The ordeal gets worse for the four girls
The first thing was to decide which of the bitches he’d have first. He’d watched for a couple of minutes the climax of Sophie being raped by Claudia. He’d been roused by the sounds of the dark haired girl’s humiliation and decided to continue it. He knew he’d climax very quickly. He rolled the sobbing girl back so that she lay face up, looking at him. With her skirt bunched around her waist and bits of her blouse visible beneath her Sophie looked more erotically exposed than if she’d been fully naked. Her breasts were small but firm and her hips swelled out from her slim waist. Her tummy was flat and the small patch of curly pubic hair quivered invitingly as the girl trembled with terror. Her legs tapered nicely from thigh to her ankles.

The poor girl looked up at her captor as he undid his pants and let them slid to the floor. He looked huge and terribly threatening as he stood over her. He kicked off his shoes and pants and was completely naked. His prick, strong and long, hypnotized her. From the sex education she’d had at school she more or less knew what was going to happen.

He saw the fearful realization in her eyes and smiled as he savored the moment. Nothing beats the rush of having a girl totally at your mercy. He ordered her to spread her legs. Summoning her last reserves of courage Sheila shook her head as she kept her legs together. She was already suffering from Claudia’s assault. She didn’t want his penis forced inside her.

Her resistance was useless. The man punched her hard in the belly and she cried out in pain. His hand slapped her face brutally. The pain was too much: she sobbed louder but obediently spread her legs apart. She was trembling in terrified anticipation as he grabbed her by the shoulders and pushed her further onto the matress. He spread her legs wider before kneeling on the bed.

As he looked down at her he smiled with satisfaction. This was how he loved it. He loved to see a girl trembling with fright, knowing that she was helpless and unable to stop him from doing whatever he wanted.

He leaned forward, resting his weight on one hand as he guided his penis towards his captive’s crotch. He didn’t want to be gentle. He wanted her to feel the pain of being raped. But, before he entered her, he paused, with the tip of his penis brushing the entrance to her vagina. He asked her if she could feel it and then, not needing an answer, went on to tell her what he was going to do. Telling her how his prick would ram into her, breaking her hymen so that she’d bleed, and then force itself deep inside her until he was satisfied. Then he told her how his prick would swell, stretching her painfully until he decided that he’d shoot his sperm into her.

He saw how much he frightened her as her trembling shook her entire body. She started to beg him not to do it but her pleas were cut short by a cry of pain as she felt the tip of his shaft slide inside her and push against the thin membrane of her virginity.

The man leaned forward, his weight pinning the girl to the bed. As he lay on top of the terrified child his penis pressed harder against the barrier of her fragile defence. He grunted and thrust viciously ripping through her hymen and penetrating deep inside her.

He held her face between his two hands, trapping her so that she couldn’t escape his desires. Brutally he bit her lips until they bled. He licked her blood and began to move his hips, impaling her on his swollen shaft. Her screams came as each of his thrusts moved relentlessly deeper inside her violated body.

The tip of his penis hit the back of her vagina. He could have pushed harder but didn’t want to do her any great damage so he contented himself with rocking his hips; thrusting and withdrawing until he felt the expected climax. He held still as he pumped his semen deep into the violated girl. Sophie sobbed, deep wracking sobs, as she felt the warm liquid pump into her.

With a satisfied sigh the man let his full weight fall onto the helpless girl as he relaxed. Her skin was soft under him and he slid back and forth enjoying the feel of his body against her while his penis shrank and slipped back out of her vagina with its coating of blood and semen.

While Sophie was suffering her vicious rape Claudia had rolled over onto her side so that she could watch. She was fascinated by the sight of the other girl having to submit to the savagery of this man. But, instead of being horrified, Claudia realized that she found it exciting. Once again she felt herself getting damp between the legs as she watched the man’s rape of her sobbing friend as she lay on the bed beside her.

Claudia continued to watch with excitement as the man got to his feet. She looked at his prick, soft but still long, as it glistened with its liquid coating and at the drops of blood that emerged from between Sophie’s labia. She wondered what would be next. Would the man turn his attention to her? Would she like being raped? She began to think that she’d like to be dominated as much as she’d liked dominating Sophie a little while before.

But it wasn’t time for her to find out as the man hadn’t finished with his sexual humiliation of the slender black haired fourteen-year-old, still sobbing as she lay limply on the bed. Grabbing her by her long hair he pulled her roughly off the bed so that she fell onto her knees on the floor in front of him, her face level with his groin.
“Suck my prick clean” he ordered. Even after all that she’d suffered Sophie still tried to resist, keeping her lips tightly closed and shaking her head in refusal.

