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Mother unknowingly becomes son's lover
It was a day like any other when Matt was annoyingly woken up by his alarm. He hit the off button and sat up in his bed rubbing the sleep from his eyes. “Damn, it had to be today didn’t it?” It was Monday morning and it was Matt’s first day at a new school. Like every other 14 year old boy Matt hated starting at a new school, everyone’s eyes on you like a weirdo as you walk down the school corridor because you are the new kid and of course the sordid business of making new friends. They had moved to a new town because Matt’s dad had been sent there for a work project which would span the duration of four years as they were constructing multiple huge buildings. Now making friends wouldn’t be all that difficult if it weren’t for the fact that Matt was extremely shy and had no guts to approach anyone he didn’t already know. He wasn’t a bad looking kid, average looks but he was very thin and weak looking so that didn’t build confidence either.

As Matt sat there dreading this horrid day that was inevitable his thoughts came crashing back down to reality by the sound of his mother’s voice calling for him from the kitchen downstairs. “Matt your breakfast is getting cold, get a move on or you will be late on your first day.” Giving out a huge sigh he rolled out of bed and made his way to the bathroom where he took a shower and went through his usual morning routine in getting ready for school. He made his way down stairs and sat down at the breakfast table across from his dad who was in his usual spot reading the morning paper and sipping his coffee. “Morning champ, you ready for your big day? You have to make a good impression on your first day you know.” James (Matt’s father) said without even looking up from the paper. Matt just let out a depressive sigh and James knew he wasn’t in the least bit excited. “I’ll tell you what son, seeing as this is your first day and all, I’ll give you a ride to school so you don’t have to endure all the eyes burning holes into the back of your head on the bus.” James said to his son trying to make the situation a tad bit better than it was going right now. “Thanks dad, although I’ll get those same eyes on me the whole day at school at least I can avoid it for a few minutes.” Matt said in a tone of voice that gave the impression of slight relief. As he sat and stared down at the table his mom was standing at the kitchen counter fixing a plate for him. “Hear honey, thought I’d make your favourite pancakes for breakfast to get your day started off good and proper.” She said as she walked over to him and placed the plate in front of him. For a few seconds he just stared at the plate as if he wasn’t going to touch it and then suddenly just began wolfing down the pancakes. His mom looked at him in amazement as from her point of view he appeared to be skipping the chewing part and just swallowing everything whole which wasn’t the case but it sure looked that way.

Once breakfast was done James stood up and grabbed his car keys and headed for the door. “Come on son, we got to get moving if we are both going to be on time.” Matt just gave a nod and stood up, grabbing his bag and walked out the front door ahead of his dad. As they approached the car they heard Matt’s mom walking up behind them. “I’m coming too, I want to see my little boy off on his first day.” She said with a beaming smile which was quickly wiped from her face. “Oh come on Sally, you can’t keep babying the boy if you ever expect him to man up. Besides with all my work files in the car there is only room for one passenger.” James said to his wife. She responded in a disappointed voice but seemed to be trying to figure something out as she moved her head trying to see inside the car. “Well it doesn’t look that crowded, but if you insist then I’ll just have to sit on Matty until you drop him off and then you can drop me off at the mall on your way to work. I do need to get a feel of this town.” “Ok fair point I suppose, it is only 20 minutes to the school, you don’t mind, do you Matt?” James asked his son who was staring into the distance. Sensing he didn’t have much of a choice in the matter he just nodded and got in the backseat as that was the only available seat. As the rest of them got into the car they quickly noticed that James couldn’t use his rear view mirror as there were boxes obstructing his view. “Well I guess we better be off then.” James said as he put the car into reverse gear and pulled out of the driveway. As the car picked up speed Matt felt something and he instantly knew he was in trouble. Sally was wearing a very tight pants made out of thin material that wrapped around her body like a second skin. Now Sally is not a model type woman but she is fairly attractive, with beautiful big brown eyes, long flowing blonde hair, full strawberry red lips exaggerated even more by the lipgloss she wears and a typical ‘mom body’ which is a bit on the chubby side but could still be considered sexy due to the fact that she has firm 36D breasts and a wide round ass that still defies gravity. Although it is clear to see she has a mother figure she is still fresh faced and has flawless milky skin allowing her to easily pass for a 34 year old although being 40 years of age.
Matt felt her bum press into him as the car speed up and his teenage, hormone controlled mind couldn’t help but notice how soft and warm her bum was. He tried as hard as he could to ignore it but his body had other plans as he felt blood rush from all over his body into his dick which was quickly coming to life. Sally felt something but though it was a measuring ruler she unknowingly sat on and lifted herself slightly and sat back down.

