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In this episode, Laura finall;y has the oppertunity to explore the sexual interests of Keith's close friend and classmate, Stacy. When the two end up alone together in the gym shower one afternoon, she learns thet Stacy is a little confused about her own sexuality which laura offers to help her with. Later in the week, she fulfils a fantasy she's been wanting to try since she was a freshman. Then she asks Keith to help her out with Stacy's problem.....
Laura, a.k.a. The little nympho..

Chapter 12

( Fulfilling a few Fantasies )

The next two weeks were fairly dull. Oh Keith and me made the van rock a few times and on Monday I got to shower with Stacy and see if she might be interested in a little pussy lickin. And then I was asked to stay after class in Mr. B's home-room at the end of the day on Friday…

On Monday the last week in September, the weather was still pretty warm out and the P.E. teacher had us out side doing calisthenics and running the track, again. Toward the end of the hour Stacy and I were running the track together and talking about Keith and how hot he was.

We were trotting on the far end of the track when 'The Amazon' which is what we named our P.E. teacher, blew the whistle. And Stacy said lets sprint it out. Which would have been about a 200 yard sprint. I said GO, and we both kicked it into high gear and stretched out staying pretty much neck and neck.

By the time we started into the turn on the far end of the track, I was huffing and puffing like a steam engine, mostly because I smoked occasionally and did a little weed on the side. Stacy however didn't smoke anything and was out pacing me by a few yards.

We both finished but I was definitely behind by about 10 yards when we crossed the line in front of the bleachers. We both collapsed on the grass and huffed and puffed and giggled while we were trying to catch our breath. 'Your still a pretty damned good runner." Stacy said. 'You might wanna think about laying off the cigarettes though." She continued. All I could do was nod and grin at her.

At about that time 'The Amazon' was standing on top of the little hill that supported the bleachers and blew her damned whistle again. 'Come on ladies, I wanna lock this place up by 4, I have to be somewhere at 5. if you two want a shower, get your little butts in here, today."

As we were walking up the steps of the bleachers on our way to the showers, I was walking behind Stacy and was eye level with her nice round and bouncy ass cheeks as we ascended. Stacy was gorgeous little thing. She stood about five foot two, and had a really nice full and bouncy set of 32bs, a narrow waist and a very well proportioned ass that swayed real cute as she walked.

She had a cute blemish free oval face and full pouty lips. Her eyes were a dark Hazel and her strait honey blond hair hung to her mid back. As I was watching her walk up those stairs, she was making me horny, again. When we got inside, most of the other girls had already gone. And the few who were left were getting dressed and would be heading out real soon.

Stacy's locker was about 20 feet away from mine. I started taking off my gym gear and standing there bare breasted along side my locker. I had a 5" by 7" mirror attached to the door of my locker, and I silently moved the door open till I had a good shot of Stacy as she was taking her clothes off.

As I had my back to her and glancing at her through the mirror, I noticed that she was checking me out nearly as much as I was watching her. It might have just me, but when she was finally naked my mouth began to water a bit, she was that smoking hot looking. Her boobs didn't sage one bit and stood firm and proud on her chest. She also had very fine whip of blond pubic hair on a pair of pouty pussy lips.

We both walked into the shower together and went down the long row of shower heads till we were in the middle of the long stall. There was a four foot arched doorway on both ends and being in the middle, there was less of a draft and the steam would get really thick. Stacy turned on one of the showers and I took the one next to her. 'The Amazon' stuck her head in one of the doors and yelled. '10 minutes, ladies." And disappeared again.

We were soaping up real good and making small talk when Stacy surprised me by asking. 'Would you like me to wash your back, Laura?" I said. 'Only if you let me wash yours." I smiled at her. 'Sounds like a deal to me." She said as she began to scrub my back, shoulders and the top of my ass with firm and soothing strokes.

