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The concluding chapter to the sequel to Spring break Broke My Heart
A Dish Best Served Cold or Bryan’s Revenge 2
(The sequel to Spring Break Broke My Heart)
By rutger5 (An Original Story - Copyright2012)

It took me a while to find parking near the Katz residence but in Borough Park that’s to be expected I guess. Finally I found a spot around three blocks away where I parked. As I was getting out of the car the letter from Courtney sitting on the passenger seat caught my eye. I picked it up before folding it and slipping it in my pant pocket. After what happened earlier between Rachel Weinstein and myself I felt much more charitable and decided to read the letter a little later when I had a chance.

But for now it wasn’t my number one concern - getting revenge was. Hopefully I’d do a better job of it here than in my previous attempt. Things had worked out great for me personally but making plans to take a girl to her prom after she’d given me a blowjob didn’t advance my desire for revenge. In fact after what happened I realized I could no longer overtly attempt to punish David Weinstein, not unless I wished to turn Rachel against me and I didn’t want that.

No doubt there would be some people either unscrupulous or amoral who in fact would use what had happened to further their revenge. But if I did that then I was no better than the people I was angry at. Rachel was a total innocent in all this and what she’d done was guided by her desires and emotions and I wouldn’t take advantage of that for my benefit.

Once I reached the front steps to the Katz house I stopped a minute to collect myself and plan what I was going to say no matter who answered the door. I didn’t want a repeat performance like earlier when I was caught off guard by Rachel answering the door and her mother being out. From what I knew of Mitch I strongly doubted he’d be home before sundown but I knew they had two young sons. Well here goes nothing I’d thought to myself as I rang the doorbell.

Even before the door opened I heard a woman’s loud voice approaching and seconds later the door opened revealing Mrs. Katz. She had a cordless phone pressed to her ear and once she recognized me she looked surprised at finding me on her doorstep. Holding a finger up to let me know to wait she then spoke into the phone.

“Can you wait a minute Esther? I’m having trouble opening the door while holding the phone, be right back.”

Putting the phone down on a table next to the door she smiled and ran her fingers through her hair before speaking to me.

“Yes Bryan, can I help you with something?”

“Umm Mrs. Katz, this is a little weird I admit but is there any way I can speak to you for a few minutes? It’s important or I wouldn’t be bothering you.”

A strange look crossed over her face but she nodded to me before picking up the phone.

“Esther - I have to go. Its one of my neighbors and she needs my help with something. I’ll call you later and you tell my boys to be good or they’ll get it when they come home. Okay, I’ll talk to you soon. Bye.”

“That was my sister-in-law I was talking to on the phone. My sons are visiting with their cousins today. Well you can come in now Bryan but wipe your feet first. You’re being very mysterious and I’m intrigued.”

Making sure I wiped my feet I stepped inside the brick building and waited as she shut the door and then led me deeper into the house. In the front hall I noticed there were hung many photos of her husband and sons as well as many other people I guessed to be relatives of theirs. She brought me into the kitchen where she sat at the table and gestured for me to as well. Once we were both sitting she met my eyes and studied them until I began to feel nervous from this and looked away.

“Okay Bryan out with it. I haven’t seen you very often the past few years and now you turn up at my home less than a week after I see you at your parent’s cabin. Somehow there has to be a connection and since you can’t look me in my face I doubt it’s good. So tell me what you want to talk to me about.”

Mrs. Katz was shrewd, that was plainly obvious. If I had planned on deceiving her then I’d probably be busted. However that wasn’t my intention but still I had to carefully choose my words I figured.

“You’re right Mrs. Katz, I’m not here for anything good I’m afraid” I said while looking at my hands which sat on the table fidgeting nervously.

“First things first Bryan. You’re an adult now, a college man they said back in the day and I’m happy to hear you’re making your mother proud with your good grades, so I think you’re old enough to call me Leah. Also when speaking with someone its proper manners to look them in their face.”

When I looked up I saw she was smiling while staring intently at me and suddenly I felt a little nervous. Honestly I’d always found her attractive and I still did. In fact when I was younger if you’d asked me to define a milf it would have come out describing a woman who looked a lot like her. So there was that to go along with my initial nervousness over what I was planning on telling her.

“The thing of it is Mrs. Ka - I mean Leah” I said swallowing hard “is that what I need to tell you isn’t going to be easy - for either of us.”

In spite of her wanting me to look at her I again found myself looking down when she surprised me by taking my hand in hers.

“Bryan may I be frank? I’ve known you for many years so just say what’s on your mind. No sense beating around the bush. What do you think, that I’m going to bite your head off?”

“No of course not Leah” I answered followed by a nervous laugh “just it isn’t pleasant and I’m not good at delivering bad news.”

Again I looked down as I chose my words but I made sure to look her in her eyes before I started speaking. As I did she gave my hand a gentle squeeze which somehow made me feel a tiny bit better.

“Leah the thing of it is that I’m here to speak ill of your husband. He’s not the only one but my father and the rest aren’t really your concern but your husband is. I don’t know how to tell you this but last weekend at the cabin your husband, as well as the others, was up to no good.”

While I said this I continued to look her in the eye and as I spoke I could see that her mind was already two steps ahead of my words.

“I knew it!” she interrupted before I could even say what he’d done. “So while they were supposed to be playing poker they were really getting busy with that little blond shiksa friend of yours. Typical.”

My jaw dropped and she laughed a little from my reaction.

“I’m sorry to startle you Bryan but after so many years of marriage I think I know my husband pretty well. Your friend wasn’t his first and she won’t be the last. But I can see that it’s hurt you, what’s happened, and I’m sorry for you. Do you like this girl?”

Again I weighed my words carefully for many reasons before replying.

