James is hard at work.

As a college student, James Isaac Farlow needed to find a job that was flexible enough for his classes and would allow him time to study. Many of the students were hired in the fast food industry, allowing them to work in the evening while attending classes through the day. Flipping burgers just didn’t appeal to him. A cook he was definitely not.

James sought work from the local newspaper when he first arrived and anything but greasy spoons would do. He came across an ad which simply said, ‘Drivers Wanted’ with contact information. Since no requirements where listed, James decided to contact the company. It turned out that it was for a limousine company and they were looking for part time drivers. His driving instructor in High School was a coach that won the election for sheriff. This education made James a very good driver. James was hired for his good looks, driving record, and his name. ‘Home James.’ was the popular order given by his clients and it wasn’t long before he knew the city and its night life. Even clients would call in to request him.

James had wounded up at a university with friends from his high school. One in particular was his best friend, Mike Goodman. Mike called James by his pet name granted by the fellow students of his school, Jif, derived from his initials. Since they were close, it was worked out that they should room together. It worked out pretty well for them both. They hardly seen each other since Mike worked at a restaurant that closed at midnight and James worked till the bars closed after 2 am.

Their jobs had some of the same assets. Mike received tips and so did James. They’d compare often to see who was getting the better tips. James had a guaranteed 15% on every trip he ran, Mike’s tips varied. There was the occasional good tipper for each but James won overall.

Girls were a luxury James just didn’t have time for. Any relief he would have would have to come from himself. Although he had opportunities, he never took the steps to go further. Not because he didn’t want to, he just had no time for the relationship. Sure, he could have had a series of one night stands but it would either interfere with his work or classes or the other partners. In James’ mind, jump ‘em, hump ‘em, and dump ‘em was the wrong approach to women.

Mike had no moral issues regarding his relationships. Any port in the storm seemed to be his motto. James liked Mike but opposed his treatment of women, often telling him that you get what you give. Other than Mike’s gigolo lifestyle, James found him supportive and fun to be around. Their interests crossed with games and gadgets. They were best friends afterall.

Chapter 1

Weddings suck period. The groom is usually tipsy at best and the bride-to-be is always frantic. It’s like they bring an extra-large sack of stress with them and dump it all over the driver. They normally run later than planned and it becomes a rush job getting them to the church, reception, or final destination like a hotel or airport on time.

This wedding was no exception. The bride had forgotten her veil and needed to go back to her parent’s house to get it. As a driver, James had to consider safety above urgency and sometimes the client loses to it. James would bend the law into a pretzel trying to accommodate a client but he sure wouldn’t break that law into pieces. His license was his money maker after all.

“Driver, you’ve got to hurry!” the bride called from the backseat of the large limousine, waiting at a red light James was going to go straight at.

“I understand ma’am. I’m going as fast as traffic allows.” not mentioning the fact that the girl was a half hour late coming out to begin with.

“It isn’t fast enough! Can’t you just turn your hazards on and run it?” she stated with a huff. A woman used to getting her way, a simple low life driver wasn’t going to control her destiny.

“I’m sure the police wouldn’t think your situation is an emergency.” James replied, knowing his comment would fall on deaf ears.

“It’s an emergency to me! My life is depending on this wedding!” the bride frantically yelled, trying to force her problems on the unreasonable chauffeur.

There’s nothing James could think of to convince the queen in the back that recklessly flying through the streets of the city for a veil she should have gotten in the half hour extra she took getting out in the beginning was worth the risk of life and ticket to him. So, with the tolerance of Job, he said nothing.

Pulling into her mother’s home, the bride didn’t wait for the luxury vehicle to stop, opening her door as it pulled in. James stopped as quickly as possible without tossing the girl into the street. How would that look? Bride hospitalized from limo tracks and door bruises.

After she was safe, James finished pulling into the driveway. Putting the vehicle in park, he drummed his fingers on the steering wheel for a few seconds, waiting for the white ball of frenzy to return. He thought about getting out and opening the good lady’s door for her but thought she would be upset at the time wasted in doing so.

Within a minute, the frantic bride-to-be emerged with veil in hand and a look of urgency on her face. Opening the door herself, she threw herself in and yelled, “Go!”

“Yes ma’am, you did get your garter, correct?” James thought to ask. Wouldn’t it suck to come back before the reception to get it?

