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White Boi Gets Dominated in Jamaica
"Jamal's Jamaican Vacation"

Neil Pagginton the Third had it all. He was a successful
businessman, a multi-millionaire and still in his 30's! He had all the
right connections - his father had gone to Yale & Harvard, and his father
before him. He didn't even have to take entrance exams. From there it was
easy - a plum do-nothing position at his father's investment firm, stock
option bonuses, a few insider stock trades here and there that the FEC
would never look into and he was richer than most Americans ever dream of
being. It was almost too easy.

He was amazingly lucky in love, too. His wife, a mere 18 years old, was
the absolute vision of purity and beauty. Here eyes were large, crystal
blue and her bone structure was just perfect. She looked like an angel on
Earth. While he wasn't ugly, he wasn't handsome, either. He was kind of
short for a man - only 5'6" and rather skinny but with a bit of a gut at
the same time. Sitting around an office all day playing solitaire isn't
great for his physique. And he was pretty sure his hairline was receding.
But he knew Katie would never leave him, she adored him. She came from a
very wealthy, aristocratic white family, as well. Her parents were friends
of his parents. She was a bit of a rebel, though; she had a bit of a wild
side. But her best asset was surely her body. She was a good 5'10", had
creamy white skin, wavy naturally light blonde hair cut in a bob at her
shoulders, large, firm breasts, a full C cup, and the most perfect ass God
had ever sculpted. And she was all his. They'd met and married in less
than 6 months. It was almost too easy.

Of course, it helped being white. After all, he knew, whites were just
smarter. Better at business and all that. Certainly other races had their
strengths, too - Asians were hard workers, blacks were good at sports, etc.
But white men, he knew, were really meant to be the ones running
everything. They just naturally belonged in charge. The world worked best
that way, he assured himself.

As he looked around the beach at all the black waiters and waitresses,
he affirmed his world view. Here he and his wife were, on vacation at one
of the most expensive and exclusive resorts in the Caribbean. And all
around them were the "natives", calling them "sir" and "ma'am" and waiting
on them hand and foot. And they all seemed so happy. This must be the
natural order of things, he thought.

Turning his attention from his reverie back to his beautiful wife, he
let his gaze caress her naked body. She laid there in the sun, shining
like an ivory statue, her hair caught the sunlight and seemingly glowed
golden-white. Of all the other women on this nude beach, none could
compare to her stunning, natural beauty. She turned her eyes from the
romance novel she was reading and caught his gaze.

"What's the matter, honey?" her sweet voice lilted through the fresh
sea-breeze air.

"Nothing, nothing," he assured her, "it's just..."

She looked at him quizzically.

"I love you so much, Honey-Katie..." he proclaimed earnestly.

"Oh, Neil... I love you, too!" she said as she reached out and held
his hand with hers.

They smiled sweetly at each other, exchanged a light peck on the lips
and returned to their reading.

Neil flipped through his issue of "The Weekly Standard", reading an
article about liberals whining over the loss of entitlement programs like
Social Security, Medicare, Welfare and all those other rewards for lazy,
poor people. As far as Neil was concerned, those people got more than
they deserved. If they're not smart enough to succeed in the world, they
shouldn't complain and they certainly shouldn't expect the ones who *do*
work for a living to support them! It was absurd! They should be happy
they're not homeless and living on the street, or dead! After all, beggars
can't be choosers! Neil finished the article and shook his head
derisively at those bleeding-heart liberals always crying over the "plight"
of the poor minorities. What a crock, he thought as he set the magazine
down and gazed out into the ocean.

Out about 30 feet from the shoreline, he saw a shiny black round form
rising from the water. He wondered what it might be - a seal, perhaps?
No, they preferred colder waters... then, as he watched, he saw a huge,
pitch-black, impressively-muscled black man walking out of the water
towards the beach...

As the black goliath rose from the clear blue waters, Rich was simply
amazed at his size. He must have been nearly 7 feet tall and well over 250
pounds. He seemed like more a giant than a man.

"Honey, what are you looking at?" Katie said, but Rich couldn't pull his
eyes away to answer. She turned and saw the massive black Adonis and
stared at this ebony idol striding out of the surf towards them.

