Memoirs of a teenage nymph as she begins her sexual journey in life.
Natural Born Licker
My first sexual experience came at the age of twelve, well my first personal physical experience anyway. You see my parents were very free thinking and physical people my whole life. Clothes were not often worn at home, hugs and kisses were frequently exchanged and my parents would have sex two or three times a day and had long since decided they would not be able to hide it from me and did not really understand why they should. They both worked from home, my mum being an artist and my father a graphic designer and advertising consultant so it was not uncommon for me to come home and find my mum bent over the back of a lounge or kitchen bench with my dad fucking her brains out. They were both beautiful people inside and out. I always felt loved and had taken after them both in the physical good looks department and so naturally had started to think about sex and explore my body. Having said this I had not really gone that far nor had I experienced my first orgasm to my knowledge.

I was deeply fascinated by sex and would spend hours watching my mum and dad making love or having sex. I preferred it when they were gentle and considerate to one another as if the aim were to give more pleasure then they would receive. Some of the ‘anger sex’ interested me but not when they used horrible words and became abusive to one another and used items to inflict pain on one another. I asked them about it once and they said that it was just a game and assured me that they loved each other and both enjoyed it and said that one day I would understand.

Either my blossoming adolescent body or the fact that my parents were aware of my recent increased sexual curiosity or perhaps the combination of both had caused a change in the way they interacted with me. Not in a bad way but there kisses were more sensual and there hugs seemed to linger. It made my tummy tingle and my tiny little pussy warm and sometimes a little moist in a way I did not understand.

It was Valentine’s Day and I awoke with a start as my parents clamoured into my room with a gorgeous breakfast tray full of all of my favourites. There was Danish and tropical fruits, yoghurt and strong coffee and of course a nice variety of Belgian chocolates. I was confused but in the most pleasant way.

“What’s going on guys? It’s not my birthday!”

“No baby its Valentine’s day” Mom said

“And we want you to be our Valentine” Dad followed “and if you say yes we have a special treat for you when you get home from school tonight”

I could not concentrate at school all day. What was my treat? Were my parents taking me out for dinner? Was it a collection of sex toys of my own? Perhaps they had hired a male escort, my mind ran wild. The butterflies in my stomach grew bigger and stronger as I walked up the steps holding the valentine card my parents had given me with breakfast. I was excited and anxious I hoped for many things but mostly that I would have my first orgasm tonight and that it would be as wonderful and as memorable as I wanted it to be.

I opened the front door and dropped my bag as I entered slowly looking around. The smell was divine; my parents were both avid cooks and had obviously cooked up a storm. I saw the makings of a nice warm fire at the fire place with a large box gift wrapped nearby.

“I’m home guys” I yelled

“In the kitchen princess” my dad replied

“Sweetie we have run a nice bath and you don’t have to do your homework tonight so get cleaned up, you’re having a guest for dinner” mum said excitedly.

My Mum was dressed in a gorgeous cocktail gown and my dad a dinner suit, they looked spectacular. I passed the table noticing only two settings and was about to ask why when mum yelled.

“You can use our bathroom tonight baby”

When I entered there were candles glowing and flowers surrounding the spa. My mum came in to make sure everything was perfect. Tears welled up in my eyes

“Mummy this is so beautiful, I must be the luckiest girl alive”

My mum watched me undress which made me nervous. I was proud of my body but I was still developing and my mum was amazing.

“My beautiful girl” mum sighed as she ogled my pubescent curves

“Darling, you are perfect as you are. So many men would kill for you just as you are” she said moving toward me. “and make sure you clean down here” she said rubbing my pussy lips between my trembling legs as she placed an open mouthed kiss along my neck from top to bottom.

“Oh god mum” I whispered.

I climbed in and collapsed in the spa bath and set the jets and lay back to relax. I lay for a few moments wondering what lay in store when my Dad came past

“Do you need a hand honey? Your guest will arrive in 20 minutes”

“Umm ... where’s the soap Daddy?”

“Right here” he said leaning on the door frame with a cake in his hand stroking it while staring at me in the bath.

“Do you want me to get your back” he offered

“Sure Daddy”

He removed his jacket and rolled up his shirt sleeves, leaned in and lathered up the soap and began making circles on my back.

“Oooh that’s nice daddy” I sighed

“Have you washed everywhere else baby?”

“How could I Daddy without any soap?”

“Oh right, how silly of me. Let me help you, stand up!”

I stood slowly as my dad lathered my lower back and then ass. I started to turn but he held me in position and started lathering up my neck and tiny tits from behind. He continued down my stomach and over my mound making me gasp.

“Ok now rinse off and get dressed” he said

I slumped back in the tub m a little disappointed but only for a moment. My sexual encounters were so short and incomplete, I was sure sex was meant to be better than this.

