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Just a little story of our High School days. A lot of truth with a little embellishment!! Hope you enjoy as we have more chapters to share!!
The Sock Sisters
By Mary and Kim


It was 9:30 on a Friday night in October, 1985 when my best friend Kim ran into the locker room and shouted “Hurry up Mary, Jeff’s in the parking lot waiting for us……AND he has his dad’s new car!!” Kim and I had just finished cheerleading for our team’s varsity game and I was changing out of my uniform. Kim had already changed and was in a hurry to get with our boyfriends. I noticed Kim was wearing a skin tight pair of jeans and a tight white sweater that really showed off her huge boobs. We were both sixteen years old, but Kim had developed a lot sooner than I had and she loved showing off her hot little body. All the guys were constantly checking her out and she loved the attention.
Kimmie was only five feet tall and had huge brown eyes and a fantastic smile. She had dark brown hair that she had cut really short. Because she was short, her 36C boobs looked bigger than they were. Kim had beautifully tanned skin and her firm, little ass filled out a pair of jeans perfectly. She loved to wear tight clothes that left very little to the imagination. I am sure she was the fantasy in all the guys, and probably some of the girls, late night dreams. I am about six inches taller than Kim. I have big blue eyes and a smile that could rival hers anytime. My brownish blonde hair is long, about to the middle of my back, but I usually wear it in a ponytail with bangs. I have a medium build and my breasts are a 34B and my ass and legs look terrific. I keep myself tanned as much as Kim so we both look great when we are out on the floor cheering. I love to show off my legs, and even though my boobs are bigger than most of the other girls my age, I don’t like to show them off as much as Kim. I do like to go braless as much as possible with just a tight tee shirt on under my top because I like the way it feels when my boobs bounce. I also enjoy the looks I get from the boys…and some of the guy teachers! I think I have even caught a few of the young female teachers checking me out too!
I quickly tried to finish dressing the best I could. I pulled on a tight pair of faded jeans, a tight baby doll tee shirt and a bulky sweater. It felt good not to wear a bra after peeling off the sports bra we have to wear during cheerleading. Even though my boobs weren’t as big as Kim’s, I think most of the guys liked them. And, ever since I had let Jeff start feeling me up on a regular basis, my nipples had gotten very responsive and sensitive to being played with. When they got hard they stuck out about a half an inch and became even more sensitive. Kimmie had even told me lots of times how hot my hard nipples looked through a tight tee shirt!
I threw the rest of my clothes into my gym bag, we both quickly looked in the mirror, and we headed for the parking lot. Jeff and Kim’s boyfriend Phil were standing against a shiny new SUV. They were both seniors and had just finished helping win the night’s basketball game. Kim leaned over and whispered in my ear, “I think we should reward our star players tonight, don’t you?” I just looked at her and grinned.
Kim was always horny and I knew she and Phil had been having sex for the last few months. She had told me more than once that I should let Jeff pop my cherry, and I was starting to think she was right. Both Jeff and Phil were tall, good looking boys. Kim ran up to Phil and jumped into his arms wrapping her legs around his waist while giving his mouth her hot tongue. I leaned up against Jeff and he gave me a gentle kiss on the mouth. He smelled fantastic after his shower and I felt my nipples begin to harden. It was a good thing I had put on a bulky sweater or everyone would have been able to see my excitement. Kim and Phil got into the back seat and Jeff and I got in the front. The console between us kept me from getting close to Jeff but Kim was all over Phil in the back. I could hear muffled moans coming from Kim as we pulled out of the parking lot. I turned to see what was going on back there and Phil’s hands were already squeezing Kim’s tits. Her mouth was locked to his and it sounded like her tongue was driving him crazy.
Jeff yelled back,”Hey you guys, take it easy back there. My dad will kill me if anything happens to his new car. No stains!!” Jeff and I laughed but knew that we would be back there soon enough. We dropped Kim and Phil off at her house because that is where Phil had left his car. She had told me before the game that her parents were going to be gone for the weekend and had told her parents that I was going to spend the night with her. I was going to sleep at Kim’s house, but Jeff and I wanted to be alone for a while before he dropped me off. Kim got her gym bag out of the SUV and told me, “See you in a little while Mary. Be good!!” She winked and giggled as she said it and gave me a hug. I gave her a quick kiss on the lips and said, “you too!!” Jeff and I drove out to the State park on the other side of town as we chatted about the game. At this time of night we would just about have the whole place to ourselves. We found a secluded spot to park and Jeff pulled in. We both hopped out of the front seat at the same time and got into the back seat, giggling because we both knew what we wanted but didn’t even have to speak one word about it. I moved my gym bag to the floor and slid next to my hot, senior boyfriend. I quickly thought about Kim saying we should reward our star players tonight and wondered what she and Phil were doing. I am sure I would hear about the whole thing later while Kim and I were lying in each other’s arms trying to sleep.
I kissed Jeff hungrily and sucked on his tongue every time he slipped it in my mouth. He quickly found his way under my sweater and began to play with my nipples through my tight tee shirt. I absolutely loved it when he did that, and I had begun letting him play with my tits whenever he wanted. I put my hands under his shirt and felt his hard body. I slowly dragged my fingernails across his chest and gently pinched one of his nipples.
Jeff whispered, “God Mary, you are driving me crazy! Let me take your sweater off!”
He pulled my sweater off over my head and threw it in the back. He pushed my tiny white tee shirt up and my hard nipples were poking straight out and were as long as the tip of my little finger! Jeff leaned over and took my left nipple into his mouth and began sucking on it. I let out a loud moan and felt my pussy beginning to moisten. I pulled Jeff’s mouth tighter to my swelling boobs. Jeff began working over my right nipple and when he gently bit down on it I let out a gasp and said, “Jeff, you’ve got to get my jeans off.” My flip-flops had already fallen to the floor of the SUV as I unbuttoned the top of my jeans. Jeff helped me slide them off of my legs. My tiny white thong wasn’t doing much to soak up my pussy juices but the sight of it excited Jeff even more. I heard him gasp and his breath quicken as I reached down and rubbed his cock through the outside of his jeans. I could feel that he was fully erect and needed to be released…soon! I struggled a little with Jeff’s belt and snap, but with his help I got his jeans down to his knees. His hard cock pushed up in his boxers so I pulled those down too.
I slid across the seat until I was again next to Jeff. He leaned down and flicked his tongue across my nipples as his hand slid up my thigh to my dripping pussy. He moved my thong easily to one side as I spread my legs apart so he would have full access. Jeff was surprised at my wetness as he exclaimed, “Wow Mary, you’re soaked. God I want to fuck you!” He slowly began to tease my pussy lips with his fingers as I reached between us to find his stiff prick. The moment I began stroking him, he slid a finger all the way into my cunt. God, I was just floating on a cloud of my lust. I wanted Jeff to fuck me too, but my first time was not going to be in the back seat of his father’s SUV!
Jeff put his tongue back into my mouth as his finger was sliding in and out of my slippery pussy. I started to jack him off a little quicker and every once in a while I would slowly rub my thumb over his sensitive tip. After about ten minutes of fingering, kissing and jacking off, he said, “Mary, you’re about to make me cum but I can’t shoot all over my father’s new car!”
I knew he wanted to cum in my mouth like some of the other girls do, but we hadn’t tried that yet. I had to think of something because I had jacked Jeff off a few other times and I knew he shot a pretty big load!
I quickly reached into my gym bag in hopes of getting something to use as a towel. I fumbled around in the dark and ended up grabbing one of my soft, white cheerleading socks. Jeff was getting close to spurting and I didn’t think I had better waste any more time searching. The socks we cheer in are ankle high socks and are very softly ribbed. I am wearing a pair in my picture at the beginning of the story. Usually we wore them sort of slouched down around our ankles as that was all the fashion.
I slid my used sock over Jeff’s cock until his shaft was wrapped in the part that had covered my foot a little over an hour before and continued to stroke him. He seemed to really like it and it was turning me on even more. I kept my mouth glued to his as he pushed his fingers into me as far as he could. I kept squeezing his hard shaft through the soft material of my sock when suddenly I felt Jeff arch his back and give out a loud moan as he began to pump his hot cum into my soft white sock. I kept stroking him slowly until he stopped my hand.
“Christ Mary, that was fantastic. That felt incredible! What made you think of doing that?! WOW!”
I had never felt Jeff cum like that before. I pulled my sock off his softening cock and dropped it back into my open bag. I could feel the wet heat of his jizz through the soft material. We made out for a while longer and then started to get dressed as it was getting late and I had told Kim I would be at her house by 12:30. And…, after Jeff had shot his load into my cheerleading sock, he really didn’t want to have any more sex so we were just kissing anyway. I wished I was ready to suck his cock because I had gotten pretty horny giving him a sock job and was ready to have a little more sex!
Even though we kept Jeff’s cum from spraying all over, I am pretty sure that my pussy left quite a wet spot on the seat. I mentioned to Jeff that he better spray the back seat before his father drives it again.
We left the park and headed to Kim’s house. Jeff and I kissed for a little while before I got out of the car. Tomorrow was Saturday and we were going to make plans for all day. I wanted to tell Jeff that I planned on wrapping something other than my soft white cheerleading sock around his cock tomorrow, but I thought I would keep that as a surprise. We kissed goodnight and I headed into Kim’s house as Jeff drove off. I spotted Phil’s car parked in the back driveway so evidently he was spending the night also. I wondered how they had pulled that off! The door to Kim’s bedroom was pulled shut so I headed to the spare bedroom. I was pretty tired and wanted to get to bed. I pulled off my clothes, put on a big loose tee shirt and was about to crawl in bed when I remembered the cum filled sock in my bag. I got it out of my bag and climbed into bed with it in my hand. I began remembering just how much Jeff liked the hand job with my soft white sock over his cock. As I was reliving our night, I absent-mindedly began to slowly run the sock’s softness over my stiffening nipples. It actually did feel quite good. My pussy began to tingle and I knew it needed more attention than Jeff had given it. I began running the sock over my now hard nipples and down to my pubes as my other hand found my stiffening clit. I put my fingers inside the sock and was pleasantly surprised to find that not all of Jeff’s cum had dried, in fact, there was so much that there was plenty for what I had in mind.
I knew that soon I was going to have to suck Jeff’s cock and wanted to know what his cum was going to taste like. I covered one finger with Jeff’s sperm and licked it with my tongue. It was salty but not bad at all. I had heard other girls talk about how horrible the taste of cum was, but I kind of liked it. My pussy twitched at the thought of Jeff shooting his hot seed into my mouth. I filled two fingers with the sticky stuff and licked them clean. I couldn’t wait to taste Jeff’s cum, hot and fresh from his dick! I filled my fingers with what was left of the cum in my cheerleading sock and fingered my aching pussy with Jeff’s jizz. My other hand ran the softness of my white sock over my nipples and then my thighs. God, what a turn on. I felt my pussy juices mix with the cum on my fingers and just as I applied pressure to my clit, I felt my cunt orgasm. It wasn’t a huge orgasm, but it sure felt food. It would have been so much better if Jeff had been lying next to me with his fingers up inside me instead of mine. I wiped my pussy with the soft white sock that had given both Jeff and I such pleasure. It was exciting to mix our juices together.
After satisfying myself, I must have dozed off because when I woke up the next morning, a naked Kim was lying next to me. She woke up at the same time and just smiled that killer smile of hers. I could feel her trimmed pube patch up against my leg. She told me that she had heard me come in last night and that she would have come out of her bedroom but Phil was giving her one more fucking before he went home. We were about to get up and shower when Kim began whining about how sore her cunt was. Poor girl!!
She asked me how my night was and I told her about everything. Kim said, in her best imitation of a British accent,
“Mary, my love, I do believe you two may have started a white sock fetish. Our cheerleading socks? Where is it?”
Kim jumped out of bed and began looking for my used sock. She found it near my gym bag and held it up to her nose and made an exaggerated sniff. “Hmmmm” she said, “My little loves pussy and her boyfriend’s cum. Wonderful!!”