As they watched, transfixed, it was as if he moved in slow motion. His
meaty, perfectly-toned muscles rippled with each step he took. The sun
glinted off his dark, wet skin. And, as he rose above the surf, they saw
it. A gargantuan, pitch-black horse-cock swaying between his legs, down to
his knees, as he strode purposely out of the ocean. The swinging monster
phallus was hypnotic, like a magician's watch. Neither Neil nor Katie
could tear their eyes from the man. It was like a Greek creation myth come
true - an ebony God borne from the ocean, itself.

He stopped about 30 feet in front of the couple and shook his bald head
to shake the water from it. As he shook, the mesmerized white couple could
see every individual, perfect muscle of his body flex and relax. His cock
swung heavily through the air - slapping one thigh and then the other, a
spray of water flying off of it with each impact.

Suddenly, the black man's dark, penetrating eyes turned on them. He
stared right at them as if he'd sensed them watching him! Neil quickly
turned away pretending not to stare, but he saw his wife was still agape,
unable to tear her eyes from him. Then he noticed, he couldn't believe it,
but he saw that she was drooling! She actually had saliva running down her
chin! It had even dropped down onto her perfect, white breasts! Her pink
nipples were erect and he could swear he smelled the scent of her pussy -
it must have been steaming and dripping wet! She wriggled her hips a
little bit and he knew his suspicions were confirmed.

He didn't know what to think... was his beautiful, pure, white wife
actually excited by this... this savage? Well, he thought, blacks are
more like animals - they are built for physical activities, he supposed it
wasn't unusual to sense the primal forces in them. But certainly, she
would never actually act on it. She had never expressed interest in any
black celebrities and often spoke of being uncomfortable around "those
people". If this animalistic display excited something in her, surely he
would capitalize off of it later, in their bed.

He reached out to snap her back to reality, but out of the corner of his
eye, he saw the black man moving... towards them! He watched, paralyzed
as he strode straight for them! What was he going to do? Rob them? Was
he going to yell at him for staring? Did he even speak English? He
involuntarily held his breath as the giant of a man approached them... and
passed right between them up the steps to the resort. Katie watched his
muscular ass disappear behind the bushes as he continued up the path.

Coming to their senses, Neil and Katie awkwardly tried not to make
eye contact, made a show of adjusting their positions and went back to
reading, not saying a word.

Neil looked down at his own nude body and felt a bit repulsed. His
tiny, shriveled white penis was barely visible beyond his growing gut. It
was tucked in its little sheath and sticking out barely an inch from
between his modest fat rolls. Ashamed of his relative lack of endowment,
he set his copy of "The Weekly Standard" over his penis and tried to
concentrate on an article about Christian organizations and politics. He
read first sentence over and over about 5 times before deciding to give up
the charade.

Neil realized he was drenched in sweat. The sun was getting higher
in the sky, he told himself, that must be it. But he knew he had begun to
sweat the moment the black giant looked at him and his wife. Being a white
guy, it didn't take much sweat to make him stink, and if he was going to
take advantage of his wife's horny disposition later, he knew he should get

He stood up and looked around, "Honey, I think I'm going to go rinse
off..." he said lazily, trying to be casual.

"Hmm?" Katie said, looking up from her romance novel, "oh, okay,
Pookums, I'm going to stay out here a bit longer and finish this chapter,

"Alright, Honey, see you in a bit," Neil leaned down and kissed her on
the forehead. She waved to him as he headed up the path.

Neil headed for the public shower just off the beach to rise off. He
heard the water running and looked in, quickly, to see if it was occupied
or if someone had just left the water running. He was shocked to see the
black goliath from the beach in the shower, rinsing off!

Neil quickly stepped back before the man saw him and waited. He
looked around trying to see if there were any other showers nearby, but
this is the only one he'd seen since they arrived at the resort yesterday.
He paced a bit, debating whether to wait. It was a long walk back to the
bungalow and he really didn't want to get any sweatier.

He waited several minutes, but the shower just kept running. Surely the
black man must have finished by now! Maybe someone else had come in from
the other side? He leaned around the corner and peeked in again to see.

What he saw was the large black man rinsing off his humongous cock with
long, slow strokes. He stared, amazed at the weight and girth of the
massive tool, much less the prodigious length! And, as the black man's
large, muscular hands work his veiny cock clean, Neil is sure he can see
it growing... thickening... throbbing...

Suddenly Neil looks up at the black man's face and sees him staring
at him! Embarrassed, Rich instantly bolts off back down the path and
towards the bungalows...

