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Rcik meant to seduce his sister but mom got hooked instead!
The morning started just as every morning seemed to anymore. Get up, don her robe and begin breakfast for the kids before awakening them for school. She hadn't slept well since Joel's promotion. His new job was several hundred miles away and they had decided not to move until the school year was over. Because of that Joel stayed there during the week and then came home most weekends. She seemed to always have a pulsing awareness of how long it was between their bouts of lovemaking. This morning she had awaken rubbing her clit into the sheets with an almost unbearable urge to touch herself. God, she thought and this is just Monday, a day after our early morning lovemaking yesterday. Joel wasn't the greatest lover and definitely didn't have the best equipment to perform with but when they were together every night it had sufficed.

"Good morning", Mackenzie said cheerfully as she walked into the kitchen and plopped down at the table.

“You're awfully cheerful this morning, you must have gotten a good night's sleep”, her mom replied.

“Gary called me last night and we talked for hours. He's so cute and everyone wants to go with him because he's the quarterback on the football team, but, he asked ME out to the show Friday night. I think he wants my body!”, Kenzie teased her mom.
“KENZIE”.....Kim said, startled at her words. “What do you mean he wants your body??”

“Oh you know, he's always telling me how hot I am and how pretty I am and all that. Don't worry mom he's not gonna get me.......not yet anyway...she said, smirking at Kim's startled reaction to her words.”

“Kenzie, you're just 18 and you shouldn't even be thinking about having sex yet girl.”

“Mom, you're so old fashioned, I'm probably the only virgin at school....everyone else's mother put them on birth control in high school to protect them from their hormonal instincts. I bet you don't even think I should have my own vibrator!”

Kim's mouth dropped open as she stood thinking how to respond to that. “Do you have one”...she finally asked?

“You should know mom, you go through my stuff often enough.”

Kim's face reddened as she knew she was caught. She did go through Mackenzie's stuff but she hadn't known she knew about it. “I..I put your clothes away for you, would you rather do it yourself?”

“What would you do mom if you read in my journal that I was screwing every guy at school. I've started to write that just to see if you'd confront me about it and admit you were reading it.”

Kim felt guilty, and stammered in defense, “I..I haven't read your journal in a very long time Kenzie. When I did I was consumed with guilt so I never did it again. Are you mad that I pried?”

“No, not really, I understand why you do it but now that I'm getting older I really think you'd trust me to do what is right and not feel the need to spy on me.”

“I promise I will never look at your stuff again Kenzie because what you said is true and I know I can trust you to come to me before you do something stupid.”

Kim felt very uneasy at this conversation and decided to go wake Rick up and asked, “Are we OK then?”

“Yes mom, I still love ya”...and then as an afterthought, “does that mean you'll get me my own vibrator so I can be like everybody else”...she said laughing loudly!

Kim smiled and said, “I'll think about it.” As she walked up the stairs she tried not to think of her daughter in bed, thighs spread using a vibrator on herself. For some strange reason her clit began a soft pulsing as that vision passed through her mind.

Rick's door was partly open and thinking he was up she pushed it open saying, “Breakfast is ready anytime you're”........She stopped, stunned by the sight before her. Rick was still in bed, arms folded over the pillow that covered his face and the sheet and cover was partially wrapped around his body. Kim's breathing immediately became deep, slow, as her gaze took in the scene before her. Rick's dick was standing at full mast, rigidly swaying and was monstrous in size. She wanted to run from the room but her feet were frozen in place as she stood mesmerized by the enormity of his size. His cock was at least a foot long and thick, so thick that Kim felt a trepidation of the pain it could cause as it forced her labia to accept it. She immediately realized she was thinking of how her son’s dick would feel entering her pussy, his mother’s pussy. Every cell of her being was crying out how wrong it was for her to stand there staring at her 19 year old son's dick enjoying the incestuous thoughts arousing her. The throbbing need his cock awakened within her body easily overwhelmed any objections her morals presented.

Her thoughts shocked and disgusted her as she began imagining walking to him and straddling his dick and pressing it into her ravenous cunt. As quick as she dismissed that thought, the hunger in her pussy had her thinking how nice it would be to have Rick fuck her on those nights Joel was gone, feeling his huge cock pressed wholly inside her dick starved pussy. She watched as his young dick began to lay over sideways and then jerked stiffly erect, straining as his glans swelled, his entire cock shaking with the intensity of his erection. Kim couldn’t repress the moan that escaped her as she imagined him inside her jerking, throbbing stiffly as she felt his glans throbbing against her deepest flesh. Her hand unconsciously slid inside her robe and lightly stroked her clit as her mind became absorbed with thoughts of Rick's cock entering her deeply. She felt weak as she leaned back against the wall for support. Her breathing came quicker, harsher as her thighs spread unconsciously. The hunger within her, the unrequited need that possessed her constantly, held her firmly in its grasp as her fingers caressed her swollen orb quicker, pressing upon it harder as she allowed her incestuous visions to drive her actions. She felt possessed as her unnatural desires overwhelmed and controlled her.

The inferno of her arousement consumed her completely as her thighs opened more, knees bent slightly as her head lay sideways, eyes closed as the first gripping waves of orgasm washed through her. She mashed her lips together, then bit her lower lip in an effort to stifle her deep moans as the voltage like waves of pleasure caused her thighs to squeeze tightly. Her body bent as as pleasure coursed through every cell of her body. When the sensations finally began to ebb and her eyes again opened, she groaned loudly, her body tensing even more tightly at the sight before her. She watched as Rick grasped his jerking dick and begin stroking it slowly, his hips gyrating with the sensations his squeezing instilled. Her son was watching her tense in orgasm and she knew that he realized it was the sight of his stiff dick that caused her passionate arousement, knew that she wanted his dick. Their gazes met and lingered, the desperate need in his eyes told of his desire to fuck her. She heard his moans as he watched her hand increase its circular motions as her own body seemed to explode with need again as she realized he was awake and was stroking his cock as he thought of her.

She knew she should stop, should leave now, but knowing he wanted her as badly at that moment as she needed him caused her body to tense in the wildest, most intense orgasm she had ever felt in her life. She couldn't even try to stifle the moans that escaped her lips as she watched his fat glans begin to swell and his balls begin jerking, lifting against his body before expelling a lump of cum so large she saw it racing up his shaft. It was like watching him in slow motion as his glans flared hugely, his urethra opening as his balls forcibly propelled the large lump 3-4 feet in the air while streaming a trail of white pearlescent jism. She found it impossible not to imagine how his cock would feel erupting so forcefully deep inside her. Her hand rubbed her clit excitedly as each of his eruptions seemed to shoot straight into the pleasure center of her brain.