“I did like her; whether I still do the jury is out on. But that’s not what’s important I thought. But hearing your reaction I guess you’re not surprised so I guess I’m just wasting my time in telling you this. I admit your reaction isn’t what I expected; I figured you wouldn’t believe me or that you’d flip out if you did.”

“And because of that you don’t think I’m upset? Well I am, its just I handle it in my own way. Let me tell you something Bryan, the first time I found out Mitch was cheating on me I wanted to die. I thought I was such a failure, that if I’d been a better wife or more attractive it wouldn’t have happened in the first place!”

Now I found myself interrupting her.

“Wait Leah, I can’t say why your husband cheats on you but it certainly has nothing to do with you being not attractive enough, of that I can assure you.”

“Why thank you Bryan, that’s very kind of you to say. No, the reason he cheats is that he’s a man - pure and simple. At the time I didn’t know that was why but in spite of blaming myself I still wanted to end the marriage. My mother, may G-d rest her soul, told me no woman in our family had ever asked for a divorce and I wasn’t going to be the first. This was soon after the birth of Daniel, my firstborn.”

“I forgave him but things never really changed. Finally I realized it didn’t matter what I did to try and keep him interested in me, he was simply going to stray. After that became clear to me I told him that once the boys were grown that it was over between us. Whether he believed me or not I don’t know but I’m very serious. That’s a long way off though. Ari hasn’t even had his bar mitzvah yet.”

Leah paused after telling me this and I found myself now gently squeezing her hand instead. Suddenly she looked me straight in my eye and spoke.

“I’ve been honest with you Bryan, telling you things that many of my own family doesn’t even know about. Now I would like you to extend me the same courtesy please. The reason you came to tell me this, wasn’t it to cause some of the same pain that you’re feeling to my husband? You weren’t doing it out of kindness for me, I don’t think. Isn’t that so?”

“You’re right Leah; right now revenge is what’s motivating me. Don’t get me wrong, what your husband, my father and the rest did isn’t right and I don’t think a man should treat his wife like that. Maybe I’m naïve but I hope to respect and cherish my future wife. But I think they should realize that their selfish actions also have consequences and they will. I know me getting hurt is what inspired me to act but they still brought it on themselves.”

“Very well said Bryan. You’re a good boy, correction, a good young man. After that impassioned speech from you if I had a daughter I might be trying to arrange her getting together with you. But I was also right about your motivation in this. Well I’m offering to help you with that if you want.”

“What do you mean Leah?” I asked, now confused a little by her offer.

“I told you before that I wasn’t getting a divorce until in the future but there are other ways of getting back at a man. But as far as the rest of them what if I was to make a couple of discreet phone calls to certain women? It might help in what you want to achieve. However we can discuss that later. I also said I handle things in my own way, that includes how I cope with having a philandering husband. I’m sure you’re familiar with the expression an eye for an eye. Well let’s say when it comes to this subject it’s the way I do things. I’m offering you a means for revenge against my husband that could be quite enjoyable - for both of us.”

As Leah said this she again took my hand in hers but this time her fingertips ran softly along my skin, sending thrills throughout my young body. She then lifted my hand to her face and just for a moment sucked on one of my fingers. That was all it took. Already I felt myself hardening in my pants and when her red lips encircled my finger I let out an involuntary moan. Taking that as a yes to her suggestion Leah stood up and taking me by my hand led me from the kitchen.

We climbed the stairs to the second floor and proceeded to her well kept bedroom. Once inside Leah turned and kissed my mouth hard to which I eagerly responded. She was surprisingly aggressive and her tongue immediately slipped into my mouth while her hands held my waist and pulled my body closer to hers. One of my hands ran through her silky auburn hair as my other rubbed her back in small circles.

She must have felt my growing bulge as she proceeded to grind her skirt covered pelvis against it causing it to grow even more pronounced. Her hands attempted to pull me closer but we were already pretty close to begin with so instead Leah pulled my shirt out of my waistband while continuing to rub her mound on my rigid erection.

“Oooh Bryan, it feels like you have something for me. Something nice and hard I think.”

I began to rotate my own hips now and taking advantage of the fact that Leah broke our kiss to speak, my hungry lips found her pale neck. Her body shuddered as I worked my way down but I was soon thwarted by the stiff collar of her white blouse preventing me from going any further. She then seized my face with both her hands and passionately kissed me before taking a few steps back and breaking contact with my body. She blew me a kiss and then sat on her bed.

“Why don’t you take off your clothes for me first and then you can help me with mine” Leah said seductively.

Not wasting a second I pulled my shirt over my head and my hands were already going for my belt when Leah laughingly slowed me down.

“Not so fast Bryan. We have time, no need to rush.”

Leah leaned forward and licked her lips in a suggestive manner. Going along with it I moved and stood in front of her though just beyond her reach. Slowly I unfastened my pants and as I lowered them her eyes never left me. My hard dick sprang upwards once my pants went past it and I heard Leah make a little noise when she first saw it. Bending down leisurely I untied my sneakers and kicked them off before stepping free of my pants.

Grabbing my erection I stroked it a few times causing Leah to ooh and aah as she watched. I was already fully aroused and as my hand squeezed below the head some clear pre-cum leaked out and coated the swollen tip. Leah stood and after taking a step forward she leaned down and just using her tongue licked the sticky fluid up off me making me groan loudly. Looking pleased with herself she straightened up before speaking.

“You look good enough to eat Bryan and I think I will. But how would you like to help undress me first?”

Not needing to be asked twice I reached out and started to unbutton her white blouse. My fingers were trembling from excitement so badly that Leah had to help me. Between the two of us we managed to get the job done and as each button was unfastened in turn it revealed more of her now bare flesh. She slipped the blouse off her shoulders and my eyes widened as they took in her ample bosom.