Fifteen minutes later, Neil, huffing and puffing from the brisk walk
in the beating Caribbean sun, stumbles into the bungalow and bends over,
grabbing his thighs to catch his breath. He looks around, breathing hard,
trying to calm down. Was that black man masturbating in public? Isn't
that against resort rules? I mean, it's a nude resort, sure, but sex in
public is supposed to be against the rules! He should be fired for such a
lewd display! He'd have a talk with the manager in the morning. Unless
the black man was a guest... no, that's ridiculous, he could never afford
to stay here. He must be a local, some uneducated Jamaican handy-man,
probably, tanned and muscular from working in the sugar cane fields since
he was a child, no doubt.

Neil stood up and gathered himself, stretching. He walked into the
bathroom and caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror. He straightened up
and sucked in his gut. He wasn't such a bad specimen, he thought. A few
sit-ups, maybe a couple days a week at the gym... and he thought his penis
was a reasonable size. A monstrosity like that black man's would be
useless, he thought. In fact, it was probably so big that it couldn't even
get hard. It would take too much blood volume and such high blood pressure
that the poor bastard would probably pass out. He almost felt sorry for
the black guy, being born with such a deformity. He probably couldn't get
an erection and orgasm. Neil looked down at his own shrunken penis and
wiggled it to get it to come out and be its normal length. He shook it
around a bit and let it hang at its normal flaccid length of three
inches... if he held his belly back at the top. Again, nothing a few
sit-ups couldn't solve.

Neil stepped into the shower and closed the curtain. He turned on
the water and stood under the water-fall like luxury shower head with 120
individual streams of water raining down from overhead. Its warmth
cascaded over him and he closed his eyes and enjoyed the sensation. He
thought of his wife and how sexy she looked on the beach... her skin
glistening with the slightest film of perspiration... her hips wiggling...
the scent of her sex in the air... he reached down and began to stroke
himself. His little three-inch cock got hard in his hand and he began to
increase his rate...

Just then, he heard the shower curtain slide open and he jumped,
surprised to be caught masturbating in the shower by his wife! He turned
around and, as the water cleared from his eyes he saw it wasn't his wife at
all... it was the black giant from the beach! Naked! In his shower!

Neil stood there, frozen in place as the black man stared down at
him. He stepped into the shower and closed the curtain behind him. Neil
didn't know what to do. He didn't know what to think. He couldn't think
anymore. He was like a deer in the headlights. Like helpless prey before
a predator... if he didn't move, maybe he'd live!

The black goliath took a step towards him an Neil instinctively took
a step back and slipped, falling back against the wall. He caught himself
and straightened back up. The black man was silent, he didn't need to
speak. His posture and his eyes said it all: Neil was not getting away.

Neil stared at him in the eyes for what seemed like several minutes.
He didn't dare move - didn't dare say anything... what could he do? The
black man's dark eyes simply burned into him, unflinching, unwavering,
unblinking. Neil felt his knees weaken, his stomach began to feel funny
and he felt a tightness in his throat... this huge, black monstrosity
could do whatever he wanted with him and there was nothing he could do to
stop him!

Slowly, deliberately, the black man raised his massive right hand.
Neil looked at it, but didn't flinch. He didn't know if the black man
was going to hit him or strangle him, or... his hand rose up above
Neil's head and settled on his scalp.

With just the slightest hint of downward pressure, Neil understood
the black man's intent. He casually, slowly pushed Neil down onto his
knees. Neil had to steady himself on the black man's rippling, muscular
thighs to prevent himself from falling straight down onto the floor of the
shower. The whole time Neil kept his gazed locked with the black man's,
trying to read his intent.

On his knees, Neil saw the tremendous ebony fucktool up close for the
very first time. He gawked at it in utter awe; he couldn't believe a human
cock could possibly get that huge! It looked more like a horse cock than a
human's. He gulped audibly and looked back up at the silent black man
towering over him. The black man simply nodded subtly, telling Neil
nonverbally exactly what the puny white man was supposed to be doing down

Despite protests from some small, distant reasoning part of his mind
that told him this was all wrong, Neil couldn't help himself. With
trance-like movements, he reached out and cupped the colossal dong in his
two soft, white hands. He wasn't prepared for the weight and, especially,
the *heat* of the beast! And it was so thick that he couldn't clasp his
hands all the way around it. He held it there, transfixed, feeling the
weight in his hands, feeling its burning heat, the pulsations of blood
through its protruding veins, and, he realized, its growing size!