To Matt’s horror this caused his cock to shift and find its resting place right between her meaty ass cheeks. The minute Sally let her full body weight rest she realised what she was sitting on being in the lap of a teenage boy and the shock hit her instantly. Being the adult in this situation she thought nothing of it as she knew what boys are like while they are going through puberty and just shrugged it off as nothing serious. She calmed herself and just continued as if nothing happened but that plan didn’t go so well as she felt his cock twitch every few minutes and was surprised at how forceful the twitches were. The situation took a turn for the worse when they hit a patch of speed bumps at an elementary school crossing and the car had to slow down and speed up rapidly every few seconds which caused Sally’s ass to slide back and forth in Matt’s lap basically giving him an unintended lap dance. In an instant the blood drained from her face as she heard Matt give out a quiet sigh and felt his cock spasm and then felt her bum being warmed by an unmistakable liquid. She sat there not wanting to move due to the fact that she hadn’t a clue of what to do next.

Luckily the journey was over in just a few minutes and they arrived at the school. Sally opened the door and stood up to let her son out, she instantly thanked her lucky stars she had decided to wear black pants that day as a wet patch would be hard to see. She looked over at Matt and noticed he too had worn black pants and a wave of relief washed over her. They walked around the car and Sally and James said their goodbyes to their son as he walked away and vanished into the crowd of teens. The couple returned to the car and were on their way.

While in class Matt thought back to what had just happened. It was the first time he had ever had that kind of experience with a female and was mortified that it was his own mother. He wondered what she thought of him. “She must think I’m some kind of freak pervert shooting my load all over my own mom’s ass.” He felt a piece of his soul die as that thought consumed him but he snapped out of it when he felt his cell phone vibrate signalling he had received a text message. He didn’t think much of it and waited until the lesson ended and read it as soon as he could. It was from his mother:
“Hi honey, I hope you are having a great first day, and I hope you have made some new friends. By the way I know what happened this morning in the car.”

He felt his heart stop and didn’t know how to reply so he just replied the best way he could:
“Mom I am so sorry! You must think I’m the worst son on earth, I really didn’t mean to do that to you.”
Before he could think his phone vibrated again with a new massage:
“Aww its ok sweetheart, it’s really not that bad. We will talk about it later. love you”
This last message blew his mind to bits. He was now more confused than ever and the whole day he went about his classes numb to everything and everyone around him. “What did she mean it wasn’t that bad? I came on her ass and all she said was love you, talk later.” He thought to himself as confused as a virgin in a brothel.

