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let me tell about our family. I my mom, dad and grandpa lived together.
We lived in a big house and money was not a problem as both my dad and
grandpa were earning handsomely… My mom was a housewife she 37 yrs old
and was quite pretty. She had voluptuous boobs almost the size of 34D.
She was not exactly slim about 10 pounds more on the heavier side. I had
always fantasized about fucking my mom and my dream was to come true on
my 21st birthday.
It was a week before my 21st birthday. I and my dad were having those
late night chats. Now let me tell u that dad drank a lot and was quite
talkative when drunk. So were discussing something about sports when he
suddenly asked me what I was planning for my 21st bday. I told my dad
nothing much, just the usual go out with my friends watch some movie and
have a glass of beer. My dad then suddenly blurted out “do u know there
r some family who have this tradition that when a son turns 21 his mom
allows him to fuck her for the entire weekend. I was taken aback by
surprise and I couldn’t say a word. My dad realized what he had done and
apologetically said that he has drank too much and should go to bed. I
was all excited and went back to my room immediately and jacked off
thinking about this.
The next I brought the topic when I and dad were alone but he simply
ignored me and acted as if he didn’t hear anything. Now I couldn’t ask
my mother about this so I went to grandpa and asked him. He then told me
everything. How he had sex with his mom when he turned 21, how dad had
sex with grandma when he turned 21 and he also told me that my mom was
going to have sex with me this weekend and dad and he were to leave the
house for the entire weekend. He then started talking that he will to
his brother’s house and come only next and dad will arrive back on
Sunday night. I was only half listening now and didn’t care what their
plan was for the weekend. I went to my room once again jacked off
thinking about my mom. When I got up it was about 12 noon and so I
decided that I should prepare myself for the weekend. (Now I was into
bondage porn and had tons of of bdsm films plus I wanted to fuck my mom
not only for the weekend but for the rest of my life. I had an idea and
for this I had to do some shopping).So I went to a bondage site and
ordered on the net a rope, a pair of nipple clamps, 2 sets of dildos
(ranging all sizes) , a pair of vibrators with dildos both remote
controlled, and pussy clips, butt plug and a dog collar. I ordered this
on Monday and the package arrived on Thursday. I took the delivery and
put it under my bed. Now I was waiting for the dday.
Friday morning my grandpa said that he is leaving for his brother’s
house today and he will come next week. I dropped him to the airport he
winked at me and said have a good time. I just smiled and told”goodbye”
.Evening dad announced he has some urgent business work and he will come
by Sunday night. At around 10 pm he left. Now I and mom were alone in
the house. I acted as if didn’t know anything and told mom I going to
bed. Then mom said “wait a min. I have something very important to
discuss with you”. I replied” what is it mom”. Then she came and told me
how grandpa had fucked his mom and blah blah blah and repeated the same
what grandpa told me. Then she said “I will have sex with you and will
do whatever you want me to this entire weekend “. I acted casually and
asked her”so I can sex with as many times as I want?” she smiled and
said “As many as times u want”. So I acted casually and went back to my
room. (Mom thought I just wish to have sex with her but she didn’t know
about my plans for her and how I was going to abuse and humiliate her
and make her my sex slave)
Now this is where the real fun begins:
At around 11.30 my mom enters my room.
My room was dimly lit and I could see she was wearing one of those short
nightgowns that ended up at her thighs. She came over me and said what
do u want me do. I didn’t reply and just smiled. I could see that she
was not wearing any bra. I could see almost about ¾ths of her boobs. I
just raised my head and started to kiss her. With one hand now I started
pulling her gown and with a sudden jerk pulled down her panties. I
started fondling her clit. I was pressing her clit in between my thumb
and index finger and I could here. I could hear my mom moaning. Then I
pushed 1 finger in her pussy and kept rubbing her clit with the thumb.
Then I pushed 2 fingers then 3. My mom was on the verge of climax but I
didn’t want to give her orgasm so easily. I wanted her to beg for it, I
wanted to humiliate her. I pulled out my fingers and with both my hands
ripped open her gown from top. Her boobs popped out and slapped my face.
I started kissing her left boob now and sucking it sometimes biting her
tits. With the other hand I was pinching/ crushing her other tits. She
was in ecstasy. I then got up and asked her to suck my cock. She
immediately complied. Then I slapped her face with my cock. I made her
lick my pre-cum. Then I inserted my dick into her wide opened mouth. I
face fucked her. I made her spit on my cock and made her suck it again. I
then caught her hair and pushed her face towards my cock. I was deep
throating her. She was gagging/choking but I didn’t care what she was
going through. Tears were rolling down her eyes bcoz of the choking
/gagging. I was about to cum. I pulled my cock out and cummed all over
her face.
I then asked her not to touch my cum and let it remain there.
Satisfied with what I have done to her face, I made her on her all fours
and started feeling my cock into her pussy doggy style. I could hear
her moans. ‘”Ahhhhhhh, please” I didn’t let her finish, I thrusted my
cock inside her pussy and removed it. I asked her to beg for my cock
again. “Please son, fuck you mommy like a whore, fuck me please”. I
thrusted my cock again into her pussy, this time harder. I teased her
for some time and made her beg for what she is going to receive.