Her body shuddered and went weak causing her to fall to her knees moaning, cupping her pussy tightly as she drove her fingers deep inside herself. Her hand gyrated and rubbed as she fucked herself brutally until she squirted forcefully. Stream after stream she ejaculated, soaking her hand and the rug beneath her as she hunched into her probing hand. Her ass squeezed, pussy muscles clenching with each forceful spewing from her urethra. She had never squirted before and once her body had expended her arousement she felt her cum draining from her pussy to mix with her ejaculate and stream wetly down her tightly clasping thighs. Repeatedly Rick's young balls erupted, shooting cum skywards until finally, like a volcano spewing fiery hot lava to stream down the mountain, his cum bubbles from his tip in slick white molten gobs to flow down over his pulsing glans to coat his still grasping, moving hands. So much cum, so virile and forceful she thought as she gasped and squeezed her clit hard. Her tongue slid over her lips as she craved to taste his young sperm on her tongue. Her body began quivering, shaking as she watched Rick's body emulate her own as his ass cheeks squeezed, lifted and shook violently before they both fell drained by the intensity of the emotions gripping them both.

Kim's ardor was quickly diminishing now and she felt herself blushing with her embarrassment, shame setting in for what she had just done and how her actions had affected her son. She wanted to beg his forgiveness, to elicit a promise that he would never tell anyone what they had just done, to try and explain how his father’s absence had left her so in need, to explain, to explain. But her shame was too great and all she could do is flee out into the hallway and cry. She knew her entire life was going to be taken, her family dissolved, Joel taking the kids and leaving her. And Rick, she could not even begin to imagine what he was thinking of her now. Would he tell, would he feel so badly that he needed to seek help from a school counselor? Everything that could possibly happen raced through her mind as she stumbled back to the kitchen.

Thank God Mackenzie wasn't there to see her sobbing. She tried to calm down and rinsed her face with cold water as she planned on what she would say to Rick when he came down. When he did come down, Kenzie was with him and they were bantering back and forth about Gary, Rick teasing her about how Gary could have anyone he wanted and she'd have to give it up to get him to date her like everybody else had.

Kenzie just smiled and shook her behind and said, “This is what he wants but I'm not like all the others and that's why I'm gonna be the one to keep him. He'll see that I'm quality not just quantity, wait and see big brother!”

“I got your quality right here Kenz”, he said, grasping his dick and then quickly glancing at his mother as he realized what he'd done and he actually blushed. “I'm sorry mom, I know I shouldn't have done that, but she is just my sister.”

“Which is exactly why you shouldn't have done it”, Kim replied, trying to keep the nervousness from her voice.

Rick's gaze kept falling to the front of her robe and she felt very uncomfortable knowing she was still nude under her robe, her juices still streaming down her thighs and he wanted her to expose herself to him. He saw her as a potential sexual partner now instead of as his mother. Even worse she was having to mentally fight herself to keep from doing what she knew he wanted. She had never noticed the large lump at the front of his Jeans until now, and now it seemed so pronounced as if it was screaming, "Look at me!".

She tried to busy herself around the kitchen to restrain those thoughts but every time her gaze fell on him her thighs clenched and a strong thrill gripped her clit. Finally she just sat down, crossed her legs and sat there with her leg pumping, squeezing her thighs with the rhythm of the pulses her thoughts caused. He acted perfectly normal except for his stealthy glances when Kenzie wasn't looking, that and he kept dropping things and glancing under the table at her thighs. Each time he did that he'd look at her eyes as if he wanted her to know what he was doing. Kim felt her pussy moistening and yearning to feel something entering her and she knew what it was she craved so badly.

She couldn't push the memory of his cock spewing cum so forcefully so high in the air and how his glans swelled and receded with each hot explosion as if spitting his lava like juices from his youthful balls. How would that feel inside her pussy she wondered? She had never imagined a man could have such a dick much less a boy! She had always heard of black men being well endowed but a 19 yr. old white boy?
She couldn’t restrain staring at his dick and when he saw her looking his hand fell to his dick and he squeezed it repeatedly as he stared at her bare thigh. She saw it growing, stiffening in his grasp and again felt the fog of lust descending over her mind. Her thighs uncrossed and she knew what she was going to do and it disgusted and repulsed her but the imprint of his fat glans on his pants demanded it. Her breathing was deep, fast, and her pussy clenched repeatedly. Kenzie ran up the stairs and Kim’s thighs opened slowly, hesitantly as her mind screamed NO!, God NO!, but her body refused to obey that part of her mind. She watched her son’s reaction as her shaved pussy was displayed openly to his view. She saw the lump in his pants jerk, straighten and his attempt to adjust it. He openly throbbed under her stare. He walked over to stand at her shoulder and she raised her hand to shield her eyes so she wouldn't be staring at his dick directly in front of her face. Rick took her wrist in his hand and placed her hand on his hard dick and she couldn’t restrain from squeezing his dick through his pants. The hard pulsing and jerking of his cock radiated down her arm like a voltage that caused her pussy to clench and her clit to crave to be touched. "Please don't Rick, it's just that your dad is gone so much and're just so large...oh no, no baby please, I can't",she moaned as Rick knelt before her while glancing up the stairs. Her chest began heaving as he opened her thighs and lowered his face towards her pussy revealing his intention of licking her right there. Every moral sense in her body screamed for her to stop this but all she could do was close her eyes and spread her thighs even wider as her body lifted to his tongue. Kim moaned loudly as his tongue pressed hard against her clit and her hand reached out to pull at his head while her hips undulated sensually. Just then Kenzie began yelling for her mom as she bounded down the stairs causing Rick to jerk upright and Kim to slam her thighs shut and close her robe quickly. Kim was left clenching her pussy while her clit throbbed madly as she experienced a disappointment like none she had ever known. Her thighs squeezed and a hard shudder wracked her body as she repressed a loud moan.

She wanted so badly to talk to him before he left for school to ensure his silence and explain why they couldn't go further with an incestuous relationship, but Kenzie just wouldn't leave them alone. As they walked out to their cars, Rick suddenly turned and ran back to the door and kissed Kim on the cheek and whispered, “Don't worry mom I won't tell anyone anything, it’s our secret, just you and me! You're beautiful mom and I love you!”

