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In this episode, Laura gets a call to baby-sit with Katie again. But this time, Lana has somthing a little different in mind that end up in a torrid lesbian tryst with Lana in her enormous bath tub. And with a surprise confession from Lana, and an invitation to spend the rest of the week-end with her and Bob as his surprise birthday treat.....
Laura, a.k.a. The Little Nympho..

Chapter 14

( Lana makes her move )

After the Van Affair my poor little pussy was sore for the next three days. To avoid having to fuck Keith I told him I was on the rag and was cramping really bad. Thursday the pain was gone and me and Keith rocked his van for a few hours after school, Till he had to go to work.

When I got home Mom had already gone to work and Mary was keeping an eye on Pammy. I had just got out of the bath tub and put on my nighty when the phone rang. It was Lana. 'Oh good your home. I was kinda hoping that maybe you could sit with Katie again this week-end." 'Sure Lana, I'd love to."

'Oh good, how about we pick you up at about 5 tomorrow afternoon." She asked. 'That'll work Lana, how long are you going to need me?" I asked. 'Well, it could be till Sunday again if you can. I promise we'll make it worth your wile." Lana said. 'I'll be ready. See ya tomorrow." As I hung up I wondered what she meant by 'Worth my while.' I shrugged it off and sat in the living room watching a movie with Pammy.

The next day Keith brought me home from school and dropped me off. But not before finger fucking me till I was hornier then hell. I walked in and had to pee real bad. I barged into the bathroom and caught Dicky in the shower stroking it like a monkey.

He didn't even protest he just stood there stroking his rock hard dick and looking at me like a piece of steak and grinning. I pulled my panties down and sat on the throne. As I was pissing he kept stroking and grinning. 'Would you like a little help with that, little brother?"

I stood up and leaned over the sink with my ass pointed at him. He stepped out of the shower and moved up behind me. He had his dick nice and slick from the soap and he zeroed in on my puckering butt hole. As he shoved it in, he whispered in my ear. 'Heard you like it in the ass now." I didn't say a word I just pushed back and shoved my right hand into my hot wet pussy.

Dicky began to stroke it in and out of my ass while I was jamming my hand in and out of my pussy. In about two minutes we were both cumming hard Dicky grabbed me by the hips and jammed it hard up my ass and shivered as he pumped a big wad of cumm in my colon. When I felt his cumm hot and wet in my guts I came quivering and shuddering good and hard. We took a quick shower together and I started getting ready to baby-sit.

Lana arrived right at 5:00 and I got in the car. Lana was looking real good in a pair of daisy dukes and a tube top. I had put on a flaring mini-skirt and a mid-drift top with spaghetti straps. I also had a bag with some extra clothes and a couple of nighties one was pastel blue and nearly shear.

'High Laura." Lana beamed as I closed the car door. She was driving the Mercedes and I had never ridden in one before. 'Nice ride." I complemented. 'It's just a car Laura." Lana mused. 'I like your house too. I never seen a bathtub that big before. It must be nice." I said making conversation.

'Ya, it is. I still haven't got used to it and we've lived there nearly two years now." As we were riding out to her house I noticed that she kept glancing at my smooth bare legs. 'You know you really are a good looking young girl, Laura." 'Thank you, Your pretty hot looking too. For a girl in her thirties." I added. She giggled. 'Ya but I'm just a little girl trapped in a thirty five year old body." I giggled a little.

'You know if you want I could show you how to do your make-up a little different so that you could look a little cuter." Lana offered. 'Ya, we could do that." I said.

We rolled into the drive way and walked into the house. I went up stairs and put my bag in the spare room. Then I went back down to the kitchen where Lana was.

When I walked into the kitchen, Lana was sitting at the center island sipping on a class of wine. I sat down on the stool next to her and asked. 'So, where is every body?" Lana began, 'Well, Bob has taken Katie to her grandmother to spend the night." She took and big ol swig off the wine glass.

