The continuing memoirs of a teenage nymph
Natural Born Licker 2

I awoke in a strange place very groggy and aching like I had been hit by a truck. After a couple of minutes my eyes cleared and a man leaned over me.

“Hello Katie, I am doctor Young. The police are here to ask you some questions but you do not have to speak to them if you are not up to it”

“No, no it’s ok. I can talk to them”

“Miss Hampton do you know where you are?”

“Hospital I guess”

“Do you remember what happened?”

“That bastard raped me and hurt my Mummy and Daddy. Are they ok now?”

“I am afraid not Katie”

I began sobbing and screamed “You had better get that bastard. Get him before I do or there will be nothing left of him”

“Well that’s the thing” another officer said stepping forward. “You already did. He Bled to death after you cut off know... and set him on fire”

I stopped sobbing “but I didn’t, I blacked out when he smothered me and then I woke up here”

“Um, somewhere in the middle you regained consciousness, cut off his penis and put it in his own mouth, set him and the whole house on fire and staggered or crawled outside where we found you unconscious”

“But, but, well if I did he deserved it. Didn’t he? I mean am I going to jail?”

“Under the circumstances it is most likely that you will be placed in a girl’s home as you have no relatives that can take you. You may be eligible for a Foster home pending therapy and a legal investigation.”

I realised I would never see my parents again and I would never go home again and I began crying again. The police left and I didn’t talk much throughout the process of being transferred to a home. I tried not to blame myself for what had happened but it just seemed logical. If my parents had not been setting up a special evening for me it never would have happened. As a result the beautiful side of sex had been tainted. I now saw it as a tool to use people, a destructive, selfish tool.

When I arrived at the home I was shown to my new room by the principal, solemn looking lady of around 40 yrs of age with horrible fashion sense but otherwise quite an attractive woman. I met my roommate Wendy who was there with Caitlin and Brooke, two other resident girls. While Mrs Stahl instructed Wendy to take good care of me and help me to fit in I looked the three of them up and down to size them up.

I guessed Wendy was 15 or 16 and the other girls were a year or two younger. Wendy was tall and looked strong but was quite pretty with flowing blonde curls and large blue eyes. Caitlin was a brunette with a solid but lean frame a very pretty girl with large brown eyes and already had a nice set of tits which were bulging out of the too small bra underneath her super tight T-shirt. Brooke was taller than Caitlin but not as thick set although she was looked strong in her own right. Her dirty blonde hair hung over her shoulders and framed her face.

I got the impression that Wendy was a Top Dog type and the girls were her little henchmen. The girls agreed to look after me and the principal left us to get better acquainted. As soon as Ms Stahl was out of range Wendy pushed me back onto the bed behind me and said

“I run things around here new fish, do things my way and you may survive, cross me and you’ll wish you hadn’t been born”

Then she started barking orders

“Brooke...the door, Caitlin her out of those clothes”

“Wait, what are you doing?” I gasped.

“There’s not much to do around here, we like to ‘explore’ especially when there’s fresh meat don’t we girls”

“Well you should know no one adores sex more than me but the last person who forced it on me burned to death with his cock stuffed down his throat” I said crossing the room and pushing her backwards.

“Calm down little girl” She hissed

“Oh I am calm but I am going to teach you a lesson and you two may be next, grab her” I said

They stood gobsmacked for a second and then saw the look in my eyes and grabbed their friend.

“Clothes” I snapped.

They ripped off her clothes and held her down.

“Bed.... and hold her still”

“What are you going to do you crazy bitch” She whined

“Oh please don’t call me horrible names; I think we will be best friends soon”

I went down on her picturing my mum in my mind. She came again and again so powerfully until she begged me to stop.

“How old are you? How did you..............oh my God. I think I love you new fish” She whimpered between gasps as she tried to catch her breath.

“Let her up......if she can get up” I laughed.

“Um Katie?” Brooke asked


“Would you, um I mean do you think..........”

“Sure baby but only my roommate gets it for free, you girls will have to return the favour”

“Um but........”

“Yes I know, I will teach you. Whatever you’ve got will be fine so long as you’re nice”

Wendy slid up the bed making room for Brooke as Brooke undressed and lay back naked ready for my oral assault.

“Wendy please look after Caitlin while I am busy with Brooke”

“Of course” she replied

I began very slowly, teasingly kissing slowly from inside Brookes right knee up and along her thigh then pausing above her pussy to blow into her twitching pussy and lightly flick only the hair on her mound before licking a trail back down from her left thigh up to the crease between her thigh and pussy. She whimpered

“Oh I just want to cum, eat me, please eat me”

I looked up at her clutching the bed frame with a look of agony on her face then looked across to the other bed where Wendy was fondling Caitlin’s gorgeous tits and French kissing her. I looked down at my target, Brooke’s swollen little love button and with great accuracy dove down on it and swallowed it and the surrounding flesh deeply while thrusting a finger straight inside her and up against her G spot. Her entire body went berserk, shuddering like she was having a fit. She screamed and I quickly threw a pillow over her. She pulled the pillow to her face to muffle her own moaning as her orgasm ripped through her body.