Kim felt tears of joy forming in her eyes but also a trepidation of what might transpire if Rick was honest about keeping it between just themselves. Knowing he was going to make their mutual masturbation a secret had Kim's mind filling with so many taboo scenarios. Each one a little more depraved and carnal than the last as her arousement crept through her mind until the craving she felt to feel his dick in her became so intense she opened the refrigerator and found a cucumber that approximated his thickness and held it under hot water until it was warm and then proceeded to impale herself deeply with it as Rick fucked her hard in her mind. All day she lay in the bed repeatedly stretching herself with the cucumber and cumming intensely thinking of her son raping her pussy with his stiff young fat cock. As she fell asleep exhausted from cumming so much she thought, hmmm maybe I should get Mackenzie and myself a long thick dildo and vibrator.

Rick couldn't believe what had happened this morning. He intentionally had lain in bed waiting for his mom to send Mackenzie up to wake him so she could find him lying there with his hard dick. He didn't know what he expected her to do but he knew she wanted to be fucked badly from the phone calls he had overheard when she was talking to her girlfriends. She was definitely not a virgin and she had related how long it had been since she had a hard dick throbbing inside her. He had fantasies of fucking his sister everyday it seemed, but couldn't bring himself to tell her so. He thought he'd let her see what he had to offer a girl and see where it went. Hopefully she'd get hot and give him a quick head job or something. He knew when he heard the door open and something said that she was there watching him and his dick jerked stiffly he was so hot. He could feel her eyes watching him and knowing she was, made him need to cum so badly. When he heard low moans and other sounds he thought Mackenzie was playing with her pussy while looking at his dick. He was both shocked and surprised when he took the pillow from his face and saw his mom leaning against the wall, thighs spread and rubbing her pussy. His first instinct was to hide himself from her view. He reached for the blanket but he stopped when he saw his mom’s face and heard her moans. She was so beautiful and he could see her bare inner thighs and hand rubbing in circles at her pussy through her opened robe. Her eyes were closed and her face was etched with passion, chest rising and falling heavily as her hips hunched and rolled.

His youthful curiosity and the blood pumping powerfully in his dick instilled a courage that normally he would never have. He couldn't help but stroke his dick as he watched her. Oh my god he thought, is mom playing with herself thinking about my dick he wondered? His emotions were running rampant as he saw his mom aroused like the women he watched masturbate online at free sex sites. The emotions of seeing his beautiful mom in the throes of passion had him remembering the videos of moms and their sons fucking and sucking. The thought that his mom might want to fuck him, actually let him put his dick in her pussy had him unable to stop pumping his dick rapidly. He wanted to get up and go to her and ram his dick in her pussy and fuck her till they both cum, but, his inexperience and his fear of what she may do if she wouldn’t fuck him kept him immobilized and stroking his cock as his young body craved release.

He moaned loudly when her eyes opened and their gazes met and interacted. Her eyes seemed to beg him to understand her need. Was it really a need for him to fuck her they expressed? Just the thought of his mom fucking him or sucking him sent his balls into wild jerking spasms that had him exploding, cumming like he'd never cum in his life, load after load of hot jism rocketing from deep in his balls to shoot in long strings of violent release that dropped to coat him and his bed. Her look as she watched his cum jetting from his dick seemed pained as her face contorted and her hand vibrated and rubbed herself forcefully, moans escaping her mouth that told of her own violent release. He heard her moan loudly, “Oh god, oh god, arrgghhhHHHHH”, and she seemed to be fingering her pussy deeply until she groaned and began hunching into her hand as she gasped loudly. He thought he saw his mom piss as her hand groped her pussy unaware that she was ejaculating, cumming as she thought of his pumping balls filling her pussy.

He had expected her to say something but instead she appeared distressed, embarrassed turned her head and rose and left. He heard her crying in the hallway and knew she regretted what she had just done. Why hadn't she sent Kenzie he wondered, she always sent Kenzie to wake him. Then he wondered if Kenzie had seen or heard anything and decided to try and talk to her before they got home. He still wanted to fuck his sister but now he was torn between trying to fuck his mom or his sister. He had always thought Kenzie would take his virginity, or at least he had hoped she would. He wanted them both to learn about sex together.

That afternoon on the bus ride home he asked Kenzie why she hadn't woke him up this morning. “I don't know, mom just went up to get you up and didn't ask me to, why?”

“No reason, it’s just that you always wake me up”, he replied.

“What was mom doing this morning in your room anyway Rick; when I walked by she was on her knees just inside the door and it looked like she was wiping something up the way her body was shaking”, she asked him?

“Yeah, I spilt a soft drink on the carpet and she was trying to get it up. Whole time she was doing it she was talking under her breath and kept looking at me like she was gonna pounce on me and fuck me up. She was groaning and making all kinds of animal noises, she was really worked up. Never seen her get so excited over a spill. She never said a word about it though just got through and left.”

“ I'm surprised she didn't jump your ass cause she was really worked up when I walked by, you're lucky!”

Satisfied that she hadn't seen anything he let it drop. He did have the thought that as hot as mom seemed he's surprised she didn't jump his ass too, but for a different reason. Hopefully she will soon though he thought to himself. He had thought about the feel of his mom's clit beneath his tongue all day. He will never forget the sight of her inner thighs slick with her cum and the scent that drew his mouth to her pussy. The memory of her moan and the way her hips had begun moving kept him hard all day necessitating him carrying a binder with him to hide his large swollen dick. He felt both fear and apprehension at where his and his mom’s relationship was headed but he also felt a sexual excitement hoping they would make their own mother and son video like those online someday soon.

Mackenzie knew Rick was trying to discern if she had seen what they were doing that morning. She had seen her mom rubbing her pussy leaning against the wall, eyes closed and moaning and glanced in the dresser mirror and saw him jacking off. At first she thought he had a huge fake dick but as she watched she saw that it was real. Oh my god, she thought, Rick's jacking off and mom is playing with her pussy and they are both watching each other. She became instantly aroused, confused and mesmerized by the sight of her brother's huge cock. He was stroking it with both hands and it had to be a foot long. Then her mom had fell to her knees and began shaking wildly and she knew she was cumming thinking about Rick’s big dick. Did they do this often she wondered? Were they fucking even? She had hurried to her room and shut the door and pulled her panties down and began frantically rubbing her clit as visions of her mom and Rick fucking filled her mind. Then as she remembered the size of his dick she thought of him fucking her and her hips lifted quickly, out-turned, ass cheeks squeezing tightly as her thighs tensed and she experienced the most intense orgasm of her life. She lay there panting, chest lifting and falling as she began thinking of her brother and if she could actually fuck him. She knew she could, and before she witnessed what she had, she also had known she could never act upon it....but now...hmmmmm.

