Travelling around, head in the clouds, music blaring from a CD made for me by my girlfriend at the time, she hates my music so made a CD of just that to listen to when she’s not around. I’m glad she wasn’t around on this particular day.
The leather of the seats felt warm under my arse, the smell of citrus filled my nose; I love to have a clean car. As I rounded the corner I stopped in amazement, a young woman, with a perfect body standing under an open window shouting something inaudible as revealing lace panties flew out onto the road side. I stopped the car, wanting to query the woman on what was happening, as I stopped she ran over to the open window of the car and gasped, “Please help me, he’s gone crazy!” I, not being a small guy, leaped out from behind the wheel, pressing a button on the key fob on the way into the house raising the roof and the windows simultaneously. Walking through a trashed hallway, with the tiny brunette following behind like a lost puppy, I clambered up the steep stairs confronting the guy causing all the hassle, tall, with blonde hair swished to one side, wearing only salmon, skin tight trousers throwing this beautiful specimen of a woman’s clothes out the window. I grabbed him by the shoulder and dragged him down the stairs, winking at the brunette along the way who giggled and blushed like the girls used to at university.
As I slammed the door shut I felt a soft touch on my shoulder, as I turned I was standing face to face with the tiny brunette, still blushing from earlier, now I thought that I didn’t look too good, unshaven with “just got out of bed” hair, this girl had other ideas though, dragging me upstairs with only a lustful stare and biting of her bottom lip. No, this should not be happening, I love my girlfriend, but, my cock feels so hard and this girl IS insanely hot. As she sauntered sexily up the stairs I saw her arse wiggle with no effort whatsoever, instantly turned on I followed, not knowing what she was going to do or what she wanted to do. As I reached the top of the stairs for the second time, this time from lust, not anger, the girl, still smiling and biting her lip gestures me towards a bedroom bathed in a strangely lit room, orange light shone through what could only be described as a set of very thin curtains, a wardrobe, made from solid timber filled one wall, while a large bed resided in the middle, this was all that was in this particular room. As I crossed the threshold the tiny brunette grabbed me, running one hand up the inside of my thigh, and the other grasping the back of my hair forcing my mouth to hers, I let her in without any hesitation or reservation, not thinking about the woman I had at home. I wanted this, I wanted her. She pushed me down onto the overly large bed, the sheets, an orange satin, presumably to match the curtains felt soft under the skin on my arms. She climbed on top of me, straddling my crotch, pulling at my t-shirt I arched up allowing her to pull it off and over my head. Grabbing a hand and slamming it to the bed she locked it tightly into a cuff from under the bed, fuck, this is hot. I resist as the tiny brunette wrestles with my right arm to get it into a cuff, I think I am enjoying this even more than she is. Locking my right arm into a cuff she trails her fingers down the centre of my chest, over my stomach all the way to my belt, one tug and the clasp was released. Stroking the front of my tight jeans makes me squirm; unable to move the top half of my body I buck my hard cock forward in appreciation. “Wow, you feel… BIG! I’m Amber and I’ll be your dom this afternoon.” The first words she has spoken since the car, I want her bad, she un buttons my fly agonisingly slowly, my hard dick stretching the front of my boxers even more as she does so. As I wriggle free of my jeans, my boxers accompanying them my hard cock, standing to full attention is on full view, she gasps and smiles at the sight. I smile. Grabbing an ankle she cuffs it to the corner, where is she getting these from? The same happens to the other leg and I’m totally helpless, tied to a total stranger’s bed, and I’m so horny, precum dripping down onto my balls, I feel a tongue lap it up, tensing in appreciation. As Amber climbs up the bed, with a black eye mask in one hand she rubs from my thigh to my chest, brushing my member on the way past.
“You’re my bitch now!” She screams, the noise ringing in my ears, red lines adorn my stomach from what I’m presuming is a cane or riding crop after multiple visits to the Ann Summers website. I feel the weight of her on my arms, a leg straddling each side of my head. “Lick!” I reach out my tongue and find her dripping wet pussy millimetres above my face, how did I not smell her luscious scent? I lick and suck greedily, tasting her juices as they flow into my mouth. I flick her clit with my tongue, this drives her wild and she comes, but she comes like nothing I’ve ever felt before, a wash of fluids splash on my face, warm, I lick my top lip and I fill my mouth with the bitter tasting liquid, she collapse onto my chest writhing and panting “Wow, you deserve to cum for that, I’m going to fuck… you… dry.” Pausing between each word to emphasise the point. I feel lips wrap around the head of my cock and slide all the way down until I’m deep in her throat, it feels good. She scrambles up, positioning herself over my rock hard cock, “Beg me to fuck you!” I reply in the only way I can think of “Fuck me, please Miss, fuck me.”
She slides down my cock, her juices dripping on my balls and rides me, her hips wiggling around, I cum violently into her, my body bucking, unable to move due to my restraints. She giggles as she climbs off and sucks my cock clean. Unstrapping the wrist cuffs she says pointedly “Thanks for that, I’m going for a shower now and I expect you to be gone when I get back, bitch!” and that was that. I dressed myself and left, totally euphoric about what had just happened.

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