On the way home, i stopped by a liquor store and paid some passing man $60 to buy me the strongest alcohol they sold. He came back with a spirit i couldnt pronounce which was apparently 60% ABV. That will do fine.

I Then went home, i was considering going to "Lauren's Happywares" but i had no idea how to get there by a bus. By the time i got home it was 4pm and too late to put my plans into motion, but i can always prepare.

The rest of the day was uneventful, dinner, computer, movie and sleep.

The next morning, i woke up at 9am, i was getting sloppy, but i needed my sleep for what i had planned.

I came down to breakfast and my mom was already cooking me some bacon for breakfast.
"Ha, i knew you'd be up early today. Want some bacon?" She asked with a smile on her face.
"Sure" I smiled back, as i sat at the table, i noticed mom had 2 painkillers out, probably had a headache, but that worked for me. Makes my plan easier, i pulled out a morning after pill from my Pajamas pocket and switched it with one of her painkillers, they were the same color and almost the same size.

Mom handed me my bacon, and i wolfed it down, i watched as she took her 2 "Painkillers" with some water.

"Headache?" I asked, finishing my bacon
"Yeah, dont worry though, i can still help, if you need it. How did it go with Lisa yesterday?" She asked
"Uh fine, i think we're going to see a movie saturday, then ill go back to her place to try and not screw up this time"
Mom stood up, picked up my plate and kissed me on the cheek "Unless she's a freak, she'll love you"
"Mom, can you come upstairs in 10 minutes to help me? I want to get changed and use the bathroom first" I said standing up
She smiled and nodded, i rushed upstairs, went into mom's room, found her alcohol poured about half of it down the sink and filled it back to the original measurement with the new alcohol i bought yesterday. I went back to her room and put it back, took the handcuffs from the bag and hid them under her pillows at the top of the bed, next i went into my room and got totally naked and jerked off as fast as i could.
Just as id finished, i heard mom coming up the stairs, so i sat on my bed.

She opened the door and said
"Ready?" In a cheery tone.
"Um, not yet" I replied "I want to do something first" I stood up, and lead her into her room. I sat down on her bed and said "Okay, first can you wear something sexy for me? and why not drink that stuff again? I liked you talking dirty last time"
She blushed "Why wear something sexy? Whats the point?"
"Because you're sexy, i want to see you show it off!" I replied
"Im not sexy, the other moms are sexier than me" she said looking at her feet.
"Bullshit!" I shouted "Those ugly whores? Know why you're sexy? Because you know you're not a teenager and you've aged gracefully. You're a MILF, those other moms are just...desperate"
"You...think im sexy? your mother" She said slowly
"So?" I replied "Why do you think i keep coming back to you? I cant believe such a smoking hot woman wants to touch me"
She looked at me, and i swear for a minute she was going to try, she walked over to me and kissed me with a passion she never had before
"Okay...ill fine something, You want nightwear sexy, slutty or want me to choose?"
I like options "Ill let you be the judge, but i want you to be naturally sexy, no make-up, no push up bras, nothing like that" She smiled and opened the cabinet and pulled out the blue bag.
"You wanted me to have a few drinks of this too?" She asked, holding up the bottle of liquor
"Yes, The only time you drunk that, you talked dirty and that really turned me on" She smiled at me, by now she was grinning from ear to ear
I watched as she pulled out a glass from the top shelf of the cabinet and poured herself a drink of the liquor, before she drunk it i said
"You had 3 last time. Have 3 again" She smiled and chugged the first, poured a second, drank that and again with the third. While i was waiting for it to take effect i left saying i wanted her outfit to be a suprise.

I waited 5 minutes and she called me in. She was sat on the bed with a light purple nighttop on which perfectly shown off her beautiful breasts, a see through nightgown over the top of it, and some long sexy heels. Weird combo but it worked.
By this point she was giggling a lot, i stood there in amazement, knowing this will be a night to remember.
" god, you're are so sexy..." I said, in awe.
"Awww thank you, honey. You're pretty sexy too! Want to show me that big dick of yours? And we can get to it?" She winked, taking off her nightgown.
She was slightly tipsy, but not totally drunk, i needed to stall for just a few more minutes.
"Before we start. If i do get somewhere with Lisa on Saturday, im not 100% sure what to do. Can i practice on you?" i asked.
She laughed then replied "Of course, gimme your best moves, Romeo"
I sat next to her on the bed, forced some small talk and she giggles uncontrollably a few minutes later i knew she was ready.
"Okay, i think thats enough. Can i play with your breasts for a few minutes?" I asked. She said nothing, just took down her straps and let her breasts hang freely.
I started to caress them, then moves onto sucking her nipples, she lay back to make it easier for me, by this point we were in the middle of the bed. I shuffled up and began to kiss her. As soon as our lips touched my dick strang to life, poking in her stomache, she giggles and i knew it was now or never.

I kissed her neck, moved down to her collar bone, breasts, belly button and finally her pussy. I gave her clitoris a few licks and she cried out in pleasure. From there i worked my way back up, held her hands and placed them above her head as i kissed her cheeks. With each hand holding one of her wrists, it was time to be forceful and make her cum, like id imagined all those days ago.

I leant down to her ear, placing my knee to cover her pussy and growled "Talk dirty. What do you want?"

