James upgrades.
Chapter 2

James knew nothing about being an escort. He wasn’t sure the company he worked for would allow him to play such a role either.

“Madam, I couldn’t do you justice. There are others better qualified to escort you.” not knowing her plans but something didn’t see right.

“You’ll do fine, we just need to get you different clothes.” she carelessly proclaimed.

“Whomever you intend to impress will not me dazzled by me, I assure you.” James argued. She was way out of his league. Spoiled in social status and money, Cathleen might as well be wanting to socialize with the homeless, as much class as James could offer.

“You speak well, you look good, I need no other to do any better.” Cathleen replied. This young man would do her bidding and she could easily ensure it. “Besides, I am paying for your services well. Follow your instructions and we won’t have an issue.”

Great, as directed was his instructions and she could direct him to do anything. James hadn’t contemplated quitting; it just wasn’t part of his creed but if it got too far out of hands, he would have that card to play. This was more her decision and he did his best to convince her otherwise. His job was done, as far as he was concerned, and whatever she had planned would put any consequences on her.

“I am at your service.” was all he could say.

“Good, head for Lacy’s department store.” she instructed.

James did as instructed and soon was parked in a lot near the department store. Climbing out, he walked to the passenger door and opened it for his client.

Shutting the door for the client, he stood for instruction.

“Follow me.” was all she offered and James led her to the store. With her lead, they didn’t enter the front door but went to a side door instead. James thought it odd but opened the door for her.

Stopped by a lady with a name tag, the client was allowed to pass and was led to a dressing area.

“I am looking for apparel for this gentleman.” indicating James, “Some formal attire will do.” she explained to the clerk.

“Any particular name brand?” the clerk asked and was answered with, “Gucci should do.”

Not long after, James found himself trying on different suits. Mrs. Spencer settled on a dark single breasted two-button signoria suit then wanted a dress shirt to match. Shoes were next and soon, James looked like any other well off playboy.

Adding the charge to her account, they both exited with James wearing the new clothes and his old ones in a shopping bag.

“Please put those in the trunk along with your briefcase and paperwork.” Cathleen requested, after arriving back at the car.

James had an issue with that. His weapon was in the briefcase which was a safety precaution for him while roaming the city late at night. He had a CCW license but didn’t like carrying the weapon on him while dealing with clients. It had a way of making people uncomfortable if they saw it on him. Placing it in the trunk meant more time getting to it.

“I’d like to keep my briefcase if possible.” James requested.

“Why? Take what you need and put the briefcase in the trunk.” she instructed.

James looked at her for a few seconds. Opening the briefcase, he retrieved his 9 mm and laid it on the seat. Closing the briefcase, he picked both up and headed for the trunk. Using the remote, he opened the trunk and put the bag and briefcase inside. Clipping the holster on the inside of his pants, he closed the trunk and moved back to her door. He opened it and stood waiting for her to climb in.

She didn’t mention the weapon and climbed in. James took his seat and started the sedan.

“Simon’s Country Club, please.” she instructed.

James was aware of the club. The city big shots congregated there, most for pleasure but some with business in mind. Although his client could easily afford a stretch limo, she had chosen a sedan for other reasons. A flashy limo draws attention where a sedan could have anyone of little importance in it. This afforded her privacy in a way and she wouldn’t be bothered with oglers.

In route into the club, James was advised not to open her door and let the valet park the car. This was a problem as nobody could drive the car but the chauffeur in charge of it. Always the good driver, James called and talked to his supervisor requesting permission.

“Dale? James, I need to allow a valet driver to park the car.” James started.

“You know you aren’t supposed to let anyone drive the car. Why are you bothering to ask?” the supervisor chastised.

“I’m sorry but my client was most insistent.” James replied.

Dale let out a huff, “Who the fuck you got? The president?”

“No sir, its Miss Cathleen Spencer sir.” James answered.

“Thee Cathleen Spencer?” Dale responded. “Hold on, let me pull up your trip… yeah, you got her. Listen James, if she tells you to wipe her ass, you ask her if she wants to start from the front or the back, do you understand?”

“Yes sir, understood.” James replied, a little shocked they would break a rule like this. Usually, only the drivers are insured and anything happening to the vehicle with someone else driving would not be covered, not to mention the liability should that person be harmed. He couldn’t ask what made her so special right in front of her. All he could do was comply with the order.

James hung up and glanced at his client, riding in the front of his car, and looking at him.

“So, if I need my ass wiped, would you really do it?” she asked, then grinning, “I like it front to back if it helps.”

“I’m sorry; I didn’t know you could hear him.” James apologized. Damn that boss of his. A crude man with little etiquette, construction workers had more class. He not only hired James, he also worked the same shift, making him James’ boss. James has learned to tolerate the man due to his position.

“So?” she inquired.

“So what?” James was confused.

“Would you?” she asked.

“Would I what?” not understanding where this was going.

“Would you or would you not wipe my ass?” she taunted.

“You wouldn’t want me to. I am a male after all. I could take advantage of it, wouldn’t you think?” avoiding the question.

“But if I wanted you to you would?” she kept pressing.

“I would for my own selfish reasons.” he assessed. “You must realize that.”

“You are hard to get a straight answer from, Mr. Farlow.” she sighed.

James had only supplied his first name on Saturday. She must have inquired at work what his last name was. Even more, requested him for this trip. The paperwork was in his briefcase in the trunk so he couldn’t verify his assumption at the moment. He made a mental note to check when he had the chance.

Pulling into the country club, the valet took the car. They entered with Cathleen’s arm wrapped around James’. The beauty of the place was astonishing. From the cathedral ceilings to chandeliers, it was an immaculate establishment.

Cathleen was greeted by another patron whom she introduced as Gerald Green. James was struck by his jewelry as it reflected the lighting. Obviously, he had great wealth and used it to flaunt his fortune.

“Gerald, this is my consort, Mr. James Farlow.” Cathleen introduced.

“Ah, a fortunate man to have such beauty on his arm.” reaching out his hand.

Shaking the man’s hand, James replied, “A gift of heaven and I am blessed.”

They chatted a few minutes for a while and let the man go to his other friends. Cathleen led him to the balcony where wicker chairs sat in front of the view. A marble table separated them. Taking a seat, James was greeted by a waitress seeking an order.

