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DISCLAIMER*** This contains strong sexual fantasies including rape, torture and much more. If this makes you sick, please turn around. If this excites you, please stay.
Chapter Three

The next morning, Liam and I woke up to the sound of loud knocking at our front door. Worried that it could be the police, we hurriedly and made sure that they could not find the hidden trap door. We moved a table over the door.
When I opened the door, there stood two policemen. They were dressed sharply and prepared to investigate.
"Hello sir's"I said"Can we help you?"
One of the police officer's held up a picture of Mia. "This girl has been missing for a day now. Have you seen her recently?"
"Was her car stalled on the lone patch of highway out there?"I asked."
"Yes, indeed she was"he said."
"I saw her and my partner and I stopped by to ask her if she wanted a ride up to the nearest gas station but she said no"I said"After that, I truly don't know where she went."
"Do you mind if we come in and ask you a few question?"he asked."
"Not at all sir"I said, opening the door much wider."
The two policemen busted their way past me and began to look around the house. That's when they saw Liam and they got a tad bit nervous. I think it was because they thought we were gay.
"Please, have a seat in the kitchen"I said"Do you guys want some coffee?"
The first officer chimed in. "Yes of course."
The second officer said no but said thank you anyway.
"So why do you two live so deep into the woods?"the first officer asked."
"We find that living away from modern day life is much more simpler. You don't have to worry about nosy neighbors, unless you count that squirrel that sits on the porch and throws acorns at us."
The first officer let out a chuckle. "Did the girl seem worried or anxious? Maybe about somebody following her home?"
"She did mention that she felt like she was being followed"Liam said"But that was pretty much all she said. We were going to call the cops but we didn't want her freaking out. I hope she didn't think we were following her. I mean, I know we're intimidating but we're actually really nice folk."
The two officers stood up and ushered themselves towards the door.
"If you do remember anything or see anything about her, please give us a call"the second officer said"Her family really misses her."
I nodded and said goodbye to the officers, shutting the door behind them. I watched out the window until they disappeared into the woods.
"That was a really close call"I said"Good job playing the cards."
Liam nodded. "Shall we head into town and meet up with some clients?"
"I suppose we could while we wait until nightfall"I said."
We both climbed into our white van with the words "Liam's Cleaning" on the side with a number that led to a disposable phone. This kept people from getting suspicious while still having the space we needed. In the back of the van were piles of chains. This would keep the girls from squirming around too much.
As we drove into town, Liam got a list of addresses and names of the clients. Often times, members want us to come meet them at their house so they can know exactly what goes on before they come over.


Arriving at the first clients house, we were pretty nervous. Even though we've done this for 5 years, we hadn't actually done any of this for a year.
We walked up to the front door and knocked on the door. A pretty blonde girl answered the door. She had to be no younger than 17. We were not used to having a teenager be there.
She let us in the house and we were approached by a older man. Probably in his late 30's or early 40's.
"Welcome guys!"he said"Please, come in and have a seat."
He ushered us to the couch. Liam and I both sat down.
"Guys, this is my daughter"he said"Her name is Angela."
We both waved hello to the teenager who seemed a bit nervous. She was just slightly trembling and was tapping her finger against her leg. I thought maybe she had ADD.
"Listen guys, I have been a client of yours for 3 years now. I never had this feeling before but I want you to capture her and take her just like you would any other sex slave"he said"I don't want to have sex with her but I want you guys to sell her as your sex slave. Have other guys rape her and torture her."
"Dude, she's like 17! I ain't gonna fucking rape an underage girl"I said."
"The legal age is 17 here"he said"Please, you can keep all the money you earn from her."
Liam was already out of his seat and stroking the girl's arms. "Is she a virgin?"
"No and that's why I want you to take her"he said"I have security cameras set-up around the house after a break-in last year. And just recently, I caught my daughter having sex with her boyfriend. However, she has a virgin ass."
Liam slowly started to feel his way into her shorts but I gave him a slap on the arm.
"Dude, control your fantasies"I said"Fine, we will take her."
"We'll be back for her around midnight. Make sure she's wearing something sexy like a corset with garters and fishnet stockings"Liam said."
The client seemed more than happy to wait that long and to dress his daughter like that. Then he decided he wanted us to explain the whole procedure, in front of his daughter.
"Well, we torture the girls a little bit before the clients actually get to come in and have sex with them"I explained"When the guys do come in, they get to treat the whole situation as if it was a rape. They pick a girl, we bring them out and the guys can grab them, throw them around and whatever. We decide when its too rough."
The girl was trembling much harder now.
"Don't worry sweetie"her Dad said"Everything will be just fine."
And with that, Liam and I got up and left. This would be a very eventful night.


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Sir, this is posted chapter by chapter. There will be sex in later chapters. Once all the chapters are posted, the whole book will be published

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How bout including some sex to make it better....all your stories are short, negative rating for me.


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