We showered together and I told Kim how badly I wanted to suck and fuck Jeff. She excitedly informed me that her parents were not coming home until Sunday afternoon, and that she and Phil were going to a dance in the neighboring town tonight. Basically, Jeff and I could have the house to ourselves most of the night, if I wanted to. Did I ever!! I watched as Kim trimmed her bikini line with a razor and wondered if Jeff would like my pussy to be trimmed too. I would have to wait until he licked me to an orgasm before I would ask him anything like that. Most of the other girls that I see in the locker room have done something to their pubes. I kind of think my hairy bush looks sexy so I am going to leave it for now. We got out of the shower and dried off. I went to call my mother to let her know I was going to stay another day at Kim’s house and she was fine with it. I wonder if she had any idea what her sweet daughter was up to! Kimmie and I cleaned up the house and did some laundry. Between her sheets and my socks, we had some cum stains to clean up! We spent most of the afternoon watching television and lounging around in some old fluffy bathrobes. We didn’t even wear panties! Every once in a while we would catch each other checking out each other’s bodies whenever the robes would slip open. Kim was a hottie and I hoped someday she would be my first lesbian experience. I was hoping she was thinking the same.


Kim and Phil left about 5:30 that afternoon because they had some errands to run before going to the dance. Jeff wasn’t coming over until 7:00, so I had some time to waste. I figured that maybe I had better think about getting dressed. Between my cheerleading bag and what we had laundered, I really didn’t have a huge selection of wardrobe. But, hopefully, clothes weren’t going to be that big of an issue tonight! I put on a school sweatshirt that I had in my bag, purposely forgetting about a bra or a tee shirt. I went to Kim’s bedroom and checked out her underwear drawer. I put on a tiny opaque white thong and looked at myself in the mirror. My dark pube patch showed through the light material in what I thought was a pretty sexy way. A few of my pubes even poked around the edges of the tiny thong. Maybe someday I would at least have to trim those. I pulled on a pair of short baggy white gym trunks that Kim had lying on the floor and grabbed a pair of her cheerleading socks out of the drawer. They were the same as mine, ankle length, ribbed, white socks. Kim’s were extremely soft, I had to ask her mother what kind of softener she uses!! I slouched the socks down perfectly around my ankles. I had put them on to keep my feet warm, but remembered Kim’s comment about a fetish. Looking at myself in the mirror, I kind of looked tom-boyishly hot! The perfectly slouched soft white socks even turned me on a little!
Jeff came over a little before 7:00 and had brought along a movie and a few wine coolers. We sat on the couch and talked while drinking the first wine cooler. All the while I kept noticing Jeff looking at my feet a little more than normal and I was beginning to think Kim was right. It was also turning me on.
I put the movie in and playfully laid down on the floor in front of Jeff. I knew that he could see up the baggy gym shorts if I lay just right and that he would appreciate the view. I spread my legs a little and knew that my barely covered crotch was in plain view for him. I lifted my hips off the floor and raised my sweatshirt so that it barely covered my tits. I knew that my nipples were hard as I was getting pretty excited from the show I was giving. Finally Jeff came down and lay next to me on the floor. “Mary, you are so damn hot. You are driving me crazy,” he said.
I loved having this control over my big stud boyfriend. I rolled next to him and tongued his mouth while his hands went everywhere on my body. Jeff rolled onto his back and I straddled his strong body. I felt his hard on through his pants and rubbed my pussy against it. He reached under my sweatshirt and pinched my nips. I felt a warm rush between my legs. I got off of Jeff and went over to lock the doors. There is no way I wanted to be interrupted tonight.
As I walked back toward Jeff I could feel his eyes on my every move. I pushed down the white baggy gym shorts and kicked them off of my foot. I began to take off one of my soft, white socks when Jeff stammered out, “Mary…..leave those on.”
Kim was right. I pulled my sweatshirt off and threw it towards my shorts. I was standing in front of my eighteen year old boyfriend wearing nothing more than Kim’s tiny thong and her white cheerleading socks. And, I had complete control over him! I walked up to Jeff, who was still sitting on the floor, and he pulled my hips towards his face. I felt him pull the tiny thong off to one side and then he buried his tongue in the dampness of my teen pussy. Jeff had never gone down on me before but I loved it. This certainly was turning into a night of firsts!
I let out a gasp as I felt his tongue slip between my swollen pussy lips. His hands went down my legs until he felt the softness of my socks. I heard him moan as he gently ran his hands over my feet.
My legs were getting weak from the licking my pussy was getting from Jeff’s expert tongue. He had certainly learned well from the other girls he had dated and had sex with. I lay down on my back and grabbed a pillow off of the couch for under my head. As I did this, Jeff removed his shirt and quickly pulled my thong down the length of my legs. He leaned over me and kissed my nipples for what seemed forever! He finally went back to licking my pussy and instantly had my body thrashing wildly underneath him. He would slowly run his tongue up and down the full length of my slippery pussy lips and then, all of a sudden, his tongue was sliding in and out of my dripping cunt and was driving me absolutely crazy with lust. I put my legs over his shoulders and when he felt the socks against his back he sucked my throbbing clit into his mouth and bit down gently. I cried out loud as I began to cum!
“My god Jeff, don’t stop. Oh god….oh god…This is fantastic!!”
I lifted my hips off of the floor and reached down and put both of my hands behind Jeff’s head to make sure his mouth stayed glued to my pussy. Jeff’s tongue was really working over my hard button and I felt my pussy explode in orgasm. I pushed my hips upward like a whore in heat!
“Oh yesssssssss….ohhhhhhhh!” I moaned as I came harder than I ever had before in my life.
After what seemed like a long time, I finally quit cumming lowered my ass back to the floor. Jeff pulled his shiny wet face from between my legs and crawled up until his body was even with mine. He gave me a long slow kiss which gave me a chance to taste my own cum. WOW!! We laid like that for a few minutes until I could feel that my nipples and pussy had stopped vibrating, and then I got busy!
I had Jeff sit back on couch and I pulled off his shoes, socks, and pants. I stood up and pulled my baggy gym shorts back on and adjusted my socks to make sure they were perfectly slouched. I could feel his eyes glued to me and knew that Jeff was loving watching me get ready. I left my sweatshirt off because I knew my hard nipples drove Jeff absolutely crazy. I wished I had a tight, white ribbed tee shirt along because I knew my hard nipples really look fantastic in one of those.
I took a drink of my wine cooler and again walked towards Jeff. I knelt down between Jeff’s legs and pulled off his boxer shorts. His cock was rock hard and sticking straight up. All the other times I had jacked Jeff off had been in the dark of night. This was the first time I was actually seeing his cock up close in the light. It was beautifully smooth with a dark red head and heavy veins running the length. It was just as nice as any Kimmie and I had seen in some of her older sisters porn magazines.
I slowly began to stroke his shaft with my left hand while I gently played with the huge balls that hung between his legs. Jeff’s moans told me that I was doing everything just right, but I knew what he really wanted. I leaned closer to Jeff’s throbbing shaft and licked the tip with my tongue. Jeff groaned. I put the whole tip in my mouth and ran my tongue around it. The taste was fantastic and Jeff moaned his approval. I let my saliva drip down Jeff’s cock as I kept up my stroking. I tried to get as much of his dick in my mouth as possible but he was too long to get all of it in. I looked up at Jeff and ran the tip of my tongue in and out of his pee slit. Jeff’s eyes were locked on what I was doing and his face was flushed.
All he could do through his heavy breathing was moan, “God Mary…., oh yeah baby….god can you suck cock!”
Giving Jeff my first blow job was getting me just as excited. I felt my pussy begin to get soaked again and I fleetingly thought about just straddling Jeff’s dick and getting my first fuck out of the way!
I bobbed my head up and down Jeff’s throbbing shaft as I continued to play with his balls. I was loving giving my first blow job! It was really turning me on to hear his moans as I kept his dick wet with my spit. I actually thought that I might be able to orgasm just from sucking dick!!
I slid Jeff’s dick out of my mouth and gently pulled one of his heavy balls into my hot, wet, mouth. I remember Kim telling me about doing this once. I ran my tongue all over and around it. It was hairy and warm and felt kind of funny in my mouth but the reaction I got from Jeff was incredible. He had his eyes closed and was thrusting his hips around so much that I knew he was close to shooting his load!
I let his wet nut slip out of my mouth and began running my tongue up and down the length of his shaft. When Jeff started to moan again, I quickly put his dick back in my mouth and started bobbing my head up and down again. Jeff had put his hand behind my head and was pulling my mouth further and further down his dick with each thrust. I could feel the head of his cock rubbing the back of my throat. “Oh Mary…..Oh Mary…..I gonna cum….” Jeff moaned and I shoved my mouth down on him as far as I could.
I could feel him orgasming and his first blast of cum shot right down my throat! I knew I wanted a mouthful of his hot jizz so I pulled my mouth back about halfway up his shaft and his second spurt coated the inside of my mouth and tongue. I didn’t have much time to savor it as his third blast filled my mouth and I had to quickly swallow. My right hand pumped his cock as he spurted one more time. I gently sucked his spent cock dry as my hand milked the last drop of his cum onto my tongue. The inside of my mouth was coated with his hot, salty cream.

Jeff’s twitching cock popped out of my mouth and some of his juice dribbled onto my chin. He fell back on the couch with his eyes closed and I watched as his cock started to soften.
I had been right after all, hot cum right from the cock was much better than licking it off of my fingers! Jeff’s spunk was hot and salty and I had no trouble swallowing it. I knew for sure that I would be drinking a lot more of his hot juice in the future! I swallowed the last of his load and knew he was watching me as I licked a few drops off of my lips.
“Yummy Jeff….I love the taste of your cum! God, I loved it when you shot in my mouth” I whispered in his ear as I leaned near to kiss him.
Jeff looked away and I ended up kissing his face and neck instead. I guess he didn’t want to share tastes as he had done with me! I threw a blanket over him as he rested and I went to get us another wine cooler. The gym shorts I was wearing were soaked and my pussy felt squishy as I walked to the kitchen. I got the wine coolers out of the fridge and opened one. The first few cool swallows washed the cum taste out of my mouth but I really didn’t think that it was so bad after all! Maybe I was going to be a pretty good cocksucker after all! I went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth. If Jeff and I were going to continue our night of sex, I wanted to make sure he was going to be kissing my mouth!! My pubes were soaked so I slid out of the gym shorts and fluffed up my bush with a hand towel. I grabbed the wine coolers and went back to check on Jeff. He was starting to get up off the couch and was heading to the bathroom also. He had pulled his boxers back on so I couldn’t check the condition of his cock!
I went to Kimmie’s room and lay down on the bed. I was naked except for my soft white socks. I heard Jeff finish in the bathroom and called to him that I was in Kim’s bedroom. I propped myself up on her pillows and waited for him to come in. When Jeff came in to Kimmie’s room, he looked around and remarked, “Well, this hasn’t changed much!”
I didn’t pay much attention to that remark but rolled onto my back and slightly parted my legs. Jeff was standing in front of me and I was about to give him a show.
I said, “Baby, did I tell you how much I loved it when you were eating my pussy before?... I sure loved it! You made me cum really hard!”
Jeff was feasting his eyes on my willing body….the one I was about to give him to have his way with!
“ Do you like the way I look?” I continued. “I’m all spread out for you… Do you like it when my nipples get this hard?”
I reached down and rolled each of my rock hard nipples between my fingers. I saw Jeff’s prick begin to stick up in his boxers and I leaned forward and pulled them down. Jeff kicked them off and stood in front of me naked with his hard-on starting to bounce up and down. I laid back down on the bed and spread my legs a little more.
I whispered, ”Do you like it when I do this?”
I ran my sock covered feet up and down his legs and up on to his chest. I put both my feet on his cock and started stroking him. His stiff tool looked great sticking out between my soft white socks.
I continued, “Did you like it when I put your cock in my mouth and swallowed all of your hot cum? God I love to suck your cock!”
I couldn’t believe I was saying those things but it sure was getting both of us hot! My pussy was soaking wet by this time and Jeff’s cock was starting to leak his pre-cum. I quit giving him a sockjob and pushed myself back on the bed and spread my legs wide open. I felt my pussy lips open and I was sure he could see right up my cunt. I looked into his eyes as he crawled on top of me and I reached down between us for his stiff tool. I darted my tongue in and out of his mouth as I guided the head of his prick between my wet, swollen pussy lips and felt it slide part way in me.
God I needed to get fucked!
“Do me Jeff!” I whispered hoarsely.
Jeff slowly laid down on me and I heard him moan out loud as I felt his cock slide part way into my dripping cunt with no resistance at all. I moaned out loud with him as I pushed my hips upward to meet his gentle thrust.