As he watched, in amazement, the already considerable, flaccid cock grew
longer... thicker... hotter... harder! He couldn't believe what he was
seeing! This massive fourteen inch mega-cock was actually becoming fully
erect! Once it jerked and the powerful muscles behind it snapped the cock
right out of his firm grasp. Within several seconds, it was hard as steel
and pointing straight at him... straight at his gaping mouth... its
throbbing fat head practically pulsated with pent-up sexual energy. Thick
white pre-cum oozed from slit, as if it was drooling at the prospect of
conquering Neil.

Slowly, ominously, the cock began moving towards his mouth. He didn't
move to avoid it, he couldn't move at all, paralyzed by this black python.
But he was aware of the slight pressure of the black man's hand against the
back of his head. He knew there was no point in resisting. He was going
to suck this beast of a cock whether he wanted to or not... whether it was
physically possible or not!

With a searing heat, the cockhead hit his lips, wet from both the shower
and his own saliva. The first ebony inch slipped in easily, smoothly
shoving his thin white lips aside and spreading his jaw open at an awkward
angle. He tasted the precum on his tongue and it was, to his surprise,
sweet. It acted as a lubricant, coating his tongue as the next couple
inches forced their way into his mouth. His jaw opened even more, farther
than he thought he could open his mouth! And his lips were stretched to
their limit around the impossible girth of the throbbing rod. He tasted
the salty, almost pungent flavor of the man's cock sliding along his
tongue, felt its firmness straining against the roof of his mouth... then,
he felt the mushroom-like cockhead hit the back of his throat!

He gagged and spit up, but the spit-up had nowhere to go but back down
his throat. His struggling was obvious; his body writhed on the gigantic
tool like a stuck pig, trying to avoid choking to death. But the black man
simply tilted Neil's head back and took a small step forward, changing
the angle of the cock so that it more easily slid down his throat without
cutting off his windpipe. As he executed this deft maneuver, another inch
slid into his mouth as the head popped past the back of his throat and into
his esophagus! This man obviously was very experienced at teaching his
conquests to deep throat his enormous prick. And Neil was doing it - he
was actually deep-throating this man, this giant among men... this silent,
savage animal of a creature. He gazed up into the black man's eyes and
felt him dominating him as much with his glare as with his cock. To the
black man, *this* was the natural order of things and Neil was simply
fulfilling his role as the inferior specimen...

As he stared into his dominator's eyes, his body went slack and he gave
himself over, totally, to the superior man's will. The black man silently
lowered himself over Neil, sinking his cock deeper, ever deeper into his
gullet. Slowly, inevitably, the cock muscled its way deep inside Neil,
violating his body in the most intimate way. Neil amazed himself with
his capacity for cock as the black man expertly slid every... last...
thick.. black... inch of his engorged organ down into his belly! It
seemed like it had been an hour but, finally, Neil's nostrils were being
tickled by the man's kinky, coarse black pubic hair. Neil simply stared
up at him, eyes glazed over, in an altered state of total sexual
subjugation. And the black man, at last, let a slight smirk appear on his
lips. Neil, for his part, was strangely proud of himself... in some
sick, submissive, faggot way, he was proud that he was capable of pleasing
this masterful specimen of manhood.

"God," Neil thought, "I am such a fucking faggot." Tears welled up in
his eyes and ran down his cheeks. This caused the black man to flash a
wide, toothy grin that made Neil's groin quiver with girlish delight.

The black God kept his cock buried to the hilt down Neil's throat for
about a minute or two, giving his gullet time to expand and get used to the
size. Then, slowly, he began pulling it back out. As the massive girth
left him, Neil felt a bizarre sense of loss, of emptiness. As if he was
no longer complete, as if he was missing something. He realized he would
never be the same after this - he would always know the feeling of a
gigantic black cock throbbing inside him, warming him, filling him... and
he would always feel its absence.