“Fuuuuuck!” and out she blew again. Another minute and she was back in.

“Bouquet?” James asked, and the back door slammed so hard, it made the stretch rock. Her speed had slowed in her departure, mainly due to the fit she was having on her way back into the house.

Another minute and the white ball of fire emerged with flowers in her hand. This time, she didn’t climb in the back but opened the passenger door in the front.

“Anything else you can think of?” she asked James with a daring look in her eyes.

“Valium?” James grinned.

She shushed him, “I’m not that bad!” after letting out a sigh, “Get me to the church please. Oh, and the photographer wants to capture as much as possible. Make sure you follow his lead.”

James backed out and sped down the street. Cop stopping the stop signs in the community, he turned onto the major road leading to the church.

“Good to see a woman so in love with a man that she can’t wait to marry him.” James teased. It seemed to him that if the guy loved her so much, he wouldn’t care about waiting another ten minutes to marry her.

Thinking a moment, she started “Well, he is the son of Wilson Holdings and destined to go far.”

“Ah, you fell in love with a well off man.” James asserted. “I’m glad he loves you back.” betting that was wrong.

The ride back to the church was just as quick as leaving it. James dropped the bride off in the back of the church and pulled around the front. Parking it right between the double doors where the new couple should come out. James pulled the Champaign out, placed it in the ice bucket and poured ice around it. Putting the bucket into the centerpiece, he straddled it over the hump in the middle.

Champaign was chilling, the back cleaned of any debris, ice filling the coolers on the sides, and a just married sign on the back were all in place. James stood by the side door waiting for the couple to come out.

The bride’s father had spared no expense and a photographer was present. James could see the equipment and photographer when the doors opened to let a guest in or out. It would be a long wait for James. Pictures take the longest time. It is usually the number one reason newlyweds run behind getting to the reception.

James considered his job was to stand there and look pretty. Instead of reading a book or browsing the web on his phone, he stood by the back door. Mothers with crying children stepped out to soothe their child then walk back in. This is why James didn’t move from the side door. People coming out saw the stretch limousine first and the chauffeur second. James never chanced someone seeing him slacking off.

It was a risk to stand there. People would ask him questions that sometimes couldn’t be answered. “What time will they be out?”, “Where’s the bathroom?” and “Where’s the reception?” were popular questions James tried to know the answers to. He always tried to get a pamphlet to at least know the bride and groom’s name and a guess at the times. When they would be out was anyone’s guess though. Usually, if the photographer can get a decent picture of the flower girl, it might be quick. But whose fault is it the bride picked a three year old for a flower girl? Perhaps if the child wasn’t one big burning ball of energy, she might hold still long enough to capture the lifelong event.

Finally, the doors burst open to the chapel and ushers pinned them back. The crowd stampeded out and some gathered on the steps while others hustled to their cars. James was in luck. The photographer was coming out. This means he was ready for the couple to come out and allow him to get pictures of the bird seed and bubbles soon to be dumped on them. Some photographers will take pictures of the family before the wedding, others waited till after.

The bride and groom alerted the photographer and he readied for the memorable exit. Strolling down the steps, the flashes of the photographer and guests flicker on the happy couple. Making their way to the limousine door, James did his customary bow and opened the door.

The photographer stopped them to take pictures at the limousine door, then while they’re sitting, then through the partition in the front seat. Finally, the photographer finished his professional service there. Scrambling back out of the limo, he asked James to follow him so he could be there when the stretch arrived.

While in route, the bride decided to raise the divider, blocking the view from the front with a heavy tint. This limits James’ view and he is forced to utilize the side mirrors, completely ignoring the rear view mirror as there was no way to see out of it anyway.

The hapless photographer made a wrong turn and James knew better. Turning the right way at the corner slowly, he made sure to catch the light. The photographer caught up to the stretch and pulls in front once more.

The ride to the reception was uneventful. James saw the photographer running to the entrance and jump in front of the crowd that awaited the newlyweds. Fumbling with the camera, he was soon set to go.

James walked around the back side of the stretch and prepared to open the door. Once the photographer gave the go-ahead, James opened it up wide.

A yelp came out first and then the bride. She fell out backwards mostly naked, catching the door jam with her knees. Dangling for a moment upside down while the photographer and crowd snapped away, her breasts swayed with the cups of her bra tucked underneath and naked from there on. The new husband covered his fly and gasped from being denied the sheath his cock was going in.

