Family incest
Any Given Saturday, In Summer.

I awoke with the sensation of something wet around my cock, as I opened my eyes and looked down, I saw my 24 year old wife, Lou, sucking my hard cock, she was deep throating me and my member was covered in her saliva. As I lay there with my wife pleasuring me I thought about the evening just gone and how I ended up screwing my wife several times, but that is another story. Suddenly I felt my balls tighten an by sperm shot out of my cock and straight down her throat with out even hitting my wife’s mouth, what a dirty bitch I had married, three years ago.

Lou gets up first and heads to the bathroom, I follow a few seconds later, she is having a piss and I stand in front of her, she takes my soft cock into her mouth and sucks me hard. I need to take a piss, she opens her legs and guides my cock between her legs, as I piss she starts to move my cock around covering her stomach and chest with my piss, and she then directs the jet of piss into her mouth and over her face. As I finish she then sucks my cock before getting up, putting on a skimpy night dress and going down stairs, into the kitchen to make breakfast.

I brush my teeth and slip on a pair of boxer shorts before heading down stairs.
I was ordered to sit in a lounge chair and wait for my morning coffee to arrive; it was 10:30 am. Lou sat on my lap feeding me jam and toast, her legs where apart and as I ate I rubbed her clit, meanwhile her dress slipped down her body to reveal her 34D chest. On to which some jam fell, she then bent her head and licked it off, before she repeated the exercise and I sucked her nipples hard. She was moaning with pleasure now. I thought to my self I am going to get a Saturday morning fuck. Lou then using one of her hands worked it into by shorts and started to fondle my balls and cock, the other hand was groping her own breast.

As she turned around to face me legs either side of my body, I slid down the chair and this allowed her to lower her damp warm pussy on to my erect cock, slowly she rode me, I could only just sit there and let my wife do all the work. As I had all ready spent my load not more than 30 minutes previously I was unable to shoot any spunk in to her, when she climaxed, so she kept on going until she collapsed after several orgasms.

Sitting holding each other in the chair, we discussed our busy schedule for the day. It was going to be non stop, barbeques, bars, restaurants and night clubs. This meant as it was now 11am we would have to hurry to get ready, so we took a shower together but as usual my horny rampant wife decided to bonk in the shower, she leant forward pushing her arse out and I slipped my cock up her wet juicy pussy and fucked her hard and fast making her scream with pleasure and she came only after a few strokes. I washed myself down and left Lou finishing her shower.

After changing into Bermuda shorts and a vest top I looked at the local weather on the computer, it was going to be a very hot sunny day. My wife came down stairs dressed in her skimpy Brazilian bikini; she slipped a little vest top on and a denim micro mini skirt that just covered her arse. Wearing high heeled wedge sandals we walked the 500yard to her parent’s house through the park. As we walked I slipped my hand under her skirt and into her bikini bottoms and fingered her bum.

At Dave and Liz’s house, her parents aged 46 and 40 respectively; we were met by Liz in a black bandeau bikini top and thong and she all ready had a half drunk glass of wine in her hand and it was not even noon. Shortly after your arrival Jason aged 38 and Mandy aged 33 arrived with their two children, Chloe aged five and Mark aged seven.

Myself, Dave and Jason grabbed a beer and sat around the table talking football as Liz poured the women a glass of wine each. Lou had removed her skirt and vest top and sat on a sun lounger, both Dave and Jason’s eyes popped out of their heads as they watch Lou, with her ample breasts falling out of her small bikini. Mandy wandered out in hot pants and a cropped vest top, she took a lounger beside Lou and Liz, they sat there till 1:30pm chatting and drinking wine, they had gone through four bottles of wine between them. After much drinking by the women they decided it was time to start the BBQ, so they all went off indoors with a new glass of wine to prepare the food for the meal.

Jason and Dave were going to cook the meal on the BBQ, I sat back and watched the women drunkenly lie back on the loungers; they wanted oil rubbed into their bodies so I volunteered. As I oiled up Lou I slid my hand under her bikini bottoms and rubbed her pussy, Mandy was watching, next I had to oil up Liz, this time I slipped by hands under bikini top and groped her breasts. When I started on Mandy she slid her hand up my shorts and stroked my semi erect penis, I had no under wear on.

After the meal every one sat back and chatted, Mandy was very drunk, Jason was going off to the cricket club to meet some friends and Mandy’s two kids had gone down to the beach with their friends and parents. Dave then after Jason had departed had to go and prepare some stuff for his evening gig he was going to be doing with his band and we were going to watch. My self and Lou were going to meet Dave and Liz and his band at the bar at 7pm, for their gig at 7:30pm.

That left me with three beautiful semi naked, very drunk women, it was Mandy who suddenly removed her vest top, at sat there chatting topless, Lou and her mother, Liz, did the same. I had a semi hard on as I watch the three ladies lye on the sun loungers dozing off to sleep.