Finally the day came to an end and before he could reach the bus he saw his mom standing in the car park, she had been home and returned in her car. “Hey hun, just thought I’d pick you up from school.” Matt was confused as he thought he was in trouble for what had happened but he wasn’t quite sure because she was all smiles with him. They got in the car and were on their way home. “So how was your day? Mine was great!” She asked as if nothing was wrong. “It was ok, nothing special.” He replied staring at her face trying to read her mood and then he glanced down and noticed she was still wearing the same pants even though she had been home and could’ve changed it. “About this morning…” Sally began and Matt swallowed hard thinking to himself “uh oh. Here it comes.” She continued speaking. “Well I know you are a teenager now and your body is changing, it just slipped my mind. I would’ve never sat in your lap wearing this kind of pants if I had remembered.” She said to him, smiling as she concentrated on the road. “So you’re not mad at me?” He asked treading lightly. “Of course not, I know you had no control over it. Besides I said it before, it wasn’t that bad. Was nice and warm.” She said making a joke of it and playfully winked at him. They pulled up to the house and entered, setting their bags and stuff down in the kitchen. “That’s a lot of bags for just checking out the town.” Matt said in joking tone to his mother. “Hey I’m a woman, shopping is what we do so just shut it.” She replied with a laugh. Matt walked towards the stairs headed for his room. “By the way your dad will be working late every night this month so it will be just the two of us.” He heard his mother say as he approached his room. He let his bag slide off his shoulder and he just dropped onto his bed giving out a sigh. “Wow what a day.” He said to himself as his mind began replaying the embarrassing moments of the car ride. His mind then fixated purely on his mother’s bum. He thought about how it moves when she walks and how soft it felt when she sat on him. He thought about how curvaceous she is and how big and motherly her ass is. “Matt dinner will be here soon, I’m just going to order pizza, I’m quite tired.” His mother shouted from downstairs. “Ok I’ll be down in a sec.” He replied and sat up on his bed but was quite surprised to discover he had the hardest erection he had ever experienced in his young life, hard enough to cut grass with. “You are such a sicko thinking about your mother’s ass and getting turned on by it.” He whispered to himself as he waited for it to subside.

His mom was sitting in front of the TV with a pizza on the table in front of her when she saw him walk into the living room. “There you are. I was about to come looking for you.” She said to him with a cheerful and warm voice. They sat together and watched TV while eating their dinner and time just flew past. Sally had stretched herself out on the couch and fallen asleep while Matt continued watching some dodgy action film. As usual the poor boy realised he was in trouble when it was already too late. Being a hormonal teenager he was getting random erections but this time he was in for it as Sally had slid her feet into his lap while she slept in an attempt to sleep better. His concentration was stolen from the film as he looked down at these feet that were clearly in the danger zone. He had never noticed before but his mother had petite and delicate feet which he thought were quite cute and pretty for woman her age. Sally woke up slightly to turn over and in doing so pressed her feet into her son’s crotch. His rock hard cock was now trapped between her feet and his thigh and it was too much for the poor boy. Sally felt something spasm under her feet, startled and fully awake, she sat up and looked over at Matt who had a wet spot in his shorts that was increasing in size. She knew exactly what had just happened. They looked at each other for what seemed like eternity before she spoke. “Oh no, not again. Honey I’m so sorry, I swear I’m not purposely jerking you off.” She said with a sincere apology in her voice but Matt just stood up rushed off towards his room, too embarrassed to look her in the face again. Sally sat on the couch not knowing how she was going to get out of this one.

Not being able to return to her sleep Sally sat up and watched some crappy show on TV. She wasn’t actually watching as her mind was desperately trying to figure out what she was going to do when something suddenly popped into her head. “Wait a minute, its either I’m the sexiest woman on earth, which I know is not the case, or Matty cums REALLY quick.” She sat there pondering whether or not he has a problem. She grabbed her bag which was leaning against the couch and pulled her laptop out, turned it on and waited for it to boot up. As soon as it was ready to go she was on the internet searching up pre-mature ejaculation. To her horror all Matt’s symptoms fit as a doctor explained in an article, even a boy of 14 should have enough stamina to last more than just a few seconds. Now worried she searched up on ways to stop or tone down pre-mature ejaculation. Without looking at what sites were shown she just clicked the links into anything that seemed plausible. After much effort and time spent with not one result she grew frustrated but life is not without a sense of irony as the last link she clicked on before giving up had an article written by some sex therapist. This of course caught her eye as it was titled: How to make your man last longer inside you. Out of sheer curiosity she began reading this article which went on to explain how a lot of the time a man can ejaculate pre-maturely simply because he is intimidated and over-whelmed by his lover which could have some permanent effects as he might behave this way with any lover he may encounter thereafter and it could become the real thing, not just the symptoms. In a panic Sally’s mind began racing, she couldn’t for the life of her understand how her little Matty can see her as a sexual being let alone be intimidated and overwhelmed by her. She continued reading and the article was not to her taste as it spoke about how older women who like to have toy-boys should train them on how to last longer by building their self-esteem and ego as a man. After reading through a few of the steps on how to ‘train your lover’ Sally felt overwhelmed herself and closed the window and then turned off the machine deciding it was time to call it a night.