Mackenzie had never fantasized about Rick but she had cum quite often thinking of her father fucking her. He was so handsome and built really hot. All her girlfriends wanted to fuck him. But she had accidently seen his dick a few times and he wasn't a stud at all. She never told her girlfriends that though because she liked that they all wanted to fuck him. But she often thought of sucking him and letting him cum in her mouth and fucking her in the ass and other things. But now that she had seen Rick's cock she knew she wanted to fuck him but wasn't sure if her almost virgin pussy could take him. Now that she knew his and mom's secret though, she knew he would fuck her anytime she wanted him too because she could threaten to tell their dad what she knew. In fact she was already planning how she could use her newfound power over them both, Mom and Rick. She would be on birth control soon and that was a fact she knew now!

Her mom was beautiful, a perfect body and a face to die for. She had her mom in her sexual fantasies much more than anyone else. She had seen her mom naked often and had dreamed of tasting her shaved pussy many times. She could just imagine her mom between her thighs, see her beautiful face lower to her clit, her pointed tongue sliding out to begin toying with her clit and she'd cum instantly. She wished she could have seen her mother's face as she was cumming in Rick's room but her face was turned towards Rick's big dick. It would have been nice to remember that look as she ate her pussy in her fantasy...mmmmm One of her favorite masturbation fantasy's was to have her dad fucking her ass and her mom licking her clit and pussy while he did it. Now though, Rick could fuck her while mom ate her in her fantasies and hopefully now that she knows about them, possibly in real life.

Everything seemed normal for the rest of the week and Joel came home for the weekend. Kim couldn't wait to get him in bed and although she tried not to, Rick's dick kept invading her mind as they fucked. Joel had even commented on her vigorous fucking and how wet she was, soaking, as he put it! Her only comment was that she had missed him and needed to get her mind off the kids awhile. That was true to an extent, her mind seemed possessed by the memory of Rick’s huge stiff dick and she found herself craving it all through the day. She couldn't look at her son without craving to fuck him. He seemed to know it too. Every time he caught her gazing at his dick his own gaze would move first to her pussy and then slowly to her breasts and then as he gazed into her eyes his tongue would slide across his lips and it never failed to cause a thrill to shock her clit and cause her to clench her thighs tightly. They seemed to flirt and tease each other with their looks. If he had been an adult she would have fucked him a dozen times by now, but he was just a young man and that young man was her son. Granted he did possess a dick much bigger than most adult men but his mind was still sexually inexperienced emotionally.

As things seemed to work out they never found themselves alone together and Kim began to think that maybe she could put that one time behind them and she could just fantasize about his wonderful dick. Then on Sunday night just as she was about to leave to take Joel to the airport Rick asked if it would be OK for him to ride along and see his dad off. Kim felt a trepidation at being alone with Rick on the ride home, an anxious feeling that both excited and wetted her pussy but she told herself she couldn't say no, so she agreed. She told herself she was strong enough to see that nothing happened between them even as the throbbing at her clit let her know she was lying to herself!

Kim kissed Joel bye and he turned to Rick and said, “Son you're the man when I'm not home, you take care of mom and Kenzie you hear, I'm depending on you!” Then he hugged Rick and shook his hand.

Rick told him he'd, “Take good care of them both till he got home again.” What he said was true but Joel had no idea of how he meant to take care of them both. Rick felt guilt at shaking his father's hand while planning on fucking both, his wife and daughter. The only thing Rick knew was that his youthful hormones were screaming for him to fuck them and he knew the only thing that would quiet them was to do it.

Hearing Joel tell Rick to take care of them seemed so inappropriate as she stood there filled with an anxious trepidation while anticipating being alone with him when they left. They were quiet walking back to the car in the parking garage. When he moved next to her and put his arm around her waist her breathing became hurried and the first pulses of her arousal began streaming through her groin. When his fingers squeezed her hip a voltage like thrill clenched her pussy tightly. They had parked almost at the top and it was pretty desolate there on a Sunday night. Kim's pussy was wet with excitement and anticipation from feeling Rick’s warmth pressed against her own body, even though he hadn't said or indicated anything out of the ordinary. They were in the car and she was about to turn the key when she saw Rick undo his jeans and spread them open and push them down to his knees. Her pussy was suddenly empty, yearning and her clit pulsed with need as she watched him pull his thick cock out and begin stroking it. “Wha..what.what are you doing Rick?” She feigned ignorance.

He turned in the seat to look at her and said, “I want to do it again mom, only I want us both to know we're doing it this time.”

Her gaze was on his quickly stiffening dick as he pumped it. “We need to talk about that Rick, you know that wasn't right to do.” Her breathing was becoming raspy, hurried and her clit was pounding.

“I don't care mom”, he said, as his hand reached out and grabbed her wrist and pulled her hand to his cock.

Unconsciously her fingers attempted to wrap his thick girth as she said weakly, “We can't do...ohhhhh're so we shouldn't......oh fuck it’s so hard and thick!” Kim knew she was lost, feeling his thick dick jerking and throbbing in her fingers was too much for her sensibilities and when he said, “Suck me mom, put your mouth on me”, her resistance was swept away and her face lowered, lips parted as she resigned herself to whatever fate had in store for them both.

Rick moaned loudly as his mom's lips opened widely and slid down over his crown. She was on fire, her pussy clenched and relaxed, begging to feel his manhood deep inside it, ripping it open. She could feel her panties soaked and her tongue laved swiftly around his tip as he hunched into her mouthing while telling her how amazing she felt sucking his dick. Everything about her actions was so carnal, so taboo, sucking her son's dick in a public place, wanting him in his mother's pussy. She was excited beyond belief. Never had she felt such a dick as her son's and she loved it, embraced it with her lips and sucked at it like she needed its juice to sustain her life. Every time he said, “Suck it mom ", his words drove home the incestuous act she was performing and caused her juices to flow wetly from her craving pussy. Her head twirled on his glans as her hands pulled her panties from her body. Her mind was crazed with need now, her emotions distraught as she twisted her love of her son to justify her need to express that love physically. She tried to convince herself it was that love that enhanced and drove the need to feel his dick inside her. She straddled him and leaned forward over the seat until her pussy was high enough to be placed at his tip and she let him feel the moist heat of her pussy pressing down against his glans. When she whispered, "Rick are you sure you want to do this, we can't turn back once you're in me. Can you live knowing you let me fuck you, do you really want my pussy?"