At 5:30pm the door bell went, Lou answered it topless, it was Jason returning drunk from his afternoon session with his mates. Lou went upstairs for a piss and put on her bikini top; Liz who had sobered up, waved goodbye to us and Jason and Mandy, from the front street, she was topless. We walked Jason and a topless Mandy back to their house and sat them in the sitting room semi naked. I and Lou walked through the park on our way home; I slid my hand under her skirt to find she had removed her bikini bottoms. I stopped and started to kiss my wife passionately, one hand was groping her bare bum and the other slipped her ample breast out of her bikini and groped it in public. Then Lou sank down on her knees and got my cock out and sucked on it, she then stood up bent over and told me to fuck her pussy, which I dually did as she was played with her own breasts and nipples and after a few strokes I shot my load deep up inside of her. We continued our walk home me groping her bare bum and with our love juices running down her legs.

By the time we got home it was past 6pm, just enough time to get changed and out in the taxi. But again my sexy drunk wife wanted to have more sex, as soon as we got in the house she stripped naked and sucked my cock hard before pushing me back on the stair and screwing me as I lay there, she made herself cum again.

The phone went and it was her mother, as Lou and Liz talked I handed her a large glass of wine before going and getting a shower, after getting ready I waited for Lou, as she was getting a shower, and phoned a taxi for 6:45pm. The taxi arrived right on time and as Lou came down the stairs in a Gothic corset/bustier, rear lace up front zipped top and a short flared leather skirt with matching stiletto sandals. I sat up front with the taxi driver and Lou sat behind him, she had her skirt hitched up and legs apart, her naked pussy was pointing at me as she fingered herself. Again my horny dirty wife had gone out commando. As she gets out of the taxi she parts her legs giving me another view of her wet pussy.

In the bar I get a round of drinks, both mother and daughter are on vodka’s and coke, Dave is not drinking as he has to go and play guitar shortly. We stand and chat with the band members. One of the band members buys another round I decline as I still have half my pint left; Lou and Liz are given another large vodka and coke. Just before Dave goes up on stage he buys us around of drinks.

While we watch the band Lou stands in front of me grinding her backside into my groin, I have one hand over her shoulder groping her breast and pull her zip of her top down a couple of inches to allow access to her breast. My other hand is under Liz’s dress and is groping her naked backside, and she has also come out with no under wear on. The design of her dress does not permit her 34c breasts to be clad in a bra. As I stand there I feel by fly of my chinos being undone and Lou’s hands getting my cock out, I lower by stance so that she can slide it between her arse cheeks as she lifts her skirt up. Meanwhile I have started to finger Liz’s bum hole and she has parted her legs to allow me access. Lou slowly wanks my cock using her arse cheeks until I shoot my sperm all aver her crack, I feel her massaging it into her bum. The band is nearly finished as I notice Liz is breathing heavily, Lou straights up and replaces my cock, I stop fingering her mothers arse and finish my drink.

When the band come over to us they get another round in for every one, we finish of drinking and head towards the Italian restaurant for our booked table at 9pm. On the way Liz and Lou need to take a piss so they both squat in a shop door way and relief themselves. After wards we continue on to the restaurant.

In the restaurant we are given free drinks as our table will not be ready for another 30 minutes, so the two ladies sit at the bar and I stand behind Lou as they drink their free shots of spirits, as my self and Dave do not like spirits we give them to the ladies who down them in one. Dave then buys a round of drinks, pints of beer for the men and large wines for the ladies. We sit chatting to the waitress behind the bar I have my hand over Lou’s shoulder resting on her tit and gently squeezing it, I pull her tops zip down another couple of inches to allow her ample tits to be revealed over the top of her corsett. The two ladies stagger off to the toilet just as the table becomes available; at least it is in a quiet secluded spot.

A large carafe of house wine is ordered and served by a young waitress in high heels and a very short skirt and tight fitting tee shirt, we all notice she has no bra on and complement her on it. After the wine serving the meal is ordered and half way through a second large, 1.5l, of wine is ordered. During the meal my wife has sat with her legs open and her skirt up around her waist, I have been fingering her pussy and clit all through the meal. But undone to any one else as I have no socks on I have had my feet between Liz’s parted legs rubbing her pussy and clit with my big toe.

After the meal, we depart the restaurant and head to a bar that is open till 2pm. The fresh air hits the two very drunk women and they stagger all over the place. By the time we get to the bar my wife has thrown up and had another piss in public. Liz has managed to get to the bar with out being sick.

Once in the bar it is after 11:30pm, and we push through the crowd, to the bar. Dave gets a round of drinks, as he does I grope Lou’s breasts and un do her zipper a bit more, this allows her breasts and nipples to be seen by any one looking down her top. Liz stands beside me and I grope her arse. We go and find a quiet corner to chat in and as we talk I grope my wife’s arse and French kiss her. I get the second round in as the girls have downed their drink in one go, leaving Dave and myself with a half pint of beer each, I get two large doubles for both the ladies. Just as we have finished our pints Dave’s band members come up and say hello, they buy us another round. They have invited us next door to another bar but the ladies are happy here, Dave goes with them. I am left to look after both drunken ladies.