“Uh…oh…uh…” I moaned as I got use to the feel of his prick inside me. “Oh yes Jeff…it feels soooooo gooood!”
Jeff slid into me up to the base of his cock. He stopped and paused to see if I was OK. I was more than OK!! I bit his chest and licked his nipples as I begged him to start fucking me.
“Your cock is so big Jeff… oh god…you fill me up so good. Fuck me baby, I’m all yours!”
With that, Jeff started pumping me with a nice steady rhythm. I kept up by meeting his thrusts with my own. It felt so good getting fucked that I wanted it to last a long time. Jeff gently bit my nipples as he pumped in and out of me.
“Oh yes……oh……ummmmmmm….uh” I kept moaning as Jeff’s cock found all the pleasure spots deep inside my wet fuck hole.
“Mary, your pussy is incredible…’re so tight and wet.” He moaned in my ear as he rested his dick inside me. I felt the walls of my cunt squeeze against his hard shaft. Jeff was working over my swollen tits with both his hands and his mouth when he finally started fucking me again. I was absolutely loving the way he was using my body!
I knew Jeff would last a while after the blow job I had given him and the huge load he had shot, but I was the one getting ready to explode! The swollen head of his hard cock kept sliding over my sensitive g-spot each time he pushed his prick back into my snatch. My clit was as hard as his cock and he was grinding into it each time he sunk his dick all the way in. I began running my sock covered feet up and down his legs as he fucked me.
He said, “God Mary…..uh….you’re the best fuck ever! That feels so good when you do that!”
I reached down between us to feel Jeff’s prick sliding in and out of me. We were soaked. My pussy was pouring out juices left and right. It felt absolutely fantastic to feel his thick, slippery shaft sliding in and out me! My swollen pussy lips were wrapped tightly around his shaft and I could feel them stretch along his length when he would pull out of me! We were finally fucking and I loved it! We had been going at it for quite some time and I knew I was getting close to cumming and was pretty sure Jeff couldn’t hold out to much longer either.
I moaned in his ear, “Fuck me deep baby! Yeah…..that’s it…uh… I want you to shoot your hot cum up my pussy!”
As I pulled my hand from between our bodies my fingers slid over my clit and I was surprised how big it had gotten! It was sticking out like a tiny little cock! I sure would have loved to have had somebody sucking on it!!
I wrapped my legs around Jeff’s hips and pulled him closer to me. He felt my soft socks on his back and started to pile drive my cunt. The base of his cock was slamming into my clit when both of us let go.
I yelled out,”YES! YES! Oh Fuck! Oh Fuck!” And I felt my pussy gush. My body shook and I clung to Jeff as I felt my pussy clamp down on his throbbing shaft. Jeff grunted and pushed his cock all the way inside of me. I felt his cock spasm and felt his burning cum splatter inside my pussy. He thrust a few more times before he laid down on top of me and relaxed, happy to have his cock soaking in my wet hole. I slowly unwrapped my legs from around his back as he leaned up to kiss me.
“Finally Mary” he panted, “I’ve wanted to fuck you since you were in eighth grade!”
Jeff got to his knees and I felt his prick slid out of me with a gentle plopping sound. I felt some of his hot jizz drip out and slide down to my ass.
‘Eighth grade!’ I thought. My god….Jeff’s cock would have broken me in half! I didn’t think I even had tits or my bush yet! Did other girls start fucking in eighth grade?!
“And I’ve wanted to give you my cherry for quite some time. I’m so glad it was you that finally popped me!” I whispered out.
My cunt was still tingling as I began to feel Jeff’s load start to slide out of my just fucked pussy.
“God that felt good Jeff….you’ve made me a woman now! I can’t wait to do it again…….soon I hope!” I gushed as I finally put my legs back together.
I was exhausted. I was lying in our wet spot, but was too lazy to move. Jeff threw a cover over me and got up off the bed. He told me just to lay still and relax. I must have dozed off for a little bit because Jeff came in and told me he had to get his dad’s car home by midnight and that he only had ten minutes. He had picked up the house and had to get going. He gave me a deep kiss and headed for the door. As he walked away I saw the strap of my thong hanging out of his back pocket!! I didn’t say a word, I just smiled.
About five minutes later I heard a car door slam and thought maybe Jeff had come back for a second round. After my short rest I could have been ready for some more. I heard the back door open and close and heard Kim walk into the bedroom. The dim nightstand light showed me the face of a pissed off sixteen year old girl.
I was still lying naked under the cover except for my soft, white socks and I was still lying in the wet cum spot after having fucked my boyfriend for the first time. Kim sat on the side of the bed and told me that she had left Phil at a party and that they were going to break up for sure. Evidently, they had left the dance early and had gone to a party put on by some of their friends from the neighboring town. Phil had started drinking and started flirting with Jill Peterson. Jill was an old friend of ours that had moved away when we were freshmen. She was a year older than us and rumor had it that many a boy had lost their virginity to her. Jill was a tall, pretty blond that was extremely jealous of me since I had started dating Jeff. I am sure that she was the girl that had taught Jeff all about sex. She was also the head cheerleader for their sports teams. Kim said that Phil was hanging all over Jill at the party and at one time she had even taken Phil out to the car and fucked him so he would get his mind off of Jill. Kimmie said they just climbed into the back seat and Phil just lifted her skirt, pulled her thong off to one side and she had reached down and fisted his dick into her pussy.
“He only fucked me for about half a minute before he came…” Kimmie complained. “Then he wiped himself off and headed back in to find that slut Peterson! He left me with a gooey crotch for the rest of the night while he was in the party trying to get laid!”
Kim rearranged her thong and pulled down her skirt while Phil tucked his wet cock back into his pants. Without saying much to each other they went back into the party, and Phil disappeared. After about an hour of not seeing Phil around, Kim went looking for him. Eventually she quietly walked into a bedroom in the basement and saw Jill’s cheerleading panties lying on the floor and her white knee socks wrapped around Phil’s back. Phil’s pants were at his ankles and Kimmie knew he was fucking her. She left the party and got a ride home. Now she was sitting on the side of the bed telling me the whole story through her tears. I gave her a big hug and the covers fell away revealing my nakedness.
She said, “Geez Mar, how was your night? I’m sorry you had to listen to all the shit that happened to me!”
I kissed her on the cheek and told her she was my best friend and that I would always be there to listen. She kissed me gently on the mouth and told me she loved me.
I said, “Kim, just come to bed with me and we’ll talk. Everything will be OK.”
Kim pulled her tight sweater over her head and tossed it to the floor. I reached out and unhooked the clasp on the back of her sheer bra. Her full breasts heaved forward and Kim said, “Wow, that feels better.”
She unhooked her tiny little skirt and let it fall to the floor. She pulled off her noticeably wet thong and threw it at me, giggling. I caught it in my right hand and felt what was probably a mix of Phil’s cum and Kimmie’s pussy.
“Yuck” I squealed and threw it to the floor. She laughed out loud at me
but I couldn’t help but notice the sultry look she had in her eyes. I have to admit she did look damn hot standing there naked. She climbed into bed and we lay close to each other. I am positive she felt the dampness on my thighs and pussy as she slid one of her legs between mine. She felt that I still had my socks on and jumped back out of bed.
“I’m wearing a pair of those too Mary, I hope you don’t mind! Seems like you’ve had pretty good luck with them!!” I felt a stirring in my used pussy as Kim slid a pair of those soft, white socks onto her feet. Kim hopped in right next to me and put her leg back between mine.
“This bed is soaked Mar!! You gave up your cherry tonight didn’t you?”
I told Kim the whole story from getting my pussy eaten to blowing Jeff to finally getting fucked. She hugged me even closer and I could feel her full breasts press against me. She gave me a kiss on the mouth with just a little tongue which I responded to with my own and a giggle.
“You know Mar, Jeff took my cherry in this bed too!!” I looked at her with surprise.
“A year ago he gave me a ride home from the homecoming party we were at. Remember? You were making out with that guy that you made cum in his pants!!” I remembered the party and it was horrible. Kim was flirting with Phil and I was stuck making out with Phil’s cousin from across town. I was sitting on his lap and he was trying to get his had between my legs the whole time we were kissing. I finally let him touch the outside of my panties and gave his mouth a huge tonguing and he shot his load in his pants!! I jumped off of his lap like a shot and found a ride home. Kim said,” Jeff ended up giving me a ride home because Phil didn’t have a car that night. My parents weren’t home, so I pulled him into my bedroom and fucked him!! He really didn’t have much of a chance. I really wanted to get popped! A week later I was going out with Phil…..I am sure Jeff never told him.” “Kimmie, I remember you calling and telling me you lost your cherry that night, but I never thought it was Jeff!! You little slut!” I told her as I burst out laughing. No wonder Jeff had made a smart remark about the bedroom!! Kim had finally forgotten about her horrible evening and was back to her sexy, cute self. She looked at me with those big brown eyes and asked, “Mar, you want to taste Phil’s cum?”
Not to be taken back by my best friend I returned, “You want to taste Jeff’s?” Not knowing where this was going, both of our chests began to get a little flushed.
Kim replied, “I’d love to!! My little tramp!!” Kimmie leaned down and took my left nipple gently between her lips and gently sucked.
“God Mar, your tits have to drive Jeff crazy!! Your nips are the size of gumdrops! I’d kill to have these!” I reached over to her full breast and gently squeezed. I felt my pussy begin to tingle and I told her,
“Yours are so big and firm Kim. This is what really drives guys crazy!” Both of us had a glazed look in our eyes. Not knowing exactly what to do, I laid back on the bed with my thighs slightly parted. Kim was on her knees next to me and I could hear her breath quickening. She reached between my thighs and I instinctively spread my legs for her. She slid her hand down over my hairy muff and began to finger me. It felt so good, she was so gentle and her fingers were much smaller than Jeff’s! I began running a sock covered foot up her leg and stretched my leg out until my foot teased her full nipples. The look in her eye told me that our soft, white socks were going to become part of her sex life too! I had just started to wiggle my hips in time with her fingering when suddenly she pulled her finger out of me! I moaned my disapproval as Kimmie looked at me with those big brown eyes and licked her fingers.
“I think your lover Jeff’s cum is already leaking out! Yummy!” I told her, “Well then, you had better hurry up if you want to get every drop!”
Kim crawled between my legs and put her hands under my ass. I spread my legs wide open so she had a full view of my pussy.
“Christ Mar! It’s like a jungle down here! We’re gonna’ have to trim you up sometime!” She giggled and lowered her mouth to my aching cunt. She ran her tongue up and down my pussy lips until she had me squirming again. Kim put her tongue deep inside of me and both of us moaned. I ran my sock covered feet over her back as my hands gently pulled her head toward my sex. It felt so good!
“When your lips are open Mar, they look just like a butterfly!” Kimmie whispered as she took a few long licks right up through the middle of my dripping sex.
Then Kimmie pushed my legs up which lifted my ass off of the bed, and put the tip of her tongue right into my asshole! It took me by surprise but I loved the feeling of her tongue rimming me. Kim pulled her head up for a quick second and whispered, “God Mar…..your ass tastes great!” and immediately went back to giving me a rim job. As I laid there helplessly on the bed, my hands found my tits and I began massaging them and pulling my hard nipples. I was just getting used to the new sensation when she returned her tongue to flicking back and forth over my clit and I knew I was about to cum again tonight. I moaned,” Kim you’re going to make me do it!!”
Kim worked over my pussy and teased me for a few more minutes when all of a sudden, at exactly the same time, Kim shoved a finger into my ass and bit down on my sensitive clit! I heard myself gasp as I lifted my hips off the bed. It felt like my pussy was going to turn inside out. I came so hard that I shot a hot stream right into Kim’s mouth as I cried out!
“OHHHH! Oh God!! OHHHH Kim!!”
My chest was heaving and my stomach muscles were going crazy as I immediately came a second time. It was if I had no control over my body!
I heard Kim lapping up as much as she could through her own moans. Finally I relaxed enough and looked down at my lover. Kim’s face was flushed and covered with my cum and, as she looked up at me, I saw she had a small string of it hanging off of her chin.