'Really, So why am I here Lana?" I asked. She reached for another glass and poured some wine in it and set it in front of me and said. 'I know your a bit under age but would you like some?" I took the glass and drank a good sized drink out of it. Lana began again. 'I got a confession."

'I do need you to baby-sit but I also wanted to spend a little time with you alone. You know, to get to know you better." 'Lana, all you had to do was ask." I lightly brushed her bangs back to look her in the eye.

Lana started stammering. 'I, I don't know why, but I feel really, really attracted to you." She whispered sheepishly. I smiled and slid off the stool and lightly hugged her. 'Since it's confession day, 'I think you’re the hottest middle age lady I ever seen." I lightly pecked her on the forehead.

She looked up and asked have you ever wanted to make love to another woman?" 'Sure have, and it's a lot of fun." I smiled. She reached up and lightly kissed me on the lips stroking my bare arms as she did. I reached up and caressed her neck and cheek. Then I kissed her back. She began to shiver a little and she kissed me again a little harder.

She reached up with her left hand and lightly touched my left breast and squeezed it through the thin cotton fabric covering it. I slipped my arms around her and held her tighter and kissed her harder slipping in a little tongue. She broke the kiss and asked. 'Would you like to see what it's like to take a bath in that big ol tub of mine?"

I kissed her again and asked. 'You wanna take a bath with me?" 'Oh Hell, Yesssss." She said as she squeezed my right breast while licking lightly on an ear loab.

I chugged down the last of the wine in my glass and she drank down the last of what she had. She grabbed the wine bottle and we went up stairs to the master bathroom.

We walked into the bath and Lana started the water going in the tub. I sat in the arm chair that was in the room and kicked off my sandals. I couldn't take my eyes off her tight round ass as she bent over the tub to add some scented oil and bubble bath to the hot water as it filled.

She straitened up and walked slowly to me. She took my trembling hand and had me stand up. 'You are such a pretty young girl." She whispered as she lightly stroked my cheek with her finger tips. She reached down and pulled the Velcro tab holding my mini-skirt and then kissed me full on the mouth as the skirt slid off my ass.

When the skirt hit the floor, she grabbed an ass cheek in each hand and squeezed. Then she tugged at the bottom of my top and pulled it up slowly exposing my boobs and rock hard nipples. She pulled the top over my head and kissed me again this time I kissed back.

We were both breathing and hissing hard as we embraced, twirling our tongues around and around each others mouths. I reached up and tugged at Lana's tube top and pulled over her head. I smiled when I saw just how perfect her breasts were. All natural and real good and firm. 'Not bad for girl in her thirty's' I thought to myself.

Her nipples were just as perfect, kinda puffy with large pink areolas surrounding 1/4 in nipples that were standing tall and proud and pointing up. Lana cupped a hand around my left tit and I began to squeeze and tickle her right one.

I kissed her again and slowly moved down till I was licking and nibbling on her right nipple. As my tongue touched her, she sucked in a lung full of air, moaned like a ghost. Then grabbed my head mashing my mouth down hard on fleshy titty. 'Ooohh, sweetie we have got to get in that tub." She hissed as I sucked hard on that swollen titty.

She squatted in front of me and tugged my panties down and I stepped out of them. She mashed her face into my musky throbbing pussy and inhaled a lung full of my musky scent.

'God I'm gonna love this." She hissed huskily. Then kissed my pussy, lightly flicking my swollen clit with her tongue as she did. My knees nearly bucked as the shiver going up my spine was so intense when her tongue fluttered across my extremely sensitive throbbing protruding clit.

She stood up and led me to the tub which was nearly full by now. She turned off the water and I sat on the edge and tugged at her shorts and pulled them over that smooth round ass of hers. When she turned around I was pleased to see that her pussy was completely hairless and nearly as smooth as her11 year old daughter's little pussy.

I leaned in and mashed my face into her pussy mound and inhaled a sweet scent that made my own pussy throb hard and start getting real wet real fast. My heart began to pound as I snaked out my tongue and gave Lana's excitedly swollen clit a nice long lick.