Finally, the black man pulled the cock all the way out except for the
head, which he left in Neil's mouth. Neil relaxed for a second,
letting his body adjust to the sudden emptiness and freedom of movement.
But he was not done, not by a *long* shot. Suddenly, savagely, the black
man shoved the entire length of his monster cock right back down Neil's
sore throat, down to the hilt, grinding his crotch in Neil's face!
Neil was caught completely off guard; he would have fallen down if the
immense phallus anchored in his torso hadn't kept him held up! He wanted
to choke, to vomit, but it was simply physically impossible with the big,
black dick filling him as it was.

Then, just as suddenly, the black man pulled back out and plunged it
back in. Again and again, roughly and savagely, with no concern for
Neil! He had been so gentle, Neil thought, why was he being so rough
with him now?! The black Adonis was *literally* fucking Neil's face as
if it was some cheap whore's gaping pussy! The black man held Neil's
head firmly in place as he worked his cock in and out at a breakneck pace,
pistoning it deep into his throat over and over, his perfect black muscles
flexing and relaxing with near perfect beauty - spraying water around the
shower with each thrust. Neil went totally limp and took the
punishment, fixing his gaze on the black man's burning dark eyes, now
filled with a primal lust. This was not about Neil and his pride
anymore, this was all about the black man's cock and its burning need for

Over and over the wet, hot ebony cock plunged to the depths of Neil's
soul, each time taking with it a bit of his humanity. With each thrust he
became less of a man and more of an... animal... a thing - a hole,
existing just to please his black master. And by the time black man would
finish with him, he would be a whiteboy faggot slave to black cock, body
and soul. There was no denying it.

The black man's steady, primal rhythm started to change and Neil
instinctively knew, as any natural cocksucker would, that he was getting
close to cumming. The black man was now plunging his cock in hard and
fast, then holding it all the way in, grinding it down Neil's gullet,
flattening Neil's abused face against his rock-hard abs. Then he'd pull
out even quicker and instantly shove his cock back in to the hilt and grind
some more. With each thrust, Neil could feel the black man's cock throb
in preparation for the inevitable, the final release that would seal
Neil's fate.

"Sweetie? Are you in the shower?" Neil jumped as he heard his pretty
wife's sweet voice come from the bedroom. He snapped back to reality and
looked around, panicked, but the black man didn't stop, didn't even lose a
beat! He continued to pound Neil's throat like a possessed animal!

"Sweetie? Neil?" Neil heard her voice even closer as she came into
the bathroom! Neil was completely panicking now, he couldn't let Katie
see him like this! He had to do something, and quick!

"Neil, are you okay?" She asked, now right up against the shower
curtain. He could see the silhouette of her perfect naked body against the
curtain as the afternoon sun shone into the bathroom.

"Yes!" Neil managed to spurt out quickly between thrusts.

The black man did not stop; he kept pummeling Neil's mouth. The wet
slapping sounds must have piqued Katie's curiosity.

"Wow, sounds like you're really lathering yourself up good in there,"
she teased lasciviously, "want some company?"

Neil panicked - she was going to come in - "NO!" he yelped between
savage thrusts, "NOT!" another deep thrust "NOW!" he managed to choke out
around the massive cockhead.

"Oh..." Katie sounded surprised and insulted at the rejection of her
come-on, "um... okay..." Neil breathed a sigh of relief as she walked
away from the shower curtain... at least he meant to, but it was kind of
impossible with the savage face-fucking he was getting.

Any concerns for his poor wife's feelings were instantly shoved aside as
the black man finally heaved his tremendous erection all the way down
Neil's throat for the last time then bent over and wrapped his muscular
arms around the white faggot's head and pulled with all his might to try to
get just one more fraction of an inch down into poor Neil. And then he
came. He shuddered and jerked and throbbed and thrusted, each quiver of
his powerful muscles eliciting a thick, hot, copious ejaculation of potent
black jizz directly into Neil's vulnerable little stomach. At least ten
or eleven times the black giant bucked, shooting his hot manseed into
Neil's gut. Neil could feel the ebony god's throbbing tool jerk and
pulse with each powerful spurt - his enormous sperm dispenser writhing
inside him like something imbued with a life of its own. Load after load
was literally shot out of the palpating, swollen cockhead, splashing
violently against his stomach walls. Neil was shocked to actually
*feel* the jets of thick, molten semen erupting from the invasive organ and
slamming into his guts. He could feel the heat and the pressure of the
black seed gorging his belly. It was such a perverse, dominating
experience, to be filled so deeply in this way. He didn't even get to
taste the savage's cum, he merely was a repository for it - it was like a
black cock sauce injection. All of the calories, none of the taste.
Finally, after what seemed like and eternity, the last few, weaker spurts
splashed into his guts. The black man jerked a couple more times, but
Neil felt nothing substantial shoot from the engorged phallus settled
deep in his tummy. The black man released him, lazily, then stood back up,
leaning back as he slowly extracted his now drained cock from the white
man's gullet. Neil fell forward a bit as he regained his balance and
felt sick at the feeling of the man's copious load of jizz sloshing about
in his stomach! It must have been at least a full pint of thick, viscous
cum filling his belly, Neil thought... and all those millions upon
millions of virile black sperm trying desperately to impregnate his stomach
lining... he almost laughed at the thought, delirious from the inhuman
sexual ordeal he'd just been through.