“Would the good lady like a beverage?” James asked Cathleen.

“Indeed, gin and tonic please.” Cathleen replied.

“A soda for me, preferably ginger ale.” James asked.

At this point, James wasn’t sure why Cathleen would even bother with all this since it seemed the only purpose would be to have prominent people witness her with James.

That puzzle was solved with the arrival of another patron.

“Mrs. Spencer, a pleasure.” a man spoke directly behind James.

“Ah, Mr. Davies, likewise.” Cathleen responded, and gestured to the third wicker on her right.

James was aware of only one Davies, that person owned the company he worked for. Although they had never met, James heard nothing but good things about him. He wondered if there was a relation before him.

“Frank, this is my consort, Mr. James Farlow.” Cathleen introduced him.

“A pleasure meeting you sir.” James responded, shaking the gentleman’s hand.

“Farlow, Farlow… Seems I know a Farlow.” he mumbled, returning the hand shake.

Frank took his designated seat and James sat down following him. The next few minutes was spent with idle chit chat that usually starts a conversation. It died after the usual topics of discussion.

Cathleen took advantage of the lull and changed the conversation, “So Mr. Davies, have you the paperwork that’s required for our endeavor?”

“I do.” and pulled out some folded papers from his inside jacket pocket.

Placing the paperwork on the marble, he slid it towards Cathleen. “We need a witness, perhaps Mr. Farlow could sign.” he suggested.

“Yes… “Cathleen started, looking over the paperwork. “These are in order. The lawyers have done their jobs correctly this time.”

Mr. Davies pulled a pen from his pocket and handed it to her. Cathleen accepted it and signed the documents in front of her. Handing the pen back, Mr. Davies did likewise. Once he’d finished, he shoved the paperwork in front of James.

James read the bill of sale, ‘Luxury Limo’, which accompanied a deed for property and titles to several vehicles. This was his employer. It appeared he was under new ownership. Several thoughts hit him at once; how does it affect his pay, who does he report to, and is this for real?

“Mr. Farlow?” Frank interrupted his thoughts of confusion.

“Oh, yes… “James looked for the witness line to sign. Scribbling his John Hancock, “There you are.” and in a bit of a daze, slid the paperwork back.

Frank Davies rose to say his good byes, congratulating Cathleen on being the proud owner of a transportation company, and took his leave.

“Any suggestions for me now that I own the company you work for?” Cathleen asked slyly.

“Make sure the chauffeurs know who their clients are?” was all James could say.

Laughing at that, Cathleen suggested dinner. They walked back in to the dinner hall. She ordered for both of them as James seemed conflicted with the menu.

“Now that I have you in my service, there are certain benefits I would like to offer you; should you agree to accept their conditions.” she began.

“I am working to put myself through college so that I can go into criminal justice.” he explained his position, “Should the benefits aid in that endeavor, I would be willing to agree to any stipulations put forth to me.”

“I am aware of your situation, James. However, you are unaware of mine.” she replied. “Should you choose to do my bidding, I would compensate you through gratuities for your services.”

“Are the services any more than I already am providing?” James needed to know.

“I have certain clients that require more personal service than others.” Cathleen hinted.

James suspected that whatever the ‘service’ was, it bordered on illegal. He wanted to fight crime, not create it.

“I would only request that I not be asked to do anything illegal.” James stipulated.

“Let’s evaluate your circumstances, shall we?” she reflected, “You are a college student with no significant other, your parents live five states away who have no means to support your efforts, your best friend is the only acquaintance you have, and the only assets you have are your wits, charm, and good looks.” taking a breath, “You seek a career in law enforcement which yields you 35k a year should you not be cut back by the government, a possible pension plan that nets you no more than social security pays, and you risk life and limb for a losing battle you could hardly put a dent in.”

“All true but I have a moral obligation I wish to keep.” James pointed out.

“I’m not quite finished.” she interrupted, “You are a male with sexual needs that could be met should you choose to do so yet, you’ve refrained for moral reasons. You removed any consequences that could occur from your sexual adventure Saturday night before you committed to the deed. The only moral obligation you have is the fear of emotional trauma you could incur should the partner you bed wish for a permanent relationship. You even took the initiative to text Lisa in case she didn’t remember her agreement with you, keeping you guilt free of your actions.”

“Yes, but I had no legal issue with Lisa.” James started explaining. “Should the services you request be considered, let’s say… prostitution, which is a crime that I want no part of, I would have to decline.”

A chuckle left her as he tip-toed around the intricacies of his sexual exploitation, “But you had a legal issue with Lisa when I gave you a gratuity for satisfying her, should you approach it with your ideology.”

This gave James a jolt, he hadn’t thought of it in that light. Technically, Cathleen was correct. He agreed to satisfy Lisa when Cathleen handed him the tip.

“You have a point, but it doesn’t relieve me of my moral obligations preventing the emotional trauma of women I may bed with.” he singled out.

“Ah, but what if every woman you slept with didn’t want to date or marry you?” she offered.

“I would still not know that for sure.” James pointed out, finishing his last dish.

“We are talking about a scenario where you wouldn’t need to worry about that. Love and lust would not cross.” she explained. “Lust would be the only thing they sought.” pushing her plate back.

“So, no moral or legal issue?” James asked, wiping his face with the napkin.

“No, not at all.” she replied, finishing her drink.

“Then I would agree to the services. What about the benefits?” he asked.

“Take us home James.” she said, and got up from the table.

The ride back consisted of talk about the company she purchased and the procedure used to reserve and dispatch trips. James explained that the system was a little outdated as there were more features that could be utilized, giving clients the capability of booking online, processing credit cards automatically, and Wi-Fi/GPS capabilities in the vehicles.

Arriving back on the Spencer estate, James pulled the car up in the circle drive. Letting Cathleen out, he stood for instruction.

“Park that car in the garage.” she ordered and headed into the house.

James was perplexed. He hadn’t seen a garage. He walked around the sides of the mansion and seen a tennis court, a lake, and a swimming pool. No garage to be found.