I dried myself and did my hair. It was very long and a beautiful chestnut brown but wore it up to show off my well formed neck and shoulders. My mum had brought a gorgeous deep red evening gown and black slip on heels with a diamante buckle. I rubbed the silk panties against my cheek before slipping them on. I thought twice about putting on the bra as my firm, perky tits did not really need it but slipped it on for the sake of suspense anyway. Once I had the gown and shoes on I could barely believe I was only 12 years old myself. I called my mum to help fasten the double banded, diamond studded choker that matched the bracelet and anklet she had given me.

When I entered the lounge room dad dropped the scotch on the rocks he was sipping casually and gasped

“Oh my holy.......oh dear god you are amazing”

I again felt tears well up in my eyes.

“Daddy, this is already the best night ever. Thank you so much”

The door bell interrupted our precious moment.

“That will be your guest dear” Dad said as he went to get the door.

“But who.....”

The door opened and a very handsome, tall Italian man entered the room. This is Michael dear and he is your guest for the night, your gift from your father and me.

“You must be Katie, a great pleasure to meet you” he said as he placed a soft kiss on the back of my hand as I stood with my mouth open.

“Now listen princess, uhumm Katie I mean, you may do whatever you want with your gift so long as it is under our roof. We have prepared a wonderful dinner for you to enjoy and will serve it shortly. Now can we get you two a drink before dinner?”

“Whatever the lady is having” Michael said

“Some wine would be terrific mum” I said cheekily

“Ok, but just for tonight” she grinned

“So what do you plan to do when you finish college?” Michael asked

Trying hard not to giggle at the thought of me being a college girl I had to compose myself and come up with an answer.

“I am interested in the performing arts” I said

“Oh so you are a musician then?”

“I do play the piano a little but I was thinking more of acting” Not that I really had thought about anything at all at my age.

“Well you sure would fit in amongst all of those beautiful people”

The compliment had a couple of effects on me and one I hadn’t seen coming. I went red with embarrassment at first and then grew very nervous as I realised my parents had invited this man here to potentially have sex with me, to take my virginity and to make me ‘a woman’. I had wanted this for a long time but I was not sure I wanted it with a complete stranger. I was in no way a prude and I had long ago decided that I would not be waiting until I was married to experience the pleasure I so frequently saw my parents experience. Michael was handsome of course and charming but the moment was here and well it was real!!!

We talked over dinner and I tried to get rid of the butterflies but I realised the problem was not with Michael, it was me. I was inexperienced and I did not want to look like a foolish little girl. After dinner I asked Michael to wait for me by the fire while I got drinks. I went and talked to my mum and dad.

“I’m nervous” I said

“You don’t have to do this baby. It’s your decision and we love you either way”

“I want to it’s just that well, what if I look silly?”

“That’s the reason we got a professional baby doll, he will take care of you”

“Not as good as you would” I said

“You’ll be ok, go ahead, and enjoy yourself”

When I re-entered the room I was startled to see that Michael had removed his clothes and was leaning back on the sofa with his large cock resting in his lap.

“Oh boy” I gasped

“Come and touch it” he said “you will feel comfortable in no time”

I didn’t take my eyes off it the whole time as I crossed the room and sat next to him. It was bigger than my dads, much bigger and it wasn’t even hard yet. Without looking at him I took the cock in my hand and squeezed it. I stroked it back and forth in one hand while I squeezed the end of it between finger and thumb. It started to react. The shaft went hard and grew large veins in it while the tip ballooned out to a shiny purple knob. It was wonderful, it was amazing, I forgot there was a person attached to it until I leant in to kiss it and heard Michael gasp. I felt a strange sense of power in an instant as I; an inexperienced 12 year old girl was giving pleasure to this gorgeous older, experienced professional in the field of sex. I blew hot air onto his cock teasingly and then opened my mouth and drew closer. I paused and blew once more.

“Oh god suck it, please” he begged

“What’s the hurry, this is my special night not yours” I now said with confidence

“Oh you fucking cocktease” he grunted

I squeezed his balls in my fist sticking my nails through the skin of his sack and laughed at him as he screamed.

My parents ran in as he jumped out of the chair and raised his hand ready to hit me.

“What the fuck is happening?” my dad yelled.

“This little bitch.......

My dad grabbed him and threw him out the front door and my mum flung his clothes after him. I sat a little surprised by my dad’s actions but sort of relieved that the stranger was gone.

“What happened?”

“He called me a cocktease”

My parents looked at one another and burst into laughter. Perhaps another night sweetie my dad said hugging my head to his stomach as he stood in front of me.

“Perhaps not” I said as I felt his cock stiffen against my cheek through his trousers.

My mum came over and joined us in a group hug as without resistance I drew my dad’s stiffening cock from his pants and stroked it.

“Oh baby that’s a good girl” Mum said as I slid my mouth around my dad’s cock and started working up and down on it.

My mum started removing first my dad’s and then her own clothes and flinging them in a pile on the floor as I continued to explore my dad’s cock and balls as I had seen her do a million times. He leaned in and sucked my mum’s tit into his mouth and put a hand gently onto the back of my bobbing head.