He replied by holding her hips and pressing up into the wonderful feeling slowly opening to his swollen dick.

“Oh god thank you baby, I need you so badly. That’s it baby make it go! Put it in me Rick, give your momma your big dick.”

“I've never done this before mom, it doesn't fit, you're too tight.”

Her aroused excitement caused her to fill with frustration at his words and she reached down and grabbed his fat shaft and held him as she pressed forcefully down onto his cock. The feel of his hot glans against her wet pussy flesh instilled an even stronger craving to have him in her deeply. “Oh fuck, you're so big baby, god it hurts, oh damn I need you so bad, so fuckin big!”

Rick had never heard his mom talk like that and it made his dick jerk and throb, stiffen and drove him to hunch his cock upward forcibly. He almost cum when he felt her hot pussy engulf his fat glans.

“OHHHHH GOD, that's so good, oh fuck baby boy you're filling my pussy up. No, no, don't move, not yet, I have to get used to you, oh shit your dad is not the man you are Rick. Oh god I feel my pussy stretching, do you like momma's pussy Rick. Your dick is so big, so hot, oh yeah, yeah, do it now baby, fuck me baby. Yeah, give it to me. Oh damn you're so fuckin good, I feel you baby, feel every vein and bump. Oh fuck, oh god I...I...I'm....oh fuck I'm cumming so good...fuck me...FUCK ME HARD! DO IT! FUCK MOMMA'S PUSSY! Oh god baby your dick is so fuckin good, so damn't stop cummin!” Kim was lost to the sensations of Rick's fat dick spreading her open and pressing deeper and deeper into her. She had never experienced anything in her so deeply, stretching her open with such a fat girth and her mind was overwhelmed by the emotions of knowing it was her son, a boy that had slid from the pussy he was now filling so wonderfully in another more manly way.

Kim remembered the relief she'd felt when he slid from her pussy as a baby and now the sating relief she feels as his huge dick forces into that same pussy, his mother's pussy. Each inch he entered her filled her with more guilt at the pleasure she felt. With half his fat dick buried in her pussy she gazed at her son's face and saw the pleasure her pussy was imparting to his dick. His moans and the way he stared into her eyes told her of his need for this. His youthful curiosity taken advantage of by his mother to sate her craving for his young dick. She tried to maintain control, not to act the complete slut with her son but the sensations of her stretching pussy, the hot fullness that throbbed deep inside her was rapidly dispelling her inhibitions and her hips began rising and falling quickly. Every inch adding to her desperation as she felt herself opened, pressured outwards from within her pussy. Every hurtful downward thrust of her hips left her craving more. She felt a primitiveness invading her mind, an instinctual driving force to have him wholly within her that drove all thoughts and reasoning from her and instilled a taboo excitement that threatened her sanity. The pain she felt affirmed her decision to fuck her son, affirmed the pleasure she knew resided in his long thick cock. Every deep impalement by his incestuous dick destroyed another part of her world, a world she had thought safe, secure! Each time she forced down onto his dick the resulting pained pleasure addicted her to a tabooness that could only result in chaos in her life, but it was unavoidable now. She knew she could never turn back now and as a testament to her decision she placed her lips on her son's and kissed him as a woman not his mother. Her mind swirled in the carnality of their actions, she felt as if her entire being was spiraling down into a vortex of insanity that was sucking the normalcy out of her life and replacing it with an addiction so powerful she could never resist it.

Rick had never imagined a pussy could feel so good, so wet and slick but gripping his dick so tightly it milked him. Feeling his mom fucking him, raising her pussy and slamming it back down on his dick forcefully over and over was so unbelievably hot. He watched her face contort as her excitement soared until she forced down hard, moaning loudly as her body seemed to draw into itself and a warmth spread over his cock and her hips began a grinding motion pressing forcibly down onto his cock. Hearing her screaming how badly it hurt while still forcing more of his dick up into herself had him excited and hunching hard up into her pussy while she held it to his forceful thrusts. His hands were on her bare hips under her skirt and he marveled at her softness. She only had about ten inches of his dick in her and was pleading for him to give her all of it, slamming her pussy down on his dick, holding her pussy to it as he felt her deepest walls mashing against his tip, stretching her and at one point he saw tears streaming from her face and he asked if he was hurting her and she said, “Yes, yes, don't stop, hurt it, fuck it hard, I love it, god I love you and your big dick baby.”

“Will you fuck me every day mom, will you, I really love the way your pussy feels mom. Can you get it all in you mom, I want to feel it all in your pussy. Is it big enough for you mom, do you like it?”, he asked with the curiosity of his young age?

Kim felt such love for her son as he told her of his need for her pussy and his desire to please her. Her emotions and the feel of his dick pistoning within her clasping walls made her kiss him like she'd never before kissed a man. As her tongue entered his mouth as he fucked hard up into her pussy she felt driven, like a primitive force embedded in her cells gripped her mind and demanded her hips to slam her pussy down hurtfully onto his huge dick until she was distended and full of him totally. She couldn’t stop cumming. Her arms would draw into her sides, thighs open widely as her pussy was pressed down onto his forceful thrusting, held to the painful length of his fat cock as her head flailed, her breathing was gaspingly harsh as in Lamaze breathing. Every intense orgasm made her feel like every cell of her body was drawn to envelope his stiff cock as they flowed from her as a liquid expression of the pleasure she felt.
She felt falling, being swept away on a tidal wave of carnal pleasure that had her hunching hard into his dick. Their mouths devoured each other’s as the pain in her pussy became extreme and brought forth tears again. She felt them flowing down her cheeks but couldn't stop her hips from fucking him with a tenacity she'd never felt before, a deep seated craving need to let him feel all his huge dick inside her as he wished. She'd do anything to please her son after the pleasure he was giving her. No one had ever made her feel this way, craving their cock, their cum. She fucked him incessantly until she felt her clit mashing into his body and the resulting sensations had her reaching down, holding his hips as she rapidly hunched her pussy against him, her pussy stretched grotesquely around his extremely thick base.

Kim felt a love for her son she had never felt for his father as his fat dick began jerking strongly inside her and his tip began swelling even more largely. His arms were under her arms, hands holding her shoulders as he pulled her down onto his burgeoning cock forcefully, holding her to his dick as her screams told of her pain, he hunched up hard, harder, grunting with the force of each upward thrust. He wasn't in control, his need to cum drove him as he fucked his mother ferociously, her pain wasn't to be considered as he strove to release the devils she had caused to take his mind. He fucked her with all the energy his young body could muster and her head floundered around wildly, her eyes open wide and an awed pained look etched upon her face as he swelled inside her.