Katie had been babbling on about something, Neil was suddenly aware,
but he hadn't heard a word of it. Jamal breathed heavily, drenched in
sweat, his massive cockhead still sitting in Neil's mouth being suckled
like a mother's tit. Neil licked and sucked on the cockhead lovingly,
tenderly, as if thanking it for filling his belly with such a wonderful

No more impressive than this black man's, apparently! While he kept
Cuming just as long as Katie did, his flow was much stronger, much more
voluminous than what could come from Katie's delicate white pussy. As
Neil continued to guzzle the incredible amount of nigger Cum being
hosed into his mouth, he marveled at the incredible endless supply of Cum
this black God could hold! Over the next couple minutes, he swore he'd
swallowed at least a half a gallon of hot, rancid black man-Cum! It was
the most degrading, debased thing he had ever experienced. And, despite
himself, his tiny three-inch white cocklette was rock-hard. He had never
been more ashamed of himself as he was at that moment.

Neil had been so lost in his transformation into a urinal for black cock that he didn't notice if she
had cum or not. Then, *finally* the black man removed his cock from
Neil's stretched, abused mouth. His lips made a comical "pop" as the
cockhead snapped out. Thick, viscous strands of mucus from deep inside
Neil's esophagus clung to the tremendous, imposing black phallus,
hanging obscenely in the air. They seemed to be extensions of Neil's
insides begging the black master's cock not to leave them. He looked up
into his master's eyes and saw satisfaction, pride and sadistic glee in his
dark eyes all at once.

Katie was really getting off on her own filthy behavior, totally
unaware of the absolutely debauched and depraved depths of raunch being
perpetrated just mere feet from her by a gigantic black man upon her poor,
used, loving husband!

Finally, Neil could feel his stomach was packed full; it simply
couldn't take any more Cum. The cum started backing up and packing in up
his esophagus, up his throat and finally the Cum could no longer get past
his mouth. Not that this stopped the black man from continuing to Cum, of
course. He couldn't have cared less whether Neil could take it all or
not. The Cum kept coming and now filled Neil's mouth to the brim. His
cheeks bulged as the Cum packed tight in his mouth and shoved itself into
any empty crevice it could find. Finally, when the Cum had stopped,
Neil's cheeks bulged out obscenely like a chipmunk's! After the black
man finally stood up and let Neil's head go, Neil turned and saw
himself in the mirror built into one wall of the shower. He was shocked at
what he saw. There he sat, on red, sore knees, his tiny pecker lost
beneath his now totally bulging gut - it looked like those starving African
kid's bellies you see in those guilt-trip commercials about hunger in
Africa... and, looking up a his face, he saw his mouth, He'd try to chew and swallow the load so his mouth
would be clear, but there was simply nowhere to put the Cum... he was
packed FULL. Neil could see the black man in the mirror, behind him,
enjoying his handiwork. He was grinning broadly, stroking his enormous
black cock, which was, astoundingly, getting fully erect again already!
Neil looked back at himself in the mirror. He saw himself with a kind
of detached objectiveness. His bulging cheeks reminded him of pictures
he'd seen of that trumpet player - that black one you always see pictures
of... Louis Armstrong was it?

