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Brother and sisters bonding time
It started off as a normal Saturday morning, I got up, had a wank and then got ready. But i noticed that the house was far too quiet. As i looked around i noticed that there was a faint squeaking upstairs, i went up there to investigate and found that the source of the noise was coming from my younger sisters room.

As i started walking towards the room i thought i heard her moaning, i was right. I peeked around the door to see what was wrong, what i saw i was not ready for. She was lay there, naked on the bed with 2 fingers buried in her pussy.

My sister is 15 and about 5'4 with reasonable sized tits, at least a D cup. I had never really thought of my innocent younger sister as the type of girl who masturbates when she has free time, obviously this came as a big shock to me when i turned around the door.

I continued to watch for a while knowing how wrong what i was doing was. As i watched i started to feel a slight bulge forming in my trousers. I couldnt resist watching her for a while longer until she came. She looked so small and delicate just lay on her bed amidst all the sheets.

I had never thought about my sister in this kind of way but when i saw her on her bed rubbing her tight, shaved little pussy i couldnt help but het my dick out and start masturbating to my horny little sister. Just as i started jacking off i accidently hit the door with my hand.
I froze.
She froze.

I quickly put my engorged cock back in my trousers and just as i had it back in she turned her head and tried to act casual, but with your naked sisyer lay on the bed with her fingers deep in her pussy its kind of hard...
"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING" Chloe screamed at me.
"Sorry! Just came to ask you where mom and dad are" I said sheepishly
"Oh my god this is so embarassing..." Then she curled up and started crying.

I swiftly walked over, trying to hide my hard on and sat on the bed next to her.
"Its ok, everyone does it at some point or other... " I tried to comfort her.
"Yes of course! Its natural for people to release themselves every now and then"
I felt that i had avoided any trouble.

She gradually sat up and looked me in the eye.
"Where you... watching me?"

I didnt know what to say.... It was like i had just been hit in the face...
"Yes... Im really, really sorry!"

She was still completely naked with her large breasts and little nipples standong out in all their glory. She noticed that i couldnt stop glancing down to have a look at them, She shuffled closer to me and wrapped her arms around me.
"Its ok, i think its kinda hot you liked watching me"

At that point she started to get closer and closer to me, my little sister was trying to seduce me, i was her older brother, and she was trying to seduce me.
She kept on hugging me and i just got harder and harde. My naked beautiful little sister began to rub her small hand on my growing cock and i couldnt stop her.

She looked up at me with her little puppy dog eyes and i just melted as i just nodded and she began to snake her hand below my waistline and grabbed my dick. I was speechless, i didnt kbow what to do with my little sister, naked next to me was playing with my hard dick.

She just looked me in the eye whilst she told me to take my trousers off, i just complied not knowing what to say just doing what i was told by my younger sibling. she started playing with my dick, giving it the occasional lick with her little tounge. Eventually i settled down and started to fondle her tits, as i was rolling her delicate nipple through my fingers she let out a small sigh just to let me know I was returning the favour.

Just as i was about to start sucking on her tits, she pushed me back so i was lay down and began to suck on my swollen balls whilst rubbing my dick with her hands. I was in taboo heaven, i had been seduced by my horny little sister who was now licking my shaft up and down. I began to brush my fingers through her hair, encouragung her to take it in her mouth, she got the message and after switling her small tounge sround my engorged tip, she slowly began to bob up and down on my cock.

As she gradually took my member out of her little mouth she looked up at me and gave an innocent little smile as she continued to jerk my cock before licking the tip and tasting my precum. Once she found out she liked the taste of cum there was no stopping my minx of a sister. She instantly started to suck my cock more agressivley than before. I couldnt hold myself , i grabbed the back of her head and pulled her inro my crotch. I came in her mouth and i just wouldnt stop cumming. To my great suprise she managed to swallow it all apart from a little dribbled that landed on her lovely tits.

After she had had her fun i flipped her onto her back and got inbetween her legs, I eagerly started lapping at her dripping pussy with nothing but lust on my mind. I couldnt turn back now. She tasted so sweet as i got her pussy juices really flowing. I began sucking on her little clit and that sent her over the edge. She just exploded in a shattering orgasm her pussy juices splashing my face as i continued to lick and lap at her pretty little pussy. I continued sucking until she was completly done.
"Thank you so much" She panted
"Thank you!" I replied as i replaced my trousers again.

Just then i heard the crunch of gravel, MUM AND DAD! I rapidly replaced my clothes and opened a window in order to rid the smell of sex.
"We cant tell mum and dad!" I told Chloe
"Ok. Quickly go!"

I ran out and back into my own room, flicked the laptop open and pretended that nothing had happend....

Hope you liked it, opinions, Chapter 2 will be up soon! :-)

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2016-03-03 05:06:36
So far r all the comments have been spot on. Your encounter was way too quick. If it was me I would do a rewrite and say so at the beginning, you know like authors on here do. But spend more time and words on: how hot she looks with her fingers in her snatch, with her 34 C 's bouncing on her nice chest. Et cetera, et cetera, ad infinitum.


2012-09-27 19:44:49
Nice little story do keep going

anonymous readerReport

2012-09-27 11:53:40
tongue....not tounge.....
The story was too fast....You probably cum too fast too....
Slow down....The sex will be better!

anonymous readerReport

2012-09-27 04:48:55
"She was lay there, naked on the bed " please! It should be "She was lying there, naked on the bed "

Anonymous reader
2012-09-26 20:43:00
missed that one, which was repeated a few times.

Nevertheless I'll read the next episode.

anonymous readerReport

2012-09-27 02:32:53
The sexual part was too quick, but other than that, it was pretty good. I'll be waiting for part two.

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