Walking up the stairs to her bedroom Sally’s mind was a mess, thinking of how bad she felt for Matt’s condition and then feeling guilty that it may be her fault and that she may have damaged him permanently. “There go my hopes of having grandkids someday.” She whispered to herself as she walked past Matt’s room and noticed the light was still on. Standing by his door she gathered up the courage and decided she would ‘talk it out’ with her son as she felt he was old enough to have that talk. She hoped it could be resolved with a heart to heart talk. Without any further thought she opened the door and walked in. “Matty, are you still awake? Sweetheart we need to talk…” Her voice fell silent and her face went pale as she locked eyes on her son. She thought she was about to faint. There was Matt sitting at his computer desk with his pants around his ankles and his hand on his cock mid-stroke. On the computer screen was a solo picture of Sally at one of the family picnics wearing a yellow sundress and a huge smile on her face.
“Oh my God, no Matty! Please don’t tell me you…” Her voice went shaky and then trailed off as she looked down at what he was holding. His cock was at least 11 inches in length and was as thick as a grown woman’s lower arm around the wrist area. In contrast to his thin and underdeveloped body it looked like it was transplanted or it belonged on a much bigger man. She looked up at his face and into his eyes and could see his soul dying, full of shame as he knew he could never come back from this, he knew his mother would never look at him the same again. Which mother would if they found their son jerking off to a picture of them that wasn’t even in the slightest bit sexually provocative? Her eyes welled up with tears as she turned around and ran out of the room but before she reached the door she heard him speak in a voice that sounded like someone taking their last breath. “Mom I’m so sorry.” That was all she heard before she disappeared down the corridor and into her room where she locked the door and stood against it as if hiding from someone pursuing her. She had an idea of what all this meant but was scared to admit it because that would acknowledge it as a reality. She looked over at James’ work space where his computer was permanently turned on and she quickly sat down and began frantically typing and clicking on the mouse, searching for answers on the internet and what she found she did not like one bit. She found articles that with explanations that read:

“A large portion of boys growing up both love and are in love with their mother as this is the first woman they interact with on deep emotional level, however a small percentage of boys become sexually attracted to their mother as they go through puberty. This is normal and usually lasts for a very brief period as they quickly find a girl their own age to become the focus of this this new found emotion they feel. However sometimes situations do arise where these feelings are nurtured by the mother verbally or physically, for example hugging him all the time or kissing him longer than what he feels is appropriate. When such situations arise the boy then sees his mother as his lover. At this stage it is critical as it is strongly advised by any mother to avoid this situation at all costs as rejection from his first lover may cause the boy to have deep seated emotional scaring and he may not be able to connect emotionally with any woman. If any mother thinks she is or indeed is in this situation it is best to seek help from a specialist to try and establish a sense of normality in the boys mind through a series of therapeutic sessions that would most likely span the entirety of the young man’s adult life.”

Sally sat back in the desk chair, hung her head in her hands and burst into tears as she knew she was in that very same situation quite deeply. “Oh Matty, what am I going to do?” She asked herself and then a thought crossed her mind that felt like a hot iron rod being pierced through her heart. “Oh my gosh, how am I going to explain this to James? He is going to blame it all on me and say I should have seen it coming and stopped it. Sally you are such a fucking idiot.” She began crying even harder as she felt like this is the end of the world. Through her loud crying she could just barely managed to hear a knock on the door which caused her cries to soften. “Mom I’m so sorry, I know you will never forgive but I’m really sorry. I never meant to hurt you like this.” Matt said from the other side of the door. Sally stopped crying and went numb as she realised the article was right. “No, this can’t be happening. It just can’t be. It’s Bullshit!” She said to herself and in a fit of frustration she stood up and walked over to the door, unlocked and opened it to see her son standing there with a terrified look on his face. In a remote corner of her mind she thought about what she must look like to him right now considering how he could be feeling about her and she calmed her nerves and put on a stern face. “Mom I...” He tried to speak but she stopped him and she spoke instead in a brutally cold voice. “Come in Mathew, we need to talk.” She stepped aside and gestured him to come in and he did as he was told. In Sally’s mind she was determined to put a stop to this. She was not going to allow such immoral behaviour to happen in her family. She was just not going to have it happen. Matt sat at the foot of the bed and Sally wheeled the desk chair over, positioned it in front of him and sat down feeling the frustration wash over again. Matt hadn’t heard his mother call him by his full name in years and he knew this was serious. She was about to speak when she looked him over and was mortified at what she saw. Her son, who was always quiet but seemed emotionally strong and independent, was now sitting in front of her trembling like a leaf in the wind. She had never seen him so scared in his life and then for some odd reason she took into account of what that article stated and she took into consideration that in his eyes she is not only his mother but the woman he is in love with as well and we all know how terrified a 14 year boy is of the girl he has a crush on. She took a minute to calm herself and then spoke.