"There you are, you fuckin' piece of Cum!" she cursed at the plunger.
Just then, from behind Neil, he felt the black man's large, powerful
hands on his hips! The black monster yanked him up roughly and with no
effort at all. He grabbed Neil's head by the hair and violently shoved
the faggot forward so that his face was planted in the mirror. As he saw
the black man maneuver his massive tool between his creamy white asscheeks,
he knew he had not thought of one last, awful way this monster of a man
could abuse him. He sobbed softly as he gave himself into his fate and, as
he heard his wife shove the plunger into the clogged toilet, the black
beast rammed his fully erect, rock-hard behemoth of a COCK straight up his
virgin asshole! There was no gentle, slow accustoming to the girth for his
poor asshole, Neil realized as he screamed silently into the Cum packed
in his mouth - the blinding, searing pain of his ass being torn apart
nearly knocked him out... but, mercilessly, consciousness would not let
him go.

The savagery of the world-class prison-rape animalistic sodomizing
Neil was being given mirrored the violence of Katie's plunging. She
cursed like a sailor as she violently rammed the plunger into the toilet,
trying in vain to get her huge Cumload to go down.

"MotherfuckingCumYouFuckingGoddamnFUCKER! Take it, you piece of Cum!
FUCK YOU!!!!" She screamed as she desperately tried to stop the overflowing
IT, YOU WHITE PIECE OF Cum!" She bellowed beating the porcelain chamber
savagely with the plunger. And with each swear, the black beast assaulting
Neil's rectum rammed his oversized, veiny, thick nigger-cock deep into
Neil's poor, abused bowels.

Neil didn't notice when Katie's curses stopped and the toilet stopped
overflowing. He couldn't be blamed, of course, having fourteen inches of
black meat slamming in and out of your ass at 140 beats per minute tends to
distract you a bit. He didn't hear Katie ask him what that slapping sound
was, asking him if he was masturbating in there... he didn't hear her open
the curtain... he didn't hear her until he was staring at the savage
ass-impaling being inflicted upon her husband's tight white ass.

"WHAT THE FUCK!??!!?!" she cried out as she gazed down at the
incredible, unbelievably huge black tool plunging the depths of her
husband's bowels. She looked up and saw his face in the mirror at the same
time that he opened his eyes, in shock, and saw her! Their eyes met -
shock and awe in her eyes, mortal fear and shame in his. She saw his mouth
bulging with Cum,

The black man didn't stop, but he slowed down and turned his head and
looked right into Katie's eyes, giving her the same free-will-dissolving
stare that he had used on Neil when he first came into the shower what
seemed like an eternity ago. He continued to take long, laborious,
deliberate strokes all the way in and out of Neil's asshole. Katie's
gaze drifted down to the awesome spectacle below and watched in amazement
as Neil's small, flat ass opened wide to take the full length and girth
of the black giant's incredible ebony prick. She couldn't believe what she
was seeing... and, unconsciously, almost automatically, her left hand slid
down between her quivering thighs and she began fingering herself in time
with the black man's thrusts. Her other hand found his firm, muscled ass
and she groaned in perverse pleasure as she felt it's powerful muscles
flexing and working that horse-sized donkey dick into her husband's poor,
white ass. She gazed back up at the black man and he grabbed her by the
back of her head with the hand that wasn't holding Neil's head against
the mirror. He pulled her face to his and shoved his tongue down her
throat as he resumed "ramming speed" on Neil's ass!

She took his tongue ravenously and kissed him deeply and with such
passion that Neil knew he had lost her forever. She moaned and writhed
and groaned with such animalistic passion that Neil didn't recognize
her. Gone was his innocent, naive young teenage bride. She was now a sex
animal, like the black man, living only for the orgasm. As the black
bastard deep-kissed his wife and she furiously fingered herself to the
accelerating rhythm of his anal assault, Neil felt something strange
building up deep inside him... at first he didn't recognize it, but then,
with a helpless horror, he knew what it was. He was going to cum. Here,
in his own overpriced bungalow in paradise, with a gut full of some black
rapist's cum with a fourteen-inch cock violating his virgin
asshole and with his horny, perverted wife masturbating to the whole, lurid
scene... he was going to cum!

