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Finding herself with some unexpected time to herself, Laura sets out and takes a little walk to see what kind of sexual mischeif she can get herself into before mid-night. When she happens to run into some boys from school joy riding in a van and gets invited to join them for a while.....
Laura, a.k.a. The Little Nympho..

Chapter 13

( Geeks in a Van )

I went to my closet and pulled out an outfit that always got me good fucks, I called the sizzler. It was a real short halter type thing that was held together with Velcro and I could get it off in about 1.5 seconds. It was backless so I couldn't wear a bra with it and it had a pair of matching panties that were so small and so shear that sometimes I didn't see the point in wearing them at all.

It was getting dark so I chose not to wear the panties. Once I had it all together, I went for a walk. I walked up to the bowling ally were some of the kids from school hung out and I was almost to the building when a van pulled up along side.

It was the geek that I saw fucking Lana and then he saw me in that skimpy bikini when he delivered that pizza. He had three equally geeky looking friends with him and they were riding around drinking beer and just being teen-age boys on a Friday night.

'Hey, I know you." The geek said. 'Your that hot assed chic I delivered that pizza to." I just smiled and looked at him. 'My name is Laura." I said. 'Cool, I'm Wayne and these are my bro's. What ya doing walkin, when you could be riding around with us?"

'Well, I was just going to the bowling ally to hang out and maybe play some games in the arcade." Wayne held up his beer and grinned. 'Why don't you hang with us for awhile, maybe we could have some fun." 'Ya, like what?" I asked. 'Oh I don't know, drink a little beer and have a few laughs or anything you might wanna do."

At about that time one of the guys in the back slid open the door on that Chevy van and I could smell the distinct odor of weed spill out into the parking lot. The two in the back were giggling and they all were saying. 'Come on lets go for a ride."

'You guys wanna go for a ride, huh?" 'Hell ya baby, we'll take as far and high as you like." One of them said coughing on the weed. I looked around and saw that we were the only kids in the parking lot, the rest of the people were inside.

'What the hell, let's go for a ride." I said and climbed up into the van. The only place for me to sit was on the bunk that was built into the back of the windowless van it was like the A-teem van only bigger. The two captain chairs in the back swiveled and the walls were carpeted. The bunk was big enough for two to stretch out across the width of the van.

As I climbed in I knew my short skirt was giving the geeks a good show as I maneuvered to the bunk. They didn't say a word about it but I did hear one or two of them groan and one whispered a silent 'Wow."

I sat down on the bunk and one of the guys who said his name was Mike handed me a cold one as the driver pulled out of the parking lot and began cruising the main drag. I chugged the beer and then Tony the other one in the back handed me a nice fat hooter which I took three good long drags off of.

In about 10 minutes of drinking beer and sucking on that big ass joint I was getting pretty damned high, and pretty damned horny. I looked Tony in the eye and licked my lips and cocked my head to one side. 'Have any of you nerds ever seen a real pussy before?"

Every one turned to look at including the guy diving. When they did I spread my legs as wide as I could and began tickling my rock hard distended clitoris. I took turns looking each guy right in the eye and smiled. Then I pointed to Tony and wiggled my finger for him to come to me.

He got on his knees and crawled over to me and I kissed him right on the lips and asked. 'You know how to lick a pussy, dude?" 'Hell ya." Was his sheepish response. I pointed to my snatch and said. 'Get to work dude." He stuck his nose just above my smoldering wet pussy and sniffed in a lung full of sweet musky smelling pussy and said. 'Oh shit, that smells good."

His friends all hooted and whistled as Tony buried his face hard into my hot wet pussy. I threw my head back and shivered as Tony drug his tongue up through my swollen pussy lips and across my hard little clit. I leaned back on my elbows and let the guy eat my pussy like a big ol dog. Then I looked at Mike, he had his dick out and was stoking on it in long slow strokes.

I motioned for Mike to come to me. He dropped his jeans and pulled them off. He got on the bunk along side of me and I began to give this nerd and nice little blow-job.

Tony was going to town on my hot wet pussy and in about two minutes I was cumming good and hard all over that boy's face. By this time the guys up front had found a secluded place to park the van and were on their way to the back of the van to where the party was.

I pulled on the Velcro tabs holding the sizzler together and in 1.5 seconds I was completely naked and sucking on two dicks while Wayne was dragging his massive 10 inch through my juice dripping pussy lips getting his dick good and slick. The driver who never did introduce himself, was busy pinching the shit out of my swollen nipples.

The next thing I know, Wayne rammed in all 10 inches in one long hard thrust and bumped his pubic bone against mine. I cried out, 'Oooohh Hoooollyy Shhhhhhiiiitttt." as he sank it to the hilt. 'Oooohhhh god that's what I neeeeded fffffuck that pussy." I cried out slurping and one dick and then the other.

Wayne fucked me till I was real good and wet then he pulled out saying he had an idea. He began to lick and slurp on my ass hole and pussy getting my little ass hole and butt cheeks good and slick with his saliva. He pulled me up and laid down on his back with his head toward the back doors.