It was James’ experience that if the logical was not the fact, the illogical had to be. He drove the car off the circle, carefully looking for another driveway. He found it just has he met the circle to go down and out. Making his right, he drove to the two-story, four bay garage located practically in the woods. No expense was spared here either as the garage reflected the mansion’s appearance.

A bay was already open and he had an open spot there. He went ahead and parked it in the spot. Before he could get out, the garage door was already closing. Two other cars where in the other bays, one was a BMW and the other was an SUV.

Two African American men exited a side door and approached him. Stepping out, he was greeted with, “Your weapon and keys please.”

James found himself in a dilemma of sorts as he had never relinquished his weapon to anyone before, usually just storing it, preventing the need to turn it in. Considering his options, he pulled holster and all then said, “I’ll want that back.” handing both to one.

“I don’t know stud, is it better than mine?” the taller of the two said, pulling out a gold plated .44 magnum and flashed it around before holstering it.

“9 millimeter, 16 round clip.” the short one stated. “Not bad.” unloading it.

“Follow us.” the taller one said, and off they went through the side door the two came out of.

James picked up his pace and followed. He was led up the path to the mansion. Entering from the side, he found himself in a parlor. Cathleen awaited for him there.

“First, a phone call.” she announced, and picked up the phone. Dialing, she listened for the other in.

The short man asked James for his wallet. Instinctively, James reached for it then caught himself. Seeing his hesitation, the man motioned with a hand gesture to cough it up. James reluctantly handed it over.

“I need to speak to the supervisor on duty.” she asked then waited.

“This is Cathleen Spencer.” she said. “To whom am I speaking?” pausing.

“Nice to talk to you too. Has Frank Davies made contact with you, Dale?” pausing.

“Good, would you pull up James Farlow’s itinerary for today.” pausing.

“Yes, the third trip is indeed mine.” she continued, “I’d like to discuss some things regarding that and other concerns.”

“No, I have no concern regarding James’ performance, his duties were met with excellence.” she went on, “I need to add a five hundred dollar gratuity to my time trip he is currently on.” listening.

“Thank you! Now I need you to fire him.” she bluntly stated.

James could actually hear Dale yell “What?!” through the phone. Then his own concern hit him, raising a hand to protest, Cathleen waved him off, listening to Dale’s rant. James was at her mercy.

“I know…“ she huffed, “The best you have… yes.” getting impatient, “Mr. Harris!” clearing her throat, “James will be my personal chauffeur. I’ll need his record and W-2s.” then waited.

“Well, let’s just say I needed my ass wiped and he did it front to back as requested.” she said.

James dropped his head with that. A woman with this much wealth and power speaking like a commoner, it was baffling to him. But, Dale brought that on himself; the loud mouth.

“Yes, write him a check for last week and today then remove him from your payroll.” she ordered and waited.

A woman dressed in a maid outfit brought in a drink for Cathleen and sat it on the table. James couldn’t help noticing her youth and beauty and wondered if maid service was the only service she provided.

“Listen, you hired James, you can hire someone else.” irritated, “What will you do without him? I guess you’ll do without!” pausing.

“Could I recommend my roommate?” James whispered and Cathleen grinned.

“There will be an application for a Mike Goodman coming across your desk. I want him hired.” she demanded.

To James, this was almost fun. But, even the gratuities he’d racked up last week and today wouldn’t last. The bills would have to be paid next month. He hoped whatever Cathleen was offering would at least match his income.

“You’ll make copies of his record. Put on the end date that he was promoted to management.” she explained, “Now, for my final instructions; find the license and registration for the Cadillac Mr. Farlow is driving and mark it decommissioned. That will be James’ personal car.”

That was unbelievable, they just got that car! Tonight was the first time it went out. James had forgotten about the paperwork until now, perhaps Cathleen had asked for the newest car. Normally, they send the oldest out first, putting as many miles as possible on those, saving the newest for last.

“No! Keep him on the insurance, for Christ sakes! He won’t have the title.” covering the microphone she asked, “Do you really have to do all the thinking for him?” then went back to her conversation.

“That will do for now, thank you for the help Mr. Harris.” she started ending her little talk, “Oh, give James eight hours pay for my time trip, good bye.” then hung up the phone.

“Liking the benefits so far?” she asked.

“I certainly have but I have nothing but questions now.” James answered.

The man that took his wallet brought it back to him.

“Niles, was everything sufficient?” Cathleen asked.

“Yes ma’am, license and CCW were in it. Copies were made.” he replied.

How they knew he had a weapon was puzzling enough since Cathleen never called anyone while James was with them. Now, they had copies of his personal information.

“Excellent.” she said, and dismissed Niles. “First, let’s talk more about the company you used to work for, James.” sipping on her glass.

“What would you like to discuss?” James asked. Wondering what knowledge of his would be found interesting to her.

“Ever heard of Spenco?” she asked.

“Spenco is an international corporation owning franchises in various markets throughout the world. I understand the founder has recently passed away.” James kept up on business as most of his clients were the big wheels of industry and commerce. Even as he recalled it, the name Spencer rang out in his head.

“You are quite good, James. I’m impressed with your business knowledge.” Cathleen praised. “The founder was my father.”

“My condolences, I’m sorry for your loss.” James consoled. This was making some sense now.

“Thank you, I am the sole heir to his estates and holdings.” she explained.

“I have met royalty and stand humbled.” James said sincerely, he was in the midst of one of the most powerful people on the planet. At 30 years old or less, she could collapse economies.

“Once again, you dazzle with words, James.” eyeing him, “Wherever did you get your sense of phrase?”

“I’ve studied etiquette for my part time profession.” James responded.

“That will be an asset for our future. Now, back to the company I just purchased. ”she took a pause to sip her drink. ”Spenco has many franchises here in the U.S. and our owners, managers, and stock holders travel in and out of the city frequently. Instead of Spenco or its affiliates spending money on transportation, they could be spending money on its own transportation company.” pausing to let that sink in.

“So, a traveler of Spenco and its subsidiaries will, in essence, pay itself to travel.” Cathleen explained.

This was sheer genius. A company pays itself, writes it off as a business expense while profiting from the same money through another company.

“Spenco would be profiting from a loss that was written off.” James summarized.

“Yes, and it is perfectly legal.” Cathleen almost giggled, sitting her drink down.