As she stroked and washed, she was huskily whispering a few naughty questions. 'Have you ever wondered what making out with another girl was like?" She asked, in a low breathy whisper. 'I've already been with other girls, Stacy." I whispered back, as I was sucking air between clenched teeth. She leaned in and whispered in my ear. 'Did you like it, sweetie?" 'Yes I did, I like guys just as well, but, it's so much different with another girl." I hissed as my breathing was getting heavier.

I leaned forward and put my forehead to the wall as Stacy began to reach around and wash my swollen tits from behind. She had her body pressed to mine and I could feel her hard nipples moving around on my back as she was kneading and squeezing my titties. The she moved my wet hair and lightly kissed me on my neck and ear loabs.

My poor pussy was dripping wet and throbbing as hard as I was breathing. 'You like making love to girls, don't you Laura?' 'Nearly as much as I like a nice hard cock deep inside me, Stacy." I raspingly responded. She slowly began to wash my upper thighs down to my knees and then slowly up till she got to the cheeks of my ass. Then she'd go to the other one and do it the same way.

Have you ever licked another pussy, Laura?" I turned around and leaned back against the wall. Stacy stepped up and kissed me good and full right on the lips and ran that was rag right up into my smoldering pussy. I put a hand behind her head and kissed her back and sank in a little tongue while I was at it.

She responded by dropping the wash rag and wrapping her arms around me molding her naked lithe body into mine. Our nipples were rubbing together as we dueled it out with our tongues. She grabbed a hand full of my left tit and I grabbed a handful of her left tit, squeezing and tickling her nipples like she was doing to me. Her mouth never left mine as we explored each other with our hands.

Then she broke the lip lock and began to move down my neck till she got to my rock hard nipples. She licked and sucked with abandon while the fingers of her right hand were caressing my swollen pussy lips. She kept sucking my titties and fingering me, with first one finger and then two fingers about two knuckles deep into and out of my quivering, throbbing, womanhood.

My knees were getting weak and wobbly. And my breath was quickening and raspy. She smiled as she sank down squatting in front of me eye to eye with my sopping wet pussy. I ran my fingers through her hair as she began kissing and licking my pubic mound, while every once in a while giving my distended clitoris a little flicking.

Drawing in a long full of air, I hissed and my knees nearly buckled when she finally sank her tongue deep between the lips of my sopping wet and throbbing hard little pussy. She looked me in the eyes as she devoured my pussy in tormentingly long and determined strokes. I could only quiver, shiver and moan low and soft, stroking her face with my finger tips as she brought me right up to the edge, twice.

I bit my lower lips in a futile attempt to stifle the squeaky moans as she pummeled my swollen clit like a tiny speed bag. In about a minute I stiffened up and grimaced hard throwing my head right and left as I came hard on her talented tongue. My head was facing toward the right door as I opened my eyes and thought saw 'The Amazon' peeking around the corner for just a second.

I shrugged it off as the waves of orgasmic delight shivered through my body, slowly diminishing. I kissed Stacy hard on the lips and spun her around and gently pushed her against the wall and proceeded to do to her what she had just done to me. Her little pussy I swear was the sweetest one I had tasted so far including Katie's. Just as I was making her cum really hard on my rapidly licking tongue, 'The Amazon' was turning off lights from somewhere.

I held and kissed Stacy as she quivered through the dozen or so after glow waves of the mind numbing orgasm I just gave her. When she had regained a little composure, she kissed me good and deep and thanked me for the best shower she'd had in long while.

We turned off the faucets and walked out naked and wet into the half darkened change room. We quietly dried off and got dressed. When we were dressed and nearly ready to leave, I looked at Stacy to see she was a little misty eyed. She reached up and hugged me tight and kissed me on the lips and said. 'I really, really enjoyed that, Laura." 'I did too, sweetie. Is that possibly another reason you haven't gone for Keith?" I asked softy.