His hand still in her hair, he pulled her hair viciously backwards so that her eyes were looking at his face, her neck stretched taut. His other hand clamped over her mouth and nose making it impossible for her to breath. He kept his hand there, watching as her face turned red and she started to squirm in a desperate effort to break free.

“If you want to stay alive bitch you’d better do everything I tell you to do. Do you want to stay alive?”

Defeated, and desperate for air, Sophie tried to nod her head in agreement. The man kept his hand there until he saw the girl’s eyes starting to glaze. When he removed his hand Sophie drew in great gasps of air for her body, starved of oxygen. Then, as he pushed his hips forward so that his prick brushed her lips, her shoulders slumped and she opened her mouth to let it enter.

Trembling with disgust she started to lick and suck his penis. At the feel of her tongue sliding along his shaft, his prick started to engorge again. As it swelled it brushed against the roof of her mouth and he leaned forward so that it slid down into her throat. In panic the girl tried to pull back but with his hand in her hair he held her still, forcing her to continue to suck even as she started to gag.

Claudia watched with mounting excitement as the man raped her friend’s mouth. She hadn’t found it very pleasurable when she’d sucked dicks at that high school party but she loved watching Sophie being forced to do something she’d never do voluntarily. She wriggled over closer to the edge of the bed so she could see better.

The man had forced Sophie back so that her thighs were resting on her heels as she knelt. With her arms tied behind her back her blouse was crumpled around her bound wrists while her skirt, still buttoned at the waist, was crumpled on her belly and upper thighs. Claudia could see Sophie’s firm little breasts jiggling as she tried not to choke while she sucked the swollen shaft that pulsed in her mouth. Even while Claudia wondered if she was going to suffer the same fate she licked her lips as she watched Sophie suffer.

The man was enjoying his victim’s warm, moist mouth and the feel of her soft wet tongue on the sensitive bulb of his penis. As the sensation grew more intense he began to grunt and thrust his prick deeper into the girl’s throat. He could hear her choke but held her head firmly so she had to keep sucking. When his thrusts got stronger he started to breath heavily while Sophie started a high-pitched wailing of panicked pain.

Feeling his orgasm starting he pushed the girl’s face hard into his groin burying her nose in his pubic hair suffocating her as she choked and gagged on the flow of semen that flowed down her throat.

When he was done, he released his hold on Sophie’s hair. She slumped to the floor, her body shaking. Bending down he grabbed her blouse and ripped it free, using it to dry the semen and saliva that stayed on his shaft. As he did so he turned and saw Claudia. Her eyes were glistening but he could see it wasn’t with tears for her friend’s cruel treatment. She was rubbing her groin against the edge of the bed. It was clear she’d enjoyed watching the other girl being raped.

Forgetting the dark haired girl, who lay crumpled at his feet, the man turned towards Claudia. As he approached she gasped, partly in fear, partly in anticipation. He stood over her for a moment, enjoying the sight of her ripe young body. Her breasts were full and the swell of her hips pushed against the material of her tight shorts. He bent down and ran his hands over her body. Claudia began to tremble with excitement.

She squealed in surprise as he grabbed her ankles with one hand and lifted her legs high over her head to remove her flipflops. Still holding her legs with one hand his other hand traced a path over her calves and thighs to her butt, where he squeezed her ass-cheek. She gasped as the hand moved between her thighs to press hard into her groin. He rubbed there for a while, forcing the cloth of her shorts into her slit. Even though it was painful Claudia felt herself getting damp with arousal.

Suddenly he let go of her ankles letting her legs drop. Her feet hit the floor hard and she cried out at the pain. He slapped her across her breasts and told her to stand up. With her hands tied behind her it was hard but she struggled to her feet and stood in front of him. He ordered her to look him in the eyes and she obeyed. His hands dropped to her waist and found the zipper of her shorts. It was soon unzipped and he saw her eyes widen as his hands pushed her shorts over her hips so they fell to the floor.

Her lips parted and she started to pant as his fingers brushed her pubic hair and gasped as they pushed between her labia and into the opening of her vagina. She felt her whole body flush with sexual arousal. The man bent over and kissed her roughly on the lips. Willingly she parted them and let his tongue explore her mouth, sucking greedily. Unable to restrain herself she pushed her body against him, crushing her breasts against his chest. She began to rotate her hips, encouraging his fingers to go further. He could feel her completely abandon herself to his, and her, desires.

Claudia was surprised when he pulled back and withdrew his fingers. “I’ll save you for later.” he said “Now I’m going to get the other two. I don’t want them to feel forgotten.”

