A love story about a couple of workers being in love
Grocery Store Romance

This is a love story about a couple of workers being in love.

Early Friday morning in the middle of February, Jennifer is laying in bed, sleeping peacefully until her alarm clock starts going off.


Jennifer wakes up and groans “Come on! I was having a great dream!”

She gets up from her bed, wearing a tank top and pajama pants and turn off her alarm clock. She was not looking forward for work because of the snow and the cold.

“Ugh, I hate this shit. Why do I have to work today?” she says as she walks into her bathroom, turning on the shower.

She strips nude (Here’s Jennifer’s stats: she’s 23, 5’1”, 110lbs with medium to long red hair, her breast are 36b, her ass is big and firm and wears glasses. The down side, her face isn‘t that good looking, she has pimples, red bumps and zit on majority of her of her forehead and some around her chin. She‘s been called butter face by a lot of people.) then hops into the shower. As she is cleaning herself, she rubs her nipples with her left hand and her clit with her right and she goes back to dreaming of both her and Brad making passionate love. Jennifer has a huge crush on Brad, who happens to be her co-worker at her local grocery store that she works at as a cashier. A job that she dreads the most almost every weeks but what makes her day better is when Brad is working there at the same time despites the fact that sometimes he may leave before her shift’s end or the other way around with her shift’s ending before his.

Jennifer gets into her car and drives to work, listening to music on her iPod that’s connected to the radio. She gets there on time and as she walks in, she sees Brad putting up oranges on the table. Not paying attention, she walks into a table, knocking it over and making a mess. She gasped and notice that Brad is coming over, she starts to feel humiliated.

“Fuck!” as she whisper and tried to walk away only to be stopped by her boss.

“Jennifer, why did you walk into the ta…” the boss, Mr. Richardson, said before Brad interrupting him.

“Sir, it’s okay. She didn’t mean to walk into the table. I can take care of it and have the area clean in 5 minutes.” Brad walks away to get the broom and dust pan and when he returned, he sees Jennifer is still standing there.

“Jennifer? Are you okay?” Brad asked.

“, I’m okay. I’m sor…” Brad interrupts Jennifer before she could finish her apology.
He looks at her and says “It’s okay, it’s not your fault. Beside this isn’t the first time this happen silly. I’ve had plenty of customers walking into this piece of shit and having it knocked over” Brad laughs a little as Jennifer follows.
Jennifer laughs then stop and says “Okay, um are you sure? I mean I really am sorry.”
Brad looks at her with a little smile and responds “Yes, it is okay. I don’t mind it anyways. Now I’m sure you have to go to work so I’ll let you go and start working. Have fun.”
“Yeah…I’ll try” Jennifer said walking away. As she walks away, she starts smiling.
She thoughts “Oh my god! He smiled at me!” She then clocks in and starts her day.
She groans and says “God I hope this day ends quickly…”

1:30 in the afternoon, Jennifer is swiping merchandise for an elderly customer as she takes out her card. Jennifer waits as the customer swipes the card and the receipt to get printed. She hands the receipt to the old lady and told her to have a good day. Checking out the time, she sighs and told her boss that she’s going on break. The boss nods and Jennifer turns off the light of her lane. Just as she was about to walk away, a man asked if she has time for one more. She recognized the voice and turned to see that Brad is leaving for the day.

“Um yeah, I can check you out…err I mean cash you out” Jennifer blushes as she feels embarrassed.

“It’s okay, happens all the time, right?” Brad ask as he puts down food and a magazine.
Jennifer, still standing there with her head down, Brad asks her if she’s okay only to hear her say “Mmhmm”. Jennifer turns and proceeds to cash out Brad’s things and bagging them. Brad looks at her with a curious look on his face.

“I’m guessing I’m your first, right?” Brad asks as he sees Jennifer raise her eyes at him and quietly answers yes to him.

“Ha, Jennifer, it’s okay, I understand what’s going on.” Jennifer looks at Brad, shocked.

“You do? Oh god…I’m so” Brad interrupts again.