“So, I fit in where?” James wanted to know.

“Some of the clientele that will be traveling will require special treatment. Between those, my family and friends, and me you will be one busy man.” she smiled.

“I don’t know how I could help that much, being part time.” James pointed out.

“Ah, back to the benefits. You will finish out your degree online for your precious piece of paper. You should also consider becoming a body guard and seek training there. I will fund your education, whatever you decide.” leaving him reeling.

“I’m in.” whatever the price to pay, James decided his future would be better off in the service of this woman. Besides, if you refused her, his future would be in jeopardy. She had him either way.

“I’m pleased James. You will find your decision will be the best one you will ever make.” she purred.

“Am I replacing anyone?” James thought this blanketed question could mean volumes.

Cathleen grinned, “I’ve never had such a boy toy as you.” then yelled. “Niles!”

Niles entered the room and bowed.

“Take Mr. Farlow on a tour and get him prepped please.” and waved him and James off.

James was led away and was shown each room on the ground floor. The elegance of the estate was breath taking. From the artwork, antiques, and woodwork, the estate was above first class. A panel door was opened for him, which brought up his eye brows. Entering the room, it was apparent that it was the security for the mansion.

Monitors lined one wall, computers on another, and a very large TV on the side wall. The taller of the two guards manned the control panel. Niles explained the usual tech while James looked at the monitors. Some were views of the hallways in the estate including every floor. Another showed an access road from the rear. An unmarked truck was unloading boxes. Another monitor showed two more hallways with doors on each side, ending with a metallic door at the end.

“Where’s the camera for the walkway?” James wondered out loud. Niles pointed out a walkway towards the tennis court, explaining that it could be turned in any direction.

“I was referring to the walkway from the garage to the mansion.” he detailed.

Niles thought for a moment and turned a camera on another monitor. It focused on the garage and a part of the walkway came into view. “I think that’s the best we have on it.”

“You should adjust a camera to get a better view.” James pointed out.

“Yeah, you’re right. I’ll get Virgil to adjust it” Niles said, walking over to a drawer. He pulled out a box and handed it to James. “Don’t take this off. Replacing it is a bitch.”

James opened the box and found a ring inside. It had a cat’s eye gem with a letter “S” inside it. James remembered seeing it somewhere before. If he remembered correctly, Lisa had one similar to it.

“That is your GPS tracking device. It also opens the gates and garage door when you are one half mile away.” Niles informed him. “It also represents your employer, so others know you are legit.”

It wouldn’t fit on any finger but his pinky. He put it on while Niles programmed it into the system. Getting James straight on the security, and access card, and how to prevent accidently tripping an alarm somewhere, he handed him a smart phone with the phone number of it stickered on the back. This is your phone; the calendar has all the appointments. His old phone would forward his calls to the new one, but Niles told him to give everyone who needed it the new number.

The new phone rang and James answered puzzled, “Hello?” and it was his roommate and best friend Mike.

“What the fuck is going on?” he sounded scared.

“Well, I really don’t know about your end but mine has taken a turn for the odd.” He stated.

“Some guys here made me sign papers, paid the rent for a year, paid my college and had me fill out an application for your work.” he spat out.

“Look, just go with it for now, whatever they want just do it.” James explained, “You’ll thank me for it later.” and hung up the phone.

Niles led him to an elevator set inside the wall of the hallway between the kitchen and parlor room.

James noted the four floors listed in blue and two floors listed in red. Niles pressed a red L2 button and they descended with a hum. James asked what was on L1 and Niles only said, “Servant Quarters.”

Exiting the elevator, James found himself in a carpeted hallway ending with a metallic door. Niles led him to a door on the right and used a card James had to open it. A bed was the first thing James saw. The room had to be twenty by twenty at least. The closet, shelving and dresser drawers were next to catch his eye. A remote was on one of the dressers. James picked it up and looked at the buttons. It seemed a little complicated. Niles explained that it was for the vents, door, intercom, alarm clock, and TV hidden in a cabinet above the largest dresser. He explained that this was a staff quarters, handed him the swipe card he used to gain access, and informed him it was his room to use.

“I’m not sure what I would do with it but thank you.” James said, puzzled.

Niles shrugged his shoulders and continued down the hall.

Pointing with his left hand, Niles informed him that room was Lisa’s to use. Then on down to two more doors, Niles pointing at his room then his partner “Virgil’s” room. Two more rooms remained which belonged to two other guards named Harry and Phil.

They reached the metallic door where no lock kept it from opening. Upon entering, James discovered a rec room. Complete with a sunken level with a couch that filled half the circle, it certainly provided all the comforts of home. A projector TV was mounted on one wall. A pool table sat on one raised side and ping pong table on the opposite side. A bar aligned towards the end.

“During any leisure time, you may spend it here. The bar is stocked daily.” Niles continued with the tour. Opening yet another door, it had the same hallway and bedrooms as the previous one. Without entering, Niles explained that the rooms were also for staff members. Then, pointing at the opposite wall, he claimed the same layout was through that door.

The last door Niles went on through and James followed. It had rooms to the side but the hallway appeared longer. An elevator stood at the end. Opening it up with a swipe card, Niles pressed the blue number 1.

The elevator stopped and James found himself facing the back side of the garage. More vehicles sat here. Niles explained there was a parking lot just outside and this entrance was used by staff and servants. Directing James’ attention over to a Cadillac, Virgil stepped out of it and tossed him the keys.

“Not a bad ride.” nodding at the car, “I’ll get the maintenance log started on it.” Virgil said, pointing to a room in a corner, “Mechanic office is there. Any problems look up Ernest.”

“Ok, am I clear to leave now?” James asked, thinking the tour was over and had probably worn out his welcome.

“Where would you go?” Niles asked, handing his weapon back to him.

“Home, I guess.” James replied, wondering what kind of question that was.

“Boy, you are home.” Virgil responded. “Your crap is unloaded already. Servants are moving all of it into your room.”

“Wait, I’m moving in here?” James said, unbelieving. “I have an obligation at my apartment.”

“Already taken care of, stud.” Niles announced.

“James!” he heard, coming in from an entrance on the side. Turning around, he recognized Lisa walking in.