She begged him to stop, tried to press up off his dick with her hands on his shoulders but he was not to be denied. A primal instinct drove him, demanded his dick be firmly implanted fully in her womb when he gifted her his seed. An animal need possessed him as he held her to his now throbbing dick, stretching her painfully, his balls jerking, building pressure until he cried out in anguish and the first hot lava like expulsion seared her pussy forcefully. The feel of his steaming jism, her son's hot cum scalding her pussy, imparted the most intense orgasm of her years. Her mind seemed to melt with the knowledge her pussy had overcome the insanity of him fucking his mother to make him fill his mother's pussy with his seed. She felt her body mold itself to him and her lips again found his and she knew love, her hips hunched, her motherly pussy milking his incestuous cock tightly as his moans drove her to elicit every drop of his baby juice into her receptive body.

Kim felt more alive than ever in her life, her blood pounded through her veins and her pussy cried out for more of her son's dick. She felt addicted to the sensations he gave her, sensations that drove her crazy, filled her with a carnal need to cum continuously on his gargantuan dick. Sitting on his cock feeling the perverse wetness of her emissions soaking her thighs and her son's body she couldn't stop hunching, riding his dick, kissing him as she tried to stimulate him to hardness again.

"Oh god mom that was great! I've never cum so good before. I think I want to fuck you alot!"

Kim was looking over his shoulder at the expanse at the rear of the SUV and suggested, "Let's get back there and take our clothes off. Looking around at their surroundings, knowing they could be caught at any second just seemed to excite her even more. God what a slut I've become she thought to herself. Rick helped her out of her clothes and stripped himself and they lay on the carpet in the rear kissing. Rick explored her body with his hands, feeling her, kissing her breasts as she pumped his dick. Just touching it created a longing to feel it in her again.

Her mouth found him again and he was excited to watch his mother become so slutty with his cock. This was like a dream come true to Rick and he exclaimed, "Suck it mom, suck our cum off my dick, oh my god thats so hot. Do you like it mom, does it taste good..he quizzed her?"

Sucking his dick excited Kim, hearing how much he loved it caused the gaping emptiness of her pussy to clench with a yearning need. "Do you want to taste it baby, would you like to eat momma's pussy?" She swung her body around and straddled his head with her open pussy dripping above his face. Rick marveled at his mother' shaved pussy. Her entire ass and thighs were glistening in the dim light, coated with their cum. A string of white cum hung from her opening and Rick didn't know if he could place his mouth there. His indecision was short lived as her body lowered and he felt the cum touch his lips.

"Eat me Rick, put your tongue in my pussy and lick me baby." Rick's excitement and the feel of his mothers mouth pressing down on his dick threw his caution by the wayside and his tongue snaked into the wet juice filled cavity of his mom's cunt. Her moans drove him and soon she was hunching into his wild excited licking as his own hips hunched his dick into her ferocious sucking. Rick's face was covered with his mother's juices and the wetness excited him as he realized he was causing her to emit it. No longer put off by their cum he pressed his tongue deep inside her hunching pussy. Holding her by her hips as he strained to get as deeply inside her as possible. Her taste and the way she kept moaning as his tongue laved within her had Rick delirious with youthful lust, driven to please his mother.

Things that would normally seem gross to him became a part of his excitement as his tongue laved over her puckered hole, licking it, tasting her there before pressing his tongue tip into that nerve rich environment. Kim felt his tongue attempting to enter her ass and the carnalness of his action had her mind inflamed and she pressed back into his wet intrusion as wild sensations spread from her anus. Her initial reaction was to tighten her sphincter but as he persisted she tried to relax and allow his entry. The feeling his tongue gave her as he licked strongly inside her relaxed ring had her mind in turmoil, she wanted to feel something larger there, to be opened and violated as Joel with his small cock had done often. The thought of Ricks huge cock pressing into her ass both excited her and terrified her simultaneously. Her whole body was alive with need, she could never get enough of his cock in every way. His mouth began making trips down her slit to her clit, licking, laving as he found her love bud and saw her quick reaction to his licking and sucking at it. Kim's pussy yearned, her ass was clenching and relaxing, screaming to be entered as her clit was tormented by his frantically licking tongue. Rick was lost in his mother's body, no longer thinking of his actions just licking, sucking, probing as his dick stiffened and his own need to cum had his hand reaching down to hold his mom's head to his dick as he hunched up into the wet slick warmth of her mouthing.

Kim no longer felt one iota of guilt at fucking her son, instead she reveled in his youthful exuberance at eating her pussy, lost to the desire that drove them both. His ardor driven by his youthful inexperience and hers by his jerking, fat, long incestuous cock. Her guilt was replaced by a carnal excitement at knowing she found such pleasure in her son's dick and his frantic mouthing of her body. She felt so slutty feeling her son's hands gripping her asscheeks, spreading them with his thumbs as his tongue invaded her valley to torment her receptive anus. His mouthing was uninhibited, free, and his excitement flowed from his tongue to impart a pleasure no one had ever given her. Rick caused sensations to permeate her body, to overwhelm her mind and put her in a state of submission to his every desire. It was right then at her weakest moment that she heard him say the words she knew would come and her ultimate submission to them. "I want to fuck your ass mom". Just the thought of his dick in her ass caused a tremor of excitement to course through her body and a fear to enter her mind. She felt him crawl from under her, as she moaned her disappointment at losing his dick. She spread her thighs allowing her ass to lower. She couldn't deny that she wanted it too, her asshole was clenching and releasing with its craving to be entered.