“Matt? Matty we need to have a serious talk.” Hearing the sincerity in her voice scared him but hearing the name she alone called him put him at ease a bit. “Is this about what you saw me doing in my room?” He asked in a shaky frightened voice. “Yes, yes it is but we have a lot more to discuss.” She replied coldly. “Am I in trouble? Are you angry with me?” He asked her. “Depending on how this conversation goes we both might be in big trouble, but no I’m not angry with you. In fact it’s kind of flattering that someone your age would masturbate to an old gal like me with all her clothes on.” She said to him and watched him lift his head to look at her. She looked in his eyes and instantly knew they were in deep shit as he had this adoring look in his eyes that was unmistakably a sign of a massive crush. “Matty I’m going to ask you a few things and no matter what your answers will be, I will not get angry.” She said to him to which he nodded in agreement. “What do you think of me as your mom?” She asked quite simply to which he replied “You are the best mother in the world. I’m really happy to have a mother like you.” “Ok fair play. What do you think of me as a woman?” She asked and waited for a reply. He sat there for a moment not saying anything. “Matty you can be honest, I won’t shout at you or get angry.” She tried to reassure him to which he looked down at the floor and answered. “I don’t know how to explain it mom. When I look at you I get this funny feeling in my tummy but it feels nice. I think you are really beautiful you always look really nice.” Hearing his reply she sat back in the chair and held her head in her hand. “Holy fuck we are in shit.” She looked over at him and noticed a confused look in his face. Not wanting to go back on her word of him not being in trouble she tried to calm herself and ask the next question. “So when I walked into your room, were you masturbating to my picture or was there something else on the screen and you changed it to try cover up when I walked in?” Matt looked her square in the face and tilted his head as if trying to figure out if he should be honest or just lie to get out of trouble. “Sweetie please be honest, I need to know.” She pleaded with him until he finally answered. “I’m sorry mom, you are probably going to hate me, but yes I was looking at you, every time I look at your picture I get hard and I can’t stop myself.” Sally’s eyes went huge, she knew that was the case before she had even asked but hearing it made it real. Before she could press the matter any further they heard the front door close and James called out to them. “Sal, Matt, I’m home.” He announced as he walked into the dining room and set his bags down. Sally looked at Matt not knowing what would happen next. “Honey lets continue this another time and don’t forget, you are not in trouble.” He stood up and smiled at her but it was a smile she had never seen before. It was sweet but very affectionate, the way a man smiles at a woman when she has said something nice to him. He walked over to her and hugged her very gently but sincerely. “You really are the best mother in the world, other moms would’ve kicked their sons out of the house after catching them like that but you still want to talk about it.” She was stunned at his words and actions and didn’t move until he left the room and went off to bed.