She licked her lips and said,” Fuck, Mary! Jeff’s cum tasted great…..and I think I got it all…but now it’s your turn to clean me up!” Kim rolled off of me and lay on her back. I lay down next to her and started kissing her breasts. They felt so firm. I loved her nipples. They didn’t stick out as far as mine, but they were dark brown and the size of silver dollars. Kim had her eyes closed and was loving how gentle I was being with her tits. I kissed my way down her stomach until I got to her trimmed little strip of pubic hair. She began to spread her thighs just a little. I looked down at her sock covered feet and thought,”What a great fetish!!” I crawled between Kim’ legs and looked at my best friend’s pussy. It was glistening with her juices. Her swollen pussy lips were smaller than mine and were a beautiful dark pink color. Her trimmed pubic hairs barely covered her slit. That is one of the reasons I keep my bush so full.
My lips are much fuller than Kim’s and hang down a lot further. I always thought they might look ugly hanging out with nothing covering them!
I could see a little of Phil’s dried cum in the little patch of hair. I couldn’t wait any longer to taste her. I put my mouth over her lips and began to slide my tongue in and out of her snatch. The taste was incredible! Her pussy juices were sweet! Kim moaned and hooked her right leg over my back. Besides letting me feel her soft, white sock on my back, it opened her pussy wide for my exploration. I put my tongue deep inside her and wiggled it around. Kim reached down and pressed my face closer to her wet mound. I slid a finger into her hot slit and Kim let out a breathy moan. I kept fingering her while I sucked on her clit. “Do my ass Mary, do my ass!” Kim whispered.
I happily ran my tongue down to her tight asshole and teased it.
I put the tip of my finger gently in her tight hole and it opened up and practically pulled my finger right in!! I slowly slid my finger into her tight asshole and went back to licking her hard clit. Kim’s hips were starting to grind around on the bed in a really sexy way. I was licking up her juices as fast as I could when suddenly her pussy spasmed and juices that tasted a little saltier slid out of her and into my mouth. I figured that I had finally sucked Phil’s cum out of her! I loved the thought of doing that and swallowed it right down.
My finger was as far up Kim’s ass as far as I could get it when I pulled her clit into my mouth. Her button had gotten huge and as soon as I began to work it over with the tip of my tongue, I felt Kim’s hips come off the bed and her pussy began to move in and out. Kim pulled my head closer and moaned, “Holy fuck Mary!! Don’t stop!!”
I felt her cum release as it washed over my face. I kept wiggling my finger in her ass and she just kept cumming. I kept sucking on her clit and after her third orgasm I pulled my finger out of her ass and let her relax. Kim just lay on the bed and kept twitching for a few minutes after her multiple orgasms. I crawled up next to her and Kim said, “Ummmmmm….I like my new lover. Maybe we should give up boys all together! Wow…..did I ever cum!”
“I know… to! I don’t think we’d ever be able to give up boys Kimmie….I think maybe both of us like cocks just a little too much for that!” I teased. “Let’s go find some place dry to sleep!”
We had soaked her poor bed. We made our way to the guest room and crawled into the spare bed wearing nothing but our socks. We covered up and immediately fell asleep in each other’s arms. It was almost noon on Sunday when we finally woke up and knew we had to get the house straightened up before Kim’s parents came home. They weren’t supposed to be home until later in the day, so we had some time. We lay in each other’s arms for a while and just enjoyed each other’s closeness. We were now lovers and excited about it. Our feet found each other and we remembered our new fetish. We each decided we would wear our soft white socks as much as possible, even when we weren’t getting laid. It was then that Kim began calling us the “Sock Sisters”.


We finally got to the shower and Kim had gotten out a small pair of scissors. She said,” If I am going down on you any more, we have to do some trimming!”
“Well OK…..I guess. Just not too much. I like my thick bush!”
“Don’t worry. I am just going to trim around those beautiful, butterfly lips of yours. Those shouldn’t be hidden at all!” Kim assured me.
I sat on the edge of the bathtub and Kim got between my legs and began to trim my bush. She used her brother’s razor to trim my bikini line and then the scissors to trim the hair away from my pussy lips. I still had my full bush but no more pubes poking out of my panties or hiding my lips. Kim stepped back and admired her work when she had finished. “Both Jeff and I are really going to like this!” she giggled. “Take a look!”
I stood in front of the full length mirror that was one of the shower doors and checked out Kim’s handiwork. The dark brown bush at the top of my legs was trimmed to a perfect V shape.
She had managed to keep most of my thick curls and at the bottom of the V you could barely make out my cunt lips hanging down. I wondered how I would look from Jeff or Kim’s view so I sat down on the floor in front of the mirror and spread my legs apart.
“Here,” Kim said. She reached down and ran a finger full of Baby Oil between my pouty pussy lips. I watched her in the mirror and after sliding her finger three or four times up and down the length of my slit, my full lips laid open just like she had said. And, although she had trimmed my bikini line, my pussy was still surrounded by a nice full ring of my soft brown pubes. And, Kim was right….when my dark pink pussy lips lay open, they did look like a butterfly!
“It’s perfect Kimmie!” I whispered.
“Your lips are really something, Mar. I don’t think anyone could ever resist you if you ever laid on your back and showed them off when they are all slippery and spread apart! You know….guys really like it if they can watch us play with ourselves. You spread those lips of yours in front of some guy and start jilling off and I guarantee that he’ll shoot his load before he gets it out of his pants!!”
We both cracked up and couldn’t stop laughing. It took us about five minutes before we quit giggling and climbed in the shower. The hot soapy water felt great as we washed each other off. Kim hugged my warm soapy body next to hers and whispered in my ear “Thanks for being there for me last night Mar……you know I love you!” “I love you too Kim, and I will forever!” I replied. We gave each other a wet kiss with our tongues teasing each other. When we separated, our nipples were hard and standing straight out. If our pussies, clits, and nipples weren’t so sore from last night, I am positive we would have done each other in the shower! We were having so much fun being each other’s lesbian sex partner and bringing out our horniness. I am positive that if we weren’t so into guys, we would have been happy to be together forever!
We got dried off and I admired my trimmed bush in the full length mirror one more time. It did look good. Kim had trimmed her “landing strip” and admired that as she stood next to me. We both laughed at the bite marks around our nipples but were still kind of proud of them. We had pretty good sex lives for Juniors in high school!!
We started picking things up around the house naked.
Kim said,” Let’s not get dressed right away. This is kind of fun!” I didn’t mind, I just hoped the nosy neighbor kid didn’t come snooping around. He was the same fourteen year old that would spy on Kim and me when we would lie out in the sun on their deck. Of course Kimmie was always giving him a flash of her tits to drive him crazy. We always giggled, picturing him jacking off while thinking about fucking Kim’s hot little bod!! We stripped both beds and filled the washing machine with sheets, socks, and thongs. We cleaned up the living room and got rid of the wine cooler bottles. We had just finished spraying all the rooms with air fresheners when the phone rang. Phil was on the other end and evidently apologizing like crazy. After about ten minutes of being a bitch, Kim began softening up and I knew then they would probably get back together. He must have asked her what we were doing because Kim replied,” Oh, nothing much. Mary and I are just hanging around the house naked!” I blushed a little, but thought that with Kim next to me, I wouldn’t mind if Phil saw me nude, in fact it was kind of exciting. Kim continued, “Drive by in a few minutes and park in the back and we’ll have a surprise for you!” I had no idea what she had in mind. She got off of the phone and said, “Mar,.. c’mon, were going to give Phil a little show!” We went to the back of her house. There was a huge picture window that faced the driveway and garage. Anyone could drive up in their car and be right next to the picture window and could basically look into the house if the curtains were opened. “Lets get our bathrobes” Kim giggled, “And our socks”! We went in Kim’s room and she grabbed the bathrobes off hooks in the back of her door. She went to her dresser and got us each a pair of her soft, white cheerleader socks. Kim’s nipples were hard with excitement but she wouldn’t tell me quite what was going on. We pulled on our socks and slouched them down over our ankles. We each pulled on a bathrobe and Kim had me follow her back to the picture window. After a minute or two she peered through the curtains and said, “There’s Phil!” Evidently he had pulled his car up close to the big picture window. Kim turned on the overhead light and stepped back from the window.
“Are you ready Mar”, she asked. I could hear excitement in her voice. “Ready for what?” I asked. Kim pulled the curtains open and there was Phil…sitting in his car looking straight at us. Kim walked up next to me and slid her hand inside my robe. I saw Phil’s eyes open wide with amazement. I began to blush and stepped away from the window. Kim pulled me back next to her and said, “Mar, stand behind me and feel me up. I’ll do the rest!”

I gladly got behind Kim and she pulled my hands to her boobs. She was grinding her ass against me now and I felt her loosen her robe. She was doing a strip tease for Phil and I think she wanted me to strip too! By this time the front of her robe was completely open and Phil was feasting his eyes on Kimmie’s fantastic boobs and her tiny little pube patch. Kim pulled my hands to her now naked breasts and I cupped her breasts the best I could. “Pinch my nipples!” Kim commanded. I pinched each of her nipples between my thumb and forefinger and felt them get rock hard. I looked over Kim’s shoulder and Phil looked as if he hadn’t blinked once since he had arrived. Kim completely slid out of her robe now and I felt that she had dropped her hands down to her pussy. I continued to work over her breasts while she played with her clit.
“Kiss my neck Mar, and don’t stop feeling my tits!” I did as she instructed and began to get turned on by what she was doing. She put one of her legs on the window sill and continued fingering herself. By this time Phil probably had a pretty good view of her slit. Her full breasts seemed like they were getting more and more firm by the minute. She brought her fingers near my mouth and I instinctively sucked on them. I could taste her sweet pussy and thought that Phil must be cumming in his pants watching this. Kim kept rubbing her clit and I kept massaging her heaving breasts. I hadn’t realized that my robe had fallen completely open but because Kim was in front of me, nothing was exposed to Phil. I let my robe slide to the floor as I felt Kim’s hot, naked body press back against me. Kim’s breathing quickened and I felt her lean back against me.
“I’m doing it!” she moaned as she rubbed herself to an orgasm.
“Oh Mar! Uhh..uhhhh….ohhhh…..!” Kimmie hissed as she came.
She gently shuddered and turned around and pressed her body against mine. I reached out and pulled the cord to close the curtains.
Kim put her fingers up to my mouth and I again licked them, right before she kissed me deeply. After our kiss, I said, “God, I love the taste of your pussy. It is so sweet!”
Kim just smiled at me and replied, “Wow! That was fun. I think we gave him quite a show! I wonder if he came.”
I think she was being just a little mean to Phil. We left our robes off and finished straightening the house. The inside of Kim’s upper thighs were still shiny with her juices. She bent over a few times to pick things up off the floor and purposefully gave me a look at her hot, wet pussy and ass. Wearing nothing but her socks, I had to fight the urge to have sex with her.
We finally got dressed about an hour before Kim’s parents got home. We both pulled on skimpy thongs, and kept our socks on. Jeans, tee shirts and sweaters rounded out our outfits. Phil called and talked to Kim for about a half an hour while I made beds and folded our laundry. Evidently he really liked our show and mentioned something to Kim about the both of us wearing the same white socks. He had noticed!! What had the Sock Sisters started?! Anyway, Kim wasn’t going to give in to Phil completely…yet. I think she was going to make him beg his way back!!
Kim’s older brother Steve offered to iave me a ride home about an hour after her parents had gotten home. Steve had just turned twenty and was going to college in another town and had come home on break after catching a ride with his parents. Steve was a great looking guy with the same big, brown eyes that Kim had. I had always had a crush on him, but I always thought he was way too old for me.
Kim had decided to stay home and help her mother put away the things they had bought on their shopping trip.
I was grabbing my bag from Kim’s room when she came up and handed me a sealed plastic bag. It had a pair of our socks in it and when I turned it over I saw a neatly folded white thong.
“You had better hang on to these!” she whispered. “These are what you were wearing your first time. I still have mine!
I gave her a quick hug and ran outside and met Steve who was waiting in his Dad’s van in front of the house. I threw my bag in the back of the van and climbed into the front seat next to Steve. We made the usual small talk and Steve asked if I wanted to drive around with him for awhile since he had nothing better to do. I didn’t really care as my parents weren’t expecting me for another hour or so. We ended up driving out to the State park and Steve backed into a parking spot so we could watch the river out of the back windows of the van. We climbed into the back of the van and had a great view. I kicked off my shoes as we sat on a bunch of blankets and pillows that were piled up in the back of the van.
I immediately noticed Steve checking out my socks! “You have got to be kidding”, I thought, “Do these things turn on everybody?”
I sat across the back of the van from Steve and put my feet so they were innocently resting on his leg. I thought I could see his cock move in his jeans, but it was probably wishful thinking!