Apparently, the newlyweds couldn’t wait to consummate their wedding and instead of settling for kisses, the bride decided to let him have her. James, ever the gentleman, picked her up by the back of her neck and threw her into the limo; a “What the fuck!” screamed from her mouth as James slammed the door.

Looking at the crowd, James couldn’t help but say to the crowd, “There’s a photo for the album!”

The crowd cheered and laughed while they waited for the bride to be presentable. Once the knock sounded on the window, James opened the door again. A blushing bride emerged with her blushing husband and another cheer roared from the crowd.

James’ boring part of the wedding was over. Now comes the thrilling part of defending the limo from drunks and children, cleaning the spilled messes and Champaign from the back, and playing his roll by the door. Checking the Champaign, he noticed it wasn’t even touched.

Usually, guests would come out to smoke and chit chat with James, asking the usual, “Can I see inside?” and other such questions. This reception was a little different.

The first announcement coming across the P.A. wasn’t welcoming the guest nor inviting the guests to enjoy the open bar. No, the first announcement was, “Would the people who took pictures of the bride in the limo outside please delete them, thank you.”

The older gentleman that made the announcement was soon standing in front of James. It was James’ assessment that the man was the bride’s father, Mr. Wilson.

“What made you open the door!” was his first question.

“Sir, the bride had the partition up and I was unable to see that she was not appropriate for departure.” James stated. “I followed her instructions of doing what the photographer said.”

“You should have known something was going on!” getting louder.

“I understand you’re upset, however, I had no control of it. The photographer was coordinating the event and I opened it on his command.” How do you tell a father you just let every family member and friend see his daughter’s tits and pussy? You don’t. “The limousine is a 17 inch stretch, it is designed to have a smooth and quiet ride, the partition is designed to keep out sound, and they would have had to make some serious movement or noise for me to even guess they were… occupied.”

With a huff, the father of the bride opened the front passenger door. Just as James said, the partition was still up. Placing his hands over the glass to block out the glare, he stared for a few seconds. Giving up, he stepped back out.

“How are you supposed to see and hear anything with that up!” he demanded to know.

“The limousine has a P.A. system. The phone rests on the hook by the bar.” James informed him. “The side mirrors are used while driving, just as in commercial trucks.”

“And neither one of them told you they weren’t ready?” sounding incredulous.

“No sir, they never mentioned to me about their… plans.” James honestly told him.

Fuming, the father of the bride stormed off. It must be hard to not find anyone other than his daughter to blame.

Karma. James saw it over and over. It’s one of the reasons he didn’t do one night stands. However, though his tip had probably disappeared, the consolation prize of the bride’s jiggling breasts and spread eagle pussy would help him on his next self-service.

The end of the evening was finally upon James. As the last of the celebrators walked or stumbled out, he pulled the limo back to the front door.

Opening the door, the bride and groom entered followed by all the brides’ maids. James helped them with their dresses. Nothing good ever comes out of a dress hanging out of a car door.

James was instructed to drop the bride and groom off at the five-star hotel they were spending the night at. They were headed on a cruise the following day.

Opening the door for the bride and groom, the newly wedded woman instructed James to take her party home, allow the girls to do whatever they wanted, and make sure they stayed safe.

It was easier said than done. Grabbing a pen and notebook, James had it passed around so each could write down their address. Pulling out a map, he quickly came up with a route.

Six girls partied in the back as James headed for the first stop. He had to close the top so the girls wouldn’t fall out of it. None looked sober enough to use good judgment and hung out waving and flashing cars and pedestrians.

Dropping off the first, the second stop was close and James was there in minutes.

“Who’s next?” one asked. Which one asked, James didn’t know. Looking at his list and the map, He decided that Cedar was the closest. “Cedar Avenue” he answered.

“No, don’t drop me off till last.” said a brunette in the middle.

Skipping that address, “Brittany trail?” he asked.

“That’s fine.” the red head on the right stated.

The girls began doing what all of them do, whispering among themselves. James was restricted to discuss anything said in a vehicle with anyone else. It’s unethical for one and bad business for another. But he didn’t expect his clients to know that.

Pulling at the red head’s home, James did his usual of helping her out. After five minutes of saying her good byes, James helped her to the door, just like he did with the other two. At 2 am, you couldn’t stop James from doing that. There wasn’t going to be anything bad happening on his watch. The women would all get home safely.