Bending down he picked up Sophie who was limp and unresisting. He laid her face up on the bed with her legs dangling over the edge. Next he told Claudia to kneel on the floor close to her and facing the bed. He shoved her closer to Sophie’s legs. Then he took one of Sophie’s legs and slid it between Claudia’s arm and her body. He did the same with her other leg and Claudia’s other arm. Finally he tied Sophie’s ankles together behind Claudia’s back. Pulling Sophie by her bound ankles he slid her legs further forcing her thighs apart until Claudia’s face was only inches from her friend’s groin.

“You occupy yourself sucking your friend.” He said to Claudia “and I want to hear her moaning when I come back.”

He picked up his backpack and walked, naked, out of the hut leaving the two girls alone. He knew they were tied in such a way that they couldn’t escape but he was pretty sure that one of them didn’t want to anyway.

As the soft sound of his footsteps faded away Claudia became aware of the quiet and stillness with only the sound of some birds singing outside in the woods. She was a little disappointed that he hadn’t done much to her but was certain that he’d want to when he came back. She would show him she was willing to be his slave and do his bidding. To start with she would follow his order to have Sophie moaning and she’d enjoy doing it.

Bending forward she pinched one of the fleshy lips of Sophie’s cunt between her teeth pulling it painfully before she tickled it with the tip of her tongue. A new sound intruded on the silence as Sophie’s sobbing showed that she realized that her sexual violation and humiliation had not ended.


The man liked being naked and often went barefoot and unclothed around his land. The soles of his feet were tough and not troubled by the twigs and pebbles on the ground. He’d have liked to leave the backpack behind in the hut but thought that he might need some of his equipment with the other two girls.

First he went to where the ten-year-old was lying in the hollow between the rocks. He knew his way around his woods so well that it only took him a couple of minutes to get there.

He looked down at her and smiled. He had approached so quietly that she wasn’t aware that he’d arrived. She hadn’t moved much since he’d left her; lying on her side facing away from him, her hands tied to the tree root. He enjoyed looking at her long naked legs with her dress up around her hips showing the pale blue of her bikini bottom. Lying on her side like that, exaggerated the curves of her developing body from hip to waist and up to her shoulder.

When he jumped down into the hollow Ria started and gave a muffled scream. He fished his knife out of the backpack and cut the rope that tied her hands to the root. With his foot he rolled her over onto her back and stood over her. He could see her eyes grow wide with shock and fear and he showed his teeth in a wolfish grin.

After the man had left her tied up and helpless in the woods Ria had been in a state of shock. Then, when she’d recovered a bit she began to wonder about what he would do to her when he came back and she felt sick with fear. He would probably hurt her and she didn’t like being hurt. She wondered if there was any way she could get him to let her go or, at least, be gentle with her. In the past she’d got her way by pouting, whining or pestering adults but she realized that would make the man angry. She could sense that he could be vicious if he was angry. Perhaps if she was submissive and cooperated with his desires he would be gentler. In the past she’d sometimes got what she wanted from her father by being cute and using her brown eyes and long lashes. Maybe she could be cute and submissive at the same time and she decided to try that approach.

Later she had been overwhelmed by a sense of panic. It seemed like hours and hours since the man had left her. Perhaps he’d forgotten all about her. If he’d captured Nina he’d probably be more interested in having sex with her. Nina had long blonde hair and big breasts. Ria knew that men tended to like those things. If he’d tied Nina up and taken her away in the car he might never come back. She’d be left to starve to death or be eaten by wild animals.

Which explained why, while her eyes went wide with shock and fright, she also experienced a sensation of relief. She hadn’t been forgotten and left to die in the woods.

The naked man looked huge as he loomed over her. Ria’s eyes fixed on his penis. She’d never seen a man’s tool before. It was semi-erect and seemed large. She noticed that it swelled and grew larger as the man stood there looking at her.

He crouched down beside her and ran his hands along the length of her legs, from her ankles up all the way to the swell of her thighs until his thumbs pressed lightly on her crotch. Ria caught her breath as an electric feeling shot through her body but she remembered to lower her eyelids in a sign of submission. She tried to relax her body and not fight him as his fingers worked their way under the material of her panties and into her slit. The sensations that flooded her body were stronger; a mixture of pain and pleasure.

The man understood that the little girl had surrendered herself to him. He would enjoy playing with her, seeing how far he could push her before she tried to resist. But that would take time and now he wanted to get back to the blonde that he’d left tied up at the beach. He thought that she’d fight and that was what he wanted next; to dominate an unwilling victim and overcome her physical resistance.

