Finally gets what he always wanted, and more
Snowball Fight Part 2

For those of you unfamiliar with the story, a young 14 year old kid got finally has his dream girl, who happens to be his neighbor, to be with him and ends up getting his first blowjob. This all happens on a snow day off from school. Please read Part 1, you should enjoy it and leave comments and suggestion for future segments, and same with part 2. Please enjoy and I hope this gets you off as much as it does for me ;)

Yesterday was the best day of my life, hands down. Not only did I get off from school, but my day was filled with sexual favors from my dream girl. I’ll never forget how delicately she played with my cock as she swirled it around in her mouth until I blew my load into the back of her throat. I thought I would pass out from the overwhelming sensation. Little did I know this was only the beginning of what would come.
The next day was Friday, and to my delight, my parents informed me I would be having another day home from school and I would be left alone all day. Immediately I knew what I wanted to do today. I had to get see Stacey and make see how much more she would be willing to do. As my parents drove away, I began to freshen myself up. In the shower, I even tried to shave my new pubes, although this was my first time and I was so nervous that I would cut myself. In the end though I managed to make myself as smooth as a newborn and I was quite happy with my work. I decided then to keep myself shaved forever, as having my dick covered in hair did not seem very appealing or attractive.
After grabbing some cereal and heading to the TV to watch some morning cartoons, I began to plan out how I would make this all happen. Should I go over her house this time? Maybe I should call and ask. I didn’t want to make things awkward or look as if I'm desperate for more, which I most certainly was. I had never seen a girl’s pussy before and I knew Stacey’s would be absolute perfection if it was like any other part of her body. I had yet to explore any of the wonderful parts of Stacey, as I was must to distracted by her magical touch on my own body.
I started to day dream about first taking one of her perfect little tits into my mouth, running circles around her areolae with my tongue and then nibbling ever so slightly on her hard nipple. I imagine her moaning loudly as I pleasure her. Then I would reach down in between her legs to start slowly feeling the lips of her pussy until be became engorged and extra sensitive, so that she was the one feeling so much pleasure.
Over the years I have grown to enjoy pleasuring my female companions more than what they do for me. Something about making another person feel something so incredible based on my actions turns me on more then anything else. And of course I'm hoping they will return the favor.
Just as my fantasies were getting extra heated, I heard a knock on the door and a ring of the bell. “COMING!!” I yelled upset my dream had to be cut short. Tucking my swollen cock into my waistband, I got up and went to answer the door. I slowly pulled the door open, and to my delight, standing there in the doorway is the beautiful Stacey, looking as sexy as ever with her cute smile staring me right in the face. My cock was pushing so hard against my shorts I thought it would rip them right in half. “Please come in!” I said quickly, not wanting to waste a second I had with her. As she walked in, she grabbed me by the pants and purred, “I missed you.”
With that our lips locked, me stumbling backward to try and stabilize myself and pull her into the house with me. Once again her kiss felt truly magical. I couldn’t believe she was so skilled with her tongue, being so gentle caressing my lips but still feisty and flirtatious with my tongue.
While we kissed, she started to work my shorts off leaving my standing half naked, my dick standing at full attention. As she reached down and began to stroke it, I let out a deep moan, and broke the kiss. “Can we go up to my room?” I asked her, wanting to do this somewhere more comfortable then standing in the living room.
“Of course, its your house!” she agreed and I grabbed her by the hand and led her up to my room. In my room I have a couch and a bed, so I took a seat on the couch, and removed my shirt, figuring that would just get in the way. She must have felt the same way, because rather than continue what we had going on downstairs, she stood in front of me, and started to strip. At first it was quickly, removing her jacket and heavy sweats almost instantly. To my delight, she was wearing the tightest, V-neck t, as it was being pulled against her body, really highlighting her small A cups and making them look desperately enticing. And as I quickly noticed her nipples poking through the soft cotton, so much I thought they would cut right through, I knew she was not wearing a bra. Under her sweats, she had on some tight spandex shorts, outlining her perfectly tight ass and giving a great view of her camel toe. I could tell her pussy wanted me as bad as my throbbing cock wanted her.
She continued to spin around, bending down to show off more of herself as she would look back slyly to make sure I was enjoying her presentation. I just sat there with my mouth open. It was still hard for me to believe this angle was standing in my room performing as strip tease for me. Soon she was down to a tiny blue thong that just managed to cover her pussy lips, but outlined them beautifully. Then she sunk to her knees, and never leaving eye contact with me, crawled over to me and put her head in between my legs. Looking into my eyes, she stuck out her tongue and licked from the very bottom of my balls. It was so slow and her tongue was so warm and wet, the feeling was indescribable. My legs jerked as the sensation hit me so powerfully. “That’s… amazing… Stacey,” I made out right before she swallowed the top half of my cock into her mouth. Her lips wrapped tightly around me, and began to work farther and farther down until her nose was pressed against my cleanly shaven pelvis. She held there for a few seconds, saliva slowly drooling out of her mouth. She didn’t even gag as she looked up and me, and gave a nice cockfilled smile. Up and down she went making sure to spend extra attention on the head, using the tip of her tongue to tease it, knowing that gave the best response from me.