The rest of the night went on uneventful and Sally and James went to bed themselves but little did Sally know that sleep wasn’t going to come that easily for her. She tossed and turned that night right through to the morning hours. She tried to figure out how she managed to let this situation happen and what she was going to do about it. Then she began thinking about Matt, her mind got carried away as she thought about how he wasn’t a bad looking boy and of course it was inevitable that her mind fixated on that enormous thing attached to his body passing itself off as a penis. Her mind went over and over thinking about how huge it was, by far the biggest she had ever seen. She somehow managed to remember every single detail about it from how purple the head was from the shaft being squeezed to the position of every vein on it. Then of course the one thought she had subconsciously tried to avoid came back and hit her in the face. “Oh my gosh that thing was hard for me!” She whispered to herself. She tried to supress the way it made her feel but the more she did that the more her crotch area got flooded with vaginal fluids until her panties were soaked. This made her feel extremely horny, the horniest she had been in years but it came covered with a thick layer of guilt. Eventually she dozed off and slept right through the morning to awaken to an empty house. James had left for work and Matt had left for school.

She made her way into the kitchen and made herself a cup of coffee. While sitting there she tried to think about what she was going to do. Finding her laptop conveniently placed on the kitchen counter she grabbed it and started searching the internet for psychiatrists but something else caught her eye. She had found a chatroom where adults could chat anonymously to doctors and therapists about all sorts of topics. Not knowing what else to do she entered several discussion and gave full details about her situation and asked for advice the responses shocked her down to her core. Such responses were:
“Well you are in a right pickle. I can only suggest you help the boy ease out it by not rejecting him completely but that would depend on how far you are willing to go.” Or things like “From the sounds of it, it would seem that this is your doing. Do you happen to have sexual feelings for your son? That would explain why you were aroused by the idea of him being into you.” She paged through more responses and found the worst one yet which was: “well in all honesty it sounds like you instigated the whole thing by masturbating him no matter how unintentional it was. To stop now would just cost you a fortune in loads of therapy bills and he may never look at you as a mother figure again. I’m sorry to say but you might have to accept that you are firmly the woman he has pinned his emotional and sexual feelings on. You are his lover for all intents and purposes. Sorry I couldn’t give you better news but depending on how much you love your son, you know what you have to do.”

She stopped reading at this point and sat there numb to the rest of the world. That last response hit her in the face like a flying brick. She knew the doctor was right but she just didn’t want to admit it. After thinking out her next move for hours she stood up and felt a cool breeze between her legs and down her thighs. When she looked down she saw the chair she was sitting in was soaked with her vaginal juices to a point where it had started running down her legs. “I am definitely going to hell for this.” She sighed as she now realised that her body wanted to do what she was so desperately trying to avoid. “But he is just so small. My little Matty, how would I even begin to do something like that to him? I would probably scare him off.” Before she could finish her sentence she heard the front door open and close, mortified that it might be her husband she stood there frozen on the spot but to her relief in came Matt from school with his usual low in the dumps attitude. He finally stopped walking and looked up to see her standing there like she had just seen a ghost. “Mom are you ok?” He asked snapping her out of her daze. “Yeah I’m fine honey, just have a lot on my mind.” She said as she grabbed a cloth and bent over to wipe up the mess she had made in the chair and this gave Matt a full view of her round ass with the thin material of her night gown soaked so it was practically transparent, he could see everything right down to her pink asshole and pussy lips. This caused his groin to stir quite a bit. She stood up and went over to the sink to wash the cloth and then noticed he was now frozen in his spot. When she looked at him she noticed the abnormally massive bulge in his pants and then thought about what she must’ve looked like bent over.
“Oh my, I’m sorry sweetie, didn’t mean to give you such a view.” She said with a slight giggle as she felt flattered that she still had what it takes to get a guy hard so quick. Taking another look at his bulge released a side of Sally she hadn’t seen since she was a teenager. She gave him a coy smile and then spoke. “You know Matty you haven’t told me what you find attractive about me.” She said looking down at the floor. To both their surprise he answered quite swiftly. “Everything mom! The sound of your voice, the way your eyes have this way of making a person feel warm inside, your smile could make angels jealous, the way you walk is so sexy, your body just drives me insane. You are literally perfect from head to toe.” His words took her by complete surprise. It was as if he had rehearsed this very conversation in his head a million times in the hopes that he could one day tell her. What surprised her even more was that her cheeks were now burning as she was blushing like a little school girl. “Wow, you really have a way with words young man.” She said with a shy kind of smile. “I can’t help it, you are all I think about. The only time I can look at another girl is if she looks exactly like you.” Sally felt the temperature between her thighs rapidly increase as she took in what her soon said then suddenly, as if she was being controlled by someone other than herself she began acting very abnormal.