“Carpenter’s Creek?” he asked, getting back in. One of the girls moved to the seat behind him. It being dark, he wasn’t sure which one. “Yes, it’s a confusing drive. I’ll direct you.”

James thought himself an expert but the customer is always right. He listened to her instructions and let her take the route she wanted.

“How long you been a limo driver?” she asked. Nobody seemed to use the word ‘chauffeur’ anymore.

“A little over a year, ma’am.” he replied. Sometimes people ask that to see if he was experienced enough to transport them. Mostly, it’s asked to start small talk.

“Wow its late.” looking at her watch, “Is your girlfriend going to be mad for you being out so late?”

She had obviously checked his ring finger. “I don’t have a girlfriend.” was all he could say, he wanted to focus on his driving.

“Why? What’s wrong with you?” she asked.

James had class and knew how to use it. “Girlfriends are golden treasures I can’t afford.” he replied.

“Bah, you should make good money driving a car like this!” was her reasoning.

“The money isn’t a problem. I just can’t afford the time.” trying to explain he continued, “I go to college too.”

“What? Any girl should be willing to wait for a man that looks as good as you.” she prodded.

“It wouldn’t be the girl to blame. I don’t want to commit to a relationship I couldn’t put my attention into.” James explained. “It just wouldn’t be fair to her.”

“Ah, but love always finds a way.” she reasoned. “You just haven’t found Mrs. Right.”

“You are probably right.” he smiled, pulling into her drive. While she was busy talking, he was busy getting to her house. Carpenter’s Creek was a winding road and the mailboxes could be confusing. But James caught on to the addressing system the post office used and pulled right in like he lived there.

Going through an open cast iron gate, James was impressed. Pulling up the driveway, he was happy to see a circle drive. A beautiful mansion sat in front of it. Glass from the bottom to the top covered the front, someone had big money. James thought about camera surveillance and wanted to see if he could spot them. He was going to college for criminal justice and wanted to get into law enforcement. This home was a guard’s wet dream.

“You found my house!” she said, surprised, “Could you tell the cab and pizza drivers where I live?”

James laughed out loud at that, her calling this staple of luxury a house for one thing. Opening the door, the girl said her good byes and a joke about not showing her goods getting out. After a few minutes, they were walking to her doorstep.

Stumbling, James prevented her fall. Fortunately, the girl had grabbed his arm when they first started walking. Her dress was in disarray but James made an effort not to stare at her cleavage.

“Whew! That was close.” she said, getting her feet straightened out. They continued up to the door and she fumbled with her keys. With some effort, she was able to unlock the door and stepped inside.

Reaching in her purse, she grabbed a bill and handed it to James. “Make sure you satisfy Lisa.” and handed it to him. Turning around, she asked “Will you unzip me?” Not giving James time to look at the bill or question what she meant.

He struggled a moment, her request was boarder line sexual harassment but caved in anyway. Grabbing the top, he used his other hand to put the money in his pocket then lowered the zipper all the way down to the top of her ass.

Bidding her a good night, she shut the door and James went back to the stretch. Grabbing his map, he looked again where the next girl lived. If it was where he thought, it was going to be a bit of a drive. Had he dropped Cedar off, it would have saved him some backtracking. But luck would have it the girl didn’t want dropped off till last.

“Ryan’s Bluff” he started, “Is that the one in Ocean side or Camp Springs?” and another girl climbed to the bench seat behind the partition.

“Camp Springs.” she responded, settling in. “It’s a little way to go. What’s your name?”

“James.” he said, expecting the usual.

“Haha, home James.” she laughed.

“Yes, ma’am.” James said, and pulled off the curb.

The long drive left James wondering back to the comment Carpenter’s Creek said to him. Which one of the two was Lisa and how was he supposed to satisfy her was the questions he rolled around in his head. Why she tipped him was a mystery as well. Normally, the more money they make, the more they tend to keep. They don’t stay wealthy giving money away.

Ryan’s Bluff went back to talk to Cedar Avenue but James couldn’t hear the conversation. He focused on bending the law to ten miles over the speed limit. Knowing where the police set up traps helped him get the best drive times. Staying in the slow lane as much as possible allowed him to remove his attention from the right. Approaching on ramps, he would look for other cars on it, anticipating the lane change in case another car got to close.