“Oh god, oh god what did you do? That was oh holy shit it was nice”

I kissed her stomach and tits on the way up to her mouth.

“Now now what do you say” I smiled at her

“Thank you, thank you, oh my god thank you” she hugged me tight

We looked over at the other girls who had stopped what they were doing and just sat on the bed next to each other naked and drop jawed.

“Shit girl I thought she might die or something, what the hell did you do to her?” Wendy said

“Oh Caitlin close your mouth and get over here, I want to taste that beautiful pussy right now and....Caitlin, I am still veeeeery hungry”

She almost leapt from one bed to the other with excitement. Wendy and Brooke wasted no time getting into a 69 arrangement on the other bed and worked on each other’s pussies gently and deliberately trying to repeat the moves that gave them both so much pleasure, my moves. It brought me much joy to see them strive to give more pleasure than they received. But I had work to do; I had to give my dear Caitlin the experience of a life time.

I set to work a little differently this time. I removed my own clothes and lay naked next to her and started kissing her face, her neck and her shoulders. I kissed her pretty face and as I pushed my tongue between her lips her mouth willingly opened and her tongue wrestled with mine again and again but each time gave in to mine as I massaged her beautiful breasts and tweaked her beautiful nipples until they stood painfully hard on top of her glorious round melons. They reminded me of my Mums tits, large and milky white with large milk chocolate brown nipples.

As I thought about it I slid down and began feasting on them, licking and sucking, nibbling and kissing. I could have spent hours lost in her soft, sweet breasts but I knew the best was yet to come. I slid down her stomach and now leaving a zigzag trail of saliva shining on her smooth skin and positioned myself between her legs. I lay on my stomach making myself comfortable as I knew I wanted to stay for a while. I kissed the skin above the small patch of hair on her pubic mound then licked it. My tongue swirled through the soft brown hair tasting and inhaling her sweet aroma.

I kissed her thighs and her ass and then ran the flattened top of my tongue against her ass hole making it twitched as she gasped. I thrust inside her tiny hole several times before working my way up to her lips. I circled around and around until I nearly made myself dizzy. She was moaning and gasping and twirling her fingers through my hair as I took her clit between my lips and started suckling like a baby. Her tits shook up and down as I opened and closed my mouth around her clit and the first of her many orgasms shook her adolescent body.

I scooted up the bed for a quick kiss and looked across at the other girls rocking and swaying just in time to see Brooke spray juice all over Wendy’s tits and face. I climbed back down and started tongue fucking the sopping wet slit in front of me frequently taking as much into my mouth as possible. My nose and chin were saturated in Caitlin’s juice and I loved it. I stuck a finger in her as I flicked her clit frantically making her cum once again. I thrust a second finger deep inside her and pumped in and out ferociously bringing about her third orgasm. Now I rubbed her G spot and reach up to fondle her glorious tits as I worked on her clit some more with my eager tongue. I was rewarded with a huge gush of liquid that took me back in memory to my Mum and the first time I had enjoyed being soaked by her sweet nectar. Caitlin pulled me up to lay next to her, I lay in front and she held me tight as we watched Brooke bring Wendy to a fairly decent orgasm then collapsed on top of her.

“Holy shit” Wendy blurted out “what the fuck was that all about”

“Well you see, the fuck was exactly what it was all about” I said with a grin.

We laughed out loud and would have kept laughing only we were interrupted by a knock at the door.

Ms Stahl burst in “I heard strange noises, is someone being hurt in here? Why in God’s name are you all naked?”

“We were getting ready for bed” I said now standing and scrabbling around for my clothes.

“Yes Miss we wanted to get an early night and were hoping to have a picnic tomorrow” Wendy added.

“Um, well all right then but I’ll be keeping an eye on you girls”

The door closed and we laughed some more and then Wendy looked at Caitlin and Brooke and said

“There’s just one thing we need to take care of” as she cross the room toward me

Caitlin grabbed my arms from behind and guided me backwards on to the bed. Brooke spread my legs wide open as Wendy climbed in between. Instead of heading for me head first she straddled me with one leg over me and one under and pressed her cunt lips hard up against mine. I felt my eyes flutter at this new sensation. Brooke spat on both our pussies and rubbed saliva into them as Wendy started to buck back and forth against me. Oh god I felt her lips move against mine, her clit bumped against mine sending fire up into my belly. Caitlin sucked on my tits and Brooke now kissed me on the mouth deeply. I was so horny from all the pussy licking that it had diminished my ability to hold on so it wasn’t long before I came. Wendy came very loudly, the principal came storming back in and dragged Caitlin and Brooke back to their room by the ear after she had demanded they dress and Wendy and I rolled around laughing again.

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Well here we have a nice little band of pussy lickers, now where do we go? They wander thru the streets of the big city attackin' little girls and eatin' them senseless? Go back to the father and daughter on the train. And turn that into a nice loving relationship where father enjoys his daughter's portals often.

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