This is a Incest Fantasy story starring South Indian Actress "ANUSHKA SHETTY" as Elder Sister (20yrs) seducing her kid brother (14yrs) for her various wild Sex Games
Secrets of an Elder Sister and her Little Kid Brother

Chapter 1

Sister’s Helping Hand

Starring: South Indian Actress Anushka Shetty as Elder Sister

(Those who are not familiar with Anushka Shetty please google her name for the convenience of your imagiantion while reading the story)

Codes : F(20), b(14), ped, incest, hand job, pubic hair, cum, Fdom, celeb

Vacation sucks! That’s what I have been thinking the first week of my two months summer vacation. Two more months of this I am gonna die of boredom. My name is Arun. I am 14yrs old. One week before my 8th std exams are over and my summer vacation had started. It’s not like previous years I am practically not interested in anything that I used to enjoy. I spend the last week finding that. But there is this one thing I am interested in doing. I have been thinking about doing it even before the vacation started. Playing “Computer Game”.

The main problem with this great idea is that I don’t have a computer at my place. But I know where I can find one. My uncle’s place! Yes my uncle has bought one for my cousin sister Anushka chechi (Chechi means Elder Sister). It’s a high end configuration computer. The thing is that I am a little reluctant to ask for the computer from my cousin chechi. That’s because Anushka chechi happened to be the smartest and studious girl in our neighborhood and everybody knows that the computer is for her studies. She is doing engineering unlike me and we other cousins she always gets the top marks for her exams. She is the “Golden child”. Everybody likes her. They all say she is the nicest girl. Everybody’s favorite. So this is the thing I have to ask Anushka chechi for her computer her precious study machine for me to play games.
Well I have tried to ask her several times. Anushka chechi lives next door. We are neighbors or exactly both our house are in the same compound. Three years before when my uncle came back from Dubai to get settled here in India since then they have been living here. So I visit my uncle’s place daily. Every time I reaches at chechi’s door which is always closed and locked from inside I tried to knock and ask for what I had in mind. But then will decide against it. It always seems she is busy with her studies.
So here I am again going for a try with my luck. So let’s get ready. I took my shorts from am wardrobe, as when I was about put them on only I noticed, around my tiny penis there is more hair than before. They are now blacker rather than dark brown and curlier too. I ran my fingers over my pubic hair there; even my balls are having hair on it. Its last year only I started growing hair down there. Let’s think about that later. Now to Anushka chechi’s place. I got to my uncle’s place. Aunty was there as usual with loving smile on her face. Aunty loves me very much.

“Arun dear come inside” she welcomed me.

“Hi aunty”

“Enjoying vacation huh?”

“Not much aunty. Its little boring, have nothing much to do”

“Well you can always come here for fun” said aunty by hugging me. “Well come on let me give you something to eat. You want some sweets Arun?”

“Ya aunty.” Sweets. I like sweets very much. I followed aunty into kitchen.

Aunty has a very great collection of sweets always. She took a plate and put so many sweets into it and gave it to me. “Now have it. Take it to Anushka’s room. Let her also have some. She didn’t eat anything today, always studying, studying, and studying.”

Wow now I got a proper chance to meet my own cousin sister. Let’s hope the sweets can help me. With sweets I moved upstairs where Anushka chechi’s room is. I knocked.

“Yes..?” Anushka chechi asked from inside. Sweet voice. Chechi has a very sweet voice. I always liked her voice.

“Chechi can I come in?” I asked.

“Arun is that you ? Of course let me open the door for you.” chechi said from inside. I could hear she moving around the room. Probably coming to open the door. I waited. The locks unlocked and door opened. There stands Anushka chechi, my elder cousin sister. She is 20, six years elder than me. She was wearing a white shirt and black skirt which reaches till her knees and matches with her wheatish complexion. She looks beautiful. Well its always like that. Anushka chechi looks beautiful in any dress. She kind of wears every kind of dresses. Since she grew up in Dubai she mostly prefers modern dresses. And her body shape is great good for any modern kind of dress. “36 – 27 – 38” are her figures (this I learned later from Anushka chechi herself). Apart from her extremely beautiful face with that half closed eyes, luscious red lips and sweet cheeks; her hips are next best attraction. Anushka chechi has very wide hips. This gives her more attractive to look her from all angles in any dress.