“Harder, harder, harder…..” she said. I whispered into her ears. “How
does it feel mommy??” She said “Ahhhhhhh, fuck me son, fuck me, harder,
harder.., fuck mommy’s pussy”

I fucked her harder and harder. I could feel her body shivering. I knew
she was cumming, but I didn’t stop. She cried: “Son I am Cumming please
stop, please stop…” I started fucking my mom harder and faster. She

Then I asked her: “How do you want to take your sons fresh cum???”

Mom said: “Not in my pussy, please son, not in y pussy, I am not on
pills, please…”
But I didn’t care I ejaculated in her pussy. I pulled my cock out and I
could see my cum coming out of her pussy lips. We were both exhausted
and lay there on the floor for about 10 mi. then my mom broke the
silence and asked me” so how was the experience?” I replied “pretty
good”. She then complimented me how great I was. I then winked at her
and said this is only the beginning and said”I have great plans for u.”
After all this I was tired and I asked her to move to bed and sleep
together. I asked her to sleep naked. I was licking her boobs and biting
her tits when I fell asleep.

Next day morning: THE DAY I HUMILIATE MY MOM
It was almost 8 when I got up. Mom was not in the bed. I called her out.
She came running and asked me what I wanted from her. I told her suck
my cock and swallow my cum not even 1 drop should fall out. She
complied. She then asked what I wanted for breakfast I said anything u
wish. I didn’t care what I wanted to eat I only wished to fuck her.
After the breakfast I asked her that today you will have to follow some
rules. Then I rattled out my wish list.
“At all times in the house she should wear a nightgown. She shouldnot
wear any bra or panties underneath it. She should answer all the door
bells and she should waste any time of hers in going out of the house or
talking to neighbors or talking on phone”.
Then I asked her to lie on the couch and spread her legs. I went towards
the fridge took a cold large carrot out (almost twice the size of my
dick) and in sudden push roughly inserted in her pussy. The cold
sensation on her pussy lips along with the pain took her another level.
She was in ecstasy and was about to cum. I went to my room and brought
my camera and took photographs of her. I didn’t let her cum and before
she could get an orgasm I pulled out the carrot. My mom begging me and
started saying “plz fuck me son,plz fuck me”. I was started to grin. My
mom was almost in my control now.
I told mom not to prepare any lunch as I was going to order a pizza for
both of us. Then I told mom that to take pizza from the delivery man
without paying him anything. She had to seduce the pizza delivery man
just enough that he doesn’t ask for money and finger fucks her but
doesn’t stick his dick in her pussy. She can give him a blow job if she
wanted. Failure to seduce or if he puts his dick in your pussy will
result in punishment and if task can be successfully she will be duly
rewarded. At around 12, the pizza delivery man arrived. Mom was sleazy
nightgown without bra and panties. (I was taking video of all this
happening from behind where he couldn’t see me). After about 5 min I saw
mom had been successful in seducing him. He had closed the door behind
him and started kissing my mom aggressively. His one hand was on her
left boobs pinching her tits and the other was playing with her pussy.
My moan could be heard where I was standing. He then pulled out his dick
and asker to give him a blowjob. My mom was a bit hesitant so he caught
her hair and pushed her deep inside. My mom was choking and he face
fucked her for another 5 min. then he asked to stand. He then caught my
mom’s left leg and raised it high such that she was standing on 1 leg
with her cunt clearly visible. Then with a strong jerk he pushed his
deep inside her. My mom was crying ” no no don’t fuck me” but he didn’t