'I don't know, Laura. I like the guy as much as a girl probably can. I mean he is so smokin hot and so nice and funny to talk to. And then I'll have a little thing with another girl like you, and I can't deny how hot and horny that makes me." I listened as we both sat down on one of the benches. 'Well, have you ever been with a guy, to see if you might like that just as much." She looked down and whispered. 'No, I haven't."

'Have you ever been with a guy at all, Stacy?" I've been cursed with a smoking hot body and such good looks that every guy that might be worth dating are too intimidated to even talk to me, much less ask me out on a frigging date." I put an arm around her and half hugged her firmly.

'You know this is not an insurmountable problem, sweetie. All you have to do is find a guy who understands your dilemma and who Know how to be slow and gentle and could and would make love to you, so you can see if your gay, or just bi-sexual. Either way then you'll know for sure and this won't be a dilemma and become the best thing that you could do for yourself." I reassured.

At the time, I didn't have any idea what I was trying to say to this pretty young thing, but it sounded good, and right. 'Ya, maybe. But where am I going to find a guy like that around here?" I grinned real big and said. 'Well, I can think of one guy who would absolutely love to help you out with this." 'Who?" she asked timidly sniffing a bit. 'Well, he's probably sitting out front waiting for me right now."

She snapped her head up and looked at with the most disbelieving look on her face and said. 'Keith? Oh no, I couldn't, and why would you even think that would work." She asked. 'Why not Stacy, you two known each other for years, so it wouldn't be like with some guy you don't know if you can trust. Or someone that has know idea how to please a girl. And I think he would be perfect and understandable about it. He does have a nice and gentle way when he's making love to a girl."

She stammered. 'Ya but I've known the guy for years now." 'And you think he's hotter than Brad Pitt." I interrupted. 'If you want, I could talk to him and explain it to him so it wouldn't be so awkward for you, sweetie." She sighed heavily. 'O.k. maybe we could give it a try, but." 'But what Stacy?" 'I'll only do it if your there." She whispered softly.

I smiled and asked. 'You want to do a threesome, sweetie?" 'I don't know, but it won't feel like I'm betraying anybody if your there too." I smiled and hugged her real good and said we can do it any way you feel comfortable, Stacy. But I also think you should really give it a try before condemning yourself to one road or another, Don't you?" I kissed her sweetly on the lips and we walked out onto the late after noon sun.

Keith was sitting in the van playing some Van Halen on the stereo waiting for me. I asked Stacy. 'Can we give you a ride home?" She smiled and I opened the back door. And she climbed in the back and I rode shot-gun. Keith smiled and said. 'My lucky day, two of my favorite girls, good afternoon ladies." 'Hay baby, I told Stacy we could give her a ride home, if you don't mind."

'Ladies, this chariot would take you around the world if we had the gas and some one would built a few bridges." We took off and Keith had a new joke he wanted to try out on us. We were all three giggling like hell when he pulled up at Stacy's house. We wished each other good night and rolled on.

Baby, would your do me a little favor?" sure baby, you know I'll let her have anything in the world." He answered. 'Good, find a fucking corn field real quick, I gotta fuck the shit out of somebody." 'Alright, but only if I can watch." He teased with a smile.

In about five minutes we were parked in a wooded area and kissing each other in a never ending lip lock while tearing each others clothes off. Keith and I rocked that van good and hard for about 45 minutes till we were both nearly exhausted and really sweaty.

While we were laying there cuddling, I began small talking and trying to merge Stacy's little problem into the conversation. Then Keith started it. 'So, what was taking you so long in the gym to day, kiddo? Was you and Stacy having some hot three-way action with that dike looking gym teacher. 'Nooo, but that is something I haven't tried yet." I giggled.

Keith just grinned rolled his eyes and shook his head. No. actually Stacy and I were having a little fun in the shower." I said sheepishly. 'I damned well fucking knew it." He said. There is nobody safe once you set your sights on them, is there?" He grinned. 'You know how I am, preppy, and you said you'd love me for better or worse." I grinned back.