“Well come on in.” Anushka chechi invited me in. I entered the room. Like the rest of the house chechi’s room is also so much neat and beautiful arranged. It has big bed in the middle. Chechi’s study table, and there what I am looking for, her desk top computer. Another specialty of Anushka chechi’s room is it’s full of large mirrors. At one side there is this wooden wall self all with long mirrors on its doors. And in the other side she has a separate dressing table again with a large mirror. The beautiful room has a nice exotic smell in it. Is it the room or Anushka chechi herself is having the smell, I don’t know.

“You are growing fast.. Hmm…?” Anushka chechi eyed me from top to bottom. “Hmm sweets.. Nice timing you got there I was getting hungry, come lets have some” Anushka chechi took a sweet from the plate. I also took one. We started eating. I wanted to bring up the topic. I was thinking how to. Anushka chechi sat on the bed. It seems she was reading a book.

“You were reading chechi?” I asked

“Yes, it’s a novel.”

I got a glance of the book before she took it from the bed and put it on her book shelf. The title read ‘The Family’s Secret’.

“Family’s Secret..?? Detective story is it? I asked

Anushka chechi stared at me for a while then said, “No it’s a family story, a nice family story about love in family and stuff.”

“Hmm… so how is your new computer?” I tried to bring my topic into effect.
“It’s good come I will show you” Anushka chechi moved towards the computer and switched it on. The computer came into life.

“Come and sit here.” She invited me to sit on the chair placed in front of the computer. I moved to the chair pretty excited. Then I noticed the smell. Such a beautiful smell. Oh its Anushka chechi. Now I am closer to her. It’s her smell. It’s really good. I don’t know, I felt like eating her. It was funny.

“You have games in it?” I straight away asked.

“Oh you like games huh..?? I think I have some in it”

Anushka chechi showed me the games. It was really awesome. There were several games. I was going through everything. As I engaged myself into games Anushka chechi moved to her bed. Took that novel she was reading and stared going through it. At times I just glance at her; she was lying there turned to the other side showing her back towards me. In that posture I noticed her hips are much bigger than I have noticed. Her hips or….

Her black skirt was lifted a little upward. It was already only having the length to reach her knees. Now it’s much more moved up showing more of her back thighs. Her calves and thighs are fairer and are in really good shape. First time I am noticing her legs. Anushka chechi semi uncovered legs reminds me of the girls in my school with their short uniform skirts. Sometimes we boys are able to get glimpses of their thighs. Those skirts are a blessing. Suddenly I noticed the funny feeling inside my shorts. Yes I am little hard thinking about the girls in my class!

Shit I am not wearing any under wear.

Wait a second what am I thinking now. I just linked some dirty thoughts with my elder sister in mind. Thighs of my class mates and of course the senior girls too (hi hi), well they are dirty thoughts. I shouldn’t be connecting them with my sister’s thighs, NO, legs… shit…

I turned towards computer resumed playing. I felt really guilty and awkward. Never have I thought anything dirty about anyone in my family. My thought only limited to girls in my school, film actresses etc. No women from my family. That suddenly reminded me of this incident my friend told me some time back. It was about how he and his sister-in-law, his elder brother’s wife, Bhabhi used to make him touch her breasts when there is no one around. And once she even put her hand inside his shorts and touched his thingy. The story was shocking to me. But it was very exciting. I felt the same excitement again when I remembered it. Oh its getting hard down.

Why am I thinking all these? I tried to concentrate on the game. Oh the smell in this room is incredible. I continued playing the game. The game is actually good. If I can manage to use this computer the whole summer it will be simply great.

There is sound coming from bed. Anushka chechi is turning this side I guess. I continued playing. Suddenly chechi asked. “How things are in school Arun?”

“What is it chechi “ I asked to confirm.

“How’s everything in your school?”

“It’s alright”

“Hmm… so you are enjoying school huh...?”

“Yha kind of”

“You have a girlfriend?”

