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Double Dose Of Bad Seed

Part 5.3
Senior Year Continued

It was an invitation to good to pass up. I kneeled behind her and pressed my cock head
to her anus. Linda moaned softly as she pushed back slowly taking my cock into her ass.
She took it all with out stopping till it was buried deep in her bowel. She laid her head on
the bed and tucked her knees up toward her chest.

I was in perfect line now to fuck her hard. I look down and she her hand rubbing her pussy
with her two middle fingers buried in her wet cunt.
“Fuck me hard” she says looking over her shoulder.

As I started fucking her ass hard and fast she moaned and fingered her self. She was definitely
no stranger to anal sex I thought to my self. She came twice before I filled her ass with hot cum
and pulled out and laid on the bed.

Linda wasn’t done yet Julia was watching from the floor as Linda took my cock into her mouth.
Linda looked back at Julia.
“Lick my as you little slut and get the dildo and fuck me” she tells her daughter.

“Dam Julia it looks like we poked the sleeping bear” I says laughing as Julia drags her sore
body up to lick her moms ass.

Several orgasms later I get up and head into the shower. Linda smacks Julia on the ass hard.
“Go bathe him like a good slut” she tells her daughter.

As Julia bathes me I think to myself I totally misread Linda, she’s definitely not the shy little
innocent house wife I thought she was which got me to wondering about Olivia. When I came
out the bathroom Linda had the 12” dildo on fucking Melissa hard. I head upstairs leaving Julia
and Melissa at Linda’s mercy.

It’s 2:30 by this time and I call Olivia and set up to meet at the crack motel a few block over.
First I have to make a run to the storage shed to get my other cam since the one is still
recording the girls. Lind’s key are hanging by the door so I borrowed her car.

I get to the motel about 3:15 and get a room and set up the cam and call Alice. Olivia arrives
and I let her in she’s pretty shy and reluctant about even coming in the room. Once inside I
grab the mirror and chop up a few lines of coke for her. She’s claims she never done drugs.
I think as she’s snorting the first line, never done drugs my ass the bitch just did two lines
that would put a horse on his ass.

I also put a little extacy in her drink. The coke kicks in within a few minutes and she’s tearing
her own clothes off. So much for the shy innocent thing that walked thru the door 30 minutes
ago. Olivia is 26 has long auburn hair and stands 5’3” and weighs 125 lbs. Her little A cup
breasts are pert and her nipples are freakishly large and long for her small titties.

Her best features being a nice round ass made for fucking and a set of lips made to suck cock.
Which I quickly put to use shoving my cock into her mouth. That whore didn‘t even gag once
As she suck my entire cock into her throat. The coke had her hyper and ready for some cock in
her pussy. I thought about eating her shaved little pussy but all she wanted was some hard dick
In her and now. She lays back on the bed and spreads her legs wide jerking me between her legs.

I drive my cock hard into her as she moans. She was really tight even for as big a slut as she was
acting. I held my cock in her tight pussy as it stretched around me. She leaned over and
grabbed the mirror. Doing another line before she starts bucking her hips like a wild
animal. I say fuck it and start fucking the shit out of her as hard and fast as I can determined
To make sure that pussy is sore even if she can’t remember why. She laid exhausted from
having cum so many times as I get up and let Alice in..

I gave Olivia take another extacy tab, Alice takes one as well and does a line of coke.

Olivia is so high she doesn’t even realize it’s a German Sheppard licking her pussy and
not me. As she rubs his head calling him by my name. Alice lays a box of suppositories
on the dresser with a smile and begins undressing.

I get dressed and lay the bag of coke and pills on the table for Alice. I check the camera,
Alice knows to take it for me when she’s done. Alice is on her back naked sliding
The dogs cock in her mouth as it licks Olivia’s cunt when I leave.

Olivia didn’t catch my eye with her sexy body or sluty demeanor. During the week I noticed
her drop off one of the instructor’s at the Academy. It was her husband so I chatted him up.
She’s the daughter of the Federal District Judge for the area. The blackmail worked well
with Major Broussard so that’s where the plan was born.

I figure should I ever need any help from her dear old dad a little animal sex, scat, lesbian and
underage sex video of his daughter will win me favor in his eyes.