The brassiere she wore was white and plain but that in no way lessened the attraction I felt. Her breasts were large and full with a deep valley of cleavage between them. Her nipples appeared to be large and erect, at least going by what I could see pressing through the material. Leah turned her back to me though she also had her head turned so her brown eyes stayed focused on mine.

“Bryan, would you mind unfastening me?” she cooed in a sultry voice.

“I’d love to” I replied after which I deftly unhooked her bra.

“While you’re at it how about unzipping me as well.”

For an answer I placed a hand on each of her shoulders and starting between her shoulder blades I kissed my way down her back bringing my hands down along the skin of her arms at the same time. By the time my lips reached where her skirt began Leah was trembling like a dove. My teeth clamped onto the zipper and I was able to pull it all the way down which allowed her to push the black, modest knee length skirt all the way to the floor.

First I took in the sight of her big, round ass which was encased in a pair of white silk panties and it was just breathtaking. After my eyes got their fill I stepped forward, pressing my body against hers. My lips grazed her neck while my hands reached around and took hold of the bra she still held over her breasts and pulled it from her. Once I tossed it aside I next cupped her breasts and squeezed them roughly forcing a moan from her wanton mouth.

During this my erect cock was rubbing against the soft material of her panties no doubt staining them with my pre-cum as Leah pressed her full, white moon into me. As I bit her neck I also managed to capture both of her nipples between my thumbs and fingers and I twisted the little nubs sending waves of pleasure to her nerve endings.

“Ooh that’s nice Bryan, it feels so good. But I want to taste you now” she told me as her hands pulled mine from her nipples.

She then turned and now it was her turn to kiss her way down my body. After a brief kiss which ended with her biting my lower lip Leah worked her way down my neck to my chest and from there over my firm abs at which time she stopped and looked up at me with a twinkle in her eye. I groaned as her hand encircled my hard cock after which she slowly started to stroke it, all the while keeping her eyes locked on mine.

In reality she didn’t do this for very long but it seemed like an eternity as I waited impatiently for her to take me in her mouth. My fingers grabbed her by her hair and tried to bring her toward me but she resisted as her hand continued jerking me.

“What’s the matter Bryan? Do you want me to take your big, thick cock in my mouth? Is that what you want?”

“Yes please Leah. I want you to suck it so badly I could scream!” I almost growled in reply I was so turned on.

She kept her hand on my shaft while her other began to fondle my balls and when I thought I couldn’t take anymore Leah opened her mouth wide and took me inside. I let out a sound that was half a sigh of relief and half pleasure as her nimble tongue swirled against my spongy head. Her mouth pulled off me a minute later but a second after that she swallowed me again. This time she took me deep in her mouth while all the while using her tongue on its sensitive underside as her hands continued to expertly work my shaft and balls.

Her technique was more aggressive than Rachel’s had been, not only taking me deeper and faster but she somehow seemed more wild and elemental as she did so. Leah made a lot of noise as she impaled her face on me and when my head slipped beyond her mouth and into her throat I gasped from surprise. She didn’t stop there but continued to take more until her nose was pressing into my pubic hair. Once she swallowed me whole she then slid her head back and forth for a minute while keeping part of me in her throat until she had to stop. With a choking sound she pulled her head back and finally released my saliva covered cock.

“Hmm, that’s a nice cock you have Bryan. I see you got that from your father” Leah told me before running her tongue along the side of my shaft.

“You’ve seen my father’s cock?!” I asked, totally surprised by her statement.

“Ooops, sorry. Maybe now wasn’t the best time to mention it, but yes. When I told you earlier that I knew about Mitch cheating before, I forgot to add something. Not the first time it happened but one of the other times it was your father who informed me about it. Now why would he reveal to the wife of his good friend what indiscretions her husband was up to? I’ll tell you if you can’t figure it out for yourself. No doubt Mitch had told him about being caught before and how I wasn’t happy about it. So your father kindly informed me so he could comfort and then seduce the wronged wife.”

All the while she spoke Leah had continued playing with my balls and had started stroking me again which kept me stiff as a board.

“You aren’t doing the same thing to me now Bryan, are you? Taking advantage of a vulnerable woman?”

My face must have reflected the shock I felt from hearing her question as she actually giggled before speaking again.

“Sorry Bryan, for doubting you for a minute as well as for what I did with your father. It’s pretty obvious you had no intention of using that information to get into my panties. And I was wrong for what happened with your father as well and I ended it after a couple of times. But he can be very persuasive and I was hurt and he made me feel desirable which was what I needed at the time. It took me a little while to realize he was just using me himself and besides by me sleeping with him I was betraying your mother as well. You may not know this as your mother and I aren’t very close but I do respect her a lot. You’re lucky in that your personality is closer to hers, but right now I’m lucky in that your cock is like your father’s. Big and fat.”

After her little speech Leah went back to sucking my cock and she didn’t miss a beat. Within a minute she was attempting to deep throat me again as my mind tried to digest what she’d just said. It was too hard to think however while she sucked on my hard cock so I stopped thinking and just concentrated on the good feeling I was experiencing. Right then all I wanted to do was to bury my full length in her so when she pulled off me to catch her breath I took her by the shoulders and pulled her up to her feet.

I then crouched before her as my fingers slipped under the waistband of her panties and tugged down on them. First past her wide hips and I continued pulling until they reached her ankles, allowing her to step out of them. Now right before me her beautiful aromatic pussy beckoned and though I wanted to fuck her badly I had to kiss it first. Unlike all the girls I’d known who at the least trimmed down there Leah’s bush was wild and all natural. There was a virtual thicket of reddish-brown hair surrounding her pussy and any hair right by her lips was wet and slick from her secretions.