Lana grabbed my head again and ground her smooth juice slick pussy into my slurping mouth. 'She pulled me up and kissed me long and passionately while squeezing and kneading my swollen titties.

I stepped into the tub first. The hot water stung a little, but as I got both feet in and moved around it started feeling really good. Lana poured wine into the two glasses to about 3/4 full and handed me one once I sat down and got comfortable.

Lana then put her glass on the surround deck and eased into the tub. 'Oh, that is a little warm isn't it." She mused. We sat on opposite ends and talked while we sipped on the wine. Under the bubbles I could feel Lana's toes grazing lightly up and down my thigh.

I was so horny I'd have licked the woman's pussy on the spot, but I decided to go easy and let Lana do the leading. I spread my legs and Lana put her right leg in between my spread legs. 'So when did you have your first experience with another girl, Lana?" I asked. 'Well, it was back in college with my room mate."

'We decided that drinking tequila was a real good idea. Not only did it make us giddy as hell, it also made us hornier then hell. Neither one of us had ever been with another girl up to that time. Sooo, we began licking and fingering and cumming all night long." She giggled running her toes up my legs and lightly grazing my wide spread pussy with the balls of her foot.

I jolted a little when she did that, I wasn't expecting it. As payback I traced my toes down her right leg and lightly grazed her distended clitoris. And it was Lana's turn to shiver and giggle. She took her left hand and placed it on top of my foot guiding my tiny digits to her clit and made me rub my foot up and down her hot pussy.

Her foot was already mashed into my throbbing pussy and moving in little circles around my swollen clitoris. I leaned back and closed my eyes and we foot fucked each other till I couldn't stand it any more.

I rose up and moved around till I was hovering over Lana. I kissed her deep and passionately slipping my tongue in and out as her hand found my hot wet pussy and slipped two fingers up inside me. It was my turn to moan out loud. I reached over to the stopper and began to let some of the water out of the tub.

Lana kept rubbing my swollen pussy and I kept fucking her mouth with my tongue. Her breathing was getting rapid and raspy. She cried out when I suck two of my fingers as deep as they would go up inside her pussy. She put her left hand behind my head and mashed her wantin gasping mouth to mine.

We finger fucked each other till the water got to the level I wanted, which was about an inch or two below her clit. With a wicked little grin, I began to trace my licking tongue slowly down her neck and to her heaving full titties and rock hard nipples. She kept her hand behind my head as I licked nibbled and chewed on her now extremely puffy nipples.

The fingers of my right hand were still busy running in and out Lana's throbbing and convulsing cunt Lana's legs were quivering hard uncontrollably as my digital assault picked up the pace. I slowly traced my wandering tongue down her taught flat belly till I was hovering just above the pubic mound of her bald beaver.

She smiled wide with half closed eyes as I slid my tongue on down and right into her smoldering pussy. Her pussy tasted like strawberries and it was so inviting that I couldn't resist, and drove my tongue inside her as deep as in would go. 'Oooohhhh Sssssswwweeeeeet Jeeaasssuuusss." Lana cried out as I began to pummel her rock hard clit with my tongue.

When my tongue hit her clit, she bucked her ass up hard out of the water causing me to wrap my arms around her pelvis and hold on tight as I ate the woman gooood and deep with long lapping strokes. Lana's legs clamped around my head and she had both hands behind my head grinding her bald beaver on my invading tongue and lips.

In about a minute she screamed that she was cumming. I slid two fingers in and out at a fast pace sucking hard on her clit as she went wild humping my face and convulsing in out of control spasms over and over and over. When she started cumming her pussy gushed with a lot of pussy juice getting my face wet with her squirting orgasm.

Lana laid in the bottom of the tub shivering hard every two or three seconds for about two full minutes moaning long and low, while she was huffing and puffing trying to catch her breath. 'Did I do it right Lana?" I whispered still lightly licking out her still quivering pussy.