A truck pulled up on his left side. The passenger was whooping and hollering out of the window at him. James knew what to do. Slowing down to the speed limit, he held it there for a while. The truck slowed down with him. James decreased his speed to five miles below the speed limit.

Realizing they were getting nowhere fast, the truck sped back up at high speed and left the limo in the dust. Not even a minute later, James saw blue lights pop onto the highway ahead of him. A few minutes after that, the truck that had pulled beside him were now pulled over by police around a bend.

Being cautious, James slowed as he passed them. The driver was staring at the stretch but James didn’t wave. The truck driver wouldn’t be able to see into the limo anyway. Looking carefully, he could make out the passenger pounding his fists on the dash as he passed.

Both girls laughed and cheered and one asked James, “How did you know to do that?”

“Do what?” James wasn’t sure what she meant. Normally, passengers don’t notice all the details a driver would do to avoid calamity.

“Slow down and force them to go faster.” Cedar asked.

“You want as much room between you in a vehicle this large and any other vehicle. Slowing down makes people go around you, pass you up, and move on to their destination. I guess its human nature for people to be in a hurry.” James explained.

“Did you know about the cop?” asked Ryan’s Bluff.

“It’s a usual speed trap at night. Most everyone should know they park there.” James informed them.

“I didn’t know about it.” Cedar said. “You got them a ticket!” and laughed.

“More like a DUI but I didn’t stomp on his gas pedal.” James replied.

They rolled at that then quieted down.

They made it to Ryan’s bluff and James had to drop at the curb. The short driveway wouldn’t accommodate the vehicle.

James, once again, left the vehicle to let his passenger out. Opening the door, Ryan’s Bluff slid out. Doing so made her dress roll up around her waist and James was treated to her panty cladded crotch.

“Whoah”, she exclaimed and stood up to adjust her dress. “At least my pussy was covered.” and giggled.

“Quite alright, there were no cameras to capture the moment anyway.” James smiled.

“I got a great snapshot of that!” she retorted.

“The bride’s?” James asked.

“Yes, dead center.” she replied.

“I wish I had it. It would remain in my memoirs.” James sounded disappointed.

“What’s your cell number? I’ll text it to you.” she replied.

“Weren’t you supposed to delete it?” James asked, offering her his arm.

“Not on your life! That girl deserves the embarrassment.” she exclaimed.

James gave her his number and she sent it in front of him. His phone vibrated that he had it. James, always the gentleman, didn’t open his phone to look at it.

Arriving at her front stoop, James waited until the door opened. Ryan’s Bluff stepped inside the door and stopped.

After a few seconds, James asked, “Are you Ok miss?”

“I’m waiting for you to unzip me.” she huffed.

“Please forgive me.” James shrugged, and unzipped the dress to her ass.

“Thank you! Have a good night!” and closed the door.

Heading back to his limo, James wondered if that was Lisa he just dropped off. What a tease the girl was.

Climbing in, he said, “Cedar Avenue.” and put the oversized vehicle in drive.

“James, do you know where Glendale Park is?” she asked.

James was well aware of where it was. The prom trips usually wind up there. The cliffs offered a nice view of the city and the remote location had no traffic. It was known to be a lover’s hangout.

“Yes, miss.” James responded, not sure why she would be interested at 3:30 am.

“I’m Lisa, not miss.” she said.

Well, that solved the riddle as far as who Lisa was. The only mystery remaining was how to satisfy her. Perhaps she had a destination like Glendale Park in mind but a park this time of night made no sense.

“Yes Lisa.” James responded, respecting her wish. “I know the park well.”

“Good, head for the cliffs there.” she ordered.

Perhaps she was meeting someone there. She may have to use discretion for all James knew but his was not to question why.

The time it took to get there ate another 30 minutes off the clock. His charge was quiet the whole way. James pulled up to one of the benches at the top of the park exactly at 4 am.

Once he placed it in park, Lisa instructed him to open the door. Getting out, James was his usual self walking to the back door. Opening it up, he waited for a hand that never came. Thinking she needed to ready herself, he stood a moment longer. Yet, there was no sign of her.

“Miss.. Lisa?” James called yet received no answer. Now he had concerns. Should he stick his head in and she wasn’t ready, he might catch her in an awkward moment. If she passed out, he would have to wake her.