Once again Ria found herself slung over the man’s shoulder. Still bound and gagged; her face bouncing against his back and brushing the rough cloth of his backpack. There was a strange damp feeling on her thigh and she finally realized that he was licking her skin as he carried her through the woods.

Arriving at the beach, he found that, in her struggles, Nina had rolled a little way from where he’d left her but she was still securely tied and gagged. He slipped the brown haired ten-year-old from his shoulder, dropping her to the ground. He shrugged off the backpack too before bending over the blonde to fondle her full breasts. Her skin was sticky from his semen when he’d coated her earlier. “Now I’ve got time to fuck you properly.” he said, as his fingers found and twisted her nipples.

At his touch, Nina started struggling, trying to kick him with her bound feet and screaming at him from behind the gag. This was what he wanted. The other girls had given in rather too easily or had been too weak to give much of a fight. He enjoyed the sensation of physical mastery, of using his strength for force a girl to do things she hated. He wanted her to feel her helplessness only after she’d tried to resist. Then the sense of surrender would be even more painful for her.

Standing up, he aimed his prick at her face and shot a stream of warm piss all over her. “You see” he said “I can use you as my toilet if I want to.” After a moment of shock her struggles redoubled and he guessed that the sounds behind the gag were curses rather than screams.

Grabbing her by the feet, he dragged the struggling girl towards the lake. Not knowing what he was going to do she continued to scream and struggle. There was no way she was strong enough to break free.

Reaching the edge of the water he continued, wading in until the water reached his waist. Nina was making desperate efforts to keep her face above water but the man put his hand on her face and pushed her under. This was partly to torture her and make her docile and partly to wash off the piss and semen that coated her breasts, neck and face.

After a while he pulled her head up by the hair and let her take some breathes. As soon as she’d recovered a little she started to struggle again and he pushed her head back under the water. This happened again and again until she stopped struggling and lay limply on the surface of the water when he pulled her up.

Smiling to himself the man dragged her back ashore and laid her on the grass her bound arms under her. Going to his backpack he took out his knife and knelt down beside Nina. She was breathing shallowly, too exhausted by her near drowning to have energy to defend herself further. He cut the ropes around her ankles and then, reaching up to her bikini bottom, dragged the white cloth down and over her feet. Next he took the gag out of her mouth.

When he spread her legs apart and slid his fingers deep into her sex Nina made weak moaning sounds but had no energy to do more even when he took his fingers out and, lying down on her, slid his hard erect prick deep into her vagina. As his penetration took on a rhythm her moans turned to whimpers. At least momentarily, she was defeated.

The man had dropped Ria onto her front but she had lifted her head up and watched the older girl’s useless attempts at defiance and resistance and the punishment she’d received. It made Ria certain that she’d taken the right decision not to try to fight the man. Nina was much bigger than she was and she’d had no chance against the man. His casual cruelty showed that she should try never to displease or oppose him.

With a satisfied grunt the man came to climax pouring his load into the bedraggled blonde. He stood up and wiped his prick on the bikini bottom he’d just stripped from the girl he raped.

Ria’s heart started to beat more rapidly as the man turned towards her. It looked as if it was her turn to be his target. He knelt beside her and took the gag out of her mouth. “Please I’ll do whatever you want” she gasped as soon as she could. He looked back at her coldly “I know you will” he said “You have no choice.” Ria’s heart sank perhaps he wouldn’t be affected by her submission.

She opened her mouth to say that he didn’t have to hurt her but stopped as she realized that he wouldn’t be affected by anything she said. “Yes Sir” was all she murmured.

The man untied the ropes that bound her wrists and ankles and told her to stand up. She was stiff after being tied up for so long but she struggled to her feet and stood there. Now he told her to take off her dress and she undid the buttons that closed the top of her dress. Pulling the dress over her head, she dropped in on the grass. She expected that he tell her to keep on undressing but, instead, he stepped close behind her and started running his hands up and down her bare arms and over her flat tummy.

“Your not bad, for a little girl” he murmured in her ear as his fingers undid the shoulder bows of her bikini top so that the cloth fell forward revealing her budding breasts. His fingers were surprisingly gentle as they traced the contours of her breasts and teased her nipples. Ria started to find that she was breathing more rapidly in response to his touch.

While one hand stayed on her breasts the other slipped down her belly and under her panties to rub her hairless slit and play with her clitoris. Ria started panting and making little moans of excitement as the sensations spread through her. Feeling her legs weak she leaned back against the man to who she’d surrendered her body.

