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Wife becomes African Sex thing
An African nightmare.
Hi my names William I’m mid forties of average height and build, I work for an engineering company that provides equipment for mining. Last year I was posted to West Africa on a three year contract, my wife Val joined me after a couple of weeks. We had an amazing house just outside of the town where the mine was located and had a cook, house boy and gardener; we were also given a liaison from the mining company to help with any problems we had his name we couldn’t pronounce so we nicknamed him Eddy.
Eddy was over 6 feet tall, very muscular build, coal black skin and a set of white teeth that seemed too perfect. His English was quite good and was seemed to be there at just the right time and sometimes the wrong time.
Val is dark haired a little taller than me with a size 12 figure, her tits and ass are her best assets in my view. She often turns men’s eyes when she enters a room and has the most alluring smile I’ve ever known a woman to have. She seemed have hit it off with Eddy and the rest of the help as soon as she arrived; in fact Eddy seemed to be paying her extra attention and compliments all the time.
Our daughter Victoria stayed back home with her grandparents as she was finishing collage when we left and had arranged to join us later, she’s almost a double for Val except she tits are bigger, at home all the boys want to date and she often turns older men’s head as well as her mom when they go shopping together.
I’d been in country for nearly 3 months when Eddy was told to inform me that there was a problem at one of the other mines that required my attention, it was a 3 day drive to the other mine and Eddy had arranged a driver to take me there. I asked Val if she’d be ok on her own and she’d said she’d be ok.
Leaving early the next morning I started the 3 day drive to the other mine leaving Val asleep. It was a slow hard journey the roads were poor to nonexistent and the heat was at times unbearable, but we made it in one piece. On arrival I phoned Val but got no answer, I was a little worried and tried again; this time the phone was answered by Amo the house boy who said Val had gone into town with Eddy to pick up some shopping.
The job was very simple and after only a day I was back in the jeep headed home, the return journey was just as unbearable and was I glad to return home. Val was waiting for me upon my arrival but she seemed a little distant and also avoided any physical contact at first, Eddy seemed somewhat moreforceful to the person that I’d left.
That night in bed I tried to make love to Val but she pushed me away and said she wasn’t feeling up to it, this went on for the next couple of days. I was getting a little pissed and horny as well.
Friday nite Val announced that a few people were coming over for drinks and that it would be nice if I could get back from the mine early. She avoided telling me who was coming and just kept saying some people. As it was quite in the office I did get away early and when I got home couldn’t find Val, Eddy or any of the staff. I was a little surprised as Val had organised this party and seemed to think it was a big deal.
I noticed that the shed door was open and with the wild life around went to shut it, as I approached I heard noises coming from inside and as I neared the door the sound was unmistakable that of some one having sex. At first I was about to turn away as I thought it may well be one of the staff when I heard Val’s voice. I stopped dead in my tracks, but then quietly edged towards the door; glancing in I saw my wife naked over some sacks her ass in the air. Gripping so tightly that her knuckles were white and Eddy was behind her pounding away with long hard thrusts.
My eyes glanced towards his crotch and I was taken aback by the size and thickness of his tool, he had to be 10 inches and as thick as my wrist. More to the point Val was taking his full length and by the sounds she was making fucking enjoying it. I wanted to burst in but knew Eddy was far bigger and stronger than me, so I just quietly moved away back to the house.
As I approached the house Amo the house boy came round the side and seeing me gave me s strange smile then continued on towards the shed, he must know what’s going on in there I thought.
Val entered the house an hour later and seeing me said she’d been out in the bush with Amo watching some wild life, she then went to the bedroom to shower and change for our guests. As I entered the bedroom I found the bathroom door locked and Val told me she’d be out in a few minutes.
Val was dressed when I got out of the shower she was wearing a very simple dress with buttons down the front and I’m sure was not wearing a bra; as her tits seemed to move around like they do when she goes braless at home, she’d not gone braless here because of the locals; her words.
At 7pm we were sat on the porch with our drinks talking to Eddy, well in truth Val was I was being ignored by them when a car pulled up and two very well dressed black men got out. Eddy went to greet then and then introduced first Val and then me to them, Amo had appeared with drinks and said dinner was now ready.
Val waved our guests towards the dining room but they in turn waved Val forward, Eddy then appeared at my side just as I was about to join my wife, which resulted in our guests following Val in then Eddy and I, these men sat either side of Val who sat at one end of the table me at the other. The meal was fantastic as always and the wine flowed freely, as the time for desert arrived Eddy turned to me and said he needed to talk to me urgently outside. I was now a little pissed due to the amount of wine I’d consumed and at the attitude of Val, Eddy and our guests.
Not wanting to make a scene I went outside, as soon as we were on the porch Eddy turned to me and grabbed at my throat, his white teeth bared he whispered that what happened next I was not to interfere with or there would be trouble. I was shaking as he turned and re-entered the house.
After I’d stopped shaking I went back to the dining room Val was sat on one of the guest’s knee her dress opened exposing her breasts, who was mauling them as the other guest was kissing her. The table had been cleared and Val was soon lifted onto the table; it was obvious that not only was she braless she was also knickerless. Her pussy freshly shaven visible to these 2 big black men, they didn’t bother looking in my direction but removed their trousers to reveal two very large cocks that were already growing.
One moved between my wife’s spread legs the other moved towards her head, she grasped his cock without being told and was soon sucking on it. I stood in shock as I witnessed my wife taking his whole length with such gusto. The other men had now fed his cock into her pussy and by the squelching noise coming from them it was evident how wet and turned on she was.
Neither of the men said a word and when they’d cum in my wife’s unprotected hole they swopped and fucked her again, Val was moaning loudly with each thrust she received and when both men had finished they put their trousers back on and left. Val was left on the table cum oozing from her cunt and mouth, she looked completely wasted.
As I approached her Eddy went up to her dropping his trousers and inserted her cock into her stretched pussy and began pounding away like I’d seen earlier. Looking at me he smiled and told me that she was his woman now and that I was not to touch her without his permission and to move my things into the guest room. I left him fucking my wife and did as I’d been told.
That night I heard him fuck her over and over; in the morning Val came to me and said that she was sorry but we couldn’t leave and to make the best of it for the time left of my contract.

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wow black men on white women , what a turn on. now they have to train the husband to suck them clean. next comes the daughter for a 3 some with black cocks


2012-10-03 14:38:21
Need to write third chapter

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Kill those niggers man


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Val i a botch a should be shot those black dudes should be burned

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