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Second story hope you guys enjoy.
This is my second story, starring a new sexual conquest I may actually achieve soon. The tricky part is I am recently infatuated with my best friends ex-boyfriend and first love. She hasn't dated him since they were young but I know she would still be upset if she found out. I am extremely into him however and he is the same with me. So here is a story of what would happen in a perfect world. Enjoy.
I couldn't deal with it any longer. The lusting was getting to intense. I couldn't help seeing him and thinking of all the dirty things I wanted to do to him. He was very attractive. Tall, tan, runners perfect body. The amount of sexual vibes I felt from him would make any girl go crazy. I simply had to have him.
It was one afternoon, school had recently ended and I had no obligations that afternoon. I was walking down the hallway headed towards the parking lot to get out of prison and there I saw him. The lustful instincts came on instantly. There was a war going on in my head. To have him or not? In that moment my sex drive beat the shit out of my logical senses.
I walked over to him and gave him a hug. His hugs are what throw my head for a loop. It isn't the typical hug you give a friend you're happy to see. It's a "get close as possible, his hands on my hips" sort of hug. Absolutely pussy wetting. As we parted I looked up at him making sure my eyes would speak volumes so he would at least subconsciously get the idea of fucking me into his head at that moment. I thought to myself "you must act now, the chance is right in your face". Before he could even say a word to me I leaned over and whispered in his ear "you, me, any empty classroom, now."
The look on his face was admittedly priceless, a mixture of shock, confusion, curiosity, and lust. He did, however, seem to know exactly what I was talking about as he promptly grabbed my hand and quickly led me down the hallway.
We went into the first empty, unlocked classroom we could find and immediately attacked each other, making out furiously. Our hands were roaming all over each others bodies. His on my ass and one of mine slowly snaking its way to his quickly hardening cock.
We were moving farther back into the classroom as he propped me up on a desk. My legs wrapped around him as the intense make-out session continued. His hands started to squeeze my tits and I had to break the kissing to let out some soft but increasingly louder moans.
He started to kiss my neck as I was fumbling to pull his shirt off. And once that was accomplished, he ripped mine over my head and unclasped my bra. His head flew to one boob, sucking and nibbling on my nipple as the other was occupied by his fingers pinching and twisting. I wasn't trying to hide my moans anymore as I had completely gone to another world. My pussy was getting wetter and I could feel his hard cock pushed up against it through his pants.
I needed to see it for the first time right then so I reached down to unzip his pants. I got down on my knees in front of him and in one swoop, pants and boxers came down and a wonderfully hard cock sprung out in my face. My hands gripped it right away. It was perfectly sized and I wanted nothing more than to have it inside me. But a little fun was in order first.
I started stroking it first slowly, teasing him to no end. I built up my pace gradually and I could see his expression start to change to pure pleasure. Mid stroke I heard him say "please baby stop teasing me and suck my cock" I was happy to listen.
I started out flicking my tongue across his head, tasting the precum that was starting to drip out. Then I took his head in my mouth and started to lick circles around it, sliding my tongue across slowly. I did a couple of "figure 8s" before I plunged my head down on his now throbbing cock.
My head started to bob up and down. I was going deeper and deeper, sliding my tongue around his cock as I would come up closer to the tip. His hands were on the back of my head, entangled in my hair and forcing me to suck a little deeper until I decided to take the whole thing into my mouth. I could feel his cock twitching all the way down my throat and I heard an "oh fuck yes baby suck that fucking cock" from above me.
I was dripping at this point from feeling his cock deep down my throat and I knew I had to fuck him. I sucked him as deep as possible for a few more strokes hoping to hear a need for a fucking and I got my wish, "Baby I need to fuck you right now."
He pulled me up and ripped my pants down to reveal my very wet and very pink pussy.
Two of his fingers found their way inside as he started to finger fuck me. I couldn't help moaning for him as my first orgasm of many to come was approaching. "Oh fuck me baby I'm gonna cum for you oh fuck oh fuck oohhhhh" as I came all over his fingers I saw the most intense look of lust in his eyes. I decided to make it even more intense as I looked up and him and whimpered, "please fuck me baby, I need your cock deep inside me". His eyes lit on fire as he told me, "baby I'm going to fuck the absolute shit out of you, turn over"
I bent myself over on the desk and thrust my ass up in the air, making sure he could see my dripping pussy to tempt him even more than I needed to. Without any warning he shoved his entire cock deep into my pussy. I let out a cry of intense pleasure, "oh fuckkkk baby it's so big you're so deep inside me" all he did in response to that was spank my ass and proceed to fuck me.
His cock was plowing me. He was thrusting into me faster and deeper than I had ever fucked before. The desk was rattling underneath us as I was moaning "oh fuck fuck fuck me harder oh my god yes baby fuck me" over and over. Soon after this began my next orgasm started. "Ohhhh baby I'm gonna cum don't stop fucking me right there" I came all over his cock, my juices dripping out and all the way down my legs. My pussy was squeezing his cock and I could feel every rock hard inch of it as my pussy spasmed in orgasm. He grunted in approval, "oh fuck yeah baby cum all over my hard cock, turn over I want to watch those titties bounce as I fuck you"
I flipped myself over and locked my eyes with his as he slid his cock into my pussy. My titties were flying up and down as he fucked me. I was moaning and rubbing my clit as his cock plunged deeper and deeper. My third orgasm began, "ohhhh shit baby you keep making me cum you fuck me so good"
"Yeah baby you like how I fuck you?"
"Oh I fucking love it"
"Let me fuck you a little harder then"
He started rocking me. His hard cock was so deep in my pussy I had never felt the region it was touching. My hands were gripping his head and we started to kiss wildly as my fourth orgasm began. He pinched my nipples as I was cumming which started another orgasm simultaneously. "You fucking slut you're gonna make me cum soon" I absolutely love dirty talk especially while an extremely sexy guy fucks me so all I could do was rub my clit to combat the pleasure that was building.
My pussy started to tighten on his cock as my final orgasm began. "Oh fuck I'm cumming again, you make me cum so hard baby, I love to cum all over your cock"
"Oh you sexy bitch get on your knees I'm gonna cum"
I kneeled down infront of him as he stroked his cock to finish. My mouth was open and I was still rubbing my pussy as he came in my mouth. I let it all dribble onto my tongue until he was done and then swallowed it all while staring up at him with pure gratification and satisfaction in my eyes.
"That was fucking great, we need to do that again" he said as he pulled me up for a last kiss before we both got dressed and left the room a few minutes apart from each other. One of the hottest fucks I've ever had.

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