“Aww aren’t you just so sweet. Well on the bright side you don’t have to look at girls that look like me because you have the real thing right here.” She said as she hopped up on the kitchen counter. “Have you ever seen a pussy in real life?” She asked him. She was pulling no punches now. It had been 6 months since she last had sex because her husband was always busy and when he got home he was too tired to even get it up. She loved her husband dearly but her needs as a woman were in full control at that moment.

Matt just shook his head, unsure of what was happening or why his mother would ask such a question and more importantly use such a dirty word. “Well honey, today is your lucky day.” She smiled at him politely and spread her legs to reveal her panty less crotch which gave Matt a full, unobstructed view of his mother’s pussy. He was frozen as this was this was his first sexual encounter of any kind. He had only ever seen a porn film once and it was rated 16 so he hadn’t seen much. “Come take a closer look honey, I can assure you it won’t bite. After all you masturbate to me so it’s only fair you get to see the thing.” Matt swallowed hard and moved towards this uncharted territory that was a woman’s body. When he got close enough to see his eyes went wide as he could see everything in High Definition. “I know I should probably shave it but I didn’t think anyone would be seeing it. Do you like mommy’s pussy Matty?” Sally couldn’t believe the way she was behaving but at the same time she was powerless to stop herself. Her pussy was doing the thinking, acting and talking for her, giving her what she knew she wanted. “Go ahead baby, you can touch it.” She said to him in the filthiest voice either of them had ever heard her use before. She was astonished but was thoroughly enjoying it.

Matt put out a shaky hand and reached out towards this magical place between her legs. They both flinched a bit when he touched her. At first he fondled with it like one would mess around with dough but after a while he started sliding his fingers up and down her slit causing her to moan slightly. “Oh Matty, words can’t explain how wrong this is. You do know it’s wrong don’t you?” He just nodded in response, mesmerized by this new discovery. As his fingers slid down they dipped into her slit which shocked him and caused him to hold his hand steady. He looked up at his mother in surprise. “Yes baby that’s where you came from. But that’s also where a man puts his penis in a woman.” Having to explain such simple detail caused her to get even more wet. Matt decided to see if there was anything to it and pushed his two fingers into her. Instantly Sally arched her back and let out a pleasure filled sigh as his fingers pulled out and then slowly went back in. She couldn’t believe what was happening. Last night she was horrified at the thought of what had happened and now here she was sitting on the kitchen counter with her legs spread like a cheap slut letting her 14 year old son play with her pussy. She could no longer lie to herself, she felt alive again, she felt wanted, to be the centre of a guy’s universe again. Suddenly she held his hand and pulled it away from her pussy.

“Ok you’ve had your fun, now it’s my turn, get it out and let’s take a look.” She said with a hint of excitement in her voice gesturing at his dick. Matt was shaking again as he was very shy and nervous because no one had seen him naked since he became a teenager but he did as he was told because it was his mother doing the telling. He hesitantly unzipped his pants and let it fall to the floor. Sally gasped as she saw it in broad daylight and up close, fully erect and looking like it was ready to blow any second. “Oh my God it’s fucking huge, how do you get it up without fainting since you are so thin? Wow, whoever you put that thing inside will be one lucky lady I’ll tell you that much.” She said to him with genuine surprise in her voice. Now it was his turn to blush because even young teenagers know girls like big dicks although they couldn’t understand why and neither did he. “It’s so beautiful.” She continued and just stared at it for some time before speaking. “Honey you know how you said you masturbate to my pictures?” He nodded, again not knowing where this was going but she soon answered his mental questions. “Do you wana do it looking at the real thing?” He looked up at her face in sheer shock. “You would let me do that?” He asked. Sally thought carefully before answering as this was at the point of no return in her mind. She did indeed have a hidden agenda which she had just remembered on the spot. “Yeah sure, why not. I mean you got to play with me so I think I should see how you do it. Go on, wank that big cock for mommy.” She said licking her lips. He slowly began stroking his cock as requested and gradually built up speed. After about 5 minutes he was still at it with no sign of popping. “Hmmm, I wonder.” She thought to herself. “Could that article have been right? He doesn’t seem to be a pre-mature ejaculator. How can I test it and have definite results.” She told him to stop at which point he was as confused as can be. “Come over here honey, I need to see something.” He obediently walked over to his mother and stood right between her legs which positioned him perfectly as she was at the exact height as his hips were and his cock was just level with her opening.