“Good evening and good to see you again.” James replied. She looked great. Wearing a halter top and safari pants, her looks struck James like it did the first time.

“You headed out?” she asked.

“No, apparently I am not.” James reckoned.

She greeted Virgil and Niles then asked, “Would you walk with me?”

“You have me.” James replied, and they walked over and went back down the elevator.

“So, Spenco got their mitts on you?” Lisa asked.

“Oh, I’d say they were all over me.” James laughed.

James’ new phone made a sound. Looking at it, it was his calendar alerting him about a doctor’s appointment tomorrow at eleven. Lisa asked what it was and he told her.

“Oh, your physical and crap. Been there, done that.” laughing, “What else you got scheduled?”

James never worked with a smart phone before. Text, camera, and phone had been good enough. Looking it over, he had an appointment for that evening. ‘Cathleen Spencer, 21:00, personal session.’ checking the next day, ‘AP DL#4299 15:23 Dawn Gracie Hyatt Downtown’ and another listed ‘3127 Brittany Trail 18:00 Stacy Davidson as directed’ and recited all this to Lisa.

“Ok, they set it up in military time. They give you the pickup first, then the time, then the destination.” she explained.

“Really, you seem to know how it works.” James surmised.

“I ought to,” Lisa showed him one of hers, ‘Business Center Complex, 11:00, George Kline, Marriott AP’.

“That was today. What took so long?” James asked.

“That was a special service client, silly.” Lisa replied, pulling the phone back. James wondered if she was the female equivalent to his job.

The elevator opened and they walked the hallway to the rec room. James opened and held the door for her. A few people had gathered around and were chatting. Lisa introduced them. James didn’t know why a lawyer or accountant needed to stay at the house. All they said was, “We are I.R.S. deterrents.” and laughed.

James and Lisa continued to her room. James saw that his door was opened. A mover was coming out and seen him looking.

“Your stuff?” he asked.

“It seems so.” James replied.

“Man, too many books!” he huffed, “Don’t you own anything that doesn’t way fifty pounds?”

James just shrugged his shoulders, stepping out of the way of the dolly he was using.

Lisa opened her door with a swipe card and invited him in.

Pink. The woman was addicted to it. Bed sheets, dressers, and walls; all covered with pink. She even had pink stuffed animals. James stepped inside and held an arm across his eyes, fending off the bright color.

“Oh! I have more pink than this.” she reached in a drawer and pulled out something. “Even my toys!” and showed him a pink vibrator.

“Tell me the paint doesn’t glow in the dark.” James responded.

She laughed and said, “No, but my night light does!”

James suspected any light would just reflect all the pink. Her bed was a king size. Thinking of his, it was a single, if he remembered right. He just had to ask, “How do I get a bed this size?”

“Oh, buy it.” she said matter-of-factly, and it sounded so simple to James.

What time do you work out?” Lisa asked.

“I hit the campus gym at 7am.” James answered.

“Oh, we got a gym here. I’ll knock on your door at quarter till tomorrow.” she suggested.

“Fantastic, I’d like to see the gym.” wondering why he didn’t get that on the tour.

They talked a bit more and James wanted to arrange his room before his appointment. Lisa offered to help and followed him over.

“Say, where’s the bathroom?” James wondered out loud.

“We each have our own.” walking over to a panel door and opening it. It was complete with shower, sink, and toilet.

“Hope you had towels to bring. Miss Spencer doesn’t supply them. She says she supplies enough crap as it is.” and laughed.

“This being two stories below ground, is there a problem with Closter phobia?” James was curious.

“Not if you use this.” Lisa said, snatching up the remote from the dresser. She turned the vent on and another button gave a camera view of outside displaying on his outer wall. He could see the sun setting in real time.

“That is over the top.” James exclaimed, amazed at the view. He could see the pool and beyond.

“What day did you get off?” Lisa asked.

“I have got to say, that never occurred to me to ask.” James told her, setting his pictures on the dresser.

“Probably Sunday... although it doesn’t feel like a day off.” she stated.

“Why?” all James could think to ask.

“Because, it doesn’t really seem like you’re working anyway.” she explained, gathering socks from a box and stowing them in a drawer.

“Sounds too good to be true.” James thought out loud.

“Oh, you can tell me that when you’re fucking a 250 pound rhino and they want on top.” she giggled, pulling his underwear out of a box. “You do strictly boxers? You need bikini underwear. This crap won’t work at all.”

Embarrassed over a girl looking at his underwear plus the fact that she mentioned something he didn’t consider made him turn red.

“Bashful? You’ll lose that soon enough!” she told him, tossing his underwear in with his socks.

“Dry cleaners pick up at 9am every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Make sure you drop them at the counter before then.” she instructed as she pulled out his slut mags. “What have we here?”

James made an attempt at taking them from her. Lisa was quicker, “Woah! Slow your roll big fella!” holding up her hand, “I like these too ya know! Learn to share.” and started leafing through the stack.

“Well, a man must make do.” James justified.

“My tits are bigger than hers.” Lisa held up a picture of a girl tonguing a cock. “Maybe I should model.”

James looked at the magazine then at Lisa’s chest, “I really can’t tell.“ then grinned.

She huffed at him and said, “Your memory is that bad?” as she twisted right and left.

“Well, I could use a reminder.” he hinted.

“Oh, you can’t get excited now. You have a meeting at nine, remember?” she teased, looking at her wrist. There was no watch on it.

James pulled out his phone to check the time. Crap, it’s close to nine now! “Crap, where do I go? I got ten minutes?!”

Lisa picked up the intercom and asked, “Virgil, where is Madam?” and listened.

“Thanks!” and hung up.

“Second floor balcony.” she informed him.

“Quickest way?” he asked.

Sighing, she said, “Elevator, duh.” and led him out.

James let her have his key card; she wanted to finish his unpacking. Walking up to the exit for the balcony, she patted his bottom and whispered, “Go get ‘er studley.” giggled and turning away.

James knocked on a glass pane by the double folding doors leading out.

“Come in James” taking a sip from a stemmed glass, “I’m glad you checked your calendar.”