We kept up with the small talk when I asked Steve if he had a girlfriend at college. He told me that he had been with a few girls but most of the time he was just too busy working or studying. He had reached down and was now massaging my feet. I knew that those soft, white, cheerleading socks were turning him on because the reaction they were getting was beginning to turn me on too. I leaned back and told him that what he was doing felt really good.
Daringly, I asked, “Is there anything I can do to make you feel good?” Steve had set one of my feet down in his lap just inches from his growing dick. I could feel my nipples starting to get hard and I hoped that my dampening pussy wouldn’t start to soak through my jeans! Before he had a chance to answer, I gently stroked the bulge in his jeans with my foot. That certainly got his attention! He dropped my other foot into his lap and I whispered, “Steve, take it out! I want to see it!”
Steve hurried to get his pants and belt undone. I sat back and watched him free his hardening cock. I must have had a look of shock on my face because Steve said, “Mary! Are you O.K.?” I was sitting back watching Steve’s cock grow, and grow, and grow. I slowly reached out with my legs and began teasing his throbbing hard-on with my sock covered feet.
The head of his cock was a dark pink color and his thick shaft was dark and crisscrossed with heavy, dark veins. His cock had to be at least two inches longer than Jeff’s. It stuck straight out from his body and was twitching with his heartbeat. I couldn’t take my eyes off Steve’s boner, fascinated with its length and thickness. I moaned quietly and unconsciously licked my lips as I resumed giving him a slow, teasing sockjob.
“Oh my god Steve, your cock…is incredible” was all I could mutter out.
I was still fully dressed and just kept staring at the dark monster I had between the soft, white socks on my feet. By this time, Steve had slipped his pants off and he was naked from the waist down and I was wishing that I was. I raised my hips and undid the top of my jeans. Steve immediately knew what to do and pulled them off my legs. I quickly returned my feet to his shaft and continued with the sockjob I had started. I could feel the thin crotch of my panties getting damp and I was pretty sure my little white thong was turning invisible with my wetness and that my dark patch was starting to show through when Steve asked,
“Mary,…your bush looks fantastic. Do you think I could touch it?” “Please!” I gushed.
Steve moved next to me and slid my thong down until it was halfway down my thighs. I pulled my right leg the rest of the way out and ended up leaving the damp little pair of underwear lying on my left leg. Steve leaned over and gave me a fantastic kiss on the lips as he started to run his fingers through my thick pubes. Occasionally his fingers trailed over my swollen pussy lips and I would twitch a little and give out a little moan. After what seemed forever, I couldn’t stand it anymore and I reached out to grab Steve’s pulsating dick. It was unbelievably hard and hot. As I began to stroke him, I found that I couldn’t even wrap my hand all the way around it! I ran my thumb gently over his swollen tip and could feel his slippery pre-cum starting to work its way out. All this was happening and I still hadn’t even begun to think about fucking this monster!
I sat up and moved my face closer to Steve’s shaft. I carefully licked the tip and felt him shudder. I reached down between his legs with my right hand and found his golf ball sized nuts and gently began to massage his sack. I swear his cock grew another inch! I ran my tongue up and down the length of his dick and from his moaning, I knew he was loving it. I tried to get as much of his tool into my mouth as I could, but when I did, I had a hard time breathing because of his thickness. Steve suddenly stretched himself out in the back of the van and pulled me on top of him so that my pussy was over his mouth and I was staring down at his throbbing tool.
I was getting so hot just looking at and touching his cock that I jumped a little when Steve started eating my dripping cunt. But, I made him moan out loud when I took a handful of my saliva and started jacking him off. I sucked his cock the best I could, for as long as I could, before I looked back and begged him to fuck me. His dick was just too big for me to give him a good blowjob and his licking my clit had made me horny for only one thing!
“Steve!” I pleaded, “Please put it inside of me!” I knew my pussy was more than ready after the tonguing he had been giving me.
I crawled off of Steve and was on all fours waiting to see what we were going to do next. Steve just crawled up behind me and put the tip of his dick against my aching slit.

I pushed back against him and felt the tip of his rod push my lips apart and pop into my opening. I pushed back against Steve again and felt more of his huge shaft slide into me. He was stretching out my pussy a little bit, but I was wet enough to be slippery, and his cock felt great inside of me. Steve was on his knees behind me when he reached around and began playing with my sensitive clit. He was making me so hot that I would have done anything for him! Still on my hands and knees, I pushed back to swallow more of his length. I gasped as I could feel it slide into me inch by inch and was surprised when I felt Steve’s legs up against my ass. I had taken the whole thing! Steve was caressing my legs when he reached down and felt my sock covered feet and let out a little moan.
My sixteen year old pussy was wonderfully full and I was about to give my best friend’s brother a fantastic fuck. I started to rock my hips back and forth, slowly fucking Steve’s full length. I would slowly push back until my cunt had swallowed all of his meat and then I would pull forward until his tip was just about to pull out of me. I reached between my legs to rub my clit and felt his balls slapping against the back of my thighs. I caught his sack and gently began squeezing and fondling his balls. At about the same time, Steve slid his right hand under my sweater and started pinching my rock hard nipples.
“God Mary! Your nipples are an inch long!”
“Ummmmm, pull on them Steve! Pull my nipples!” I moaned. Steve gently tugged on my hard nips and I realized just how sensitive they were after my weekend of sex. He was really giving them a workout, pulling on them and pinching them between his fingers. I put my head down on my arms with my ass sticking up in the air so Steve would have no trouble sliding in and out of me, and also so he would let go of my stinging nipples! Steve’s hands began massaging my tight little ass and I felt him spread my cheeks wide apart. He must have had quite a view of his thick cock sliding in and out of my wet, hairy cunt with my little,pink, virgin asshole pointing up at him!
Steve’s thick prick kept sliding over my G-spot and his balls were now slapping my clit, but I didn’t feel an orgasm coming on. I wasn’t even thinking about it! It was just so exciting to be fucking this well hung college boy and I wanted to give him a fuck he would brag about when he got back to school. It sure was a good thing that my pussy kept squirting out juices though, or Steve’s dick would have torn me in half! I got back up on all fours and began to push my ass harder and harder against his hard tool. My wet pussy squeezed his tool every time he sunk it deep into me.
I felt Steve reach down and caress the soft socks I was wearing with one hand while his other arm wrapped around my waist. Steve started pulling my ass towards him in an effort to match his quickening thrusts. I heard him moan when his hands caressed my feet and I sensed he was about ready to shoot his load. “Fuck me Steve….harder!! Yeah…..that’s it….. Fill my pussy with your hot cum!” I moaned back to him as I kept pounding his cock with my hips.
Suddenly I felt him grab both of my hips with his strong hands and pull me back as his cock exploded inside of me. I moaned out loud as I felt his hot cream fill my cunt!
“OHHH….YESSSSSS” I called out in the van.
Steve released his grip on me and I pulled forward a few inches. I slid my ass back to meet his thrust as he shot again and I felt his hot jizz leak out of my pussy and drip down my thigh. I slid forward again and pushed back to meet his spurting dick one more time. Our fucking was making a slopping noise as he pumped his cum into me again.
My pussy felt absolutely incredible! I was full of Steve’s hot cream and it felt wonderful. I wanted to keep it in me as long as I could so when Steve was done cumming, I pulled myself off of his cock and squeezed my thighs together.
I turned around to face Steve and he was still on his knees. His cock had gotten much smaller and was shiny wet from our fucking. I leaned forward and sucked his soft dick into my mouth as far as I could. As I pulled my mouth back down the length of his cock, I clamped my lips around his shaft and milked almost a mouthful of cream out of his used prick. I licked my lips and swallowed his hot juice. His hot cock tasted great.
Steve moaned again and said “Christ Mary, that was the best fuck I have ever had! You are unbelievable!”
That was exactly what I wanted to hear! “I can’t believe you came so much Steve! I’m leaking your cum everywhere!”

I had to use my socks to wipe myself clean because I didn’t have anything else to use! My pussy and bush were soaked with Steve’s thick cream. My thighs were damp all the way to my knees. I wiped myself as dry as I could and retrieved my jeans and thong and got dressed. I shoved my cum covered socks in my gym bag and was surprised when Steve leaned over and gave me a sensual kiss on my mouth. God he made me weak!
Steve pulled his jeans on and we climbed back to the front of the van. I threw my shoes into my bag as I found my flip-flops. I plunked down in the front seat of the van and was surprised how sore my cunt was.
“Ow!” I squealed.
Steve had really given me a good fucking! We chit chatted all the way to my house like we had been friends forever. I kept hoping that when I got out of the van that the crotch of jeans wouldn’t be completely soaked through! A few times along our ride I felt Steve’s jizz leaking out of my relaxing pussy and I knew that my tiny thong wasn’t doing much to soak it up.
I told Steve good-bye as we pulled up in front of my house. I leaned over and gave him a quick kiss on the lips before hopping out and running up to the back door.


I yelled “Hello” to my parents and ran up to my room. I wanted to take a shower before dinner. I undressed and threw my clothes in a pile on my bedroom floor and stepped into the bathroom attached to my room. The shower’s warm water felt good as I washed my hair and scrubbed my face. I even shampooed my bush to get all of the drying cum out of it! I soaped myself up and was somewhat surprised how tender my breasts and pussy were.
I was drying off when I heard my mother come into my bedroom. She went over to my pile of clothes on the floor and was about to pick up what I had dropped there when I said,” Just leave everything Mom, I’ll take care of it. I have to empty my bag too!” I didn’t think it was a good idea to have my mother picking up my jeans and thong and wondering why they both smelled like sex! The crotches of both were still soaking wet with Steve’s cum that had been leaking out of me the whole ride home. She just said “OK dear, just come down for pizza whenever you want!”
I finished drying off and used a blow dryer on my hair and my bush! The warm air felt nice on my clit and my pubes looked great all fluffed up. It felt good to put on some regular cotton panties, a pair of sweatpants, sweatshirt and a pair of soft, white socks. I took the bag with the pair of socks and a thong in it that Kim had given me and put it in the bottom of my dresser drawer. Maybe she was right and that I would like to have it someday…..for some reason! I was about to run downstairs when the phone rang. It was Kim. She yelled,”What did you do to Steve?!”
“What do you mean?” I asked innocently.
“Well, he came back to the house whistling and singing! He has never been this happy. He was even nice to me!” Kim gushed. “My mom bought me about ten pairs of our socks and when Steve saw them he asked me ‘What is it with you and Mary and those socks?’ Come on Mar, fess up Sock Sister, what happened on that ride home?”
“Oh Kimmie, you know I’d never kiss and tell” I kidded her.
“You had better be careful with Steve my little lover” Kim said. “I have seen him come out of the shower once or twice and he is really hung!”
‘Geez Kim, thanks for the warning’, I thought to myself!
“I’ve got to run Kimmie”, I’ll call you after dinner.
My mom had a couple of shopping bags on the kitchen counter for me and after I had eaten way too much pizza, I grabbed them and went back upstairs to my room. I dumped them out onto my bed and just smiled. My mother had bought me two packages of the same soft, white socks! There were also five white ribbed tee shirts and a package of white thongs. No wonder I liked wearing white so much…it’s all my mother ever bought me!
I picked up all of my new socks and underwear and threw them into a laundry basket along with my cum stained socks, jeans, and thong from my laundry pile. I took them downstairs and put them in the washer and started a load. I chuckled when I thought that I would probably be doing a lot more laundry these days! I quickly smelled the socks that I had used to wipe up Steve’s cum before throwing them in the machine and closing the washer lid. I really hoped that someday soon I would get another chance to fuck him!
Jeff called and told me about having to spend the day with his parents. I wondered if he had talked to Phil yet. He really didn’t have much to say and I just told him that I would see him tomorrow. He told me that he would pick me up for school in the morning.
I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. I don’t even remember if I relived my weekend in my dreams or not, but what a weekend.
Kim called me early the next morning to see what I was going to wear to school. I told her I hadn’t really thought about it, but yes I was going to wear a pair of our soft white socks. Sock Sisters…remember Kimmie? She talked me into a short skirt and sweater. She had something in mind, but I didn’t know what. I do know she was excited about what effect our soft, white cheerleader socks were going to have. I told her Jeff and I would pick her up for school in an hour.