That question came with a shock. Such matters I never intend to discuss with anyone in family. In fact I am not that kind of a boy in front of my family. I pretend to be a boy who is not interested in romance, love, girls etc. Only into studies games and other school boy stuff. And now here no one but my elder sister is asking whether I am having a girlfriend. The answer was ready.

“No chechi. No such things.”

“Hmm..?? Are you sure?”

“No” I blushed this time. It felt awkward to talk such topics to my sister that too an elder one.

“Are you afraid to tell me? Is that it?” chechi asked.

I was in cornered state. Did she know anything? I mean I really don’t have a girlfriend in school. But I like this one girl in my school. I never told anyone about it. I am afraid to mention that to anyone. Now Anushka chechi is asking this. Is this a trick question or something? Did anyone know about anything.

“You don’t have to worry Arun. You can tell me if you have. I am just asking. It will be our little secret” chechi said in a promising voice. I turned towards chechi who was still on bed. She had turned this side. Suddenly my eyes went down for a second towards her legs. The skirt is above her knees and she is keeping her right leg bend, knee upward making her skirt slide little more up showing more of her thighs but not that much but again more than I have seen ever. It all happened within seconds, me looking at her legs and noticing all these details. I quickly moved my eyes to her face and resumed my expression of innocence.
Anushka chechi was having a sharp look at me. She has a light smile on her lips. Kind of intimidating. I was confused by this sudden care from my cousin. Actually we never used to talk much. Anushka chechi is not a huge talker either. Everybody knows that. It’s part of her being smarter I guess. She spends most of her time reading and doing such important things. So with respect everybody keeps away from her. Another reason is Anushka chechi may be being the eldest among all we kids she is very dominant. So everybody takes her very seriously. Even the elders in family take her seriously and respect her. So now here because of that too I am cornered. How can I lie to someone like Anushka chechi? She is like the most perfect person and the smartest.

Hesitantly I said, “I like this one girl in my class”

“Wow so you have a girl friend huh? So why didn’t you say when I asked first huh ?”

“She is actually not my girlfriend. She doesn’t know about it. I never told about this to anyone” sheepishly I said. I felt kind of humiliated in front of Anushka chechi.

“Why so? Why didn’t you tell her about it?” chechi asked.

“Hmm… I… don’t think she will like it or even like me.”

“Why not? You are good looking”

She is lying, I thought. She is saying this because I am her little brother. Doesn’t want me to feel down. I remained silent.

“Why you don’t believe me ? I am saying seriously. You are pretty good looking. I am not saying this because I am your chechi. I think so that’s why.”

She got up from bed and walked towards me. Took the stool that was near and sat on my right side.
“So this girl of yours, what’s her name?”

“Akhila Sasidharan.” Oh Anushka chechi’s smell. Its so great. Now that she is sitting near to me the smell is so strong.

“She is beautiful?” chechi asked with a smile on her face.

I became shy. “Ya she is the most beautiful girl in my class. Probably in the school.”

“Oh is it so? Which part of her is more beautiful?” Chechi asked.

“Part? Well all parts I guess. Every feature on her face is good. Eyes, nose, smile everything.” I hopelessly said.

Then to my very surprise Anushka chechi asked me that. “So only her face is good no other part is good?”
First I was not able to distinguish it whether it was a joke or was she seriously asking me that. By other parts what did she mean?

“Come on lover boy tell me, is she good with other parts?” Teasingly she asked.

“Well she is totally good looking.”

“So you look at her every part?”

Oh my god, these are really trick questions. She wants find out what a phony I am. How I pretend to be a nice little innocent boy in front of everybody. How did she do this? I started to get nervous. How can I tell my elder sister that look at almost every part of not only Akhila but all the girls in my class as well as in school? I always try to imagine how they look inside their school uniforms. What is there underneath those white shirts and grey checked skirts. How it looks like the place where there two thighs meet. Sometimes when during night in my bed or in bathroom, I try to think them as naked and then along with I touch my penis. I always try to imagine it’s not my fingers but their fingers touching my penis like that. It’s a great feeling. And now here sitting in front of my elder cousin sister getting caught for having thoughts of such about the girls in my school.