As my lips pressed against her musky lips she let out a moan and when my fingers pushed some hair away from her pussy they lightly brushed against her half hidden pearl. When that happened I felt Leah’s fingers grab and dig into the flesh of my shoulder. My tongue licked her for the first time and I deliberately flicked her clit with my thumb forcing a tortured moan from her lips.

“Ooh that’s it Bryan, don’t stop!” she exclaimed not that I had any intention of doing so.

My tongue worked its way into her opening as my thumb continued to rub her clitoris and within minutes her body began to tremble and shake as her orgasm overwhelmed her. Leah let out a long moan and my tongue was bathed by her flowing juices, of which I attempted to swallow every drop. Her grip tightened even further as my tongue continued burrowing deep in her cunt, lashing her inner walls repeatedly.

My other hand squeezed her ass cheek as I attempted to pull her even closer while continuing to stimulate her with my mouth and thumb. Finally she could take no more and Leah grabbed me by my hair and did her best to pull my mouth from her. I initially resisted her attempt as I was drunk from the taste of her but I finally yielded when she begged me to stop.

“No more Bryan! I can’t take it right now. My knees are going weak and I’m not sure how much longer I can stand.”

After delivering a final lick to her lips I stopped and looked up at her. She looked so beautiful at that moment in her post orgasmic haze that I was momentarily speechless. Not until she staggered back a step did I again find my tongue.

“Take it easy Leah. Just lay on the bed and you don’t have to worry about standing” I told her as I did my best to help her get there.

As soon as she sat on the edge I pushed her so she was on her back with her knees bent and her feet on the floor. Crouching before her I couldn’t resist licking her sticky snatch a few more times and I even managed to suck her erect clit which sure made her moan. But I knew we both wanted more at that moment so I positioned my body between her inviting thighs. I pushed down on my shaft so it was sticking straight out from my body and began to rub it against her wet, swollen pussy.

For a minute I did this which not only brought us both pleasure but also coated my cock with her slick feminine juices. When I could take no more of this torture I angled my shaft further down until my swollen head was at her sopping hole. Only for a second did I pause and then I pushed it inside her. Leah groaned as my thick cock split her lips and sank halfway into her welcoming channel.

My cock felt like it had died and gone to heaven from the incredible feeling. She was so wet and warm and her pussy clung to me like a glove that it really was like an earthly paradise. For a minute I enjoyed the sensation while also allowing her to adjust to my invasion but I needed more, so much more. Putting my hands on her white thighs I worked deeper inside her until with a gasp of pleasure my last inch slipped in.

“Ooh Bryan yes!” she cried out and it was obvious that she enjoyed being filled with my hard young cock.

Pulling back slowly I watched as my shaft slid out of her leaving only the head remaining within. I moved my hips in a circular motion which was equal part pleasure and equal part torment for both of us but I was unable to maintain the necessary discipline to continue doing so. Instead I drove my full length inside Leah again. Leaning my torso forward I rested my elbows on either side of her which allowed me to kiss her and as we did I started to move my hips.

She grabbed hold of my ass trying to pull me even deeper as I slowly pumped her and Leah’s touch was enough to push me beyond my limits. Feeling my orgasm barreling down on me like a runaway train I thrust rapidly a number of times until it hit me. I cried out as I felt myself explode deep in her and as my cock spurted my seed Leah wrapped her legs around my waist holding me in place.

Our mouths hungrily met as my sperm filled her welcoming pussy and her hands continued to hold me tight. When no more cum came from me I recovered enough that I was able to roll us over on the bed. First she was on top of me but with one more roll I again emerged on top but this time we were now near the center of the mattress. Since I was still rock hard I began moving in her again, beginning slowly but as time went on going more rapidly.

Having just cum for the second time that day I figured it should take some time for me to shoot another load so I concentrated on pounding her good. The bed began to creak as my full length slid in and out of her womanly furnace but soon Leah’s moans drowned out the squeaky box springs as her passion grew like a flame. When I managed to attach my mouth to her red swollen nipple and suckle it she became even louder in her cries.

Now her feet hooked my calves as we built up a fast rhythm and her breathing became louder the longer we continued. Leah was making little whimpering sounds now while her fingernails dug into the flesh of my back but I scarcely noticed. All my feelings were centered on my turgid rod as it repeatedly sank into her womanly folds and in spite of having just recently cum I could already feel another climax building.

“Leah” I gasped “I’m not going to be able to last much longer. Should I pull out…”

“Nooo! Cum in me Bryan. I want to feel it!” she answered with a wild look in her eyes.

The muscles on both her arms and legs tightened around me drawing me nearer as I continued to thrust deeply each time. I felt like I was on the verge of cumming but somehow I managed to hold off a bit longer but finally being just flesh and blood I lost control. This time it was so intense that I almost blacked out from the sheer pleasure of it and I literally saw spots floating in my field of vision.

My heart racing I managed to pull out of her with a pop which was followed by Leah’s disappointed sigh. I sprawled on my back as I recovered from the moment of petite mort but though she also appeared almost spent Leah still wasn’t finished with me. She managed to crawl between my legs where she knelt and then took hold of my softening cock. She raised it up which allowed her mouth to again suck on it. It was still so sensitive I wanted to scream but I persevered as she bobbed her head up and down.

“Wow Leah, you can’t get enough, can you?” I managed to ask.

“Mmm, no I can’t Bryan. I love it and I love this” she replied referring to my half hard cock. “But you’re so young, it shouldn’t be a problem for you either. Besides this isn’t something I get to do all the time so I have to take advantage when I can.”