'She told me about her being really confused about how she felt about herself and doesn't know if she's gay or just bi-sexual." 'Well, I've known the girl for about five years now and if she is gay, that sure would explain a few things about her. 'Ya well, I don't think she's gay because she thinks your hotter than Brad Pitt." I said, kissing him on the cheek.

'Really." He said. 'Ya, and I think you and I can help her out, so she can know either way once and for all." I said softly, cuddling in a little tighter. 'How, baby?" He asked. 'Well, if your willing to give it a try, I think you, me, and her should have a little threesome so she can figure it out." Keith began to giggle. 'Are you serious about this?" he asked.

'Why not baby, you and her have known each other for years, are really close friends, and she trusts you more than any other dick head in that school she could date. You really know how to treat a lady to a really good experience. And I know you would take your time and be very gentle with her, since you would be her first guy." I said.

'She's still a virgin?" Keith asked. 'Oops, maybe I shouldn't have said that." I said. 'No but that too, would explain a lot about her. It never dawned on me that she might still be a virgin." Keith smiled. 'Alright so, just what do you two have in mind anyway?" 'I think we should make her deflowering as pleasant and as memorable as we can, don't you?"

'How?" He asked. 'Well, off hand I'm thinking a nice romantic diner for three, and a day or two in a Jacuzzi suite just might do the trick." 'You going half on the room?" He asked. 'I can, but you're going to be the lucky swinging dick who'll be taking her virginity." I said reaching up and kissed him good and full on the lips. 'Besides, I owe you a few real good scores." I added.

'Well, I do like her well enough, and I do think she's smoking hot even though she may be a bit dingy and naive. So O.k. You two plan it out and I'll be there when you're ready." He said. 'And, since I'm the lucky stiff that gets to be her first, I'll even spring for the honor."

I wrapped my arms around him and squeezed him tight and kissed him deep. 'I knew you'd understand and what ever you do, don't mention that I leaked about her being a virgin. Please?" 'Ya, o.k. how about we go get a burger, it's getting late and I'm starving." With that we got dressed and headed back into town…

Then on Friday of that week, we all had to meet in our home rooms at the end of the day and get a little news about the up coming quarter finals. So at three we all went to our home rooms and were informed about some changes the board of education made with the tests. It was informative, and I took notes and then the bell rang cutting us loose for the rest of the day. 'Laura, could I have a word with you for a minute, Please? Mr. B asked.

When everyone had left, Mr. B waited till it got quiet out in the hall way. Then he closed and locked the door then pulled the shade down. As he pulled the shade down, my smile got bigger and my poor throbbing pussy got wetter. It was a real good thing I was wearing a mini-skirt and my scanty-panties.

Mr. B slowly walked up till we were just an inch apart. I looked up into his lust filled eyes and wrapped my right hand around his ragingly stiff boner through his pants. He drew a deep lung full of air and lowered his mouth down and clamped it tight on mine. While forcing his tongue through my trembling lips, his right hand grazed up my leg and right into my sopping wet panty covered pussy.

'God you are such a cute little hottie." He hissed, kissing me deeper and shoving two fingers deep inside my sopping wet fuck hole. I had his belt undone and zipper down in flash and wrapped both hands around his rock hard pre-cumm dribbling cock and squeezed and pulled on it a few times.

Bobby was so strong, that he picked me up with the hand that was in my crotch and set me on his desk, never braking the kiss. Then he pushed me back till I was laying on my back and my hot smoldering pussy was staring him in the face.

He pulled my panties to one side and sank as much tongue as he could get as deep as he could get. I wanted to cry out but that would have got us both in a lot of trouble.

Bobby sucked and licked on my poor little pussy till I came three real good times. Then with out any warning or hesitation, he straitened up and rammed all 9 inches all the way to the hilt in one good long thrust.