After a while the man let her slip gently down to lie on the grass close to Nina. He undid the ribbon at the back of her bra so that it fell onto the grass beside her. Now he turned her onto her back, lifted her legs and started sliding the panties along those slim smooth legs. Ria assumed that now he was going to slide his man thing into her like he had into Nina. If it felt as good as the stuff he’d already done she didn’t know why Nina had fought him so hard.

They had both been intent on what he was doing to her that neither had noticed that Nina had somewhat recovered. The sound of her voice startled them. “Please don’t rape her” Nina pleaded “She’s only a little girl. Can’t you be satisfied with raping me? Why don’t you leave us in peace and go away now? Please.”

“Stupid bitch” the man snarled, angry at being distracted. “Who do you think you fucking are to make suggestions to me? I see you haven’t learned yet. You need another lesson and you’ll get it soon.” Leaning across Ria he punched the blonde hard in the belly, knocking the air out of her.

Nina went silent, cowed by his violence and fearful of angering him further. The man turned back to Ria and finished removing her panties. He dropped her legs back onto the ground and spread them apart. Ria expected him to lie on top of her like he’d done to Nina. Instead he knelt between her legs and, bending down, started to lick and kiss her privates. This was wonderful and Ria started stretching her body and rocking her hips as she moaned and gasped. After this had gone on for a bit he finally lay on top of her while one of his hands guided his penis between the lips of her slit.

He started putting pressure onto it to push into her vagina. His shaft seemed huge and Ria felt her muscles stretching painfully trying to make room. The more he pushed the more painful it became and her moans of pleasure became moans of pain. She started to cry and beg him to stop but of course it was useless. He grunted as he forced his way into her little opening. One vicious thrust burst through her hymen and she screamed. She forgot that she was going to submit to everything. As the pain grew she started to beat at him with her fists, trying to push him away. He paused in his penetration for a moment to slap her hard across the face stunning her. A trickle of blood came from her nose and her arms fell to her sides.

It was the first time the man had raped a girl this young and small and he was enjoying the experience. He grunted as he thrust and felt his shaft overcome the resistance of her muscles. He could feel them tear as he forced his way deeper into her. The friction of her tight channel aroused him quickly. She’d been a little damp around the opening but now was dry. He jerked back and forward until he felt his bulb against the back of her vagina. It was enough to trigger his orgasm and he fell forward on the sobbing girl as he emptied himself into her.

When he pulled out he turned her over onto her face and tied her hands again behind her back. The stupid little bitch shouldn’t ever have tried to fight him. He’d been gentle with her until then. Now he knew he’d treat her like the others. She lay there moaning with pain as blood and cum leaked out of her and stained her thighs.

Nina was lying there looking at him with eyes full of hate. He grinned to himself. She wasn’t broken yet and would feel the humiliation of what he was going to do to her. Grabbing her by the hair he pulled her into a sitting position and slapped her back and forth across the face several times. She cried out with pain.

Picking her up by the shoulders he dragged her a few feet to the car and opened the back door. He dropped her face first onto the seat and pushed her across until her rear was on the edge of the seat and her legs hung down outside the car. With one hand he grabbed her bound wrists and twisted them up between her shoulder blades. His other hand seized a handful of her hair and pulled her face up from the seat.

The man leaned close to her ear and told her that she would be hurt every time she tried to argue with him or tell him what to do. He said that, in punishment, he was going to rape her shit hole. When his words sank in Nina started to struggle and kick out feebly with her legs. He laughed out loud and pushed her face down into the seat so she couldn’t breath. Her struggles grew more desperate for a minute or so and then faded as she began to black out.

Relaxing his hold he let her turn her head sideways so she could get air into her oxygen starved lungs. He told her that if she didn’t get sensible next time he’d keep on until she was dead. He saw her shoulders slump in defeat and knew that this one wouldn’t be any more trouble.

Spreading her legs he spat on her anus for lubrication and masturbated himself stiff before forcing his prick up her backside. The girl stiffened as she felt his penis force its way in but she knew she was beaten and didn’t try to fight. He was stimulated by her cries of pain as he raped her arse but it still took quite a while before he came to a climax and pulsed his seed into her rectum. He realized that, after all he’d done so far, he’d have to take a rest before he could do any more fucking.

When his limp penis had drawn itself back out he left Nina slumped half out of the car and started to explore the picnic stuff to see what he fancied. He took a coke, two packets of chips, a ham sandwich and an apple and sat down on the grass to eat while looking at the two girls lying face down, their hands tied behind their backs. He wondered what he’d do next and to which of the girls he’d do it.

He finished the food and, with a contented sigh, rolled over onto his back to relax and recover before deciding anything.

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