The touch of his fat tip against her asshole caused an immediate clenching which she tried to relax. He felt so big as he pressed forward and she felt her small ring being forced open. An older man might have been put off by her tight resistance but Ricks young hard cock just stiffened in anticipation of the challenge and she moaned as he forced her anus to relent. What he lacked in experience his steel hard dick made up for with its relentless force. Slowly she opened, his fat tip causing a burning sensation as the sensitive flesh of her sphincter opened, stretched to conform to his immense size. Kim felt tears forming in her eyes and the pain was unbearable, ripping, but her desire to have him in her was only surmounted by Ricks desire to be in her. How many times had he gazed at and fantasized about this act, fucking his mom's ass. Those memories drove him now, he couldn't be denied this close to achieving his goal. Kim cried out he was too big, to stop, she couldn't take his big cock, tears streaming down her face, but her hands pushed against the carpeted floor holding her ass back to his forceful thrust. His mother's tears and pleas excited Rick for some reason, drove him to grab her hips and hunch hard into her asshole. Her anus was at the fattest part of his glans and his forceful thrust sent it sliding past her restrictive muscle to lie throbbing just inside her. "Don't move", Kim cried quickly! "Oh god you're so fucking huge Rick. I feel like my ass is ripping you're so thick." She couldn't help squeezing down on his fat shaft, feeling his hot impalement radiating against her ring of nerves. She felt his every heartbeat throbbing against her distended muscle. The burning had subsided to a dull pain and she reached under her body and began rubbing her clit lightly. Her shoulders lay against the carpet, head lying sideways as she manipulated her clit.

Her pain subsided as her asshole conformed to his huge size, her fingers imparting pleasurable thrills that soon had her mind and body succumbing to the newfound pleasures his monstrous dick presented her. Her body began moving, working in small circles as she felt his cock, every nerve in her stretched ring combining to send a flood of new pleasures racing to every cell of her body. Soon she no longer needed the clit stimulation, that pleasure replaced by the onslaught of thrills that his fucking her ass sent spiraling through her body to condense in her mind. His long stiff dick ran effortlessly in and out of her slowly as her moans grew louder, longer as her body became permeated by the varied sensations and cravings his sliding over her ass nerves created within her. She kept repeating in her mind, Oh god my son is fucking my asshole and I love it, I love it!

Kim felt the relentless pressure building within her and knew if she didn't cum soon her mind would succumb to the insanity filling it. A desperation filled her voice as she begged, "Fuck me baby, fuck my ass, oh god I need you to fuck me fast, hard, let me feel it Rick, fuck momma's ass, take care of me baby, take care of me like daddy told you too.....ohhhhh yes, like that, fuck oh god I'm cumming...aaaiiieeeEEEEEEE...SO BIG....HURTS....FUCKIT!....oh fuck I love your big huge dick baby.....don't stop...god please don't stop.....fuck it son..give it to momma!" Every time Kim begged him to fuck momma his dick surged with a new energy, filled with a harder, stiffer need as he realized his mom loved his dick and even said it was better than his dad's. She made him feel so manly as she begged for him to fuck her, cumming over and over as he did. He could never have imagined how good this would be in real life. His mother, the woman he had always admired as such a good person and thought every mom should be like her, was lying under him with her son's dick fucking her asshole, moaning and lifting her ass to his stroking like a dick crazed nymphomaniac. Kim kept cumming and cumming as he fucked her smoothly, pistoning steadily into her now open gaping asshole until her body collapsed and she lay there moaning, "Don't stop, I love it baby, fuck me, begging almost incoherently as her head flailed from side to side."

" Can I cum in your ass mom, is it ok to do that", he asked excitedly?

"Oh god yes baby, do it, let me feel your hot cum!", she replied with eager anticipation of his flooding her ass hotly. That thought excited her and her body became alive with newfound energy, ass lifting to his thrusting, ramming back into his hardest deepest thrusts with a ferocity that surprised even him. She milked his cock, squeezing hard as he withdrew and then loosening to allow his deep return. She jacked him off with her ass muscle like she would using her hand. Soon she was on her hands and knees fucking him, her hands gripping the seat backs as she pushed and pulled her asshole along his hard, swelling cock.

Kim had never needed a man's cum as she now needed her son's hot spewing. The feel of his fat cock sliding in and out of her asshole, caressing her bowel walls tightly, sends voltage like thrills cascading through her body and drives her to forcefully impale her ass muscle hurtfully, crying out with each deep penetration of his steel hard cock. Her hips gyrate furiously as she fucks him, matching his strongest thrusts with a ramming of equal ferocity until his hands grip her hips and he begins a furious pounding that leaves her breathless with its fury, unable to react except to cum, to cum hard as she feels his glans swelling in her colon, his shaft throbbing, expanding as it transmits his balls intention to fill her explosively. Her mind is again overwhelmed by the intensity of the thrills radiating from her tortured ass muscle as his cock rides through it repeatedly and her plight becomes almost unbearable in its intense pleasure.

Then Rick groans loudly, hips ramming his swollen tip deep in her bowels and his hot cum fills and overflows from her depths to coat his thick manmeat. The feelings as he fucks his cum into her is heightened by the slickness surrounding his dick as It pistons across her nerve endings and her body begins tensing, shaking, her arms folding in to her sides as the electric like spasms grip her in their voltage like waves.

They lay there exhausted, their bodies both twitching, cock jerking strongly in the grasp of her asshole, moaning as the last vestiges of his ball juice pump in hard spurts that leave his glans swollen tightly, straining its skin as his cock rubs her inner ass walls as it expels its gift. "I love you Rick", she weakly moans.

"I love you too mom. I love fucking you mom, can we do this often", he asks almost pleadingly?

"Only if no one ever finds out about it Rick, but yes I want to have your big dick in me often son." Even as she lay there exhausted her pussy yearned to be full of him again. She knew she was addicted to the feelings his dick imparted to her. The fact it was her son's dick was no longer important at all. All that mattered was that he allowed her to find satisfaction repeatedly on his big dick. She knew he was her Master and she his Slave now, she just hoped he hadn't realized the power he now possessed in their relationship. She knew deep inside her that he or another with a similar dick would be a necessity in her life and in her body now! As they dressed she couldn't take her gaze from his semi-erect dick and the pulsing at her clit demanded she once again take it in her mouth. She tasted her ass on his cock but even that didn't deter the need she felt for him as she suckled his cock, balls and cleaned him of his massive load of ejaculate. When Joel cum in her ass she wouldn't even know it except for his grunts and groans, but Rick filled her and the heat of his jism permeated her body and soothed her inflamed ring of pleasure as it pumped from around his fat cock. She loved the forceful expulsions he gave her and now she wanted to feel that slick heat jet down her throat.

His moans and groans as she worked his balls to a fever pitch with her agitated sucking and licking drove her to ignore the need in her own body and concentrate on fulfilling his as he lengthened and swelled. Kim was amazed at his youthful recuperative power and the feel of his muscular cock stiffening, swelling, expanding in her mouth had her mind torn between fucking his hardness or swallowing his hot load. Her mind kept returning to the feeling of his dick forcefully exploding inside her and she was about to lay down and beg him to fuck her when he grabbed her head and began fucking his dick into her throat uncontrollably, ramming into her as he had her pussy. Her mouthing had instilled a craving that demanded he cum and his hard hunching as he held her to it displayed his immediate need. His youthful craving couldn't allow thoughts of his mother as he pulled and pushed her head along his inflamed dick. Kim felt used, like a common slut being used for his desires, unable to do anything but allow him to unleash his pent-up need in her throat.