I was lost in overwhelming ecstasy, when she pulled her head up and my dick popped out of her mouth with a satisfying sound. “Get up,” she demanded. Feeling a little weak and shocked at her tone, I slowly complied. She took my place on the couch, and spread her legs as far as they would go. Looking up at me she asked, “so are you ready to put it in?” It was finally here. I had a chance to not only loose my virginity, but loose it to the most perfect girl I had ever met, who also happened to live a mere hundred feet away.
I approached her and leaned forward aiming my desperate member right in between her legs at her wanting pussy. “Rub it around first, I want it nice and wet.” I thought, wow this girl really knows what she wants, as I slowly ran my dick up and down her slit, teasing both of us by just barely putting the head in her tight snatch. All of a sudden, I decided to surprise her and shoved my whole cock into her, only stopping when my stomach was pressed against hers and I heard a satisfying slam between our bodies. Instantly she let out a loud scream “UHHHHGGGG!” Now despite being a virgin, I knew girls had a hymen that was supposed to be there her first time. But I felt no resistance as I thrusted into her. This seemed a little strange, but I didn’t let it bother me for long, as I continued my penetration of her super tight hole. I could feel her pussy muscles squeeze every inch of my intruding member. She was so tight and each movement I made sent her into a spasm of lust, screaming over and over “Harder, fuck me HARDERRRR!” Not one too protest, I started to throw all my body weight into her, pushing as far as I could into her now soaking pussy.
The feeling was better then I could have ever imagined, her pussy seemed to milk my cock, stimulating me in ways I didn’t think were possible. Over and over again I pounded into her. I looked into her eyes and saw a fiery desire fuelled with lust and a carnal craving for cock. This made that familiar stirring in my balls to begin and I knew I would blow my load any moment. Afraid I would get her pregnant, I pulled out ready to shoot hot cum all over her breasts and stomach. “PUT IT BACK IN!” she screamed.
“I can’t get you pregnant,” I reasoned.
“I wont just keep FUCKING!”
I couldn’t deny her, so quickly I shoved my member into her once more. I could feel her start to become even more wild and suddenly her hips arched up, pushing my cock even farther inside. Letting out a primal scream, we both came harder then ever before. I knew it was the biggest load of my life because so much came pouring out of her used cunt it made a little pool on the couch seat. We both collapsed on the couch, and began to kiss again, with quite a bit of effort now that we were breathing so hard.
“That was incredible,” I got out after breaking our lips embrace. “But how do you know so much about this? And why wont I get you pregnant?” She began to blush and looked away from me, seeming a little ashamed. I wasn’t sure what I said to upset her, I just wanted to know.
Looking up at me with big puppy dog eyes she pleaded, “Please don’t say anything ok! This is super secret.” Agreeing, I begged her to reveal her secret. “Well, a couple years ago, when I was around 10, my dad started to make me fuck him. At first I was really upset and didn’t know what to do. But after a little bit, I started to feel sooo good, I didn’t want to stop. His cock is so big it feels amazing. He likes it really rough and always orders me around. But I love that, and that kinda why I acted that way her. And he made me start the pill so he wouldn’t get me pregnant either. Please don’t tell anyone!”
I was completely dumbfounded. Right down the street from me, my neighbor had become her dad’s sex slave. Was this why my parents didn’t really like them, did they know something was up? I was both turned on and disgusted. The thought of her fucking her own father was so forbidden and so sexy. “Oh my god, I had no idea. Don’t worry you secret is safe with me, but if something bad ever happens you have to tell me ok.”
She agreed, looking a lot better now that she got this out in the open. It made me feel good that she trusted me with this and that I could protect her if I had too. Plus I knew that I would get to have her any time I wanted. “Lets go wash up in the shower,” I suggested.
“Sounds great!” she smiled and we hoped off to the shower, letting her lead so I could watch her ass sway in step. While “cleaning” we continued to explore new things, and stayed in till the water got cold.

Like I said, please comment if you liked it or have suggestions or anything.

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2015-09-20 18:28:54
why make suggestions to a TRUE story dumb ass

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2015-09-18 04:04:48
I saw the daddy thing coming too but it didn't ruin anything for me. I really enjoyed it

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2014-04-23 20:08:37
Hey ,the perverted dad gave the girl experience which gave the boy great satisfaction. In the real world bad things happen. I liked the story

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2013-12-26 05:57:50
When you talked about what the dad did it became a bad story

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Her dad fucking her ruined the story for me, you foreshadowed it too much and I knew it was coming so I almost didn't want to even finish it. That's just my opinion, so do as you wish. I won't be reading your stories anymore.

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