“Yeah, you’re just having a bad day. Probably from knocking over that table which I told you that it’s okay.”

Jennifer responds “Yeah, you’re right, it’s just bad today. Um here’s your receipt and um have a good day, I guess?”

Jennifer then logs off of her cash register and turns to see Brad writing something on the receipt and hands it to her.

“My number and name on Facebook, hit me up tonight…if you want.” Brad says as he hands her the paper.
Jennifer, confused takes the paper and says sure. Brad then leaves saying have a good day to everyone he walks by. Jennifer slowly opens the paper and see the number and his name. She walks to the clock and clocks out for her last break of the day.

Later that day, she arrives home and go straight to her room and plops on her bed.

“Oh…my…GOD! He gave me his number and his name for Facebook” She reads the number and his name. Brad’s real name is Brad Jordan. She smiles and thought it’s a cute name. She sets her note and glasses on the night stands and takes a nap. A short while later she wakes up from her nap and when she saw that she is still in her uniform, she gets up and changes into her tank top and pajama pants. She questions herself on where she has put her glasses and when she finds them, she also found the paper.

“Hmm…should I really find him on Facebook?” Jennifer asked herself. She finds her lap top and logs on to Facebook and types in “Brad Jordan” in the search bar and the first profile that pops up is his. Jennifer gasps and says “Oh my god…he is so sexy in that picture!” The picture was of Brad at a beach wearing a black tank top and yellow swim trunks. Jennifer also notices that Brad has a couple of tattoos, one on his left shoulder and the other on his right arm. She then clicks on “Add Friend” and waits. While waiting, she gets hungry so she gets up from bed and went into the kitchen. A few minutes later she goes back on to her bed with leftover from last night and notice that she has one notification. She clicks on it then proceed to scream and put her hands on her mouth as she notice that Brad has accepted her friend request.

“Oh my god…I’m friends with him on FB, holy shit” she says while she’s laughing in happiness then she hears a blip. Confused, she looked at the screen and sees that Brad has sent her a message.

Brad: Hey.

She starts thinking on what to say to him and then hits herself in the head. “Duh, you say Hi back Jennifer.” She types “Hi” and sent it to him. She then waits for him to message her back and eats her food. Just as she was about to take her first bite, Brad responded.

Brad: What’s up?
Jennifer: Nothing much, just eating my food.
Brad: Ah, should I let you go so you can eat?

Jennifer freaks out and types “NO, PLEASE DON’T!” but then delete that message and simply says “No you’re okay. I can eat and talk at the same time.”

Brad: Okay, if you say so. :P
Jennifer: Lol (:
Brad: How was work?
Jennifer: UGH! Bad, first I embarrassed myself by walking into that table and saying “check you out” to you when I meant “cash you out”. What about you?
Brad: Bad also. I hate going in at 5 in the morning and to see that the shipping team decides not to clean up the big mess that I walked in. I was pissed -_-
Jennifer: Holy shit, you went at five?! What time did you get up?
Brad: 4. It takes about 10 to get ready, 5 for the dog to do his business and 20 to get there. I saw you coming in at around 6:50, 7 to 3 shift?
Jennifer: Yeah…I hate being a cashier but I’m sure your job is worst, right?
Brad: Yep! At least you don’t have to deal with people dropping things like tomatoes and watermelons, making a huge mess that Ted, Rick or I have to clean up and we get bitched at a lot. I’m sure you’ve seen some customers bitch at me quite a few time, yes?
Jennifer: I have…I feel bad for you about that part. I think all customers are rude. Don’t you think?
Brad: Yeah, but can we talk about something else other than work? I want to spend the rest of the day without worrying about work or thinking about it. How does that sound to you?

Jennifer responded “Yeah that sounds good”. After she sent it, she starts scrambling in her mind on what to talk about, hoping that Brad would come up with a subject. A blip is heard and she looks at the screen.

Brad: How about we ask questions? I’d like to know you a little better (:
Jennifer: Um..sure? But you ask first!

Brad agrees to it and they both start asking questions such as favorite color, favorite TV show, movies, video games and books. Every questions were casual until Brad ask Jennifer a big question.