I drive back to Julia’s, Joe’s car is in the driveway when I pull in. I head inside Linda is in the
kitchen and gives me a sluty smile as I grab a coke. I head down to the basement. Julia and
Melissa are cuddled together sleeping, both still naked and their asses red. I can see a hand print
on Melissa’s ass. I guess Linda really took control I think as I take the camera tape out.

It’s 6 pm so I headed over to Rachel’s house. Molly Greets me at the door and quickly
strips with a smile. I was going to wait till tomorrow but she look too good on her knee’s
looking up at me her eyes begging me to fuck her sore little pussy.

I smiled and picked her up and laid her over the back of the couch. Her little feet just dangled in
the air. I knelt behind her and licked her little bald pussy. She took the first finger with a moan.
The second finger she squirmed and moaned. The third she grunted moaned and came.

I leaned over her body and kissed her then whispered in her ear.

“You want to be my little slave” I ask her putting just the head in her sore little pussy.
“Yes, sir. I want that very much” she says then pauses “But just your slave” she adds
in a lower tone.

“Well then first you have to show me you can be one” I say pushing in a little deeper.
“How, Master” she says taking on her slave role.

“Slave girls must learn to please their master at all times so I’m going to fuck your little sore
pussy hard and your not allowed to make a sound” I say pushing in deeper.

She kisses me then puts her head down “I’m yours Master” she says and bites her lip.

I slide the rest of the was into her pushing slow and steady until I hit her cervix. I can’t push
past it into her womb so I pull back and thrust past and bury my cock in her womb. Her back
arches and she gasps for air as I did but she never cried out from the pain I know she was in.

Her pussy was spasming around my cock, her hot wet little pussy was just as tight as it was last
night. Tonight though I start stoking in and out of her slowly It only takes 9 or 10 strokes before
her little pussy squeezes even tighter and she cums.

I give her a minute to recover before I start stroke in and out again. This time going a little faster
and thrusting harder into her. After her second orgasm her little pussy is slopping wet
And although its still very tight my cock slides freely in and out of her. I look down
and see traces of blood on my cock from her.

“Master” I hear her little voice whisper.
“What is it my little slave” I say

“Am I allowed to moan” she ask.
“No, you must learn self control to be a good slave” I say and begin fucking her harder and

When her pussy tightened for her third orgasm I buried my cock into her and pumped her full
of cum as her little body shook in her own orgasm. As I pulled my cock from her pussy she
squirmed her way off the couch and on her knees. Her little mouth looked stretched even
with my half hard cock in it as she cleaned the blood and cum.

Satisfied I was clean she popped my cock out her mouth and looked at the floor.
“Did I do good, Did I please you Master” she says in a whisper.

I knelt down and raised her little head and kissed her softly.
“Yes you did” I say.

She smiles and runs over to her mom. Rachel was naked in a chair fingering herself as she
watched us fuck.
“Mommy did you she how good I was” she say excitedly.
“Yes baby, you was a good slut now lay down so mommy can clean that pussy” Rachel

Molly lays in the middle of the floor and spreads her legs wide for her mom. I smile and
dress borrowing Rachel’s car I head out to the hotel for my 8 o’clock meeting. I park a
block away and walk to the hotel checking out the local coffee shops and dinners along
the way. I notice one man buying 6 coffee’s and he has a shoulder holster under his jacket.

I go ahead of him and wait in the hotel lobby until he shows up and heads to the 6th floor.
Our meet was room 601 and he goes in 603 right next door. I head back down and walk out
the hotel checking the cars casually along the way. I spot what I’m looking for two cars
on a side street with parking decals for the federal building downtown.

It’s 7:45 so I use a prepaid phone and call the number, A female answers.

“Jill, hey this is JJ” I say
“Are you here” she asks.
“Yes but my girlfriend is a little nervous” I say
“What she nervous about, My husband, he‘ll be very gentle with her” she says.

“No she’s never had group sex before” I say
“Group sex, me and you will be in a different room” she says.
“Well who’s room will the six FBI agents be in” I ask chuckling
“FBI, what you talking about” she says in shock that I busted her.
“Oh tell them they have two flats on the cars in the alley” I say laughing and hang up.