The second his big ol dick bottomed out deep inside me I began to cumm. He'd give me about a dozen strokes and I'd cumm again. He just kept pumping that thing in and out of me, and I just kept cumming, and cumming, and cumming.

It was all I could do to keep quiet. Then Bobby began to shudder and ram his cock in harder slapping my ass hole with his swinging balls. His dick swelled up bigger, as his face began to grimace with his eyes squeezed shut. I knew he about to cumm.

I pushed him off and went to the floor on my knees so he could squirt a massive load of hot yummy cumm in my open mouth. As soon as I was set, he squirted, and squirted, and squirted. I swallowed twice but a good sized wad dribbled down my chin anyway.

The whole incident only took maybe five minutes but it was so intense that I couldn't believe how fucking hot it was. We could've been caught at it by anybody. But it was the end of the day on a Friday. The only one around would be that hot looking janitor the school just hired.

Bobby was zipping up his pants when he said. 'The reason I asked you to stay behind is. Well, Lana and I are going to a little party this weekend and we were wondering if you'd like to sit with Katie again." 'Maybe, I'll have to see if Keith has plans for us, but I think he's gotta work. Can I call you later tonight and say for sure?" I responded.

'Sure kiddo just try and call before 10. I gotta get up early and mow the grass." And if you can do it we'd like to have you there at about 1:00pm on Saturday." Bobby said. I gave him a peck on the cheek and a squeeze on his dick and giggled as I walked out the door.

I went to find Keith and get a ride home. I found Keith in the van in the parking lot. He was in there smoking a hooter with a black friend of his named Gilbert. Gilbert was one of Keith's connections and they were sampling some new herb they called 'Sensimillia'

When I climbed in my eyes began to water at all the smoke that permeated the van. 'You guy's need to get some air man." I complained through watery eyes. Keith just grinned and asked if I wanted to try it. I shook my head no and said. 'We should get away from school though, if you're were going to be doing any more of that shit."

'Where the hell you been Laura, it's been nearly a half hour since the bell rang. 'I was talking Mr. B into an 'A' for this semester." 'Talkin or Fuckin?" He coughed handing the weed back to the black guy. 'Either way I'll get an 'A." I smiled at him. 'He wants me to baby-sit Katie again this week-end, you cool with that?" 'Sure kid. I gotta work anyway." He coughed as he took another hit off the hooter. Then handed it back to Gilbert.

Then I looked in the back and saw that Gilbert was looking me over real good with a hungry look in his eye. Keith started the van and we went riding around town listening to some good 70's Rock and airing out the van. About an hour later Keith took me home and went on his way.

When I walked in the house Mom was home getting ready to go to work. 'It's your turn to make sure Pammy gets a bath before she goes to bed." Mom reminded me. 'What do you got planned for the week-end?" she added. I dropped my school bag on the floor in my room and came back out into the living room.

'Not a whole lot, Ma. I gotta job baby-sitting Katie again and they pay pretty good and Keith's gotta work so, I'm on my own." 'God help the neighborhood." Mom teased. Mary's going to grandma's tonight your dad will be here soon to pick her up, Pammy will want to ride along. So you'll have the house to your self till your dad brings her home later." Mom went on.

She pecked me on the cheek and left in a hurry. She was running late, again. As soon as the car left the drive-way I was in my room shedding my cloths. While I was getting into something really comfortable the kids came in. 'You guy's get changed quick. Dad will be here in an hour to take you all to grandma's." I told them.

When the kids were all cleaned up and picked up by Daddy, I got my nasty little ass in the tub and soaked for awhile. And when I got done, I called Mr. B and was told that the party had been postponed and that they wouldn't be needing me that week-end. The sun was just starting to go down and my poor little pussy was starting to get itchy, again…..

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Lol I totally noticed that and I was about to say something lol funny shit

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The pop culture icons mentioned in the story would have been out of sync with 1973. Brad Pitt would have been only 9 or 10 years old at that time. Van Halen's first album was not released until 1978.

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