With no answer and minutes ticking, James risked sticking his head in. He noticed her dress tails but the rest was in shadows.

He called her again, “Lisa?” and she told him to shut the door.

James closed the door behind him and was immediately surrounded in darkness. A ruffle sounded and he could make out her silhouette moving his way. The mood lighting, TV, and radio were all off leaving the intercom led pointing to the rear seat.

“How do you like your women, James?” she asked, taking a seat beside him.

What a question! That only raised more questions. He couldn’t answer hers without insulting her.

“I don’t know how to answer that.” was all he could think of. “Miss Lisa…”

“Do you like them naked?” she purred close to him, stroking his arm.

“Any man would want them naked but I am on duty.” James said, confused on his dilemma.

“Good, your duty is to satisfy Me.” she stated plainly.

“Miss Lisa, you have been drinking and I’m not going to take advantage of it.” James combatted her.

“Oh, I’ve been drinking but I’m sober enough to know I want you.” unbuttoning his ruffled shirt.

“I can’t do it. I could get in trouble. You could wake up tomorrow and regret this.” James sounded out all his reasons not to.

Oh, I know what I want and I want to fuck in a limo!” she demanded.

“Prove it. Type my name and number and text me something.” expecting her to decline. “If you can do that without any misspellings, I’ll consent.” and he waited.

She huffed and grabbed her purse off the back glass, realizing this wasn’t going the way she’d planned.

“Give me the information.” and typed it in as he gave it.

A few seconds went by and James’ phone vibrated. Checking it, it was from a number he didn’t know. The message simply read, “FUCK ME JAMES!”

That’s it, she’s had her chance. The message could be evidence in case she complained. James was a young man with raging hormones. There was no way he was going to refuse her after offering twice to stand down. There simply wasn’t a third time in his willpower. It had been high school since his last session and he was overdue. He stripped himself of the jacket after throwing his phone in the pocket. She helped with the shirt and pants.

Once James was devoid of any clothes, he hit two buttons. One was the power locks and the other was the mood lighting.

Points of light on the ceiling lit up giving a soft glow. James could barely see the features of the girl he was left with to take home. The brunette was already naked and waiting for his assault, her dress remained on the front seat where James thought she was. Spreading her legs to invite him in, he rested on his knees and cupped her breasts. Pulling himself to her, he felt her breasts hit him first.

He rose up to kiss her and was greeted with a lustful tongue. Breaths turned heavy as they licked and sucked each other’s mouth. James groped the girl and broke the kiss, diving for a nipple. She wrapped her legs around him and let him feast a while. Once she had enough, she guided him to the other.

James was sex drunk. The length of time without sex with a woman had left him simmering for it. Still servicing a breast, he tugged her to the edge. Letting go, he dropped to her mons and rubbed his cheek in her downy pubic hair. ‘Heaven’ he thought as he reveled in her musk.

Turning his head, he sucked over the top and munched his way down. He grabbed her hands and placed them on his head, giving her a handle to hold on to while she took this wild ride.

Lisa knew there was no stopping James now. He had given her the chance to change her mind but she refused to hear it. Now, he was headed for her heat. Soon, he was going to feel what she had been churning over for the entire ride. She pushed on his head and forced him lower and when he was at her slit, yanked him by his hair onto her cunt.

James took the hint and sucked her in, dismissing any foreplay. This little vixen was bitterly sweet as he tasted her warm juice on his tongue. Her hand shook on his head while her lips melted in his mouth. Tugging and sucking, he took in more juice and felt her buck into him.

Lisa was boiling over and demanded more and more. This night has been one of anticipation and she wouldn’t be denied what she wanted all along. Forcing James to hunker down she raised her hips into him. Bucking into his mouth, she screamed her orgasm all over his face.

James was shocked at the force of her orgasm. He had to grip her by her ass to stay on target. As she released her lust into his mouth, James felt the heat from his throat to his loins. What a turn on it was to render such pleasure to a woman!

Lisa took her ride as far as it would go and shuddered in the end. Easing off of his hair, she leaned back and reveled in the afterglow. After catching her breath, she wanted to see just what a man she was fucking. Sitting up she said, “Can you turn the lights on?” and James flipped a switch.