After that she stopped talking and went back to sucking me. In spite of feeling a bit wiped out her magic mouth soon had me fully erect, at which time Leah crawled forward so that she was straddling me. Her hand then unerringly guided me back to her opening and she then sank down on me, engulfing me fully in her hungry pussy with a groan.

Due to her being tired she went slowly but her easy pace allowed me to study her as she rode me. My eyes drank in her beauty and she somehow seemed even more attractive to me in her heightened state of arousal. Sex certainly agreed with Leah, that was for sure. Her being on top also permitted my hands to roam her lush body and they took full advantage of the situation.

Her skin was as soft as satin as I explored every curve of her and before long I was cupping her full breasts while I marveled at the size of her areolas. Her nipples were like tiny red cherries perched on top of round saucers and I delighted in pinching and playing with them and Leah moaned appreciatively as I did so.

While keeping my left hand on her full breast my right hand trailed down her soft stomach and continued until it found her hard little nub. Now as she rode me I gently circled it with my finger, tracing around its edge without actually touching it. This seemed to really turn her on as she increased the tempo of her movement and her eyes were now almost closed.

Sensing she must be close I increased the speed of my finger and then with no warning I began to thrust up into her. Leah let out a wail and her body collapsed onto mine when I did this. I could feel her vaginal muscles clench and spasm on me as she climaxed. Not letting up one iota I kept sliding in and out of her while my finger kept moving as well. Catching me off guard Leah grabbed my hand and yanked it away from her clit.

“No more” she implored “give me a breather.”

Leah then leaned in and kissed my mouth softly before managing to climb off me. My disappointed groan had barely left my mouth when she took my still hard cock and stroked it a few times before rolling from the bed and standing.

“Be right back Bryan. Don’t go anywhere” she told me with a wicked grin as she left her bedroom.

Leah was back in a couple of minutes and I saw she had her cell phone in her hand. She got back on the bed and lay on her back before beckoning to me.

“Bryan I had an idea I think you might like. How would you like to straddle me and put your beautiful cock between my breasts?”

For an answer I got to my knees and moved into position. Before I put it between her tits though I brought it right by her mouth first.

“If you suck it and get it nice and wet it’ll work better” I said to her.

“Hmm, you’re right” Leah replied before parting her lips and sliding my hard flesh inside.

She sloppily sucked on it for a minute, doing her best to get it wet, even going so far as actually spitting on it once she’d taken her mouth off me. Now that it was good to go I adjusted my body so that my knees were on each side of her full figure and slid my erection between her large breasts. Leah pressed them together tightly so my cock was encased in her mammary glands at which time I started to thrust.

They were so soft and her body was so warm it felt wonderful to me as I worked back and forth, delighting in the situation I found myself in. However I was also curious about why she had gone and retrieved her phone so I decided to ask.

“This is so awesome Leah. Your breasts feel even better than I could have imagined on me. But can I ask why you wanted your phone?”

“I’m glad you like it Bryan, I thought you might. As far as the phone, how would you feel about me taking a picture after you’ve cum all over me? Something to show my husband when the time is right. Don’t worry, I won’t be taking a picture of your face but it would be nice if it showed your cock.”

When I heard her reason I must say it turned me on a lot, in fact so much so than I began thrusting faster almost immediately.

“Sounds good to me Leah. That is if that’s something that appeals to you.”

“I told you that I handle things in my own fashion and I think it’s perfect. All we need from you now is a big load of cum.”

“It’s on the way but I’m not sure how big it’ll be” I honestly answered.

This would be the third orgasm I’d be having with Leah and unknown to her I’d cum earlier with Rachel. No doubt my balls were working overtime to produce this next load and I didn’t think it would be large. Not that I cared about the size, I just wanted to cum again. If it were to be used against Mitch, well all the better. In fact the thought of that prick seeing a picture of my prick right after I’d cum on his wife actually excited me a little.

With that added motivation to push me I increased the speed of my pumping and then Leah upped the ante further. She raised her neck and tilted her head forward which allowed her to extend her tongue so that it was able to lick my swollen head as it slid beyond her breasts. That was more than I could take. Frantically I slid out of her cleavage and stroked myself until I could feel the cum start to leave my balls.

“ Uhhn, I’m going to cum” I warned her as it started to spew.

Leah grabbed her phone and handed it to me with it already in camera mode. Knowing what she wanted I took a picture as a spurt shot from me and landed on her full white breast. A few more shots came before I was fully spent and landed on her. When no more emerged Leah took hold of the shaft and sucked on my head while looking straight at her phone. Again I clicked the button capturing a very candid shot of her and you could see a small drop of white fluid contrasting with her ruby red lips.

Now I was totally shot. With a groan I rolled onto my back as I slowly regained my breath. Leah turned onto her side and faced me with a big smile. Seemingly unable to control herself she again started stroking me but this time I was too tired to respond and I just lay there and a few minutes later my eyes closed not of their own volition.

I’m not sure how long it was before she shook me but it couldn’t have been that long. Leah was sitting on the bed and she had on a bathrobe now though it wasn’t cinched tightly allowing me to still gaze on her full naked breasts.

“Bryan, I’m so sorry but you have to go now. I need to take a bath before my sons get home and if you stay in my bed I’m afraid I’ll only have one thing on my mind. But this afternoon was wonderful and I’ll always remember it. Who knows, maybe in the future we’ll have another chance to get together.”

Smiling at her I sat up with a groan and then got up and collected my clothes. She watched me the whole time I dressed making me feel a trifle self conscious. But I knew that was something women experienced all the time as we ogled them so I didn’t begrudge her any. It wasn’t until we were downstairs and heading for the door that Leah remembered something.

“Ooh Bryan, I almost forgot. Do you want me to send you a copy of those pictures so you’ll have something to remember me by?”