We then head upstairs to a quieter spot away from the hoard, Lou goes up first followed by Liz who as she goes up I grope her backside. Once up there I get the ladies a drink and start on coke for myself, Liz tells me that a lot of the young people up here were at her junior school a few years ago, she points a group out and explains that they can only be 14 years old. Lou stands beside me swaying heavily drinking a shot of vodka. I have hold of Liz and gently pull the zip of her dress down to the small of her back, as the dress is elasticised it still hugs her body and stays up, only her 34c breast become visible .

The group of young people, five boys and three girls, come over and chat to us; Lou takes a couple of guys of for a dance, as she dances they get close and personal, they soon realise that she has no under wear on and grope her and rub her pussy. Mean while the remaining boys French kiss their old school teacher and grope her breasts. The two girls that can stand watch, the other girl is sitting on a stool. Lou comes back from dancing asks the boys to buy her a drink; they get her a pint of cider. When they are at the bar Lou chats with the young girls, and shows them how to act around the boys. She French kisses the girls, rubs their pussies under their thongs, she tells them to remove them, which they do. Lou when she gets her drink sits down on a bar stool legs wide open and with both her tits on show watches as the girls make their moves on the selected boys. Lou allows the remaining boys to grope her tits; French kiss her and even finger her pussy. Liz stands beside me and allows the boys to do the same to her as they are doing to her daughter.

At about 1:30am we decide to depart and head home, I place both drunken ladies in the back seat of a taxi and I sit up front with the driver. In the cab Lou has removed her top and sits there topless.

Eventually when I get both ladies in the house they sit on the sofa wanting another drink, Lou will give me a table dance if I get her another glass of wine. So after getting her and her mother a glass of wine each I sit back in a chair watch my wife stripped naked doing a sexy drunken dance on the coffee table.

As Lou dances naked on the coffee table she drinks from the wine glass and most of it runs down her face and over her tits. After putting the glass down she uses her hands to caress her body, Liz shouts suggestions out for Lou to do, and being a good daughter she follows her drunken mother’s ideas.

Lou starts sucking her own nipples as she fingers her own pussy, then bends over and pushes her bum in the direction of her mother and starts to finger her arse hole, Liz slides forward on the sofa, dress rising up her legs, which are apart, and tits hanging out of the top of her dress. She kisses her daughter’s bum cheeks then licks the crack of her arse, Lou as she is bent over is pulling her nipples and fingering her now wet pussy. She is getting turned on by her own mother playing with her.

Liz as she licks her daughters arse slides a finger up into Lou’s pussy and rubs her clit, which allows Lou to grope and tweak both of her nipples. After a while Lou stands up straight, takes a large drink of wine and allows some to run over her body, she then kisses her mother and the wine is transferred from Lou into Liz’s mouth. Lou then squats down legs apart and lies on the coffee table with her pussy facing her mother, allowing Liz to lower her head and wash her cunt out with the wine that has been in her mother’s mouth. Liz licks at her daughter’s cunt before standing up and removing her dress, she then collapse back on to the sofa and lies back fingering her own pussy watching her daughter playing with herself.

Lou gets the nearly empty bottle of wine and drinks the remains straight from the bottle before inserting it into her pussy and using the neck as a vibrator starts to frig her pussy. Liz as she watches is getting very aroused and manages to give herself an orgasm.

I then stand up and strip naked, as I watch Lou kneeling between her mothers legs licking her own mother out, I kneel behind Lou, lifting her arse up I slip my hard member into her wet pussy and screw her hard and fast coming inside her pussy. Lou then turns around sits on the edge of the coffee table and sucks my cock clean, before lying back down on it and parting her legs. Liz comes over and starts to lick the love juices out of her daughter’s pussy, before both women passionately kiss each other. Lou stays lying on the table playing with her breasts and pussy, while Liz lies back on the sofa. I drag Liz’s pussy to the edge of the sofa and spread them, kneeling there I slip my semi hard cock into her wet and slippery pussy and slowly start to screw my mother in law in front of my wife, who coaxes me and her mother on, I build up tempo until I am fucking Liz hard, fast and furious, making her have multiple orgasms. As I have just cum inside my wife I keep going for a long time fucking Liz.

Lou wants her mother to kneel in front of her pussy and lick it out and me to fuck her mother doggy style from behind. After getting into position I start again to fuck Liz hard and fast, she grunts with pleasure as she sucks and licks at her own daughter’s pussy while being fucked by her son in law. After a long spell we all collapse on the carpet and doze of to sleep.

After a short spell I wake up it is 4am so I decide to put the drunken ladies to bed, I carry Lou up to our bed and take Liz up to the spare bed. Then I go back to bed for a good sleep.

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What a pile of crap.
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