Mummy’s turn dear she said moving to sit next to me and spreading her legs while my dad pulled out and repositioned himself in front of my mum. I watched as she took his entire length deep into her mouth and began feeding on his throbbing organ hungrily. I smiled and knelt down between my mum’s thighs and started lapping at her beautiful clean shaven mons. I didn’t really know what to do so I start gently at first breathing on and gently kissing her lips. I was a little scared of hurting her but the more active I became the more she begged for. I circled her wet lips first one way then the other then tickled and licked her clitoris which was fun. I loved the way her little love button felt and tasted in my mouth. I lost track of time sucking and nibbling on her until she stopped felating my dad to groan

“Oh baby, baby, baby that is so good on mummy”

I spread her lips with my fingers and then stuck my tongue deep inside of her and continued thrusting it in and out of her. She pushed hard up against my face and I pushed further into her exploring her insides with my eager tongue. Just up inside the top of her slit I found a little spot that when I licked it drove her wild making her howl in excruciating pleasure. I replaced my tongue with my figure and started massaging that spot while I sick her love button in and out of my mouth like a tiny penis. Her hips backed up hard into my face and she squirted all over my face and my dress while screaming. I had never seen my mum or any other woman for that matter squirt but it tasted nice and it wasn’t pee like I first thought it was but tasted kind of sweet.

“Are you ok? Did I hurt you mummy?” I asked

“Oh no Angel not at all. Oh my god John I am sorry but that was the best head I have ever had. Baby girl you have a gift” she said caressing the back of my head.

Feeling very pleased with myself and full of confidence I smiled and switched places with my mum frantically shedding my beautiful clothes as I did so. I continued sucking my dad’s cock while my mum began returning the favour eating me out. I had never felt anything like it. I felt her tongue massaging my lips and my clit then her tongue slid strongly up my groove separating my lips. Her tongue plunged in and out of my trembling pussy. I heard my dad grunt loudly and he tried to pull his cock out of my mouth but I wouldn’t let him, I wanted to taste his life giving milk. He fired round after round down my spluttering mouth and into my throat. I spilled a bit here and there which he kindly massaged into my tits and belly.

Once I had finished concentrating on cleaning him up I felt a tidal wave building within myself. My little pussy started twitching and quivering uncontrollably. My mom was doing something amazing to me. As the biggest release my body had ever felt swept through me I groaned loudly and filled my mum’s mouth with the same fluid she had nearly drowned me in.

“Oh mummy I think I came”

“You sure did princess” mum said

“Daddy I love the taste of your cum, so creamy and frothy just like I imagined”

He laughed “what do you know about a man’s cum baby?”

“I read and look at stuff. I have seen you shoot it all over man more than you know”

“Well really. Then let’s see how you go at taking it in that tight little pussy hey!”

“Oooh Daddy will it hurt?”

“It will sting a little that’s all, Daddy is no monster” He said.

“You’re plenty of man for most women” mom said working his cock back up to a fully erect state.

My mum knelt at my side and kissed and stroked my face and body as my Dad positioned himself between my legs. I looked into his eyes as he pushed his swollen knob against the entrance to my trembling pussy. My mum wrapped her arms around my shoulders and held me tight. My lips parted as my Dad pushed slowly into me. He was no monster but he was stretching my little cunt more than it ever had been stretched before, much more. I began to whimper and closed my eyes...............

The moment was cut to shreds as a blood chilling scream burst through the air. I looked up and saw my Dads eyes widen to the size of ping pong balls as blood spurted from his chest and the shiny steel tip of a large knife pierced his body right through. He toppled to the floor gasping as my Mum continued screaming. I was numb and just lay frozen as Michael grabbed my mum’s hair and forced her to look at my dying father flinching on the floor. Michael screamed at my Dad

“Your little girl to good for the Italian Stallion eh? Well now I am going to take that little bitches cherry and fuck your stupid bitch wife while you watch you fucking prick”

He dropped his pants and thrust his cock violently into my mum. She sobbed and screamed as he pounded into her relentlessly while he cussed at all of us. He reached around and mashed my mum’s tits in his strong hands and pumped a little slower but deeper and harder now. My mum started crying hysterically and put her head ashamed in her hands as her pussy betrayed her and gushed all over her rapists cock.

“Oh god no, I’m so sorry John. Oh forgive me” she whined

“Shut up bitch” Michael yelled as he grabbed her throat and choked her until she stopped moving.

My dying father attempted to reach out to her as Michael kicked his pants all the way of and knelt between my spread legs. A tear rolled from my dad’s eye as he tried to speak to beg Michael not to rape me. Michael smiled as he pushed his cock against the entrance of my pussy then looked at my father and thrust all the way in. My dad closed his eyes as I howled in agony as his huge cock robbed me of my virginity and tore my virgin pussy to shreds. He smothered my face with a pillow to muffle my screams but cut of my air supply as well making me pass out.

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