I watch from a diner as two agents come out a side door and kick the tires cursing. I
walk back to the car and head home.

When I get to Rachel’s Molly smiles as I come thru the door. She quickly strips naked as
I plop down on the couch next to Rachel who‘s cuddled up in a blanket watching a movie.
Molly kneels next to me and sits back on her feet putting her head down. She spreads her
little thighs exposing her swollen pussy lips for me to see.

“Does Master wish for me to please him” she says.
“Can your little pussy handle some more” I ask seeing how puffy her lips are and she bleed

Her little body gives a nervous shake but she answers. “If that will please Master, then
yes” she says with a slight shake in her voice.

“Good climb up her and Practice your deep throat” I tell her.

Molly quickly crawls between my legs and I raise my ass so she can remove my shorts.
Rachel smiles and opens her blanket revealing she is naked as well. I put an arm around
Rachel and she snuggles into my side. Her legs spread wide.

Molly Takes my cock into her mouth and starts sucking and working my cock with one hand.
Her other little hand move between her moms legs and begins fingering her wet pussy.

“You know she’s been on the internet all afternoon reading about slaves” Rachel tells me.
“Really, so I take it she liked what she read” I say smiling.
“Yes master we both did” Rachel replies

This is getting interesting I think to myself. I’ve always dated, well fucked submissive women
but now I have two wanting to be my slave. A second thought hits me besides the basic shit I
know nothing about being a Master.

My mind snaps back when I hear Rachel moan. Molly has four of her little fingers in her moms
pussy now and fingering her hard and loud. There are wet juicy sounds coming from between
Rachel’s legs. Molly has about 8” of my cock in her throat and trying for the other two.

My cock explodes in Molly’s mouth shooting cum down her throat and out her nose. She tries
swallowing it all but it starts leaking out her mouth. She sucks until the last drops are drained
from my cock then licks up any drops she can, even licking the floor with her tongue.

Standing up she looks at me.
“I sorry Master, I’ll do better next time” she says then lay across my lap with her flat little butt
in the air for her spanking.

“10 more” I ask seeing what she will say.
“Yes Master” she says.

My shorts are in arms reach so I pull the belt from them. Molly’s eyes get big as she see me grab
the belt. I use my left hand a slide it between her thighs and insert two fingers inside her wet
little pussy. She squirms as my fingers enter her sore pussy but doesn’t make a sound. Smack

“one” I say. Her body tenses and as soon as it relaxes. Smack this one even harder.
“two” I say. Her pussy is getting even wetter as the next smack.
“that’s three now you count” I say.
Smack “Four” she grunts out
Smack “Five” she says in a deep moaning voice.

Her pussy already tightening around my fingers.
Smack this one even harder her little body quivering now. “Six, master” she squeaks out.
Smack her little body gets stiff Smack Smack Smack. Her pussy is oozing cum and her
breathing her short and fast as she shakes in orgasm. I rub her butt softly as she recovers
from her orgasm. Smack.

“11, Master” she says. “No the last number you counted was 6” I say
Smack “8, Master” she says. “6 to 8 I don’t think so” I say
Smack “7 master”
Smack “8 master”
Smack “9 master”
Smack “10 master”

She lays in my lap for several minutes as I rub and caress her little butt she has no ass yet so
I’m sure it hurt even more with out padding. I raise her little body up and give her a kiss.

“Thank you Master, shall I continue pleasing you now” she says with a smile.

Her face is tear stained from her spanking but her eyes are full of lust. She hops of my lap and
returns to kneeling on the floor with her legs spread. Rachel was fingering herself and from
her moans and speed at which she was fucking herself I’m sure she was about to cum. I slap
Her across the face.

“Who said you could cum” I say shocking her.

She looks at me shocked for a minute then smiles and lays across my lap. I use three fingers in her
dripping pussy.
Smack “One master”
Smack “two master” she moans
Smack “Three, master. Harder please” she adds
Smack “four, master” she grunts as it leaves a red welt.
Smack “five, master” she says.

Her pussy is pulsing as I finger her she’s ready to cum so I stop. Her hips are humping still
as I remove my fingers. I give her a minutes for body to ease back down.