They both looked over each other. James was in shape from his workouts, wanting to go into law enforcement. Muscled chest and legs, he was one healthy specimen. His cock was more than average without a bend in it. Lisa had her own tight body after working out with tennis her past time passion. Her breasts were firm and round, defying gravity. Her belly was flat with toned muscles showing and an airstrip for pussy hair over top of tight cunt lips.

Both were amazed at each other’s physical condition. Having his fill of the gorgeous body in front of him, he took the bucket of ice and its pedestal off the hump and placed it on the front bench, making room for the two of them.

When he turned around, Lisa caught him and pushed him against the side bench. Crawling to him and grabbing his ridged cock, she bent to feed it to herself. Settling in, she stroked it and sucked. James gasped and lifted up a little. Ever the gentleman, he brushed her hair from her face and his crotch. Holding it back for her, she bobbed up and down, taking more and more with each thrust.

Having been serviced to the point of explosion, James begged her to let off. As addictive as his pre-cum was she relented. Rising up she kissed him and took the doggie position, straddling the hump in the middle. It was the only good position possible in the limo.

James took the queue and slid behind her. Grabbing his throbbing shaft, he rubbed it in her slit. She moaned at its touch. “Condom?” he asked as he teased her with it.

“No! Fuck me raw!” she demanded.

That could be taken more than one way and it was James’ interpretation which he would try to do just that. Rubbing her clit to star, when he got to her hole, he popped the head in. Rubbing again from clit to star, he popped it in again. Using his hands on his shaft, he pulled it out and in, increasing the speed.

Before long, he was fisting the head in and out without using his hips. For variety sake, he purposely pulled it out and rubbed her clit left and right then just as abruptly fisted the head back in and out.

Torture, just pure torture; Lisa wanted more but James wasn’t giving it. She was forced to cum with only his cock head to do it. No amount of effort could cram more of his meat into her but she tried real hard. He pulled it out and rubbed her clit as she trembled then shoved the head back in to finish her. Sobbing, she collapsed her chest on the hump, her ass still in the arm of James.

James slowed his pace and stroked her ass, waiting for her sobs to fade. While she calmed down he decided to play and teased her star with a thumb while he kept himself hard by stroking his cock. He felt her reaction and knew she was aware of his play. Rested enough, she rose again to take him on one more time.

James started with the same treatment, just using his cock head. But when she begged with a single word, “Please!” he let her have all of it to his sack.

Lisa felt the rush of his meat cram into her. She instinctively arched her back. The force was so great; his balls hit her clit with a slap and tingles raced from her groin to her tits. ‘My God!’ she thought as he held it in forever. Once she was accustomed to the invasion, her lover grinded it into her then backed it out and did it again.

James savored every inch of her sheath. She was going to take all of him and take it with force. She had her chance and she replied with a text. Now it was James’ task to make that complete. Fucked she wanted and fucked she’s be. Faster he went, speeding both to paradise. He considered his balls spanking her clit and thought to ease up a little. But his desires wouldn’t let him. He had no choice but to drive his manhood in with extreme speed.

Lisa took him then took him faster. Her clit heated up and puckered with each hard kiss of his balls. She welcomed it, she needed it, and she was getting it. It was a brutal scene. Her ass stung, her clit burned, and her tits ached from the caress of the carpeted hump in the middle.

A wail started from somewhere. Quiet at first but got louder. It peaked in pitch and pierced their ears, going nowhere in the sound proof cabin. Another yell joined in and both sounds mingled. One no louder than the other, both heard the screams of ecstasy as their work yielded the pleasure. Like any siren, the sound dwindled but then turned into small shrieks and grunts.

James felt the trembling from her pussy on his shaft and wondered if it wasn’t more like a quiver. It mattered little as his own hips shuttered as well. As his sex seeped around his cock, he slowed to remember the sight.

Lisa could only spasm and pant. Her senses had left her in her moment of Zen. The cum shots in her twat, the force of his ramming, and the sounds of their screams were all she remembered and her nerves trembled with exhaustion. When James released his grip on her hips, she melted to the floor.

Looking at the mess on the floorboard, James knew he had another in him, but he wasn’t sure Lisa wanted it.

Leaning over her, he approached an ear, “Are you satisfied or do you want more?”

“It’ll do.” was all he got from her as she closed her eyes and rested.