I put on a new white thong, new white socks, and a new white tee shirt. The tee shirts my mother bought me were tight enough to keep my boobs from bouncing too much without a bra, but I still needed to wear a heavy sweater so my nipples wouldn’t poke out if I got excited about something! I chose a heavy light blue turtleneck along with a blue plaid skirt. It was a skirt that I could roll the waistband up on once I got to school in order to make it shorter. Otherwise, my mother would never let me out of the house with a skirt as short as what Kim and I wore around school. I slid on a pair of old clogs that looked good with socks and looked in the mirror. I looked like a Catholic schoolgirl!
Jeff picked me up and definitely approved of my outfit. I leaned over to kiss him and “accidentally” brushed against his crotch. We chatted nonstop until we got to Kim’s house. Jeff honked the horn and Kim came running out. She had on the same tight white ribbed sweater that she had worn last Friday night. She wore a white opaque bra that I think if you looked closely enough you could see the outline of her dark nipples. She had on a dark pleated skirt that I knew she would roll up once we got to the girl’s bathroom. She had on the identical soft white socks that I wore, slouched down, and she wore an old pair of saddle shoes. Kim always looked hot.
I noticed that Jeff followed Kim quite closely as she crossed the yard to the parked car. She hopped in next to me and gave me a quick peck on the lips. She smelled wonderful as always as she leaned across me to flash Jeff her killer smile and bat those big brown eyes at him.
“Good morning Jeffy boy, did you kids have a fun time Saturday night?” she asked.
He just smiled and backed the car up. I did notice Jeff glancing at our feet once in a while. I was pretty sure Kim noticed also as she purposefully pulled her foot up on the seat to retie her shoe, giving both Jeff and I a view of her carefully slouched sock. When we got to school, Kim and I stopped at our lockers to get rid of our jackets and went right to the girl’s bathroom and found an empty stall. We both went in and set our books down. We both started rolling our waistbands up until the bottom of my skirt was at least half way up my thigh and Kim’s was probably only four inches below her crotch. Wearing our tiny thongs we had to be very careful when bending over or anyone behind us would have a clear look at our ass. Of course, we both knew that and used it to our advantage when we wanted to! I was pretty sure we were going to get plenty of looks today with our short skirts, pretty sweaters, and those socks.
I gave Kimmie a quick kiss on her mouth and whispered in her ear,” Let’s get ‘em my little Sock Sister.” She melted me with her smile and I knew she knew exactly what I was talking about.
It was finally the last hour of the day and nothing real exciting had happened all day. Kim and I were both aware of the approving looks we were getting from both the boys and girls in our classes. I wasn’t completely sure if we just looked hot with our new fetish item or if Jeff had spilled his guts about the sockjob I had given him.
Mr. Jameson was a student teacher in charge of our last hour study hall. He was a good looking guy about twenty five years old, and only had three more weeks to go before his student teaching was done. Kim and I took our front row seats which were right in front of Mr. Jameson’s desk. Most of the other study hall students had checked out and gone to the library or computer lab leaving just Kim and I and a couple of kids in the back that had their heads down sleeping. Mr. Jameson was also our Biology student teacher so we had a reason to stay and get help with our assignments.
We had our textbooks open and were working on our assignments when I looked up and saw Mr. Jameson staring at us. He blushed a little and quickly tried to look away, but not before I gave him an approving smile. Kim had been busily writing something in her notebook which she then tossed on my desk. She had written, ’Mar, I think Mr. Jameson is really checking us out! Let’s have some fun!’ I looked at her and just nodded yes. She had that horny look in her eye again!
I slipped both of my clogs off my feet and pulled my right foot up underneath my ass as I repositioned myself in my desk seat. I was giving Mr. Jameson a clear view of my sock covered feet and if he tried a little, I am sure he could get a shot of my white thong covered crotch. Kim sat in her desk with her ankles crossed and her thighs just slightly apart. Her skirt was rolled up so short that our teacher would not have to work too hard to get a peek!

I started to feel my nipples harden and thought, ‘geez, are we turning into a couple little sluts!’ I looked over at Kim and her dark nipples were straining at her bra and sweater and becoming quite visible. I looked up and Mr. Jameson was looking a little flushed and was staring at Kim’s crotch. She was crossing and uncrossing her legs often enough that I am sure he was getting a good show. Not wanting to be left out, I parted my thighs just a hair more as I slid my foot back out from under my ass. I put my sock covered feet on top of my clogs and gently rubbed my feet together. I wondered if Mr. Jameson was wondering what they would feel like on his dick!
Kim surprised me when she got up and went to his desk to ask a question about our assignment. I watched as she innocently managed to grind her boob against our teacher’s arm and shoulder as she stood next to him. I just smiled as I saw the twinkle in her eye, and as she walked back to her desk, she made a point to drop her pencil and bend over to pick it up. Our poor teacher’s eyes really popped open as she flashed him her hot little ass.
It was only a few minutes before the end of the day bell, so we gathered up our books and turned to talk to each other. Kimmie whispered, “He can see your panties from up there! I think he has a hard-on!”
“Good” I replied, “At least I didn’t have to go and stick my boobs in his face!”
Kim just giggled as we waited for the bell to ring.
“What’s so funny girls?” Mr. Jameson asked.
“Nothing Mr. Jameson,” Kim replied. “Just being girls!”
The final bell rang and we went took our time getting to the hallway. We could feel Mr. Jameson’s eyes follow us out of the room. Once in the hallway Kim told me,”Mar, my birthday is next week and I know what I want for a present! Mr. Jameson!”
I looked at my best friend and lover and asked, “Huh?”
“You heard me… and you are going to help me get him!” Kim demanded.
Well for the next week all that Kim could talk about was how we were going to seduce Mr. Jameson. She was so horny…I wished she and Phil would get back together so that she would get laid! We both got our period the next day, but it was no big deal. Both Kim and I were on birth control pills to help regulate our periods and it would only last a couple of days. We seemed to always get our periods within hours of each other. Anyway, there were no more short skirts and thongs for a few days.
Jeff and I were getting along pretty well, but he was so busy with practice and the part time job he had, that we hardly saw each other. And when we did, we never had time or a place to fuck. I was getting pretty good at sucking Jeff’s cock however, and I was swallowing a load of his cum almost every night!

Most of those times he wouldn’t even finger me or feel me up. We would make out for a few minutes and he’d just unzip his pants and I would suck him off. Then I’d jump out of the car and run in the house without even a goodnight kiss. I was starting to spend a lot of nights in bed jilling off and fantasizing about Jeff or Steve fucking me and it wasn’t making me feel all that happy.

It wasn’t that I didn’t mind fingering myself….since Kim and I had been touching ourselves since we were fourteen. We had read about it in one of the sex books that Kim’s older sister had left laying around in her bedroom. The article said that for girls to have a good sex life, they first had to know how to get themselves to orgasm before they could ever expect a guy to get them off. We read the whole article and then we went to Kimmies bedroom and crawled into her bed together, took off our sweats, and rubbed ourselves through our panties. We were giggling pretty hard but we both agreed that it felt really good!! I think that by the middle of our sophomore year we were probably both getting ourselves off at least three or four nights a week!
Lately I would just go to bed wearing only an oversized tee shirt and my soft, white socks. I would lay on my back and spread legs so that my pussy was fully accessible. I didn’t spend a whole lot of time teasing myself because I knew that I just wanted to get off!
I would start by sliding the tip of my middle finger gently between my hairy cunt lips and slowly running it up and down the length of my opening until my juices made me nice and slippery. Then I would start to slide my finger in and out of my hot, wet hole. Sometimes I would use two fingers and reach in until I could feel my g-spot, but most times I just liked fingering myself with one finger. It also felt really good when I’d pinch one of my nipples. Sometimes if I felt like jilling-off for a long time, and I had been pinching my nips, they would hurt a little bit the next morning in the shower!
Often times I would pull off one of my soft, white socks and rub it across my hard nips while I was rubbing my clit. That would always get me off in a hurry…especially if I had just had some sort of sex….like getting felt up or even giving a blowjob….while wearing them.
A lot of times I thought about Jeff and I fucking, but a lot of times I also thought about a fantasy I’ve always had. It was about the young married couple down the street that I used to babysit for. Joan and Todd Stevens were both very good looking and many times when I was at their house, I would catch them looking at me in a really sexy way. Both of them were very nice to me and always gave me a big tip. I didn’t think they knew about me looking at and fantasizing about using all of the sex toys they had in their nightstand. At least I didn’t think they knew. I guess I never thought about why they always “happened” to leave one or two of them lying out or why the nightstand drawer was always left open!
Anyway, I would fantasize that after babysitting for them one night, they would come home and take me into their bedroom and have me slowly strip out of all my clothes while they watched. Then they would both undress each other while I watched. Then we would lie on the bed with me laying between them. Each of them would take turns kissing and caressing my body. Eventually all three of us would be fondling each other and then I would let the dad have sex with me while his wife watched and helped. We would both be watching as I laid in her arms and he slid his perfect manhood into virgin pussy! He was so good looking….that I was sure it would be the best sex ever!
It had been a while since I had babysat for them and I had developed a lot sexually since the last time I was at their house. I would have stop by and visit to let them know that I wouldn’t mind babysitting again….and hopefully I could somehow let them know what they could give me in place of a tip! Ummmmm, that would be fun. For all I know….maybe them having sex with their teenaged cheerleader babysitter was their fantasy too!! I wouldn’t mind finding out.
By the time I usually got through my fantasy, my pussy would be dripping wet and I would be aching to finish! When I got that hot, all I had to do was slide my fingers out of my wetness and start rubbing my stiff clit in small little circles. Within seconds I would feel my nipples pull tight and my hips would start to uncontrollably wiggle….and I’d cum! I usually let out a little grunt as the orgasm spread over my body, but that was all. Then I’d go to sleep. Sometimes it felt so good that I’d fall asleep with my hand still between my legs.
BUT….as good as that could be, I had let Jeff pop my cherry for a reason….so he could fuck his hot little cheerleader girlfriend whenever he wanted….not to have me swallowing his sticky load in the front seat of his car every night!! I needed cock! Soon!
Kim and I continued to be overly friendly with Mr. Jameson as we began to plot Kim’s “birthday present”. Kim and I always wore the tightest jeans we had, and Kim seemed to have a never ending supply of tight ribbed sweaters that accented her full tits. We always wore our soft, white socks, and began noticing some other girls doing the same. Was it catching on? I still went braless at school when I could, but only with a tight tee shirt underneath my sweaters. Mr. Jameson was definitely noticing us and we were pretty sure he was a fan of our fetish as we often slid our shoes off in study hall and would catch him him staring at our sock covered feet. Most times he wouldn’t even look away after we made eye contact with him. We were positive he wanted us…bad!
I don’t know if it was from swallowing so much cum or from having been fucked a few times, but my tits seemed to be getting a little larger. I had to buy a few new bras to fit my boobs. What I wasn’t happy about was that as my boobs got bigger, my nipples didn’t seem to stick out as far when they got hard. Oh, they got hard and stuck out, just not as far as they did. Kim would just laugh at me and tell me I still had the hottest nipples she had ever seen.
Two weeks had gone by and both Kim and I were aching to get laid! It was Friday night and we had just finished cheering for the last basketball game of the year. Everyone else had already left to go to some end of the season party and just Kim and I were still changing in the locker room.
“David is done next week Mar. I think we should stop by and give him his going away present and let him know what a special teacher he was for us!” I got a kick out of how we had gone to calling Mr. Jameson, Dave.
“OK Kim, just let me finish up. Let’s get dressed.”
Yesterday was Kim’s birthday and I had given her three tiny lace g-strings, one blue, one pink, and one white. I had bought myself a light blue one and was sliding it up my legs as Kim watched. Kim had already put on the white one I had given her and looked fantastic in it. She wore the waist band high on her hips and the back strap was so tiny it disappeared between her ass cheeks. I adjusted mine to cover as much of my bush as possible and felt the back string find its way next to my asshole.
Kim pulled on a pair of sweatpants with the waistband rolled over so that you could see her g-string resting on her hips. She put on a sheer opaque white bra that did little to cover her breasts. Over that she pulled on a short skin tight white top. She might as well have left the top off because you could see right through it. Her dark brown nipples looked very sexy through the material and her tight stomach looked great below the bottom of her shirt.