“Yes Miss Cathleen. I regret not having a proper title but none would do you justice.” he said, staring at her back on entering. Her gown was sheer and he could make out a thonged ass and a bikini bra under it. All were pearl white. Her hair was down but her heels were high on a three inch high white slipper. Did he guess thirty? She looked younger standing there.

“Miss or Madam will do. Although the title of Madam demands I dominate you.” and he thought she smiled while she turned around.

James was immediately aware of her breasts which bared her nipples above the tiny cups. Her thong was almost as narrow in the front, the sides of her lips clearly showing through the sheer gown. Her face wore a little makeup but James thought she could get by without it.

“I would be a submissive slave if such beauty demanded it.” James replied, hoping she wouldn’t take him up on it.

“Ah, your mouth is writing checks your ass couldn’t cash, James.” she stated smugly, walking back in from the balcony. James followed behind her.

“Perhaps, but it would be yours with a debt.” James countered, now fighting a bulge from staring at her ass.

She led him to a large bedroom with plush carpeting and sat in a love seat at the foot of her bed. “I have remised, how have you found your benefits?”

“I was shocked to see my personal belongings arrive here.” James started. “I neither expected nor deserved such luxury.” still trying to get used to it.

“Then your debt has mounted.” she mused, “You will make a payment tomorrow.” sitting her glass in her lap empty. James reached for it and placed it on a night stand. Seeing an opened bottle, filled it and handed it back while sitting down beside her.

“I need some instruction, I’m afraid.” folding his hands together and placing his elbow on the arm.

“Just let her seduce you.” was the advice Cathleen gave.

“Which one of the two?” James’ asked, worried about his role.

“Why both of course.” she giggled.

“Ah, so I will let them lead me.” James felt a little better. Seducing women is a lowly task. He was far better off letting women chase him than him doing the chasing.

“You will not fail, James. You are guaranteed to have sex with them both.” she touched his thigh, “and they only want sex.” easing his mind.

“Is there anything I should know about them?” James thought to ask.

“Dawn Gracie is a business client that I owe a favor to. She is coming into town to cash that favor in. You are part of that favor.” she sighed, “Stacy Davidson is my cousin. She has been lonely since her divorce and I want to set her up with a blind date. You are that blind date. She knows what you look like and has looked forward to this dinner. You may remember her by her red hair. That reminds me, an Amex card has been issued for your expenditures. It was placed in your wallet earlier. Keep in mind that it only has a two hundred and fifty thousand dollar limit.”

James became aroused after listening to what he had in store for the following day and it was sparked by the scantily clad woman in front of him. But hearing about a quarter of a million dollars for a spending limit set him back.

“I am afraid that your expectance will bear me strife. A spending limit that meets or surpasses most towns’ budget is a responsibility I wouldn’t like to shoulder.” James admitted, almost terrified with the amount that figure was.

“That is exactly what I wanted to hear.” she sighed, “And it is also the reason why you have it. Anyone not worried would be untrustworthy, you see.”

“Is there a way you could cut it back?” James requested.

“Unfortunately, we cannot. You see, the limit would be reached before the end of the month. We estimate your expenditures will exceed it should it be less.”

“You expect me to spend that much in a month?!” he was flabbergasted, what could cost so much?

“You have the suit that was purchased today, that with all the accessories was five thousand.” she reasoned, “You will pay for the hotel our guest is staying in with that card. You will take my cousin to a five star restaurant and pay for that with the card. All in one day and that adds up after thirty days.”

“How in the world do you stay in business with that overhead?” James asked.

“Ah, welcome to America, it is all a tax write-off!” she laughed. “I don’t have accountants and lawyers for nothing.”

James reflected on his goals of becoming a force against crime which seemed futile to begin with but hearing Cathleen talk about so many dollars like it was monopoly money gave him a shiver.

“I am overwhelmed of it all.” James surmised.

“If you find monetary engineering baffling, we won’t even mention social engineering.” she laughed.

“I am amazed of the intricacies of your burdens. Mine seems pale in comparison.” James sighed, “If there is anything I could do to alleviate your plight, I would be honored to accommodate.”

“That is excellent news!” she cheered, and pressed a button somewhere under the arm.

A young girl of high school age came to the doorway, “Yes Miss?”

James took note of the maid from earlier and was again struck by her fair beauty. She almost looked under age.

“Jill, we are ready for bed.” Cathleen stated.

“Yes, Miss.” and walked back out.

Cathleen stood up and gestured for James to do the same. After a minute, the maid returned with another. James was struck by the fact that they were twins. They both approached and one began undressing her. The other stepped over to James and started on his clothes.

“My modesty defeats me.” James proclaimed, trying to stop the girl.

“Relax James, they know what you have.” Cathleen said smugly.

James submitted and the girl had him stripped to his boxers. His modesty affected him and his cock lost attention.

“Boxers, James? Those need burned. Get bikini underwear tomorrow.” Cathleen ordered. “A woman can’t judge the goods in a package like that.” and both the girls giggled.

“Strip him!” and the girls walked to him, grabbing a side and yanked them past his knees.

“James, your embarrassment has left you flaccid.” she huffed, “Girls, get it up.” and both went after him.

James held his hands up, looked at Cathleen, and shrugged with a dazed look. Looking down, he lost his place as he couldn’t tell which one was Jill.

“Jill, who is the other princess beside you?” he asked.

Regretting that he asked as the one with his cock in her mouth removed it and said, “Jack” and went to take him back but the other had taken it over. Jill looked back at him and gave him a frown. James mouthed, “Sorry”

“Jacqueline and Jill are two of my maids. Both are 18 of course. They have been with me for over two years. When they turned sixteen, the Duchess of Kettering gave them as a gift to me.” Cathleen said proudly.

“A gift? That is unbelievable!” James was taken aback. Slavery was a nasty business. Other countries still do it. He wondered if that was what Cathleen meant.

“Their parents were servants for the Duchess. They come from a long line of servants. Her giving them to me is more complicated though. But, I’ll say they are better off with me than anywhere else.” she explained.

James thought about that and decided that Cathleen was not lying, knowing the treatment he had received thus far.

The twins had gone to work after learning to share. Jill grabbed his ass cheek on one side and Jack the other and took their turns mouthing him into an erection.