“Come on tell me… you do that on her.. Huh..??” Anushka chechi’s arm fall over my shoulders. She shook me a little while she asked it. I don’t know what condition I am in. I was not able to answer anything. I was kind of surprised about Anushka chechi asking these kind of questions, who would imagine.

A blushed smile came on my lips then a slight shaking of my head saying “yes”.

“Hmmm…. You are not what you we think of you huh..?” Anushka chechi brought her face near to my face. I looked through the corner of my eyes. Is she angry at me…? No wait she is smiling. She is cool about this? How can she? Ohhhh.. Anushka chechi’s smell. It‘s much strong now since she is so close to me. It’s getting into my head.

“So you like looking at girls. You do this to only Akhila or all the other girls also.” While asking Anushka chechi’s palm touched my right thigh. I felt a little comfort when she did that. May be for that only, to make me relax she placed her palm on my thighs.

“We all boys look at all the girls in our school.” I said

“Hmm… and you feel good and nice while watching the girls?”

I smiled.

“You feel good ‘here’ also?

WHAT…??? WHERE…???? What did she just asked? It’s not the question that shocked me because in the question it was not clear ‘where’ she meant. It’s the ‘touch!’ The feeling down there. I looked down, exactly at my pelvic area. There Anushka chechi’s index finger is searching for something over my shorts. She is moving her finger so nicely and softly through the garment, slightly pressing over all the folds created by my shorts, pressing them down to see if anyone of them is going to stand up.

And yes I felt it! Her index finger is touching it. She pressed it a little more may be to make sure.

“Here it is…” I looked at Anushka chechi’s eyes. She looked back. My breadth was stuck somewhere inside of me.

“You feel good here when you look at girls? Does Akhila make it good here?” Anushka chechi’s fingers started to come and cover more of my penis over my shorts. She is now trying to grasp it in her hand pressing more. I can’t believe what is happening here in my elder sister’s room. I can’t believe my elder cousin sister is touching me there between my thighs.

Oh my god its getting HARD! My penis is getting up responding to chechi’s touch.

“Oh you are getting good feeling down here. It’s growing big.”

Oh yes its really good. The feeling was so good in some unknown way. Anushka chechi’s smell is making things greater. I don’t know what to think or what to do, my elder sister is touching my penis.

“Let me see how it’s coming.” I noticed the fast movements of Anushka chechi’s hand over my crouch. I looked again and can see chechi unfastening my shorts’ buckle very nicely and pulling down my zipper. My erect penis popped out and hit Anushka chechi’s fingers. She suddenly gets the grip of its head by her thumb, index and middle fingers, the rest of the fingers joined very slowly after.

Oh my god what is happening. Anushka chechi is holding my penis in her hand. I mean literally my penis is in her grasp.

With whispering sound with excitement in her voice she said, “Oh its hot!”
She moved my penis right left, up and down. Examined it with great interest. Chechi moved her fingers more down towards its base. She touched my pubic hair.

“Wow.. You got hair down there, let me see.” She pushed my shorts down a little more. Now my crouch is completely open in view for my elder sister. There her fingers are touching my curly brownish black pubic hair. She moved her fingers through my pubes. This way she is touching my pubic mound, base of my penis and now my balls too. Oh this is feeling really good. It’s not at all like when I touch myself. Her hand and fingers they are so soft. She is moving her fingers all over my penis in such a nice fashion. I could feel my penis pulsating in her hand. My breathing was tremendous. It seems she is really enjoying my penis as well as my pubes.

“I also have hair down there between my legs. You know that? I have a lot more than you are having here. I have a big bush there.” Her hold on my penis got stronger. I tried to imagine how it will be between Anushka chechi’s thighs down there. She said she has hair like mine more that of mine. More curly black pubic hair. Anushka chechi’s pubic hair! I got an electric shock of excitement when I thought of the hairy area between Anushka chechi’s thighs. Now with she massaging my hard penis in her hand its getting more and more exciting and great.

Anushka chechi moved more closer to me. Her thighs touching mine. Her body touching mine. What’s that soft surface touching my right hand. I looked. Wow it’s her breasts… boobs. Within that white shirt she is wearing, that round pointed bulge, its her boobs, now the left one is touching me. It’s so soft and hot! Oohh… god my elder sister is making it very very good for me.