Then he had me mount his big ol cock cowgirl. He chewed and nibbled on my titties as I slowly slid down the full length oh his monster dick. Once I was there, I started rocking up and down and riding the pony. While I was doing that Tony was on the right and mike was on the left and I began sucking on them some more.

Then I felt the driver stick a Vaseline coated middle finger up my ass hole. I knew what he might have in mind and I've always wanted to try it, so I just let him do what he wanted and went back to sucking and fucking. Wayne's cock was driving me nuts and in about a minute I started cumming hard.

'OOOoooohhhh Gggooooddddd, I'mmmmm cuuummmmminggg." I cried as I began to shiver hard and convulsing on that enormous cock. It hit hard starting at my toes and running up my legs like a lighting bolt in a long succession of waves cascading through my entire frame.

I fell forward on top of Wayne as I felt two fingers in my ass hole. The other two, Tony and mike backed off and watched as the driver began to ease the tip of his dick into my puckering asshole. His dick wasn't all that big, 7 inches and kinda slim and it went in surprisingly easy.

Now he whispered in my ear. 'Now just slide back and forth as fast or as slow as you want on both dicks, your in control." I propped up on my hands and kissed Wayne full on the lips and began to slowly rock forward till just the tip of shorter cock was in me then I slid back till both were in all the way.

I slowly picked up the pace a little and really began to enjoy this new sensation. My butt hole was getting looser and slicker and the initial pain, which wasn't as much as I thought there would be began to disappear. And in about a minute I was rocking on the dicks stuck in me real good and my pussy began to convulse and squeeze on Wayne's big dick.

I kept huffing and puffing and cumming and cumming, over and over, and over, as I began to ram myself back, grinding my ass against the invading cocks stuck in my pelvis.

Then I felt a big one beginning to build up' and I kept impaling myself on their cocks. It felt like my whole pelvis was about to explode and then it did. My eyes went wide as it began and then I squeezed them shut tight and grimaced hard as I cried out.

'OOOoooohhhh Sssssswwweeeeeet Jeeaasssuuusss." I shuddered hard and convulsed out of control, bucking hard, over, and over, and over, as wave, after wave, after wave, of thundering, toe curling, teeth grinding, mind numbing orgasm exploded throughout my entire body again, and again, and again, and again.

I collapse on top of Wayne while the driver was still pumping on my ass and cumming, his cock swelling up and pumping wad, after wad, after wad, of hot scalding cumm deep inside my sore asshole.

I rolled over on my back when he pulled out of my ass. Wayne was still in my pussy and was pumping in and out pounding my pussy and making me cumm once again, then he pulled out and hosed me down with a dozen wads of hot man cumm all over my Belly and titties.

Then Tony slammed his 8 inches into my poor swollen pussy and fucked me hard for a minute or two, till he pulled out and came all over my face.

Then it was Mike's turn to fuck the shit out of me, he was about as big a Tony. And he long stroked me through two more toe curlers till he pulled out stuck it in my mouth pumping a half dozen wads of cumm down my throat.

I just laid there twitching and shivering as the waves of orgasm just kept washing over me. For two whole minutes I quivered and convulsed and giggled in sexual delight. I weekly sat up literally covered with cumm from head to my knees and the guys were all grinning and stroking their still rock hard dicks.

'You ready for round two little darling?" Wayne said grinning like a possum eating shit. 'I gotta pee." I said and crawled slowly over to the door and slid it open. I staggered out and propped my naked ass against the back bumper of the van and pissed like a cow. Wayne had gotten out and had a roll of paper towels in his hand and said. 'Here you might need these."

I cleaned up and staggered back and crawled back into the fucking van. I just laid down in the back with my legs spread and said. 'O.k. guys, who's next. Wayne crawled over me and kissed me on the lips real sweet and then slid his massive meat back into my sore little pussy.

He didn't fuck me nearly as hard as before and was more like he was actually making love to me. He slow screwed me and kissed me passionately as he slid it in and out at a leisurely pace.

Then he flipped me over till I was on all fours and entered me from behind. I was facing the front so the others could see the passion in my face as Wayne fucked me from behind. Then Tony and Mike moved up and stuck their rock hard dicks in my face again and I began to suck on them as I was getting dog fucked.

It took a lot longer for them to cumm this time and Wayne's long stroking cock was making me cumm good and hard about every 45 seconds or so. Till that point in time, I had never cumm so many times than in the three hours I spent fucking these guys.

In about 10 more minutes of solid fucking and sucking all three were cumming all over my tits and face again. Though not nearly in the volume they did the fist time. When the guys were spent, we all got dressed and finished off the beer.

They got me back home at about 12:30 and I staggered into the house and took another nice long bath, grinning like I had a coat hanger stuck in my mouth. I had just had my vary first gang-bang and I loved the shit out of every minute of it. Then I wondered just how or even if I should pay Keith back for this one or maybe just keep it for my self to masturbate to when I can't find a nice hard cock to satisfy this insatiable delicate condition of mine…..
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