Brad: Would you like to be my partner for bowling tomorrow night?

Jennifer freezes and thinks “He wants ME to be his bowling partner?!” still shocked by the question, Brad asked if she was there.

Jennifer: I’m here. Um…why me?
Brad: Because I think you would be fun to hang out with for bowling, we’ll go there, have fun and I’ll take you home, how that sounds?
Jennifer: Um…I guess I can go but I’m terrible at it ):
Brad: It’s fine, no one is perfect. So it’s a yes?
Jennifer: Um…yeah I’ll go. Promise not to laugh at me?
Brad: I won’t laugh at you, okay? (:
Jennifer: Yeah I guess, I have to get off. I gotta babysit my cousin’s baby tonight. Talk to you later.
Brad: Alright, make sure you text me, alright?
Jennifer: Yes, I will. Bye.
Brad: See ya later.

Jennifer logs off of Facebook and cannot stop smiling about Saturday. She then stops smiling as she hears her cousin pulling into the driveway.

“Well that’s a mood killer right there, time to get to work” Jennifer says as she sighs and walks to the door to let her cousin in with her 6 month old baby. After her cousin left, Jennifer and the baby starts playing around to the point where the baby would pass out to sleep. When she sees the baby is sleeping, she puts him in the crib and takes out her phone and texts Brad. Waiting impatiently she receives a text from him saying “Do you have any idea what time it is?” Jennifer looks at the clock and saw that it’s 11 at night. Jennifer freaks and replied saying she’s sorry, she never notice the time. I’ll talk to you tomorrow then. She sets her phone down and called herself an idiot then a few seconds later, her phone vibrates and she checks it. It was another text message from Brad.

Brad J: It’s coo, I can’t sleep anyways :P
Jennifer: Oh lol. Well I’m still sorry though
Brad J: Why are you always sorry? It’s okay anyways and beside I have been waiting for a text from you
Jennifer: I’ve always been like that since I was a little girl, pathetic right? Really?
Brad J: Not really, you’re just being nice, that’s all and yes. Do you know why I gave you those infos?
Jennifer: I like being nice and the answer to that last question is I believe you did it so you can ask me to be your bowling partner even though I suck at it?
Brad J: Me too and no…ha
Jennifer: Oh then why did you?
Brad J: I…um kinda like you. I think you’re a cute girl and you have a nice personality.
Jennifer: LOL HAHAHAHA you are obviously joking, right?
Brad J: No, I’m serious.

Jennifer sets her phone down after reading the last message. “He thinks I’m cute AND he likes me? Oh my god, I have to be in a dream, there is no way that he could like me.” Jennifer is having a mini panic attack, her crush actually likes her, and she couldn’t believe it. She can’t believe it so she gets her phone and ask him if he’s, for real, being serious. Few seconds afterward, phone vibrates again and it’s another message from Brad.

Brad J: Yes I’m serious. I have a question for you.
Jennifer: Um..yes?
Brad J: Where do you live? I’m picking you up to go bowling tomorrow with the other guys.
Jennifer: Um…other guys? Who do you mean by those?
Brad J: The co-workers that work up front.
Jennifer: Oh god no, they don’t like me, they’ll just tell you to find another partner, I’m not going there if they are there.
Brad J: Oh come on, why do you say that they don’t like you?
Jennifer: Brad, you don’t understand, they DON’T like me.
Brad J: Why do you say that?
Jennifer: They pick on me…): they call me names and they do mean stuff.
Brad J: Like what? What do they call you? What do they do?
Jennifer: They call me butter face, ugly girl and they always mess with my stuffs.
Brad J: Have you asked them to stop?
Jennifer: Yes but they won’t listen…
Brad J: I’ll talk to them about it, okay?
Jennifer: NO! It’ll make things worst
Brad J: No it won’t. Have you told the boss?
Jennifer: Yeah but he doesn’t care about us, all he cares about is making money
Brad J: That’s true. Well we’ll see what happens tomorrow night, okay? I’m going to sleep cause I have to work tomorrow, luckily a 4 hours shift. Night
Jennifer: Night, sweet dream.