She bit her lip and gave it one last thought before deciding she needed to know if this was her fault or not. She slowly lifted her legs and wrapped them around his skinny waist and began to move him closer. Matt was beyond shock at how powerful her legs were. They looked normal, maybe a little thicker than average but that made them sexier as it matched her chubbiness but they were still as soft and motherly as the rest of her. While moving closer he realised what was about to happen and he started shaking from being nervous but her legs had him trapped and he was going to go nowhere until she let him. Suddenly he felt it. The head of his dick touched and began penetrating her soft and extremely wet pussy. The minute he felt it he stopped shacking and looked at her face to see a sweet but devilishly naughty smile on her face. “You see honey, mommy will never do anything bad to you.” She said as she gave a wink and blew a kiss then suddenly tightened her leg’s grip causing him to jerk forward and slide half of his dick into her. She stopped for a few seconds to adjust to this intruding member. “Holy fuck that is a big cock! You are stretching me like a virgin.” She said no longer laughing or smiling. She was now determined to find her answer. She continued pulling him in until he bottomed out and his cock was fully buried in his mother’s hot, dripping wet pussy. “ooooo now that feels good. No one has ever filled me up like that before.” Even though she was feeling good she couldn’t forget about her mission and decided to stay focused.

“Matty do you usually take long to cum when you are by yourself?” She asked quite sincerely. He nodded his head, staring at her heaving breasts and she could see he was trying to concentrate on something. “Wait, so I’m the reason…” Before she could finish she felt his body stiffen like a plank and his cock began to spasm harder than she had ever felt one before. She then felt her body heat up inside from where she imagined the tip of his cock was right up to below her breasts. She felt like her body was being flooded by warm custard. She leaned back until she was lying flat on the counter and waited while her son filled her with non-stop gushes of cum, thinking that the article was right. Matt is intimidated and sexually overwhelmed by her, causing him to ejaculate prematurely. She waited for what seemed like a full two minutes before his spasms began to waken and eventually disappear. When he stopped moving she sat up with his cock still buried in her but was scared to move to much as she had never had her birth canal so full before. “Wow that was quite something. You could get a town of woman pregnant with the amount of sperm you just shot inside me. Luckily I’m on the pill so we won’t need to worry about that. But there are more pressing matters.” He looked up at her with a quizzical look on his face but before he could get worried she continued speaking. “First of all you are to tell no one and I mean no one about what has been happening between us. Otherwise I’ll be thrown in jail and you will never see me again. Do you understand?” He looked at her for a few moments and his brain couldn’t even comprehend the thought of him doing anything that could put his mother in harm’s way but he eventually answered in a serious tone that put quite a bit of weight on his words. “I would never do anything to hurt you or cause you to be taken away from me.” From his response she knew he was sincere. “Ok secondly, although I’ve just had my head blown off by how big your luscious cock is…” She gave him a wink before continuing “And how amazing it felt to have my insides entirely coated and filled by your wonderfully warm cum, a woman needs to orgasm as well. Although there are other ways to do it I prefer having my pussy pounded until I explode. Having said that, we are going to have to train you in order for you to last longer when fucking me. Is that ok with you baby?” He looked her in the eyed and said something she didn’t expect. He began speaking as he slowly pulled out his mammoth cock which was now deflating. “I would do anything to please you mommy. Anything! I’m yours and you can do anything you want with me.” She looked down between them when his cock was completely out of her and she watched as globs of cum came slowly oozing out of her pussy non-stop. She looked up and smiled at him. “Im glad you said that baby because mommy has some interesting ideas in store for you. We start tomorrow!”

To be continued…..

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