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Stella loves Porn, but she soon realizes there is more out there than just porn. Someone who is willing to make her Porn fetish come to life!
This is only my second story I have written here so please be patient and know I am a semi-newbie. I am not sure If I will make differant parts to this story yet or not. I guess it will all depend on how many people like it and If I get requests to keep going or not. Here we go. Sit back and enjoy.

My name is Stella and my love and passion is Porn. As long as I can remember I have always loved watching Porn wether its on the Internet or on T.V. There is just something about Porn that I love. Other than the fucking and cum swallowing stars, I love the passion in it. They way they are caressed and how they touh each other is want I have been longing since I got introduced to sex in my early years. Yes, I have had sex before many times with all my boyfriends but they never touched me like I wanted and like I seen in Porn. No matter how much I try and how much I explain I have never gotten that touch or passion until Chris came into my life.

My parents split up a few years ago due to the fact my father was fucking another woman from his work behind my mothers back. She caught him of course when he didnt come home that very night. I guess he wanted her to find out because he never gave her an explanation other than "Im seeing someone else". A year later my mother met and started dating this guy named Phil who had a son named Chris, and lets just say Chris was deffinatley a Hottie. They moved in a few months later. Me and Chris seemed to get along great. We rode to school together, played games together like Monopoly, Life and Scrabble, and even went out to eat together. I really never thought of anything happening between us or that Chris was into me untill Christmas Eve.

Me and Chris was sitting at the kitchen table putting together or trying to at least, a Gingerbread House. The kind you get in a box with the candies and Icing. We was bothing getting frustrated with it (not as easy as it looks), when all of a sudden he took some icing with his fingure and stuck some on my nose.

"Hey" I said and smiled
"What?" Chris said with a big grin across his face "Now your even sweeter"
"Thanks?" I said thinking wether that was a flirt or him just being him.

Mom and Phil was out and wouldnt be back to the house till late tonight they said with all the Christmas Shopping they had to do. Me and Chris both said it would be fine and we would be good and of course not have any parties going on at the house while they was gone.

"You know your really cute right?" Chris said as his face showed a hint of red from him blushing.
"Really, you think?" I asked. I mean I never thought I really was. I considered myself average. I had blonde hair with caramel streaks, a body that was not slim but yet not fat. More like a lil chubby and blue eyes. I eore a 36B bra and was kinda short for my age.
"Of course you are, any man that thinks your not is a fool!" He said.

I could feel myself blushing as Chris came over to me and ran his fingers through my hair. "You are very beautiful Stella and any man would be lucky to have you."

"Yeah I know," I said unsure of what to say. Why was he all of a sudden acting like this. Is he trying to tell me he likes me? That he is into me?

"I know that you are obbsessed with watching Porn and you think that no man can ever give you the passion you deserve" He said looking at me.

I was shocked! How the hell did he know this shit about me? I woundered. I was getting madder by the minute and bursted out "How the hell do you know this? Who told you this?" I yelled.

"There is no reason to get upset Stella, I understand. I feel the same way. Your friend Ashley was worried about you and she told me thinking I could talk some sense into you but I am the same way. I know how you feel" He said with sympathy.

"No you dont!" I yelled out again.

"Yes, I surely do" Chris said as he took his index finger and gently caressed my right upper arm. I felt tingles go throughout my body as he caressed my arm softly.

"What are you doing?" I asked still feeling the tingly sensation.

"I want to show and give you the passion you deserve Stella." He said as he started kissing the side of my neck. Another tingly sensation washed over my body and between my inner thighs. Oh did this feel so good, I thought to myself. This is wrong thought I mean he is my step brother..well not really they arent even married yet but still!!

"We cannot do this Chris..I mean our parents are.."

"Dating" He said with a smile. "They are dating, not married, yet engaged so its ok"

"But still its..."

"Shhh" Chris said as slipped his hand up my skirt and caressed my inner thighs. He brought back the tingly sensation and it hit me hard in my pussy. I was getting so wet i felt it drip down my inner thighs. I knew he could feel the wetness comming down and I was embarressed. My face got red.

"Its ok" Chris said "It just shows me how much you truly enjoy this and how much you want this"

He was speaking the truth. I did want this and I very well enjoyed this. I looked up at him and smiled showing my bright white teeth that I was so very proud of. He smiled back and moved my panties to the side.

Am I finally going to feel the passion and love that I have been long desiring for? I thought to myself as I felt his fingures slowly run across my clit sending pleasure waves all throughout my body.

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2012-12-20 19:27:29
Some dig in because they trleuy care and want to protect their children.Some dig in because they are on a mission from God (after all, they talk to Him nightly).Some dig in because they are Evangelicals.Some dig in because they are Roman Catholic (old style).Some dig in because they are racest.Some dig in for something to get excited about.Some dig in because they are afraid.Some dig in because they are exceptionally strong individualists.Some dig in because they want to go back to a time that they believe that America was perfect (to them, anyway).This goes on and on.Common thread amoung all, does seem to be a total lack of will to even consider compromise (at least amoung those that I have met).

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Really?? Thats where you are choosing to end the first part?

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You need to use a spell checker and proofread before posting. The way it is looks like a 12 years old wrote it.

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Good start make a part 2 soon

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