Jennifer sets her phone down and connects it to the charger then went to the living room to see if her cousin’s baby is okay. A couple minutes later, her cousin arrived to pick up her baby and thanks Jennifer for watching her for the night and leaves. Jennifer walks to her room and lays on her bed. She’s thoughtless for a few then starts thinking about how tomorrow night could go either right or wrong. She shrugs and says “I’ll worry about it tomorrow.” Closes her eyes and sleeps the night away.


Jennifer wakes up and slams the clock to disable the alarm. “SHUT UP! I’M UP ALREADY! GOD DAMN!” She stretches then gets up to go to her closet decide what she wants to wear to bowling. She asks “Hmm….what would make me look more appealing to him?” She grabs variety of clothes and within a half an hour she finds the perfect designer shirt and pants. She goes to her mirror and holds the clothes to her body and admires the look of herself when she then realizes that she needs the perfect bra and panties for her out so she drops the clothes on her bed and open her drawers only to find that most of her bras and panties are just plain solid color. “Damn…I need to buy some new ones.”

She gets changed, hops into her car and to the mall which where Victoria Secrets is. Nervous she walks in and starts looking at bras and panties when a clerk walked up to her and asks “Is there I can help you with?” Jennifer jumps then laugh nervously saying “Um...I’m looking for something sexy to wear for my boyfriend tonight, you know what I mean?” then thinks “Why did I say boyfriend?! Brad is just a date” The clerks laughs and says “Sweetie, you’re in the wrong section. Come on, I’ll show you something that make your boyfriend very horny” the clerk grabs Jennifer’s hand and shows her the bras and panties that will match Jennifer’s outfit for the night. She purchases them and thanks the clerk as she leaves and goes back home to get ready for the night.

Jennifer showers and dries off as she hears her phone shaking, she goes to get it and it’s a text message from Brad that reads “Hello, just wondering where you live because you still haven’t given me your address, silly :P” Jennifer replies saying that she can drive to the alley, puts down the phone and put on her new dark red lace bra and thongs then as she puts on her pants, her phones shakes and it’s another message from Brad asking her where she lives because he doesn’t want her wasting gas money driving to bowling then back. Jennifer sighs and responds “Wouldn’t you be doing the same but, driving from your place to mine to bowling then back to mine and you?”

Brad J: Yeah but I don’t care. What is your address?
Jennifer: Are you sure?
Brad J: Yes.
Jennifer: Okay, I live on 546 Elm street
Brad J: Really? I live on 398 haha

Jennifer drops her phone. “Oh my god…he’s my neighbor?!” She picks her phone up and ask “Do you own an old car with a loud motor?” She finish putting her clothes and starts applying makeup on her face while she waits for Brad to respond. As she puts her things away and turns off the light, she hears the same sounds that she hears almost every morning around 4:30. Her phone shakes once again and she opens it with a message from Brad saying “Does that answer your question?” as she tries to respond to the text, she hears a knock coming from her front door. “Oh my I’ll be right there.” She puts on her shoes and goes to the door. She takes a deep breath and opens the door.

“Hey, you look beautiful.” Brad said while he looks at Jennifer. “Oh stop, you know I’m not beautiful.” she replied as Brad protest her statement. “Come on, why you have to keep putting yourself down, accept it for once, will ya? Jennifer frowns then puts her head down, Brad lift her heads up and says “Smile and lets have fun, shall we?” Jennifer smiles and little and answer “Sure I guess”. Brad takes Jennifer hands and takes her to his car which happens to be a 1968 Shelby with a V8 engine. “Sorry for waking you up at 430 every time I have to be there at 5.” She hits Brad and says “Well why do you have to live on this street?” Brad sighs “It’s the cheapest house I could find…I got kicked out of my parents’ house.” They get in the car and Brad starts it up. “How come?” Jennifer asks. “He sighs and says he doesn’t want to talk about it. Let’s go have some fun, eh?” Jennifer nods they goes to the alley. They arrives and Jennifer gets nervous, breathing fast and panting. Brad asks “What’s wrong? Are you worried what they might say to you?” Jennifer looks at Brad “YES! They might make fun of me to the point where I don’t want to live anymore!” Brad looks at her and puts his index finger over her lips “Calm down, I’ll make sure they won’t do any of that, okay?” She nods and get of the car to go in the alley. As they two walks in, their co-workers notices Brad and Jennifer only to laugh at him for having Jennifer as his partner.