“There’s no way I could ever forgot today Leah even without a picture. But I’d love to have them. They’ll remind me how beautiful and sexy you are and how hot you looked wearing my cum.”

After I said this Leah kissed me and we started to go at it but when my hand found her breast she managed to push me away, however reluctantly.

“No Bryan, not now, please.”

Yielding to her wishes I stepped away and waited for her to see me out. First she asked for my cell number and once she had it she sent me the photos. She also promised me she would ‘make some calls’ as she soaked away our afternoon of illicit pleasure. We then went to the front door where she first checked the peephole, kissed me one final time and opened the door while remaining hidden behind it. As I started through I felt Leah give my ass a quick pinch before closing the door behind me.

By the time I reached my car I felt exhausted and I knew there was no way I was driving back to college without sleep. That would mean I’d have to stay in the city which meant going home and I dreaded what might happen.

‘Well might as well face the music now, have to do it sooner or later’ I told myself as I pulled into rush hour traffic.

It was only as I approached the apartment building on foot after parking that I remembered that my phone was still shut off. Once it was turned on I saw that I had a number of missed calls and text messages as well as voice mails. Any from Courtney I automatically deleted without bothering to read or listen to. My mother had left me a number of voice mails beginning the Sunday I left the cabin after the incident.

They became increasingly frantic as time went on and I hadn’t contacted her. The last was from earlier in the day and all she said was to just call her and let her know I was okay. Since I’d be seeing her shortly I held off on calling for the moment.

There were also the texts from Leah with the attached photos as well as a couple of texts from Rachel which I saved for last. The first one simply said ‘Hi Bryan, thinking about you’ with a smiley face and I felt myself grinning like an idiot. The other however convinced me that in spite of me doing nothing against her father the shit was starting to hit the fan.

It read as follows: ‘Bryan just talked to my Dad and told him you came by and he freaked out. Why? What did you want to see him about? He’s acting weird and told me to have nothing to do with you and not to contact you. Now he and my Mom are arguing. Pls reply.’

Damn I thought, in spite of me trying to avoid this it happened anyway. I should have figured David Weinstein wouldn’t be happy about my visit and I also realized Leah had promised to make some calls. She had probably already talked to Rachel’s mom and one way or another this thing had blown up. It was his own fault but now Rachel would probably be hurt and quite possibly blame me. No matter what happened there were no good choices and a lot of people would wind up hurt.

At the least I had to reply to her though: ‘Rachel, it would be better if we could talk in person. If not call me and we can do it over the phone. All I can say is no matter what happens this had nothing to do with you. What happened between us was real and I really like you but we need to talk. Let me know - Bryan.’

After I hit send I walked into the building while the doorman Jimmy held the door open for me. I took the elevator to the seventeenth floor where my family’s apartment was located. A few minutes later and I was letting myself in the door to the apartment.

As I closed it I called out “Hello” to anyone who might be inside.

Seconds later I heard my mother replying “Bryan” and this was followed by her rushing into the living room. She had a haggard expression on her attractive face but she came right up to me and gave me a big hug. I hugged her right back and when I did she sank into me and started to sob. This went on for a couple of minutes and I had no idea on how to respond except to gently pat her back. Finally she regained a modicum of control and the sobbing slowed and finally ceased after which she looked up at me.

“Bryan Ohrffs, don’t you ever do that to me again. I know you’re upset but don’t just disappear and stop all contact. For all I knew you were dead by the side of a road somewhere.”

“I’m sorry Mom for worrying you like that. Something happened and I didn’t know how and I still don’t know how to tell you. So I just stopped communicating. I was wrong and I’m really sorry!”

She reached up and touched my face with her hand before she spoke.

“Well I can help you some Bryan but understand how hurt I am as well. It would have been nice if we were there for each other, to comfort one another.”

“You mean you know what happened?”

“Unfortunately I do. Wait, maybe unfortunately isn’t the right word because it’s better that I found out. It seems your father finally got careless. When I found your friend Courtney’s panties in his pant pocket it wasn’t very hard to figure out. Add to that the way you disappeared and everything else that was going on and it was pretty clear to me.”

“I’m so sorry Mom, about everything.”

“Why, you didn’t do anything wrong except not answering your mother’s phone calls and under the circumstances I do understand. How are you holding up?”

“I’m fine Mom. Don’t worry about me. How are you doing?”

“I don’t know really. Still kind of numb. It’s difficult after all these years to accept it’s over. But it is what it is” she told me with a wan smile on her face.

“So you decided on divorce?” I asked.

“Of course Bryan, the marriage is over. He’s been lying to me for years but my blinders are finally off. And to think I was trying to give you advice on your love life Saturday. Funny, huh?”

“Don’t say that Mom. Your only problem is you are too good and trusting a person. I tell you, I’ve learned from this.”

“Well don’t become so cynical Bryan that you wall your heart off either. You have to find a balance I guess. Let me ask you something now that you’re here. I’ve been dreading this but it’s something I feel I have to do. Now I’m hoping you’ll come with me for moral support and maybe more. I want to go see your father.”

When I heard his name I made a face as part of me still wanted to kill him. I knew I wouldn’t, he wasn’t worth it. Even if I could get away with it, with no chance of being caught. For that would compromise and lower me to a level I didn’t want to sink to.

“Sure I’ll go with you Mom. Where is he?”

“I’m guessing he’s staying at the cabin. When I discovered what he’d been up to I let him know he was no longer welcome at home. I told him if he wanted to pack some things to do so but be gone by the time I got here. Can you do me a favor Bryan? In the front closet are your father’s golf clubs, would you mind getting them please, so we can bring them with us.”