“Please Master finish me” she begs.
“No, you need to learn self control, now up and to the bedroom” I say.

Molly scampers her red little naked butt off to the bed room, Rachel follows her nice round welted
butt shaking as she goes. Once in the bedroom I have Rachel lay on her back and spread her legs.
I place molly on all fours between her legs. I of course get behind Molly and place the head of my
cock inside her wet sore little pussy.

“Ok slaves here’s the rules. Molly your going to eat your moms pussy and finger her but don’t let
her cum. If she cums neither of you get any dick the rest of the weekend. I’m going to fuck your
Sore little pussy while you do and your not allowed to make a sound”

“Yes, Master” they both say in unison.

Molly begins slowly licking and fingering her moms juicy pussy, Rachel is moaning softly. Molly
Is tight as always as my cock slides into her hot wet little fuck hole. After several strokes she begins
Breathing harder. Her pussy is nice and wet and I begin pumping into her a little harder and faster.

“Master, am’ I allowed to cum” Molly asks panting hard now
“Yes as much as you want, In fact I want you to moan and scream as you do for your mom” I say
knowing that listening to her daughter scream as she cums will drive Rachel crazy.

Molly moans loudly and starts grunting as I fuck her, As she cums her little body shaking
On my cock moaning loudly and panting. Rachel is breathing hard with her humping her
hips to nothing since molly wasn’t licking or fingering her.

Molly was spent after her orgasm and Rachel had been tortured enough so I had them
switch places. I did add one last bit of torture for Rachel though. I slide my cock all the
way inside her tight sloppy wet cunt.

“You can’t cum till Molly does” I tell Rachel then start stroking slow and deep into her

Rachel was a women on a mission now poor Molly had two fingers in her ass and 2 in her
pussy and Rachel’s mouth working her swollen little clit over. I knew Molly was fixing to
Cum when Rachel started pushing hard back into my thrusts. I was ready to cum as well
and when Molly screamed out in orgasm. I released my hot cum Into Rachel’s womb.
Rachel screamed as she came with us.

I pulled out and laid on the bed Rachel took my semi hard cock into her mouth and started
sucking on it. Molly was just laying there exhausted.

“Molly there’s cum dripping from your mothers pussy being wasted” I say.

Molly’s eyes pop open and she scoots her little body under her mom between her legs and
starts licking the cum up.

I wake in the morning to the smell of bacon and Molly sleeping between my legs. As soon as
I moved she was up and her mouth around my cock. She suck for a minute until my cock hardens
then looked at me.

“Good Morning Master” she says smiling.
“Master, I’m a woman now, I got my period last night” she says.
“Indeed your are my little slave”
“Does Master want me to please him” she asks shyly

I pull her up on my chest and kiss her. She reaches back as we kiss and places my cock at her
pussy then eases back taking the head inside her.

“Just remember you have to clean it after” I whisper to her.

She kisses me and smiles then pushes back until my cock is in her little womb. Her pussy is tight
but really slimmey this morning. She rides me slowly taking long deep strokes. She cried and
orgasmed as I filled her womb with hot cum for the first time since she became a woman. I think
to myself as her little tears of joy roll down her face, I guess women really do get emotional
during that time.

We head into the shower and Molly washes me. Rachel has breakfast ready when we get to the

“Melissa and Julia didn’t come back last night” Rachel says.
“Ya, well I think we need to talk about that, They both like dick but I’m pretty sure they prefer
each other” I say looking to see how Rachel reacts.
“Good, she was wearing me out with that 12” dildo the little slut” Rachel says with a laugh.

“And you young lady will have to get on the pill” she says looking at Molly

Molly frowns at that and puts her head down. After breakfast I head over to Alice’s
Molly tags along. I pick up the camera and she tells me all the details of her and
Olivia’s night. Molly see’s the dog in the back yard and opens the door to pet him.
He’s got at least 25 pounds on her and she’s on her period so she comes running
back after he tries humping her.

I smile thinking how good Molly would look being his little bitch. Alice is smiling
as well looking at Molly but I’m sure other fantasies were in her head. We left and
went by Julia’s her parents were still at church and no surprise Julia and Melissa
were sleeping.