She loved the way her son took control of her with his cock and actions, loved that she could excite him like he was now. But when he rammed his thick glans into her throat and his dick began belching long strings of slick cum to choke her she feared she would suffocate as her throat constricted and swallowed. His dick kept swelling and belching his ball juice as his moans excited Kim and drove her to accept her fate as he used her. She attempted to hold her breath until he was through but his youthful enthusiasm kept him hunching and moaning until the air in her lungs exploded from them and forced his hot expulsions to explode from her nostrils and from around his still spewing dick. She choked but he didn't stop, just held her to his straining cock as her throat convulsions seemed to milk his dick, to pump his cum from his young balls unendingly.

Unknown to Kim, Rick was watching a couple fucking up against a column as they watched him throat fucking his mother. How long they had been there he didn't know and he wondered if they had heard his mother pleading for him to cum in momma's ass and knew he was her son? What he did know was it was a black guy with a big dick stuffing a petite white girls pussy while he watched and it was erotic as hell. His excitement at knowing they too were excited by watching him and his mom had him unable to stop cumming as in his mind he was thinking of his mom being fucked by a black guy. It was something he'd never thought about before. He had always been the one fucking girls in his imaginings and it surprised him how excited it made him thinking of others fucking them while he watched. Something about watching the guys black dick disappearing into the white girls pussy and how she reacted as his mom had when he fucked her was just so fucking hot! He wondered if his mom would fuck a black guy while he watched and then they could take turns fucking her. Thinking of fucking her pussy while the black guy fucked her ass is what caused him to grab his mom's head and cum instantly.

Rick watched as the black guy grabbed the girl and rammed hard up into her pussy as he mashed her up against the column. Her mouth flew open as if to scream but no sound came forth, her eyes were open wide like the pain he gave her awed her in its intensity. She looked like she was being overwhelmed, unable to cope with the feelings inside her as he cum hard. The black fucked his cum up into her hard, forcefully, driving his dick into her spasming cunt until her entire body was visibly shaking with the intensity of her orgasm. Her hands were pressing against the column as she held her pussy to his dick and when her gaze locked with Rick's he saw the same lustful heat in her eyes he had seen in his mom's when she was riding his dick. It was a look of a woman possessed with an evil need that controlled her every action and thought. It was like she was transmitting her thoughts to him and he knew she wanted to fuck him as bad as he would like to fuck her. In her mind she was cumming on Rick's dick not her boyfriends and in Ricks mind he was fucking the girls throat as his mom accepted his hardest thrusts deep in her throat.

He saw the extent of the guys dick as he withdrew from the girls pussy. It was almost as large as his own but looked menacing because of its blackness and the way it stiffly swung in the air. He pushed the girl to her knees and had her clean his dick with her mouth and then they left. She kept looking around as if she wanted to stay but he kept pulling her to the car. He put her in the driver's seat and got in the other side and they drove off with her smiling at him through her window as she left.

Kim was choking and swallowing, trying to clear her airway when he finally let her go from his carnal grasp! "Damn where do you get all that cum Rick, I thought I was gonna die before you quit shooting in my throat". She had cum dripping from her nostrils and down off her chin, pearlescent gobs hanging in long white streams from her face. It sent an erotic chill through Rick as he watched her gather his cum and lick it from her fingers and swallow it greedily. This was a side of her he had never knew existed and in truth before he allowed her to see his dick it hadn't. Kim had never felt so womanly as when she makes her son cum or so horny as when she thinks of his dick. She always thought Joel had satisfied her but now she realized that she was just glad to cum and it be over. It is so different with Rick she realized. She never wants to stop feeling his dick inside her and when she cums it doesn't take her need away but just increases it, makes her crave his cock even more. She feels pleasure in his dick just being inside her. The feelings and sensations his cock causes to fill her, overwhelm her, is more pleasurable than cumming with Joel could ever be. Her cumming is just the extreme icing on the cake. And Rick's youthful stamina has her in heaven continuously. She knows she has unleashed a force into their lives that threatens to consume them both.

On the ride home Rick couldn't keep his hands from her body, reaching up under her top to squeeze and hold her breasts, pinch her nipples and kiss them as she tried to maintain composure to drive. He had his dick out and her hand held it as its feel tormented her and he knew it. When his hand slipped under her skirt to rub her clit her driving became so erratic she had to pull over on a side street and push him down on the seat and straddle him and ram his dick up into her pussy and just allowed her animal instincts to fuck him hard, fast and deep. Her hips were a blur of movement as the desperation she felt expressed its craving to cum on his cock. Once , twice, three times her body took him fully and flooded him and his clothes with her appreciation of him allowing her to use his dick as she did. On her fourth orgasm she felt him swell and moan as her pussy filled with his heat once more and her world was rocked again as he hurt her pussy badly, the pain only intensifying her pleasure until she had again drained his big young virile balls. Finally his huge loads were diminished and she felt victorious in her quest to sate him. Just the feeling of his huge dick sliding from the tight grasp of her pussy was enough to make her want more but Kenzie was home alone and it was now late.

When they arrived home Kenzie was asleep on the couch and they crept by her to go upstairs and remove their clothes and clean up. Thankfully she didn't awaken or they would have had a hard time explaining why they were both so disheveled and sweaty. Mackenzie wasn't asleep though and she saw everything, even the cum spattered through her mother's hair and on her clothes and she knew her brother had fucked their mom. She had to smile to herself at seeing the large wet spot on Rick's pants and the whitish cum around the zipper. Wow mom must have cum her ass off fucking Rick with his clothes on. That thought had her clit pulsing and she felt a jealousy of both, her brother and her mom. Wonder if he ate her she thought?

Once they had gone to bed she went up to her room and stripped and lay there on her bed imagining her brother fucking their mom and wondering her reaction to having his big dick inside her pussy after only having dad's all these years. Before long she was rubbing her clit and moaning loudly, hips rolling as thrills raced through her aroused body. She lay there with her eyes closed savoring the images that played in her mind without the real world interfering in those desires. She never heard the door open or knew there was anyone watching her masturbate.

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