She weekly rose up onto her elbows and grinned, 'Now it's my turn to show you how I eat pussy." She sat up and kissed me good and hard on the lips and said 'You have got a vary special talent for driving someone insane with sexually nasty desire. Not bad for girl your age." She pushed me back and began to lick and suck on my swollen nipples till they were aching and standing tall.

While she licked on my titties, her fingers were doing a digital assault on my pulsing, really wet pussy. She gave me a wicked little grin as she traced her tongue lower till she was hovering over my nearly hairless pussy. Instead of diving right in though, she thought that teasing me some might be fun.

She held my hands in hers as she traced her tongue all around my honey pot but not in it. And instead of flicking my clit with her tongue she'd lightly blow on it causing me to giggle and squirm and hump the air. She just kept this up till I was begging her.

'Pllleeaaase, Lana." I whimpered. 'Please what?" She teased. 'Lana, Goooddd I can't stand it any more. Eat me damn it." I couldn't stand it any more either, she was driving nuts licking every where but my over extended clit.

She giggled. 'You want me to what?" She teased some more. 'Eat me damn it." my echoing yell bouncing off the bathroom walls. She smiled real big and ever so lightly grazed her tongue across my swollen clitoris.

It was my turn to heave my ass up hard as she drug her invading tongue hard across my clit in a rapid pace. I raised my legs up bent them at the knee and grabbed a thigh in each hand as Lana long slurped my hot gushing pussy.

In about one minute my toes were curling in tight little fists. My face was fixed in a eyes closed grimace. My entire body was flopping around like I was having an epileptic fit as the first thunderous waves of the most intense orgasm I have ever had in my life slammed throughout my entire convulsing body.

I cried out. 'OOOoooohhhh, Oooohhhh, OOOoooohhhh, Oooohhhh, YYyaaaa, Yeeesssss, Yesssss." Then the biggest one hit and I arched my back and heaved my ass at least a foot and a half into the air and just quivered for a good 10 seconds paralyzed in one long spasmodic wave. And then everything went black.

To that day the only person that could ever make me pass out while they were eating my pussy was Keith. That was one of the reasons I loved the guy. Lana said that I laid there for a good two minutes just quivering good and hard over and over with this shit eating grin on my contented face.

When I did come to, I was giggling and still quivering in a secession of diminishing waves of orgasmic bliss. 'Jesus' Christ Lana, what the hell did you do to me?" I Horsley whispered. 'My feet are sore from my toes curling so hard." I giggled.

She leaned over me and kissed me sweetly on the lips and asked, 'Would you like to spend the week-end with me and Bob, Please." I looked at her a little puzzled. She poured me another stout glass of wine and made me drink a real good sip out of it. She sat back on her heals and said. 'Please, let me explain."

'I was kinda wondering if you would like to have a threesome with Bobby and me." She looked at me sheepishly. 'I admit, I did call you over here under false pretences. It's just that you are ssooooo friging
sexy and I was sooo turned on by you." 'Oh Lana." I leaned in and kissed her sweet on the lips.

'I haven't felt this way about another girl since school. Bobby's birthday is tomorrow and I can't think of anything to get him that would ever be as exciting as having you join us in bed and just fuck till we can't fuck anymore." I giggled a little.

'The only reason I finally made my move was that Bobby told me about seeing you and another girl in the Gym shower at school and how hot it made him to watch you two going at it." She explained. 'I was real interested when I heard that you liked girls too and then I just couldn't keep from fantasizing about making love to you." I damned near shed a tear.

I kissed her good and deep and hugged her tight and whispered. 'I would love to spend the week-end with you and your husband. As long as you or he don't get mad at each other for fucking me. That would break my heart." 'Oh Laura, Bob and I have been swinging and wife swapping ever since Katie was born, as a way to spice up our sex lives. I think we'll be just fine." She kissed me back.

'So what now Lana?" I asked leaning back against the back of the tub. She grinned handed me my glass and said. 'Now, we finish drinking this wine…..

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