I woke Julia first dropping my pants I eased in behind her and drove my cock in
all the way in one stroke. She screamed as her eyes flew open.

:Good morning, I can tell from how sloppy your little pussy is Melissa has been wearing
you out” I say.

“It wasn’t Melissa” she says blushing.

I give her a questioning look.

“Well mom she’s worse the Melissa she fucked us relentlessly after you left” she says pausing.
“Then after dad went to bed spent the entire night down here fucking our asses and when
She needed a break she made us fuck each other.” She says with little tears in her eyes.

I start laughing of course.
“It’s not funny JJ, I’m too sore to even walk and she’ll be back in a few hours wanting more”
She says almost crying.

I give her a little kiss then fuck her hard for a few strokes. She screams and cries begging me
to stop. I pull out and shove my cock into Melissa and get the say response. Laughing I pull
Out and Molly is right there to lick me clean before I put my shorts back on. As I walk Molly
back to her house she stops me.

“JJ can I have your baby” she asks.
“Maybe one day but your too young now” I say which brings a little frown.
“One day” she mumbles then smiles and begins walking again.

We walk another block before she starts again.
“Are you still going to fuck my ass today” she asks
“Do you want me too” I reply
“If it pleases you Master” she says.
“I asked if you wanted me too” I tell her.
“I want you in my little pussy, it feels better each time so I want you in there until it is nice
and stretched to fit you Master” she blurts out.

When we got to her house she quickly stripped as we went inside. Rachel was in the kitchen
naked as well. I fucked them both to several orgasms before I headed back to Julia’s. Molly
insisted on me cumming in her pussy both times.

Julia’s parents were home from church when I got there. Joe was watching a game and Linda was
In the kitchen cooking. She smiled and grabbed my cock giving it a squeeze. Not a gentle squeeze
“Next Saturday thing are going to be a little different” she says then kisses me before releasing my

I step back and make sure Joe is watching the game. Linda turns back to the sink smiling
Thinking she’s in charge now as she washes the vegetables in the sink. I step up behind
Her and raise her dress and rip her panties off before she can react. Then pen her to the
Counter and pull out my cock and shove it in her ass hard.

She bites her lip knowing not to make a sound and get Joe’s attention. I reach into the sink
And grab a cucumber and slide it down between her legs and into her pussy hard as I pump
her ass. She cums in a few minutes. I leave the cucumber in her and grab her hair and pull
her head back. I bite her ear bringing tears to her eyes.

“you can treat the little sluts how you like, But you’re my whore and don’t forget it” I whisper
in her ear. Then shove her panties in her mouth. I pull my cock from her ass and walk off, Linda
still bent over the sink. I went down stairs and Melissa was lying on the bed on her cell phone.
My cock was dirty from Linda’s ass fucking so I pulled it out and put it to her lips. She looked
at me for a second the set the phone down and started sucking.

At dinner later I was surprised to see Olivia had actually came back to the house. She waited till
I went to the bathroom and followed me in.
“While you’re her hold this slut” I say putting her hand on my cock as I begin to piss.
“Do you have Alice’s number” she asks blushing.
“Don’t shake it suck the drops out slut” I say finishing my piss.

She drops to her knees and suck the last few drops out.
“I’ll give her yours and she can call if she wants” I say and zip up and leave.

When I open the door Linda is walking by and see’s Olivia still on her knees in the bathroom
as I walk out. I just smile and head into the dining room.

Thing pretty much fell into a normal routine from the remainder of the summer.

Melissa and Julia were in love now openly. I still fucked them when ever I wanted though.
Linda had become a regular Saturday afternoon thing. She never tried to assert control again.
Alice had become a good friend we fucked but mostly I supplied her fuck toys from Linda’s
church group.

Rachel had become a good little slave and fuck buddy. Molly wanted to fuck all the time and
almost never wore clothes in the house. Her ass was still virgin though, I always ended up in
her tight little pussy. She was on the pill but she always had me cumming in her pussy.

The last two weeks of break I used Major Broussard to spend them at Rachel’s.
It was Friday and I packed my bag for the 2 week break. Rachel and Molly picked me up
and we headed to her house. Molly had my cock in her mouth before we made it out the
parking lot.

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What if he got AIDS?
He should get AIDS


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