I pulled on a tight ribbed tee shirt without a bra. My boobs had almost gotten to the point where I was going to have to start wearing a bra all the time and I was putting that off as long as I could. My nipples looked great against the tight white material. I pulled on a baggy pair of jeans that hung on my hips quite low. My g-sting straps were right at the top of my waistband but not as visible as Kim’s.
We both pulled on a clean pair of our soft, white cheerleading socks and pushed them down so they were perfectly slouched. We put on our old slides, grabbed our jackets and gym bags and left out the back door of the locker room.
We had to walk about three blocks to where Mr. Jameson had an upstairs apartment. We got there in about ten minutes and the bottom half of the house was dark, but we could see a light on upstairs and the flickering of a television. We walked around to the back of the house and paused at the stairs leading the way up. I looked at Kim and kissed her on the mouth. She leaned forward and drifted the tip of her tongue across mine. She said,” Well.., Sock Sister?”
I whispered to her, “Happy birthday Kimmie. Let’s go!”
We walked up to the top of the stairs and Kim boldly knocked at the door. Mr. Jameson came to the door and turned on the porch light. He had a surprised look on his face when he saw it was us.
He opened the door and said, “Mary and Kim, what are you doing here? Isn’t it kind of late?”
Kim gave him that smile of hers that can melt anyone and let her jacket fall open to reveal her straining tits. “We just wanted to stop by and visit before you have to leave. Mary and I think you are a great teacher and just wanted to give you something to remember us by! Can we come in?”
Dave just looked at that smile and those big brown eyes and stammered, “Well I guess it would be OK! For a little while.”
Dave was barefoot and wearing an old pair of jeans and a tee shirt but he looked gorgeous. I felt a stirring in my pussy as we walked into his kitchen and I am sure Kim did to. Dave offered to get us a soda and we walked into his living room. There wasn’t much in there except a few old overstuffed chairs, a huge couch with a blanket and pillow on it, and the flickering TV. Between the chairs was a pile of men’s magazines with titles I didn’t recognize. Kim and I sat down on the couch and Dave sat directly across from us about five feet away.
“I hope we aren’t bothering you” I said. “But Kim and I wanted to get to know you a little bit before you have to leave! And…oh yeah, Kim, give Dave, oops, I mean Mr. Jameson, his gift!”
“Dave is just fine,” he replied.
His eyes were riveted to Kim as she had taken off her jacket and tossed it to the floor. “Just call me Mr. Jameson at school.” Kim and I both slipped our shoes off, but Dave didn’t seem to mind at all.
Kim found a wrapped box in her gym bag and both of us crossed over and sat next to him as we waited for him to open his gift. I made sure my soft sock was touching his foot when I sat down and I swore I felt his foot push against mine. Kim sat on the other side of Dave and of course had her breast pressed against his arm.
“Open it Dave!” we said at the same time.
He tore open the paper and found a framed picture of Kim and I wearing our cheerleading outfits with our arms wrapped around each other. We were pretty sure he would enjoy the short skirts, tight sweaters, and socks that we wore in the picture. Dave sounded a little embarrassed when he said,”Thanks girls, it’s great. I really like it.”
“But don’t we look a lot better in person Dave?” Kim giggled.
She stood up in front of Dave to give him a full view of her hot body. Her big, dark nipples stood out against her tight top, her bra straining to keep them in. Her sweat pants had slid down far enough so more of her white g-string straps were showing, and a lot of her flat stomach. She pulled me up off the couch and helped me slide my jacket off. She threw my jacket on top of hers. Dave stared at my hard nipples sticking out through my tight, ribbed tee shirt.
I was sure Dave couldn’t see my g-string as well as Kims’, so I turned around and bent down to pick the wrapping paper up off of the floor. When I bent down I felt my jeans slide low on my ass and knew my g-string was there for him to see. When I turned back around Dave had started looking a little bit flushed!
Kim pulled Dave up off the couch and said, “Give Mary and I a tour of your place Dave!” She held his hand and had pulled his arm between her tits. I took his other hand and did the same thing.
“Yeah Dave” I said, “At least show us where the bathroom is!” and I dragged my right nipple across his arm.
The three of us walked through his apartment that way. We saw his little bathroom and another pile of men’s magazines. Kim laughed and asked,”Dave, do you read those or just look at the pictures?!”
Dave blushed again. Kim went to his refrigerator and got out a can of beer. “Come here Dave and have a seat. We need your opinion on something” Kim said.
Dave followed us into the living room and sat down on his couch again. Kim opened his beer and handed it to him. Dave took a long drink and asked Kim, “OK, what do you need my opinion on?”
“Do you think we look as good as the girls in your magazines Dave? “Well you two, as you well know, the girls in those magazines are usually naked!” he replied. “Would you like to see us naked Dave?” I asked.
And with that cue, Kim and I both slid our pants off. I threw my jeans on the floor and Kim’s sweatpants followed. Dave’s mouth dropped open as both Kim and I put a foot up on the arm of the chair to make sure our socks were perfect. Poor Dave didn’t have a chance. Kim and I had been planning how to get naked in front of our student teacher stud and it was working perfectly.
Kim pulled off her white top and threw it on top of our pants. She turned around and I unsnapped her bra and her breasts heaved forward. I pulled my thin tee shirt over my head and we threw those on top of pile too. Our student teacher sat on his couch watching two of his hot students standing in front of him wearing only their tiny g-strings, and soft, white socks.
Our nipples were perky hard and as we stepped toward Dave, they were at the same height as his mouth. Kim and I stood next to each other with our arms around each other’s waists as Dave’s glazed look went from nipple to nipple. He couldn’t make a decision what to do. Kim and I reached down and pulled his tee shirt over his head and threw it onto our pile. Kim ran over to her gym bag and got out her digital camera. “Here, Dave. Take a picture of us like this!” She giggled. Kim and I posed as he took pictures of us. Then we walked back and stood in front of him again. Kim reached behind Dave’s head and pulled his mouth toward her left breast. Dave gently locked his mouth around her dark nipple and began to flick his tongue back and forth over her hardness. Kim just moaned,”Mmmmmmm” and kept her hand behind his head. After what seemed forever, he had worked over both of her tits and she guided his mouth toward my waiting breasts. I was noticing Kim’s chest was flushed with her sexual excitement when Dave sucked one of my nipples into his warm mouth and began running his wet tongue over it. My knees almost buckled as I let out a moan. I was sure our g-strings were soaked! Dave leaned back and said, “My god girls! Your boobs are fantastic! I have something for you…wait a second!” He disappeared into his bedroom and came back out with two very light pieces of gold necklace. Kim and I both noticed a considerable bulge in his jeans. “Come closer Mary” Dave told me as he again sat down on the couch. I walked closer and he put his hand on my ass and pulled me closer. He gently blew on my nipples until they were both standing up hard. He then slipped a small loop of one chain over my nipple and slid a tiny collar up the chain until it tightened the loop. He did the same with the other end of the chain to my other nipple. When I stepped back to show Kim, I had a fine gold chain strung between my boobs with the chain tightened around each of my hard nipples. “Now, your turn Kim!” Kim almost jumped up in front of Dave as he began to fondle her boobs and blow on her nips. They responded immediately as they darkened and stuck out nicely. On each of her hard nipples, Dave hung a small single piece of jewelry that looked like a small dangling earring. They fastened the same way as the chain had on mine. She stepped back to show me and her boobs looked hot. I reached out and gently tugged on one of the fine chains hanging from Kim’s nipples and as I did, she looked at me and cooed. She was ready! Dave stood up and Kim and I pinned him between us as we unfastened his jeans and pushed them down. As he stepped out of them, his hard cock jumped straight out. Kimmie immediately reached down and began to stroke him as I ran my fingernails up and down his tight stomach. Dave was probing our mouths with his tongue, giving us each a turn as he would gently pull on the chains connected to our nipples. Both Kim and I were moaning through the deep kisses as he continued driving us crazy. I reached down to feel Dave’s dick and found Kim’s hand gently massaging his balls. I wrapped my hand around his shaft and was surprised how long it was. It wasn’t as thick as Steve’s, but it felt longer! I felt Dave’s hand slide down my belly to my pussy and he slid his hand inside of my g-string. I parted my legs and felt him begin to slide his finger in and out of my dripping cunt. I pulled my mouth away from his and told him and Kim, “We better lay down before we fall down!” Kim let go of Dave’s sack long enough to pull the blanket and pillow off of the couch spread them out on the floor. I pulled Dave over to the blanket and Kim and I laid him down on his back. We both pulled off our soaked g-strings and Kim immediately had her talented mouth wrapped around his throbbing hard-on. Dave closed his eyes and reached down to feel Kim’s head bobbing up and down on his shaft. I grabbed Kim’s camera and quickly took a few pictures of my best friend giving one of our teachers a blow job! I was standing over Dave’s head watching Kim work her magic on his lovely cock when I felt him caress my sock covered ankles. I slowly squatted down until I felt my lips open and I knew my pussy was just inches from his face. Dave began teasing my pussy lips with his tongue and I felt my legs weaken. I got down on my knees as Dave pulled my crotch closer to his face and continued eating me. Kim had enough sucking cock and positioned herself over Dave’s cock the same way I had over his face. As she squatted down, giving Dave her best Kermit the Frog, I watched her swollen pussy swallow inch after inch of Dave’s long prick. She looked at me with her big brown eyes and whispered,” Oh Mar, his cock feels fucking fantastic….but I don’t know if I can take it all!”

Dave reached out and held on to Kim’s sock covered ankles and told her, “If you can’t take all of it giving me Kermit, just lay down on top of me and take it that way!”
It was almost like he had given Kimmie a challenge. She balanced herself by putting her hands on Dave’s chest and pushed herself down the last inch and moaned, ”He’s soooooooo lonnnnnnngggg Mar….I swear I can feel his dick up in my belly” I lifted myself off of Dave’s face and sat down next to him. I watched Kim fucking him with long, slow strokes and remembered to take a few more pictures. I leaned over Dave and began giving him deep kisses. I sucked on his tongue when he put it in my mouth and gently bit the tip with my teeth. Dave whispered in my ear,”Your pussy tastes fantastic! I love your bush!” I moved down and gently bit his nipples as he was pushing his hips upwards to meet Kim’s downward thrusts. I moved aside so I could watch my best friend fuck. Kim was on her knees now and was grinding her clit against the base of Dave’s cock. She had her hands planted on his chest and was digging into him with her fingernails. Dave had reached down and was caressing Kim’s socks! “God I love to fuck your cock,” Kim moaned. “Oh….you know how to fuck me!” Kim had thrown her head back and I could see little drops of sweat running between her swaying breasts. Every so often Dave was grabbing one of her nipple chains and giving it a pretty hard pull. Kim would gasp and look like she was going to pass out. She loved this! “You’re making me come!” Kim groaned. Her moans were getting louder and louder when suddenly she went quiet and her body quivered and she ground her pussy hard against Dave’s shaft. She sat up on his prick and orgasmed for what had to be ten seconds straight. I caught most of it with the camera. Kim crawled off of Dave and half lay on the couch still trying to catch her breath. His cock was still pointing straight up and was shiny with Kim’s cum. I immediately crawled on to him and slowly lowered myself on to his tool. With my pussy as wet as it was from the show I had just watched and the coating of Kim’s juices, Dave’s prick slid into me with no effort. And he was long!!
I had never been on top of a guy before, but I loved it. I was in complete control of how fast and how deep our fucking was. If I sat up straight on his stiff rod, it almost hurt a little bit as his dick would hit the back of my cunt. If I leaned forward just a little, it was perfect. His cock felt so good inside of me. When I slid him all the way in, the base of his dick was rubbing my clit and the tip was sliding over my g-spot. I felt my pussy walls squeeze his cock with each of my thrusts. Kim had slid off of the couch and was taking pictures of us.
I looked at her and whispered, “He’s fantastic Kim, let’s fuck him all night!” I wasn’t sure about Dave, but I knew I wasn’t going to last much longer! I laid my body down on Dave’s hard body and kissed his neck and bit his right nipple. I ground my hairy bush against his cock as I looked into his eyes and moaned,”Oh Mr. Jameson, you’re going to make my pussy explode!” I pushed myself up and took as much of his shaft in me as I could. I had my clit tight against his long prick when he reached up and grabbed the thin chain swinging between my nipples. Dave pulled the chain hard and it felt like a shock of electricity raced from my nipples, through my body and ended at my clit. I groaned out loud and felt my whole body tense up and suddenly relax. My pussy was squeezing his cock so hard I thought I would hurt him! I slid my pussy up and down his hard prick as I felt myself orgasm. I felt my juices flood out of me and down Dave’s cock. My whole body was buzzing! “My god Mary, you’re a squirter!” Dave exclaimed. He rolled me over on to my back and I put my sock covered feet on his chest. He slid his prick back into my sopping pussy and began to fuck me really hard.

