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This is just a short little thing to explain the characters and place.

Joey is the leader of the pack. He is 6'1 with a toned body. He is strong enough to subdue a girl. His blonde hair is always spiked up perfectly. He had to make himself presentable anyway.
Joey is the owner of (Don't look this up. I made this up myself. If its a real site, I'm not trying to steal it) where girls are filmed being sexually tortured. You paid to be a member and you got to view live feeds, past videos and even tell them what to do to a girl.
For all those nasty girls out there, Joey's cock is about 8 inches fully grown. I'd say he could shoot an average of 20 loads a day without Viagra.
As in Joey's personality, he is defiantly the leader. He calls the shots and owns everything. If he thinks a customer is getting too rough, he'll kick him or her out. Yes, even girls are allowed in on the torture.
Joey refuses to take any girl in that's under 17. Since 17 was the legal age in Texas. Although what he is doing to 17 year olds is illegal.

Now it's time to meet Liam, Joey's partner-in-crime. Liam stands about 6'3 and has a toned body. And yes, he is black. Liam's head is completely shaven. And he could subdue a couple girls.
Liam, obviously, is the co-owner of He did all the website stuff. Including: Putting up the live feeds, the chatroom, etc. And for those guys who want the Gold membership, they got an exclusive pass to be a co-co-owner and help the guys capture girls.
Liam's cock stands about 10 inches firm. And boy could he destroy a girl's pussy and ass.
Liam's personality is firm. He knows what he wants and he's not afraid to hurt someone to get it. He bows down to Joey but he isn't afraid to put him in his place.
Liam could care less about the age of the girl. As long as he could destroy her, he was fine.

Andrew is a street patrol officer and plays a dire role in this story. Andrew was the officer who investigated Joey & Liam after a tip came in and soon he was reeled into the business.
The streets of Texas were full of prostitutes and they were taking over the city. So Andrew, being that he has to take check of every streetwalker, was able to give a deion of different girls who he thought was perfect bait.

Mia is the main victim in this story. She works at the local strip club so she's obviously a tease. She know's Joey personally from high school so she refuses to give him a lap dance at all.

Some of the other victims are: Leah, Josie, Dani, Ashley, Carrie, Heather & Gia.

Now to the fun part! Explaining the place!

The House:
Joey and Liam live in the same house obviously. In a very rural area of Texas. The house is about 5 miles from the main road (On a dirt road no one knows exists) and also has aerial coverage from helicopters. The house is quite large with 8 bedrooms and 10 baths. Its furnished with nice, leather furniture. But the best part is the basement.

The Basement:
The basement is the largest part of the whole house. It was small before so they had to make it larger, much larger.
The basement is full of lots of fun places to explore. The minute you walk down into it, via the hidden door that matches the wood floor completely, you see a total of 4 jails. 2 on your left, 2 on your right. Each jail cell is equipped with chains and a speaker system. Inside the chains were little shock machines, every time a girl back-talked or screamed (which can't be heard upstairs because the entire basement was sound-proofed), the guys could shock her.
Then you walk into the main room and see the torture chamber. In front of you is two operating tables complete with straps to hold the girl down in any position.
Hanging on the left wall was sex toys. Lots of them. From butt plugs to dildos to vibrators and much more that could hurt a girl.
Hanging on the right wall are an assortment of guns and knives. They never used these but it was useful to scare the girls.
Eight hidden cameras were positioned around the room so the members could have different views of the girls.
And in the room on your left was the private room. There was only one camera. This room was used to brand the girls and to beat them.
And to the room on your right was the storage room. Anything not needed was stored in here.

Joey and Liam have been running their business since they were 17 and 19. They are now 23 and 25. At one point, they had to shut down the business entirely because the Feds were out, tracking them down like a Wolf hunts a Rabbit.
Over the course of their 5 years, they have raped and tortured over 100 women without being caught.
Andrew doesn't come into the picture until later.
Joey and Liam strive on raping and torturing women. That's all they know of course. They never went to college, they never got a degree. For god's sake, why would they need a degree if their website is giving them over $2,000 a week!
Other than that, Joey and Liam have been on the down low lately. Until now.
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