“You are liking this Arun? Are you getting good feeling?” chechi asked in whispering voice into my ears.
I bobbed my head up and down, meaning yes to her question. And she seemed very happy with my answer. And I felt her happiness more on my penis. She played with it more in her hand.

“You do this to you when you want to be happy Arun?” chechi asked.

I again bobbed my head. She smiled.

“You think about whom while you touch here… Akhila? Anushka chechi asked with a teasing smile. Suddenly when the name of Akhila heard her picture came into my mind. Ohh with Anushka chechi’s fingers playing my penis and Akhila’s face and body. The feeling is incredible. For a second a thought came into my mind. Its Akhila sitting at my right side, its her holding my penis and playing like this.

“Thinking Akhila doing this huh?”

Wow how does she?? She could read minds? I blushed again.

Anushka chechi’s fingers moved more downward now concentrating on my balls.

“Can you spread your legs a little bit for chechi? Chechi want to touch more down.” With a smiling face Anushka chechi asked. I obeyed, slowly separated my legs making more space between my things. Anushka chechi’s fingers slid through my balls to the depths between my thighs. She searched everywhere under there, try to find the beginning of my ass crack. Ohh it was so much pleasure having Anushka chechi’s fingers doing all the massaging and rubbing between my legs on my secret parts.

Her fingers slowly came back again to the top of my penis, now her soft index and thumb fingers are holding its head. She leaned a little forward to my crouch area. I could feel she is some pressure on my cock’s head. Its little paining. I looked down at what she is doing to my erect penis. She is trying to pull down its foreskin down!

“Arun you bring you milk out when you do this?”

Oh my god Anushka chechi is asking me whether I do masturbation!

Actually no is the answer. Well I knew what masturbation was. I heard all about it from my friends and senior boys in school. Almost everyone do it. But for no reason I haven’t done it yet. My pleasuring of myself limited my mere touching and feeling.

“Do milk comes out of you?” chechi again asked holding and showing my penis to me.

“I haven’t tried it”

“You don’t? Why?”


“Ok then… let me show you how to do that… ok? Can I show you that Arun? May I teach you how to do it?”

I bobbed my head again as an YES!

Anushka chechi smiled and moved her face to mine and kissed on my cheeks. “Good boy Arun.”
“Here this is how it’s done. You see, you hold your dick or cock whatever you want to call it like this. Fingers around it.” Anushka chechi encircled her finger around my cock.

“Now move your hand up and down like this.” She moved her hand up and down slowly making my foreskin move along with her hand. Wow this feeling is great. It was the first time this movement is happening to my cock.

“Feeling good huh? Told you na.” Anushka chechi smiled at me. “Now let me make you CUM.”

She pressed her body so close to me and put her left hand over my back and hugged me, made me more close to her. Her hand started to move a little faster now gripping my cock more with her soft white palm. I looked at this incredible scene happening at my naked crouch. Anushka chechi is stroking my dick fast. With each stroke I could see her small and ring finger goes inside my pubic bush and the small finger hitting my scrotum every time. This unbelievable sight. My elder cousin sister Anushka chechi’s fingers are touching my 14yrs old dick and balls and my dirty curly pubic hairs.

“Huh… huhh… how is it Arun… is it feeling good? Are you getting good feeling for you dick? With a shaking and whispering voice chechi asked.

“Yes chechi.. yesss…huhh…. Chechiii….!!!”

“Ohh… getting good huhh…. Hmmm Arunnn….!!! Ohhh yhaa… let it cum.. yha let it cum…. I am you chechi… I am your chechi Arun and see what your chechi is doing to you.. See…. See Arun… ohhh..”
Anushka chechi is making my pleasure greater and greater by those words. Oh yes, the thought of my elder sister stoking my cock to make me cum, there is nothing compared to that.

Anushka chechi is now rubbing her cheeks on my cheeks. Her heavy breath is hitting on my face and neck. My own breath is running fast. Now her hand is moving faster very faster…. Up down, up down, up down, up down, up down, up down… oh yes Anushka chechi don’t stop, do it faster…faster I screamed in my mind. Can’t bring my voice outside. Its day time almost noon. Downstairs my uncle and aunty is there. If they know what’s happening in her daughter’s room, what’s her daughter doing to her younger little preteen brother.