I felt my swollen breasts shake on my chest every time he plowed into me. Each time his shaft hit home I would let out a small moan…”uhh…uhh”. I wrapped my legs around him the best I could and tried to pull us closer together with each thrust. I knew he was getting close and I couldn’t wait to be filled with his hot cream. I was hoping he would cum soon as he was really pounding my pussy and it was starting to hurt! Dave suddenly pulled his cock out of me and I opened my eyes to see what was going on! He had his cock in his hand and was jacking himself off! Before I could cry out to tell him to shoot his load inside of me he started spraying my naked body with globs of his hot semen. I felt it spraying onto my boobs and neck. A few drops even hit my right cheek.
Not missing a beat, Kim quickly leaned down and pulled Dave’s spurting dick into her mouth and sucked him dry. The little bitch!! That was my cum!! I had earned it!!
Even though I wanted to be filled with his jizz, I was pretty excited at watching him jack off! I reached down and found that my clit was still hard and sticking out and I began to rub it between my fingers. Kim and Dave just moved back a little and watched me begin to jill-off! “My god you guys! I’m…cum again!” I yelled at Kim and Dave. I had my legs up in the air and Dave had reached out and was holding both of my feet apart while I was quickly fingering myself to another climax. I was pushing down hard on my clit and started to feel my pussy pull in and out like it was looking for a cock to fuck when I felt the gush of my cum shoot out from between my cunt lips. “Christ Mary! You’re spraying all over the place!” Kim cried out.
It felt so good that I just kept playing with myself. I looked up between my legs and saw Mr. Jameson just looking down at me, smiling! He lowered my legs to the floor and I just lay there exhausted. Kim was hovering over me taking pictures of my cum splattered body. She was giggling because she had been right in the line of fire when I came and her thighs were shiny wet! She leaned over and gave me a long warm kiss and I could faintly taste semen.
“Wow Mar, that was amazing! Squirter!” she giggled. Then she licked a few
drops of Dave’s cum off of my boobs and just smiled at me.
Dave got up and went to the kitchen and returned with can of beer for each of us. We all took long swallows from our beers and I began wiping myself dry with my thin tee shirt. Besides the beer going right through me, I wanted to go to the bathroom to wash the drying cum off my skin. Dave and Kim were sitting together talking when I left to go pee.
As I sat on the toilet, I picked up one of the men’s magazines that Mr. Jameson had piled nearby. The title of the magazine was Hawk, and it had pictures of naked young girls on the cover. As I thumbed through it, I found a pictorial of a girl that looked like she was fifteen years old with a guy that looked to be Dave’s age. The girl was wearing a tight little tee shirt, denim shorts, white knee socks and penny loafers. The guy was shirtless and wearing jeans. The story was something about helping the man next door, or something like that. I turned the page and the pictures showed the girl on her knees sucking the guy’s huge cock! His dick had to be at least ten inches long and she was swallowing most of it! The next page showed the girl naked except for her knee socks, lying on her back with her legs wide apart pulling that monster cock towards her hairless slit. A few more pictures showed the guy with his shaft buried all the way to the hilt in this little girl’s pussy. I loved looking at the pictures of these people screwing, but I wondered if this stuff really happened. Of course, I was sitting in my student teacher’s bathroom, naked except for my white cheerleading socks, wearing chain nipple jewelry, with my body covered in his semen after having just soaked his blanket with my own cum! I wondered what it would be like to know people were looking at pictures of me having sex. Kim and I had taken pictures of each other fucking Mr. Jameson but no one would probably ever see them. I thought it might be exciting knowing that men and women would be jacking off looking at my pictures wishing they were with me! The last pages of the pictorial showed the young girl getting a face full of cum as the guy jacked off on her. Hey! I thought, that’s what happened to me!! I finished peeing and wiping my body off with a damp hand towel. There was a brush on the counter top and I quickly ran it through my hair and quickly fluffed my bush. I readjusted my pony tail, pulled my socks up and then slouched them back down, flushed the toilet and headed back to the living room. When I walked in, I saw Kim was on her knees and Dave was sliding his long dick in and out of her from behind as he caressed her sock covered feet. Kim’s full breasts swayed as she rocked back and forth on his pole and I could see her nipple jewelry swinging back and forth. “Well birthday girl, what are you up to now?” I kidded. She just looked at me with her big brown eyes and grinned. She never looked sexier. Dave was looking down at his new little lover and grinning himself. I am sure he had a great view of Kim’s shapely ass as he slid in and out of her. I happened to notice a small bottle and what looked like a rubber cock resting on the arm of the chair. I wasn’t sure what those were for, but I had a feeling Kim was in for something wonderful. I knelt next to Dave and he gave me a kiss on the mouth. When I sucked on his tongue I could taste Kim’s pussy so I knew he had been eating her. I leaned next to him and ran my hands over his chest while he continued plugging Kim. I pinched his nipple hard between my fingers and he looked at me in surprise. “I owed you that!” I smiled. I slid my hand down and gently tugged on his pubic hair. I could feel the dampness he and Kim were making and gently circled my fingers around the base of his cock. I could feel Kim’s hot, wet pussy lips push against my hand as she ground herself back against Dave’s thrusts. I could feel my own pussy begin to get wet again. Dave whispered to me,” Hand me that small bottle of lube.” I handed him the bottle and he squirted a few drops into Kimmie’s asshole and began massaging it in. Kim moaned her approval. “Here Mary, you do it” Dave whispered. I squirted a few more drops of the lubricant near her butt hole and began to rub it in gently as Dave kept up his rhythm pumping Kim’s pussy. As I rubbed the oil in, Kim’s asshole slowly started opening up. I put a few more drops right into her and slid my finger in easily. I added a few more drops and began fingering her ass while Dave watched. I leaned up against Dave’s body so he could feel my nipples and bush rubbing up against him. Dave took the bottle of lube from me and squeezed it into Kimmie’s open asshole. He slid his hard prick out of her pussy and put a few drops of the lube on the tip of his cock. Dave then took the head of his shaft and put it up against Kim’s ass and pushed the head right in. We both heard Kim gasp and then let out a low moan. Mr. Jameson slowly began to slide his hard dick right into Kimmie’s brown hole! He pulled out a few times and added more lube. Both his long cock and Kim’s tight asshole were shiny with the slippery stuff. “He’s fucking my ass Mary! Dave has his cock all the way up my ass!” Kim moaned out loud. “I love it!” Dave was pumping Kim’s ass at a steady rhythm when he reached over and got the rubber cock off the arm of the chair. He put a few drops of lube on it and twisted the bottom of it. It began to vibrate! He reached below his hanging sack and slid this vibrating rubber cock into Kimmie’s pussy. She let out a moan and both she and Dave stopped moving. Kim’s head was on the pillow on the floor and her hips were up in the air with Dave’s cock inside her ass and a vibrating dildo in her pussy. Kim started moving again and began to rock her hips back and forth against Dave’s thrusts. He alternated stuffing her ass with his dick and fucking her pussy with the dildo. “I want both at the same time!” Kim moaned. “…up Dave!”
Dave pushed his dick and the dildo deep inside Kim at the same time. Kim’s head came up off of the floor and she pushed her hips back against Dave to get all that he had to offer deep inside her. “Fuck me hard! Oh! Fuck me hard! I’m cumming! Oh fuck!” Kim cried out as she kept her hips pressed against Dave. Dave drove his shaft deep into Kim's ass and let out a moan. "Ohhhhhhhh!" he growled as he pumped his hot load deep into my best friend’s virgin asshole. He let go of the dildo and held her hips as he thrust a few more times before Kim fell forward and freed herself from Dave's spurting shaft. I quickly grabbed his throbbing dick with my right hand and milked his remaining cum into the palm of my left hand. While Dave watched me, I sucked up the small puddle of his hot cream into my mouth and swallowed, never taking my eyes off of his.
The dildo fell out of Kim’s pussy and I reached down between her legs to pick it up. It was warm and covered in lubricant and Kim’s juices. I turned the base of it and it quit vibrating.
Dave was leaning back on his legs with his spent cock hanging limp. “Mary, take a picture of her creampie!”
I had no idea what he was talking about, but I crawled around behind Kim as she slowly got back up to her knees. She had her ass up in the air and her asshole had still not closed fully. I saw her butt hole open and close a few times as she flexed her muscles and then she hoarsely said, “Here it comes Mary!”
I had the camera pointed at her beautiful shiny butt when I saw a small trickle of Dave’s cum start to leak out of her. I quickly started taking a few pictures. Her muscles moved in her ass some more and pretty soon she had a small puddle of his jizz sitting in her asshole. I took a few more pictures and Kim whispered,” Mary, please clean me up…”
I handed the camera to Dave and put my face between her ass cheeks and began to lick her clean. Kim moaned as I began rimming her. I sucked as much of Dave’s cum up as possible and swallowed it right down. His cum tasted different because of all the lubricant. Mr. Jameson kept taking pictures the whole time I did this. Within a few seconds, I had Kimmie’s ass licked clean and she rolled on to her side.
“Geez Dave, that was the hardest I have ever cum!” What did you do to me?” She smiled. “I don’t think I can move!”
“Well we had better get going!” I added. “It’s almost 1:00 and we have to get home before our parents do!”
Kim sat on the couch and adjusted her socks. I sat on the floor and did the same thing. Mr. Jameson watched us and asked, “What is it with you two girls and those socks?!”
“They’re our trademark!” Kim giggled. “Do you like them?”
“Well I guess so.” he stammered.
“We’re the Sock Sisters!” I added. “We really like them too!”
With that, we both got up and started pulling on our clothes. We grabbed our bags and went in to the bathroom to freshen up. “Mar, let’s leave a pair of our socks here for Dave! He’ll love it!”
She took off her socks and wiped her pussy with one. She handed the other one to me and said, “Now you!”
I let my jeans slide down and took the soft white sock and wiped my bush and pussy with it. I handed it back to Kim. In the meantime Kim had found another pair in her bag and had pulled them on. We quickly rinsed our face and hands and ran a brush through our hair. We checked the mirror and were ready to head out.
Before we left the bathroom, I grabbed the Hawk magazine I had looked at and shoved it in my bag. Kim gave me a puzzled look. As we passed Mr. Jameson’s bedroom, Kim ran in and placed the pair of socks we had dried our pussies with under the pillow on his bed. She giggled as she rejoined me in the living room.
Dave had pulled his jeans and shirt back on and was folding the blanket we had just been fucking on.
“You better let that dry out Mr. Jameson!” I told him as I helped pick up a few beer cans.
“Or better yet, wash it!” Kim added.
“Oh, I will girls! Wow, what a night! I am assuming this is our little secret…right?!”
“Don’t worry Dave” Kim said. “You are OUR little secret! C’mon Mar, we have to get going!”
We headed for the back door and the stairway. “See you in class Mr. Jameson” I said as we were leaving. All three of us started laughing!
“Leave the light off Dave” Kimmie said. “No need for anyone to see us leaving this time of night!”
Kim and I quietly made our way down the steps and were back walking to my house in no time. My parents would be home by 2:00, so we had to hurry a little. We held hands as we headed towards my house.
“I love you Mary!” Kim whispered. “That was incredible…and it wouldn’t have happened without you there. You’re my best friend…forever!”
“That was pretty incredible Kimmie. You’re my best friend forever too!” I whispered back.
We held hands all the way to my house. We went in the back door and straight up to my bedroom. My parents came home about twenty minutes later, and when my Mom checked on us, we were already sleeping in my double bed. What she didn’t see was that we were naked from the waist down…except for our soft, white cheerleading socks!
After my parents went to sleep, Kim and I pulled of our tee shirts and lay naked in each other’s arms.
“Happy birthday!” I whispered in Kim’s ear. “How do you feel?”
“I’m fine,” Kim said. “I wonder how Dave is! What a cock!”
We both started giggling. We were quiet for awhile and Kim fell asleep. I was kind of disappointed because I wouldn’t have minded having sex with my best friend before I fell asleep. But she had to be tired. What a night!

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