listen and rammed his dick hard inside her. After about 10 min he pulled
his dick out and Cummed over her pussy lips and left the house.
My mom was lying there on the floor crying. I asked her to get up and
take a shower. After she came out from shower, I called her and said”
time for your punishment”. I asked her to lie on all 4′s and inserted
butt plug. Then I took her to dining table made her lie there spread her
legs and put a vibrating dildo in her pussy. I pushed it fully inside
and duck taped it so that it couldn’t come out.I put the vibrator on max
speed. We then ate our lunch., but I couldn’t eat much as she was
getting an orgasm after orgasm. All her pussy juices were dribbling down
on the floor. After about an hr I switched off the vibrator but didn’t
remove it and neither the butt plug.
I removed the butt plug, I was satisfied with the result. Her anal
muscles had relaxed . I then inserted my dick in her asshole and ass
fucked her. I released my load in the anus itself. I asked her to clean
up and decent clothes coz we were going out. I asked her to wear a top
with skirt (size of the skirt should not exceed her mid thigh levels)
but without any bra or panty. The vibrator was still inside her pussy. I
took her to a mall. We then bought some sexy lingerie for her. At all
times my hand were placed on her ass. People were staring at us. I also
switched on her vibrator at an intermediate level. Mom was not able to
control her urges and pussy juice was could be dripping from pussy to
thigh to ankle. on the way back I asked my mom to drive. As soon as we
started I switched the vibrator to the max speed. Mom was trying hard to
concentrate but I kept playing with the vib. Sometimes I use to switch
it off and suddenly put it on the max speed. Mom lost control and 1
point exceeded the speed limit. A traffic policeman came behind us and
stopped us.
He asked both of us to come out and put our hands on the head. Strong
aroma of my mom’s cum was coming out of her. Plus the seat was all wet.
He then looked at me and I winked at him. He understood what was going
on, and smiled at me back. As we stood there, he searched the whole car
then with a wide grin came towards my mom pulled out a packet of cocaine
from his pocket and told that he had found this packet inside the car.
My mom vehemently denied it but he was in no mood to listen.
He then told my mom he will have to body search her. He then pushed her
towards the car and asked her to keep her hands behind on her head. He
then started pressing her boobs. He pressed so hard that my mom was
almost shrieked in pain. He then pinched her tits and was pulling them
so hard that at 1 point at I thought he would t rip them apart. Then he
put one hand on her ass and other on her pussy. He then started rubbing
her pussy from outside itself and I could hear my mom moaning. He then
said that he was not satisfied would strip search her. He asked her to
remove her top and skirt and face him with hands behind on her head. My
mom complied. As she was getting naked he called thru radio and asked 2
of his friends to join him. Within 2 min, 2 more officers appeared. They
wasted no time and fondled with her boobs, slapping them sucking them
pinching her tits. The 1st officer removed the vibrator from the pussy
and was finger fucking her. Moms cunt was so wet and so loose that all 4
fingers easily went inside without a slightest bit of resistance. All 3
of them pulled out their cocks and asked her to suck. After that all 3
of them took turns to fuck her. Mom was left exhausted and humiliated.
She didn’t say a word the whole time and never looked me I the eye. We
reached our home, mom took a shower , we both ate our dinner and went to
Next days adventures will be mentioned in another part..

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