James grabbed his clothes and remembered his phone. Pulling it out, he got to work. First a text to his recent lover then a picture of her without her face in it, focusing more on the mess between her legs as it laid on the hump, drooling his seed from it.

He let her lie while he dressed but he couldn’t leave her there. The ride might be smooth but she would be hurt by the bouncing from the road. He picked her up as best he could and rolled her on the side bench seat. It was the longest of the three. He pulled the middle seat belt down and worked it under her and with effort, got it to click in the lock.

Feasting his eyes one more time on the broken angel in front of him, he exited the back unlocking the doors and climbed back into the front.

I sped to her home more than twenty minutes away. The digital clock read 5:20 am when he pulled into her drive. He was so thankful this day was Sunday and he could sleep in and recover. The night had worn on him with the stress of the job and a pissed off father. Not to mention the physical toll of satisfying Lisa.

He rushed to the back and opened the door. Lisa was ready to go. Stepping out of the car, she asked, ”Did you think I wouldn’t remember?”

“I was making sure you didn’t forget.” and offered her his arm.

She gave him the smuggest smile and said, “I doubt I’ll ever forget.”

James dropped her off at her door but he didn’t have to unzip her. She never zipped it back up after their romp in the back of the limo. Rushing back to the office he finished his paperwork, listing all the stops and drop off times, checking out, he headed for home.

Sunday was spent sleeping and goofing off around the house. He finally got his tips out of his pocket and found two one hundred dollar bills. This was the money Carpenter’s Creek gave him but he never knew her name.

Monday came too fast. Another long day was expected as he had school during the day and work that evening.

Arriving at work, he went to get his itinerary for the evening. Two airport runs and a time trip all in a sedan. Limos are fine the first two times you drive them but they are stressful work. James was happy to stay in a sedan.

His first two runs were simple. Pick up a board member of a ‘Fortune 500’ company and drop them at a hotel downtown then pick up a couple coming back from vacation and drop them at home.

That done, he was ready for the time trip, most likely a dinner run. Pulling up the paperwork, he looked for the name and found Cathleen Spencer. ‘Well Cathleen, where are we going this evening?” he thought as he looked for a destination. ‘As Directed” was all that was given. ‘Ok, so where do I get you?’ and found the address was on Carpenter’s Creek.

James didn’t remember the exact address from Saturday night, it could be a neighbor. He guessed he would find out soon enough and headed for that road.

The addresses ticked by and his was coming up. It was the same driveway, same cast iron fence, and same circular driveway at the top. Finding it odd he should be back at this beautiful mansion so soon if at all, he stepped out and stood by the door.

He was early for the 6 pm appointment but it was planned. If you aren’t early, you’re late. He stayed still with his hands folded in front of him, waiting on his client.

He didn’t wait long and Cathleen Spencer stepped out. Wearing a blouse that cleaved to her belly and a tight mini rapped around her, she looked the image of a model. She appeared older than James thought, perhaps thirty. James greeted her as she neared. Opening the back door for her she stopped.

“I’m riding up front.” she said, and James walked around the vehicle to open the front passenger door.

After she climbed in, James looked back towards the mansion, “Will there be anyone else?”

“No, just me.” she replied.

James closed the door and walked around the back to the driver’s side. Taking a moment to sigh, he opened the door and climbed in.

“What the fuck did you do to Lisa?!” Cathleen yelled, causing James to jump at the tone.

Honesty has always been his best policy but how he submitted it might be crucial here.

“I did as I was instructed.” plain, simple and true.

“Oh? Did she ask you to bruise her ass? How about her limp? Perhaps she likes carpet burns!” she retorted.

“I never meant to harm her. It wasn’t my intent.” James defended.

“My God, you fucked the shit out of her!” she claimed. “She hasn’t walked right in two days.”

James wasn’t used to high profile clients using such language and it took him back somewhat.

“With all due respect, I questioned her twice before submitting to her will.” trying not to raise his voice.

“Well, I guess I got my money’s worth!” she cackled, letting out a sigh.

James raised his eye brows at that, not sure if she was serious or joking. Deciding that he couldn’t decide, he changed the subject.

“Where would you like to go this evening?” hoping it wouldn’t take him till six o’clock in the morning to get home.

“Oh, I need to get a date.” she stated, then stared at him.

“And where is this date located?” James asked; a little perturbed with the lack of information.

“Right beside me, I need you to be my escort.” she bluntly said.

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