While I pulled them out I wondered what my mother was thinking and why she wished to return his clubs. After what he’d done to her it seemed strange for her to do something for him, but I was too overwhelmed from all that had happened to think too clearly.

“Which of us is going to drive, dear?” she asked me waiting by the apartment door.

“It’s going to have to be you Mom. I haven’t slept much recently and if I drive I’m afraid we’ll both be found by the side of the road.”

“Fine. Just bring the clubs down and I’ll meet you in front of the building” she said as she headed out the door.

Once she pulled up in her silver Mercedes GLK I stowed the clubs in back and climbed into the passenger seat and she started toward the GWB. While we were traveling my phone started to vibrate and I quickly checked to see who it was. It was an incoming text from Rachel.

‘Bryan - something bad is happening here with my parents. I know it has something to do with you coming here as you wanted to talk with them. But I trust you so please help me to know what’s going on. When can we meet? Rachel’

Quickly my thumbs typed out a reply to her: ‘Rachel I’m really sorry about all this. Right now I’m on my way from the city to my family’s cabin. Can we meet tomorrow? If you can’t wait we can talk over the phone but it will be awkward. I’m with my Mom.’

It seemed to take forever though it was only a few minutes before I received her reply.

‘Bryan ok I’ll see you tomorrow. Call me early please. I’m going nuts. Rachel’

‘Rachel, again I’m sorry. Will explain all tomorrow for better or worse if you don’t hear from your parents first. Again this had nothing to do with you and I think you are great. Hope things work out good. B’

After I sent this reply I saw my mother was watching what I was doing from the corner of her eye.

“Something important?”

“You might say that. I was texting with Rachel Weinstein” I replied.

At this juncture I didn’t see the point in hiding things, well except for the fact I had sex with both Rachel and Leah. There was no way that information could help in any way.

“May I ask why Bryan? Is she somehow involved in this sordid mess?”

“Only indirectly Mom. Today I went to the Weinstein house to have it out with David Weinstein or something like that. Neither he or his wife was home but I saw Rachel.”

“Have it out with David. Are you trying to say that…”

“This isn’t easy to say Mom, especially as you are both a lady and my mother but that night it wasn’t just Dad. They all took turns with her and I was attempting to make them all pay for that. Don’t misunderstand me, she is just as guilty but what they did was wrong and they all knew I liked her. By the way I also saw Leah Katz today.”

“Wow, it seems you do have some of your father’s ruthless streak in you. Remind me not to cross you. But it gives me an idea. No doubt you want to make your father pay as well and I just had a crazy idea that just might work. Let me think about it a while and then we can talk. Why don’t you take a nap as we have at least another hour to go.”

As I was nodding off the last thing I saw was my mother’s face. Her jaw was set and her lips were tight and she wore an expression I can only describe as grim. The next thing I knew she was shaking me gently and I saw we were parked by the cabin.

“I let you sleep a little extra honey but I want to return to the city tonight so I hope you don’t mind.”

“No, not at all” I said rubbing the sleep from my eyes.

“Don’t forget the clubs” she told me as she got out.

Once we were standing outside with me holding the bag she started to walk but she stopped around halfway to the cabin by a large boulder.

“This should be fine Bryan. I believe this rock is just what we need. Would you like to do the honors?”

“You mean…” I said and when she nodded yes I removed the first iron and hit it so hard against the boulder that not only did the shaft bend but the head actually detached and went flying. I was never one for golf but I do admit I enjoyed swinging the clubs that night. When I was finished there was only one undamaged wood remaining which I tucked under my arm. We now proceeded to the cabin where my mother opened the door and we passed inside.

She turned to me and whispered “No matter what I say Bryan just go along with it.”

Right after that my father emerged from the kitchen and walked into the great room. When he saw us he stopped and did a double take. He looked like hell, bleary eyed and unshaven and wearing a ratty robe. Before he had a chance to speak my mother held up a hand as she glared at him.

“Well Jack I hope you’re satisfied. Not only have you destroyed our marriage and turned your son against you but from what I understand you’ve also led your friends off the cliff with you. I came to inform you that I met with my lawyer today and you’ll soon be receiving papers. I believe you’ve heard of her - Gloria Redall.”

“What that publicity loving bitch…”

“That’s right Jack. So if you don’t want all your dirty laundry aired in public then perhaps you might think about settling quickly and quietly. It wouldn’t look good for you if people found out how you plied a young woman below the legal limit with alcohol before screwing her.”

My father’s face turned red and he sputtered indignantly but he said nothing which was a first for him.

“And now to teach you a final lesson for what you’ve done, one that will really get you where it hurts and you’ll never recover from. Come Bryan.”

After she said this she walked to the basement stairs and with me following went downstairs and headed to my room. Once we were inside she closed and locked the door and as I watched it close I could see him skulking out in the hallway.

“Just go along with what I say” she whispered “and we’ll really make him suffer.”

I nodded at her though I had no idea what she was up to but I figured she knew him best and had a plan.

“Okay Bryan” she now said in a loud voice “I know this won’t be easy for us but I assure you it’s the best way to make your father pay. Take off your pants and let me see your cock.”

When she said those words I was the most shocked I’d ever been but she signaled to me to say something with a ruthless smile on her pretty face.

“Uh Mom, I don’t know about this. Are you sure?”

“Believe me Bryan, this will be a lesson he’ll never recover from. Tit for tat, he cheated on us both in a way and now its payback time.”

“Okay if you say so” I said in an uncertain voice though I felt very uncomfortable saying it.

A minute later my mother exclaimed loudly “Oh my God Bryan! I had no idea you were so big. At least you got something worthwhile from that bastard father of yours.”

My face turned red from embarrassment from her explicit talk but a minute later I heard my father trying to open the door.