“What’s your best guess girls?” Cathleen asked, pointing at the creation they made.

“Eight inches.” said one and the other agreed.

“They do this often?” James asked, noticing how casual it seemed to them.

“Not really, but we girls talked about it and thought you’d be delighted to have them service you.” Cathleen giggled.

“Can I have him when you’re done Miss?” Jack asked. “My pussy is awful achy.”

“Wait, I saw him first!” Jill piped in. “My pussy aches too!”

“James is a commodity; you aren’t to hurt him in any way.” Cathleen ordered, “Besides, it will be up to him.” sighing, “Has he got a hot body?”

Since they only seen him closely from the crotch they rubbed their hands on him and turned him around, giving him an inspection, one said, “He has a tight ass.” and smacked it, making James tense up. “I like his muscles.” the other one said.

Cathleen removed her last article of clothing by kicking her shoes off. She climbed into bed and spread her legs. “Jack, get me wet. Jill, keep him hard.”

Jack climbed between her legs. Jill sat James on the edge so he could watch then dropped to his cock to pay him lip service. Jack must have hit a good spot because Cathleen said, “Oh, right there!” and grabbed Jack’s hair to guide her.

James had never witnessed another servicing a woman, let alone another girl doing the servicing. As was expected, he found it most erotic. Jack seemed to enjoy her task and the breasts of Cathleen where merely a foot from him. Jill was just as pleased to have is cock in her mouth as she stroked his shaft. The urge was irresistible and his hand fondled Cathleen’s breast and nipple. His other hand went to Jill’s head as he felt her caress the back side of his cock with her tongue.

Jack reached with her hands between the legs to spread Cathleen’s lips, gaining better access. James, always the gentleman, ran his hand from a breast to Cathleen’s slit and spread the lips apart for her with two fingers, relieving Jack from the awkward position. She was thankful for the free hand and used it to caress Cathleen’s breast.

Jill was feeding her hunger and the act was raising her heat. The urge couldn’t be fought as she lowered a hand to her panties. When her fingers met her nub, a moan left her, making James feel the vibration. Stroking herself and servicing a cock was plenty enough for her as she shivered against James’ crotch, releasing him and resting with his shaft running beside her nose. Panting into his balls, she recovered and took him once more in her mouth.

Jack was not to be neglected either as she propped her ass in the air and her face on Cathleen’s crotch. Her left hand remained on a breast but her right hand serviced herself. Her talent was apparent as she lapped a cunt with a tongue and stroked her own clit with her fingers. A minute into the act, she shuddered with her own orgasm and screamed into Cathleen’s mound.

Cathleen had enough, feeling the young girl’s orgasm through her mouth on her clit. Clutching the hair even tighter, she humped herself into paradise. Bucking to a tremble, she released the head that served her and rubbed her own clit. Her breasts that quaked in her pleasure had slowly subsided, give James the honor of seeing them rise and fall.

Jack had swallowed her essence and continued to lick at the slit. Cathleen had recovered and begged the hungry girl off. Watching the service James was receiving, she ordered, “Put James in me.” and prepped for his intrusion.

Jill reluctantly released him and rose to do her part. James climbed between the legs and propped himself up with his arms.

Jack took the task of spreading Cathleen and Jill guided James’ cock. Both were met over her slit and Jill rubbed it up and down. Jack kept Cathleen open and serviced her clit softly with two fingers, while the cock stroked the crevice and clit with Jill’s hand wrapped around it.

Jack pinched Cathleen’s clit and Jill rubbed the cock head on it, paying close attention not to scrape a finger nail. With coordinated effort, the twins serviced Cathleen faster using James cock as the instrument of pleasure.

Cathleen was feeling her breasts neglected, James thought, as she demanded service on her nipples. But before he could reach one with his open mouth, the two girls had beaten him to them. Cathleen laid there with two heads on her chest, her pussy spread wide, her clit pinched and standing, a cock stroking against her, and her hands rose up to a James’ chiseled chest to keep her centered.

‘Well-orchestrated’, James thought, as the girls sucked, rubbed and pinched the billionaire into oblivion. Involuntary humping occurred as Cathleen lost control. Her eyes widened as her vagina closed, a gasp and shutter followed and both the girls slowed.

Easing back on their haunches, the girls let James enter. He noticed the expert attention they had done on Cathleen’s nipples. Both were pointing at him and he took advantage of one. His first taste brought him strawberries as the girl’s lip gloss had left a residue. He teased and tongued the one and brought his hand to the other.

Slowly stroking in and out, he let her adapt. It wasn’t to her liking and she ordered, “Girls help him out.”

Jack and Jill went up his hill and grabbed the cheeks of his ass. They forced him into Cathleen while spreading him apart. As the thrusts got faster, the girls got friskier and each probed his anus with a finger. They put their other hand to use and scooped a cheek of Cathleen’s ass in it. Together they forced the both of them to fuck, working their fingers all the while.

Before James knew it, a finger entered him followed by the other girl’s; having their grip upon him he couldn’t shake them loose if he tried. He could only imagine that Cathleen was experiencing the same treatment. He let the girls do the work in timing his thrusts as they seemed to know what Cathleen enjoyed and he was doing this for her. They forced it a little faster and James fought back his load. Gritting his teeth as the magic flowed.

“Grind your hips when you enter, James” instructed the twin named Jill.

“Tighten up your pussy, Miss.” instructed the twin named Jack.

Feel her tight pussy?” Jill asked James. “Feel his hard cock?” Jack asked Cathleen.

“Fuck it in her good!” Jill said. “Take that cock!” Jack said.

“Squirt your cum deep in her James!” “Suck his juice with your pussy woman!”

Together, with fingers in their asses, dirty talk from the twins, and the sensations from each other, James met his paradise at the same time Cathleen did. No longer assisted by the twins, James and Cathleen fucked into each other as seed mixed with juice between them. The rapture took over and they met each other in total bliss.

The twins removed their fingers and tilted sideways on the edges so they could watch the coupling and the blast of liquids coating the two lovers. Both sighed at the sight and played with themselves, getting off on the view.

James collapsed on his mistress and gave her soft kisses. He didn’t feel it appropriate to kiss her on the mouth, but she returned the affection forcing her lips onto his.