Yes the 20 yrs old girl is shagging the young 14 yrs olds cock faster like wind. I looked at Anushka chechi’s boobs. They were jumping due to her fast movement with my cock. The top two buttons of her shirt was open. Now only I noticed it. Her sitting position making the opening more open for me to see what’s inside. I could see the almost top part of her milky white boobs joggling inside a black bra, the cleavage between her round boobs. Then I looked down, due to her climbing over me action, her skirt had raised a little bit. Now it’s very much above her knees showing more of her thick shapely thighs. A sensation was building inside me. My whole crouch area is getting tight. In my cock…!!! Inside my cock…!!! There is something… there is something that wants to come out. I know Anushka chechi is making it come out, Anushka chechi is making that feeling for me its Anushka chechi stroking me. Oh god… ohh… ohhhh…
“Aaaahhh… chechiii…. Aaahhh…. Aaaahhh… chechiii… aaahhh.. Anushka chechyyyyy…. Aahh chechyyyy aaahhh chechyy.. chechyyy chechyy.. chechyyy.. chechyy… chechyyy….aahhh… chechhyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

And yes it happened… and I saw it… from the tip of my cock through that tiny slit of an opening at its red thick head….. a thick stream of sticky hot white fluid came out like a fountain, shoots upward and then fell directly on Anushka chechi’s soft plump fingers. Anushka chechi increased the speed of what she was doing on my cock. Her hand moved faster trying to squeeze my juices out. Then again came another shot of white milky stuff. This time drenching more of Anushka chechi’s soft palm and my own curly pubic bush, then came like streams and streams hot sticky milk. Anushka chechi’s fingers and palm is now completely wet and sticky with my white hot cum. It was flowing and drenching her beautiful soft palm which was still pumping my pulsating wet cock. Due to all the wetness caused by my hot cum she was losing the grip on my boy cock. But she skillfully managed to keep her fingers encircled around my throbbing cock.

“Wow… look what we have got here… see my cutie, look at your cum! Look, see,how much you came for your elder sister.” Chechi said by slowing down her pumping of my cock step by step. My cock started dwarf into its original size now much smaller in my elder sister’s loving grasp.

She took her hand off my wet drenched cock, slowly moved it towards her nose and she smelled it trying to get the smell of my boy cum.

“Hmmm… smells cute!” she looked at me and smiled. “Did you like it Arun? Was that good?”

I bobbed head in the happiest way of saying YES.

“Good boy. You are a good boy that’s why you did this for your elder sister. Only good boys do these for their elder sisters.” Anushka chechi’s hand came back down and her fingers softly touched my tired cock. She ran her fingers through my wet cock, balls and pubic hair. She continued; “And here....see this should be our secret ok? You should never talk about this to anyone else ok? If so chechi will do this for you everyday ok? See chechi knows many other things to make my Arun’s dick feel more good. Chechi will do all those if you don’t tell this to anyone…ok? Now let chechi go wash hands.”

Anushka chechi raised herself and moved towards the attached bathroom. I was still sitting there with my shorts opened wide showing my hairy little cock. Suddenly I remembered about uncle and aunty.

Immediately put the zipper and buttons of my shorts. I could hear water flowing in the wash basin and the sound of Anushka chechi washing her hands. A few seconds she came out with a smiling face.

“There was a little on my skirt also.” She said with a teasing smile. ” Smart boy sprayed it everywhere. See how good you did it it in the first time itself. That’s why I am telling you are smart… smart and cute.”
I smiled. Got a little shy and blushed.

“And remember don’t tell anyone ok? Tomorrow chechi will do more for you. May be chechi will show you chechi’s also. Don’t you want to see mine, how mine is looking like hmm..?”

“Yes chechi, I want to.” I said happily.

“Then tomorrow ok?”


I left Anushka chechi’s room she closing the door behind me. I walked in a dreamy mood. Tomorrow I will see Anushka chechi’s. I am gonna see what Anushka chechi is having between her legs. What my 20yrs old elder sister who is 6yrs older than me is having down there between her thighs!

End of chapter 1

To be Continued...


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