“Janet, Bryan open this door now. You know very well you’re not serious so stop with the bullshit.”

“Whatever Jack. Just go away and fuck yourself while I fuck our son” she shouted at the door.

“Now give me that cock Bryan, it looks delish.”

The next thing that happened was my mother opened her mouth wide and practically stuffed four of her fingers inside. She began to work her mouth around them and it made a sound just like someone who was gagging on a dick. My mouth hung open I was so shocked but after a minute of her doing this she signaled to me and moved her hand trying to get me to respond in some way.

“Ooh yeah, that does feel good. Don’t stop” I gasped after which she redoubled her efforts to make it sound as if she was performing fellatio on me.

I’m not sure if he bought it yet but my father began to pound on the door while yelling. My mother pulled her fingers from her mouth and yelled back at him.

“Go fuck yourself Jack because you’ll never fuck me again. But Bryan will.“

“You fucking whore bitch! You better not be serious” he screamed as he continued trying to get in.

“You have no idea how serious I am Jack” she answered with an impish grin. “I’m so serious that I’m about to let Bryan eat my pussy and then fuck me.”

My father let out a cry that sounded like the cry of a wounded animal and the next sound I heard was him throwing himself against the locked door. However both the door and the frame were constructed of solid wood and were made in an earlier time when things were built to last and they easily resisted his attempt.

Realizing that she had achieved her goal my mother had a triumphant expression on her face as she walked to the door. Whether it was due to luck or she had extremely sharp hearing my mother unlocked and pulled open the door right at the moment my father again tried to break it down. His portly body charged into the room unabated and he wound up sprawled on the bed. Giving him one final icy stare my mother turned on her heel and stalked out of the room.

Before he had a chance to move I was on him, pressing the club against his flabby neck as my body forced his against the mattress. He attempted to struggle but under the circumstances I easily held him down. Bringing my mouth to his ear I whispered into it.

“Just a suggestion Dad. Whatever Mom asks for in the divorce give it to her without a fight including this cabin. Because there’s something no one else in the world knows about but you and me and I think you want it to stay that way. I know what you did on this bed when Courtney was unconscious. Last I heard its still considered rape when someone is unable to give consent. Even for a big shot lawyer who regularly golfs with judges. Not only do I expect you to accede to whatever Mom wants, I also expect you to arrange for a generous settlement for Courtney. Good night Dad.”

I climbed off him and he stared up at me with a terrible look on his face but said nothing. Before I left the room I broke his final club over my knee and tossed the pieces on the floor. My mother was waiting for me with the engine running as I climbed in.

“Everything okay?”

“”Everything’s fine. Just saying good night” I said as way of explanation.

During the drive back we stayed mostly silent. I think we were coming to terms with what had just happened and to be honest after what she had said to enrage my father I was more than a little embarrassed. Most people don’t like to think about their parent’s sex lives and my mom had verbally simulated having sex with me so I was kind of freaking.

Our silence continued even as we rode the elevator up to our floor and went in the apartment. Wishing her a quick good night I hurried into my room. While undressing I remembered the letter from Courtney and put it on my bed. Once in bed I first reread Rachel’s texts and hoped that my quest for revenge didn’t kill my chances with her but I was prepared for however it turned out. Then steeling myself I opened the letter from Courtney and began to read.


I wish there was a way to turn back time and erase what’s happened in the last week but I can’t. I know I hurt you badly and worse than that I also betrayed you. And your mother as well, oh God I’m so sorry. I never thought of myself as a bad person before this.

You knew that sometimes I would hook up with random guys and never held it against me even though you liked me and this is how I thanked you. Again I’m so sorry! You’re probably sick of me saying it but it’s true. The worst thing is I do like you - in that way - and I killed any chance of that as well. Now you won’t even talk to me and I can’t blame you for that.

We both know its too late to do anything this semester but I’m going to see about transferring to a college closer to home, maybe a state college. I don’t want for the next two years to have you hating me and to remind me constantly of how I messed everything up. At the least I can do that to make up for my actions. I know…

Just then I heard a knock at the door and then my mother’s voice. “Bryan, are you still awake?”

Folding the letter I stuck it under my pillow to finish later before I answered her. “Come in Mom.”

The door opened and she came in. Mom was wearing a short red robe and she came and sat on the bed next to me. Her hand patted my knee as she met my eye with hers.

“Bryan I just wanted to thank you for coming with me and also for…”

“No need to thank me Mom.”

“Wait, don’t interrupt young man and let me finish. I also want to thank you for going along with what I did at the cabin. I know that wasn’t easy for you, I could see that in your face. A mother normally doesn’t say such things to or about her own son. But it did infuriate him so it had its proper effect yet it made you uncomfortable to say the least. I’m sorry about that and if you wish we’ll never mention the subject again. Now you get your sleep but first say good night to me.”

She stood before leaning over to kiss me and as she did I couldn’t help noticing that she had nothing on beneath her robe, at least where her breasts were. I saw them fully revealed in all their glory, from the gentle swell of her white flesh to the delicate pink nipples. Then her lips connected with me, partially on my cheek but also grazing my lips. Mom then stood and walked to the door but before leaving she turned back and spoke.

“Good night again dear. I doubt I’ll be sleeping anytime soon. So if you want to talk, or anything else, I’ll be in my bedroom.”


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I agree with the rest. Definitely a very good story. The ending was a bit odd since you never finished Courtney's letter.

There really needs to a continuation in this series. What happens to after all that has been revealed? What becomes of Courtney and Bryan? What of Rachel? What role will she play in the future.

It would be good to know these things and more....

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You had a great beginning and potentially a great story. To bad you ruined it with a premature and lousy ending.

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