“YOUR PARTNER IS BUTTERFACE?! AH HAHAHAHA!” One of their co-worker said while pointing at Jennifer. She runs out walks home. “Really guys?” Brad asks as his coworkers are still laughing. The same co-worker then says “Yes! We do it all the time, she is ug-OWW! FUCK!” Brad punched the co-worker in the jaw and walks out looks for Jennifer. Walking along the road and crying, Jennifer wishes that she never said yes to Brad. She continue to walk as she hears his car come close to her, she stops and turn around and sees Brad looking on the street trying to find Jennifer.
Jennifer shouts “I’m over here!” waving her arms as Brad drives closer to her and let her in the car.

“Well looks like I’m in my car for a while” Brad says as he’s still pissed at his co-worker for his remarks on Jennifer. Confused, she asked “What do you mean?” Brad looks at her and answers “I broke his jaw, I’m gonna get fired tomorrow…but I don’t regret it, I hated that douche bag and wanted to punch him.” Brad smiles at the thought of breaking the douche’s jaw and laughs. “Well, guess I’ll take you home. Alright?” Jennifer nods “You can come in though, why end the night soon?” Jennifer said as she puts her hand on Brad’s. “Sure, let’s go to your place.” Brad says as he drives away.

Just as Brad was about to pull into Jennifer’s driveway, Jennifer starts to freak out. “Oh my god! You can’t come in! I’m sorry!” Brad tries to calm her down “Jennifer! What is wrong?” Jennifer tries to calm down but can’t “My house is a mess Brad. I’m sorry but I don’t want you to see it.” Brad calms her down once more and says “It’s okay, beside I don’t care if it’s a mess, my house barely has anything in it. Please, can we continue our “date”?” Jennifer looks at Brad, laughs and says “We’re on a date? I thought you wanted me to be your partner?” Brad opens the car door and says “True but I consider this a date now, come on, let’s go in.” “Okay” was all Jennifer could say before she was let out by Brad. Together, the two walk up to Jennifer’s door step as she unlocks the door. “Well…welcome to my house?” Jennifer said nervously as she walks in and turn on the lights to the place. She clears her throat and asks “Well what you want to do?” Brad sits on the couch with a confused look. “I don’t know, movie I guess?” “Um…sure, here.” She grabs the movie collections and tosses it to him. “I’ll go get us something to drink, okay?” Brad answers her as he is going through the collections, deciding on which one he thinks both he and her would like to watch together. Jennifer comes back in with 2 glasses and a wine bottle “Pick anything yet?” Brad looks at her and shakes his head “Don’t worry, there’s a movie in the DVD that I haven’t finished watching, we could watch it if you’d like.” Jennifer sits down, hands Brad a glass and pour some wine into his and hers and each took a sip. “Well, what are you waiting for? Play the movie” Jennifer said as she’s looking at Brad. “Oh, gimme a second” Brad turns on both the TV and DVD and plays the movie.