The black man groaned first - it was the first sound Neil had heard
him make and it was a low, rumbling sound, like distant thunder. He
groaned and moaned, each time into Katie's voracious mouth, and she moaned
back, enthralled in her own whorish delight. Then, as he plunged his cock
to it's ultimate depth inside Neil's defenseless intestines, he held it
there, released Katie's head, grabbed Neil's legs under the knees with
both hands and pulled Neil's knees up to his chest, LIFTING the white
Cum-ka-bob right off the ground, holding him up in the air mainly with his
tremendous black cock of steel skewering the writhing faggot. Then the
black man screamed - no, ROARED in primal ecstasy as he unloaded his
beastly black semen in a torrent into Neil's guts - this time from the
other end. Neil couldn't fight it any longer - the otherworldly
sensation of the hot, throbbing black horse-cock pushing against his
sensitive prostate with each enormous ejaculation of nigger seed was too
much to bear... he, too, jerked and came - his paltry, thin drops of semen
simply dribbling out of the tiny head of his mini-dick, running down his
shriveled balls. He never even touched himself. It was a pure, natural,
absolute faggot orgasm, his first of many to come. Katie, seeing her
husband's ultimate surrender to this black beast raping him, screamed and
came harder and louder than she had ever come before. She lost her legs
and fell to the floor, writhing and orgasming uncontrollably, gazing up at
the two men above her entwined in their primitive, savage sex act. The
contrast of the huge, black, muscled, tall domineering male totally and
completely subjugating and humiliating the lesser male, putting him in his
rightful place. She came like she had never come in her life.

* * * * * * * * * *

Epilogue I

It took Neil four days to finally swallow and digest all of the Cum
Jamal had packed into his gut, throat and mouth. And, by then, his ass was
so sore and gaping that he welcomed the savage mouth-raping Jamal gave him
after ass-fucking his wife for the 100th time. Both he and Katie had
become expert cocksuckers and anal whores in the past few days. And Katie
was a willing, no - eager participant in it all. She caught every
disgusting, vile, obscene act on film with the digital camera and compact
digital video camera they had spent thousands of dollars on right before
this vacation. Neil had hoped to get some sexy pictorial souvenirs from
this vacation, but this was not quite what he had in mind in the camera

For the rest of the vacation Jamal stayed with them in the bungalow.
Neil served as a complete cockslave for not only Jamal, but for his
wife and even himself. Neil was made to drink Jamal's Cum.
He never had another normal meal the whole time.
Even if Jamal & Katie hadn't left him tied to the toilet every time they
went out, he wouldn't have had any room in his belly to eat real food - the
Cum was more than enough to keep him stuffed
around the clock.

* * * * * * * * * *

Epilogue II

It has been six months since the white couple had encountered Jamal and
had their black cock slavery awakening. Their lives have completely
changed. Jamal now lives with them in their mansion and is the undisputed
master of the house.

The legal papers sit on Jamal's washboard abs, waiting for Neil to
sign them. Katie had threatened Neil with blackmail if he didn't agree
to sign over all of his assets and holdings to Jamal, permanently. If
Neil didn't sign, she'd release the hundreds of hours of videos she's
made and the thousands of pictures she'd taken to his family, associates
and even the Internet.

Neil sighs as he realizes he has no choice and signs all his life's
work away in a single signature. Katie takes the paper and grins evilly,
showing it to Jamal, who is quite pleased, himself, having instantly become
a multi-millionaire with a fully staffed mansion on a grand estate with 10
luxury cars and investments to last generations.

"Let's seal this deal with a kiss," Katie says as she grabs Neil by
the hair and shoves his mouth down on Jamal's flaccid but sizable cock lying
casually across his thigh.

"What a fuckin' faggot," Jamal sneers as Neil dutifully gets to work
sucking him off.

"Yes," Katie nods, "yes he is," and sighs as she settles in Jamal's
muscular arms, caressing his broad, massive black chest and drifts off to
sweet slumber as her husband sucks the colossal ebony cock of her lover.
After Jamal comes down Neil's throat yet again, he too falls
asleep, snoring loudly.

As Neil rests his head on Jamal's muscular stomach, still suckling his
master's big, black feeding tube, he realizes he's completely dependant on
them, now, for his sustenance and well-being. If he left, he'd not only be
humiliated in front of the world, he'd be penniless and homeless with
nobody to turn to! Like it or not, he's going to be their human faggot cockslave for the rest of his life and he's going to *have* to live
off their cum. He simply has no choice...

After all, beggars can't be choosers.

Then Neil, too, drifts off to sissy toilet dreamland with Jamal's
flaccid but still sizable cock filling his white faggot mouth, content to
be in his natural place.

The End... and The Beginning

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