"Ohh...I want you to suck my tits more" She moaned
"No, what else" I growled in her ear
"Oh...well, how about you get on your back and ill suck all of your cum out of you?" She asked.
"Not very dirty, get filthy" I whispered, as i nibbled her earlobe.
"I want you to lie down, and ill take your huge fuckin' dick in my face. I want you to cum all over me, in my face, in the throat and on my fucking tits. That better?"
I rolled off her, pushed myself to the top of the bed, my dick standing full at attention.
"Come and get some, you fuckin' MILF" she crawled upto me on all fours and went neck deep into my dick, she put her hands on my stomache, i slowly rubbed them as she began to hum. I reached under the pillows found the handcuffs and in 1 swift motion i attached the handcuffs to her hands. Her neck snapped up so fast i thought she'd get whiplash.
"Where did you get those?" She asked
"In your bag of tricks" i replied, i pulled the chain on the handcuffs so her hands were on my chest "I didnt say stop, keep going" She gave me a dirty smile and kept going. If she liked that, she was going to love this. After another minute of her deepthroating my penis, i pulled the chain again so she'd come up.
"Come here" I whispered, sticking my tounge out invitingly. She gave me that devilish smile again and tried to kiss me, just as she got close i pulled the cuffs over my head, so her arms were behind me.
"Oh nice trick, so i wont get away?" She said, still oblivious to the fact she's going to get the hardest fucking of her life.

I smiled, grabbed a hold of her ass and rubbed it.
"Mmmm you certainly know how to tease a woman" I place my dick in position just under her pussyhole, which by this point was dripping onto my dick.
"You're not a woman" i said, she leaned closer and i whispered in her ear "You're MY woman" and thrusted my dick hard into her pussy. She screamed in suprised and pleasure.
"No, i said we're not doing this!" She cried, trying to pull her handcuffed arms from under my back. I stopped.
"If you tell me to stop in 1 minute, i will. Until then try not to cum all over the sheets" i growled, i went back to pounding her pussy, it felt amazing. I knew she would love it, her pussy was so wet and warm, she liked being under pressure, and loved doing something she wasnt allowed to. After that first objection, all i heard from her was moans of pleasure and the occasional "Yeah"

A minute later, i stopped lifted my back up to free her arms, looked in her eyes and said "So...what now?" I was firm and calm on the outside, but on the inside i was terrified, If she gets off im screwed, If she keeps going, im set.
Trying to catch her breath she looked at me and looked at me dick, she did this 3 or 4 times because saying

"Because i know you love it when you're forced to do things, and if you want to, i will fuck you all day and night."
"What about Lisa?" She stammered
"Lisa? That bitch hasnt spoken to me since we broke up, this is all about you. Since you first jerked me off, its been about you. I love everything about you, and i want to prove it."
She sat on the middle of the bed, hands cuffed, pussy dripping, covered in sweat, still wearing her heels.
"What about your dad?" She asked after a pause
"I wont tell if you wont" i said, moving up to her, our noses touching.
"...You had this all planned?" She whispered
"Every part" I replied. Her eyes darted from my eyes to my dick, to her hands and her pussy back to my eyes.
After another pause she gently said "Fuck me" Thats all i needed to hear, i spun her round and pushed her face into the bed and shouted
"I said fuck me" She said a little louder
"You'll need to better than that" I replied.
She took a deep breath and said loudly "Fuck my pussy, make me cum, fuck my tits, fill me up with your cum, fuck me like ive never been fucked before!"

I pushed my dick as deep as i could into her hole and she moaned and cried each time i pull out and push in my trobbing penis. Fucking her from behind was the best feeling ive ever had, then suddenly i remembered what i exactly wanted to do.

I stopped, and pulled my soaking dick out of her pussy, got off the bed and walked to the cabinet.
"No, come back, please im so close" She begged, i ignored her and searched for the keys to her handcuffs, i found them, walked over released her hands.
She stared up at me, like she was going to cry and said "We're done?"
I smiled and replied "Not even close, theres just something i wanted to do, lie down" She smile and did as she was told. I laid ontop of her, and pushed my dick back into her, as her breasts were flying around from the force of me fucking her, i leant down and sucked on her nipples and squeezed the other one with quite some force.
At that moment i was sure she was going to litterally scream the house she moans and said "Pull out, pull out" So i pulled myself back, she reached between her legs, rubbed her clit and she let out a huge, loud cry and her pussy exploded, clear liquid flew through the air, for a good few seconds i stood in awe. My mom was a squirter.
As soon as she stopped, i jumped back into position and began humping her like a wild animal, sucking her tits, all i could hear was my own breathing, the bedsprings and her attempts to muffle her orgasm. Soon i came too, i pushed myself as deep as i could into her pussy and let out more cum than i ever had before. My dream was to do it twice, but that would have to wait.

"Fuck! You came in me?! Oh shit..." Mom paniced, and started to pull the cum out of her pussy.
"Mom, you know those painkillers you took before?" She stopped and looked at me. "I switched them, they were Birth control pills, you're good"
A look of relief came over her face, "You could of told's almost 11am i think. Your dad isnt home until 5...what are you going to do about it?" She asked giving me that cheeky grin once again.
"Im sure ill think of something"

To be continued...


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