An hour into the movie, with both glasses nearly empty, Brad and Jennifer moved closer to the point where Brad has his arm around Jennifer’s while her head rests on his chest. She slowly drift away from reality for a bit, her eyes closed, her ears on his chest and can hear Brad’s heartbeat, not paying attention where she puts her hands on, she sets it on Brad’s lap, inches from his dick. She became alert and starts apologizing to Brad “I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to put it there Brad, I wasn’t paying attention at all”, Brad calms her down. “Jennifer” he grabs both her hands “It’s okay, it happens all the time” Brad said looking into her eyes “God you’re beautiful” he moves in closer and lightly kiss Jennifer on her lips and pulls away quickly. “Um...ha, I’m…sorry for that” Jennifer moves her hand to his face, looks in to his eyes and says “Kiss me and don’t fucking stop!” Brad moves toward her face and kisses her lips passionately, Jennifer gets up, pulls Brad from the couch and takes him to her room, once in there she pushes Brad onto her bed and jumps on top of him and start making out like a crazy couple would. Moaning, Jennifer pulls away and says “I fucking love you”, Brad responded “I know baby” He goes back to kissing Jennifer and while he does that he unbuttons his shirt. Jennifer sits up and helps him out, she tries to pull her shirt off, Brad takes it off and stops. Jennifer ask him whats wrong only to hear Brad says that her bra is fucking sexy and he snaps it off. Jennifer pulls Brad back on her and they continue to make out, both of them plays with each other’s tongue. Brad slowly pulls away, licks Jennifer’s lips and kisses her chin, he moves down further kissing her neck then her breast. She moans as he kisses her already hard nipple then slowly sucking on it for a few minutes. He moves to the other nipple and starts doing the same thing, Jennifer is moaning so hard, she starts to get wet. Brad moves down further, kissing her belly. He stops at her belt and looks at Jennifer, Jennifer nods, begging Brad to take off her pants. He undoes her belt, unbuttons her pants then pulls them off, he looks at her thong and notices that it’s wet. Brad smiles and says “Someone is wet” Jennifer responded “Just fucking eat me!” Brad goes down on her and sniff her wet thong. “God you smell good” then kisses it, he moves to her left leg and kissed her thigh and works his way up to her foot then he to her right foot and work his way down and kisses her pussy. He then moves the thong aside and slowly lick Jennifer’s pussy from the bottom and up toward her clitoris.

“OH MY GOD!” Jennifer said as she moans loud as Brad eats her out, he adds a finger in her pussy, finger fucking Jennifer as it made her yelp and moans louder.

“OH Brad! DON’T STOP, PLEASE DON’T STOP!!!” Jennifer screamed as Brad goes faster. He stops and pulls Jennifer’s thong off quickly then gets back to eat Jennifer out, he wraps his arm around Jennifer’s legs so she doesn’t buck too much as she is moaning and going crazy as she is getting eaten out.

“OH Brad! OH MY GOD, I’M COMING CUM!” Jennifer said as Brad keeps eating her, going faster Jennifer screams so loud as she starts cumming into Brad’s mouth. Brad starts swallowing all of Jennifer’s cum until she stops cumming. Panting, Jennifer sighs and smiles, Brad wipes his face, slides up to Jennifer, kisses her lips and lays next to her as Jennifer is shivering with pleasure and satisfaction.

“Mm….you are so good.” Jennifer said as she kisses Brad’s cheek. Brad looks at her and thanks her. He puts his arm around Jennifer and closes his eye. Minutes goes by, Brad opens his eyes and looks down to see Jennifer’s hand slowly sliding into his pant. He turns to Jennifer’s face and says “Go ahead babe.” Jennifer slides her in completely and feels Brad’s hard cock. She slides her from the base to the tip and amaze by how long it is. She moves down to Brad’s pant and undo his belt and pants, she pulls them down and stuck her hand in his boxer. She pulls out his cock and is amaze by how big it is. Brad’s cock is 9 inches long and very thick.

“SHIT THAT’S HUGE! Bigger than I thought.” Jennifer said still shocked. Brad asks “Bigger than you thought? How long you think I was?” Jennifer answers “7 inches…sorry”

“Ha, well it looks like I gave you 2 more inches, sweetheart” Brad said and smiles. “Well it’s not my fault you were in my dreams” Jennifer replied as she lowers her head and kisses the tip of Brad’s cock, Brad moans. Jennifer giggles as she opens her mouth and begin to suck. Brad moans loud as tries to take off his pants to move his legs wider for Jennifer to get comfortable as she suck his cock.

Jennifer, jerking and bobbing her head on his cock, moans as she rubs herself, she stops looks at Brad and says “I want you to fuck me.” Brad looks at her and smiles.

“Then ride me, babe.”

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