After they recovered, Cathleen issued an order, “Clean us up girls.” and the twins went right to work.

Rolling James off on his back, Jill took to cleaning and Jack did likewise with Cathleen.

“So, how did you like assisted fucking?” Cathleen inquired.

“I’ll say that it was an experience I will never forget.” James boasted, “These beautiful vixens are wonderful.” smiling at them both.

“It was my idea to have them undress us but they came up with the rest.” Cathleen informed him.

“They seem the essence of innocence; I doubt they’d think all that up on their own.” James thought out loud.

“Innocent they are; both being virgins, but they have their fantasies too.” Cathleen pointed out. “I’ve taught them certain techniques but they are craving a cock. They could yield a pretty penny for their innocence but I’ve given them freedom to decide what they want to do with It.” she said, while Jack licked at her thighs.

“Goodness! They spoke such naughty language.” James was amazed. “Talking like they did put me over.” and Jill continued her tongue bath on his balls.

“They did me too! They’re so wonderful!” Cathleen praised. “We hoped our little plot would rock your world, James, and it certainly looked like it did.” she laughed.

“I see where a servant could be an advantage!” James exclaimed. “A fantasy couldn’t match that pleasure. Two lucky men will find each a treasure.”

Both the girls rose off the two and stood on each side of the bed, waiting instruction.

James and Cathleen rose from the bed. James kissed Jill and thanked her then walked to the other and did the same. Cathleen patted them on the head and praised their performance when Jill met side by side with Jack.

“Burn those underwear girls.” Cathleen instructed, and they picked up all the clothes and left. James tried to protest and she told him to do without. He needed to get over his shyness and this would help him in that regard.

He was left with the instruction to wear a blue polo tomorrow that would be found in his closet. At a fast pace, well aware of the cameras, he made it to the elevator. When the door opened an older maid was in it. Stepping in, he pressed the L2 button while covering himself with the other hand. “Good evening.” he said, while the blood rushed to his face.

Looking him up and down she said, “I don’t think we’ve met. If you’re trying to make a first impression,” looking at his crotch, “its working.” and smiled. Stepping out of the elevator on L1, she said I’m the third door on the right should you want to talk about anything that… pops up!” and headed down the hallway.

When the door closed, James let go of his goods and leaned against the side. Then he remembered a camera and cupped himself again.

Not having a keycard to enter, he had hoped someone was there to open it. Knocking he heard, “Who is it?” like that was a mystery to them.

“Lisa, it’s me. Could you let me in?” James announced.

Hold on a second, I want to capture the image of your ass on the monitor!” she yelled through the door.

Finally, the buzzer let him in and he could see the hallway he just traveled splattered on the side wall.

“Oh, that is hilarious! You really got me there!” James said sarcastically as he looked for something to hide behind.

Lisa turned around, sporting a pink nighty, “I thought you were an exhibitionist the way you flaunted around the estate!”

“Cathleen had the maids take my clothes.” he said with a huff, hands cupping his manhood.

A knock on the door startled James and he opened it a crack. Jill pushed the door open and let herself in.

“The Madam wants me to retrieve your boxers.” she claimed.

Lisa giggled and said, “I knew that would happen.” and headed for the drawer she put them in.

“Great! I guess she wants those burned too!” James pouted, crossing his legs.

“Oh, I think Jack and I are going to use them to sleep in.” picking out a couple of pairs, “You got a pink one!”

She dropped her panties and pulled off her maid dress, giving James a glimpse of her downy pubic hairs. Slipping a purple pair on she said, “What do ya think?” and Lisa said she looked adorable.

“I think I’ll want a pair for night time too!” and took back the pink ones.

“My word! I never thought my underwear would be in such demand!” James was in shock. “Just what am I supposed to sleep in?” sitting on the bed, cupping his goods.

“You sleep in what God gave you of course.” Lisa teased, taking her pink panties off and slipping the pink boxers on.

Another knock on the door made James jump again. Here he was nude and getting visitors. Jill opened it this time and Jack stepped in.

“Here’s your stuff from your pockets, you got a phone call too.” and handed his keys, wallet and phone to him. “What’s up girls? James like running around naked in front of you?” she chimed, looking him over.

“I don’t know… he hasn’t bothered with it since he got here.” Lisa teased, trying to brush his hand aside.

“Look, as much as I enjoy being in the buff while three gorgeous women ogle me fully clothed, I’m going to take a shower. If all of you leave while I’m doing so, would you please leave me one pair of boxers to wear? I’ll get bikini ones tomorrow.” and headed for the bathroom with his chin held high and his hands held low.

Opening up a panel door, he discovered his closet. It was stocked in fine threads, all of them being his size. He spotted the polo recommended for tomorrow. He picked out a pair of slacks to match it. Pretending he meant to go in the closet, he turned around and sat them on top of his dresser.

Looking around for the panel door to his bathroom, he wasn’t having much luck. “Um, where’s the bathroom again?” and all three girls laughed. Lisa opened it for him and all three girls smacked his ass on the way in.

James took his shower and washed the day’s events off him. He had been overwhelmed of it all and it still hasn’t sunken into him yet.

Coming back out, he found his room empty. The pink boxers were lying on his bed. Checking his phone, he saw the missed call from his roommate and thought to give him a call back.

He picked up on the third ring, “Dude? Where are you?” was Mike’s first question.

“I’m in an estate on the west side of town.” James answered, putting on his pink boxers.

“An estate huh. You moved out on me. What the hell happened?” he asked.

James explained everything to him, leaving out the sexual details, and told him he was ok. After explaining it, Mike called him a lucky S.O.B. and to stick with it. James told him to get his ass down to Luxury Limo and get started there. He would make better money and his horny side might benefit as well.

James agreed to meet with him tomorrow between Mike’s classes and hung up the phone. Fiddling with the remote, he tried to turn on the news. He had to figure out how to change the source to get it off the monitoring system. After passing the adult channels, he finally found the business news and settled down on his bed.

James was stunned to see Dawn Gracie make the news. She was coming to town to reform a local company. He lost interest as the news turned to stocks and turned it off.

He went to sleep dreaming of Dawn Gracie ordering him to suck her pussy.

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